Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Fox, and Mutant Enemy own the copyrights to the
characters within the story. We just borrowed them for our own pleasure and

Rating: NC-17 (masturbation, anal, bondage, rape, and sex...of course)

Pairings: (FF, MF): Cordelia/Groo, Cordelia/Angel, Cordelia/Others,
Angel/Fred, and Darla/Angel

Warning: This artful piece of fiction is an imaginative rewrite of the show
Angel, starting with the end of Season Two.

Setting: Cordelia Chase has been tapped as a figurehead princess of Pylea
(Land in another dimension) after having received one of her many unwanted
visions, passed down from Doyle, an old colleague. A tribe of priests,
known as the Covenant, identified her abilities, proclaiming her to be the
ancient prophecies' 'Cursed One.' It is foretold in the ancient prophecies
that one will come who is cursed with the visions. She will mate with the
groosalug whose demon blood shall absorb them. Too bad Cordelia doesn't
know of the Covenant's true reason for her taking the throne. Cordelia lets
her newfound royal power rush to her head, unleashing the true bitch in her,
allowing her to indulge herself in a variety of pleasures unknown even to
herself. She likes her new lifestyle and new home and doesn't want to return
home to LA with the rest of the Angel Investigations team. The story now
begins. Enjoy.

Author's Note: This is our first joint effort in bringing what we believe to
be a pretty decent product. We accept any and all feedback and in return, we
give it back as well as we receive it.

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 1
outline by Robbins ([email protected])
written by DCForever ([email protected])

Two large, heavy wooden doors are thrown up as four gentlemen fall to the
hard, stone floor. Six armored guards walk in behind the fallen men, standing
as superiors, welding weapons in their hands. Looking up, Angel (great white
hope), Charles Gunn (extra muscle & fighter), Wesley Wyndham-Pryce (brains)
and Lorne (owner of Caritas, a demon karaoke bar, born in Pylea), look around
to find their bearings, only to find that they are in an enormously sized
throne room. Peering around the room, all eight eyes stopped at the throne
itself, more so, the person donning the large, expensive looking throne.

The men are shocked as the woman sitting on the throne is their friend and
colleague, Cordelia Chase. The gorgeous brunette was seated at the throne,
sporting a flashy, bluish, green skimpy outfit that further accentuated her
already impressive chest and cleavage. Even more shocking was the fact that
there were young males and females, each scantily clad more than the last,
draped all around her.

One of the females, sporting naked hardened nipples and a hairy bush was
leaning over their friend, feeding her from a large silver platter covered
with an assortment of exotic foods. Another female, even younger, was
standing on her tip-toes as she massaged Cordelia's shoulder, occasionally
dropping to the tops of her heaving breasts. Crouched around the brunette's
feet was a semi-nude young man, leaning over massaging her feet with both
hands and an above average hard-on, pre-cum leaking from the tip,
moisturizing her flesh.

Breaking the silence in the room, "Cordelia?" asked a shocked and stunned
Charles Gunn as his eyes were glued to his friend's ample buxom.

Cordelia opened her eyes at the sound of the intrusion, "Oh crap, what are
you guys doing here?" She was as shocked to see her friends. Excited even...
at first. Seeing their expressions, she felt a tinge of embarrassment course
through her body as her friends' eyes were locked on her scantily clad body,
a few inches and body shifts away from complete nudity.

"What else, to find you of course." replied Wesley as he wiped beads of sweat
from his forehead. The closest he had ever gotten to the girl was a kiss back
when she was still in high school and he was Faith the Vampire Slayer's new

She leaned forward and waved her hand in front of her body, alluding to
everything in the room and beyond. "What for?" she asked with a beaming
smile. "I have everything I'll ever need right here. If you haven't
noticed, I've been made a princess. Trust me, the job suits me. I always
knew that I would wield power one day. Who knew it would be in a place
like this instead of LA?"

"Love the look and the dress." Shouted out Gunn before realizing his
unnecessary outburst.

Cordelia took his comment as a compliment, "You don't have to tell me. I
know it looks fabulous on me. My body has never looked better."

