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Angel: Empire Of Man Part 1 (MF,anal,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Wesley Wyndham Pryce stood alone in the lobby of the hotel that had become
the new headquarters of Angel Investigations. Angel Investigations had been
founded by Angel. Angel was a vampire with a soul. He helped people. He was
one of Angel's best friends. Currently, Wesley was alone at the office. The
others were gone.

Angel had taken Cordelia Chase to the opera. Charles Gunn and Winifred "Fred"
Burkle had gone to see a boxing match. Lorne was flying solo with some female
Quortof demon girlfriend of his. Angel's teenage son, Connor was tracking
down a well-trained female assassin named Vera who had pissed him off.
Apparently, the two of them had a, whatever you wanna call it. Wesley had
stayed at the office because he had nothing to do. He was bored out of his
skull. The former Watcher had come to Los Angeles as a rogue demon hunter. He
met Angel and Cordelia there back when they were still nursing wounds from
the death of their friend Alan Francis Doyle, a half-demon Agent of the
Powers That Be. Wesley had joined the team. He'd become a valued member of
Angel Investigations. The team had recently vanquished the Beast. The Beast
was a Super Demon. He single-handedly destroyed Wolfram & Hart, the seemingly
all-powerful law firn that opposed Angel's efforts to help fight the good
fight in the city of Los Angeles.

Wesley was bored out of his mind but he needed some time off by himself. He
was still in the hotel, checking out some dusty old books. Inside one of the
books was a cloth stained with dried blood. The dried blood belonged to
Billy. Billy was a half-demon and an old enemy of Angel. Billy had the power
to revert men to their natural selves.

The way modern men would be if they lived in the wild instead of a
politically correct, feminist-utopia kind of world. Men are men. All men have
issues with women. Women frustrate men. It's a fact of life. Men and women
attack each other, it's a fact of life. Often, when a woman attacks a man, he
won't hurt her because someone somewhere told him that beating chicks is not
cool. What about when the chick in question is trying to kill the man? What's
a guy to do? Offer his throat to the bitch and let her kill him just because
she's got a pussy and it's considered politically incorrect to beat her ass?
No, sir. All men have that rage inside of them. The kind that women's naughty
evil ways tend to bring out. Face it. Most females are lying, cheating,
manipulative, evil rotten bitches. Most men don't know how to deal with them
but learn to distrust them.

That's what Billy brought out in men. That's why he was destroyed. Wesley was
still remembering those incidents from years ago when he somehow sensed that
he was not alone. He turned around, blade in hand. He found himself staring
into a very familiar face which brought mixed feelings to him. Faith.

Faith, the Vampire Slayer. Faith had been one of the Great Three. The Great
Three were female warriors destined to fight to save the world. Buffy Summers
was one of them. Kendra was another. Faith was the last. Buffy had died and
come back, twice. Kendra was dead. Permanently.

Faith had returned to Los Angeles to bring down Angelus, the evil vampire who
was Angel's alter ego. Angelus had been freed in the team's attempt to gain a
stronger and more powerful ally against the Beast. Angelus killed the
Beast... and got loose upon the population of L.A. Faith the Vampire Slayer,
former friend and rival of Buffy and Angel had come to stop Angelus. Angelus
had almost killed her. Only Wesley's plan had succeeded in bringing down
Angelus. Ancient Magic was used to restore the soul back into Angelus. Once
the soul was restored, Angelus the evil one once more became Angel,
everyone's favorite goody-two shoes. All thanks to Wesley's brilliant plan.

"Faith." Wesley said.

"Wesley." Faith said.

The two of them stared at each other. Wesley and Faith were both allies in
the war against evil. NO ONE should ever mistake them for friends. Faith
had once been a bad-ass bitch who tortured Wesley for kicks. Wesley had
repeatedly tried to kill Faith. Angel convinced Wesley not to kill Faith
because the vampire with a soul could see that deep inside Faith, some good
still remained. Wesley and Faith were allies. They weren't friends. Faith
was trying to make amends and become good, thanks to Angel's advice and
support. Wesley still distrusted her. That's the kind of relationship they

"What's up?" Wesley asked.

"Five by five, Wes." Faith replied.

"Why are you here?" Wesley asked.

Faith looked at him. "No reason." she said. "Just thought I'd come by and say

Wesley looked at her coldly. "Good seeing you." he said.

Faith smiled. "No, it's not." she said. She grinned. "You hate me, Wes. Don't
you?" He glared at her. "Come on, admit it."

