Angel/Constantine: Universe Inside Your Heart (MF,MM,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

It was just another night in the city of Los Angeles. Night had fallen and
people were going home. Some would be hitting the bars and night club scene.
The rich and the glamorous would be coming out to play. So would the men and
women who lived outside the law. The criminals. The seedy underbelly of human
society. They were dangerous. But there were worse things out there that

Things like a Graku demon. The Graku was an inter-dimensional demon. A rather
strange creature. Seven feet tall, blue-skinned and humanoid. It had yellow
eyes, large claws and fangs. A monster. The Graku originated from the Acathla
dimension. Occasionally, portals opened to Acathla and these monsters came
out to play. They were very dangerous creatures. Other demons feared them.
Now, this monster had something to fear. It had come to Earth and found more
than it bargained for. It had crossed paths with the Hellblazer.

John Constantine ran after the demon. The hellspawn ran down the alley.
The Hellblazer chased after it. It climbed the walls of a building. John
Constantine took out his crossbow and fired a bolt. It sank in the demon's
back and the creature fell on the ground. John Constantine drew out his sword
and severed the demon's head. It was dead. The Hellblazer had done some
research on the monster. The Graku demons were very tough fighters and they
had very strong and resilient bodies. The only thing that could hurt them
was Titanium. John Constantine made himself some Titanium arrows and went
demon-hunting. A whole pack of Graku demons had come through the
inter-dimensional portal. They had turned downtown Los Angeles into their
playground. They killed humans left and right. John Constantine couldn't
allow that. He came. He saw. He blasted. That was the Constantine way.

John Constantine stood there, looking at the evaporating remains of the
demon. He took a puff on his cigarette. Out of the shadows came a tall, slim
androgynous blonde female. "Nice work, John." she said.

John grinned and looked at his friend, the former archangel Gabrielle.
"Thanks, mate." he said.

Once, Gabrielle was an archangel. She had fallen out of grace with God when
she took matters into her own hands. She was transformed into a human being
as punishment. Once, she was Constantine's condescending guardian angel. Now,
she was his gun-toting tomboyish buddy. They went back into the car and drove

They had been working together for a long time. John Constantine was the
Hellblazer, born with the Power to see the angels and demons who walked the
earth in human disguise. John Constantine hunted the demons. He had become
infamous in the demonic circles and the Devil himself considered him to be a
nuisance. John Constantine couldn't care less. He was a lot of strange
things. He didn't care about God or the Devil. He just did what he did and
that was that.


The boy was scared. He ran screaming. The snake-like demon chased him. The
creature looked like a snake but it was blue-skinned, and could easily be
sixty feet long and as thick as a man's body. This creature was called the
Rakh, Serpent God of the primitive South American tribes. The Rakh was
supposed to be a creature of legend. It was very real. It had been summoned
to this plane of existence by its worshippers. The Serpent God came to Los
Angeles. It had been trapped in a chaos dimension for centuries.

The first thing the Serpent God did was eat his worshippers. This boy had
been intended as a sacrifice but his father, a Serpent God worshipper had
changed his mind at the last minute. When the Serpent God emerged from his
dark prison, the boy was free. The Serpent God devoured the worshippers and
was now chasing its quarry.

The boy ran. He stumbled and fell. He was lost! The Serpent God was going to
eat him! He screamed. The monstrous snake came toward him. It reared its ugly
head and prepared to eat him. It looked like all was lost. Out of nowhere
came a shadowy figure. A man clad in dark clothing. He dropped out of the sky
and onto the head of the Serpent God. The monstrous snake tossed him off. The
dark figure rolled on his feet and stood up, facing the Serpent God with a
mighty sword. The Serpent attacked. The boy screamed. The dark stranger threw
his blade at the Serpent. It thudded into the monster's skull, penetrating
its brain. The Serpent God thrashed and hissed in pain. The blade was deep
inside its brain and it was dying. Crimson blood flowed from its skull. It
soon lay still.

The boy looked at the monstrous snake which lay dead, brought down by the
dark stranger.

"Are you alright, kid?" asked the man.

The boy looked at him. "Who....who are you?" he asked.

The dark stranger smiled. "I'm Angel." he said. "You're going home, son."

Half an hour later, cops were at the scene. The snake's body had evaporated,
of course. Angel placed the boy, whose name was Raul in the hands of
detective Kate Lockley of the Los Angeles Police Department. Kate promised
him that she was gonna find what remained of the boy's family. Until then,
he was in good hands.

* * *

John Constantine walked into one of the seedy bars of Los Angeles. He went in
and ordered a drink. He was looking around when someone came in. A tall, dark
and handsome man clad in black clothing. He looked so handsome that
Constantine couldn't help noticing him. John Constantine had a weakness for
handsome men. He watched the stud sit down on a stool and engaged him in
conversation. "Hi, my name is John." he said. "What's yours?"

The hunk looked at him. "I'm Angel." he said.