All four men silently agreed with her assessment.

"Rodeo Drive could learn a thing or two from these people." Kidding aside and
throwing caution to the wind, "I rule everything you see. Look's
all mine. So go, go on back to LA. I'll be fine right here. I've finally
found MY calling."

"But Cordy, Pylea isn't a place for someone like you. You don't know what
you're getting yourself into. Trust me, I was born here. And never wanted to
return might I add." said Lorne as Angel gave him an evil glare.

"We won't leave without you. Again, I must add, this is from the guy that
said he would never return to this god-awful place. It's freaking me out just
thinking about it, much less actually being here again."

"God awful? I don't know what you are talking about. Look's
fabulous here and the inhabitants are great. They all worship me...everything
about me, not just my body. To these people, I'm a princess...more or less...
a Goddess even. Have you not noticed I can have anything...or anyone that I
desire?" Cordy reached out and grabbed the girl in front of her, pulled her
closer, capturing her lips in a heated lip lock. The girl was released a few
seconds later, quickly returning to feeding her princess from the platter of
food once again.

"Pylea is my home now. I'm happy here. So, go... I've already made my
choice." Cordy leaned her head back, closing her eyes once again; enjoying
the pampering that would soon become a norm in the young woman's life.

Gunn didn't know what to think of the scene before him. Speaking out again,
"This is sick, Cordy. Plain and simple."

Pitted against Gunn's outlook on the surroundings, "And like LA isn't? There
we fight night after night, killing every type of demon there is, many times
coming home with slime or worse covering our bodies. At least here, I know
what is covering my body. I like it. I welcome it. I control it. There are
no nightly killings or having to stalk the streets. And you call this sick?
No, this is nice. My life that was sick. Like I've said...I've
made my I'll be sure and not write." Cordelia smirked and blew
them a kiss before waving. "Buh-bye!"

Angel had heard enough. He'd just gotten Cordelia back in his life when she
was sucked up into that portal back at Caritas and brought to Pylea. Princess
or not, he wasn't going to leave her here. Stepping forward, now only a few
feet from her, "Cordelia, we're leaving; you as well. We came here to save
you and damn it, that's exactly what we're going to do. So come down off your
throne already."

Lifting and stomping back down her foot, "I'll only say this once more.
Pylea is my new home. End of discussion." The others were seeing a new side
to their friend.

Stepping even closer, and grabbing the brunette's arms in each of his hands,
a fierce look in his eyes, "No, Cordy. You are coming back with us. End of
discussion." He started to pull her to her feet and immediately surrounded
by spears, inches away from his face. Cordy relaxed back down on her throne.

"Guards, release my friends." Cordy points to Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne as
they've remained on the floor the whole time. Immediately, the three are
pulled up to their feet and escorted out of the throne room, exiting through
the same door they earlier entered through. Little did Cordelia know, but
the three would never be released...not while the palace priests had anything
to say about it.

A smile draped across the brunette's face as she stared down Angel as gave
the guards her orders. "Take this personal the dungeon.
I think I want him around for a little fun later on. You know what to do."
Two of the guards immediately stabbed Angel in the back of his legs, causing
him to crash to the floor. With spears still inches away; the soulful one
gave into the abuse. The guards quickly wrapped chains around his arms and
gathered around as they dragged him from the room.

A faint sound could be heard as Angel is hurriedly being dragged away.

The busty, sexily dressed princess smirked as she hungrily eyed the fully
exposed young man now feeding her berries gathered from within Pylea's deep,
forbidden forests. Her lips wrapped around his fingers and licked along their
length, smiling a satisfied smile, while her right hand stroked up and down
his flesh towering shaft.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in the earthly dimension, Darla sat straddling Angel's bare,
muscular legs as she plunged down again and again on the ragging piece of
meat before her. The cute, shorthaired blonde licked and sucked on the
frustrated vampire's hardened cock.

This was the first time in over a hundred years that the female vampire
had the opportunity to fuck her soulful Angel. The opportunity wouldn't be
wasted as she was going to show him exactly how she compared to Buffy;
setting out to prove the Slayer was nothing more than a amateur when it came
to satisfying a man...more importantly...the man she now had in bed. The
experienced seductress was hard at work at making Angel forget all about his
past lover.

