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Angel/Charmed: Angel Meets Charmed - The Machinations (MF,MMMFF,inc,slash)
by The Fan

The Three were bored.

They were the most powerful beings in existence. Or outside existence.

Palaski was the watcher of worlds and the guardian of civilizations and
universes. Herol was the peacekeeper and the observer. Greyskil was the
lord of time and space and the one being who could unmake existence with a
mere thought.

They were bored. They had watched the universe for forever. They saw the
rise and fall of gods and Titans and monsters and angels. They saw all the
ages past and present. Now they were bored. Very bored.

"My brethren, what shall we do?" asked Palaski.

"Nothing, as usual," said Herol.

"I have a plan," said Greyskil.

The other two turned to look at him.

"The universe has gotten boring," said Greyskil. "It is our right to make
it exciting again."

"All right!" said the others. "We shall make the universe fun to watch. But

"Easy," said Greyskil. "By turning the lives of the most powerful of witches
into a living hell."

"Yes!" said Palaski. He focused his omnipotent mind and began turning the
planet Earth in all of its dimensions into a fiery and desolate place.

"No!" said Greyskil. "Not literally, you fool!"

"Oops," said Palaski.

The three looked at each other. They were all powerful. They were without
equal. They could do as they wished. Surely a little entertainment to kill
the boredom of eternity wasn't too much to ask for. They looked at the
Earths. On one side you had Earth 678, the abode of the Dark. In this world
there were vampires and demons and monsters. In Earth 989, there were
witches, warlocks and demons. Those two dimensions were home to very unique
creatures. Humans abound in each. These worlds had protectors.

Earth 678 had Angel, the vampire with a soul. A handsome, tortured immortal
on a mission of redemption. Earth 989 had the Charmed Ones. Piper, Phoebe
and Paige. Three beautiful women with magical powers.

The Supreme beings looked at these lesser creatures...

Los Angeles...

Angel was tired.

The vampires were getting bolder. They were swarming since the Beast came
and took away the light. The Beast's master had stolen Angel's soul and
turned him into the vampiric monster Angelus once more. Angel Investigations
was overwhelmed for a while but Willow Rosenberg, the Sunnydale lesbian witch
came and saved Angel's soul. By restoring it. Now they were okay.

For a while things were ok. Angel had his son Connor, his girl Cordelia and
his buddies Lorne the Host, Gunn and Wesley to help. They were ok. So was
Fred, Gunn's brainy and hot girlfriend who revealed her bi side by hitting
on Willlow but the redhead declined. Angel had a few things to be thankful

Being a lone champion against thirty five evil vampires wasn't one of them.

He rose and leapt against a wall. He signaled someone in the dark. The
vampire crowd rushed in. Connor pulled on a lever and gallons of gasoline
fell upon the vampires. They looked around, drenched and confused. Then
Connor lit up a piece of parer and threw it in. The vamps screamed as the
flames burned them all to a crisp in a matter of minutes.

Angel watched them burn. This was a cruel plan. Connor's plan. The boy
scared Angel sometimes. He was so vicious. Angel wasn't surprised. After
all the boy had vampire blood in him. The blood of Liam Angelus, the one
with the angelic face and Darla, the blonde vampire. "Good job, Con," Angel

Connor smiled. Angel returned the smile. Then he watched as Connor simply
leapt twenty feet into the air and ran at super speed. Angel's trained eyes
followed the boy through the dark. Connor had ten times the strength and
speed of a human and about twice that of a vampire. He was a superbeing and
the Hell dimension in which he was raised gave him a ferocity and hate few
could match. Angel followed him. He ran after his son. He felt like he
should say something...fatherly.

That's when it hit...

A bolt of lightning hit him.

Angel gasped. The lightning shocked him to the core. He fell to his knees.
He could see Connor looking at him. The boy looked at his inhuman father
with surprised eyes. "Connor!" Angel said weakly. Suddenly there was a lot
of light and energy and Angel felt himself pulled into something. A wave of
force drew him in.

"Nooooooo!!!!!!!" he screamed and tried to resist but the Force was too

He found himself...elsewhere.

He felt himself hit something hard and cold and simply passed out.

* * *

The Supreme Beings looked on.

"Interesting game, Greyskil," said Palaski.

"Thank you, brother," said Greyskil. "You haven't seen anything yet. It's
gonna get good."

* * *

Elsewhere ....

Paige felt like going out.

