Disclaimer: These Characters belong to Joss Whedon and the geniuses at Mutant
Enemy. I just borrow them to have fun.

Rating: NC-17 (Violence,Sex,Bondage,and FDomination)

Parings: Cordelia/Wesley, Lilah/Other, Cordelia/Kate, Fred/Gunn

Setup: Darla has given birth to Connor. Angel has thrown Cordelia out of the
hotel after she objects to them staying. Wesley had sex with Cordelia to get
Fred off his mind. Darla,and Angel begin a S&M relationship. Holtz learns
that Cordelia Is the one behind SahJhan.

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 6 - The Abduction
by Robbins ([email protected])

Angel awakens chained to the bed. That is how Darla left him last night.
Angel sees Darla on the bed with Connor. She is holding him. He has his
teddy bear.

"He does have a crib Darla. That is why I had Gunn get it." Angel says.

"He wants to be with his Mommy and Daddy," Darla replies.

"Damn it Darla, you can't constantly baby him all the time," he tells her.

"He is my baby and I want him to know he is loved," Darla says.

Angel appears annoyed.

"I am sick and tired of you always having him on the bed. My bed!" Angel

Darla takes Connor to the crib. She opens the refrigerator. She takes out a
bottle of blood. She takes a drink. She puts it back inside. She goes back
to the bed. She slaps Angel hard.

"He's our son! And you could act like you want him around!" she says.

Darla goes back to the crib. She picks up Connor.

"Come on sweetie. Your daddy doesn't want us around," she says.

Darla kisses him on the forehead. She takes Connor out.

"Darla!" Angel screams.

* * *

Cordelia lays nude on the bed in Wesley's bedroom. He is nude on top of her.
He holds her arms down and is riding her pussy with his dick.

Wesley thinks to himself it is Fred he is doing.

Cordelia enjoys this. She thinks to herself Wesley is better in the bedroom
than I ever thought even though I know he is thinking about that bitch Fred.

* * *

In her apartment Lilah Morgan is on top of Bryan. She rides his dick hard
with her pussy.

Bryan thinks she is the best at riding.

Lilah enjoys taking care of her horny side.

* * *

Wesley,and Cordelia lay on the bed.

"So how are things in the hotel?" she asks.

"Angel is not prepared to let you come back," Wesley says.

"How is Fred?" She asks him.

He grabs ahold of Cordelia.

"Don't ever mention her bitch!" Wesley says.

Cordelia thinks she is the way to get to him.

* * *

Lorne is sitting in the lobby. Angel finally comes down.

"Where is Darla?" Angel asks.

"She has Connor in the garden." Lorne replies.

Angel heads that way. Lorne knew something went on between them.

* * *

In the shaded part of the Garden Darla feeds Connor his milk.

Angel comes out.

"We need to talk Darla," he says.

"We have nothing to discuss until you want our son," she says.

"That's not fair Darla," he says.

"When it comes to my son I don't care about being fair" she says.

Angel turns to see Buffy Summers. She is in a shocked state.

"Buffy!" he says.

Buffy can't say anything. Darla sees her.

"Great. It's another one of your bitches," Darla says.

"You're not helping matters here Darla," Angel says.

"You have a son with that bitch!" Buffy says.

"I know how to satisfy a man," Darla says.

Angel has a oh no thought.

"You shouldn't even be allowed around a baby!" Buffy says.

"At least I can give him a family," Darla says.

Buffy is very upset. Angel grabs her. Buffy punches him.

"Buffy, you need to clam down here." Angel says.

"You need to leave. This is our family's home" Darla says.

"Darla, please" Angel says.

Darla and Buffy have dirty looks.

"Darla, I need to speak to Buffy alone," he says.

"This is our home. She should leave," Darla says.

"Just listen to me for once," Angel asks.

Darla takes Connor inside.

"How could you have sex with that bitch!" Buffy asks.

"It was a low moment for me Buffy," he says.

"You said Vampires couldn't have children," she says.

"Wesley thinks my soul, and her second chance at life allowed us to conceive.
I never planned this Buffy," he says.

"That's just great," she says.

There is silence between them.

"How could you trust her with your son?" she asks.

"She is his mother" he replies.

"She doesn't have a soul" Buffy says.

"Carrying Connor has affected her. She loves him. Dotes on him. It's hard to
get her to let someone else take care of him," he says.

"How could you do this to me Angel?" Buffy asks.

"To you!" Angel asks.

"I told you my strong and deep feelings for Dawn, and said I wouldn't act on
them despite how much I want her. But, you don't show any restraint," she

"Darla is not my sister!" Angel says.

Buffy says nothing.

