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Description: Stripped of their souls, and aided by the dark magic sacrifice
of Dawn, Spike and Angelus re-unite to brutally rape and kill the Slayer.

Content Codes (for part three): MMF, FF, inc, rape, nc, snuff, viol, rimming,
bond, cream pie, magic, tort

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Pleasurable Evils Part 4 - Summers' End
by JD ([email protected])

As Buffy followed Angelus into the Cave of the Incantatrix she reflected that
she should be leading "Angel". Sunnydale was her turf, and she was the
Slayer. She thought about mentioning it good naturedly as she stepped through
the powerful barrier of the spell. She didn't notice the change that came
over her from Slayer to ordinary girl, just as she hadn't immediately noticed
the effect of the injections Giles' once gave her. Buffy walked into the main
cavern area and stopped dead.

"Buffy! BUFFY! Wait up!"

Xander's voice, from outside the Cave. It didn't register to the Slayer. Her
eyes were locked on the cum-sodden headless body chained spread-eagled to the
rock-face. Dawn's gaping pussy was still draining steadily quite some time
after the last demon had blasted her young womb. Her similarly loose ass was
pressed into the jagged rock, while her perky tits were invisible under the
heavy coating of demon filth, so much that the light bruising was completely
invisible to the Slayer's eyes. Dawn's fingers twitched, though Buffy had
seen similar spasms in headless corpses before.

There was no doubt in Buffy's mind that it was Dawn's body displayed like
meat before her. The harrowing sight of the mutilated figure just about cut
her in two; she hadn't felt so mentally destroyed since finding her Mom's
body on the couch. Joyce had died almost painlessly though, while Buffy could
all too easily envision the horrific torments visited on Dawn before her head
was removed. The first of many tears started down her cheeks before a flicker
of movement drew Buffy's burry eyes upwards.


High above, Dawn's head sat on the stone pedestal. She was moving her mouth,
her tongue, flickering her eyes. The bodiless head was desperate to get her
sister's attention. She matched eyes with Buffy just as the Slayer registered
the long trail of magically transported sperm Dawn had spat from her mouth
during the long day. Dawn saw Spike emerge from a small cave-mouth to the
side of Buffy, while Angelus had circled to a similar position. Both were
visibly enjoying Buffy's distress.

"Get out," Dawn silently mouthed, "It's a trap. Run. Magic Trap. Go!"

"Dawn! I'll get you down! Giles'll know how to... to fix you. Oh Dawnie."

"No! Behind You! Run!"

"Buffy! BUFFY!" Xander again.

The panic in his voice kicked through the haze of grief and hope. Buffy
half-turned to see Spike and Angelus grinning evilly at her.

"Hey Buff. I thought Dawn would have grown since I saw her last. Seems
shorter though."


He nodded, accepting the name had Darla given him.

Buffy continued, "I'm going to kill you for real this time. You won't get
back from Hell."

"You know Amy's going to skin Xander alive? I always said nothing good would
come of bloody feminism," Spike interjected.

"Dying time boys. Hurting Dawn is a capital offence. I'm going Texas on you

Buffy moved as if getting into a fighting stance, but instead just lashed out
with her foot. Only humanly fast, Angelus caught the blow between his thighs.
Buffy's foot stopped a gnat's wing from his testicles. He threw a punch back
as her eyes registered surprise. Angelus purposely pulled the punch, wanting
to keep Buffy awake. The blow was still brutal, smashing into Buffy's left
eye hard enough to make stars burst behind her vision. The pain was sudden
and incredibly intense; no Slayer's pain threshold remained to protect her.

The scream Buffy unwillingly unleashed was almost musical to the vampires.
The blonde girl stumbled back clutching at her face, when Angelus released
the grip on her leg. Spike moved quickly. He grabbed Buffy's arms in a steel
grip and wrenched them behind her back. Buffy found she couldn't even twist a
decent judo throw. Her eye was already swelling and bruising. It would be a
classic shiner before long. She was deathly afraid, suddenly, but hoped the
apparently soulless vampires would mess up, that she'd have a way to gain her
strength again. Hopefully it would be as simple as the time she smashed
Warren's `balls'.

Spike pressed Buffy's forearms together in his iron grip, while Angelus
pulled a spoil of barbed wire from his coat pocket. Pre-cut to length, the
razor sharp spines ripped Buffy's top and drew blood from the tanned skin
beneath. Angelus wrapped it tightly around her forearms, like rope but far
crueller. Buffy grunted as the wire tightened against her skin. Angelus
twisted the ends to secure the arm binding. Together, Spike and Angelus
pressed Buffy down to her knees on the jagged floor of the cave.

