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Description: The magical sacrifice of Dawn leaves Buffy powerless and grants
soulless vampires Spike and Angelus the chance to destroy the Slayer.

Content Codes (Part one): MF, oral, rape, nc, snuff, viol, M+F (necro), M+M

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Pleasurable Evils Part 1 - Fred's Dead
by JD ([email protected])

The First Evil predated humanity by countless aeons, older than any calendar.
Yet, it was as much defined by the evil humans do of their own free will as
by the mindless, soulless evil of the demon clans. In a sense, the first
human recorded was Adam, created by a supreme force of good and given
sanctuary within a garden no demon should have been able to enter. Yet, the
First Evil was no mere demon and entered in the form of a serpent. The
tempting of Eve to eat of the fruit is well known. Tempting Adam to take Eve
by force repeatedly, even as she was swollen with child, is not.

Yet, those evils remained defining characteristics in all that came later.
The cruelty of sexualised violence spread, becoming the first resort of cruel
and ignorant humans as they willingly did evil. Rape as a weapon of war and
oppression remains a tool in even the most modern wars. The greatest evil of
the act is the denial of a victim's will and the perversion of natural
procreation into degradation, subjugation, humiliation and violation. The
First Evil then, had the oldest gambit of humanity to play when a Slayer,
Buffy, proved resilient and the strands of fate foretold defeat in the maw of
hell for the First.

The First Evil had no mouth to smile with, save those it stole from the dead.
Such a stolen smile it wore on incarnating within Angel's Los Angeles hotel
lair. It watched unseen with Buffy's eyes as Angel talked with his friend and
employee Fred. The First Evil could feel his shame over Angelus' actions in
the period before the Witch restored his soul, and beneath Angel's thoughts
the scrabbling vengeful evil of Angelus. The vampire raised his head, as if
suddenly aware of the First Evil's presence. As it had nearly driven Angel to
suicide once before, the First Evil knew detection was a possibility. As it
watched, a distant great power ripped Angel's soul from his body with only
the slightest effort.

In an instant, Angelus was back. No pain, no trauma, not with the newly
formulated spell cast in distant Sunnydale. From Angel to Angelus with no
hint to Fred of the mortal danger the young woman was now in. Fred was
telling Angelus that they had no idea where either Cordelia, or Angel's brat
Connor could be found. Angel had found her accent pretty, even attractive.
Angelus simply thought it grated, and decided the world should never hear it
again. The vampire stood, and pulled her face to his. Fred was too shocked to
fight the sudden rough kiss, and part of her didn't want to.

As her surprised eyes met his, Fred saw not love or lust but mocking cruelty.
She tried to pull away, but `Angel's' grip on her head was suddenly beyond
her strength. Her panicked cry was muffled by Angelus' probing tongue as he
slicked it around her mouth. Angelus could taste her breakfast, and more,
Fred hadn't cleaned her teeth since she'd last pleasured Gunn orally. Angelus
knew they were supposed to have broken up after Gunn killed some guy, but it
seemed they hadn't ended the physical side. Fred gave up trying to pull
Angelus' arms away from his head, and instead went for his eyes with hooked
fingers. Simultaneously, the smartest girl in Los Angeles shifted position to
knee her `boss' in the groin. A strong kick to the balls could floor even a

As her thumbs reached Angelus' mocking eyes, the Vampire's knee came up into
Fred's crotch with pelvis cracking force. If he were to let her live, Fred
would not walk for months. The pain was so great that Fred's grasping hands
dropped away from Angelus's face, and fumbled for her own groin. She could
barely think straight, and wished fervently to pass out. Angelus waited for
Fred's agonised scream to die in his mouth, and then dropped the girl onto
the carpet. Angelus unzipped his pants and had his hardening shaft in Fred's
mouth before she could scream again. Fred tasted Angelus' cock, but was used
to deep-throating and so didn't gag as it slipped down into her throat.

A wet stain formed at the crotch of Fred's pants as Angelus raped her mouth.
Fred's fingers were stained yellow as she cupped her bruised cunt gingerly.
Angelus controlled Fred's body with a mere two fingers; a firm grip on her
nose. The vampire watched the cock-gagged girl's face darken with delicious
rich blood. He was hungry. Angel never fed himself properly, subsiding on
pig's blood. There was none of the delicious tang that fear and suffering
bought to a vampire's diet. Not enough sex either. Fred's spasming throat
felt exquisite squeezing his shaft. A thousand rapes across the decades -
mostly nuns, admittedly - and it never got old.