"If you want to fuck Dawn so badly go ahead. I don't care. I am paying for
that night with Darla. And I don't need you coming here and attacking me for
It. I have a son to take care of. Go home now Buffy. And don't let the door
hit you on your way out!" he tells her.

Buffy storms out.

Angel thinks what have I done.

* * *

Darla sits on a chair in the lobby. She continues feeding Connor. Lorne
watches them. Buffy comes out of the garden. Darla watches her storm out.

"Your daddy's other bitch is gone sweetie," Darla tells Connor.

Lorne is amazed by Darla. Angel comes out of the garden.

Gunn and Fred walk in. Connor starts to cry.

"Who was that?" Fred asks.

Angel goes to the refrigerator and takes out some blood.

"That was the great Buffy," Darla says as she tries to get Connor to calm

Angel drinks some. He becomes frustrated.

"Darla, why can't you get the little brat to shut up!" Angel says.

"He's only a baby" Fred says.

Darla hugs Connor trying to get him to stop.

"For once I want some peace here! And if you can't get the brat to shut up
maybe I will then," Angel says.

"Lorne, can you take Connor," Darla asks.

Lorne picks up Connor.

"Your uncle Lorne is here big guy," Lorne says.

Darla goes up to Angel and slaps him hard. Fred doesn't know what is going

"If you hurt my son I will kill you Angel," Darla says.

Angel throws the glass with the blood against the wall. Gunn knows something
is wrong here.

* * *

Kate Lockley throws pictures in front of Holtz.

"Who is the blond?" he asks.

"She is the Slayer" she replies.

"Really?" he replies.

"Yes. She and Angel used to date," she tells Holtz.

"A vampire with a slayer?" Holtz asks.

"Yes. She went for that soul business," Kate tells him.

"He won't have it much longer" he says.

Kate smiles.

* * *

In her office Lilah sits behind her desk. Bryan is rubbing her shoulders.

Angel breaks into the office. Bryan stops. Angel goes up to the desk.

"Get your boy toy out Lilah," Angel says.

"Bryan, leave," she says.

Bryan leaves the office. Angel grabs Lilah.

"You bitch! You spiked my blood," Angel says.

"You want me to cry about it?" Lilah asks.

"I became a danger to my son." he says.

"I'm sure Darla won't let you near him." she says.

"I am giving you one last chance. Don't screw with me, Darla, and our son or
you will regret it" Angel tells her.

"You going to threaten to kill me again?" Lilah asks.

"I won't kill you. I have other ways to make you pay Lilah," Angel says.

Angel lets go and leaves.

* * *

Kate is in Cordelia's apartment. Cordelia is sitting on the couch.

"He is prepared to act against Angel" Kate says.

"Good." Cordelia replies.

"Isn't it dangerous to use Holtz?" Kate asks.

"He isn't as smart as me. I will have to start the next stage of my plans,"
Cordelia says.

"Why not just kill Angel?" Kate asks.

"I don't want him dead. He will learn noone escapes me. He Is still my bitch
and he better realize that. And he will beg for my forgiveness. But, that
bitch Darla will die." Cordelia says.

Kate smiles. Cordelia stands up.

"Don't worry. When I am done with Angel you can have him," Cordelia says.

Kate likes that. Cordelia kisses her.

* * *

In their room Darla and Connor are on the bed. She watches him as he has his
teddy bear.

Angel walks In.

"I have warned them," Angel tells her.

"I see" she says.

"Darla, I wasn't myself," he says.

"My concern is Connor. And I can see he is a burden to you," she says.

"That's not true" he says.

Darla says nothing.

"What is really wrong?" Angel asks.

"Maybe you wish your bitch was here," Darla says.

"Buffy is gone. And is probably never coming back," Angel says.

Darla picks up Connor. She holds him close to her.

"What can I do to get out of this?" Angel asks.

She puts Connor down.

"Take me to get Connor new toys and clothes tonight," Darla says.

"OK," Angel replies.

Angel thinks I got out of that without being punished.

* * *

In Cordelia bedroom Kate lays nude on the bed. Cordelia nude has her face
into Kate's cunt and is licking away. Kate enjoys this.

"Oh shit! You are so good!" Kate moans.

Cordelia keeps going.

* * *

Wesley, Lorne, Gunn and Fred are in the lobby. Wesley looks at Fred.

Angel comes down.

"Lorne, your going to have to look after Connor tonight. I told Darla I would
take her shopping for Connor," Angel says.

"No problem," Lorne says.

"I guess we know who calls the shots around here," Gunn says.

Angel goes back upstairs. Fred and Gunn laugh.

"I think I will head home for the night," Wesley says.

"OK," Fred replies.

Wesley looks at Fred and leaves.

* * *

Wesley is at his place. He is drinking.

