Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 10 (exhib,magic,trans,mc)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

It was almost 3 hours before the Troika's bus arrived in LA. Each took one
hour at the wheel while the other two enjoyed all the perks of having a
harem. On arrival they set about finding Angel Investigations where they
would find Jonathan's intended victim - Cordellia Chase.

Back in high school Cordellia had been the queen bitch constantly treating
Jonathan like crap and now that he could he wanted some sweet revenge.

Deciding to leave the harem in the bus under the supervision of Tara, just
encase there was more than one person inside. They couldn't afford to give
any advanced warning since they could only affect one person at a time.

They entered the old hotel that housed Angel Investigations via the main
entrance and entered the reception area. There wasn't anybody at the
reception desk but they could see a cute girl with long dark hair wearing
glasses working on the computer.

Warren walked up to the front desk and rang the bell getting the girls
attention. Coming out of the office Warren could see she had a slim figure
and small breasts hidden under her jeans and top.

"Is this Angel Investigations?" said Warren.

"Yeah. Can I help you with something? Some evil fiend from hell getting you
down?" she asked enthusiastically in a Texan accent which Warren found rather

"No. We're looking for.... Help me out here." he said snapping his fingers
trying to remember the name.

"Cordellia Chase." added Jonathan.

"We're old friends." finished Warren.

"Well she's not here right now but she'll be back any minute." replied the

"That's a pity. I suppose we can wait." said Warren watching as Andrew and
Jonathan sat done on the circular sofa in the centre of the room, "By the way
I didn't catch your name."

"Me? I'm Fred. It's short for Winifred but everyone just calls me Fred."
replied the Texan girl.

Warren took the palm top out of his jacket and input Fred's profile
programming her to obey all his commands.

"Well Fred if we're going to wait here for Cordellia maybe you should provide
some entertainment," said Warren.

"Like a game. I love games," babbled Fred.

"No I was thinking you could put on a little strip show and give me a lap
dance." replied Warren.

With the programming kicking in Fred agreed to perform for Warren as he
joined his partners on the sofa.

As Fred began to hear imaginary music playing in her head she began to sway
her hips, clutching the bottom of her top suggestively rolling it up her slim
body flashing her flat stomach at the Trio. She worked the top off and swung
it round her head a couple of times before throwing it at Jonathan. The Trio
could now see her rather small bra clad chest (but that could be fixed soon

Next Fred turned her back to the Trio and continued to perform her long,
gyrating dance thrusting her cute little ass from side to side. Turning back
to face her audience she kicked her right shoe off to the left and then her
right shoe off to the left then continued to seductively edge closer to

Still gyrating her hips Fred began to unbutton the unzip her jeans and slide
them down her legs. As she stepped out of them she was left dancing only in
her black bra matching thong and her glasses. She continued to dance in front
of Warren sliding her hands up over her body stopping to fondle her small
breasts for a moment then carrying on up to her hair. She played with her
hair for a while, before moving my hands higher; clasping them together above
her head and holding this position she moved into a belly-dancer routine.

She once again turned round and backed her ass into Warren's crotch and began
rubbing herself against him occasionally tuning her head to flash him a sexy
smile. While still rubbing her ass against Warren's crotch, Fred slid her
hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. She then turned round and sat
herself on Warren's lap putting her arms around him she began to simulate sex
thrusting her crotch against his.

After a few moments of this she got up again and proceeded to slide her thong
down her legs then kicked off into Andrew's face while giving them a clear
view of her exposed pussy.

As Fred stood naked in front of them still gyrating to the imaginary music
the Trio decided what the were going to do with her. Warren wanted something
fitting for this one so he took a moment to decide.

Fred looked over at Warren. "Well, Did you like the Show?" She winked at him.

Warren cruelly smiled back. "That I did, Freddie. You like that better than
just simple Fred, don't you?" he said as his hands flew across the keyboard.

Fred giggled. "You know I do, Sugah.." Her accent getting more pronounced as
her bosom began to grow.

"Well then, you'll love this." He said deciding on what to do with Fred.

He pressed enter on another set of commands. Immediately, Freddie's hair
grew out to kiss her full ass as her bosom settled in on a 42DDD rack. Her
waist thinned and hipped jutted out, making her perfect for dancing. She was
immediately dressed up as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader with her face made up.

Fred looked down at herself and giggled. "Awwh, Thank you Sugah.... " And
kissed Warren passionately.

Warren slowly ended the Kiss. "Well 'hun', you want to thank me, You can tell
me who else Angel has working for him."

Fred started kissing his neck and proceeded to tell him everything about
Angel's allies.


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