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Description: Stripped of their souls, and aided by the dark magic sacrifice
of Dawn, Spike and Angelus re-unite to brutally rape and kill the Slayer.

Content Codes (for part two): Ff, herm, viol, grope, magic-mutil, rape

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Pleasurable Evils Part 2 - Dawn Cannot Die
by JD ([email protected])

Spike entered the darkness of the Cave of The Incantatrix with the bravery of
a man who knows that the thing to fear in the dark is he. Dawn had stirred,
but not woken fully, during the journey across town. Two turns inside the
darkness, and the path opened into a cavernous space that had once served as
a temple to a demonic god. Years later a powerful creature, the so-called
Incantatrix, had made its home there. Now the cave, more accurately caves,
had the appearance of being a staging base for the followers of the First

There were the silent, mutilated bringers who had murdered many of the
slayers that Rupert Giles and his friends had not managed to rescue. Demons
who'd thrown in their lot with the First Evil, rather than flee the
Hellmouth. Curiously, there was no sign of Caleb, the man who'd made an art
form out of sacrilege and been raised up in the service of the First. No
doubt he had other tasks for the power he served. No other vampires either,
Spike noticed without much pleasure. Perhaps the First had no time for them
with its ability to call upon true vampires.

"Is she harmed?"

The voice that spoke was not one Spike was intimately familiar with, though
he had overheard it once or twice. `Seen her about the school on his first
trip to Sunnydale. Name's on the tip of me tongue', he thought, `unless
that's a curse about her stupid question'. He turned, and saw, and

"Amy the witch. Heard you was a rat, or was it a newt? Got better did you?"

Amy wore an azure robe. There was a cowl to it, but it hung down. A black
cord held the garment closed across her waist. Spike had the strong
impression the witch was naked beneath, and his nose told him she was still
very much human, and not even slightly afraid. He had his answer to the
question of how his soul had been ripped out so quickly, leaving only the new
question of how Amy had gained so much power.

"I asked, Spike, is she harmed?"

"A love tap, darling. Didn't even break her jaw. You got my soul somewhere
have you? Is a vampire's soul the new cultist's fashion accessory to go with
the fancy robes? "

Amy again refrained from providing information. She didn't hide her contempt
for Spike, either.

"Bring her and follow me. I will begin the sacrifice immediately, so at least
if everything else goes wrong I can say I did my bit competently enough."

"Likely to go wrong is it?"

"When was the last time anybody messed with Buffy Summers and won?" Amy asked
cynically, as she motioned for Spike to follow.

Spike carried Dawn's limp body through a passage out of the main cavern. The
jagged walls curved round and the path rose sharply upwards. Flaming torches
set into wall brackets lit Spike's way as he followed the witch until the
tunnel opened up again. They stood on a ledge at a higher level than the main
cave, overlooking the larger cavern below. A pedestal was carved from the
solid rock, about three feet high, and the width and depth of a large pizza
box. Spike could see other ledges from the raised position, more obvious than
on entering the main cave. He had actually been inside the cave before, and
knew where most of them led.

A larger slab of cool black marble lay on the ledge.

"Lay Dawn upon it. Gently. Then strip her naked. Do not harm her. The power
of the sacrifice will be most potent if she is as whole as possible."

Spike had imagined Dawn nude on numerous occasions, sometimes even while
fucking her sister. He laid the stirring teen girl on the cold marble, and
then copped a feel of her firm breasts through the fabric of her blouse. His
fingers rubbed across Dawn's nipples even through the thickness of her bra,
and her eyes opened fully at the same moment.

"Get off me, you creep! Buffy's going to kick your ass!"

Buttons flew from Dawn's blouse as Spike ripped it open. Dawn slapped his
face as hard as she could. The impact shook her arm, and left a red handprint
on Spike's pale cheek. The vampire chuckled, and pushed Dawn's bra up. The
fabric came apart under his vampiric strength, and he tossed the fabric
beyond the teenager's reach. Dawn's breasts were completely bared. Spike had
another quick grope, fondling the firm flesh eagerly.

"That's enough of that," Amy commanded sternly, "Just strip her."


