Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 14 - Lilah's Downfall
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

The trio took up seats in front of a series of moniters that Gavin had
watching Lilah's office.

"It's time to make some money." said Warren giving the palm top to Jonathan
to hook up to one off the computers.

Jonathan then loaded the profile for Lilah up onto the computer so that
everyone in the room could see what was happening. From the profile they
could see that Lialh was a strong willed, dominating and very smart woman.

"So where do you start?" asked Gavin wanting to see the downfall off his
compnay rival.

"I've got a good place to start." said Jonathan picking up a keybaord.

SUBJECT - Lilah Morgan

- Lilah will become increasingly horney

- She will begin to masturbate but won't be able to cum

- She will fuck the next person to enter her office who ever they may be

Jonathan hit the enter key and the group sat back to watch, Gavin making
sure there was a tape in the machine to capture the moment.

Up in her office Lilah was catching up on her paperwork when suddenly she
started to feel very horney. Trying to focus on her work she began to squirm
in her seat but the feeling didn't subside. She found her hands slipping
under her skirt and she began to finger herself. But this didn't help. She
felt increasing horney and just couldn't seem to cum.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Deciding that whoever this was could maybe help her Lilah called them in. As
the door open Lilah saw....

...Milton, the geeky delivery boy who worked her department.

"Got a delivery for you Miss Morgan." he said walking into Lilah's office
only to find her with her frantically fingering herself.

"Oh sorry Miss Morgan, I didn't realize you were... em I'll just leave now."
said Milton backing away.

"Don't leave. Maybe you can help me." said Lilah trying to sound sexy as she
motioned for Milton to approach her desk.

Doing as he was asked Milton went over to Lilah's desk. She got up and walked
round the front, her short skirt giving him a great veiw of her fantastic
legs. Suddenly much to Milton's delight Lilah dropped her skirt and slid her
wet pantie's down her long legs. She was staring at the buldge forming in
Milton's pants.

"You know you want me Milton." said Lilah unbuttoning her shirt to further
stimulate the delivery boy.

In moments Lilah was naked except for her shoes.

"I'm going to screw your brains out." said Lilah forcing Milton down onto her
desk and pulling his trousers down.

"My that's a big cock you have." said Lilah climbing up onto the desk and
impaling her pussy on his cock.

Once Mlton blew his load Lilah was able to cum. At that moment she finally
came to her senses.

"What just happened?" she said realizing she was naked.

"We had sex." said Milton getting his trousers back on.

"Get out." snappd Lilah, "And if you tell anybody about this I will kill

Down in the observation room, the Trio, Gavin and Mick were sitting
transfixed by what they had just watched, all trying to hide the large
buldge's in their pants.

"So what's next?" asked Gavin.

"It's my turn now." said Andrew taking the keyboard for Jonathan.

SUBJECT - Lilah Morgan.

- Lilah will forget that she is naked and carry on with her work as she is

"This is all well and good," said Gavin, "But it doesn't get me her job."

"I can do something that might help." replied Andrew getting back to his

- Lilah's memory will be earased of all legal knowledge, she will remember
studying law, she will remember she has a degree in law, she'll remember she
is a lawyer, but she'll have no knowledge of the law

"Can't see her keeping her job if she doesn't know how to do it." said

Back up in her office Lilah who was about to get dressed suddenly dropped her
shirt, thinking that she was already clothed and decided to go back to her
work putting her ordeal with Milton out of her mind.

She sat down and began to go over the case file she had been working on but
she didn't understand any off it.

"I must be in desperate need of a vacation." she said to herself.

"Time to move onto the body," said Warren taking the keyboard, "Any

Gavin gave his list of changes to Warren then sat back down at the video
screen to watch.

