Disclaimer: These Characters belong to Joss Whedon and the rest of the
geniuses at Mutant Enemy. I just borrow them to have fun.

Rating:NC-17 (Violence, Rape, Anal, and Sex)

Parings: Angel/Lilah, Angel/Darla

Warning: Cordelia has taken Connor from the hotel, and through Kate Lockley
turned him over to Holtz. Angel,and Darla tried to get him back but SahJhan
opened a portal so Holtz could escape with Connor. Darla Is devastated.

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 7 - The Fallout
by Robbins ([email protected])

Lorne finishes telling Fred,and Gunn what has happened. Fred is in shock.

Angel comes in with Darla. She says nothing. The others can tell Darla has
been crying severely.

"What happened Angel?" Lorne asks. "Holtz escaped into a portal with Connor"
he replies.

Gunn is speechless. Fred is stunned.

"I am taking Darla up to our room" he says.

Angel takes Darla upstairs.

* * *~

Angel brings Darla into their room. He puts Darla on the bed.

"I have to go downstairs" he says.

She says nothing. He leaves. She picks up Connor's teddy bear,and starts to

* * *

Angel comes back into the lobby where Fred,Gunn,and Lorne still are.

"We need to find Wesley" Angel says.

"I'll do that" Fred says.

"I'll go with ou" Gunn replies.

Fred and Gunn leave.

"How are you holding up?" Lorne says.

"Darla has been a mess" he replies. "She dotted on that baby. He meant more
to her than anything" Lorne says.

Angel thinks to himself he knows how much Darla loves their son.

* * *

Cordelia is back at her place. Kate is rubbing her shoulders.

"The first step of your plan is working" Kate says. "Angel has started to
learn the folly of disrespecting his Mistress" Cordelia says.

Kate smiles. Cordelia pulls her close to her. Cordelia rubs Kate's face and
kisses her.

* * *

Angel walks into the room to see Darla holding Connor's teddy bear, and

"You can't keep him like this Darla" Angel says.

"What do you know about how I feel!" Darla says.

Darla wipes her eyes.

"You never really cared" Darla says.

"He is my son too, Darla" Angel says.

"I was the one who held him,who rocked him, who feed him, who played with
him. You were always more concerned with your bitches!" Darla says.

Angel says nothing.

* * *

Gunn and Fred walk into Wesley's Apartment.

"Wesley!" Gunn says.

"Let's check his bedroom" Fred says.

They head to his bedroom.

Gunn and Fred see Wesley chained to the bed. Gunn and Fred are stunned.

"What happened to you?" Fred asks.

"Cordelia chained me up" he replies.

Gunn realizes he has been screwing Cordelia.

"She took Connor." Fred tells Wesley.

"Do you mind?" Wesley asks.

Gunn goes up to the bed,and releases Wesley.

* * *

Cordelia and Kate are kissing hard. Suddenly SahJhan appears. Cordelia

"It's you" Cordelia says. "I have done as you asked. Now It is time for you
to fulfill our bargain" he says.

Cordelia goes to the couch,and sits down. She crosses her legs.

"I wanted Darla killed before she gave birth. Because of your incompetence
I was thrown out of the Hotel, and my bitch thinks he is free of me,"
Cordelia says.

"That was because of Holtz" he says.

"He isn't here for me to take it out on." she says.

"I want to be corporal again." he says.

"I have something else in mind" she says.

Kate then pulls out a urine. She opens it. He realizes what is going on.

"No!" he says as he is pulled into the urine.

Kate closes it.

"Good riddance" Cordelia says.

Kate smiles.

* * *

Lilah is in her office at Wolfram and Hart. Bryan comes in.

"I got word Holtz took the baby" he tells her.

Lilah smiles. "Excellent" she says.

Lilah goes up to him, and kisses him hard.

* * *

In the morning Angel goes into his room. He sees Darla laying on the bed
holding the teddy bear. She has been crying all night.

"What do you want!" Darla says.

"I came to check on you" Angel replies.

"Your bitch took my baby. So you know exactly how I am!" Darla says.

"Darla, you can't keep up like this" he tells her.

"What do you care!" Darla says, and throws the teddy bear at him.

Darla starts to cry again.

"I want him back Angel. He needs me,and I need him. I am his mother" Darla

Angel doesn't know what to say now.

* * *

Wesley is sitting down in the lobby. He still can't believe Cordelia used
her like this. He feels so guilty about her kidnapping Connor. He also thinks
to himself she played on his feelings for Fred.

Just then Fred walks down into the lobby. She still feels bad about Cordelia
taking Connor. If she would not have gotten into her Dom activities Connor
might still be here. She also thinks about finding Wesley tied up to the bed.
There is a part of her that doesn't like Cordelia tying up Wesley. She feels
she should be the one doing that to guys around here. She thinks Cordelia got
between me, and Angel, and now had to control Wesley. She thinks I like being
with Gunn but I don't like anyone else dominating Wesley.

Wesley sees Fred. He thinks about how much he would like to kiss her, and
fuck her right here and now. But, he couldn't indulge in those thoughts.

"Wesley, were you in love with Cordelia?" she asks him.

He thinks to himself it is you I love Fred. "No" he tells her.

"Why did you let her do that to you?" she asks him.

Wesley couldn't tell her he fucked Cordelia to try to get her out of his

"It was just sex, Fred. It didn't mean anything." he tells her.

She thinks I should teach him not to do that but she decided that wasn't the
best chain of thoughts. She can't do that to Gunn.

* * *

In the evening Cordelia is walking in the hallway up to her apartment.
Suddenly she is grabbed from behind.

Cordelia sees it is Darla.

