Disclaimer: These Characters belong to Joss Whedon,and the geniuses at Mutant
Enemy. We just borrow them to have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (Violence,Bondage,and Sex)

Parings: Fred/Gunn,Angel/Cordelia

Note: This Continues the epic rewriting of the show Angel. Feedback is very

Setting: Darla's arrival at the hotel pregnant by Angel has caused trouble.
Angel, and Cordelia's new relationship is strained by Cordelia discovering
Angel had fucked Darla. Cordelia is not pleased that Angel is now taking
care of her,and wants her gone. Angel refuses. Meanwhile Fred has entered
into a sexual relationship with Gunn after learning Cordelia was dominating
Angel,and being warned by Cordelia that Angel was hers. And unknown to Fred,
and Gunn Wesley has found out they are fucking now.

Special Contribuations from IYG

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 4 - The Attack
by Robbins ([email protected])

Gunn lays nude on the bed. He is chained to the bed. Fred is on top of him.
She is nude. She has the best pair of tits he thinks to himself. Fred is
riding his dick with her pussy.

"Do you like that Charles?" she asked. "Well do you!" she demanded.

"Yes Fred!" he replied.

He was in heaven being ridden by Fred.

"I told you in the bedroom that's Mistress!" she tells him. "Now address me
right, or I'll stop!" Fred tells him.

"Yes Mistress! I am sorry Mistress!" Gunn says not wanting her to stop.

"That's a good bitch" Fred tells him.

Gunn thinks to himself, it is good being her bitch. Angel was crazy not
wanting to be enslaved by Fred.

"Oh Fred! You are so good! Oh Mistress! You are the best! I'm cuming! I'm
cuming!" Gunn moans in pleasure.

* * *

Darla awakens in the bed. She sees Angel sitting on a chair.

"You don't have to stay in the chair. After all you already did have your way
with me" she says. Angel says nothing.

Darla puts her hands on her large belly. "Who would have thought after all
these years we would be a family again" she says.

"Don't go there Darla" he says. He stands up.

"Could you at least get some human blood. Me,and your son need our strength"
she tells him. "You will have to make due on pigs blood" he replies. "Well
other mothers have to sacrifice for their children so I guess I will have t
make due" Darla says.

"What are your plans after the baby comes?" he asks. "We are going to take
care of our son together. We are a family" she says.

"Darla,that can't work you and I together" he says.

"You are the one who wanted sex. You have to take responsibility now. You,
me, and the baby are a family" she says.

Angel can't believe this. He knew exactly what Darla wanted. But, Cordelia
wouldn't like it.

"Darla, we can't be how you want." he tells her. "You are not getting rid of
me this time my love" she tells her.

Angel leaves.

* * *

Cordelia sits on a bed in a room. Angel comes in.

"What do you want?" she asks.

"Get the chains out,and the whips" he says.

"Why don't you have Darla tie you up?" Cordelia says.

Angel gives him a let's get going look. Cordelia goes up to him. She slaps

"Your the slave bitch!" she says.

"Fine" he says.

* * *~

Holtz sits in the dark. He was a vampire hunter in the 18th century. His
pursuit of Angelus, and Darla had cost him his family. He swore revenge. A
demon promised to grant him that if he would swear no mercy. He gladly
accepted. He was sent to what he was told was the 21st century. He was eager
to get started to kill that bitch Darla. And Angelus was Icing on the cake.

Sahjhan returns. Holtz sees him. "Where have you been?" he asks Sahjhan.

"Lining up fighters. Angel is a tough fighter" he tells Holtz.

"Angel?" Holtz asks.

"That is what Angelus goes by now. He is not quite who he once was. He was
cursed by gypsys. He now has a soul." Sahjhan says.

Holtz is surprised. "Angelus has a soul?" he says.

"Yes, but Darla is still as she was" Sahjhan says.

"Good" he says.

"Why do you want them dead?" Holtz asks.

"Who I represent wants Darla dead. But, If Angel goes too I don't think too
many will shed tears." Sahjhan says.

"When do we get started. I am tired of waiting" Holtz says.