Dawn was afraid, but also confident that Buffy would save her, as she had so
many times before. As it sank in that she was topless, she covered her perky
teen breasts in shock. The vampire took the opportunity to take a sudden,
firm grip on her pants, and tug them to her ankles. Dawn yelped, but Spike
had them off along with her shoes before she could resist. Dawn tried to curl
into a foetal position, naked but for her white socks and a crucifix on a
chain. Spike caught arousing glimpses of her pussy and nipples as she tried
futilely to cover all. Amy motioned her hand at Dawn's socks, and Spike
gripped one ankle and then the other to bare Dawn's toes.

Amy lent down over the slab and grasped the crucifix. Her cowl fell forward
and hooded her as she did so, casting all but her chin and lips in dark
shadow. The chain snapped in her hand, and she placed it upon the roughly
hewn pedestal. Dawn was cursing Spike with a stronger note of panic in her
voice, but she served only to entertain him. He wanted to fuck her then and

Dawn was still hardly aware of Amy, until the witch paced widdershins around
the marble slab, and began to chant in a tongue unknown to vampire or victim.

"Hey, what the-!" Spike cried, as an unseen force gripped his body and threw
him away from Dawn.

He took it for assault, a rescue attempt, until he saw that the Slayer's
sister was suspended cruciform above the cold black slab. It seemed Dawn had
no control over her body, but her fingers and toes twitched as she tried to
break free of the magic grip. All she needed to do was descend two inches to
the slab. It proved impossible, and panic shone in the girl's eyes. Amy stood
before Dawn, still chanting, and withdrew a blade from within her robe. The
sheath was strapped to her leg, though Spike couldn't see that.

To Dawn, it felt as if invisible bandages were holding her aloft. She
considered that it must be a sensation similar to mummification. The
pressures on her chest meant she could breath only shallowly, and not draw
enough even to try and curse the witch. Amy's eyes were hidden from her, but
it seemed the Witch smirked as her chanting rose higher. Dawn followed the
curved blade the witch wielded as she swung it out to the side. Crimson
sigils glowed brightly on the metal as the Witch completed the sacrificial
spell with one, swift, slice.

There was no pain, save for a mildly discomforting tingling sensation in
Dawn's neck. She had a feeling of disorientation, as her body collapsed, but
her head remained suspended in the air. There was no blood, no sudden gout of
pressure released. Dawn could feel cold marble beneath her back, even though
she had clearly been decapitated. Spike clapped, childishly amused at the
trick, and wondering if it was illusion. A smoke and mirrors job.

"Spike, if you're working up to any jokes about getting head, or getting
ahead in life, I'd rather you didn't."

Amy's voice was much hoarser than before. The witch was under strain from
the magic force released around them. She sheathed the still-glowing blade,
and reached for Dawn's head. As she did so, gravity re-asserted itself and
the surprisingly heavy prize dropped into the witch's hands. Turning on the
spot, Amy walked quickly to the roughly hewn pedestal, and sat Dawn's still
living head upon it. There was nary a drop of blood.

Dawn found that she could not draw the breath to form words, but could
otherwise move her mouth, close her eyes, even wiggle her ears. Amy pulled
the hair away from Dawn's face, so it dangled down the back of the pedestal.
She was pleased that, despite the trauma of decapitation, Dawn had not seemed
to succumb to shock. It would be much more fun knowing she was aware of
everything through the day ahead.

"Aren't you lucky, Dawnie? You're going to have the best view in the house
when Buffy arrives. You'll see everything when Spike and Angelus have their
party tonight. You know, It's already dawn out there, Dawn."

"What's the point of all this then?"

Spike had felt the pressure lift from his own body. He crouched besides the
marble slab, and marvelled to see the bloody stump of Dawn's neck, the rise
and fall of her chest, all without extreme blood loss nor death. There were a
few demons with the trick, certainly, but he'd never seen a spell that would
make a girl do it.

"Dawn's connection to the Slayer fuels the blood magic that will keep her
sister powerless within the Cave, and prevent her escape. A rider on the
sacrificial spell should also prevent any of her friends entering or
interfering. I've never cast it before, but the book I was provided with said
that usually the sacrificial victim would turn to dust when the spell faded."

