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Description: Stripped of their souls, and aided by the dark magic sacrifice
of Dawn, Spike and Angelus re-unite to brutally rape and kill the Slayer.

Content Codes (for part three): M+F, anal, snuff, viol, rape, demon

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Pleasurable Evils Part 3 - It's A Trap!
by JD ([email protected])

A late call from Los Angeles to say evil inter-dimensional lawyers have
abducted your little sister will ruin a night for most girls and the Slayer
was no exception. Buffy didn't even blame Spike for the pair's abduction; she
simply took all the blame onto herself. Now, the Slayer and her allies had to
wait until sundown that night with no way to get any updates unless Angel
called again during the day. Though a few years back Dawn hadn't even
existed, the false reality and events since the coming of the vile evil Hell
goddess Glorificus meant that Buffy saw Dawn as the closest family she had.
Having to deal with Angel's archenemies while also leading the fight against
the awesome ancient power of the First Evil seemed an unnecessary extra

There was Faith, at least, another fully paid up Slayer to help train the
surviving potentials. Willow, too, the most powerful witch on Earth. Xander
provided moral support and of course Andrew, who seemed to spend a lot of
time doing housework. Well, Wood could handle himself. Then of course, Anya,
human again, who seemed to be sticking around. Some of the potentials had
proven themselves pretty handy too, so all in all and with Angel's crew from
Los Angeles, Buffy saw getting Dawn back as an easy job. After the intangible
First, and fighting Bringers who seemed to feel no pain, it might be fun to
smack some lawyers about and remind them why Slayers and Wolfram and Hart
were not traditionally involved.

It was mid morning by the time Buffy came to that conclusion. At the same
moment Dawn's headless body was being roughly raped by three demons while
vile spunk bubbled between her lips. High on her pedestal Dawn's head still
hoped her sister would arrive soon. Buffy hadn't slept, and so, having
checked that Faith was up and about she slipped to a quiet bed and lay down
to sleep. In the back yard Faith drilled potentials through fighting
combinations while Xander and Anya bickered. Buffy slept, and almost
immediately dreamed.

The Slayer `stood' from her bed. Outside the sky was a black, starless void.
Buffy opened the door to the room and saw beyond the rough walls of a cave.
Buffy stepped through and with dream logic the room disappeared behind her.
The cave was familiar, but recognition hovered frustratingly beyond Buffy's
grasp. She realized she was dreaming, and had that gut twinge of a prophecy


Dawn's voice. She looked up to see her sister crouched on a ledge.

"Dawn? Come down!"

"It's a trap, Buffy!"

"I know, Dawn. But I'm coming to get you out!"

"No! Don't! The trap!"

"They won't trap me."

Dawn screamed then, and a blade pierced Buffy's back and emerged between her
breasts. Buffy looked down at the red sigils glowing on the metal, but there
was no pain in the dream. A female voice in Buffy's ear whispered, "I'm the
trap, and the trap builder, Bitch."

Buffy awoke suddenly, sitting up so fast that her skull cracked against
Faith's. The reformed Slayer staggered back, rubbing at her forehead.

"Jesus, B! Red was going to break out some magic to get you up."

Buffy rubbed her own head. The impact would have knocked normal girls
unconscious and possibly fractured skulls, but the Slayers were made of
sterner stuff. Faith wasn't alone in Buffy's room; there was Willow with a
book of magic, and Xander, and Anya hovering at the back. Buffy realized it
was almost sunset - the one dream had held her in its grasp for the entire

"I had a prophecy dream. I saw Dawn, and she tried to warn me that it was a

"Well, we already knew that," Faith quipped, "Those Wolfram and Hart assholes
are so twisted you could open bottles with them. I still feel dirty taking
their dime that time."

Willow closed the magic book. She looked more worried than Faith, knowing
from bitter experience that Buffy's dreams usually heralded terrible strife.

"First we thought you just needed the rest. Cranky Buffy isn't as useful as
rested Buffy, but then when Kennedy and I finished, uh, research the third
time and you were still sleeping I tried to get you up, and you just wouldn't
come round."

Outside, the sun went down fully. As if on cue, the phone rang. Buffy reached
to the bedside table and answered it, "Angel?"

