Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Fox, and Mutant Enemy own the copyrights to the
characters within the story. We just borrowed them for our own pleasure and

Rating: NC-17 (masturbation, anal, bondage, and sex...of course)

Pairings: (FF, MF): Cordelia/Groo, Cordelia/Angel, Cordelia/Others,
Angel/Fred, and Darla/Angel

Warning: This artful piece of fiction is an imaginative rewrite of the show
Angel, starting with the end of Season Two.

Setting: Cordelia Chase has been tapped as a figurehead princess of Pylea
(Land in another dimension) after having received one of her many unwanted
visions, passed down from Doyle, an old colleague. A tribe of priests, known
as the Covenant, identified her abilities, proclaiming her to be the ancient
prophecies' 'Cursed One.' It is foretold in the ancient prophecies that one
will come who is cursed with the visions. She will mate with the groosalug
whose demon blood shall absorb them. Too bad Cordelia doesn't know of the
Covenant's true reason for her taking the throne. Cordelia lets her newfound
royal power rush to her head, unleashing the true bitch in her, allowing her
to indulge herself in a variety of pleasures unknown even to herself. She
likes her new lifestyle and new home and doesn't want to return home to LA
with the rest of the Angel Investigations team, yet they forced her to return
home with them. This is where the story picks up.

Author's Note: This is our first joint effort in bringing what we believe to
be a pretty decent product. We accept any and all feedback and in return, we
give it back as well as we receive it.

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 2: The Prelude
outline by Robbins ([email protected])
written by DCForever ([email protected])

"Mmmm, Charles, that feels so nice. Harder. Lower. Yes, yes." Screamed out
the princess. "Excellent, Slave, pure bliss. Oh yeah, you've hit the spot,
right there. Oh sweetness, your hands are the best. I must have them bronzed
for all the admire and adore."

"Glad your majesty approves." Said the black male slave, hovering over the
princess's back and shoulders.

"Oh yes, she approves, she very much so fact, orders you to
never stop." Princess Cordelia Chase lent her head over giving her latest
male, obedient slave, Charles Gunn, the opportunity to really work her tense
neck muscles and to please her.

Being given the forthcoming figurehead position of Pylea, Cordelia let her
rise in power go to her head and the daily duties of a princess go to sore
muscles and a tired body. The position had been quite stressful on the twenty
year old, sexy brunette. As princess, she could have anything or anyone she
wanted whenever and where ever she wanted them.

"Oh Charles, you've got the hands of a god." Gunn continued serving his
princess through the miraculous workings of his fingers, kneading upon her

'Those hands were only meant to serve and pleasure a goddess like me, not for
fighting of demons every time you turn around." Thought Cordy as she relaxed
further into her purple cushioned throne chair. The shoulder massage she was
receiving was the perfect way to relax, but she still felt something was

"Guards, bring me the other one, this one's friend." Ordered the princess.
The palace guards soon returned with another male slave, this one caucasian
and wiser, in tow.

"Ah, slave Wesley, it's so good that you want to join us this evening."
Lifting up her feet, she directed her attention back to the chained slave.
"Would you mind?" She wiggled her toes around as Wesley was brought over to
the throne and forced down on his knees before the princess's bare feet.
"Boys, boys, boys...release the chains already. Must I tell you everything?"
The chains quickly fell from the slaves kneeling body. "Do you mind? Or do
you need to be reminded as well? And you know I hate to have to give orders
a second time...don't you, Wesley pooh?"

"Yes, your majesty. Your command is my pleasure. Forgive my moment of
weakness, it won't happen again." He quickly blurted out.

This wasn't the same steadfast, confident, brainiac Wesley Wyndham-Pryce that
the old Cordy and fellow work associate, Charles Gunn, were used to seeing.
Gunn could barely bring himself to look at his kneeling friend, though he
couldn't say much for he himself was a slave to their friend as well. No, the
man kneeling before the princess's feet was of a beaten down variety. A man
that had fallen so far that he would do whatever it took to just live to see
another day. The old, replaced with the new. Just the way the princess liked

Wesley picked up Princess Cordy's foot in his hands and started rubbing his
thumbs over the heel, soothing away the heel's roughness as he steadily
worked his fingers up and around her ankles and back down, kneading the flesh
as he went. He lightly trailed his fingers along her sole, causing her to
flinch at the soft, erotic tickling sensation she was beginning to feel. The
slave lowered his head toward his heigness's foot, taking a toe at a time
into his mouth. The princess crooned at the amazing effects her friend's
touch and movements were having on her.