Out of the blue, Angel threw Darla from the bed, crashing her stomach against
the hotel's carpeted floor. He leapt from the mattress, landing on top of the
nude woman. Through hundreds of years of his own experience, his aim had
improved, landing with a thud against her body, his dick immediately entering
her tight, rear orifice. Relaxing her ass muscles immediately, Darla allowed
for her man to have easy access as he frantically and forcefully ass fucked

"Oh baby! Yeah. Fuck my ass. Fuck me." Darla moaned out in ecstasy as Angel
continued to plunge into her ever-loosening ass. She took his entire length
and screamed for more. The seductress couldn't get enough.

"Bite Me!" she screamed.

* * *

A dazed, and sweaty Darla snapped her head up from the soft mattress,
swooning from the events of that night. A night so long ago...yet seemed just
like yesterday. The same night that replayed itself in the woman's dreams
each and every time she found sleep.

Darla was in love with Angel and there was nothing she could do about it.
Love had captured her heart or the lack thereof since the day, the hour, the
second that she turned him 400+ years ago. It angered her that she couldn't
be the one to suck the soul from his body. Her smile quickly turned to
disgust as her hands quickly flew to her mouth, unable to stop herself from
throwing up on the sheets lying all around her. The female vampire had no
idea what was coming over her as of late. The vomiting was becoming morning

* * *

Back in the land of the double blazing suns, Princess Cordelia laid in her
own 14 foot, made for a harem, bed, nude as the day she was born. One of her
female slaves rested between her legs as she sensually massaged between the
brunette's thighs, with slight moans escaping from each of their lips.

Her bedroom door suddenly flew open, in stepped one of her palace guards.

"I'm sorry to barge in your highness, but he is ready, to your liking I'm
quite sure." He told her.

Cordy slipped out of bed and walked across the room to a chair where her
almost non-existent dress laid across its arm. "Excellent." She said as she
dressed. "Are the tools available as well?" She asked with a smirk filled

"Yes, your highness." He reassured his princess.

"Most excellent." She eyed the young female slave still resting on her bed.
"I like this one. She's got talent. Make sure she is back in my bed tonight.
She has earned reward for taking such good care of me." The guard nodded his
head in an understanding manner.

Princess Cordelia started to walk out the room, but turned back to the guard.
"On second thought, you deserve a little something as well. See her," She
pointed to the female slave. "Take her. No bruising though. That bit of fun
is reserved only for me. Understand?" The guard had already started removing
his armor as he made his way across the room towards the bed.

Looking at her bed slave, "He has my permission." The girl immediately became
frightened at the open-ended possibilities, meanwhile a seven-inch dick
inched its way toward her shaking lips.

Cordy turned, walked out the door, turned back, and turned the key,
locking the two in her bedchamber. An evil smile arose as she thought of the
liberties the guard would take with her sexy, virginal vixen. Yes, Pylea was
definitely to her liking.

* * *

Angel heard footsteps descending the stone stairs, as his movements were
limited due to the iron chains around his wrists, each attached to the
ceiling above.

Cordelia appeared from the darkness, taking in Angel's partially nude body
as it hung from restraints in the ceiling. Her tongue slid across her lips
as she lusted for the delicious looking lump of meat that protruded from
between his legs.

Though her concentration was interrupted. "This isn't funny, Cordelia." Angel
informed her as he continued to struggle with the chains.

"Do I need to remind have no leg to stand on here? Or maybe you
do." Her eyes dropped back down to his lengthy, girth-inflated cock. "Have
you forgotten already, dear Angel? I rule here, which means I have unlimited
reign to do as I please...or do whom I please."

She walked over to a nearby wall and extracted long leather, riding crop from
one of the hinges. Every other hinge supported yet another tool that the new
princess had come to find to her newly kinky liking. Walking back to her man,
she slapped the crop against her hand, extracting blood from her flesh. The
brunette's smile grew as she neared her captive.

