Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 13
Doing The Deal (MF,Mf,oral,anal)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

Gavin Park had been in his office contemplating his next move against Lilah
when he received a call from Mick his operative down in surveillance who was
keeping an eye on Angel Investigations for him since they had bugged the
place a month ago.

Gavin entered the small room with all the video equipment.

"What you got for me, Mick." he asked.

"These guys showed up at the hotel around an hour ago." said Mick pointing
to a screen with the Trio on it.

"New players?" asked Gavin.

"Unknown. But they do seem to possess some kind of power of mind control
and transformation. "They made the Texan girl perform a striptease before
transforming her into a Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleader then had her perform
oral sex acts." said Mick.

Gavin watched with intrigue as he saw Fred's transformation take place on
the video screen.

"Then these girls were brought in." said Mick pointing to the group of busty
girls on screen, "We have identified this one as the Slayer."

"Interesting." said Gavin devising a plan in his head.

"This one seems to have a grudge against their seer." said Mick pointing to
Jonathan, "He took considerable pleasure in her transformation."

"Where are these three now." asked Gavin reaching for his mobile.

"At the hotel still." replied Mick. "Pablo." Gavin said into his phone.

"Get the Limo. Your going to pick up a few someone's for me."

"Tell them I have an offer for them."

"The kind thy won't want to refuse."


Gavin then ended the call.

"Looks like Lilah's going down after all." Gavin thought as he headed back
to his office.

The Trio opted to remain in the hotel for a while longer having found out
that the guys were outside of Los Angeles trying to find a demon.

They were in the middle of a large orgy when a man in a suit walked through
the main doors.

Warren quickly got up pushing Dawn's face away from his prick.

"Please don't get up." said the suited man.

"Who are you?" asked Warren.

"I represent Wolfram And Hart." he said handing Warren a business card.

"Who?" asked Warren.

"Wolfram & Hart. We are the largest law firm in the Los Angeles area." said
the man.

"Why do we need a lawyer?" asked Jonathan pulling his cock out of Cordelia's

"Are we in trouble. We can't go to jail." panicked Andrew.

"Your recent activities have been brought to the attention of one of our
firms representitive and he'd like to hire you to perform a little job for
him." replied the suited man.

"Hire. As in pay?" asked Warren suddenly picking up.

"$50000" said the man.

"Let's go then." said Warren pulling up his trousers.

Warren, Jonathan and Andrew were taken downtown to the offices of Wolfram and
Hart in the limo Gavin had sent for them.

On arrival they were escorted to the surveillance room where Gavin and Mick
were sitting waiting for them.

"So I guess you're the guy who wants us to do him a favour." said Warren.

"You're very perceptive." replied Gavin.

"So what do you need us for." asked Andrew.

"I'm assigned to special project here at Wolfram and Hart but my department
has one major problem." Gavin said pointing to a screen of a woman sitting in
an office sorting through piles of paper work, "Lilah Morgan our department's
head. Personally I think she doesn't have what it takes to run this
department and..."

"And you do." finished Warren.

"The department could do worse." replied Gavin, "Lilah would never willingly
turn control over to me but someone with your skills could help me get ahead
and find a role far more suitable for Lilah."

"$50000 you say." said Warren.

"Yes." answered Gavin.

"$100000 and you have a deal." said Warren.


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