"Mmmm, I like. More tongue, please. No wait, I demand...more tongue, more
tongue, oh gods from above, more tongue." Wesley licked up and down each toe,
lapping hungrily at the junctures and whatever lied between each pair of

If that wasn't enough, slave Winifred was just returning with another platter
of goodies, almost delicious looking as the goodies her little or nothing top
was showing off to the princess and anyone present. Fred took up her previous
position by the royal throne and started feeding her princess a variety of
fruits. Cordy thoroughly enjoyed cleaning Fred's fingers as they entered and
left her mouth. The combined taste of the berries to her flesh was appeasing
to her appetite. Little did the young frizzled haired woman know, but it was
her that indirectly led Cordelia Chase to Pylea in the first place and
eventually to the palace throne. Secretly, the princess got a high off
treating her friends and servants like slaves and glorified sex dolls, but
she thoroughly enjoyed being extra cruel and pretentious to Winifred Burkle.
Her slaves were there to please her...and please her they would.

* * *

Though the scenery differed, the awaiting scene was much the same, and very
appeasing to the princess as she stood in the doorway of her bedchamber. She
admired the naked male's muscular physique as he dangled from the ceiling's
rafters, some 20 feet high. Cordy walked across the room and reached for the
handle that rested beside her bed. The handle was attached to a manual chain
wench. The chains were tight as they rose high in the air, looped over the
rafters and were tightly secured to the lock and chain that encased Angel's
tightly clinched wrists. His body flailed about in its dominance. Turn after
slow turn, the chains gave way and Angel's down trodden body jerked as it
descended toward the stone floor below. The wench stopped, leaving his body
dangling mere inches above the floor. Cordelia's smile lingered, as she loved
every minute of her cruelty.

Expressing a smirk on her face and a slight laughing gesture, "Ah, Angel,
what's the matter? You look helpless." She ran her outstretched
finger over his exposed abs as she tried to remember the feel of every
muscle. "Don't worry, hun, that will all...soon change." She stepped over
to the adjacent stonewall and retrieved a black, leather riding crop from
its perch. For the most part, Angel was still out of it, lost somewhere in
the recess of his own mind, as the princess neared his hanging, defenseless

In Angel's short time being just another one of Cordy's slaves and fuck toys,
he had grown to accept his prime role. He was a tortured soul and could take
whatever the princess had to dish out, which was plenty and systematically
wore his resistance down. He felt the princess's presence as she neared. His
right eyelid opened to acknowledge her presence and to take in her

She was wearing a see-through, partially sequined dress, leaving nothing for
ones imagination; her stiff, twin orbs pushed the dress's material to its
encompassing limit. He slowly opened his other eye and lazily scanned around
the room. The princess spotted what he was doing and immediately tried to
comfort him.

"Don't worry, we're alone. You should know by now that no one dares to
disturb me while I'm entertaining."

Gathering enough strength to speak, "Entertaining? Is that what this is
called these days?" His comment quickly angered the riding crop-wielding
brunette. The crop snapped across his cheek and immediately snapped again
across his forehead. Blood ran out the last wounds with ease. Grabbing his
shoulder, she spun his body around and struck the crop across his ass,
causing him to wince in a minute amount of pain. He tried to never give in
to her attempted torture.

She struck him again and again, leaving welts in her wake. Princess Cordelia
loved beating on the dark warrior, more so than her league of other slaves.
With him being a creature of the night, she knew he could take the beatings
and recover much quicker than the other obedient ones. For these reasons, she
never felt she had to feel bad for the victim and take things easy. She would
just rare back and swing her arm forward, letting whatever instrument of
dominance she was wielding at the moment, to strike his nude frame. Full
extreme force was used every time the two held a session together. He was
her private play toy and he had grown to love and accept the fact, he was
another's possession.

"Punishing you Angel...believe it or about as much of an orgasmic
experience I can take."