Dawn silently prayed. She did not know if any god or goddess could hear, but
still she prayed. She was helpless, still feeling the aching pain of her
body. The hours of rape had worn at Dawn's mind, yet the separation of head
from body had ironically preserved her from the full mental trauma. She could
see that her older sister was equally helpless, weak before the powerful
vampires. About to become a real victim.

"Well, Buff. It seems the First Evil has some problems with you and let me
tell you, Spike and I can sympathise. Really we can, right Spike?"

"Yeah, too bloody right."

"She, well, It also - you'll like this, it's funny - wants to know whether
you'd choose Spike here, or me. It's funny because we've got so much history
there's no way you'd choose him."

"Hang on a minute, Angelus. You shagged her what, once? And that wasn't even
you! That was the girly-man poof. I've ridden Buffy more times than the Welsh
have fucked sheep, mate. You name just about anywhere in Sunnydale, and I've
done her in it. Tradesman's too, mate."

"Oh, Boys. Am I going to have to listen to you to flirt all night? Why not go
somewhere and have a kiss and cuddle. I'll sit here and wait." Buffy hid her
fear. She wasn't used to being afraid, but she was used to being in control.
She clung to it.

"Despite what the hair might make you think, Spike's not that kind of boy,"
Angelus shot back, "Come on Buff. It's a simple choice. All you had with him
was good old `back from the dead grudge-fornication,' right? But our hatred
means something! Our hatred is deep! I hate you so much that making sure
you're dead as early as next sunrise is going to take effort; it's a job I'd
rather have months on."

"Hold on Angelus! The worst you ever did in Sunnydale was kill a teacher and
some fish. Fish, mate. I brought the little bit up there to this cave so she
could be raped all day by demons hung like a smaller me. I made Buffy hate
herself so much every time I fucked her. Plus, I'm a lot better looking than

"I wouldn't pick either of you. How could I choose between two such repulsive
specimens? I'd rather go to bed with Clem and... and Willie!"

"Ouch," Spike sighed theatrically.

Buffy winced as she tugged on her bound arms. The metal barbs tore stingingly
into her skin; even if she pulled hard, the wire was too tight to slip free
from. Already there were pins and needles in Buffy's fingers from the
partially constricted blood flow. She stopped tugging, looking up at the
vampires through one good eye and one eye swollen almost shut. If she'd been
at full power she wouldn't even have a bruise on her face.

"I think I know what the problem is," Angelus grinned, "this necrophiliac
slut here doesn't want to choose between two undead creatures of the night.
She's hungry for both of us to give it to her good and hard. She wants it so
rough it'd be rape, except she's so obviously willing. Can't rape the
willing, as they say."

"You've hit the nail on the head there. Let's give Sunnydale's vampire
bicycle the best seeing too she's ever had."

Buffy looked from one to the other as they started to strip off their
clothes. She waited until they were pulling their shirts off, and then
managed to stumble to her feet. The barbed wire tore into her flesh as she
twisted and ran for the cave exit, hating that she was leaving Dawn but
knowing she would need reinforcements.

They caught her before she'd even run three feet, and dragged her struggling
body to the floor of the cave. Buffy's top came apart in Spike's hands as he
tore it from her body. Shredded strips hanging from the barbed wire were all
that remained. Angelus had his hands around Buffy's small waist, ripping her
pants open, and then tugging them down. Buffy struggled harder, almost crying
with rage and frustration at being so helpless in the hands of her foes.

Angelus tugged Buffy's hardy footwear loose, and then finished stripping her
pants. He ran his hands lustfully up her toned legs to her perfect ass. Buffy
grunted as Angelus dove in. The vampire pressed his face between Buffy's
buttocks and flicked his tongue on her tight rosebud. Nobody had ever rimmed
Buffy before; she felt dirty even though it was forced. Meanwhile, Spike had
torn off her sports bra and mauled her breasts.

"I fancy a tit wank, Buffy. Will you oblige?"

"Kill yourself, Spike."

"Oh well, pet. Have to do it myself then."

The vampires twisted the stripped Slayer between then until Buffy's arms were
pressed between her back and the cave floor. The barbs dug in just above the
curve of her buttocks, and her arms supported her ass. Angelus easily
controlled her kicking legs, holding them high up before him as he continued
lathering her asshole with saliva. He prodded his tongue inside the tight
ring, feeling Buffy try to clench and keep him out.