Wesley turned around, started walking away.

"Yeah, just like a British guy." said Faith. "Run every time there's an
argument." Wesley kept walking. "You sorry SOB." she said.

Wesley whirled around and moved like lightning. "What did you say?" He asked.

She pushed him, cutting his arm and his blood mixed with the dried blood on
the cloth. Dried blood belonging to Billy. The world's greatest misanthrope.
The dried blood became liquid when it mixed with Wesley's. The transformation
was immediate. Gone was Wesley Wyndham Pryce, mister nice guy. Something else
came to the surface...

Wesley felt... strange. He looked at his arm, where Faith had cut him. He
looked at her, sizing her up. His logical mind figured some things out.
Female. Medium build. Slayer. Superior Strength. Superior Speed. Great
fighting ability. His more primitive mind, brought forth by Billy's blood
sent one directive. Female. Enemy. All females were men's enemies. Sooner
or later. Women couldn't be trusted. They were evil lying, cheating,
manipulative creatures. They hated men and envied them their strength.
They had their almost unnatural cunning and treachery to compensate. Oh,
and their charms, too.

Wesley saw Faith as an enemy. Period. Enemies needed to be destroyed. He
struck her hard across the face. "You sorry bitch!" he shouted.

Faith stood there and touched her cheek. "Not bad." she said.

She moved like a snake and struck him back. Amazingly, he blocked it. "Where
did that come from?" she asked.

Wesley grinned. "You have no idea who you're messing with, bitch." he said.

Faith attacked, moving with superhuman strength and speed. She lashed out at
Wesley. Wesley dodged her blows. Easily. For several moments, she tried to
deck him but he dodged all of her punches and kicks. With ease.

"You're wondering how I am doing this." Wesley said.

"The thought crossed my mind." Faith said as she tried to kick the legs out
from under him. He leapt into the air and avoided her swinging kick.

"An old bastard gave me the power to defeat those like you." Wesley said.

"Who might that be, Angelus?" Faith asked.

Wesley shook his head, then punched her in the face. She punched him back. He
didn't even flinch, even though she could tell that she had hurt him. "No, a
fella that went by the name Billy." said Wesley.

He saw an axe in its holder on the wall and smashed his fist through it,
taking the axe. "Do you mind if I AX you a few questions?" Wesley said.

Faith produced a blade out of her pocket. "Not at all." she said as she used
the long blade to block the axe.

The weapons clashed with a CLANG! The two adversaries attacked each other
with all the rage and fury they could muster.

Faith was a well-trained fighter with a Slayer's superhuman strength and
speed. Wesley was a former Watched who TRAINED Slayers. He was also not the
same Wesley that Faith was used to. Faith was used to polite and proper
Wesley. She wasn't sure where he had gone but she was sure that HE wasn't
that THING that was fighting her.

She'd faced off with hell-demons with less fury. This Wesley seemed to know
only relentless rage and fury, which drove his attack. She watched him fight.
He fought her, hard. Punch for punch. Kick for kick. He seemed to be made of
rage. He didn't seem to be made of evil. She did not know what he was. He
wasn't a demon. He wasn't a force of darkness. He was only a man. Just a man.
Maybe that was it. She was beginning to understand. She understood why he no
longer spoke. She understood why her superstrong blows no longer bothered
him. She had enough strength to punch through steel. She was smashing up his
body. He didn't seem to notice. He only attacked relentlessly. She didn't get
it. Where did he find the energy to fight?

She was getting tired just from hitting him. He was hitting her, hard. He
wasn't that strong. Well, he wasn't supposed to be. Yet somehow, some rage
deep within drove him. She decided to bring him down once and for all. None
of the usual taunts seemed to work. She had called him a sissy, a wuss, a
little-dick man. He didn't seem to notice or care. She had called him so
many names. Yet he was still looking at her with dead eyes filled with cold
fury. She raised her blade to strike his head off from his shoulders. He had
long lost that ax of his. That's when he charged. He charged her with his
arms outstretched. She thought he was gonna grab her, and thought of how
futile it would be to try to out-wrestle someone stronger than himself... by
the time she realized that it wasn't his intent, it was too late...