John stared at him. Lustfully. If John Constantine wasn't both slightly drunk
and lusting, he might have noticed that the handsome man who talked to him
wasn't exactly a human being. John Constantine didn't know it but he was in
the presence of Angel, the world-famous Vampire With A Soul. The Champion of
the Powers That Be. The Dark Stranger. John Constantine didn't know all that
and he probably wouldn't care much at this point. He was horny as hell and a
handsome man was talking to him. This was like waving red meat in front of a
ravenous dog. They talked for awhile. Constantine learned that Angel was
actually from Ireland and sort of new to Los Angeles.

John Constantine looked at Angel. The guy looked so damn sexy in his tight
black outfit. He smiled provocatively at John and the Hellblazer felt himself
stir. He went to Angel. "Let's go." Constantine said.

"Thought you'd never ask." Angel said.

They left the bar and went into the cheap motel where John Constantine,
wandering demon-hunter and rogue psychic with issues had rented a room for
the evening. He had kicked his buddy Gabrielle out of it and given her some
cash just so he and Angel would be alone.

Once they were inside, they got right down to business. Constantine kissed
Angel. Angel kissed him and started unbuttoning his shirt. Pretty soon they
were both naked. Constantine admired Angel's sexy body. Angel looked at
Constantine's massive schlong and licked his lips.

"You want it, don't you?" John said.

"Real bad." Angel said.

"Come and get it." Constantine said.

Angel grinned and knelt before him. He took Constantine's cock into his
mouth. He sucked John's cock. John moaned as Angel sucked his cock and
licked his balls. Angel was a really good cocksucker. It wasn't long before
Constantine came. Angel drank all of his cum and licked his cock and balls

Once he was done, he looked at Constantine with a look of hunger in his eyes.
Constantine knew that hunger. He felt it every day of his life. He didn't
resist when Angel climbed on top of him like he was a stepladder. Angel
straddled him. Constantine placed his hands on Angel's hips and slowly the
handsome hunk came down on him. Constantine thrust his cock into Angel's ass.
Angel screamed as he was penetrated. Constantine fucked him up good. He later
bent Angel over the table.

Angel just lay there, taking a big cock up his ass. Like a champ. Constantine
could tell that Angel liked taking it up the butt. He fucked him for a long
time. They sucked and fucked the night away. Constantine came inside Angel
and Angel screamed. Constantine pulled out of him. The two men lay on the
bed, their bodies covered with sweat, panting. They went at it again and
again until exhaustion claimed them and they fell asleep.

Three hours before dawn, Angel woke up. He looked at John Constantine. The
guy looked good. Too bad Angel couldn't stay. He was a vampire, albeit one
with a soul. Daylight would kill him just like it would slay any ordinary
vampire. He had to get out of there pronto. He looked at the sleeping body
of Constantine, and smiled. "Too bad." he said.

He ran out of the motel and went back to his car. He headed for the East L.A.
Hotel building which he made his home. When he got there, he was greeted by a
frantic Cordelia Chase. The tall and sexy brunette glared at him. "Where were

Angel scratched his head. He could tell that she'd been worried sick.
Cordelia Chase was in love with Angel. Angel cared for her too. He didn't
want to hook up with her twenty-four seven, though. There was a lot that
Cordelia Chase did not know about him. Angel was an atoning vampire with a
soul. He wanted to help humanity and fight the forces of darkness. He was
also a guy... with needs. He quickly made up a story.

"It was terrible, Cordy." Angel told her. "These demons were really tough. I
barely got away with my life. He....I mean they fucked me up good."

Cordelia Chase looked at Angel and her expression softened. "Oh, baby." she
said. "I'm sorry." She put her arms around him and welcomed him inside.

They went into the darkness. Cordelia had already prepared a bottle of hot
blood for him to drink. Angel took his drink and closed his eyes as he drank
it. Pig's blood. Not as good as human but close enough.

"Ah." he said. "Good." Cordelia Chase looked at him, grinning. "Thanks." he

Cordy smiled and looked at him adoringly. "What would you do without me?"

Angel looked at her and in that moment, he truly felt something for her. She
was amazing. He embraced her.

"Angel." Cordy cooed.

"Yes, my dear?" he asked, holding her face in his hands.

She looked so wonderful. He wondered if she knew she could accept the truth
about him. Maybe she could.

"Whatever is on your mind, spill it." Cordelia said.

"I've got something to tell you." Angel said.

Cordy grinned. "Ok. Let me guess." she said. She looked at him. "You will
never be able to get a tan? So what? Bisexual? I don't care."

Angel looked at her. "I am bisexual." he said.

Cordelia playfully hit her forehead with the back of her hand. "Well, duh."
she said. "With those clothes you wear, I'd be surprised if you weren't."

Angel was shocked. She knew about him. Wow! How? He asked her.

"Angel, I'm not stupid." Cordy said. "I can see what's in front of me." She
paused, cocked and eyebrow. "Can you?" She asked. Angel watched her as she
turned on her heel and walked away. "Sweet dreams, pretty boy." she said.

Angel stood there, thinking. He had come to Los Angeles looking for
redemption. Back in Sunnydale, he'd fallen in love with Buffy Summers, the
Vampire Slayer. He had thought that maybe he could find happiness with this
young woman. It wasn't meant to be. Also, the vampire Darla, Angel's ex-lover
wouldn't allow it. She died, of course.