Spike finished stripping himself off except, in traditional Englishman style,
his socks. He positioned his arse over Buffy's face and pressed his cock in
the small valley of her breasts. Pressing the flesh together he thrust
between them, enjoying the soft sensations on his skin. Buffy screwed her
eyes up, willing the humiliation to end; of course, it didn't. Angelus'
tongue felt too good, but Spike's rough mauling of her tits was overpowering
the pleasure. They were already showing bruising, but all the British vampire
did was thrust faster and harder.

"Aren't you tired of kissing the Slayer's arse, Angelus? It's been six or
seven years!"

Angelus growled, and yanked down his own pants with one hand. Naked, he
pulled Buffy's legs to go up on his shoulders. He felt Buffy's struggles
increase as he pressed his bloated undead cock against her saliva-slick anus.
Pushing with vampire strength, he opened her up and slid inside. She was
tight, even past her sphincter, and Angelus knew that he was in for a good
pleasurable ride. Where only Spike had gone before.

"NO!" Buffy screamed.

When Spike had fucked her in the ass, it had always been with heavy
lubrication and consensual, if not loving. When Angelus sawed into her
rectum, Buffy fought him all the way and felt terrible pain as a result.
Fresh tears sprang from Slayer's eyes as the most hated man in her world
brutally violated her. Spike's body shifted and she realised he was scooting
back. Suddenly his semen splattered across her face. Her black eye stung as
Spike made sure to spray a wad of semen into it.

Spraying over a Slayer's crying face as she was anally raped ranked high in
the best moments of Spike's vampire career. He wrapped Buffy's blonde hair
around his shaft and wiped away the last of his discharge as he admired his
handprint bruises on the pale skin of Buffy's breasts. There had to be more
they could do with those breasts; as they shook under the force of Angelus'
thrusts Spike imagined skinning them, as Amy was to flay Xander. Then he
thought about hanging Buffy from them by barbed wire, or just shoving nails
into them. All options were available in the Cave of the Incantatrix.

Buffy's back was a pattern of pain. Between the barbed wire around her
forearms, and the rough stone tearing into her skin, it felt like she was
being flogged as she was raped. Her ass had adjusted a little to the powerful
rape thrusts, as blood and shit lubricated Angelus' cock. Buffy felt his
fingers on her pussy, pawing her light blonde bush. He brushed her clit, and
then pinched it hard.

A fresh scream ripped free from Buffy's mouth. Angelus grinned and pinched
harder. Buffy's sphincter constricted wonderfully around his cock-head as he
almost pulled out, and then he thrust in one last time. Angelus came hard
into the screaming Slayer's spasming ass. Buffy felt Angelus' jerky body
movements and knew he'd climaxed. She hoped it meant there would be some
respite before the next degradation as she cried Spike's semen from her eye.

"Have a look at this, Angelus."

Spike had walked away while Angelus had finished his fun, and now held a pair
of pliers in one hand and a small bowl of green ointment in the other.
Angelus pulled out from Buffy's ass. A thin trail of bloody semen leaked from
the gaping hole. He kept his grip on her legs as he stood, not willing to
risk another escape attempt.

"Great! Pliers! What's with the guacamole dip? I'm more of a spicy sauce

"We pull out all of her teeth, `cept the canines. We rub this into the gums.
After we turn the little cum bucket, she'll only have fangs. No other teeth.
Better for blow jobs!"

Buffy felt a fresh pang of fear in her gut. She'd realised she was to be
raped and tortured, but the thought of being turned into a vampire was her
worst nightmare. The Slayer had faced death before, but un-death was too
much. Too horrible. At least with Faith back in the fold, there was a chance
of a quick death after rising again.

"So, we tossing a coin on who gets to play dentist?"

"No, you can have this one. I'll kneel here and sit her on my dick. Give her
a good length in her cunt while you're taking her teeth out."

Angelus shifted his grip, and pulled Buffy's sticky hair instead of her legs.
As he forced the Slayer up onto her knees, he followed Spike's example and
cleaned off his cock in her blonde strands. Blonde hair really was the best
for cleaning off filthy cocks, he thought, deciding it was no doubt why so
many whores were blonde. Spike came and knelt behind her, and took a moment
to lick the blood on her back. His cock was rigid again as he handed the
pliers and ointment to Angelus, who put the ointment aside. Spike lifted
Buffy by her hips, so he could pull her up and back until her bush rubbed
against his cock.

"You like it from behind, don't you, Buffy?"

"When I get out of this, Spike, I'm going to get Giles to find the nastiest,
most evil group of demon torturers in the world. And pay them to work on

Spike slid into Buffy's cunt in reply.

"Bloody Hell! This slut is wetter than a Welsh holiday resort!"

"Would you quit bashing the Welsh? They're not as classy as the Irish, but
they aren't as bad as all that."