"Sorry I couldn't call you sooner. The vortex to the Wolfram and Hart holding
dimension will open in the Cave of the Incantatrix, you know it, right? I
patrolled there with you once."

"Okay Whe-"

"Thirty minutes, and it'll only be open for five, but maybe Willow could whip
something up to keep it open longer. I'll meet you there. Gotta run. Think
I'm being followed."

"Okay, damn, I can't believe I slept all day. Right, Willow, `going to need
your magic with this and we'll take a couple of the potentials. Faith, you
stay here with the rest in case the whole point of this little exercise in
Dawn-napping and Spike-stealing is for the lawyers to get them or the house

"Sure, B. We'll hold the fort."

"I'm coming with you," Xander said, "I want to make sure Dawn's okay."

Buffy looked like she was going to object, and then decided there wasn't time
and Xander'd probably sneak out and follow them anyway. They gathered weapons
and left quickly. Anya watched them go, an uncomfortable feeling in her gut.
Though she was no longer a demon, she retained an instinctual feeling for
when vengeance would be needed. She wasn't sure they'd be back, or at least,
back whole and alive.

They took a car. It was quite a trek to the Cave, and Buffy didn't want to
miss the portal window. The downside was that besides Xander and Willow there
was only room for Kennedy and Rona with their weapons. Rona, because the
African-American girl was the best fighter, and Kennedy because she went
everywhere with Willow and Willow could draw strength just from being with
her. There was no talk in the car, although everyone was concerned for Dawn.

* * *

Angelus had not been inside the Cave yet. Most of the demons and the bringers
were outside; hidden in the thick forest to cut off escape once the Slayer
arrived, or to deal with any companions she brought with her. He wasn't being
overconfident. He knew that Buffy could fight like a beast even without her
Slayer skills, but, still, he doubted she would give him any trouble if the
sacrifice had worked. Angelus picked up from snatches of demon conversation
that they'd been raping Dawn from sunup to sundown, only stopping to chain
her cum drenched body to the cave wall as a trophy. A few held heavy chain
nets in their hands, as they were apparently instructed to take Xander alive
if Buffy brought him.

The First had been flitting in and out, changing appearance often. It had
promised him that there were all kinds of things he could make use of In the
Cave, but that the Slayer would have to be dead before the next dawn or there
was too much chance she'd recover and heal fast enough to beat both vampires.
Angelus heard the sound of an approaching engine. With Sunnydale a virtual
ghost town, there hadn't been many vehicles on the roads as far out as the
Cave of the Incantatrix. The soulless vampire took a moment to set his face
in `concerned', oozing false compassion, and then moved to stand near the
dark entrance of the cave.

The car skidded to a halt, and the five piled out quickly. With Rona, Kennedy
and Xander bristling with weapons it was almost like a `Tarantino does the
clown car gag' moment. No sign of Faith, which had been a concern. Even with
fifty demons and the Bringers, she might have been able to turn the tide and
get Buffy out of the Cave. Angelus felt he owed Faith a visit as well, since
it was down to her that Willow had had the chance to get the filthy soul back
into him.

"Come on, there's not much time! I've checked the place out, there's a few
demons around but they're just living here, not making trouble. The real
fight will be through the portal."

"Why Dawn? I've never had any business with Wolfram and Hart!"

"They're everywhere, across all the hell worlds. They decided they could use
her dormant power to further their aims. I'm sorry you were involved - this
is my fight. Don't worry though, Fred calculated the portal and she's a whiz
at that stuff. You'll be seeing Dawn again sooner than you think."

Angelus nodded a greeting to the others, and then turned and headed into the
cave. Buffy followed him immediately, not even noticing as she walked into
the influence of the spell. She was familiar with the cave; although the last
time she had visited there hadn't been torches to light the way. The magic
wall of the spell stopped Xander. He felt it press him back like a spongy
barrier. In the moment of his confusion, Buffy and Angelus rounded the corner
and were out of sight.

"What the hell?"

"C'mon, Xander, we're on a clock here," Kennedy complained, barely avoiding
walking into him.

"There's some kind of magic barrier.. Buffy! BUFFY! Wait up!"