Fred scrabbled weakly with piss-drenched fingers at Angel's thighs; Angelus
as she now knew him to be. The pain grew in her head and lungs while tears
flowed down her cheeks. Her shattered pelvis protested every time Angelus
thrust into her throat, and his balls slapped hard against her chin with
every brutal stroke. Fred, barely capable of rational thought, assumed
Willow's soul restoration spell had failed somehow. Been a temporary measure,
or somehow never truly worked at all.

Oxygen deprivation was destroying Fred's mind, and she felt terror she hadn't
experienced since her hell-world exile, but there could now be no scrawled
equations to take her mind from fear and suffering as Angelus' choked her to
near death. Fred was seconds from the end of her short, tragic life when
Angelus stiffened, and held his length deep in Fred's sore throat. She felt
the cold spurts of his dead semen in her gullet, and then suddenly she could
breath again. Angelus pulled his cock from Fred's mouth, giving her the last
spray of Semen across her purple face.

The vampire dragged the almost dead girl to her feet, though her legs would
not support her. She weakly coughed, then harder as she drew a strand of
semen down into her lungs. Angelus held Fred's desperate eyes for the
briefest second, and then his teeth were in her throat. Fred barely felt the
pain as she weakly sought air. Angelus' kill was swiftly accomplished. He
drained Fred's blood and the last of her life. He gloried in the betrayal of
the trust Fred had held in Angel, before dropping the corpse like garbage.

"Should have saved some of that for me," came Buffy's voice.

Angelus turned to the sight of the Slayer, naked on the bed. He sniffed the
air, and knew immediately that this vision wasn't the Slayer. He could smell
nothing at all.

"What the hell are you?"

"Your soul is in my power now. The talents I command are far greater than the
petty bitch who stole Angel's goodness before. She seeks to ruin my
apocalypse with peace. She will be dealt with."

Angelus really didn't have much of a clue what the vision before him meant,
although he vaguely understood it to be a reference to the Beast's master.

"Why'd you pick that bitch to appear as?"

"She was dead. Not dead enough though. Come back to Sunnydale, Angel. Make
her choose between you and Spike. She let him take her far more times than
you did."

It clicked. Angelus realised he was talking to the First Evil.

"Me? Spike? There's no competition with Drusilla's little joke. Anyway, why
should I do what you say? You're so pathetic you couldn't even make Angel
kill himself!"

"Snow fell in Sunnydale for the first time in... time. Anyway, it was for the
best because you can be around to help me out."

The First Evil spread Buffy's blonde bush wide, showing a lot of pink. Then
the vision changed, and she wore Buffy's form in a post death mode. Angelus
was treated to the Slayer as a mutilated corpse. His hunger rose. There was
unfinished business there, for sure, but it rankled him to do the bidding of
another. Still, he could always justify it as something he'd always intended
to do anyway.

"There will be a sacrifice before dawn tonight, in the Cave of the
Incantatrix in Sunnydale. Buffy's kin will power magic within the cave. You
will lure the Slayer there once darkness falls again, and inside that
hillside the Slayer will have no more powers than a mortal girl for a single

"The same magic will keep out most of those who might enter after her and
render aid. Then, you can find out which of you she liked fucking best and
take your revenge. Spike's revenge. My revenge and punishment for her

The door to the room opened, and the eyeless bringers entered. There were at
least a dozen, and perhaps more in the corridor. Servants of the First Evil,
their mutilated faces were instantly recognisable. Angelus realised the First
Evil hadn't come alone to Los Angeles, or perhaps that it had servants
everywhere. Three of them moved to Fred's cooling meat and began to strip her

"You will need to call ahead, to Sunnydale, and lie to the Slayer and her
allies. This will buy the time needed for the sacrifice. I summoned my
servants to assist you in killing Angel's friends, so that none of them can
tell anyone of consequence that you're back too early."

Angeluse liked the pained bubbling in Buffy's voice as this vision before him
simulated grievous internal injuries. Hurting Buffy for a single night
wouldn't be enough. Drusilla, as a project, had taken months of psychological
torture. Still, he could always turn Buffy and hurt the demon she became for
eternity. Didn't she once whisper that ending her existence as a vampire was
her greatest nightmare?

