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RATING/PAIRING: NC 17, Lillah/Others (MMF,nc)

SPOILERS: Season 3

Angel: Executive Service
by Valleyboy69 ([email protected])

Lillah Morgan sat in her office near the top of the huge Wolfram and Hart
building that was a part of the massive LA skyline. She reclined in her seat,
stretching her legs under the table. She had power. Real power. Life and
death type power. She knew that if she did the right things and kept in the
favour of the Senior Partners she had it made. Several pieces of paper were
in front of her, signed in her own blood and ready to be taken down to be
processed. She smiled. Life was good.

A young man rushed into the office. She glared at him. Without saying a word
he backed out and closed the door behind him. Several seconds later a knock
was heard. "Come in," she called out. As he entered nervously she smiled.
"Remember that next time or I'll be having a few pointed words with your

He nodded nervously knowing exactly what could happen to him if she did.
"Muh-Miss Morgan... I've c-come to drop these off..." he stammered.

"What are they?"

"Papers miss..."

"Well, I can see that," she growled. "Who sent them?"

"Mr. Park, ma'am."


"Is that alright?"

"Just leave them and go."

The boy took several steps forward and dropped a manilla folder onto Lillah's
desk. He quickly walked out of the room. He came back a few seconds later and
closed the door behind him. Lillah smiled. She scared him. The more people
she scared the more secure her position at Wolfram and Hart was. Any sign of
weakness and who knows what could happen. She opened the folder and the
woman's face dropped into a frown. Typical. Almost the end of the day and
Gavin Park had left her more paperwork. No doubt something to do with
asbestos in Angel's hotel. When the little prick was wasting his own time she
didn't mind but when it got in her way there'd be problems.

She pulled a few papers out and scanned over them quickly. Nothing special.
Just paperwork she had to sign for some minor project or other Park had in
mind. She took a pin from a small box and brought it to her finger. She
stopped. "Fuck it," she said to herself, putting the pin away and the papers
back into the folder. She could leave this until the next day. Make the
bastard wait.

Lillah grabbed her cell phone and put it into her bag. She needed to get home
anyway. She had a meeting with a client tomorrow. Some demon or other... she
couldn't remember exactly but rest would be good before she even started to
think about it.

Taking one last look at the office, the lawyer closed the door and locked it
behind her. She gave a few intimidating glares at some of the office boys who
were collecting the last papers of the day before making her way down to the
parking lot. She was late enough as it was. Only her own car remained. She
rummaged through her purse to find the keys but was suddenly knocked forward,
sending them tumbling under the car.


Lillah turned around. Two young men that she recognised from earlier were
towering over her. One had a knife in his hand. "What the hell do you think
you're doing?" she demanded.

One of them kicked her in the stomach. She gasped loudly and suddenly felt
the cold metal of the knife touching her neck. "Shut up," one of the men
demanded. "You do what we tell you and you don't get hurt."

"I swear, when this is over I swear I'll fucking..."

The other man kicked her again. "I don't think you heard my... associate
here. Maybe I should try repeating it. Shut the fuck up, bitch."

The first man grabbed her hair tightly as he dragged her up onto her feet.
He pushed her violently against the side of the car. "You know what we're
gonna do now?"

"Somehow I don't think it involves a movie and a restaurant," she remarked.

"Looks like the whore's got a sour mouth on her, Rick," the second man
frowned. "Let's do something about that." He quickly slashed her cheek with
the knife, letting the warm blood trickle down the side of her face.

"Getting the message now?" the first man, Rick it seemed he was called, said.
"Now... let's see what we have here..." He reached forward and touched
Lillah's firm breasts under her shirt. He squeezed them tightly. "Not bad,"
he grinned. Lillah refused to react. She stared coldly at him. He noticed.
"Look at you, trying to look like you're in control even now. You wanna know
what your control amounts to?"

Rick grabbed the knife from his partner and tore Lillah's shirt open with it.
With another flick he ripped her white silk bra which fell apart revealing
her tits to them both. He grinned as he traced the point of the knife around
her nipples. The cold metal made them erect. Still Lillah refused to react.
This seemed to piss Rick off even more. He hit her across the face with the
back of his hand and she fell to the ground hard.

He was quickly on top of her as he pulled her torn shirt off and threw it
aside. His hands roamed over her chest, playing with her nipples and rubbing
her breasts with his large hands. She began to struggle. "Get off me... I
swear I'll have you both burnt alive!"

"I don't doubt it," Rick replied. "But at least we take that goddamn look of
arrogance off your face." His hand moved down her body and up her short black
shirt until he reached the warmth between her legs. He began to rub her pussy
under the silk panties while his free hand kept the knife to her throat. His
friend stood above her, looking down as she was abused. Rick pulled off her
panties so that he could have easier access and slipped his finger between
her labia, thrusting it in and out of her tight hole. "Now we'll see if
you're as good as they say."

"As who says?" she grimaced.

