Synopsis: After Cordelia's return, Angel loses his soul. Angelus comes out
to play. He proceeds to get rid of Angel's friends and takes control of
Wolfram & Hart. Along the way, he seduces Spike, Harmony as well as a couple
of teenage prostitutes in Chinatown. Since he's going out in style, Angelus
does a little murder and mayhem along the way.

Angel: Full Time Killer (MF,MMF,MM,inter)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Sunnydale, California

The demon ran. It ran over the rooftops for a long time, leaping here and
there with uncanny agility. It finally reached the edge of a rather tall
building. It gazed at the ground. The ground was a good sixty feet below.

The demon was a Tkare. A seven-foot tall, yellow-eyed, purple-skinned
humanoid creature with sharp curvy horns, claws and fangs. It had a small
tail which ended in a spiked ball. The Tkare were demonic predators not
used to being hunted. They ruled the night. They did not fear other demons,
vampires or werewolves. They did not fear human beings. But, like all things
that went bump in the night, they feared the Slayer.

This particular Tkare was named Midkor. He had the ability to change form at
will, like the rest of his kind. They lived among humans without ever being
noticed. Unfortunately for Midkor, he chose to snack on the wrong human. He
chose a dark haired young girl named Dawn Summers. The sister of Buffy
Summers, the Vampire Slayer. Now, the Slayer was after him. Overconfidence
was Midkor's undoing. He attacked Buffy, thinking she was a normal human
girl. He was so wrong. Now, she was after him. Hearing a noise, he turned
around and saw her. A slender, blonde-haired pretty girl dressed in street
attire and carrying a broadsword. She came at him. He roared and attacked.
Buffy sliced and diced. Midkor's scream filled the air. Then, the great demon
lay still. It was over.

Buffy Summers went home. Her sister was safe. The demon was dead. Mission

* * *

Los Angeles, California.

Kala Johnson was sleeping when something woke her up. She knew instantly.
The death cry of her mate. Midkor. He was dead and she was sure of it. They
shared a telepathic bond. She knew he had died fighting for his life. She
also knew he had been killed by the Slayer.

She wept. She was a strange being. Part Tkare demon, part human. She looked
like an ordinary human. Well, a five-foot-eleven, black-skinned, long-haired
african american woman of some twenty six years of age. Her body was lean and
muscular. She was the offspring of a Tkare demon female named Jakdare who had
a "liaison" with a human, a black male named Kevin Johnson. She had been
raised by her human father. He taught her a lot. When she was sixteen, she
became aware of her demon side. The same side of her nature that manifested
itself as super strength ( she could lift 2000 pounds), keen senses and the
ability to regenerate.

She was making a name for herself as an actress in LA. She appeared in all of
the fifty episodes of the nightime drama series "Midnight Lady". A show about
a woman with special abilities as a result of a genetic experiment gone
wrong. She was famous. She went out with James Harrison, a professional
Football player. He was a decent guy who cared about her. No one knew who or
what she truly was. She wasn't sure either until she met a man named Midkor.
He wasn't a man but a demon shapeshifter. He taught her who and what she was
and how to use her abilities. They became lovers. They shared a telepathic
link. He introduced her to the underworld of vampires, demons, werewolves
and all sorts of supernatural beings and creatures. She was grateful for

She disliked the world of the humans. A world where there were so many rules.
In the underworld, there was only one rule: humans were not allowed to know
of the underground. Anything else was cool. She met some celebrities who were
really into meeting demons and stuff. Heck, she recognized Jessica Lundy, a
supermodel in the LA area at a fuck party in Beverly Hills. Lundy had an
interest in demon males. Her boyfriend, Web designer Todd Moore was into
vampire females. She loved Midkor. She was a bisexual actress/model in LA.
She could have the best looking women and the most well endowed men of the
city if she wanted. But she loved Midkor. He was strong and protected her.
He was not jealous when she had escapades with humans, males or females. He
treated her well. In public, he appeared in a rather odd human disguise,
that of a short, balding little man. Tkare demons never liked to attract
attention. When they were in private, he would assume the form of just about
anyone she wanted and they would fuck. In a single night, he would become
anything from an athlete to a scholar to a matronly woman to a teenage girl.
She could have it all.

Now, he was gone.


Tkare demons were not immortal but they had a lifespan of about 1000 years.
She did not know how long she would live since she was a half breed but knew
that long after most people she knew were dead, she would still be around.
She just always assumed Midkor would be around. She sat in her plush living
room, and thought up just about everything she knew about the Slayer. Buffy
Summers had one great love, and that was the vampire Angelus. Angel, she
reminded herself. The goody-two-shoes vampire with a soul. The one just about
everybody in the underworld feared to cross. She would kill Angel and make
Buffy suffer through him.