Amy patted Dawn on the head, and leaned around to see silent tears running
down her cheeks. Though she'd avoided going into shock, it was all a bit much
for her. Dawn could feel her body as if it were still attached, but with the
unfamiliar sensation of cool air upon her neck stump. She concentrated,
unable to see behind her, but willed her arm to move. Spike had the shock of
his un-life when Dawn's fingers grabbed his coat hem. He smashed his hand
down hard against it. Dawn winced, feeling the pain transmitted from her

"Oh, you won't be able to do more than bruise her flesh until the end,

Amy's voice had grown even raspier, harder to make out, perhaps less than

"The First thinks that because of Dawn's mystical origins, the girl won't
turn to dust. Little Dawnie will stay, a living head, a freakshow, for
eternity - or as much of it as will be left before the First Evil reclaims
this pathetic world."

"Are you alright?" Spike asked, not really concerned, "Only you seem to be
swaying a bit. And you sound like a Dalek with a cold."

Amy turned, and Spike was greeted with the site of a fleshy spear poking
through her robe. The witch shrugged the azure fabric off, to stand utterly
naked. A price of the spell; the mystical blade and sheath had bonded with
the Witch, sunk into her flesh and formed her clitoris into a long, thick,
penis substitute. Amy's pussy was dripping wet, leaving her thighs a sticky
mess. As Spike watched, a slit formed in the end of the clit-cock. Amy's body
was flushed red with desire and magical lust, and her dark nipples were
harder than the vampire had seen in a while.

"Bloody Hell! I didn't know you had any Thai in you," Spike lit a cigarette
as he spoke.

"You can watch, if you want, but don't interfere. I must orgasm three times
before this will wear off," Amy explained, as she joined Dawn's headless body
upon the cold marble slab.

Dawn, unable to turn her head, hadn't seen the witch's grown clit. She felt
Amy's hands on her legs though, more evidence that she wasn't imagining the
feel of marble under her back, or the sensation of twitching muscles. She
tried to will herself to slap Amy, but the weak hand motion only brushed the
witch's nipples. Dawn yelped silently as Amy's fingers spread her soft bush,
and probed her inexperienced snatch. She felt something else, pressing
between her labia.

The sensation was entirely new to Amy. Her clit had become less sensitive as
it grew, but simply touching it with her fingers was still enough to make her
gasp. The end was oozing, not the clear liquid of human precum, but milkier
fluid. Her own pussy, at the base of her shaft, was a lot wetter than Dawn's
unwilling cleft. She pressed the clitcock into Dawn, and moaned deeply as it
slid into the teen's body. Amy probed deeply into the girl, with the cock
lubricating the way perfectly. Dawn's uncoordinated struggles were barely a
distraction. Amy pulled the girl's legs up and over her own shoulders for
better penetration.

Spike blew out a smoke ring as Amy began tentatively to fuck Dawn's headless
torso. She'd never fucked a girl like that before, but it wasn't rocket
science. Soon Dawn's sweaty breasts rocked on her chest as Amy humped into
her tight teen snatch. Amy's clitcock thrilled to the feel of Dawn's
inexperienced hole clutching tightly around it. Every inch of skin provided
equal pleasure to the witch, and she felt herself coming to orgasm quickly.
The wet slapping penetration echoed around the cave, along with the witch's
increasingly loud hoarse groans.

There were no groans from poor Dawn's silently working mouth, but the
teenager's face was flushed with forced arousal. The pleasure of the well-
lubricated cockclit stretching and filling her was fast working towards
making the Slayer's little sister climax along with the witch who raped her.
Still, Dawn held hope that Buffy would arrive soon and Willow would have the
magic to put her head back on her neck. Dawn's thoughts ran together, `Soon,
Buffy to come... soon... come... I'm coming.'

Dawn's body stiffened beneath Amy. The sudden contraction in her snatch was
so sudden and hard that Amy couldn't withdraw. The squeezing pleasure was
too much for Amy, and with her loudest cry yet, the witch exploded. Her
clitcock sprayed with inhuman pressure. Dawn felt the spray against her
cervix, forcing through into her womb - even through the powerful pleasure
exploding in her belly. Amy could actually feel the hot milky ejaculate
pumping through the core of her clitcock, making the climax even more
intense. Seeing stars, she stayed locked in Dawn's pussy even as her jism
sprayed out around the pulsing clitcock and splashed both their crotches.

