Angel: Girl Knight (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The city of Los Angeles. It is a city like no other. People come there with
dreams and goals. People also come there to make it, period. There are a lot
of men and women there and each and every single one of them has a story to
tell. There are the big-time business people, the wealthy politicians and the
superstars of the Entertainment industry. Models, actors, rockstars, ect.
Those men and women that the western world worships after seeing them on tv.
America especially has become fascinated by all these happenings in the lives
of celebrities.

This adds power to the paparazzis. The heart of America can be found in Los
Angeles. America was built out of a competititve spirit, not an overwhelming
desire for justice and equality. Anyone who believes that sugar-coated
bullshit is kidding themselves. There are some very powerful men and women
in the city of Los Angeles. Power comes in many forms. You've got the rich
people in the business side, the actors and actresses, the wealthy artists
and performers, the music industry moguls, and then you've got those with
the real power. The world you see means nothing. Forget about Terrorists.
Forget about the War in Iraq. Forget the man-hating Feminists who've got
their clutches in the Western power centers. Forget the prominent Gay Rights
activists. Forget the Church leaders. Forget all of them. Forget the
activists and the politicians.

Look beneath the world you know and you will discover what is really going
on. There are powerful forces at work in Los Angeles.

There are the vampires, werewolves, demons and monsters. There are also the
witches and warlocks. Supernatural beings, hell beasts and creatures of all
sort. They prowl the night. They have chosen the men and women of the earth
as their prey. Humanity is not equipped to fight them. Humanity denies they
exist. They do exist. They hurt the humans. They murder and tease and torture
and devour them. No one is safe. If one of these things comes after you, the
cops will not be able to help you. No one can help you.

Well, someone might be able to.

That person is Angel. Angel the vampire with a soul. The dude who helps the
humans. He's totally cool. He's got super strength, he heals really quick and
has that whole immortality thing. He's one of the good guys. Actually, he's
a switch hitter. No, he doesn't swing both ways...not in this tale, anyway.
He used to be one of the lead baddies. The legendary vampire Angelus. Now,
he's changed. He's got a soul. He feels a lot of sympathy for humanity. He
cares for the humans. No, he's not a wimp and he is not Oprah. He's a macho
macho man. He gets the ladies, he's cool. He's got that brooding guy thing
and basically he's alright.

Presently, Angel is stalking some rather dangerous prey. You see, there is
this guy named Alan Wicks. He's a bad-ass dude. His lady is even worse. Her
name is Natalie. Alan Wicks was a mob guy. He got killed in a mob hit. His
lady got real pissed and tried to hire a guy to kill those who did him in.
The problem was that the hit on Wicks was ordered by Mr. Marcus, a guy whom
no one will touch because he's backed up by the Furian Demons.

The Furians are a race of nasty demons. Eight-foot tall humanoids with
green skin, red eyes, claws and fangs. These things have a lot of strength
and speed. The weird thing is that they can also turn invisible, for short
periods of time. You can never tell if Mr. Marcus is alone or not because
of the Furians. The Furians come from a parallel dimension called Furia.
The Portal to Furia opens once every thousand years. Miss Natalie hired a
powerful magician to summon a demonic army to come to earth and destroy the
man who killed her beloved. The magician's tricks did not work as planned.
Instead of opening the Portal to Furia to summon some Furians to enlist in
Miss Natalie's cause, the magician opened a Portal to Xibalba. Xibalba is
not a pleasant place to be.

It's a world so scary and full of so much evil that most demons will not
even mention its name. The Portal let out some nasty evil creatures with a
lot of power. These unidentified supernatural monsters are wreaking havoc
in Los Angeles. In one day, they killed fifty five people. This got the
attention of Angel, the Vampire With a Soul. Angel came to the rescue. A
champion fighting for the rights of men and women alike.

Angel was in a dark alley. The prey he was stalking was not of this world.
A strange beast that ressembled a dog. Only it was jet-black, with glowing
red eyes. It was about the size of a donkey. Angel stared at the beast,
brandishing a large battle-axe. The creature looked at him. Clearly, it had
never seen a vampire before. Vampires were creatures of the earthly plane.
They never ventured into other worlds.

The canine monster came at him, snarling and roaring forward. Angel waited
as the beast charged him. Exploding into action, Angel suddenly launched
himself at the charging beast. They collided. Steel axe met supernatural
flesh and blood. The beast caught the axe in its teeth and tried to snap it
in its jaws. Angel hung on and started striking the beast with his balled
fists. He was a lot stronger than any man could ever be. The beast staggered
underneath Angel's blows. Angel struck it again and again. He screamed as
the beast's jaws clamped on his thigh. He brought down his hands on the
beast's skull with superhuman strength. The beast did not let go. It drove
Angel to the ground and started biting him in multiple places and scratching
him, trying to get to the vampire's neck. Angel felt a twinge of fear. If
the supernatural beast's slavering jaws closed in around his neck, he would
surely die. For good. With renewed resolve, he fought. He got a hand around
the beast's neck and caught it in a death-grip. The beast tried to chomp
down on Angel, trying to swallow his head but the vampire drew back and held
onto the beast's skull. He tried to ignore the pain he felt in so many

The beast struggled in Angel's superhuman grip but the vampire held on and
watched as the life ebbed from the supernatural beast's great body. The beast
lay at Angel's feet, dead. Angel the vampire feels his strength leaving his
body. He looks at the skies above Los Angeles and knows the sun will rise
soon. Still, he cannot move on. He knows he is wounded but suddenly feels
paralyzed. His strength leaves his body, leaving him completely weak. The
vampire realizes that the supernatural beast's bite must have been poisonous.
A poison designed to sap the strength of the beast's prey and leave them
helpless. In the case of the vampire, being undead made the poison lose most
of its effectiveness but that was not indefinite. Angel lay on the ground,
helpless and exposed. The heavens were clearing looked like it was
gonna be a beautiful day...with a bit of irony Angel realized that this day
was gonna be his last one on Earth.

