DISCLAIMER: All things Buffy and Angel are the property of Joss Whedon, and
Mutant Enemy Productions. I don't own them I'm just taking them for a while,
perverting them and putting them back in place slightly shakier and in more
or less one piece.

RATING/PAIRING: NC 17, Wesley/Fred (MF, cons, oral)

SPOILERS: "Soulless" (Season 4)

NOTE: Some early dialogue taken from the ‘Soulless’ script by Sarah Fain and
Elizabeth Craft

Angel: Forbidden
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

Wesley stood in the middle of his office looking through books that could
help the team tackle the problem that was the Beast as Angelus wasn’t exactly
forthcoming with information. He laughed a little. His office. Nearly a year
after Angel had made it clear that he was far from wanted and he still
thought of it as his office. It hadn’t been his since the day he took baby
Connor out with the attempt of averting what turned out to be a false
prophecy. It almost looked neat without his notes and translations scattered
all over the place.


Wes turned around to see Fred standing in the door. He gulped. Every time he
looked at her he was reminded of something he could never have. She was the
most beautiful woman he had ever set his eyes upon. Short, slim with long
dark hair and a smile that in the days before he was a hardened outcast would
have turned him to mush. Where once he saw her as a model of untainted
perfection, now he could only feel lustful thoughts whenever he looked at
her. But he couldn’t. Not now she was with Gunn. It wasn’t right.

“Hey,” he replied, trying not to give into the temptation that presented
itself to him. “Angelus mentioned something about a sword in Angel's fantasy.
I thought...” He shrugged and set the book down on the table. There was a
short, uncomfortable silence. He looked at Fred, trying desperately not to
picture her naked and bent over the desk with his cock slamming into her
tight pussy. Maybe Angelus was right about him after all.

“I wanted to thank you,” Fred began. “If hadn't have come in when you did...”
She glanced nervously into the hotel lobby, stopping herself.

Wes noticed. He knew she was feeling just as bad about what he was feeling as
he was but in her case it was out of fear that Gunn would react badly. “He's
not there,” he noted.

Fred lowered her head timidly. “It's... Charles heard what Angelus said. The
stuff about...”

“Me,” Wes said knowingly. As if he needed to even ask.

“Yeah, and...”

“How I feel about you.”

Fred nodded. “Yes.” Her voice was shaking a little as she brought up the
subject verbally for what was probably the first time. “Which is very sweet.
There's nothing wrong with it.”

Wes couldn’t help himself. Just looking at her and he was filled with a
passion more violent than even foulest of demons could ever muster. “Yes,
there is,” he told her, stepping forward suddenly and pulling her into a
kiss. She didn't resist. In fact, she responded, wrapping her arms around
him and letting him slide his tongue into her mouth. She tasted sweet, so
fresh. The feel of her hands around his back seemed almost too much. He
had wanted this for so long...

She suddenly pulled away, the guilt clearly visible in her eyes as Gunn
walked in from the lobby. Wesley reacted as quickly as he could, turning
back to the book on the table.

Gunn quickly noticed the tense atmosphere that was prevalent in the office.
“What's going on?” he asked suspiciously.

“N-nothing,” Fred said evasively but her guilt was far too evident. Anyone
could have seen through it.

Gunn’s eyes narrowed angrily. “Did he just...”

“Of course not. Charles, let's...”

She tried to bring his attention back to the monitor that showed what was
going on in Angelus’ cage in the basement but he wasn’t having any of it.
“You better tell me what the hell I just walked in on,” he grimaced.

“We were just...”

“What? Researching?” Gunn asked sarcastically.

Wes realised it was time to stand in between what was going to turn into a
huge fight. It was the encounter that they both knew was coming. “You want
to do this, deal with me. Leave Fred out of it.”

Gunn stalked over to Wes, fuming. “*You* better leave Fred out of this.
You don't think I see the way you look at her?” He turned to Fred who was
pleading with him to calm down. “And you, running off to him every time you
need help, like I'm not good enough.”

Wes stood his ground, preparing to hit his old friend once he was given
enough reason. Fred must have noticed that they were both on the verge of
coming to blows and was getting quite visibly desperate. “No! That's not...
This isn't the time...”