Angelus stood before them. There was still a lot of fire and fight in the
Slayer's eyes. He could smell human flesh cooking on the night air. He hoped
she noticed soon, and realised what it meant. With full Slayer strength
working against him, Angelus could never have forced Buffy's mouth open. As
weak as she was, it was easy. She screamed as he gripped her front two teeth
in the pliers and pulled hard. Spike groaned as her cunt gripped his cock in
sudden pain spasms.

Angelus held the pliers before Buffy's eyes, letting her see two blood
spotted white teeth. He raised them to his mouth and tasted her blood from
them. Spike was easily humping into her cunt without his hands now, so he
reached around and held Buffy's jaw open for Angelus. The vindictive vampire
removed the screaming blonde's teeth. He worked slowly and sadistically,
stopping to lick blood from her chin and mouth in a sick parody of a kiss.
Buffy's curses grew incoherent as her mouth lost definition.

When she was down to her canines, Angelus instead caught Buffy's left nipple
with the blood slick tool. He squeezed, stretching her breast, but stopped
short of trying to pull it off. Angelus tossed the pliers aside and reached
for the ointment. It stung terribly, worse than Spike's semen splashing her
eyes, but stopped the bleeding immediately. Angelus pressed into Buffy's sore
gums with his fingers, drawing fresh cries from the weakened girl. As soon as
the ointment was applied, Angelus threw it aside and pressed his length into
her mouth.

"Can you believe I never even got a blow job off this bitch before?"

"I did!" Spike chuckled, as Angelus' cock plugged Buffy's cries.

Angelus didn't give Buffy any time to adjust to his hard cock, he simply
forced it down her throat until his balls slapped into her blood-sticky chin.
Angelus held Buffy's nose shut as he started his thrusts into her mouth. He
made sure not to withdraw enough that she could breath. Spike bounced her on
his knee for the slower vaginal rape.

"Oh yeah, Buff! Your throat is so hot, and tight. It beats your ass! How'd
you get so good at cocksucking, Buffy? Special Slayer training from Rupert?
Is there a Watcher's diary special on getting potential Slayers to `throat

Buffy's face grew darker as Angelus sadistically raped her throat. She
couldn't breathe; there was no air coming into her lungs. They burned in her
chest, throbbing in time with her head and her heart. Her nipples stood out
hard on her flushed chest, and Buffy realised hazily that her oxygen-deprived
brain was generating something akin to pleasure. It was an extreme form of
breath-play, but it was getting her off. Her cunt was juicing up around
Spike's dick, and he felt the beginnings of contractions deep inside her

"Holy shit! The slut really is getting off on it!"

Angelus didn't have a comment to make. He was too busy enjoying the panicked
look visible in Buffy's glazing eyes as he raped her pretty face. Blood
vessels had burst under the skin of Buffy's face, giving it a rash-look. If
ever a Slayer was born to take vampire cock it was Buffy Summers. All told,
not many Slayers had been raped to death. Angelus saw Spike reach around,
pawing for Buffy's rigidly aroused clit. He rubbed it with his fingers,
masturbating the asphyxiating Slayer to an orgasm at the point of death.

Buffy came. Too weak even to scream around the cock in her gullet. The evil
pleasure tore through her body, blotting out the pain, the suffering, even
the memory of her friends. Stars exploded in Buffy's head, almost sending her
into unconsciousness. Through her good eye and swollen eye, she saw Angelus's
face twist with pleasure. She was dimly aware of him climaxing, spraying his
load down into her stomach. She was equally aware of Spike, calling her a
slut and a whore as he sprayed her cunt with his own load.

Then the pleasure stopped. Instantly. Jerking with pleasure, Spike's cold,
dead, vampire fingers had torn Buffy's clit away. The agony blew Buffy's
mind. She mewled like a kitten as Angelus pulled from her throat. Spike
pulled out too, and shoved her roughly forward. Buffy curled as best she
could into a fetal ball and cried like a child. Blood trickled down her
thigh to the dirty floor.

"See, Spike, I'd have left her clit `til later. We could have nailed it to

Spike popped the bloody nub into his mouth. He chewed the bloody flesh
between his teeth and then swallowed.

"Sod it. She was having too much fun. Total slut, I grant you, she got off
before I did it!"

"We ought to bring Dawn down for a closer look."

"Can't do that. Break the spell."

"Where's your sense of danger, Spike?"

Once, the overhearing that taking Dawn's head from the pedestal could break
the spell would have spurred Buffy Summers into a desperate bid for freedom,
but it seemed as if an essential spark of her femininity had been torn away
with her clitoris. She didn't even react to the vampires' words. They dragged
the limb blonde over to where Dawn's body was chained spread-eagled to the
wall. They pushed her almost toothless mouth against the headless body's
cum-leaking cunt, and rubbed her face into the mess. They made her service
her sister.