Cordelia walks in. She is dressed very sexy.

"Hi," she says.

"What are you doing here?" he asks.

"I thought you could use some company," she says.

Wesley goes up to her. He kisses her hard.

* * *

Angel and Darla are in a baby store.

Angel watches as Darla looks at new clothes for Connor.

* * *

In the bedroom Wesley is on the bed. Cordelia is on top of him. She handcuffs
him to the bed. She unzips his pants.

"What is going on at the hotel tonight?" she asks him and grabs ahold of his

"Angel and Darla went out shopping for the baby. Lorne is watching him,"
Wesley says.

Cordelia puts his dick in her mouth and blows it. Wesley enjoys it.

Cordelia stands up.

"Thank you," she says and leaves.

He is puzzled. "Hey!" he says.

* * *

Fred, dressed in the outfit of a dominatrix, is tying Gunn to the bed. Gunn
thinks Fred is so hot especially wearing that outfit.

* * *

Angel and Darla leave the baby store with clothes and toys for Connor.

"You know Darla you are going to spoil him," Angel says.

"I want him to always know he is loved and that his parents will do anything
for him," Darla says.

"You know Darla when he is gown you will have to share him with someone,"
Angel says.

"She will have to be good enough for him and if she hurts him she will have
to answer to me," Darla says.

Angel is constantly surprised by Darla. He never would have thought this side
of Darla was possible. He knew she loves Connor. And he realizes the bond she
has with him is so strong. And while he still feels Darla is too protective
of him, and feels she goes overboard In dotting on him there is no doubt in
his mind that Connor could have a better loving mother despite what Buffy, or
Cordelia might think.

* * *

Fred has a riding crop in her hand.

"Do you want it Charles?" Fred asks

"Yes Mistress," he replies.

Fred smiles and strikes him with the riding crop. She enjoys it. She hits him
again. She continues hitting him with the riding crop.

* * *

Lorne is watching Connor. He turns around and sees Cordelia.

"What are you doing here?" he asks.

Cordelia attacks Lorne and knocks him out. She picks up Connor.

Cordelia leaves.

* * *

Cordelia, carrying Connor, meets up with Kate outside the hotel. She gives
Kate Connor.

"Hand him over to Holtz," Cordelia says.

Kate smiles.

* * *

Fred continues hitting Gunn with the riding crop. He likes being punished by
Fred. She stops.

"Don't stop Mistress. Please," he says.

"Whose bitch are you?" Fred asks.

"Your bitch Mistress" he replies.

She smiles.

"Yes, you are" she says and resumes hitting him with the riding crop.

* * *

Angel and Darla return to the hotel to see Lorne knocked out. They run up to

"Lorne!" Angel says.

Lorne wakes up. "Angel."

"What happened here?" Angel asks.

"Cordelia attacked me," he tells Angel.

Angel is stunned.

"What happened to Connor!" Darla asks.

"Cordelia must have taken her," Lorne replies.

Darla is very upset. "She took my Baby! I am going to kill her!" Darla says.

Angel grabs her. "We will get him back Darla."

"If your bitch has hurt my son in any way she is dead!" Darla says.

Angel and Darla leave.

* * *

Holtz comes out of his warehouse hideout with Connor. He sees Angel and Darla
fighting his men.

"It's your parents" he says.

Darla sees Holtz holding Connor.

"Please give him back to me," Darla begs Holtz.

"I am sure many begged you Darla. Did my Carolann beg before you sucked the
blood out of her?" Holtz asks.

"Yes, we killed your family. But, Connor didn't. He is a innocent. He needs
me. I am his mother," Darla says.

"He is a bastard! Born from two vampires. And being taken from a bitch like
you is the best thing for him," Holtz says.

"If you want revenge Holtz, kill me and let Darla take Connor," Angel says.

Holtz brings a knife up to Connor.

"No!" Darla screams.

"Stay back Darla," Holtz says.

"Holtz, if you hurt him Darla will kill you and I won't try to stop her,"
Angel says.

Suddenly SahJhan appears.

"You still can't do anything right," SahJhan says.

"Who the hell are you?" Angel asks.

"You don't know?" Holtz says.

"My boss is tired of messing around," SahJhan says.

SahJhan opens a portal.

"You have one chance here," SahJhan tells Holtz.

Holtz runs Into the portal with Connor.

"No!" Darla screams and runs for the portal.

SahJhan closes it before Darla can enter it.

Angel is stunned. Darla falls to the ground weeping.

"My Baby! My Beautiful Baby!" Darla crys.

Angel turns on SahJhan.

"My work is done here" SahJhan says and disappears.

Angel sees how devastated Darla is.

To Be Continued...


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