"We have to meet with someone first" Sahjhan tells Holtz.

* * *

In the room Angel was tied by chains to the ceiling. He is nude. Cordelia
is behind him. She has a whip.

"You have been very bad bitch" Cordelia says, and hits his back with the
whip. She continues to hit his back with the whip.

Angel feels the sting of the whip.

"You have displeased your Mistress. You need to be punished slave!" Cordelia
tells him. She hits his butt with the whip. Cordelia enjoys this.

Angel feels he deserves it. Cordelia really couldn't hurt him too much this
way. But,he feels he needs to be punished.

Cordelia stop whipping his butt. She smacks his butt with her hands. He feels

Cordelia goes in front of him. She rubs her hands across his chest.

"Whose bitch are you?" Cordelia asks him.

"Yours Mistress" he replies.

She smiles. She kneels before him. She takes his balls in her hands. Angel
likes her touching his balls.

Cordelia grabs a hold of his dick.

"Do you want it in my mouth?" she asks.

"Yes Mistress!" he says.

She smiles. She squeezes his dick hard. Angel screams.

"Too bad slave! You don't get it in my mouth till your whore is gone!"
she tells Angel.

Cordelia stands up,and picks up the whip. She begins hitting him again. She
enjoys making him pay for what he has done to her.

* * *

Sahjhan, now appearing as human, and Holtz wait in a office at Wolfram and

Lilah Morgan, the attractive but bitchy Vice President of special projects
at Wolfram and Hart, walks in with Bryan, her twentish male assistant. Lilah
sits behind her desk. Bryan stands to the side. Lilah crosses her legs.

"Are you going to aid us?" Sahjhan asks. "why do you want Angel dead?"
Lilah asks.

"I am just the middle man here." he replies.

"Really?" she says.

"Yes. Darla is with him. And who I represent wants her dead. But, surely you
wouldn't shed any tears If in the process of killing Darla Angel was killed
too" Sahjhan asks.

Lilah smiles. She likes the idea of Angel dead.

"Are you going to aid us,or not!" Holtz demands.

"I will get you a team to attack the hotel" Lilah answers.

"Very good. it is over for Angel, and Darla" Sahjhan says.

Lilah laughs.

* * *

In the office Wesley is going through books trying to find a reason that
Darla could be pregnant. He isn't having much luck. He is trying to get
Fred out of his mind. He wanted her so much. He still can't believe she
was screwing Gunn.

Wesley heard the door close. He sees Fred there.

"What is wrong?" he asks.

"Nothing" she walks up to him.

She goes behind him. He doesn't know what to do. She puts her hands on his

"Your so tense Wesley" she says, and begins to rub his shoulders.

Wesley enjoys having her do this. "Have you ever given control over to a
women?" she asks.

Wesley can't handle this. "Look Fred. I saw you riding Gunn. And as much as
I want you I can't play games" he says to her.

"Did you want me to tie you up, and ride you?" she asks him.

"I wouldn't mind that" he confesses to her.

She smiles. "I made a mistake with Gunn. I should have made you my bitch. And
I still can" she tells him.

"I love you Fred" Wesley says.

They kiss. Fred withdraws.

"Just sit there. Your Mistress wants to show you something" Fred says.

Fred takes off her shirt. She removes her bra. Wesley likes seeing her
breasts. Fred removes her paints. She then removes her panties. She is
completely nude now.

"You like?" Fred asks.

"Yes" Wesley replies.

The door opens Wesley wakes up. The encounter with Fred was a daydream. He
sees Angel.

"Any luck?" Angel asks.

"No" Wesley replies.

* * *

Lilah pours herself a glass of water.

"This could be a mistake" Bryan says. "Why?" Lilah replies.

"If Angel dies, the senior partners could have you skinned alive" he says.

Lilah takes a drink. "They wanted Darla dead because she ate Holland. And
that is what I was trying to do" she says. He smiles.

"This could still backfire on you If this reaches Linwood" he says.

"I have him preoccupied with other things" she says. He knows what they are.

"I am very curious who Sahjhan works for." she says.

"Could there be a new player in town?" he asks.