Kennedy and Rona joined Xander at the mouth of the cave, testing the
invisible barrier. They all pushed together, to no appreciable effect. Xander
realised that Buffy and Angel hadn't waited up or come back. He supposed that
with the short period the portal would be open for, they maybe thought they
couldn't take the chance of missing it. He was so close to Rona he could
smell her, and that was something he didn't want to complicate things by
thinking about.

"Stand back, this is a job for Willow!"

Willow gave the statement a `Superman' inflection as she mentally prepared
for the simplest and most common method of removing a magical barrier.

"It's probably something left over from the old days when the Incantatrix was
incanting Incantations. I can feel a lot of magic in the air here, some of
it's old and some of is new. Probably from the portal, or those demons Angel
said were hanging out."

Willow raised her arms and chanted in Latin. The words were abrupt and
workmanlike, with the simple spell having been refined down to the bare bones
over the centuries. In theory, there was no way it could go wrong - and it
didn't. The spell started to put a hole in the barrier, but as a direct
result some of the magic in the barrier flowed back into Willow. A simple
part of the give and take of all magic, and normally even the weakest Witch
could just absorb it.

This magic was different; generated and re-enforced by Amy's sacrifice of
Dawn Summers. Everything she had suffered in the cave was magnified a dozen
times in the barrier, and then Willow's own sympathetic friendship bond
magnified the suffering even more. The malignant energy hit Willow like a
charging bull. It threw the witch from her feet so hard Willow's shoes were
left behind. She began screaming even before she hit the rough ground. The
hole in the barrier sealed again invisibly.


Willow had never felt anything like the agony that washed through her petite
body. The pain was worst in her throat, pussy and ass as if a dozen red-hot
pokers were being forced inside her through each. The magical backwash was so
powerful it actually forced open her mouth as if a demon's cock was plugging
her throat, and within her panties her holes were similarly splayed. Echoes
of Dawn's multiple gangrapes repeated on Willow's body. The witch looked like
she was having a seizure, with her limbs shaking wildly. She was almost
frothing at the mouth.

The other three were crowded around, trying to calm her and help her.
Willow's finger nails scratched Rona's face, and the black girl swore.

"Shit! We need to get her real help!"

Kennedy was hysterical, trying to hold Willow's head as it shook wildly,
spreading her rich red hair about messily. They barely noticed the smell as
Willow's bowel and bladder voided under the intensity of the agony induced
seizure, her bowel emptied extra-fast with the magic stretching it open wide.

"Buffy! BUFFY!" Xander tried again, but there was still no reply from within
the cave. Tears showed in the man's eyes.

Willow's face was going red, while bloody cuts showed where she'd scraped her
limbs on the rough ground. Dawn's magnified agony was still channelling into
Willow, growing into a crescendo until the witch lost consciousness. The
apparent seizure continued as her brain was overwhelmed by pain signals.

"Way I hear it, round about now the Slayer'll be getting tortured by them
vampires. Not that I'd trust a vampire to that kind of work, normally. That
leaves the four of you for us. Well, three of you. We ain't allowed to hurt
the boy none to much."

The demons and the bringers had emerged from the trees around the cave mouth.
They were all armed, Rona, Kennedy and Xander faced a very short fight
indeed. Willow was in no position to help them and while her spasms had
slowed a little, but it would still be hard to get her to the car and get
away. None of them wanted to leave her to the Demon's mercy.

"What about if we surrender?"

"Ain't taking prisoners," said the demon who'd spoken before, "Well...
`cept the boy. Hell knows why, scrawny little shit. I wouldn't even eat
a rat-assed'n like that. Now you, bitch, you got some meat on your bones."

Kennedy was on her knees beside Willow, still cradling her lover's head.
Willow's chest was rising and falling fast, though the redhead was safe from
pain in her unconsciousness. Tears ran down the potential's cheeks as she
lifted the axe she carried and stood beside Xander and Rona. They were brave;
even with Willow in the grip a grand mal seizure.