"Oh, everyone..." Rick grinned as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his
already hard erection. "We've heard how you became head of Special Projects."
He pushed his thick cock into her face. "Suck it." She didn't comply. He hit
her again. "Suck it, whore!" Again nothing. His fist collided with her even
harder this time. She began to reluctantly move her head forward, letting her
tongue lick the bulging head, flicking over the hole. He moaned then thrust
it into her mouth. It stretched her lips, but she was able to get it in. She
began sucking on him as he tried to get more and more into her mouth.

He began to thrust into her warm mouth despite her muffled protests, grunting
each time he touched the back of her throat before pulling out and doing it
all over again. He kept repeating this until Lillah was gagging for air.
"Look at the slut," he said triumphantly. "Sucking my cock like the whore she
is... only she isn't getting a promotion this time... unless you count...
this." Lillah felt the hard cock throb inside her mouth as it seemed to get
bigger. Rick stopped thrusting and he suddenly pulled his cock from Lillah's
mouth and blasted his cum over her face, up her nose and into her eye. He
held her mouth open and made sure she stuck out her tongue. White cream kept
squirting from his cock into her mouth and all over her tongue. When he was
finished he held her mouth shut so she had to swallow it. Once he released
his grip she coughed and spluttered but couldn't get rid of the taste.

"Wanna go, Phil?" he asked his friend who already had his cock out ready so
there was no need for a reply.

Phil sat on top of Lillah, holding her down with one hand as he began to jerk
off in front of her. She slapped her face a few times with his fat cock
before pushing it between her lips, force-feeding her the hard meat. He
started doing the same as Rick, pushing it all the way down to her throat but
occasionally stopping there as he felt it clench around his erection, almost
milking it. He knew he was about to cum already and pulled it out of her
mouth. He began jerking off again and suddenly shot even more semen onto
Lillah's face then letting it blast over both of her breasts. She tried to
push him off. "Nuh-uh, bitch. Don't you get it? We're in charge here. You're
nothing. You may be all high and mighty up in your office but now you have
to submit..."

Rick was stroking his cock to hardness watching his friend cum all over the
lawyer. During her squirming he noticed her legs open and caught a clear
glimpse of her pussy and the small mound of brown hair. He got down between
her legs and pushed his cock into her. She tried to push against him but it
only caused him to fit more of himself into her. He began to hammer into her
repeatedly, thrusting deep into her belly with each stroke. She started
screaming uncontrollably, shouting abuse at him. Phil covered her mouth with
his hand as Rick kept up the pace. Lillah could feel her cunt stretch each
time he entered her but refused to stop putting up a fight but this only
drove her attacker even wilder. "Yeah, bitch!" he called out. "You ride my
cock! You love it don't you? You love the feel of a cock inside you...
violating you!" He fucked her pussy over and over until his cock began to
pulsate again. "Ready whore?" he called out as he came with a shout,
squirting into her belly. He continued to cum until Lillah's cunt was
overflowing. She struggled to get the cock out of her, not wanting the warm
fluids inside but he continued to thrust until he had deposited every last
drop of the gooey cum inside her.

Rick smiled as he offered Lillah to his friend. "Well, the way I see it
there's only one hole that this bitch needs to have filled up," he said.
Phil nodded as he began to stroke his cock, looking eagerly at the lawyer's
pert, round ass. He grabbed her waist and turned her over and pulled her up
so that her ass was up in the air. Lillah tried to struggled but Rick just
kicked her again. She stopped. Phil carefully spread her ass cheeks and
positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass. She felt pressure against
her sphincter as her asshole was forced open as her attacker pulled her
toward him and pushed the entire length of his cock up into her ass in one
motion. Lillah's ass muscles spasmed involuntarily around his cock. He
pulled slowly out and then pushed back in.

"For fuck's sake, man! You're meant to be fucking the whore's ass! Do
something!" Rick called out.

With that, Phil began rocking in and out of Lillah as his cock continued
to slide up and dow her asshole. She clenched her teeth as she felt it rub
against her unlubricated ass. A few strokes later he was fully embedded in
her again. Phil picked up the pace and began to hammer into Lillah's ass,
his balls bouncing off her asscheeks each time he forced himself all the
way into her tight hole. He could feel his climax building, and began
fucking her even harder. He pounded away at her as, trying to get deeper
and deeper inside her. He grunted as the first blast of hot cum shot up
Lillah's hole. She closed her eyes as she felt it continue to squirt into
her. She tried to pull off the hard cock but it was kept inside her until
the last shot left it dribbling out of her ass and down her legs. Phil
pulled out with a smile.

"That'll teach you, bitch," he grinned as he looked at Lillah on the floor.
Her tits were covered in cum and her legs were spread apart so that her
sement covered pussy and ass were exposed. "Not so on top of the goddamn
world now are you?"

They walked off laughing, leaving Lillah watching them go. She let them
have their fun. She hadn't got laid in months. They almost did her a favour
and tomorrow she would make sure they would be cursed. She wasn't entirely
sure on what curse it would be... but it would be something painful. No one,
she thought, makes Lillah Morgan feel vulnerable, if only for a few seconds,
a lives to tell the tale.



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