"I just raped the Slayer's sister," Amy muttered, as if the idea was even
more surprising than cutting the girl's head from her body, "and I need

Dawn was drooling onto the pedestal. Her tears had stopped falling from the
edges of fluttering eyelids. Still hard, Amy flipped Dawn's body over on the
marble slab. She scooped some of the sperm pooling between Dawn's thighs, and
then worked a finger into her ass. Dawn recognised from the cold stone
pressing against her breasts that her body was front down. The Slayer's
sister realized what was about to happen, but there was no way to prevent the
violation of her one hundred per cent virginal asshole. Amy had one hand
hooked under Dawn's stomach to get her ass at the right height, so her neck
stump was partly pressed against the marble. Still, not so much as a smear of
blood came away.

The girl-less head concentrated hard on the pedestal. It took all of Dawn's
willpower, but she managed to scrabble for the edge of the marble slab, and
try to pull away from the Witch. Amy laughed, suddenly, and then roughly
forced her clitcock into Dawn's ass. The sudden pain chased away the dregs of
Dawn's pleasure, and new tears started down the girl's cheeks. Even with
unnatural lubrication, the anal rape felt extremely painful.

Amy adjusted her grip, holding both sides of Dawn's buttocks in her sticky
fingers. It gave her the leverage she needed to force the rest of her
clitcock into the tight, dry, confines of Dawn's ass. Being completely unused
to anal penetration, Dawn's muscles fought the violation all the way, much to
Amy's pleasure. There was nothing of her earlier tentativeness in the rough
humping Amy quickly settled into. She knew how the clitcock worked now, and
enjoyed it immensely. Amy felt the only shame was that she couldn't hear Dawn

Dawn could only wish the pain would lessen, which it did slightly as her ass
was loosened and lubricated. The remote control she held over her body had
grown slightly, but she could do nothing to shift Amy. The bucking she
managed seemed only to spur the witch to thrust harder into her ass. Dawn
couldn't even do anything to make herself pass out, all she could do was take
the pounding into her ass. Dawn Summers' was headless, helpless fuckmeat.

Where Amy's first climax had built up, her second came out of nowhere. It
seemed to the witch as if some muscle twitched behind her clit, and then the
pleasure exploded again. She collapsed on Dawn's back, breasts pressed into
soft smooth skin. The ejaculate sprayed even harder into Dawn's ass, at least
a gallon in the first few seconds. No human could ejaculate like that, but
with the magic clitcock Amy wasn't entirely human, and the source was more
ectoplasmic than biological. None of which mattered to Dawn, who felt the hot
blasts into her bowel through the agony of the rape.

When the witch recovered enough to become aware, she found she'd reached
around and gripped tightly to Dawn's breasts. Hard enough to bruise under
normal circumstances, the spell left Dawn's flesh merely reddened. The pain
had been harsh, though, to a teenage girl unused to rough treatment of her
chest. Amy withdrew from Dawn's shaking butt with a pop, and an immediate
spray of stained milky sperm. Still hard. One last orgasm to go.

"Are you going to fuck the stump?"

"Yes. Three orgasms."

"Wow. You really do have some Thai in you."

Amy's voice had reduced to little more than croak. She could almost taste the
magical discharge around the slab, and was certain some of it was leaking
from Dawn's gaping ass. The witch was drenched from head to toes in sweat,
and very tired. Amy massaged her breasts for a moment, as if deciding how
best to penetrate Dawn's throat. Her clitcock was smeared with filth and
sticky milky fluid, but she didn't seem disturbed by it. Making her decision,
Amy flipped Dawn's body back over, and moved around to kneel at the girl's

Dawn's flailing arms had an almost comic aspect as she was dis-oriented. It
was more luck than anything that caused her to reach back over her stump and
grab Amy's breasts. Dawn tightened her grip, trying to hurt the witch. Amy
was just too aroused, and penetrated Dawn's stump with renewed energy.
Despite the distance between head and body, Dawn tasted the foul mixture on
Amy's clitcock as it penetrated her neck stump.

"Oh Dawn! This is the best! Pinch my nipples!" Amy croaked.

