Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 8 (f-mast,voy,magic,trans,mc)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

It was just after 11.30pm when the Trio's van pulled up on the street with
the Summers' home. It had now been at least 4 hours since they had began
Buffy's mental reduction meaning that her IQ would be down around 90. So
before they went and rounded her up to reveal who it was that had defeated
her, before she was little more that a mindless bimbo they had to induct her
sister Dawn into their Harem.

Using their surveillance equipment they were able to see into the house where
they saw Dawn sitting at the dining room table doing some schoolwork. So
pulling out the palm top once again the Troika made their start on Dawn.

The first change they made to Dawn was to make her uncontrollably horney. So
much so that she'd have to masturbate right there.

Inside the house Dawn was busy reading up on note for her English Lit class
when suddenly she felt very hot. Stopping her work for a second she dove her
hand down the front of her trousers and began to finger herself. As she
continued fingering her virgin cunt she tried to carry on with her work but
found that her notes were becoming harder and harder to understand. Dawn
continued to masturbate now working her free hand down to her snatch. She let
out a moan as she climaxed and was about to return to her work when suddenly
she realized she couldn't understand any of the words in front of her.

"So what did you do to her?" asked Warren.

"Oh when she orgasmed she became illiterate. Don't see why a slave needs an
education anyway." said Andrew again typing in new changes to Dawn.

Andrew reviewed Dawn's profile deciding on what else to do to her. He decided
not to reduce her IQ just yet but thought that what he had in mind would be
slightly more entertaining.

- Dawn was now illiterate and was to lose the ability to do other basic
things such as maths, work computers etc but be fully aware that she was able
to do these things

- She was to lose the ability to refer to herself in the first person and was
to start calling herself Dawnie instead of Dawn.

- Her speaking was to become more childish and she was to lose the ability to
use politically correct words for body parts like breast, vagina, and penis.

He made it so that these changes would take place as soon as she saw the
Trio. Wanting to see the changes take place the Trio went to the front door
and knocked.

Dawn heard a knock at the door and got up to answer it.

"Buffy must have forgotten her keys again," Dawn, thought to herself.

Dawn opened the door to find not her sister but her archenemies the Trio.

Dawn tried to slam the door closed but the trio barged through pushing Dawn
to the ground.

Panicking Dawn scrambled up the stairs towards her room.

"Get back here." ordered Jonathan.

"She's not programmed to obey us yet you idiot," said Warren leading the Trio
up the stairs.

From behind the door in her room Dawn could hear the Trio opening the doors
to the other searching for her. She quickly grabbed a ski poll that she had
been keeping in her room since an army of zombies had decided to throw a dead
mans party in their living room. Her heart raced as she realized her room
would be next.

The door opened, Dawn clutched the ski poll tighter as Warren lead the way
into her room.


Dawn smacked the poll off Warren's head.

"Ouch!" he yelled, "You little bitch."

Grabbing the poll and wrestling it from her before she could hit him again
Warren threw Dawn down onto her bed.

"Please don't hurt Dawnie." Dawn begged in a high-pitched girly voice.

Dawn couldn't understand why she had just referred to herself in the third
person but when she pleaded with the Trio again she did the exact same thing.

"Nice to see those changes have taken effect," said Andrew. "I think we
should make some more don't you."

As Dawn cowered in the corner of her room dreading what the Troika were about
to do to her they were all gathered round the palm top whispering suggestions
for further changes to Dawn.

As they finished inputting the next set of changes they looked up to see them
take effect.

As the Trio watched with egger anticipation Dawn began to feel a strange
sensation in her chest. Looking down she could see her breasts swelling up
under her t-shirt; their continued swelling caused her bra to snap. When
they stopped her breasts must have been about D-cups and her formerly loose
t-shirt was now stretched tightly over them.

"How did you do this?" Dawn said with her new little girly voice, examining
her new breasts.

"Oh with this." said Jonathan pointing to the palm top.

"And we're not finished yet." added Andrew.

"You're the ones who made it so Dawnie can't read and speaks this way."
sobbed Dawn.

"Very clever." said Warren sarcastically.

"But why?" sobbed Dawn.

"'Cause we thought you'd make such a cute little girl slut," replied Warren
implementing further changes.

- Dawn was always to talk and act like little girl but still remain fully
aware of the way she really was.

- Dawn's nipples and clit were to become ultra sensitive.

- Dawn was always to be in a state of arousal.

- Dawn was to be extremely turned on by being spanked.

- Dawn would develop an obsession with sucking; at all times she would be
sucking on something whether it be cock, nipples, lollypops, etc.

- Dawn was completely obedient to the Troika.

In an instant Dawn was changed, her t-shirt and jeans now replaced by the
Trio's idea of the perfect school uniform, a tiny white shirt with no
buttons that was only closed up by the fact that it was knotted up at the
base of Dawn's breasts, it was so tight and thin that her nipples were
clearly visible, a very short pleated grey skirt that only just covered
her bare ass and pussy, knee high white stockings and 6-inch black
stilettos. Her lips were now done up in a light pink as was her eye shadow
and nail varnish, her hair now worn in pigtails. The look was completed by
the lollypop she was sucking on although the Trio new that very soon she'd
be sucking on something else.


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