Without warning, the leather crop flew through the air, striking Angel's
exposed ass cheeks. The pain meant nothing to the daily tormented, vampire
cursed with a soul. Every waking hour he was reminded of all of the thousands
upon thousands he had murdered during his reign as Angelus, The Scourge of

"Cordy stop! You don't know what you're doing." Angel's protest was met with
another strike, quickly followed by an onslaught of strikes liking to the

"I think...not. Angel baby, you've been a bad little boy. More so, you've
been bad to me. And no one gets away with being bad to me." She informed him.

The next sequence of strikes hit harder on the flesh, yet the pain was still
non-existent to the dark one's forever reminding soul.

"So baby, did your precious Buffy ever do this to you?" She asked as another
strike landed on his ass.

"Don't mention her!" He growled, anger ever so slightly building up inside

"Ahhh, do you mean that? Silly boy. I hate to tell you sweetie, but Buffy
isn't all that great. Someone of your caliber needs a woman of experience
and...the Buffster doesn't hold a candle to this bitch."

She grabbed his hair from behind, pulling his face back towards her, "We
could have been so close. We could have had fun together; me punishing you
all those lonely nights, but no, you had to move on from Buffy and start
obsessing over Darla. You even drew portraits of her. How could you? Where
were portraits of me?"

Cordy let the riding crop linger on his skin as she walked around to his
front, removing her skimpy dress as she did, her breasts standing out
mere inches from the vampire's face. Angel couldn't help but look at the
magnificent melons being put on display for his sole pleasure.

"Well, are they to you liking? From that look, better than Buffy's
obviously." She pushed forward, rubbing her nipples across his worrisome
lips. "I know they are. In fact, everything about better than that
tramp ever could imagine."

"Please, Cordelia. Stop this before it's too late. This isn't you. Pylea
isn't you. This has done something to you...played with your mind
and your morals somehow. Trust me, you're not well. This is not the Cordy
we've all come to love. You can fight this. We can fight this. All you have
to do is help me out of these chains."

She listened as she reapplied her ample flesh to his cool touch, but chose to
ignore his plea. "Come on baby...I know you've thought of them." Her heaving
and sweat covered breasts glided down from his lips, over his chin, along his
neck, and pressed into his bare chest. "I bet you, Wesley, Gunn, and maybe
even Lorne would love to squeeze and caress these puppies; now's your chance.
The others will just have to fend for themselves."

Cordy lowered her body to the floor, face pressing between his legs.

"What do you think you are doing?" he hurriedly asked.

Her response, "You."

She slid his pulsing cock into her mouth. An unexpected moan surfaced as
Angel hung his head in shame. Her mouth coated his shaft with her saliva as
she took his entire length, feeling his cock head pressed against the back
of her throat.

'Experience was right. Being a high school and social slut paid off', thought
the brooding bloodsucker as he was lost in his overwhelming lust. A lust he
had to fight against.

"No!" Angel screamed out, but his cry went unnoticed heard only by his mind.
The gorgeously, sexy, nude brunette continued to service her new play toy.

* * *

Later in the evening, Cordelia Chase returned to her bedroom after her
playtime had ended with Angel. As ordered, the young female slave was laying
across her bed with tears falling from her eyes. Cordy paid the tears little
to no attention as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I assume you pleased the guard as I instructed?"

Through tear stained eyes, and a shaking voice, "Yes, my lady."

"Good. Now then...time to please me." Cordelia purred in the girl's ear. The
slave girl nodded, and wiped the tears from her cheeks. Reaching over, she
pulled her mistress's legs toward her, leaving room for her head between her

Cordelia pushed the girl away with hard shove. "You disappoint me...have I to
remind you each and every time?" Her anger was evident and grew as the girl
looked at her with a bewildered expression upon her face. "There are to be no
clothes worn by any slaves in this room!"

"Sorry, my lady." The girl immediately slid off the bed and pulled the rags
over her head, exposing her body for only Cordelia's eyes.

"Better! Now come over here and lay back down." The slave kneeled down on the
bed and crawled over to her awaiting mistress.

