Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 11
You Shouldn't Have Been Such A Cow To Me (MMFf,oral,trans,magic,mc)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

The Trio learned from the now obedient Fred that Cordelia had gone to collect
the payment for a job they had just done so they would have some time to

Warren decided to pass the time with a blow job from his newest acquisition.
Andrew decided to go back outside a get the rest of the Harem to amuse him
while Jonathan paced around the hotel lobby trying to decide how he would get
his own back on Cordelia for making him so miserable.

As Andrew walked back in Warren caught sight of the harem behind him.

"Hey, there's one missing." he said.

"Oh, some limo was parked across the road so Anya went to see if she could
drum up some business." replied Andrew.

Cordelia was just returning to the Hotel from collecting a cheque from a
client. She was just passing through the main gates when she was struck by
a vision.

She saw all the Sunnydale Scooby Girls with huge sets of breasts dressed in
sexy costumes performing sexual acts on men. Then she saw Fred kitted up as
a cheerleader on her knees giving a blow job and finally she saw herself
naked on all fours, a huge rack beneath her sucking some guys dick but she
never saw any male faces so she didn't know who she was servicing.

Cordelia hurried inside hoping she wasn't to late to get on the phone and
warn Buffy, but as the doors opened she saw Fred on her knees between
Warren's legs sucking him off, Jonathan pacing around and Andrew's cock
being ridden by Dawn.

"OH crap." said Cordelia realizing she was to late to stop most of her
vision from coming to pass.

"Jonathan. My god what are you doing here." said Cordellia noticing her old
classmate and forgetting the danger she was in.

"I came here to find you actually." he said.

"Really?" said Cordelia looking around at her transformed friends, "Oh."

Warren just blowing his load into Fred's mouth threw Jonathan the Palm top.
Quickly he loaded in Cordelia's profile as she tried to make a break for the
door but before she could get outside she froze, turned around and walked
back to Jonathan.

"Ok. This wasn't what I planned to do." thought Cordelia trying to fight her
own body.

Once she was standing in front of him, Jonathan began typing in commands and
in an instant Cordelia's clothes vanished leaving her standing naked.

Quickly Cordelia moved her hands to cover her naked breasts and pussy.

"Come on Cordy you were never that modest back in high school. Just put your
hands back at your side," said Jonathan.

Cordelia did as she was told.

"I don't know how your doing this but you better stop it right now mister. I
work for a bad ass vampire and he's really going to hurt you if you keep this
up." she said.

Jonathan took no notice and just continued typing.

- Cordelia's breasts were to expand to DD's

On hitting enter Cordelia looked down as her breasts enlarged to their new DD

"Not done yet." said Jonathan inputting more orders.

- Cordllia's breasts, ass and cunt would all become so sensitive that the
slightest touch from anything including clothes, would make her want to
orgasm but she can only cum if Jonathan allows her.

- Every 12 hours Cordelia's breasts will fill up with milk causing them to
expand and become heavier as they fill. The fuller they get the more painful
they will become and the hornier she will become. She will be able to squirt
out small amounts of milk but the only way for the breasts to empty is if
they are sucked dry. Once empty they will return to their DD size for 12
hours before filling up again.

His final change to Cordelia was her outfit. A collar with a name tag saying
BITCH and a leash.

As Jonathan's changes began to take effect Cordelia felt a strange sensation
in her chest. She gripped her breasts in her hands as they began to become
painfully full of milk.

"Please stop this." said Cordelia as her pain increased trying to squeeze
milk from her nipples but only causing her self further pain due to their
sensitivity and her inability to orgasm.

"You were always such a bitch to me back in school so why should I help you."
said Jonathan.

"I sorry. I'm so sorry." pleaded Cordelia trying to hold up the weight of her
milk filled jugs.

"You know bitches belong down on all fours, so get on all fours bitch. And
from now on you stay down there. No more looking down on me for you." said

"And he's suppose to be the moral one." Warren said to Andrew while watching
the show.

Cordelia fell onto all fours her huge expanding breasts nearly touching the
floor and dripping a small pool of milk under her.

"Gee I hope those nipples can handle touching this cold, cold floor." said
Jonathan being sympathetically sarcastic.

"Ok I'm not truly evil." said Jonathan pulling on Cordy's leash forcing her
to drag her huge milk bags across the floor.

The sensation in her nipples was torture she was desperate to orgasm but she

"OK. Have you had enough yet bitch." asked Jonathan.

"Yes just please make them stop." begged Cordelia.

"Alright. Buffy, Dawn help poor Cordy out."

"Oh goodie Dawnie gets some nice big tittie's to suck." said Dawn hopping off
Andrew cock and removing her lollypop from her mouth.

Buffy and Dawn pushed Cordelia up onto her knees and each took a nipple in
their mouth and began to suck.

Cordelia could fell a mind-blowing orgasm building inside her as the girls
sucked and teased her nipples.

Slowly Cordelia's breasts shrunk back down to their DD state and Buffy and
Dawn withdrew from Cordelia's nipples allowing her to fall back down onto all

"You can cum now bitch." said Jonathan.

With that instruction Cordelia let out a huge moan as she came.


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