"Assistance?" Angelus looked offended, "I killed brainbox Fred easily enough
didn't I? Wesley and Gunn might be okay with run of the mill demons, but I've
killed tougher in my sleep. Anyway, those boys don't seem bothered with

Angelus waved towards the three who now had Fred's body naked. One lay on his
back, and tugged his cock from his robes. Fred's head lolled back as her
slackened ass was impaled on the Bringer's hard shaft. Another pushed her
legs wider and penetrated her cunt, still moist with piss and asphyxiation
arousal. The last crouched awkwardly and pulled Fred's breasts around his own
shaft, eagerly fucking the soft flesh. Fred's body bounced between the
bringers, while another three approached. They took her hands and pulled limb
fingers about their shafts, while the last gripped her head and pressed into
her mouth. It was almost ironic, Angelus considered, here Fred was having the
gangrape of a lifetime, and she was too dead to enjoy it.

The First Evil didn't seem concerned. Many of the Bringers were castrated in
her service, but those who weren't could defile the dead or the living in
equal measure. Fred's bloodshot eyes were half open, glazed and unseeing, as
the six bringers moved faster. They made no noise but for panting, and the
slap of flesh on flesh. Even as they approached climax, there were no groans.
In life, Fred had been a brilliant and courageous young woman. In death, she
was a sperm receptacle. All six came simultaneously, tugging out and spraying
Fred's face, tits, cunt and ass with their slimy sperm.

"Okay, now shall we go kill Angel's othet friends?" asked Angelus, as wads of
cum rained all over Fred's pale skin.

* * *

At the same instant, Spike, carrying a tortured soul but freed of the chip in
his head, lead Dawn safely through the deserted streets of Sunnydale. It was
dangerous to be out in the early hours, but Dawn had pleaded to be allowed to
get away for a break. Anyway, as she pointed out it was mostly deserted. A
lot of lesser demons had forsaken the hellmouth, muttering a desire to face
the end brought by the First in a better quality of pit. Why choose a side,
they asked, when there was still beer and kittens aplenty outside the town?
Still, the night was dangerous and the Slayer's little sister was not to
travel unaccompanied.

The First Evil incarnated before them, visible only to Spike's eyes. Dawn
stumbled as Spike stopped unexpectedly. The same distant spellcaster removed
the vampire's soul from his body, as it had done to Angel. Spike had seen far
more of the First Evil in the previous weeks than Angelus had ever done; he
recognized immediately that some other force had taken his soul on behalf of
the First. He knew the First was incorporeal, able to tempt and threaten or
inspire its minions only. The old Spike returned. Freed of guilt over his
attempted rape of the slayer, finally awarded the prize he'd suffered through
terrible trials to obtain.

"Well, well little bit. It seems the First Evil has more cunning servants
than we might have expected. What knew scheme is this, I wonder?"

Dawn heard the strange and confident pleasure in Spike's voice, and realized
he was focusing his gaze on something or someone she could not see. The First
Evil approached Spike, clothes melting away until the vision was naked but
feet from him. He withdrew a packet of cigarettes from his coat, the coat he
took from a Slayer's corpse, and lit one. Dawn had a fleeting urge to ask for
one, to appear more adult with her `friend'.

"Feel what the power I command has returned to you," The First said for
Spike's ears only, "Angelus comes from the city of angels to make this
bitch," and here it ran hands down Buffy's form, "choose betwixt you. You can
have her for a night, her powers robbed from her, and do what you will. All
that will be needed to ensure the Slayer's powerlessness is one sacrifice.
Bring the meat beside you to the Cave of The Incantatrix."

Spike had good reason to hate the First Evil. It had tormented him for a long
time in his madness. On the other hand, Drusilla had done much the same and
he'd loved her for it. Like Angelus, he had a strong sense of unfinished
business with the Slayer, and revulsion for the puppy-eyed-moper he had
become under her influence and that of the chip. The vampire was aware of
Dawn's confusion beside him and an undercurrent of rising fear, though he
didn't realize she could neither see nor hear the First's speech. He liked
the fear. He'd forgotten how fun it could be.

There was no time though, to play with Dawn's fear. The Cave he knew to be on
the edge of Sunnydale, and he would need to rush Dawn there to avoid the
sunrise. He would go along with the First's scheme. Too many past defeats had
proven to Spike that Buffy was one Slayer he couldn't defeat alone and drain
as he had Wood's bitch of a mother, or the Chinese whore. The sudden loss of
his soul without pain or confusion was enough to convince him that whoever
was working magic for The First could weave the spell to take Buffy's

Dawn started to back away from Spike as he smiled upon her. There was nothing
in his expression to give her reason for joy. Her heart thudded within her
young breast, and suddenly her mouth was dry. Something, she thought, had
gotten into Spike. Quite the opposite was true, but further speculation was
curtailed by the economical punch Spike landed on her chin. He caught Dawn as
she fell, and lifted her upon his shoulders. The First Evil was nowhere to be
seen as the suddenly very cheerful Vampire sped through the streets.