Gunn was just inches away from Wesley’s face now. They could feel the heat
coming off each other as their tempers rose to even greater heights. “I'm
telling you to stay away from her.”

Looking back at the events, Wes wasn’t entirely sure how the fight itself
started but very soon they were in the lobby, beating each other as hard as
they could while Fred pleaded with them to stop. Soon the rest of the gang
tried to get involved, pulling the two angry men away from each other. It
was when Fred herself tried this she found herself on the receiving end of
Gunn’s back swing, knocking her into the reception desk, her mouth bleeding.

Wes and Gunn broke apart, looking in horror at what they had done. Wesley
wasn’t sure what was going to happen now but it quickly became obvious that
he wouldn’t have to. Connor had disappeared into the basement to face Angelus
and everyone was distracted. While Cordelia and Lorne shared concerned
glances, Fred had managed to slip upstairs. Wes noticed her go but felt it
best to wait a while before he went to check on her.

* * *

When Wesley finally knocked on Fred’s bedroom door around fifteen minutes
had passed. He heard her sobbing on the other side and was sure he made out
an invitation to come in. Turning the handle slowly, he walked inside to see
Fred sitting on the bed, her arms wrapped around her knees, fighting back
tears that must have been a mixture of anger and pity. “I-I’m sorry...” he

She looked up him, not bothering to wipe her eyes. “It’s not your fault. I
shouldn’t have kissed you back...”

“That’s not what I’m sorry about,” Wes said sternly. “Of everything that
happened, that’s the one thing I’m not even in the slightest bit sorry
about.” He moved closer to her, sitting down on the bed next to her. “But
I do apologise for it coming to blows. I’m sure you appreciate that was
the very last thing I wanted to happen.”

“But it was going to, wasn’t it?” Wesley didn’t respond. He just looked at
Fred, his eyes never leaving hers. She turned away quickly. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” the former Watcher asked. “Look at you as though the only
thing I want to do is kiss you again?”

“We can’t! You saw what happened just now!”

Wes nodded silently. “Just tell me one thing. One thing and I’ll leave you
be.” Fred looked curiously at him. “Tell me you don’t feel anything.”


“Tell me and I’ll go. I’ll let you and Gunn continue in whatever you want and
won’t interfere again. That’s all you need to do. If you don’t then I’m just
going to stay here and...”

“And what?” Fred asked.

“Do this...” Wesley leaned in closer to Fred again. His lips touched hers
without her pulling away. The kiss was soft and gentle at first but very
quickly became more firm as he began to explore the shape and contours of
her lips and mouth. She pressed her lips against his, desperately trying to
get even closer than they already were. Wes reached around to the back of
her head, puling them both closer together, deepening the kiss. Without
even thinking about the consequences, his other hand began to caresses her
shoulder before gliding down to cup her small breast under the material of
her white, flowered shirt. She moaned as his tongue entered her mouth and he
was reminded once again of her sweetness. Her hands circled around his back
and she ran her fingers through his hair. He finally broke the kiss and
pulled back, smiling. “I believe I got my answer.”

“Oh god, Wesley,” Fred moaned as she reached down and pulled her shirt off,
throwing it across the room. She wasn’t wearing a bra which made Wesley’s
attack on her breasts all the easier. He took one of the small, round orbs
into his hand and lapped at it, running his tongue in circles around the
pink nipple that became harder. She grabbed the back of his head, pushing
him further into her chest and he hungrily attacked her. After a few minutes
of this, she pushed him towards her other breast and he did the same. All
the while, the skinny Texan girl kept moaning and breathing heavily as she
got more and more excited.

After what seemed like a blissfully eternity with his face buried in her
small bosom, Fred released Wes. He looked at her again, as if to make sure
she wasn’t feeling guilty anymore. She wasn’t. Any trace of the guilt she
had felt back in the office was gone. Once he was sure she was comfortable
with this, something that was confirmed by a silent agreement shared when
they looked into each other’s eyes, he began to move down her slim body,
planting kissing along her stomach as he did so until he reached her pants.
Fred was already struggling to unbutton them. He helped her out and began
to pull them down over her waist.