He woke up in his office in Los Angeles. He slept there, again. He watched
his daily surroundings. Or does he? Angel experienced one moment of happiness
when Cordelia Chase returned. He lost his soul. He returned to his state as
Angelus, the One with the Angelic Face. The Scourge of Europe. The most vile
and infamous vampire that ever walked the planet. There's Angelus for ya. He
was having so much fun. He sent his "friends" elsewhere. Charles Gunn was on
a mission to DC. Spike was gone to Vegas. Fred and Wesley went to New York
to find some old books from an interdimensional dealer. He was having fun.
Angelus was just the more pure, honest form of Angel.

The people of the underworld thought they knew Angel. He was a do-gooder.
What they didnt know was that he was a tragic closet case. Yep. Angel had
certain "feelings" that he repressed. He liked sex with girls. Darla and
Drusilla were proof of that. He clung to women out of despair because he
couldn't deal with the fact that at the very least he was bi-sexual and at
worst, a flaming queen. Angel had sex with Spike. Angelus remembered that
night well.

Angel was in the gym of Wolfram & Hart. Spike was around. Angel's long
repressed feelings came back. He approached Spike and kissed him. Spike
kissed him back. The next thing you knew, Spike and Angel were on the
floor, rolling about. Spike sucked Angel's cock until he was hard then
let Angel screw him in the ass. Angel grabbed Spike's slim waist and
fucked him good. Spike moaned in pleasure as Angel came within him. The
two lovers lay in each other's arms. Angel realized what he had done.
Naturally, being the stupid closet case that he was, he felt guilty,
dirty and ashamed. He ran. Spike watched him go. Angel was pathetic.
Spike was all too happy to leave for Las Vegas.

Angel had gone back to his office and wanted to "prove to himself" that he
was still "straight." Yeah, the kind of straight guy that fucked guys,
enjoyed it then went "Oh my God, what have I done ?"

He called Harmony into his office. Harmony was a petite blonde, kind of
pretty girl. She was Angel's secretary. Also, she was a vampire. She always
liked Spike but had to admit she liked Angel as well. He was so hot and
serious, brooding all the time. She just wanted to fuck him but apparently,
every female who ever got close to Angel had issues. Either he killed you
as Angelus, or messed you up. Buffy, Faith, Drusilla, Darla and countless
others were among the many females that got messed up from relationships
with Angel. Harmony knew better than that. She wanted sex, period. Fabulous
sex. Nothing more.

She went in Angel's office after being summoned. She immediately noticed
something different about him. He was dressed better and full of a confidence
she did not know he had. He had the smiling thing going on for him as opposed
to the brooding. He looked good, in a bad-ass kind of way. He reminded her of

"Hello, Harm," he said as she walked in. She smiled. He came over to her and
caressed her butt. "Nice and firm," he said.

"Mr. Angel, what are you doing to me?" she asked coyly.

"Showing you who's boss," he said.

Angelus grabbed her and kissed her. Harmony kissed him back. He was sucking
her tits and caressing her pussy, having taken her out of her clothes. She
was sucking his cock, making him rock hard. Angelus enjoyed the sight of a
beautiful blonde chick sucking his cock. He came all over Harmony's face and
watched as she drank his cum.

She lay on the desk, legs spread and waiting for him. He came and took her
like this, thrusting his big cock deep in her pussy. Harmony moaned in
pleasure. Angel morphed into his vamp face and bit her. She morphed as well
and bit him, and they sucked each other's blood while fucking. The two
vampires were soon grunting in pleasure and pain. Angel lay on the desk and
watched as Harmony impaled her smooth, tight little ass on his cock. She
began bouncing up and down on his cock as he fucked her, hard. He loved the
feeling of a tight asshole around his cock. In his day, he loved fucking
butts, period. It didn't matter if it was Darla's or Spike's. A butt was
nice and tight no matter who it belonged to. Angelus fucked Harmony's ass
for awhile, then went back to her pussy, plowing her love tunnel and
plundering her flesh until the two of them lay, exhausted in each other's

Then, Angelus sent Harmony on her way. He sat back in his chair, having
put his clothes back on. Once again, he looked like a handsome, successful
businessman. Unlike most businessmen, Angelus had full control of his
business. Wolfram & Hart was his. He was a vampire, and a bisexual one at
that. Lots of hotties of both sexes worked under him. Unlike Angel, he
planned to enjoy himself again. He decided to take the afternoon off.

He went to Chinatown, and entered a building. Although it looked like a
Shoe shop, it was actually a brothel. Angel had driven by there but been
too scared to go in, fear of losing his soul and all. Angelus had no such
constraint. He was bi, he was proud and he had wealth and power to match.
He had it all.