Angel had many exes. Heinrich Joseph Nest, the infamous vampire lord who
called himself the Master was one of Angel's lovers. Angel had been notorious
in his days as the dark and seductively evil vampire Angelus, when he killed
indiscriminately and took many male and female lovers to satisfy his
insatiable lust.

When Angel got his soul back, he repressed his bisexuality and also hid his
other dark impulses. He left Sunnydale because his forbidden desires wouldn't
go away, no matter how much he loved Buffy. Now, he was in Los Angeles. He
had Cordelia whom he cared for. She was a wonderful woman who knew him very
well, yet still cared for him. Why not be with her? Angel knew why.

Because Angel didn't think he deserved to find love. He never allowed himself
to care for any man or woman he met. He preferred to sleep with them and
leave because he thought that if they knew the truth about him as a person,
they would not want him or accept him. He had been living like that for
centuries. Maybe that was his curse. He suddenly had an epiphany. He went
into the rooms and after Cordelia. He found her in the office. "Hey, there."
he said. "What's up?"

Cordy looked at him. "Not much." she said.

Angel grinned. "Good." Cordelia raised her eyebrows. "I got something to tell
you." Angel said.

"What?" she asked.

"I've been thinking...." he said.

Cordelia smiled. "About us?" She inquired.

He nodded. "I would like to be with you." he told her.

Cordy looked at him. "As in a couple?" she asked.

"Yeah." he told her.

Cordelia smiled. "I thought you'd never ask." she laughed. With that, she
pulled him into her arms.

Angel and Cordelia were locked in a lover's embrace. Cordelia was ecstatic.
She couldn't believe that the man she loved since high school was now hers.
Angel was hers! They kissed and fondled each other. He took her in his arms
and leapt on the balcony. He was taking her into his bedroom. He put her on
the bed. Cordelia sat down and looked at him. He stood facing her.

"You are so beautiful." he said.

"So are you." Cordelia said. She smiled at him. She'd been waiting for this
moment for so long. "Come to bed."

Angel and Cordelia lie on the bed. They are both naked.

"What do you want to do?" she asks him.

"Make love." he tells her.

They kiss again. Cordelia's hands caress Angel's body and soon he is aroused
like never before. She looks at his erect manhood and takes it in her hand.
She looks at it... hungrily. She licks his cock head and he grunts. She takes
him into her mouth and starts giving him the best damn blowjob that she can.
Angel groans in pleasure as Cordelia Chase sucks his cock. She sucks his cock
and licks his balls. He moans in pleasure. She knows that he is feeling great
pleasure and she is proud to make him happy. He cums and she drinks all that
he has to give. She drinks him dry.

Angel screams as he cums and his body is overtaken by an intense sensation
which causes him to shake all over. He gasps and looks at Cordelia with wild
eyes. Cordy smiles. Angel knows that he has come dangerously close to feeling
perfect happiness. He wants to return the favor. Cordelia turns around and he
kisses and massages her sexy body. She abandons herself to his expert touch,
her eyes closed, trusting him completely. His hands caress her, touching
sensitive places. His face is buried between her legs and he is eating out
her pussy. Cordelia moans. He licks and probes her womanhood with an agile
tongue and nimble fingers. She screams out loud as she experiences ecstacy.
She looks at him with shocked eyes, surprised at the effect he has on her
body. She wants to return the favor and make him feel happy. He knows the
danger. Cordelia wants him. It's pretty clear what she wants. He looks at her
gorgeous ass and it's too much to bear. His cock is stiff once more. He wants
her. Her sexy butt presses against his groin and it's too much. He has to
leave right now. He loves this woman. He wants her quite badly. He wants to
be with her and be happy but he can't. He releases the shoulders he was
massaging and starts to sit up.

"Where are you going ?" Cordelia asks.

Angel looks at her. "I've got to leave." he told her.

"Stay with me." Cordelia says. "I want you, Angel. I love you and you love
me. How many chances like this am I gonna get?"

He comes into her arms and they kiss again. Cordelia whispers something into
his ear. He is shocked. She smiles. She gets on all fours and he comes up
behind her. He kisses the back of her neck and caresses her breasts. Her sexy
ass presses against him. She is begging to be taken.

"I want you to take me." Cordelia says. She presses against him once more and
spreads her absolutely gorgeous ass cheeks as far as she could. Angel's hard
cock presses against her rectum. He enters her. "Oh, Angel." she says.

He cannot believe that he is inside her ass. They go at it. His hands are on
her hips and he is thrusting inside her. Cordelia screams. He thrusts into
her, and unleashes his seed deep inside her bowels. The sensation is so
intense that she is about to fall on the bed but Angel catches her. He holds
her. He is still inside her. Their bodies still entwined. They lie on the bed
like this. Only after all sensations have ceased do they part.

"That was...." Angel begins.

Cordelia holds him close, pressing kisses to his ear. "You don't have to say
anything, baby." she says.

Angel closes his eyes, lets himself go in her embrace and they go to sleep.
It's almost dawn but lovers make their own time. For Angel and Cordelia, it's
the beginning of the rest of their lives.

The End


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