* * *

The one time princess awakened in her hotel room, her tense thighs coated in
her own juices. She knew it had all been a dream, but a dream worth living
every minute of her life more than accepting the fact that she was back in
the hell hole she called Los Angeles; back to being a working girl and no
body special. She already missed Pylea and the life she once had possessed.
On her return, she hated her friends for making her leave her fantasy 'come
true' world, a world where others did her bidding.

Since her return, some weeks earlier, she has constantly been thinking back
to the erotic highs she got from her daily torturing of her good friend and
fellow boss, Angel. No matter how hard she tried, the images and dreams
wouldn't go away, constantly reminding her of what she once had. Though there
was one thing that made the young woman happy...the fact that her curse of
visions had been lifted. Something she didn't know at the time, but had grown
to learn of from the others. In a way it made her happy, but in another it
didn't. Now she really had no reason for staying and helping out the team.
All was now was a casualty waiting to happen.

Lying frustrated across her bed, looking up at the hotel's ceiling, Cordelia
Chase talked aloud. "If you would only give in and let me have you? I would
be happy and you would learn to be." The woman was overly frustrated and
horny, clueless as to how to solve either problem.

Ultimately, the bombshell brunette knew that her wish of one day dominating
Angel would never come true. Angel had his eyes on one person and one person
only, Buffy Summers. Any and everyone associated with the vampire knew of his
relationship with the Vampire Slayer and accepted it with open arms, or at
least while in either of their presence.

Cordy wasn't the only one that seemed to have eyes for the sultry, hunky, and
soulful one the past few weeks. She noticed the looks Fred had been giving
her man and wasn't going to stand for her eye intrusions much longer. Cordy
has reserved a bout of revenge for the physics filled genius, since it was
Fred who punched her out in order for the gang to bring her back to LA. It
seemed the Champion of Justice had all the beautiful ladies' attention.

* * *

A few doors down from Ms. Chase's room, Winifred Burkle sat cross-legged on
her unmade bed, thinking about the last encounter she had, had with Angel. In
their last fight to the death, Angel had encountered a unknown demon in the
sewers. Just previously, Angel and Wesley had drug the young woman out for a
leisure sewer tour when the demon attacked them from behind. Angel had been
caught off guard, but quickly unsheathed his five-foot long sword and stepped
up to the fight. The sword didn't last long as it went floating down a
service line while Angel found himself on his back. Wesley shielded Fred from
the demon as it approached them, but Wesley soon joined his boss on his back.
A scared Winifred kneeled down and bunched herself up into a ball, fear
overcoming her intellectual mind and frail, defenseless body. Angel got up
and threw punch after punch into the demon's backside, leaving little to no
effect as the demon reached out for Fred's body. Wesley regained his
composure, got up and tried to distract the demon, but again found himself
lying in the murky sewage, bruised and battered even worse than before. Angel
attempted to flip the demon, but lost his balance in the process, falling
against Fred's body.

All Fred cared to truly remember was the feel of his forearm resting against
her heaving chest, as she feared for all their lives. He used the woman's
body to regain his balance and to push himself up into the demon's arms,
giving him the only opening he could find. He reached up and grabbed a hold
of the horn above the demon's head and pulled and pushed with all his might
until the horn broke free of the demon's body, causing the demon to fall
defeated to the ground.

Angel first caught sight of Wesley and walked over to check on him and then
returned to help Fred to her feet, apologizing for the unintended contact.
Fred was quick to forgive him, after all he did save her life, but she never
forgot the feel of his hand pressed upon her buxom.

Ever since the encounter with the sewer demon, when she felt a state of
depression overcoming her, she would remember back to her performing
satisfactory and gratifying oral sex on Angel while back in the Pylean
caves. It was an image she couldn't escape and wasn't quite sure she ever
wanted to escape it or the feelings that always stirred deep within her

"I need you!" She screamed as loud as she could into a stuffed pillow as she
threw herself back upon her bed, frustrated and horny.

The woman's frustrations went even deeper, knowing that she would never have
a chance to re-live that perfect moment back in the caves. She knew his eyes
were on some supposedly great girl by the name of Buffy.

"Buffy? Who in the their right mind calls them self Buffy? Such a preppy,
prissy name. And if she is so great, where is she when her lover needs her
the most? And on top of it all, she had over heard the others talk about
some gypsy curse. The curse...from the sound of things wasn't a curse to
be messed around with. She wondered if in fact there was even a way to get
around the curse or if the curse even existed.

