Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 12
The Dogs Life For Anya (MF,F-best,oral,ws)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

Outside of Angel investigations a limo was pulled up at the traffic lights
which caught Anya's attention.

So while the rest of the harem entered the hotel building, she made her usual
slutty walk over to it and knocked on the window.

The window rolled down to reveal a well dressed buisness man.

"Can I help you." he asked staring at her huge fake breasts.

"I'm here to offer you my services in exchange for your money." said Anya.

"Interesting offer. I think you better get in." said the man opening the
door. "So what you going to do for me?"

"How much will you pay." said Anya leaning over to expose more of her huge

"$1500" said the man pulling out his wallet.

"For that much I'll spend the night doing anything you want." said Anya.

"How about a blowjob to pass the time 'til we get back to my appartment."
said the man.

"Ok." said Anya unzipping his pants and taking the full length down her
throat and performing her usual professional job in order to get him off.

Anya made sure not to remove her mouth from his cock until they reached his
appartment by which time she had swallowed four loads.

On arrival at a luxurious set of appartments they got out of the car and
entered going all the way up to the top penthouse.

"Ok my little slut. What am I going to do with you for a whole night?" he
asked. "You can start by loosing the clothes."

Anya imediatly disrobed to show her client her tight ass, her wet cunt and
her huge fake breasts.

"On your back slut I want to fuck those tits of yours." said the man.

Anya did as she was told going down on the floor.

The guy then removed his clothes and sat on Anya's stomach.

"Get me up bitch" said the man groping Anya's huge mounds.

She took his limp prick in her hands and began to tug on it until it was up
and he shot a load on her tits.

He then put his cock between her tits and began to squeeze them and rub them
against it.

Anya watched the head of his cock moving between her tits. She really wanted
back in one of her holes.

She moved her hands down to her hot snatch and began to masturbate.

She started to look around the room until she spotted a large alsation in the
corner scratching himself.

Catching sight of the action in the centre of the room the dog came over
sniffing around Anya.

The dog made it's way down towards Anya's cunt where it smelt her pussy

Seeing the puddle forming between her legs he began to lap it up moving
closer and closer to her cunt.

Suddenly Anya could feel the wet tongue of the dog, licking her crotch of
the juices escaping her snatch, and jumped slightly, having been startled
by the unexpected attention. She tried to kick the dog away while it's
master continued to fuck her tits, but she couldn't.

She had no choice but to allow the beast to have its way with her pussy.
She found the animal's long thick tongue was driving her crazy with lust,
as it licked all the way from the top of her cunt slit, over her clit, and
over her pussy hole, then reversed direction licking back over her pussy
up to clit, only to start the cycle all over again.

The dog soon had her panting in heat, not unlick a dog, and her clit tingled
like mad, every time the beast drew its rough tongue over her sensitive clit.
Without even having it's tongue enter her cunt, the dog brought her to a
mild climax.

Feeling so horny, all Anya could think about was getting a cock into her

The dog seemed to be loving it, as new juices drooled out of Anya's open
gash, he greedily licked it up.

With her crotch and thighs completely clean the animal drove its tongue into
her snatch, to get at the juices that it sensed were there.

Anya had to moan in pleasure as the dog began cleaning her out.

No longer did Anya care whether it was a tongue or a cock or the fact that
this tongue belonged to an animal, instead of a person, all she cared about
was that it did a good job inside of her pussy and make her cum again.

The dog did a good job and she did cum again. By which time it's master had
cum shooting his load all over her face and tits.

"Sorry about Duke, he's in season, poor boys horny as hell." said the man
getting off of Anya, "Now there's an idea you can fuck him."

"Fine while I go take a shit you can fuck Duke here, then you can clean me
up." said the man.

"Fine so long as I get paid." said Anya.

Anya flipped over onto all fours, her triple D's hunging below her.

She wiggled her ass invitingly in front of the dog as he jumped up onto her

The dog scratched at her back as he tried to find his goal.

When he finally found his target, Duke sank his long, thick doggie dick home,
impaling her fully with just one quick thrust.

He didn't even give her time to scream before he began humping her ass with
jack-hammer like hard and fast strokes.

Anya was grunting in time with the dog burying its bone deep inside of her.

In between times, she was gasping and panting like a bitch in heat. She tried
to match her hips to the dogs quick strokes, but even she with her whorish
skills just couldn't keep up, but that didn't stop her from trying.

As Duke grew near to his climax, a knot formed at the base of his cock,
carrying its load up his shaft. The more excited the animal became, the
further up the shaft the knot moved.

Anya could feel the thick knot bumping against her anal passage, she began
fucking herself even harder, back onto the animal's prick, thus allowing the
thick knot to gain entry into her already stretched out anus.

Anya had certainly been fucked by longer cocks, than the animal's cock which
was fucking her just then, but none of them were as thick as the dog's cock
was at its knot.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity Anya felt Duke's watery juice
blasting into her.

Duke then removed his cock just as his master returned from the toilet. "You
better clean up his cock." said the man.

Obediently, Anya went over to the dog and wrestled him to the floor and took
his shit and cum covered cock in her mouth to clean it off.

Suddenly Anya began to feel something warm filling up in her mouth.

Duke was taking a piss.

His urine began to spill out the sides of Anya's mouth and she was about to
spit it out until she was told to swallow it down.


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