SUBJECT - Lilah Morgan

- Breasts to increase to HH

- Nipples to become longer and thicker in proportion with breasts

- Nipples to become doubley sensitive

- clit to stick out between pussy lips about one inch when not erect, and
two inches when erect

- Protective sheath only to cover the first quarter of her clit so that any
and every movement will cause her pussy lips to rub against it, and keep her
highly aroused

- She will obey the orders of Gavin wether she likes them or not

"Now are you guys ready to make those other changes." asked Gavin.

"You just say the words and we make that Lilah's reality." said Jonathan
pulling out his gear for an agmentation spell.

Lilah as still sitting naked in her office when the physical changes took
place. Her breasts suddenly expanded and her nipples jumped to attention.
Between her legs Lilah's clit enlarged, her movements to uncross her legs
sending waves of pleasure through her body.

As Lilah tried to figure out what was happening her door opened and in walked

"Get out." said Lilah getting up out of her seat, her movement again
stimulating her clit.

"Having some problems Lilah." aked gavin casually.

"You have something to do with all this don't you." said Lilah.

"Maybe." said Gavin.

"What's your game." asked Lilah.

"I'm taking over." replied Gavin.

"Like hell." said Lilah

"Oh I don't think you'll be staying on looking like that and especially since
you can't evn do law." said Gavin becoming more smug.

"You bastard. The senior partners aren't going to like this." said Lilah.

"Funny thing is thanks to a bit of outside contracting and magic everyone
except you and me will believe whatever change I'm make are the way things
have always been so I'm afraid I'm now in charge up here." said Gavin, "Of
course I would be tempted to keep you on in a diminised capacity if you
prove your worth. On your knees."

Instantly Lilah dropped to her knees as Gavin approached her.

" are you doing this." asked Lilah.

"Magic. You'll do whatever I tell you. Now open wide." said Gavin thrusting
his cock into Lilah's mouth, "Now suck bitch."

"Let me explain your new situation here Lilah. I am now incharge of special
projects. You are now just my slutty secrtary and department whore. You will
carry out all the duties of a secretary as well as providing services to
senior members of the company. From now on you will follow a strict dress
code. No underwear, thin and tight blouses designed to show maximum cleavage,
mini skirts that only just cover your ass, stockings and 6-inch heels to be
worn at all times accept in the shower. On arrival to work in the morning you
will strip and leave your clothes at the front desk then come up here to
work. Also, your nipples and clit are now so sensitive that you will be
extremely horny all of the time, but you are no longer allowed to masturbate
or move yourself in such a way as to get yourself off. Your only relief will
come from sex. And since you are now on a secritary's wage you won't be
buying anymore expensive things, driving that flashy car or living in a
luxery appartment. But don't worry I have found you a nice little hell hole
within walking distance, may as well let you suffer as you walk to work. No
you are meant to pay your new landlord, a fat pig of a man I'm told, two
weeks rent in advance but as you don't get paid for another month I've made
a little deal on you behalf. Every day for the next two weeks before you go
to work and as soon as you get home you will suck him off and you will
provide entertainment at his Friday night poker game for the next four
weeks." said Gavin finishing off as he shot his load down Lilah's throat.

"This is your new life Lilah and nobody but you and I know otherwise and you
can't do a thing about it."

"I don't think you need to be here just now," said Gavin sitting down and
putting his feet up on his new desk, " I think you should go and meet your
new landlord."

"You will pay for this you bastard." replied Lilah.

"I don't think you should be talking to your superiors like that, from now
on you will talk to people with respect." said Gavin.

Lilah hated the idea of having to show any repect to Gavin but knew that she
wouldn't be able to help herself.

"Get dressed." said Gavin pointing to Lilah's clothes on the floor.

The clothes had all been altered to the specifications that Gavin had stated,
the skirt was so short that when she leaned forward the top of her stockings
became visible, her blouse was so tight and thin she may as well not have
been wearing a top and the heels were making walking very difficult.

Gavin handle Lilah the keys and address to her new apartment then told her
she'd be walking to and from home from now on. Lilah knew gavin was doing
this just to spite her, she had spent so long making sure people wouldn't
look at her as just a sex object and now Gavin intendent to make sure that
was all people would see her as. She hated it even more that she had to be
nice to people even if they were treating her as nothing more than a whore.

