Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon, and the rest of the
geniuses at Mutant Enemy. We just borrow them to have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (Violence,Bondage,and of course sex)

Parings: Angelas/Darla/Drusilla, Fred/Gunn, Angel/Darla, Cordelia/Wesley,
Lilah/Linwood (implied)

Setting: Holtz has been brought from the 18th century to kill Darla. Lilah
Morgan gave commandos to help. Darla's pregnancy is causing major problems
between Angel,and Cordelia. Angel had to save Cordelia from staking Darla.
The attack on the hotel has forced the gang to flee. However Darla has fled
from the others, and Angel has to find her while the others have gone to

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 5 - The Change
by Robbins ([email protected])
special contributions by IYG

Darla is on a roof looking. Angel finds her.

"You always did like the view," he tells her.

"Leave Angel," she tells him.

"I can't do that Darla. We are having a child," he says.

"I release you from any obligations. Go back to your bitch. We will fine
without you," she tells him.

"Darla, this isn't an ideal situation. But, we are going to be parents. And
I am not letting you go," he says.

"You didn't have any trouble letting me go the night after you fucked me,
and we conceived our son," Darla says.

"Darla, I never excepted this," he tells her.

"You idiot! You think I am upset about you knocking me up." she says.

Angel is puzzled. "Your not?" he asks.

"I am upset that you took everything I had, and threw it out. But, you can
let that bitch tie you up, and whip you. I could have done that. But, you
took my love, and threw it out like a cheap whore," she tells him.

Angel Is surprised. "Darla, you are not capable of," he says before she cuts
him off. "I have always loved you. Why else would I have put up with the
things with Drusilla that I did," she says.

~ ~ ~
Back In 1870 Darla walked into the room she shared with Angelus to find
Drusilla laying naked on the bed laughing.

"What's going on here?" Darla asked.

"Hello Grandmother" Drusilla said.

Darla hated when she called her that. She turns to see Angelus.

"Why is she here?" Darla asked.

Angelus walked to the bed. "I thought we could have some fun with her," he
says. He grabs a hold of her breasts, and squeezes them. Drusilla laughs.

"The three of us together?" she asks.

"Yes." he replies. "I like us having fun just the two of us."

"Why should I let her join In?" Darla asks.

"Come on Darla. It will be fun." he tells her.

Darla walks over to the bed.

"My girls, why don't the two of you kiss?" he asks.

Darla kisses Drusilla. Angelus drops his pants. Darla takes a hold of
Drusilla's breasts. She squeezes them. Angelus slams his cock into
Drusilla's pussy.

"Oh Daddy!" Drusilla moans as Angelus rides her pussy.

Darla undresses as Angelus continues to ride Drusilla.

Darla gets on Drusilla. She Is just above Angelus. She spreads her legs.

"Suck me dear" Darla tells her.

"Whatever you say Grandmother" Drusilla says.

Darla didn't like being called that by she soon forget about that as Drusilla
licked her pussy good with her tongue. She thought If he wants her to join
them she can tolerate that.

~ ~ ~
Angel never excepted this conversation to go this way.

"You don't want me. You want your bitch. I, and your son don't need you. I
will make do without you." Darla tells him.

Darla remembers a night right after Drusilla revamped her.

~ ~ ~

Darla says on the bed. Drusilla is removing her panties. Darla still can't
get Angel off her mind. She loves him. Why won't he see that. She will make
him come back to her. In the meantime she will let Drusilla help get her mind
off him. Drusilla spreads Darla's legs.

"Oh Grandmother. I have missed seeing it," Drusilla says.

Darla hates being called that. "Drusilla! get to work!" Darla tells her.

Drusilla puts her face into Darla's cunt,and start to lick away at her pussy.

Darla enjoys the job Drusilla is doing.

"Oh my dear that's good" Darla moans.

~ ~ ~
Angel can't let Darla go. "I want to take responsibility for him. I want to
be there for him," he tells her.