He approached the pimp of the place, a tall, skinny white man and paid him
$200 to rent two of his "employees". He chose two of what he liked. Manika,
a tall, slim black girl with a shaved head. She was about sixteen or
seventeen. Andrew, a skinny boy of sixteen. Andrew had bronze skin. He was
mulatto. "Hello, guys," Angelus said.

He did not waste time taking them to bed. They undressed quickly. Angelus
kissed first Andrew, then Manika. He caressed her breasts with one hand
and Andrew's lengthening cock with another. He lay back on bed while the
beautiful teenagers combined their skills to give him one hell of a blowjob.
Then, he kissed Manika again. She kissed him back and he sucked on her tits.
Andrew sucked Angelus's cock. He almost cried in joy as the boy worked his
magic on him.

Meanwhile, Angelus ate Manika's pussy. The black girl writhed and moaned
under Angelus's expert lovemaking. Angelus made her get off of him and began
to pleasure Andrew, sucking the boy's cock. Manika sucked Angelus's cock
until he was erect then lowered herself upon it. She gasped when Angelus's
big cock entered her pussy. She began to bounce up and down on it, all the
while watching the intensely erotic scene of Angelus pleasuring Andrew.

Finally, Andrew came and Angelus drank his cum. They put Manika between
them. She sucked Andrew's cock while Angelus fucked her pussy. He fucked her,
enjoying her tightness until he came in her. Then, he had a go with Andrew.
Andrew gritted his teeth as Angelus entered his ass. Manika got underneath
Andrew, sucking his cock with her mouth and spreading his asscheeks so
Angelus could fuck him better.

Manika suddenly left and came back with a strap-on dildo and strapped it on.
She got behind Angelus and lubed up his ass. She entered him from behind,
gently penetrating his ass as he butt-fucked Andrew. Angelus grunted as
Manika fucked his ass and fucked Andrew all the harder. Then, he came and
Andrew screamed in pleasure and pain as Angelus' hot cum filled his bowels.

Angelus took out his cock and, without ceremony made Manika get on her hands
and knees, spreading her asscheeks wide apart so that he could fuck her. He
entered her ass gently. He got in six then eight inches and then began to
fuck her. Manika grimaced in pain but did not scream as Angelus's huge cock
filled her ass. Angelus fucked her, hard.

Andrew came behind Angelus and began to fuck the vampire's ass with his
thick cock. Angelus fucked Manika and she grunted and moaned as he fucked
her ass, going deeper and deeper. Andrew fucked Angelus, grabbing his waist
and steadying him. Andrew felt Angelus's ass tighten around his cock and
came. At the same time, Manika clenched her ass and Angelus gasped as the
shock sent an orgasm rocking his body and he shot his load in her ass. All
three of them came simultaneously.

"OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! My ASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Manika squealed.

Angelus groaned as Andrew's hot cum filled his ass. "AH, so warm!" he said.

All three of them lay in bed, spent.

"Oh, God, that was good," Angelus said.

Manika smiled. "Yeah, and I'm gonna have trouble walking tomorrow," she said.

Angelus and Andrew broke into laughter. "Join the club", they said.

Angelus knew he had to leave but couldn't do so without leaving his calling

* * *

Three bodies were found mutilated by the LAPD in the building that afternoon,
the two teenage prostitutes and the white pimp. Strangely enough, all three
had wooden stakes shoved up their asses.


After his sexcapades, Angelus returned to Wolfram & Hart. He was very
surprised to see that he had a visitor. Someone he did not know but sure as
hell wanted to. A tall, good-looking black woman with a sculpted body greeted
him with a friendly grin. "Are you Angel?" she said.

"Most of the time, sadly," he said. He shook her hand, nice and firm.

"I am Kala Johnson, the new head of security." she said.

"Really," Angelus said. "Head girl, huh?" he wanted to say. But he kept it to
himself. "Would you step into my office?" he asked.

They sat there for awhile and talked for a long time. She was a
model/actress who wanted to work as a security person. She was also pretty
damn hot. Also, a half demon if his senses were right. Angelus looked forward
to "working" with her. He told her so. She smiled and shook his hand.

"Pleasure's all mine, sir," she said. She exited.

Angelus watched her go. Great body. Nice ass. He was gonna have some fun
seducing this fine sistah... eh heh heh.

He did not notice the quiet mockery in Kala Johnson's eyes. Phase one of her
plan was working. She was gonna kill Angelus, and he just handed her the keys
to his kingdom. What she didn't know was that Angelus knew what she was and
was already anticipating her demise, after humping her of course.

The End


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