Together, they charged, but the demons were ready and prepared and threw the
heavy chain nets. Even working together, the three could not crawl from
underneath the crushing weight; they could barely breath. The metal sparked
with magic, and the three were shocked into unconsciousness. The demons
closed in, smug in their superiority over the pathetic humans. Bringers,
meanwhile, approached Willow. The First needed the witch destroying quickly,
to prevent her magic from being used to free Buffy - the Slayer who could
defeat her plans.

Willow's clothing was stuck to her skin with sweat and voided filth, but the
bringers tore it away easily. They almost entirely stripped her in their
enthusiasm. One positioned his blade over Willow's heart, feeling the muscle
fighting beneath her pale skin. The voiceless minion pressed down, slicing
through Willow's pale pretty skin. It took the bringer's unnatural strength
to force the blade all the way into Willow's heart. The witch was deep in her
painful unconsciousness and didn't feel it immediately, nor the second blade
drawn along her throat. The Redhead's lifeblood pumped into the dirt at the
mouth of the cave, each wound fatal on its own. The Bringers sheathed their
blades and stood.

They had no eyes to see as Willow's own eyes flicked open, and narrowed. The
witch had recently been at the mercy of a demon that paralysed her, and so
had learned how to do healing magic that needed no speech. First, she
calculated a way to block the echoes of Dawn's pain still seeping from the
barrier, and then cast a spell to mask her own pain. The witch could think
clearly again. Willow's wounds glowed green as they began to knit together.
She raised a hand and threw fire at a Bringer's head. It ignited like a
Catherine wheel, but the First's servant did not fall immediately.

Bringers swarmed the witch, soaking up magical fire as they stabbed her firm
young flesh again and again. Blood splattered their ragged robes as the
blades sliced through meat and fat, tendon and organs. A sweeping stab into
Willow's piss stinging cunt almost broke her concentration, though her magic
masked much of the pain. The bringer twisted the blade, severing Willow's
clitoris as it withdrew the knife. Blood and piss mixed freely.

Willow's eyes glowed with power drawn from the forest around them. Nearby
trees withered and died, and birds dropped from the air. She closed her
wounds as soon as they opened, but the pain and blood loss was getting too
much. She prepared for a last desperate assault, when a demon pressed through
the bringers with Kennedy's axe held high. He brought the blade down in a
hard sweep, and took Willow's head from her neck. The light died in Willow's
eyes, but before the darkness took her she saw the demon raise the axe again.
It came down brutally, bisecting her skull. Willows brains splashed the
bringers, forming a halo around her red hair.

"A special reward for you," said the First, appearing in Willow's newly
available appearance, "You can have her body all to yourself."

"Thank you, Master. Her magic will make the flesh most piquant."

"Good on you, big guy. Its certainly added flavour to her soul; if only she'd
realised that being a witch and a lesbian meant the intolerant one would
consign her spirit to my own grasp."

Most of the other demons were keen to eat, but weren't quite so exhausted by
the earlier daylong gang rape of Dawn Summers. After some heated discussion
around the chain nets, it was decided that Kennedy would be eaten immediately
while Rona would be fuck meat for a while first. As the demons reached their
decision, two Bringers silently grabbed Xander's arms and dragged the limp
human away. Unconscious, but unharmed - as requested.

An already prepared fire pit was un-covered and lit, while spit stands were
set up. Kennedy was roughly stripped and held up by four demons as the spit
was pressed into her cunt. They slapped the young lesbian's face to rouse
her, and she came around as the cold metal opened her up. The first thing the
potential saw was flames leaping before her, as it quickly became apparent
that she was naked and penetrated. Kennedy didn't care for penetration one
bit. She started to struggle, but there was no leverage against the four
strong demons.

The demons had the strength and control to give Kennedy the spit slowly and
smoothly. The potential screamed as the spit tore through her cervix and into
her womb. The cold metal and hot pain felt wholly unnatural inside her. It
suddenly grew worse as with no respite the demon's strength punctured her
womb and forced the cold metal into Kennedy's guts. The demons were quite
happy to eat her offal, and didn't seek to eviscerate Kennedy before cooking.
They simply spitted through her intestines and stomach, before punching the
bloody cold spit into her chest cavity.