"Could be. I have to know who it is" she says.

"Now, I need you to keep an eye on Gavin. I can't have him messing this up.
I can count on you to do this can't I?" Lilah asks.

"Of course you can" Bryan replies.

Lilah takes another drink She sits down, and crosses her legs. "Good" she

* * *

Angel is tied to the ceiling in a room. Cordelia is behind him with a whip.
She cracks the whip at him. She enjoys it. Angel feels he deserves this.

Cordelia goes in front of him. He rubs her hand across his check.

"If you want to please your Mistress,then get rid of Darla" she tells him.

"We have been through this Cordelia. I won't" Angel says.

She slaps him hard. "I am your Mistress. You are my bitch! And I am telling
you I want her gone now!" Cordelia demands.

"No!" Angel says. Cordelia slaps him.

"If you won't get rid of that whore then I will take care of her bitch!"
Cordelia says.

Cordelia picks up a stake. "Say goodbye to your whore" she says.
"No!" Angel says.

Cordelia storms out.

* * *

Darla lays on the bed. She has her hands on her belly.

Cordelia comes in. "It's time for you to go bitch!" she tells Darla.

"I don't think my boy wants me to go" Darla replies.

"He's not yours! He is mine!" Cordelia says.

"Really?" Darla says.

"He is my bitch! After all this time he is finally letting me punish him,
and I won't let you, and your bastard come between us!" Cordelia says.

Darla realizes what this means. "So, he is letting you tie him up, and
dominate him. I have actually fucked him." Darla says. That makes Cordelia

"When he was Angelus, we were together for 150 years, and we didn't just
kill. I showed him a lot." Darla says.

Cordelia says nothing. "You don't really know him. Ask him about the nights
we had Drusilla join us. I always keeped him very satisfied. And I did more
than whip him" Darla says.

"You bitch!" Cordelia says,and pulls out a stake.

Suddenly Angel bursts in. "Get away from Darla Cordelia" Angel says.

Cordelia drops the stake. She runs out.

"You actually let that Bitch chain you up?" Darla asks.

Angel says nothing.

* * *

Cordelia walks down to the lobby. Wesley,and Fred are there.

Fred goes upstairs.

* * *

Several commandos come into the hotel from the roof.

* * *

Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia are in the lobby when several Demons burst in.

Gunn runs, and picks up an fighting ax to fight the Demons.

"Weapons!" Wesley says.

"Tell me something I didn't know" Cordelia replies.

Cordelia goes to the weapons locker. Gunn kills a demon. Cordelia picks up
a sword,and throws it to Wesley. Wesley join Gunn in fighting the Demons.
Cordelia picks up a sword.

* * *

Two commandos bursts into the bedroom,and sees Darla.

Angel appears,and morphs into his vampire face.

"You picked the wrong room." he says.

Angel lunges at him breaking his neck. The other commando opens fire on him.
The bullets have no effect. Angel continues towards him, and killing him.

"Come on Darla!" he says. Angel,and Darla leave.

* * *

Angel, and Darla see the other commandos. Angel takes out a knife he keeps,
and throws it at the hotel Chandelier. The giant Chandelier comes dropping
on the commandos.

* * *

Wesley,Gunn,and Cordelia continue to fight with the demons as Angel, and
Darla come into the lobby.

Holtz walks inside. Angel, and Darla are shocked to see him. Holtz is stunned
to see Darla pregnant.

"It can't be" Angel says. "But, it is Angelus. You, and your bitch killed my
family. But, I see now you, and Darla have one of your own" Holtz says.

Suddenly Fred comes down with a couple of smoke grenades she took from the
dead Commandos.

"Run!" Fred says. She drops the grenades. Smoke comes out.

When The smoke clears Holtz sees they are gone.

"Damn it!" Holtz says.

* * *

Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Cordelia, and Fred are outside the hotel.

"Angel" Fred says. "What is it Fred?" Angel asks. "Darla is gone" she says.

They notice Darla is not here.

"I will find her." he says. "What about us?" Wesley asks.

"Go to Lorne's. I will meet up with you there." Angel says.

Angel runs on.

To be Continued


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