While Winifred considered her problems, she had reached into her nightstand
and had pulled out a pair of regulation, police handcuffs. Seconds later, she
had each of her hands cuffed to the bedposts, all while still thinking of a
way to make the dark Angel her own.

Little did the Angel Investigations gang know, but since her return from
Pylea, Fred had picked back up where she had left off with her nasty, kinky
habits. The dimensional vortex had removed her from her world, but she was
back home and the world was reclaiming her. Winifred had secretly been
researching the cruel, painful, erotic world of S&M before she left and now
that she was back and had began settling back into a regular life, the
researching had restarted. Los Angeles was loaded with stores and resource
centers that supplied the materials that she had grown to love in her past
life...before the portal and years of living as a Pylean cow. Fred knew she
wasn't as attractive as the gorgeous Cordy and hadn't had a great deal of
experience with guys, so after much thought and consideration, she had
decided that dominance was probably her only chance of ever being with the
400+ year old vampire for a second...possibly longer lasting time.

* * *

The book suave, rogue demon hunter, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce knocked on Angel's
first floor, office door before entering the dimly lit room. Angel sat at
his desk, moping and staring at the dark colored wall behind his desk.
Since returning from seeing the love of his life, Ms. Summers, he had been
preoccupied...mainly wall staring.

"Angel, how long have you been sitting there?" Wesley asked as he approached
the paper-cluttered desk.

"A while I would guess to say." Replied Angel without moving a muscle. "Can
I help you with something?" He asked, as he remained facing away from his
friend and colleague.

"I just thought you might like to know that Fred asked me to go shopping with
her today."

"That's great, Wes. I've been telling her she needs to get out more, get some
air...get her life back instead of staying locked up in her room. I would
take her, but that thing everyone calls the sun...well, it has a little to
say on the matter, don't you think?" Humor wasn't a specialty of the dark
warrior, but he never stopped trying...even at other's requests.

"I know you would, if you could. It's not that I don't care to accompany her,
my problem is more related to where we might end up."

Turning around to see his friend, fumbling over his own words, Angel cracked
a smile, resting his elbows on his desk and his hands against his chin. "What
are you babbling about, Wes. Just spit it out. Not in a literal since of

"Well I was bringing her up some clothes that I picked up for a good price at
the salvage store, but she didn't answer when I knocked on her door. So I did
what any person would do, I let myself into her room and found her sitting on
her bed reading a magazine. When she realized I was in the room, she quickly
hid the magazine she had been reading. I just took it as just another porno
magazine or something, but as I set her clothes on her dresser, I saw the
magazine sticking out from between the mattress, you know, through the
reflection in the mirror. Angel, it was a bondage magazine." Angel's initial
reaction was of shock, but he quickly composed himself, Wesley none the

"Come on Wes, this is Fred we're talking about here. She could never be a
part of that kinky world. She doesn't have that killer, take charge instinct
and forcefulness needed for such a leisure."

"Leisure? Mind you, who would have thought our over the top Cordy could have
acted the way she did back in Pylea? We don't really know anything about this
girl." Wesley pointed out, as he looked tired, falling back into one of the
office chairs. Angel turned back to the wall and spoke, "Then watch her."

* * *

Wesley had given up this afternoon plans and had been out shopping with
Winifred for over three hours. The two had taken in every clothing and
novelty shop in tinsel town. Wes was thinking maybe he had been quick to
judge Fred when out of nowhere she disappeared from his side and sight.
He stopped on the sidewalk and looked around in all directions, only to
stop and stare through a window of a pornography store. Fred was at the
counter getting something from the cashier.

"Money did change hands," thought Wes as he walked over and stood by a bus
terminal bench. He waited for Fred to rejoin him; which she did a few minutes

"Do I even need to ask?" Wesley questioned her.

"Nope. You don't. Just getting an address for a new store in town."

"Let me guess...would this happen to have anything to do with those bondage
magazines you hide in your room?" Fred wasn't stunned, as Wesley had imagined
her being when he brought up the subject. In fact, Fred had been waiting for
Wes to bring the subject up.

"I knew you saw the magazine. It was the mirror was it? Only possible way."
Wesley's silence spoke volumes. "I thought so. I promise we won't be there
all that long. Really, you can just stay outside if you choose." Wesley
grabbed the address from her hand and started walking down the sidewalk
again. Fred smiled and quickly caught up with him, clutching his left hand
in her right hand as they matched each other in stride.