Faith felt something strike her in the chest. She felt cold, and fell. She
was on her knees, and looked into the face of the man who had just killed
her. That's when she realized that she had lost. She hadn't lost today. She
had lost before she was born. She hadn't just faced Wesley tonight. She faced
every man who's ever felt frustrated or angry because of what a woman did to
him. She was one woman, however strong, facing thousands of years of
repressed rage and anger. She understood where Wesley, ordinary man that he
was, got the strength to defeat her, a Slayer. She was stronger. She was
faster. She was smarter. She was trickier. Heck, she was prettier. She was
up against too much. She hadn't changed. He had. All that rage and anger had
built up for so long. It had become the ultimate weapon. Inside every man.
For every woman who hurt an innocent man plus got away with it, there was a
man who knew and noticed. There was a man who thought "all women are
bitches". There it was.

Bitches were evil as hell. Men were often their victims. Yet they
underestimated the men. Bitches thought they could do whatever they wanted.
Kill a man. Mutilate him. Castrate him. Take his house and money. Call the
cops on him after attacking him and make a false report of HIM attacking HER.
Take his kids away. Women still thought that no matter what they did to a
man, he would never break the Covenant. The Covenant taught to all small boys
that said, "It's wrong to hit a girl." Girls were never taught that it was
wrong to hurt guys. That's why most of them grew up to be man-hating evil
rotten bitches. Oh, well. Wesley had SHATTERED the Covenant. He was gonna
make them pay. All of them. With his bare hands, he ripped Faith's head off
her shoulders.

Wesley spent a long time looking at Faith's cold and dead eyes after he
ripped her head off her body. He didn't feel guilty. He didn't feel bad. He
felt a profound sense of satisfaction. A dead woman's headless body wasn't
horrifying or disgusting. It was merely...interesting. He looked up to see
another familiar figure in the darkness. A shadow that lived. The Shadow of
Billy. The Shadow that came back from hell to teach its new apprentice.
Wesley looked at the Shadow. "You've done well," it said.

"Yes, Master." said Wesley.

"Now get rid of this mess."

Wesley took gasoline and matches and methodically set the hotel on fire. He
completely destroyed Faith's body and disposed of the remains. Once it was
done, he looked back at his new Master. The Master had great plans for the
world, and the men and women in it. Wesley was just the first in a new line
of disciples.


Angel and Cordelia had been watching the opera for a long time. They got
bored of it and decided to go to a private spot for some one on one. The
opera was seriously boring. Cordelia had been looking forward to spending
some time with Angel. Recently, the Vampire With A Soul and Vision Girl
had realized that they cared a lot for each other. They needed some time
to examine their feelings and try to make things work in their fledgling a couple.

Cordy looked at Angel. He looked so damn good that she wanted to just eat
him up. She couldn't believe that he finally was hers. Cordy had loved Angel
since Sunnydale. She was heart-broken when he picked Buffy over her. Even in
Los Angeles, he had been obsessed with Buffy. Now, he was hers. She was gonna
have him all to herself. She kissed him and started unbuttoning his shirt.
She unzipped his pants. He looked at her, fascinated. Cordy normally wouldn't
act like this. So bold. But she was a girl in love and she wanted to have her
man down with her. She knelt before him and took him into her mouth. She
sucked him until he was rock-hard, then got down on all fours and shook her
sexy little ass from side to side.

Angel caressed her ass and unzipped his pants. He took his cock and rubbed it
against her buttocks. Cordy laughed and playfully tried to flee. Angel caught
her and immobilized her. He pressed his cock against her butt. Cordy felt his
hard cock press against her butt. Cordy spread her ass cheeks wide open,
exposing an obvious target. Angel rubbed his cock against her asshole. She
begged him to stick it in. Angel spat on his hand and rubbed the spittle
against Cordy's anus. Then, he pressed his cock against her back door, and
pushed. His cock entered her ass...slowly. He pushed past the tight ring of
muscle and then he was on easy street. Cordy's tight but willing ass welcomed
his hard prick.

He placed his hands upon her hips and thrust into her. Cordy grimaced as
Angel's cock slid into her. She pushed back, driving him deeper inside her.
He fucked her, hard. She made sexy grunting noises as he fucked her. They
went at it like this for a long time before reaching a mutual climax that
rocked their bodies.

A little while later, they lay there, on the floor, comfortably in each
other's arms.

"We should have done this a long time ago." Angel said.

Cordy grinned. "We should do this more often." she said.

"How often?" Angel asked.

"Oh, right about now-ish." Cordy grinned, then started playing with his
johnson all over again. Angel smiled. This was a happy man right there....
Oh, yeah.

To be continued...


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