"I come with the baby. We are a package deal," she tells him.

Angel understands what she is saying. As long as Darla could help get his
mind off of Buffy,and her feelings for Dawn It didn't matter. He comes up to
her, and kisses her.

"I may have went along with Drusilla. But, with our son I will not tolerate
you with your bitch." Darla tells him.

"It's over between me and Cordelia now. I have you and our son" he says.

Darla feels happy at this. and she can't wait till Cordelia learns about

* * *

Lilah Morgan is at her desk. Bryan walks In.

"The attack on the hotel failed." he tells her.

"Damn it!" Lilah replies.

"And there is more bad news" he says.

"What?" she replies.

"Gavin is nosing around." he tells her.

She doesn't like this. He goes up to her.

"You're so tense." he says and begins to rub her shoulders. Lilah enjoys it.

"That feels so good," she says.

He thinks to himself being able to touch her is good.

"What do you want to do about him?" Bryan asks.

"I can handle Gavin. You just do what you do for me" she replies.

Bryan smiles.

* * *

At Caritas Wesley, Cordelia, Gunn and Fred are with Lorne when Angel comes
in with Darla.

"I could use some help" Angel says.

Fred helps Angel get Darla to a chair.

"You've run into some trouble" Lorne says.

"I could use good news." Angel says.

"I have a theory on how you two were able to conceive." Wesley says.

"Let's hear it" Angel says.

"What if you having a soul allowes you to father a child," Wesley says.

"That means I could have had a child with Buffy," Angel says.

Darla gives Angel a dirty look. He knows she is pissed.

"How could she carry it?" Angel asks.

"Maybe when you went on the mission to try to save her something happened to
her, and when Drusilla revamped her she was left with the ability to have
children" Wesley says.

"And then when you fucked her you left your seed in her" Cordelia says.

Lorne notices how mad Cordelia is. Angel was left In a no win situation here.
He enjoyed having Cordelia punish him but he had a responsibility to Darla,
and the baby.

Darla screams.

"Guys, I think her water just broke" Fred says.

Lorne sees this. "Oh man, that was a good chair too" he says.

"I am in pain here!" Darla says.

Just then grenades are thrown into the club.

* * *

Outside Caritas Wesley and Gunn come with weapons and fight some demons as
Angel and Fred come out with Darla. Darla is in pain. She collapses on the
ground as Gunn and Wesley continue fighting demons.

"Angel!" Darla says.

"I'm here Darla," he replies.

"I made you in an ally and now our son is going to be born in one. It's kinda
funny" Darla says and then laughs. She then screams in pain.

Holtz watches them.

"Our son is the best thing we have ever done my darling boy" Darla says.

Fred is unnerved by that. Darla screams. Holtz takes out a crossbow.

Wesley and Gunn continue to fight Demons.

Darla screams.

"Push Darla!" Angel says.

"You push! Men, you screw us women, and then we get all the pain!" Darla
screams and pushes.

Holtz sees a baby boy come out of Darla,and holds.

"Oh my god" Fred says.

"We have a son Darla" Angel says.

"I want to hold him" Darla says.

Fred puts him in Darla's arms. Darla cradles him.

SahJhan appears behind Holtz. "Finish it!" he tells Holtz.

Angel sees them. "We have to go Darla" he says.

Angel and Fred help Darla, carrying the baby, up. Angel and Holtz face each
other. Holtz drops the crossbow. SahJhan is upset.

"Don't let them go!" SahJhan says.

Angel picks up a sword and joins Gunn and Wesley in finishing off the demons.
Darla rocks the baby. Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Darla and Fred leave.

"You promised no mercy!" SahJhan says. "And I will show none. Darla and
Angelus will learn what I felt when they killed my family," Holtz says.

* * *

Gavin Parks, a Asian American lawyer at Wolfram and Hart, arrives at the
secret private apartment of Linwood, the President of Special Projects, he
had a tip on activities that may involve Lilah. He was hoping to get her
sacked and get her job. He sits down.