Buffy's motions were mechanical, done to avoid more torturous pain. She
licked the crusted filth away from Dawn's snatch. She swallowed down gobbets
of demon semen from her sister's much-abused fuckhole. Dawn could not see her
body from the pedestal, but she felt the tongue, and the pleasure. She gasped
silently as Buffy licked and sucked her. Soon, fresh juices stained Buffy's
face, and her sister's cunt shivered and squirted weakly into the Slayer's

"Willow would have been proud, Buff! You lick cunt like a pro dyke! No wonder
you didn't want to choose between Spike and me."

Buffy didn't try to meet Dawn's gaze as they pulled her back away from the
rock wall. The vampires had learned a lot of positions in the long decades of
their un-lives. They treated Buffy to most of them during the long hours
until dawn. Buffy's body bounced on the vicious thrusts of the vampires. The
petite blonde was reduced to screaming through swollen, bruised lips. When
she had given up her virginity to Angel, the act had been gentle and loving.
During the brutal rape, he sawed into her bleeding cunt with all the force of
a stake to the heart.

Sometimes, they took turns rather than double teaming her. Spike fucked Buffy
hard up the arse while Angelus suckled one of Buffy's sweaty nipples into his
mouth. He drew the sensitive nub to hardness, and then tore it from Buffy's
breast with his teeth. Blood ran down Buffy's chest as Angelus lapped at the
wound, careful not to bite in and drain too deep. They didn't want the Slayer
to die until just before morning came, but she could take all the pain they
had to give until then.

Buffy's last spike of defiance died when the First joined her torment. It
appeared as Willow, knife wounds fresh and leaking. It appeared as Kennedy,
unrecognisably burned to a crisp. It appeared as Xander, skinless and
castrated, screaming abuse at Buffy for letting him die. She couldn't look
away from the gouged sockets of his face, even knowing it wasn't really the
ghost of her friend. She mumbled incoherent apologies to the First's
apparitions even as Spike and Angelus wrapped barbed wire around her breasts
and took turns lifting her from the floor until they nearly tore from her

As morning approached, Dawn felt her body start to tingle and ache. She
recalled that she was supposed to die when morning came, but that with her
unique nature she might survive. Unable to look away all night, she stared
down at Buffy's increasingly recognisable face and brutalised body.

In the last hour before morning, the vampires had suspended The Slayer from a
hook high on the ceiling, by chains that pulled her forearms back. The weight
of her body had dislocated her shoulders, and her feet hung an inch or so
from the ground. Dawn could see Angelus and Spike as they weakly ploughed the
Slayer a final time. Her holes were so badly stretched and torn they had
double penetrated her ass to get enough friction to make it worth the effort.
Their cocks rubbed together in the Slayer's rectum.

Buffy had been to heaven, once, but in that long night she'd found truly what
it was to live in hell. Angelus and Spike's cold bodies pressed closely
against hers. The First stood nearby, watching eagerly as they prepared to
end her life. Climaxing final times into Buffy's body, Spike bit into her
neck from behind while Angelus bit into Buffy's breast. The Slayer didn't
even feel the bites, but her blood flowed easily into the stomachs of the
vampires; that blood which hadn't already splattered into the dirt.

Dawn could see her sister was so close to death as Spike unhooked her from
the chain and dropped her on the floor. Each vampire fed her his own blood,
ensuring that when the next night came, Buffy would rise again as a vampire.
She would be their eternal fuck toy, a cum dumpster until Judgement Day - or
later, if they got out to one of the Hell worlds before the First evil ended
humanity. Buffy died in the dirt, covered in filth. Even her blonde hair was
matted with blood and spunk, so much that it was impossible to tell the true

Outside, the sun began to rise.

Dawn's body crumbled to dust instantly. There was no pain in the brief moment
as the magic departed. Her head remained on the pedestal. The key that she
truly was - even if many thought that aspect of her buried forever with the
defeat of Glorificus - could not be destroyed by any little spell worked by
the likes of Amy. Shorn of her body forever, Dawn, the Key, watched sadly as
Spike and Angelus dumped Buffy's body like a sack of dirt in the corner of
the Cave of the Incantatrix, and sought their own rest.

Nobody paid attention to her, but she realised she could already feel the
true extent of her power. A little fold of reality would put her on the table
where Giles sat, anxiously awaiting Buffy's return. Then, she could master
her ancient power with her brand new personality. The First would fall before
a Summers' girl after all.

There would be vengeance.

The End.

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