* * *

Angelus still had Fred's scent in his nostrils as he descended through the
hotel where Angel had made his home. The bringers had entered through the
rusted old fire escapes, unheard and unseen by Angel's remaining allies.
Angelus surprised Gunn, and snapped the man's neck with a single blow. It was
doubtful that Gunn, resourceful and skilled as he was, could have taken the
vampire in a fair fight - and Angelus had no desire to offer any man a fair
fight. Two of the bringers took Gunn's corpse, though the head was wrenched
backwards, and began to strip it. Angelus moved on without looking back.

Wesley had even less chance. He almost made it to a weapon before the
remaining bringers took him together. The bringers intended to take turns
raping the still struggling Englishman over his desk. It seemed Gunn had
gotten off lightly.

There was no sign of Connor, though, nor Cordelia. Angelus had no suspicion
yet of the thing using Cordelia's body, and probably wouldn't have cared
about the dead beast's mistress if he did. His mind was on Buffy Summers, and
the suggestion that she might choose Spike over him. As if! He'd made her
suffer far more - did that count for nothing? Oh, these girls could be
flighty and capricious until he'd tortured them to death. But, still, Spike
was a mere annoyance.

A solid punch shattered Wesley's jaw. His cursing became incomprehensible as
teeth and blood splashed the wall. A moment later a bringer's cock, fetid
with disease and running sores, was pushed between his lips. It choked the
higher pitched scream as his anus was brutally penetrated. Angelus watched as
a Bringer crouched blindly by the desk, and took a grip on Wesley's balls,
stroking cock and scrotum roughly. Wesley's suffering was entertaining, but
he'd seen enough. He made to leave.

"Wait, Angelus."

The thing wore Fred's purple face, sperm and spit dribbling from between her
lips. To the vampire, it was good entertainment. He wondered about asking for
it to wear some of his favourite kills from the old days. Nothing like a trip
down memory lane.

"Call ahead to Sunnydale. Like I told you. This is the cover story."

The First was interrupted by a particularly loud muffled cry as the bringer
raping Wesley's ass came inside, to be replaced by another. He was crying,
and his face grew almost as purple as Fred's had before the bringer yanking
his cock free, and came across Wesley's space. Bloody semen from the
bringer's diseased balls sprayed across Wesley's face, splashing his glasses
and dripping down his shattered jaw. Another bringer plugged the gap, Fred's
dead ass still fresh on its cock.

The First continued, "Tell the Slayer that Wolfram and Hart have her sister,
the key to reality. They will soon realise she is missing, along with Spike.
Explain she is beyond their power to recover until nightfall as they hold her
in another dimension. Tell them that then you will have obtained a portal
location, and will ring them later to confirm it and meet them there once the
sun drops."

The instructions came fast and without pause, as Fred used to run off complex
equations. It irked Angelus to be ordered, but he liked the sound of Dawn
being involved. Hurting the Slayer's family would serve to hurt the Slayer
more. He had an intuition that Dawn would be the sacrifice that the First had
spoken of, to keep Buffy within their power. Family ties made good, strong,
blood magic. With an air of one begrudging his orders, he did as she
requested, speaking to a panicked Xander - how he hated that boy - rather
than Buffy, who was out patrolling.

Wes had made a desperate attempt to break free, and interrupt the call. The
bringer plugging his throat drew a wickedly sharp blade, and brought it down
through Wes's neck. The Englishman's spine was severed instantly, and he lost
the feeling of pain in his ass. The Bringer's thrusts in his mouth stopped.
It had managed to impale it's own cock. Blood sprayed from the wound as the
wounded servant of the First withdrew. Wes's last sight before the darkness
claimed him was of the remaining bringer's masturbating over his face. He
died as the first wads splashed across his stubbly jaw.

"My servants will make sure the bodies are not discovered before tonight. One
will drive you in a blacked out van to meet the Slayer's destiny."

"To Sunnydale, then!" Angelus cried, leaving the room happily.

End of Part One

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