The princess's hand flashed through the air and landed solidly on the girl's
pubic mound, causing the girl to yelp out in pain. "When you disappoint your
princess, you get pain in return. Is that clear?" The girl cast her eyes to
the ground and instinctively, her hands moved to comfort the pain.

Cordy quickly slapped them away. "You will NOT deny me!" The girl scrambled
backwards against the wall and Cordelia crawled over and grasped her chin,
roughly pulling the girls head up so she could look into her eyes.

"You want to give me pleasure, don't you?" Asked Cordy in a seductive, yet
stern voice. When the girl gave no answer, opting to just stare silently at
her mistress, the princess got angry and grabbed the girl's hands to pull her
up into a sitting position. The slave girl pulled her hands away, but her
mistress was already pissed off at her actions.

"Sit up. I said sit up!" The girl rose to her knees. "Now, stand up." The
girl did as instructed. "Now spread your legs and step towards me." She
complied, her legs wobbly on the soft mattress of the bed. "Now, do to
yourself what I just did to you. If you don't like me hitting your cunt
then maybe you'll like it more if you hit yourself. Don't disappoint me."
Tears fell more quickly from the girl's eyes.

Spreading her legs further apart, the girl raised her hand high in the air
and forcefully brought it down across her mound. Princess Cordy laid back
against the bed, supporting herself against the wall as she watched her
slave punish herself.

"Harder!" Her order was sternly carried out. The girl brought her hand even
higher and slammed it down more forcefully upon her body. Cordy's smile grew
larger with each strike. "More! Harder!" The girl fiercely slapped and
spanked her pubic mound, occasionally missing and striking her clit. Her sex
nub grew and un-hooded itself with each flesh, jarring attack. Her mound soon
was but a red bruise, more sensitive to touch than ever before.

Her mistress was pleased. "I assume you aren't a virgin anymore?" She asked
in a scornful manner, reaching out and touching the girl's exposed clit,
causing the girl to instinctively flinch. "Sensitive are we?"

She reached out and caressed the girl's nubbin and then thumped it with her
finger. The princess assaulted the girl's clit; ignoring her cries, tears,
and the pain-filled moans escaping her lips.

"You are mine. And don't ever forget it." Stated Cordy as she leaned her head
forward and captured the girl's clit between her teeth. The girl feared for
the worse, but her mistress pulled off, allowing only her lips to surround
the erect mass of flesh.

She sucked on the over sensitive jewel as she brought two fingers up and
penetrated the girl's folds. Her lips opened up with ease as Cordy pushed her
digits further into the girl's pussy. Her hips jerked, trying to push the
fingers further in as the sensation was too much for the girl not to want to
be filled to her capacity. After all, it was an honor to be seduced by the
princess of Pylea.

Cordy pulled away, and started licking along her slave's labia, occasionally
flicking across her clit. Sex juices started free flowing from the girl's
inner core, coating Cordy's tongue as she continued to penetrate and please
her bitch.

* * *

Early the following day, the double suns shined brightly on the occupied
royal palace courtyard. Princess Cordelia Chase relaxed as she lay across her
long, cushioned courtyard throne. On the ground before her, rested a tired
and beaten Angel, sporting a diamond-jeweled dog collar, the leash resting in
the princess's possession.

The crowds had all gathered for the ritual cow hanging. Pylea was home to
other unfortunate humans as well, commonly known as cows. The day's event was
the execution of beaten, clothes ripped, dirty human by the name of Fred.

Looking up from his ground perch, "Cordelia, you can't let them kill her." He
said. She quickly jerked on the leash, silencing her newly trained puppy.

"I can't do what? Again, I can do what or whom I anytime, must I
remind you?

Angel wasn't one for taking shit from people for long periods of time and
Cordy's reign over him had run its toll. He jumped up to his feet, ripping
the leash from the princess's grasp and raced across the courtyard, grabbing
Fred as he fled. Guards quickly surrounded him, but this time they attempted
one-on-one attacks, which was never a good idea with an experienced and
skillful killer on the loose.