She was wearing tiny black g-string panties which could be unfastened at the
sides. He had them off her in a matter of seconds, hurling them across the
room. He looked down at what he had sought for far too long. Her pussy was
neatly trimmed, the dark brown hairs shaped to be covered by the skimpiest
of panties. He leaned in closer, his breath against her sensitive area
eliciting a pleasurable moan from her lips. He gently parted her legs with
his hands, and began to slowly stroke the outer folds of her pussy, slipping
one finger inside. Fred’s body tensed, wanting more. “Wesley...” she sighed,
but said nothing more, leaving him to his work. His finger slid deeper inside
her increasingly moist hole. She shifted her hips against his hand, until he
finally found the small button that he knew will bring her to the edge.

As he continued to build up the pressure of his finger and hand, Fred began
to moan and slowly thrust her hips against his touch as she felt waves of
pleasure begin, deep within her, then spreading outward. Wes looked down at
the woman beneath him, seeing the traces of guilt still remaining in her
eyes. Her stroked her cheek with his free hand. “Just give in to it,” he
whispered in her ear. She did, allowing the amazing sensations to flood
through her entire body, feeling every nerve ending tingle. Wes didn’t need
to do much more and with only the lightest stroke, send wave after wave of
pleasure crashing through Fred, and she let out a yelp followed by a long,
quiet groan that sounded almost like a purr.

When the sensations subsided, she slowly opened her eyes to see him smiling
down at me. She smiled back at him, every part of the guilt she felt
draining away as she reached up and pulled Wes down into a passionate kiss.
Her hands travelled across his well-worn face, her soft skin brushing
against his stubble. This wasn’t the Wesley she knew when they first met. He
was an outcast now, almost as brooding as Angel. Strangely, she felt more
comfortable around this Wes than the one whose place he took. She finally
broke away. “Thank you,” she gasped.

“I’m not done yet,” he told her.

Fred looked down between their warm, heaving bodies and watched as he rubbed
his now released dick up and down the length of her slit. Fred wrapped her
arms around Wesley’s neck and pushed herself down onto him and gasped as her
cunt lips parted allowing his throbbing cock to slide deeper into her soaking
wet hole. He reached under her slim body and spread her legs and started to
thrust into her, slowly at first. Fred looked up as Wes with a an expression
on her face as if to tell him to speed up. He nodded in silent acknowledgment
and soon she was rocking violently on the bed each time he drove his raging
hard on into her. “Oh yes,” she groaned her sweet Southern accent throatier
than before. “Fuck me, Wes! Yes! Just like that! Ram it in me!” He continued
riding her cunt, watching her small tits jiggle and bounce as he relentlessly
rocked her back and forth along his hard cock. Her moans and calls became
quieter as she focused on what he was doing. She tightened her grip around
him as she pushed down onto him, to embed his dick further inside her tight,
wet pussy.

It was too much for both of them. Fred could feel another orgasm taking over
while Wes knew that he was going to cum any second. Fred pulled Wes into
another kiss, his chest pressing against her tits and his tongue sliding into
her mouth. She gently bit down on his lower lip as she felt his cock explode
into her pulsating cunt. As he filled her up with his cum, she came loudly,
her screams of pleasure blocked out only by forcing her lips even tighter
against his.

They lay there for several minutes, in each other’s arms and looking down at
each other. Eventually, Wes pulled out of Fred’s soaking wet cunt, leaving a
trail of his cum run down her thighs. “Fred...” he began, his voice low.

“I know,” she replied. “I know you do but...”

“You’re going to bring my old policy on office romances back aren’t you?” he
said a little bitterly before biting his lip. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Fred sighed. “I just need time. With everything that’s going
on... with the Beast... with Angelus... It’s not right.”

“I understand,” Wes said, showing signs of the hurt boy that was hidden
somewhere under the angry, toughened exterior. He shook it off as soon as he
noticed he was showing Fred a side of himself he didn’t want her to see. He
came in as the one in control as he always had been with Lilah but now the
power was in Fred’s hands. “But will it be?”

“Maybe,” she said with a smile.



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