Linwood comes out. "What is it?" he says to Gavin.

"It's about Angel" he replies.

Gavin then sees Lilah dressed in a robe. "If it is about Angel I should know
about it" she says.

"Her input is always invaluable" Linwood says.

Gavin figures Lilah has worked on Linwood. And it was pointless trying to
get to Lilah this way. Although he understood what he saw in Lilah. 'She is
very attractive,' he thought. 'But, a major bitch.'

"There was a attack on the hotel" Gavin says.

* * *

Angel, Wesley, Gunn and Darla are back at the hotel. Darla is rocking the

"So, my man your a daddy now. Any thought of a name. Charles is a great
name" Gunn says.

"No!" Darla says.

"How about Connor?" Angel asks Darla.

"I like that" Darla says.

Cordelia walks in with Lorne. He has a bag.

"Why the bag?" Angel asks.

"Since you guys always destroy my club I am moving in" Lorne says.

"This place keeps getting more and more people. You would think it is a
hotel." Gunn says.

Lorne goes up to Darla. "Let me hold him" Lorne says.

"No! He needs his Mommy" Darla says.

"Kinda protective" Lorne says.

Cordelia gives Angel a dirty look. Angel goes by Darla.

"It's time to tell you guys Darla is staying here. We are raising Connor
right here together" Angel says.

They are stunned. Cordelia is furious.

"Are you out of your mind! That bitch should be staked! I am telling you
Angel for the last time get rid of the bitch! I am your Mistress! And I
won't tolerate her anymore!" Cordelia says.

The rest are stunned by this. Angel grabs Cordelia.

"Cordelia, the only bitch here is you." Angel says.

Fred comes in with some milk.

"I want you gone!" Angel says.

"What!" Cordelia replies.

"I am tired of your demands. I have a son, and Darla is his mother. She
stays. And you need to get out and don't come back!" Angel says.

Angel takes her and throws her out of the hotel. Fred goes up to Darla with
the milk. Darla takes the milk and starts to feed Connor.

"Darla and Connor are part of our lives here now. If Cordelia can face that
I will let her return. But my son deserves both his parents." Angel says.

"Fair enough" Wesley says.

"I can understand" Fred says.

Darla goes into the office with Connor. Lorne goes up to Angel.

"I think your making a mistake throwing Cordelia out" Lorne says.

"Nothing can happen between us anymore" Angel says.

Wesley watches Fred.

"I am going home" Wesley says and leaves.

* * *

In the office Darla is nursing Connor.

"My Beautiful Boy" Darla says. "You, me and your daddy are going to be happy
together now that Daddy has gotten rid of his bitch. Mommy will make sure you
get only the best and your Daddy will make sure noone ever hurts you" Darla
says as she is feeding him milk.

* * *

Angel is talking to Gunn.

"I need you tomorrow to see if we can get blood from a blood bank for Darla"
Angel says.

"You're getting her human blood?" Gunn asks.

"Yes" Angel replies.

"I guess your the boss" Gunn replies.

"And we are going to have to get a crib for our room for the baby" Angel

Gunn nods.

* * *

Wesley walks into his apartment. He has been drinking. He sees Cordelia

"Get out" he says.

"I think we should have a talk" she says.

"Angel won't let you come back till you accept Connor and Darla" he says.

"We have both been burned by those we loved" she says.

He says nothing.

Until that bitch showed up with her bastard me and Angel were closer than
we ever were. And I have seen the way you look at Fred" Cordelia says.

"Shut up" he says.

"Only she wants vampires and blacks" Cordelia says.

"Get Out!" Wesley says.

"She has no interest in you" she says.

"Don't mention her anymore" Wesley says.

"Maybe Fred is having Gunn ride her right now" she says.

Wesley snaps. He grabs a hold of Cordelia and takes her into his bedroom.
He kisses her. He makes her go against the wall. He pulls her pants and
panties down. Cordelia never thought Wesley was capable of this. He unzips
his pants and sticks his dick into her asshole.