He grabbed two of the guards' necks and snapped them like twigs. Others
rushed him though soon found themselves flying through the air to their
deaths. An opening appeared between the guards and Angel grabbed Fred and
made a beeline for it. They escaped into the nearby forest.

Princess Cordy was steamed with anger, "I want him back. Kill the bitch if
you must, but bring me back my puppy!" Her orders rang throughout the open
courtyard, loudly piercing everyone's ears. She marched off toward the
palace. The guards rallied, organized and recruited from the bystanders
before taking off for the forest. They lived to please their princess.

Minutes later, Cordelia sat on her throne, heading up the throne room. She
was pissed and irritated. "How dare Angel try to escape my reign?" She
screamed out in disgust.

As her screams echoed throughout the large, stone walled room, guards opened
the doors and in walked a tall, long blonde haired, muscular young man.

"Your Majesty." Lord Silas, the high priest, announced.

"Yeah?" Cordy swiftly answered.

Silas pointed toward the door. "The groosalug." She turned her attention
toward the door as Silas made his departure.

"Wow. This is the so-called demon from the scum of Ur? I can deal." Thought
Cordelia, as she looked him over from head to toe.

She didn't see the groosalug for the demon the patrons of Pylea saw him
as...she only saw him as a sexy piece of human-like flesh to enjoy at her

"Oh my, is he ever the hottest," she continued to think as she motioned the
guards to bring him closer.

"Have him remove his shirt." Her royal order was carried out, as the young
man-demon removed his shirt under his own control.

"As you wish, your Majesty." The groosalug said as he completed Cordy's
order. The guards around him looked at him in disgust yet shook at his mere

It was well known in the lands that the name groosalug wasn't given out
lightly. Only the strongest and bravest of warriors that fought many battles
and survived, undefeated could be called such a name. A name only bestowed
upon a person by the priests. It was a shame that such a name had to be given
to a man-demon that partially had cow's blood running through his veins.

The groosalug's chest rose and fell with each breath; taking away the young
woman's own breathe as she marveled at his physique. "You can all go, but must stay and accompany me to my bedchamber. For if I'm not
mistaken, we have some Com-shuking to commence with."

"Yes, your Majesty, as you wish." He said as he kneeled before her and kissed
the top of her hand. "It shall be a great honor." The princess smiled as she
walked hand-in-hand out of her throne room with the groosalug.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a cave somewhere deep in the Pylean forests, Fred crept around
Angel's sleeping form as he rested on the hard cave floor. 'Handsome man'
thought the girl as she surveyed his body.

Familiar feelings arose from deep within her body, feelings she hadn't felt
since she arrived in Pylea. She almost didn't recognize the odd feelings, but
the longer she looked at the vampire, the more heated her body became.

Fred raised her hands to her shoulders and casually slipped her ripped, and
dirty rags from her body. Her breasts were sensitive to the touch as her
hands touched her flesh while guiding her rags to the cave's floor. She
followed suit and slipped to the floor near her gathered rags and carefully
started removing Angel's black pants.

The soulful one flinched and shifted his position in his sleep, allowing
the girl easier access as she finished working his pants off his body. Once
freed, her mouth fell aghast as her stare lingered on the sight of his man
shaft as it laid dormant between his legs. Fred reached out and grasped the
shaft with her hand and started sliding her hand up and down the hardening

Unsure if she should be doing what she was doing, she pressed her face
forward, bringing her lips in contact with his now throbbing cock. Slowly
she took him in her mouth and started sucking him off. As the suction built
up and the motions became harder and more passionate, Angel opened his eyes.

"Please don't." Asked Angel in a kind manner. He hoped she would stop her
advances, but she disregarded his request and sucked and lunged even further
down on his rock hard cock; his cum slowly coating the back of the ex-cow's
flexible throat.

* * *

Back in the palace, Princess Cordelia entered her bedroom and motioned the
groosalug towards the previously prepared bed. He complied and walked over
to the bed and sat down. He smiled shyly at her as she walked up to him.

"I am most unworthy of such an honor, your Majesty." He said as he dropped
his head.