It wasn't a long walk to the block of flats but getting use to walking in
the 6-inch heels slowed Lilah down. the whole way there guys were checking
out her body and as much as she tried she could stop herself from smiling
sexily at them.

She was horrifed to learn that she was now going to be living in a run-down
block of flats but what was even worse for her was that she was heading to
her landlords appartment to "pay" her rent.

Lilah arrived at the door of the landlords appartment. Striking a sexy pose
in the doorway she knocked.

The door was opened by a huge fat man in his mid forties. He was wearing a
white vest top and baggy trousers and had a terrible body odor.

"Yeah." he said in a deep aggrssive voice.

Against her will Lilah responded in a sexy flirty tone, "I'm Lilah, I've just
moved in and am here to pay my rent."

The fat landlord couldn't believe his luck, this girl was hot.

"You better come in," he said, " I'm Lenard."

Lilah stepped into a room that would make a pig sty a desirable place to

Not wanting to waste any time Lilah quickly dropped to her knees and pulled
down Lenard's pants.

I took her quite some licking and fondling of his balls before Lenard was
up. But once he was Lilah didn't have much work to do before he came.

"I'll see you same time tommorow." said Lenard as Lilah left. She was
dreading tommorow as it was Friday and she would be providing "Entertainment"
at Lenard's poker game.

Lilah went up the stairs to her room. She wanted to cry as she looked around.
It literally was a hell hole.

Starting to cry she stripped off everything but her stockings and heels then
crawled into bed.

* * *

The next morning Lilah got up and went about the routine Gavin had set her.

She got dressed following the code she had been set, sucked off Lenard and
had made the walk to work.

While she had always enjoyed showing herself off, it had always been on her
terms. Now thanks to Gavin she was forced tolook and act like a slut. She was
wearing a white silk, button-down blouse that was also transparent, with a
very daringly low plunge to it. The plunge exposing her chest and breasts was
very wide, as well as low cut, thus exposing the entire tops of her now much
larger breasts.

Her light grey micro-mini skirt was short, thin and stretchy, and so tight
that it appeared to be at least one size too small. Not only did it hug every
curve of her hips, ass and belly, but as it passed over her ass crack, the
material was sucked into her deep crevice, really displaying just how nice of
an ass that she possessed and with Lilah being such a tall girl and with the
skirt covering only the top of her stocking clad thighs, she was really
exposing most of her shapely legs, which were made even shapelier by the fact
that she was wearing 6" high heeled pumps.

Naturally this drew her much unwanted attention as she walked to the office
and because of the way that her breasts moved around under her blouse,
bouncing and swaying freely, she realized that she would have to take shorter
steps, otherwise her unfettered tits would pop out of her extremely low cut
blouse. She was walking differently anyway. In part because of her extremely
tall high heeled shoes. Her hips were swaying as far as they could in the
direction of the step that she was taking. Thus it looked like she was a
street walker. Her walking was also causing her ass cheeks to move around
under her skirt, just as her tits were doing under her blouse. In addition,
both were jiggling each time that she set her foot down on the ground and all
she could do was smile polietly at every guy who stopped to drool over her.

When she arrived at Wolfram and Hart, she walked through the doors and was
greated by all the security staff as she stripped off her blouse and skirt
dropping them on the front desk as she headed for the lift up to Gavin's

Lilah, have not actually believed that Gavin had made everyone believe this
was the way she had always been, was surprised that no one comented on her
huge breasts or her public nudity. As she arrived on her floor all the men
around stopped to stare as she made her way to Gavin's office.

Once she entered she spotted Gavin sitting at what had only 24 hours ago been
her desk talking on the phone.

"That's 1 o' clock....Fine...See you then." said Gavin hanging up,
"Ah Lilah..."


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