It was a nice spring night and she felt she needed to get away from the
Halliwells. She looked at them. Phoebe had Cole, the handsome half demon
who could not live without her. Piper had Leo, the angelic one. She also
had her upcoming child. Paige felt like the fifth wheel sometimes.

She kept on working her powers hoping to get as good as Prue had been. A
woman of vitality and power. Alas, Paige was a beginner. It has been ages
since she's had fun. Between fighting demons and evil forces there was not
much time for things like dating.

She went to Club Angelito. It was a trendy night spot. The city's young
and wealthy came there to be entertained. Paige knew the owner. Her name
was Kassandra Nurse, a woman they had helped get rid of her demons,
literally. It would not be too much to ask if she could get in. After all,
that's where the hunks were. She drove there. As usual there were a lot of
people at the door. The bouncer, a 6'6", 240-pound former basketball player
named Ronnie Lukas let her in. Paige went to the bar and ordered a Miller
lite beer.

She looked at the crowd inside. Hot women were talking to eager, handsome
men. They all looked so excited and happ to be here. She remembered when her
life was that simple. She was simply Paige, a social worker instead of a
super girl with magical powers. Her last boyfriend was Larry, a beefy blond
guy. He left her after she tried telling him about the charmed ones. He
thought she was wacko. "Welcome to my life," she said bitterly.

She looked around.

A handsome young man with spiky red hair was talking to a tall, lean black
man. The two were obviously hitting on each other. Paige focused on the
black man. He was hot, in a Huxtable kind of way. Too bad he's queer, she
thought. The two men looked at her with eager eyes. She read lust in them
and smiled. 'Well, maybe not so queer after all.' The thought of two men
doing her got her hot. Especially hot men like these. Queer or not they
had dicks and she could think of two places where she'd like them to put
them. In her, of course. The men looked at her.

"Hey, I'm Kyle," said the redhead.

"And I'm Blake," said the black guy.

"Nice to meet you. Pleasure's all mine," Paige said.

They talked for a while. Paige got to know them. They were both college
boys and experimentative bisexuals at that. Paige had always had a thing
for queer men. They didn't want or need women and that was the biggest turn
on of all. They didn't have to try very hard to convince her to come with
them. Paige was horny and hadn't had sex in over a year. There were two
studs after her. She wanted them.

They left the club.

As soon as they were away from the lights she realized she had made a
mistake. They were not queer boys. They were not human, her Charmed senses
told her. They looked at her and right before her eyes they turned into
something else. Green-skinned, red-eyes man-like things with claws and
fangs. They were the ugliest demons she had ever seen. "Aaaaaahhh!" she
screamed. They advanced on her.

Angel woke up violently.

He was disoriented. 'Where am I?' he thought. 'Where is Connor?' He was
struggling to get up when he heard a woman's scream. 'Somebody needs help,'
he thought. He summoned up his strength and ran in the direction of the

* * *

The Supreme Dimension...

"Nice work," Greyskil, said Palaski. "What is the vampire going to do next?"

"Don't be so impatient," said Herol. They looked at Greyskil, who smiled.
"Things are just getting juicier," he said.

* * *

Angel ran. Somehow he found the strength within him. He ran up the alley
and scaled up a wall. He crawled like that blue and red clad guy with the
spiderweb and found himself on the other side.

A woman was recoiling before two very ugly things. Angel did not know what
they were. Except that they were ugly and demonic. He leapt down. He
landed almost right behind them.

"Hey, boys," he said.

Both monsters turned. Angel moved with the supernatural might that most old
vampires had. He waded into them. The first monster roared and looked at
him with surprise. Angel lashed out with a kick and knocked it off its feet.
He reached out and snapped the demons necks. They lay dead at his feet. He
found himself looking into the face of a surprised, pale girl.

"Are you okay?" he asked. The girl looked at him. She looked shocked. Angel
managed a smile. "Couldn't let those nasties gey ya," he said. He was about
to say more when he passed out.

* * *

Angel woke up to find himself lying on a bed. He didn't know where he was.
He could hear voices.

"Where did you find him, Paige?" said a woman.

"Out in the street, he saved me from attackers, Piper," said Paige.

"You shouldn't have brought him here."

"Aren't we supposed to help the helpless, huh?" said Paige.

Angel smiled in spite of himself. The "help the helpless" bit was catching
on. Hell, he'd started a trend. He rose from his bed and tried walking out.
He had no idea who these people were but he had to get back to L.A. ... fast.
The city needed its Angel.