"Just shut up Cordelia!" he tells her and begins to fuck her in the ass.

Cordelia enjoys the pleasure. She thinks to herself Fred is his weak spot.

Wesley thinks to himself it is Fred he is really doing.

* * *

Angel is in the bedroom. He turns around to see Darla looking very seductive.
"Where Is Connor?" Angel asks.

"Lorne is watching him. While we have this alone time we should make the most
of it" Darla says walking up close to him.

Angel knows what she is suggesting. "We can't Darla" he tells her.

"Why not? We sure have done it before" Darla says.

"We can't take the chance I might get a moment of true happiness and then I
might want to drink our son" he tells her.

"I would kill you before I let you hurt my baby" she tells him.

"The point is we can't have sex Darla" he tells her.

Darla doesn't like this and storms out.

* * *

Gunn walks into Fred's room looking for her to see her laying nude on the
bed. Gunn is surprised.

"I've been waiting for you Charles. You can do anything to me you want" Fred

Gunn likes the sound of that and quickly starts to undress. Fred smiles.

* * *

Wesley sits on the bed as Cordelia gets dressed.

"That was something" she says.

He says nothing.

"Your not going to start crying over me now? I am not Fred" Cordelia says.

"Don't ever mention her here again" Wesley tells her.

Cordelia thinks Fred is the way to get him worked up.

* * *

In his room Angel thinks about Darla. He knows sooner or later she will want
something from him. He turns around to see Darla dressed in black leather
holding a whip and some chains. He is stunned.

"You like?" she asks.

He says nothing.

"Is this what your bitch dressed for you?" Darla asks.

Angel is afraid to say anything.

"I can punish you as well as she could" Darla says.

Angel makes a decision. "All right" Angel says.

Darla smiles.

* * *

Gunn rides his dick into Fred's pussy long and hard. Fred enjoys It.

"Oh Charles! Your dick is so big and hard!" Fred moans.

Gunn enjoys riding Fred. She is the best he thinks to himself.

"Oh Shit! I am cuming Charles! I am cuming!" Fred moans.

* * *

Angel is chained to the ceiling. He is nude. Darla is behind him. She hits
his back with a whip. She does it several times.

"So is that as good as your bitch?" Darla says.

Angel says nothing. Darla hits him even harder. Darla laughs. She thinks to
herself this is how it will be from now on. She takes care of Connor and
punishes Angel.

* * *

Holtz sits in a warehouse. SahJhan is there.

"You were suppose to kill Darla!" SahJhan says.

"Darla will be taken care of" Holtz says.

"You had your chance and blew it!" he tells Holtz.

"Angelus and Darla have a child now. That will make them weak. When the time
comes I will take the child from them. When Darla loses her child like I lost
my children she will die. And then Angelus will have lost his bitch and his
little bastard he will know what I feel." Holtz says.

"That's not what she wanted" SahJhan says.

"Who is she?" Holtz asks.

"Right here" says a voice.

SahJhan is scared. Holtz sees Cordelia.

"SahJhan, I told you I wanted that bitch dead! I didn't want her giving
birth!" Cordelia says.

"I did my best. He failed." SahJhan replies.

"Why do you want Darla dead?" Holtz says.

"She got in my way. Took my bitch from me. Threatens my plans. I can't have
that." she says.

"Darla will die" Holtz says.

"Angel will not. He is my bitch. He will be reminded of that. And beg for my
forgiveness" she says.

Holtz is surprised by this. Cordelia turns to SahJhan.

"Fail me again. And you will no longer be able to exist in this dimension"
Cordelia tells him.

"I understand" SahJhan says.

"Good" Cordelia says.

SahJhan knows he is In deep shit with Cordelia.

"Keep your connection with Lilah. She is useful. And I may have use of her
in my plans" Cordelia says. She is plotting. Darla will pay for what she
has done to her.

To be continued


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