* * *

Fifteen minutes later, the two walked amongst the kinky as they made their
way around the underground S&M community. Wesley could see that Fred had
returned home, she was one with her people. A glow was restored to her soul
and it was evident. The confidence and overwhelming self-esteem rose as she
mingled with the storeowners and other customers. She walked around trying
out the various accessories and equipment on the secured and willing victims
that were bound from the ceiling, surrounding walls, high-rise cages, and
even strapped to large wooden tables in the aisle openings.

"How could people volunteer themselves to be chained up and whipped and
punished by strangers? How could Winifred want to be apart of this herself?"
thought Wesley as Fred was testing out some top of the line whips, chains,
candles, cock rings, nipple and clit clamps, and above all, more handcuffs.

"She's like a kid in a candy store." He was seeing a new side of the
attractive, intelligent young woman for the first time. Wesley couldn't
help but be aroused as women of all ages walked around the stores in
various stages of dress. Like any guy, he preferred the younger, sexier
women to the others. Out of nowhere, Fred stalked up behind him and
pinched his butt. Wes was broken from his lewd thoughts and turned to
face the girl.

"Enjoying yourself? If I didn't know better, I would say that you've
experienced all of this before."

"Yeah, so? Maybe I should be the one asking you; enjoying yourself?" Wesley
blushed as he rapidly shook his head from side-to-side. "I thought so." She
playfully grabbed a hold of his penis through his pants. "At least part of
you is enjoying this wonderful and enlighten filled shopping excursion. Care
to model a few cock rings while we're here? I'll be sure to make it worth
your while."

He was shocked at her inquiry, unsure of what to say in return. Against his
better judgment, he allowed the short girl to lead him further into the
stores and even deeper into the twisted depths of the bondage and dominance

* * *

Back across town at the hotel, Angel closed his bedroom door, seeking
solitude, walked over and sat in his thinking chair, staring out into the
room's empty darkness. As he settled into his comfort zone, his eyes drifted
toward his bed, taking in the petite silhouette of a woman. Right away he
knew the owner of the body, causing him to jump off the chair and back down
at the shocking surprise. The body belonged to his long time love, Buffy

"Buffy, how did you...ummm...I didn't know you didn't let anyone
know." He was lost for words. "What are you doing here?" He finally was able
to get out without making himself look more like a fool.

"I'm here in an attempt to make things right. I wasn't to pleased with how we
left things during our last talk."

"So you never meant what you said to me? Is that why you are here?"

"No, that isn't why I'm here. When you left you didn't look very
understanding and as I hear you now, I know I made the right choice to
confront you. I'm here to convince you...of what you need to understand and
accept. This isn't easy by a long shot, Angel. For a long time you were all
I thought about, but I've been through a lot since you left for Los Angeles.
It must be this way...I'm happy this way. You must accept and understand
there is no more 'us', it is over between you and me and there is no going
back or changing my mind." She looked at her former lover, bewildered by her
heart wrenching words.

"No!" He screamed out, not wanting to believe what had been obvious for quite
some time. "I love you, Buffy...always have...and always will. Whatever went
wrong can be fixed. I know it in my heart...if I had one..." Again he was
losing his train of thought, still not accepting the truth. "You know what
I'm trying to say. We are meant to be together."

"Silly Angel, if we were meant to be together...don't you think we would be
together? Memory serves me, you left me first. I told you previously who I
want...the same person that has stolen my heart."

"No, I can't believe it...I won't believe it. It's not true. You don't know
what you are saying or the consequences that could come about in your future.
Just admit that you are different, that's all it is. When Willow and the
others brought you back to life, something happened...something changed in
you. We can work through the differences and fix them if we must. I just
can't stand the idea of losing you." Angel had made his way over to the edge
of the bed, kneeling before his lover, tears forming in the corner of his

"You're right, something did happen to me. I opened my eyes and looked all
around me and I saw only one truthful and loving person always standing by
my side. Dawn is the one I love, more so than I've ever loved anyone before.
So many nights I've walked past her room and wondered what it would be like
to feel her heat and sweat against my naked, trembling body, to taste her
virginal sweetness, and to have her willingly embrace and kiss me, not as a
sister, but as a lover. I know my thoughts are wrong, but I can't stop them.
She is too young, innocent, and my own flesh and blood, yet my heart says to
throw out the rules and go for it." She said as she locked eyes with the
kneeling Angel. "Besides, isn't there someone here that you long to be with?"