He opened the door... and found himself staring at a pair of gorgeous women.
One was the pale redhead from last night, the other was a brown-haired woman
who looked bossy. They were talking animatedly. "Hey," he said.

Both women looked at him. "Hi," said the redhead. She smiled and walked
towards him. "My name is Paige," she said. "This is my sister Piper

"Nice to meet you," Angel said.

Piper looked at him with suspicion. "Who are you, Mr. Angel?"

Angel looked at them. "Oh, just a guy. Anyway, where am I? I need to get
back to Los Angeles...there's trouble there."

"Are you some kind of guardian angel or something?" said Paige.

"Yeah, the fangy kind," Angel said.

The girls laughed at that. Angel stepped closer to them but at the same time
the door opened and a third woman walked in. This one was beautiful like the
rest. "And this is Phoebe," said Paige.

"Hello," said Angel.

Phoebe froze in her tracks. "Who is this hunk?" she wondered.

"I'm Angel," he said. "Nice to meet you."

Over the next half hour Angel got to know them better. They were witches,
he sensed. He told them he was a vampire. They didn't believe him until he
accidentally touched the silverware and burned himself. Phoebe and Piper
were horrified. Paige looked at Angel with a mixture of awe and lust. "You
are really a vampire, huh?"

"Yes," he said. "A good one. The kind that helps, not bites."

"Let me take care of you." She took him and led him upstairs where she
proceeded to take care of his burn. It was quite a big burn. Angel sat
down on a bed while she bandaged his arm. He noticed she had a very nice
touch. He told her. She blushed. They talked. For a long time. Angel
decided he had never seen anyone like her before. A beautiful witch he
knew, like Willow, but this one was as straight as they came.

The daylight bothered him. She accidentally opened the window and scared
the living out of him. She looked at Angel's frightened and confused face
and started to like him. She had to learn more. He told her everything.
His long life. Darla. Buffy. Sunnydale. His Curse. Los Angeles. Cordy.
Wesley. Gunn. Darla again. Connor. Wolframa & Hart. The Beast.

Paige was awed. Angel had a fantastic life. She told him of hers. They
had a lot in common. They talked for a while more than he told her he needed
to rest. She watched him sleep. He was simply one of the most beautiful men
she had ever seen. He was a lot like Cole, whom she despised. Only he had a
soul. He was a human at heart and a demon in body. She found that

She resisted the temptation but couldn't hold it much longer. She reached
out and touched him. His skin was so smooth yet strong. Like the rest of
him. She watched his wounds heal. He was a marvel. Slowly she crept up in
bed besides him. She touched him. Angel was talking in his sleep. He was
restless. He was brooding even in his sleep and she loved him.

She tentatively reached out for his pants which she unbuttoned, freeing him.
She took off all his clothes. He still slept. She touched his cock. She
began stroking it. She took him in her mouth like she had seen other girls
do. Paige wasn't into sucking dicks but he was special. Nine inches long
and not even awake. She caressed him wit her tongue and he gasped. He
bolted awake.

"What are you doing?" he asked. He looked at her, very frightened. His fear
was like an aphrodisiac on her. She resumed sucking him, watching him grow
to a full ten inches.

'Wow!' She kissed him softly and he held in his arms, a confused look on his
handsome face. She licked him from head to toe. Then he decided to please

He caressed her tits and licked and fondled them. Then he kissed her and
licked her pussy before probing it with his fingers and tongue. He
tongue-fucked her. Meanwhile he entered her ass with his middle finger.
This sent Paige over the edge.

"Oh, Angel!" she said. "You're good!"

He readied himself and she lay on her back, legs spread. He positioned his
huge dick at the entrance of her pussy. He looked at her. His eyes asked
for permission.

"Yes, Angel, take me!" she said. "You saved my life, I owe you my body."

He stuck it in. Paige gasped. He was so big. She panted as he fucked her,
going deep then coming out. He thrust deep into her pussy, stretching her
walls. He held her hips and continued to go in. Paige felt herself inflamed
by the dick in her pussy. He fucked her until the pressure on his dick
brought her off and send them both over the edge. They came.

"Ooooooooohhhhh, Paige!" he screamed.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, Angel!" she yelled.

They came together. A flood of red hot cum invaded Paige's pussy and she
found out that she liked it. Angel looked at her.

"Oh, god, tha t was good!" he said.