Amy's clitcock had grown longer, thicker and harder. She forced it deeper
down Dawn's throat than the most experienced porn star could have taken it.
The painful stretching for Dawn meant incredible squeezing for Amy. She held
Dawn's hands to her tits as she fucked the headless girl's throat like a
woman possessed - though there was nothing powering the rape but Amy's own
magic and evil.

Dawn's drooling mouth took on a milkier hue as precum was mystically
transported across from her neck. Dawn's gag reflex seemed to have stayed
with her mouth, leaving Amy with a vomit free throat rape. The witch almost
regretted her approaching climax, for it would deprive her of her clitcock.

"Shit! I feel like a sun is going to explode inside me, Spike. This is just
too good!"

Spike had never fucked anyone's neck stump before, not even a magically
living one like the witch did in front of him. Still, it looked as much fun
as anything he'd tried. He considered it a shame that most victims wouldn't
suffer through it before death. Maybe some female demon that could live
without her head would be just the ticket. As the vampire weighed options,
Amy's neck humping had grown even more furiously fast.

"I'm coming Dawn! Yes! Yes!"

Amy came for the third time, and the greatest quantity of ejaculate yet.
There was no way Dawn's tight throat could take it all, nor her stomach in
one go. Rather than squirt out around Amy's throbbing shaft as from her ass
and snatch, the foul fluid sprayed from Dawn's mouth. The salty, bitter taste
flooded the girl's senses as it poured down her chin and the pedestal below
her head. Amy released her grip on Dawn's hands. At the same time her
clitcock shrank from Dawn's neckstump, and the magic blade and sheath
reappeared strapped to the witch's thigh.

There was silence on the ledge, but for Amy's breathing. It was broken by an
unexpectedly familiar voice.

"You know, little Dawnie's head has to stay on that pedestal all day and all
the night to make the spell work. I promised my loyal soldiers her body
though. Three wet holes, breasts, even hands and feet. There are over fifty
demons in the cave, going to have a turn. It's going to be a wonderful party
for both of them. Jelly and Ice Cream."

The First Evil wore Drusilla's form. Spike thought about all the payback he
owed that particular dead bitch. Humiliating him, turning him into a lovelorn
wreck. He'd cut holes in her and fuck them before she died, he decided. No
chance of asking her back now. His sire's arse was dust when he caught up
with the crazy bitch. He'd remind her how evil he could be when riled, and
then kill her. Then find a way to bring her back, and kill her again. The
First Evil looked as if it could tell what Spike was thinking, and laughed
Drusilla's mad laugh.

"No Dawn for you, Spike. The first of them will be up in a minute or so, so
you'll just have to wait and see if the Slayer will choose to give you a
piece first, or Angelus. It'll be such fun, Spike, like tea and cakes and
slaughter in the park."

"Yeah, whatever. Do you have to be her? It gives me a terrible bloody urge to
smash your head in. We both know that won't get me anywhere."

The First Evil used Drusilla's pout.

"Help the witch down from here. She needs rest. I have other tasks for her,
tasks she's eager to perform. I promised her the boy, Xander, for spare
parts. A most curious thing, she wants his skin."

"Don't get many ultimately evil humans. Too much time as a rat was it?"

"Oh know, dear Spike, it all goes back to her mum. You know what that's like
don't you?"

The First laughed again. Spike gave her - it - two fingers. Still, he did as
he was told again. The shot at a powerless Buffy was too good to pass up,
even if it did mean taking a few jabs. He could always work out some
frustration by killing a couple of the `loyal demons' anyway. Spike helped
Amy up, and back into her azure rope. The tired witch thanked him, and he
heard her voice returned to normal. She lent against him as he led her back
down the narrow passage from the ledge.

They re-entered the main cavern of the Cave of the Incantatrix. The first
group of demons strode past them, all eager to abuse Dawn's headless body.
Amy motioned to one of the other passages away from the main cavern. Spike
helped her towards it. As they crossed the cavern, Spike paused and looked
up. He couldn't see her body from the angle, but high on the pedestal he
caught her gaze. Dawn's tearful eyes widened as, behind her head, two demons
positioned her weakly struggling body between their green bodies. Even
separated by several feet of air, she felt the long scaly cocks thrust
together into her.

It was going to be a long day for Dawn.

End of Part two

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