Kennedy screamed like a banshee as she was spitted. She felt the slow
progress inside her as the pain grew more extreme with every inch travelled.
Her punctured stomach leaked into her guts, adding acid pain to Kennedy's
suffering. Her screams turned to gurgles as the bloody pointed spit emerged
between her teeth. Kennedy's head was forced unnaturally back, allowing her
to see along the spit as it was pushed through until a meat hook along it's
length pressed into her ass.

There was a lot of blood, both from Kennedy's mouth and her cunt. The
potential Slayer held onto life as her ankles and wrists were bound to the
spit and her nude body was placed over the roaring fire pit. The flames
licked Kennedy's flesh as she experienced a fate traditionally associated
with witches like her dead lover. She hoped she would die quickly, as she
felt the fat in her breasts begin to heat up. A demon started turning the
spit, ensuring Kennedy was cooked evenly all over. The world span about her
eyes as her head was singed to baldness. Her blood hissed as it drained over
the burning pit and finally Kennedy was granted the mercy of death just as
her tits popped and burst fat over the hissing fire.

Rona knew she faced the same fate. The demons had had eagerly told her so
when she came around, along with labouring the point that they were hungry
for her holes more than her meat. They had stripped the potential slayer so
quickly that her clothes were shredded, and lines were fading where the
fabric had ripped against her dark skin. Rona struggled, cussing like a
ghetto ho, but she was only human and they were many. There was more meat on
her than Kennedy, but that just meant they'd be hungrier when it was time to

A huge hairy demon gripped Rona's arms just below her shoulders and pulled
hard. She screamed as they audibly popped from the sockets. The demon lifted
her high, letting her feel her body weight supported on her dislocated
shoulders. Rona's kicking legs were grabbed and held as the demons moved her
ass back to the hairy demon's huge cock. Rona's screams grew higher and more
urgent as the slimy head pressed between her hard athletic buttocks. There
was no way her black ass could take it without her sphincter tearing, and so
it proved.

Cackling and cheering, the demons hauled Rona's broken ass on the demon's
dick. The length bulged her stomach out from behind as it sank deeper into
her. Rona's pain was far greater than Dawn's had been with no magic to
protect her mortal flesh, and her tight hot ass was close to bursting. Rona
was beyond cursing, finding air only for screams to voice her agony. Each
lungful brought her the sickly sweet smell of Kennedy's roasting flesh.

Another demon stepped forward when she was sufficiently impaled. He wrapped
her legs around his hips, scraping talons along her thighs. Blood dribbled
from the slashes as he pressed his cock at her cunt. Rona was no virgin, not
for a long time, but with the demon cock pressing into her ass and another
huge one aimed for her cunt it was going to feel like it. The demon's tongue,
long and snakelike, slithered out to her tits. The black girl's fear and
suffering was all too tasty in her sweat.

Without further pause or any mercy at all, the demon forced it's dry cockhead
into her. Rona's scream was almost silent, her eyes rolled up almost white.
Her body bulged obscenely from within, internal injuries were certain. Rona
had never known such pain was possible, but at least she knew she couldn't
last long. As the rape strokes began, the pain grew unbearably worse. Rona's
pink pussy was almost prolapsed by the cock raping her, so dry was it that
the blood drawn seemed to stick her inner folds to the demon. The demons
moved to their knees, so others could jerk off at Rona's tits. Nasty demon
jism rained down across her chocolate tits and screaming face as the rape
continued until she was unconscious.

* * *

Xander awoke strung between two trees. He knew instantly where he was; Willow
had killed Warren in the spot and position in which he hung. His face was
still wet with tears, but his body was naked. He looked around for his
clothes, and instead saw Amy the Witch, and another figure.

Warren, skinless Warren.

"Glad you're awake, Xander. Would hate you to miss this part."

"Buffy's going to kick your ass, and yours... a second time."

Xander's voice held no hope, and they knew it. The villainous pair laughed,
as Amy drew her ritual blade from within her azure robe. The red sigils
glowed on its length, though there would be no call for her to take it within
her this time.

"Come on, babe. I want his skin."

"Scream Xander. We both like it," Amy told Xander as she began to flay the
skin from his face. As the blade cut an inch away, it faded from Xander and
appeared on Warren.

Xander called for Buffy right to the end, but Buffy never came to help him.

End of Part Three

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