"Most people would be ecstatic to be allowed this honor. Yet you don't seem
to be." For some reason she started to doubt herself, "Is it me? Do you not
find me worthy enough to Com-shuk with me? I've been told I'm pretty good at
mating." This was the first time since her arrival in Pylea that she had
questioned anything about herself, much less her attractiveness and sexual

The groosalug was confused at the princess's manner of speaking. "I do not
understand your speech, my princess. I do wish to please you. It is I who is
unworthy. I am scum and you are everything. You are the great light of this

She lifted his down trodden face up with her hand and looked into his eyes
with reassured confidence. "Why don't you let me be the judge of that?"

Cordelia stepped back and slipped out of her dress. Immediately, the
groosalug reconsidered his current situation. He was infatuated with Cordy's
nude form; eyes lingering on her ample, mountainous shaped twin mounds.

She stepped closer and leaned against him, her stiff nipples boring holes in
his skin as she rested her body upon him. In a carefree manner, she tried to
throw him back against the bed, but failed horribly.

The man-demon recognized her attempt and scooted back on the bed, bringing
her body with him. Cordelia instinctively began attacking his chest with her
mouth, circling her tongue over his pecks, sucking one nipple between her
lips at a time.

* * *

Back at the cave, a satisfied Fred laid on the cave's floor, staring up as
Angel hovered above her, letting light from the double suns strike harmlessly
upon his back. "You liked?" She asked, unsure of her rusty oral skills.

"You...were great." He confessed as he stood up and looked into the bright
light escaping through cracks in the cave, redressing himself in the
meantime. "I must find my friends." He said as he started to walk away.

"You could always just stay here...with me." Fred said as she stood up,
walked over, and pressed her bare chest to Angel's still exposed back. "It's
safe here."

"If the time and situation were different I might would take you up on your
offer, but I must hurry off." He turned around, briefly feeling her chest
upon his, and pecked her on the lips. "But my friends and I have to get back
to LA." He said as he separated himself from her grasp.

"LA?" She asked as past memories flood back into her head.

"Yes." He replied. "The same place you came from."

Tears started to swell in the girl's eyes. "It's been so long. I thought I
just imagined it." She tearfully said.

"We can all get included." He reached out and pulled her into his
body once again, resting her head against his chest for comfort. "If we are
to do this then you must come with me. Get dressed."

* * *

As Angel consoled his latest bedmate in the Pylean cave, Princess Cordy was
straddling her Com-shuk partner's waist, rising and falling over his body, as
his cock penetrated her pussy's inner depths. She rose and pounded down hard
upon his shaft, but the pain meant nothing to the emerging passion building
within the young man's body. Without any notice, he shot his load into her
tired, sweaty body, sending her up to a higher plane of ecstasy. A white
light cast over her body as her gift of vision parted ways with her body.

Unknowing as to what had happened, Cordelia just thought she was having the
absolute greatest orgasm of her life. "Oh Jesus, you're fantastic." As she
came down off her high, she waited for the groosalug's climax to subdue as
well, but it never came. He continued to shoot jet streams of his cum deep
into her, filling her like she had never been filled before.

She started pounding his meat again, clutching her cunt muscles around
his meat-pulsing shaft, trying her hardest to close off his pipe, but her
efforts failed as he kept dumping his seed into her womb. Her efforts
weren't overlooked as the man-demon's eyes flew open, causing him to grab
a hold of Cordy's waist and thrust even harder and deeper into her depths.
His cum spewed out of Cordy's pussy, mixing with her own juices, and
covered the bed.

The groosalug continued fucking the princess while waddling in a lake of
their combined secretions, even against her flailing will. As time passed,
Cordy became a limp doll, drained of all energy, spent of juices, raw as a
bone, but the groosalug still continued thrusting his large gifted cock
into her body, never missing a beat.

Cordy fell unconscious from the man-demon's never ending sexual appetite.
The Fabio look-a-like couldn't get enough of the princess's royal offering.
He continued to pound their bodies together, stopping only for a brief moment
as he pulled Cordy's body further under his own. Pressing her breasts into
the mattress, the groosalug mounted her ass, unknowing to his victim, and
proceeded to rape her ass with all his might and will; consuming everything
the princess's body had left to give.