She looked at him. He was a good lover. She just needed to make sure of
one thing. Their bodies had helped create this sensation together. Would
he be like every man and pull out once dated, leaving her empty and betrayed?
She waited anxiously. He stayed within her, amazingly still hard. He kissed
her, on the forehead, the mouth, everywhere. They were still "bound" but he
took her in his arms, his cock still buried in her slit. He carried her over
to a large piece of furniture that was four feet high and proceeded to fuck
her there. They made love. Angel was very good at fucking her, going in
deep then withdrawing without ever leaving. It was as if he knew her very
desire. He filled her up, making her feel so good she cried. He kissed her
lips and fondled her tits and probed her ass while fucking her. Finally they
returned to the bed where he resumed fucking her. This went on for hours.
Their screams of passion filled the house.

* * *


"I never knew she liked guys," said Phoebe.

"Well, she doesn't, not really, she's doing a vampire, not a man," said

The sisters looked at each other.

"Think she'd be willing to share?"

"Let's find out."

The Halliwell sisters walked in to a strange scene. Paige was on her hands
and knees, and Angel was behind her. From the expression in her face, both
pleasure and extreme pain, they could tell where his dick was. Up her ass.

"Oohh," said Paige. "Harder!"

Angel obliged and fucked her ass, thrusting deep into her bowels. He did it
like a guy he saw once on the internet. He caught Connor looking at porn
featuring a plumber who fucked bored housewives up the shitter as payment for
his services. He went in deep, as far as he could. Paige was a virgin to
anal, Angel was an experienced butt fucker. He used to do Darla up her ass
all the time in his old days as Angelus. He fucked her until the vise-like
pressure on his prick brought him off and he came, shooting his load deep
into her ass. Paige cried.

When they were done, they lay beside each other. They found themselves
staring at the Halliwell sisters.

"Oops," said Angel.

Paige got very defensive. "I don't care what you guys say, he's my man and
I love him." She held her lover in her arms, looking very protective of her

"Wanna share?" said Phoebe.

Paige got mad. They both had men. Phoebe had Cole. Piper had Leo the
whitelighter. She found a man and now they wanted to take him away from her.
Angel told her he cared for her and wouldn't leave her. She left the room,

The Halliwell sisters looked at Angel. He was so hot. First Phoebe kissed
him and he fondled and caressed her then they made love. Angel fucked
Phoebe's hot cunt. It was very loose, unlike Paige's, which was tight.
Phoebe had been around the block. Phoebe was a screamer.

"Oh, fuck me, Angel! I want you to tear up my pussy!"

Angel laughed and fucked her brains out, going deep and smiling as she
screamed. Then he got a show. Piper strapped on a dildo and came at them.
While Phoebe sucked Angel's cock, Piper drove the dildo into her pussy from
behind. Cole and Leo joined in the fun. Cole wanted to fuck Phoebe but she
said she wanted some bi male action and they obliged. Leo got on all fours
and Cole drove his nine-inch prick up the whitelighter's ass. Leo screamed.
Cole fucked the man's puckered asshole. Then they formed a pile.

Cole fucked Leo. Piper drove her dildo up Cole's ass. Angel fucked Piper
in the ass and the witch cried at his intrusion, fucking Cole harder. Phoebe
strapped on a dildo and fucked Angel. It was a fuck fest. They fucked each
other until everybody's ass was tearing up. Angel sucked Cole's cock while
Leo fucked his ass. Then Angel fucked Cole and Piper drove her strap on up
Leo, banging her husband in the ass. Paige returned.

The girls strapped on dildoes and screwed the guys. Then they made them suck
the dildoes which came from their asses. The guys wanted some payback and the
girls giggled and eagerly got on their hands and knees. Angel screwed Piper
in every hole. Leo and Cole were fruity and let the girls use dildoes on
them again. Phoebe loved fucking Cole, it was good for him to be her bitch
for once. Paige fucked Angel up his ass, driving the dildo nice and easy
into his tight asshole. Phoebe came up behind her and fucked Paige's own ass
with a dildo.

The day went like this. Paige and Angel screwed each other's asses.
Everyone got their asses stretched and got the treatment. Every dick went
into every ass as did every dildo. The screams of pleasure filled the house.
There was love in the air... anal style.

Finally Paige and Angel lay down in bed.

"Thanks," he said. "For everything."

She kissed him. She loved this heroic bisexual vampire. He told her how
hard it was not be accepted and she swore she'd make him happy. Even if
meant taking his prick in her ass every day. He would forget about LA and
Buffy and everyone. They would a fight evil by day and screw each other at
night. She watched him sleep. They'd have tons of fun. But that was for

The End


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