Angel blinked and when he looked back upon the bed, the petite silhouette of
his past love was gone, replaced by a laid out, naked body; it was Cordelia.

"Aren't I good enough for you?" Cordelia asked as she began touching her body
all over, turning on her side to stare Angel in the eyes. "Well...aren't I?"

Angel awakened from his dream, looking around in all directions seeing
nothing but darkness that was his norm. He relaxed once again in his chair,

He had told no one of his last conversation with the Slayer. Her true
feelings and confession of love towards her younger sister was to be kept
between the two of them; Dawn and the others never to know. She had assured
him multiple times, before they departed that night, that she would not act
upon her feelings, but they were there and he wasn't a part of them anymore.
Buffy now only had eyes for one love in her life and her name was Dawn

Angel sat back, thinking just maybe it was time he finally put his feelings
for Buffy behind him and told Cordelia the truth; she is the tortured love
that he needs.

* * *

A few hours later, Cordelia Chase was in Angel's first floor office when
Angel walked in and closed the door behind him. He pulled the blinds closed
and turned toward the tall, voluptuous brunette sitting behind his desk.
"Cordy, we need to talk."

She set a stack of papers down on the desk and gave her attention over to
her boss. "About what, Angel?" She saw he was serious whatever it was he was
going to talk to her about.

"About what happened in Pylea." He said. She quickly dropped her head and
turned her attention back to the papers she had previously been working on.
"If you wouldn't mind, can we just lay what happened to rest? I'd rather
forget what happened there. We are back home, that is what matters; the here
and now."

Angel could sense the pain in her words. He knew she didn't want to forget
what Pylea had brought out of her or how she was treated there. She had been
a princess and given the opportunity, who wouldn't want to be a princess?

"I can't forget what happened or what was said, Cordy. You said I ruined
everything...that we could have had been having fun all those nights,
punishing me." Cordelia looked up, not saying a word, curious where he was
going with his thoughts.

"I would like to experience you said...and I want it to be with
you." Her face lit up, shocked at Angel's open confession.

"Are you sure? Back in Pylea you didn't..."

He cut her off. "I was wrong." Cordelia smiled as she scurried around the
desk and lunged into his wide-open arms. She breathed a sigh of relief into
his silk covered chest. Angel was finally hers.

* * *

Sometime later, Fred and Wesley walked through the hotel's large, glass paned
doors, each carrying two brown bags in their hands. They both were chattering
and seemed to be in a happy mood when Charles Gunn walked into the large open
spaced lobby, having returned from a kill.

"So what's got you two in such good moods?" He asked, curious to the contents
of the bags his friends were holding.

"Nothing really, just two adults enjoying each other's company after a day's
worth of shopping. It was quite refreshing to get out for a bit. Thanks
Wesley for accompanying me. I think I'll go and put the bags upstairs and
then seek out Angel. Good seeing you Charles. I'll be right back." Fred
grabbed the bags from Wesley's hands and quickly retreated up the stairs.
She was excited of what was to come.

"Okay Wesley, what is going on? Seriously. Fred isn't acting herself...a bit
distracted I would say."

"Nothing Charles. There is nothing going on except...I think I might be
falling in love."

"What did you just say?" Gunn couldn't believe his ears.

"I said I think I'm falling head over heels in love with our girl, Winifred."

"How could you? You've seen her and mine's chemistry of late. We've been
doing everything together. We click. How could you think to put this much
pressure on her after everything she went through in Pylea? Don't you ever
think before acting?"

"What are you getting at Charles?"

"I'm in love with Fred. I already told her...okay, thought about telling
her...almost did the other day."

"If you ask me, isn't it up to Fred to decide?"

At that precise moment, Fred walked back down the stairs when she overheard
the guys.

"What am I supposed to decide upon?" She asked as she took the last step onto
the lobby's floor.

"Nothing Fred. It isn't important."

"Well maybe it isn't important to Wesley, but it is to me. He might be scared
to say it, but I'm not. Fred, I'm in love with you." Fred couldn't help but
to smile at Gunn's comment.