"What are you doing here?" Cordelia says.

Darla smacks Cordelia onto the ground.

"You took my Baby from me!" Darla says, and strikes Cordelia again.

"You took Angel from me. So, I took him from you" Cordelia replies.

"You bitch!" Darla says,and strikes her again.

Cordelia is pissed. She doesn't like taking anything from anyone.

"You couldn't get Angel on your own. You had to use your bastard to do it.
And he enjoyed being my bitch very much" Cordelia says.

This makes Darla even angrier.

"You took my son from me. You are dead now Bitch!" Darla says, and morphs
into her Vamp face.

Just then Angel arrives, and grabs Darla.

"No Darla!" Angel says.

"She took Connor from us!" Darla says.

"This isn't the way Darla." Angel replies, and lets go of her.

Darla slaps him hard, and leaves.

"What a bitch!" Cordelia says.

Angel goes,and pulls Cordelia up.

"Shut up Cordelia! She is hurting. She totally dotted on him. It is best for
you if you stay away from all of us. And next time I may not stop her" he
tells her.

Angel lets go of her.

"I never heard you say you loved him,or even her." She says.

Angel says nothing.

"You liked being my bitch. And you still want to be. And If you beg for my
forgiveness you can be again" Cordelia says.

Angel walks out.

* * *

Angel walks out of the apartment building. He has thoughts of Cordelia in
black leather, he tied up, and she using a riding crop on him.

Angel decided it was time to get those thoughts out of his head. He also
knew it was time to see Lilah to keep his promise.

* * *

Lilah is in her office. Suddenly she sees Angel.

"Hi Lilah" Angel says,and smacks her.

Angel closes the door. He grabs Lilah.

"What are you going to do?" Lilah asks.

"I told you what would happen Lilah" Angel tells her.

Angel puts her across the desk, and removes his pants. Lilah starts to get
worried. Angel tears her clothes off. Lilah screams.

"Go ahead Lilah. Your ass is now mine!" Angel tells her.

Angel sticks his dick into her ass,and begins to anal fuck her.

"No!" Lilah says as he is riding his dick into her.

Angel rides it hard into her.

"Please stop!" Lilah begs him.

Angel Ignores her and continues riding his dick into her.

* * *

Angel climaxes into her. Lilah hates this. He gets off her. He puts his
pants back on. Lilah is very pissed.

"Screw with me again Lilah, and I will be back. And it gets worse every
time." he tells her.

"Your Bastard!" Lilah screams at him as he leaves.

* * *

Angel walks into the lobby at the hotel. Lorne is waiting for him.

"We need to have a talk Angel" Lorne says.

"I'm not in the mood Lorne" he replies.

"You need to get in the mood Angel!" Lorne tells him.

"What's the problem?" he asks.

"Darla" he says.

"What now?" Angel asks.

"You need to start be concerned for her. She lost her son, and it is killing
her" Lorne tells him.

"Darla is already dead" Angel says.

"She loved that boy,and she may not be able to go on. Of course you may not
care" Lorne says.

Angel says nothing,and goes upstairs.

* * *

Darla is sitting on the bed. She is wiping her eyes. Angel walks in. She
smells Lilah on him.

"We need to talk Darla" he says.

"Have fun with another one of your bitches!" Darla says, and gets up.

Angel knows she smells Lilah on him.

"That was nothing Darla" he says.

"Really" Darla replies.

"Yes. I just analed her" he says.

Darla goes up to him, and slaps him.

"Just get out of my sight Angel! Go to one of your bitches!" Darla says.

Angel grabs her.

"Let go of me!" she demands.

"We are going to talk now Darla" he tells her.

"Why?" Darla says.

"Damn it Darla! He is my son too! You don't have the market on missing him"
he says.

"I carried him. I was the one who went through the pain of his birth. And you
never loved him. I did" Darla says.

"I know you had a special bond with him. Your his mother" Angel says.

"You won't touch me but you will her" Darla says.

"I told you we risk my soul if anything happens again" Angel says.

"I want him back! I need him" Darla says.

"If we could find him I would bring him back" Angel tells her, and lets her

Suddenly Darla kisses him hard and desperately. Angel tries to resist.

"We can't Darla" he says.

Darla throws him on the bed.

"I need this. Since your bitch took my baby you need to give me what I want"
Darla says.

Darla gets ontop of him. She pulls his paints down, and grabs a hold of his
balls. Angel thinks she was always very good at this. Darla puts his dick
into her mouth and starts to blow it. Angel enjoys this.

* * *

Darla puts his dick into her pussy, and begins to ride it hard.

Angel thinks of raping Lilah as Darla is riding him.

Darla still misses Connor but this helps with her pain.

* * *

Darla is licking Angel's chest as he thinks about having his dick into Lilah.

* * *

Lorne, Wesley, Fred, and Gunn are in the lobby. Wesley looks at Fred. He
thinks how he wants her. But, he knows she is tying up Gunn.

Fred thinks to herself she might have stopped Cordelia if she hadn't been
into her domination of Gunn so much.

Gunn thinks to himself I wish Fred would stop blaming herself for what
Cordelia did.

Lorne thinks to himself I hope Angel has gotten himself together.

Angel and Darla come down.

"Look everyone I know we have all been through a lot lately but..." Angel
begins to say when a burst of light happens in the hotel.

"What's that?" Darla asks.

"A Portal" Lorne replies

Fred appears scared. Just then a figure comes through the portal. It is a
seventeen year old guy. The portal closes. He stands up. Darla sees his
eyes, and reconquers them.

"Connor?" she asks.

Angel, and the others are stunned.

"Hi Mom" he says, and fires a stake at Darla.

To Be Continued


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