Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 9
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

Buffy had been going through mental reductions for five hours by the time
she had found her way home. She would have been home sometime ago had she not
gotten lost in the graveyard. She had lost so much of her mind she failed to
notice the black van across the street.

From inside the van the Trio watched her fumble about trying to figure out
how to put the keys in the door.

"How's she doing then?" asked Warren.

"She's down to 80." said Andrew examining Buffy on the palm top.

"Excellent. When she gets in and finds what's happened to Dawn she'll come
after us and then we can bring her to her knees. Literally." said Warren.

"Not wanting to state the obvious but isn't she kinda like too stupid to care
or even notice that Dawn has been changed," said Jonathan.

"Oh Shit!" said Warren realizing Jonathan was right.

Making a change to Buffy that her mind would be restored when she saw Dawn
the Trio took off back to their lair to await Buffy's arrival.

Now inside the house Buffy started heading up the stairs towards her room.

"Dawnie I home." she giggled.

Hearing moaning from Dawn's room and feeling aroused by it Buffy decided to
look in on her little sister. But as soon as she opened the door and caught
sight of her sister fingering herself the haze in her mind was gone.

"Dawn what's happened to you?" she said pulling Dawn's fingers out of her

"Buffy!" Dawn yelled cheerfully. "Ooo you have big titties can Dawnie suck

Buffy hadn't even noticed that her breasts were bigger.

"Dawn. Who did this to you?" said Buffy.

"Master's Warren, Andrew and Jonathan. They made Dawnie hot gave her bigger
titties and will give her nice treats to suck later." replied Dawn.

"We have to find them." said Buffy "Make them undo this."

"Dawnie knows where to find them. She can take you to them." said Dawn
jumping to her feet.

Feeling she had no choice Buffy agreed to take Dawn with her to find the

Dawn lead Buffy to the Trio's basement lair jumping, skipping and giggling
the whole way. Her behaviour only angered Buffy further. She was going to
beat the living daylights out of the Trio for this.

On arrival Buffy found the only thing that stood between her and her goal was
a large wooden door. Buffy tried kicking it down but found she didn't have
the strength. So throwing the full weight of her body against it she was able
to force it open.

Buffy stormed down the stairs to find Warren, Jonathan and Andrew seated in
their large recliner leather chairs being served drinks by Willow. Surprised
by the sight of Willow, Buffy stopped.

"Willow what the hell are you doing?" asked Buffy.

"She's doing what she's programmed to do slayer." replied warren his usual
smug look on his face.

"So what you brainwashed them?" asked Buffy.

"Pretty Much. Yeah." replied Warren.

"Well the games over now. I'm gonna make you wish the mother ship had
returned for you a long time ago." said Buffy advancing towards them.

"Stop right there slayer." said Andrew.

Suddenly Buffy found she could move her legs were frozen.

"On your knees." commanded Warren.

Again Buffy's body did as it was told. Kneeing before the Troika she watched
as Dawn entered and sat on Warren's lap.

"Does Dawnie get her treat now," she said looking up at Warren.

"In a minute first we need to finish with Buffy," said Warren.

"So I guess you've been the ones messing with me all night," said Buffy
trying to get up off her knees.

"Yeah." said Jonathan.

"So why not just change me all at once?" said Buffy.

"Why? We wanted you to know who defeated you and now that your here you can
watch helplessly while your sister sucks us off," replied Warren.

Motioning for Dawn to get down on the floor Warren unzipped his pants and
let Dawn take the full length of his prick down her throat. Buffy looked on
helplessly unable to turn her head away from her sister.

Warren blew his load down Dawn's throat and she moved onto Jonathan.
Jonathan's load seemed to be a bit much for Dawn as the cum spilled out the
sides of her mouth.

"Now that's a bad little slut," said Warren, "You'll have to be punished for

Hearing this Dawn bent over grabbing her ankles and awaiting her punishment.

"Since you're her legal guardian Buffy I think you should be the one to spank
her." laughed Warren.

"Please don't make me do this. I'll do anything." pleaded Buffy.

"You'll do anything anyway." added Andrew still waiting his turn in Dawn's

Buffy lifted up Dawn's skirt exposing her bare ass and raising her hand to it
she smacked Dawn, once, twice, three times. Buffy kept apologising to Dawn as
she continued spanking her sister not realizing that awn was enjoying the

Once Dawn had been smacked about twenty times Warren let her resume her
sucking and Buffy to drop back to her knees in tears.

Once Dawn was finished sucking off Andrew, he had her mount his cock and
begin bouncing up and down on it while Warren got the palm top so that Buffy
could meet her fate.

In an instant where Buffy had been kneeling crying over spanking her sister
was now Warren's new improved Buffy. Gone was the tight jumper and jeans and
in their place a tiny pair of pink hot pants, a pair pink of six-inch heels
and a tiny white T-shirt stretched tightly over her FF cup breasts her
permanently erect and pierced nipple visible through the thin material. The
teary eyes were now filled with lust as she watched her sister ride Andrew's
cock. She licked her pouty lips in anticipation of having one of her master's
cocks between them.

"We won. We actually Won." said Jonathan looking in amazement at their latest

"So what do we do now?" asked Andrew.

"I have an idea," said Jonathan.

"Yeah Right. What." replied Warren.

"Never mind." said Jonathan secretly, "Just round up the Harem before I get

Jonathan left taking the palm top with him so in his absence Andrew and
Warren decided to enjoy their harem.

Sometime later Jonathan returned to the lair. By this time Anya and Tara had

Jonathan gathered the group outside and showed them his surprise.

"This is it. A tour bus." said Warren.

"Yeah it's got everything we need, beds, bathroom, kitchen, cable." replied

"Cable. Really. Do we get free porn," said Warren getting distracted. "Oh
Yeah." said Jonathan.

"Now why do we need a tour bus you idiot." snapped Warren.

"I thought we could take the harem on a little road trip," said Jonathan.

"Where?" asked Andrew suddenly seeming interested.

"L.A. I have a "friend" I want to get reacquainted with."


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