* * *

Somewhere in the depths of the palace, the Covenant gathered in a secret

"They are progressing towards mating, my Lord." Commented one of the priests
to Silas, the head priest.

"Excellent." Commented Silas. "Once the Com-shuk ritual has been completed,
the groosalug will possess the gift of visions. He can be controlled,
therefore their offspring will enable the Covenant to retain our control
over all others."

"What about the craven beast, our so called princess? Was is to be done of
her?" Asked Barshon, Silas' right hand guy.

"If the princess survives the Com-shuk ritual...then Barshon, you can have
her head, but not before." Silas ordered as his hands rested upon an old,
heavy, thick bound book with a familiar symbol on the front. The other
priests in the room nodded in agreement and cheered on their lord.

* * *

Later that day, Princess Cordelia, having remembered only the greatest climax
of her life from her session with the groosalug, sat on her throne, feeding
the man-demon berries when Angel, Wesley, Lorne, Gunn, and Fred bound through
the throne room's heavy doors, sending guards flying in every direction. They
were on a mission.

"It's time to go." Ordered Angel as he snapped the neck of yet another palace
guard. "Come quietly or if need be, we'll take out every guard and security
measure this palace as to offer and then take you by force. Now Cordy, the
choice is yours." Cordelia hadn't seen that side of Angel in a very long
time. She wet herself thinking of his Angelus-like forcefulness.

Breaking herself out of her minute trance, "No!" She screamed out toward her
friend before turning to her new playmate, Groo (as she liked to call him)
"If you care for me, stop him this instant!" The groosalug wasted no time
charging the group, easily sending the others to the ground, leaving him to
stand one-on-one with Angel.

"I'm impressed. Now why don't you try that on someone your own size."
Angel set his body in a striking position and waited for his opponent. Groo
charged him, but Angel was ready and slung the young man over his shoulder
and unexpectedly into the sword Wesley was wielding in his hands, as his
body rested on the stone floor. The others watched as the sword pierced the
groosalug's flesh and blood flowed freely from his human-like body, leaving
the guy with but one breath.

"Princess." The groosalug's body went still on the stone palace floor. A
moment later, a great white light cast over his body, vanishing in thin air.

"You killed him!" Screamed Cordy as she rushed over to his fallen body.

Gunn placed a hand on Cordy's shoulder as she kneeled over the dead body,
"It's time to go home, Cordy. Your real home."

She shrugged his hand from her shoulder and stood up, slapping the black
guy's face. "No! I like it here. I rule here. LA has nothing left for me.
I'm nobody back there and that isn't ever going to change. I've accepted
that. Pylea is my new home!" Cordelia Chase was stern with her decision
and nothing or no one was going to change her mind.

Fred had listened to the young woman's rant long enough and decided to take
matters into her own hands. She slowly made her way over to Cordelia and
whispered in her ear. "Sorry."

That was the last word Cordelia heard from the other woman's mouth as the
ragged clothed Fred, struck her fist to the side of Cordy's face, knocking
her to the ground, unconscious of the world around her.

Everyone stood around their friend's fallen body, and then looked around
the throne room taking in everything they were about to leave behind.
Wesley picked up a heavy, thick book bearing the earthly markings of Angel
Investigations' truest and toughest foe, the law firm of Wolfram & Hart.
The same book he and the others had found earlier as they sought to find a
way out of the palace.

The book was the other dimension's version of the book that Lorne read in
their earthly dimension to open the initial inter-dimensional vortex portal
that brought them to Pylea to begin with. Hopefully the newfound book would
re-open the vortex to send them back home. That was Wesley Wyndham-Pryce's

Wesley handed the book over to Lorne and listened as he read aloud the Pylean
scripted incantation. Meanwhile, Angel bent down and lifted Cordy's body up
into his arms and awaited the dark, lightning filled vortex to appear. The
room grew dark as a black hole opened before them and within what seemed like
seconds, the gang, along with a new recruit, was back in LA, where they all
truly belonged.

The End


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