"Oh Charles, that is so sweet. Thank you." Wesley couldn't believe her
response and wasn't about to stand by and let Gunn swoop his girl off her
feet. He decided it was his time to speak up.

"No Fred, I'm in love with you. Today, the shopping, the spending quality
time together, was what I needed to accept the fact that I've been falling
for you since our return home." Wesley stepped forward and kissed Fred on
the lips. Gunn was pissed at his friend's behavior.

Charles stepped between the two and broke them apart, pushing Wesley further
away so he could approach the woman of his dreams. "Fred, what is there to
say? I'm a loss for words. You're full of goodness, gorgeous, smart, and very
special to me."

He leaned forward for a kiss, but Wes pulled him back before their lips
touched. Immediately, Charles slung his arm out, aiming for Wesley's head,
but he ducked. The two started flailing at each other. Fred couldn't stand
there and watch two of her closest friends fight over their love for her,
especially when she was in love with another. She knew she had to stop the
fight before too much damage had been caused.

"Wesley. Gunn. Stop fighting." She yelled out. The two guys ignored her
protest and continued brawling in the hotel's lobby. She had seen enough.
"I don't love either of least not in that way. I only love Angel."
She screamed out before running over and opening the closed office door.

She stopped in her tracks, her heart felt like it had fallen from her chest.
She didn't know what to think of the sight before her. She couldn't believe
Angel would let Cordelia do such a thing. "Oh my god!" Fred screamed out.

Angel heard the familiar voice and fought to turn his restrained body toward
the screaming voice.

He glanced at Fred and then to Cordy. "Cordelia, stop!" He yelled out, full
of anger. Cordelia immediately let the riding crop drop from her hands.

"How could you do this to me?" Fred yelled before running off toward the

"Fred!" Angel called out to the departing figure. Turning his attention away
for a moment, "Untie me, Cordelia."

"No!" She replied. He was shocked at her direct response and remained tied
to the office's ceiling as Cordelia grabbed her whip from the desk and
walked out of the office, trailing Fred up the stairs. Wesley and Gunn were
oblivious to what was going on as they continued their 'long overdue' fight.

Fred rushed into her bedroom, forgetting to close the door. She realized she
would never be with Angel again. He had already chosen Cordelia over her. Her
tears ran down her face as she knelt over her covered mattress.

Upon hearing a faint noise, she stood up and turned around, only to find
the darkness that consumed the backside of her eyelids. Cordy stood over
the fallen body, grinning a sinister-like smile.

* * *

Half-hour later, Fred awakened to find herself naked and her limbs tied to
four bedposts. She looked up groggily and stared at Cordelia as she playfully
slapped a leather whip lightly across her own hand. "Good, you're awake now.
The punishing can begin."

Fred was still trying to shake the cobwebs from her head. "What's going on?"
She asked before being quickly silenced.

"Consider this payback for what you've done to me."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't think I've forgotten what you did to me in Pylea. You punched me out
so Angel could bring me back to LA. Now we're even...on that account at
least. I don't know what you and Angel did back there and I don't care. Just
know this...he is mine and I don't plan on sharing his salty goodness with
anyone, especially a geeky, worthless girl like yourself. He is mine to love
or punish as I see fit."

Fred already knew where Angel's love rested and it wasn't with her. She had
nothing left to fight for. She knew when to surrender. "Then go ahead. I
give. It's obvious that what Angel and I had wasn't anything special. He's
all yours. You've won. Now will you let me go?" Fred struggled against her
bonds, but nothing seemed to help.

"Ah, I'm glad you finally understand. Now all you need to know and accept is
that I'm the only princess around here." She stroked the whip across Fred's
right, exposed breast, easily leaving an imprint of the whip against her
flesh. "While you were still out I took a peek at your bags of goodies.
Kinky much? Who would have thought? They will surely come in good use." Cordy
struck Fred's restrained body again and again, causing the girl to cry out in

* * *

Meanwhile, across the county line, a large Greyhound bus neared the dark,
protected city. Darla sat in her bus seat staring out the window, rubbing her
hand over her enlarged belly.

"Your daddy is in for a big surprise. Either he will help get you out of
me or he will take us both in." She whispered into the glass of the
non-reflecting window.

To Be Continued...


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