At the Hotel...

Cordelia Chase bolted awake. She had been sleeping soundly when she woke up.
She had been in the throes of a violent nightmare. She looked around, feeling
a bit disoriented. She was in familiar surroundings and calmed down pretty
quickly. She knew she was alone in the Hotel. Gunn was visiting his family in
East L.A. Wesley was in England. Fred, the nerdy female scientist was in the
country with her parents. There was no one at the Hotel with her. Well, Angel
should be there. She got down and walked to the waiting area. The front desk,
that is.

Cordelia Chase wore a blue shirt and sweatpants. She looked good, even right
after she woke up. A strikingly beautiful girl. Not just any girl but one of
the agents of the Powers That Be, a woman with the ability to get Visions.
Those Visions allowed her to see people in trouble. They also allowed her to
see into the past, present and future at certain times. She thought she'd get
coffee and watch television before beginning her daily routine when suddenly,
she got a brain-splitting headache. She knew what that meant. A Vision!!!
Courtesy of the Powers That Be. The Vision was so powerful that it rocked her
whole body and threw her back against a wall and she slid on the floor.

She lay there, writhing in pain and shock. The Powers That Be had sent her a
very disturbing vision. Cordelia got up and rushed to the building parking
lot. She just hope she was not too late...

She drove frantically to the neighborhood in East L.A. where she had glimpsed
Angel's fall. There she went, her heart beating at a frantic pace. She found
him in an alley. "Oh, my God!" she said. "Angel!"

Cordelia looked at Angel's body. He was just lying there, bruised, broken and
battered. Yet alive. He was a vampire. Had he been slain, his body would have
turned into dust. She knelt by his side. "Angel." she said.

His eyes were closed and he said nothing. She looked at the gigantic beast
he had slain. The fight had been a tough one and taken its toll even on the

Cordelia took Angel's body into her car and wrapped a sheet over him to
protect him from the sunlight. She drove rapidly to the hotel. He was taller
and larger than her, but she still managed to get him inside. She didn't know
how the body of a vampire worked. Would Angel die from his injuries? She took
him to the bathroom and slowly undressed him, stripping him to his boxers.
She admired his almost nude, sexy body. She had wanted to see him that way
for so long. But not in those circumstances. She went to the medicine cabinet
and took alcohol and bandages. She took care of his wounds as best as she
could. Using all the strength that she had, she managed to take him to bed.
She closed the windows and put sheets over them. She didn't want any sunlight
to come and harm him.

She could only hope and pray that his body would heal itself. He had been
wounded so badly...ugh. Cordelia sat on a chair, sitting by Angel's bed
and watching him sleep. She watched him as he slept. He was just the most
beautiful man. Even now, she felt a longing in her heart for him. She ached
to touch him. The man she had loved for years but could never have. Cordelia
Chase had been in love with Angel since Sunnydale. Back then, she had been
a rich preppy girl and he had been the dark champion of the forces of Good,
fighting for humanity and Buffy Summers's heart. Angel had truly loved Buffy
Summers and Cordelia Chase respected that. Still, she couldn't stop wanting
him so...a girl could dream, couldn't she?

Watching Angel sleep, Cordelia was reminded of the countless nights when she
had seen him go into danger. Angel, risking life and limb to help men and
women who would probably despise him if they knew who and what he really was.
Angel, always risking his life for humanity. Angel, the noblest soul she
knew. He was like the poetical knight in shining armor. Cordelia smiled to
herself when she thought of Angel as the knight in shining armor. He wasn't
into brightness, being a vampire.

Nah, he would probably be a dark knight. Always rescuing people. Well,
tonight she had rescued him. She was HIS knight in shining armor. Could
girls be knights back in those days? Cordelia wondered. Nah, probably
not. Oh, well. This was the twenty first century so she was a girl and
a knight. A knight-girl. Nah, a Girl-Knight. Angel stirred in his sleep
and Cordelia took a closer look at him.

Angel was one hell of a sexy guy. Damn. Cordelia couldn't count the number of
times she had wanted to jump into bed with him. To take him into her arms and
make love to him until he begged for mercy. When Angel came to L.A. she had
given him many strong hints that she wanted to be more than friends. She
thought that without Buffy around, he would come to notice her. Big mistake.
Angel did not see Cordelia Chase as more than a buddy. To him, she was his
friend. That's it. No kisses, no hugs, no throw-down in the sheets. Cordelia
Chase felt...frustrated.

She dated these days but the guys she went out with were nothing like Angel.
She loved him but he didn't want her...not that way. Still, a girl had needs.
Cordelia went after tall and dark guys who reminded her of her dark champion.

Angel didn't date. He was not interested in women. He didn't seem interested
in s sex. That police officer, Kate Lockley liked him big-time but he kept
their relationship platonic. For a moment, Cordelia had actually feared that
Kate had a chance with Angel. Angel seemed to have a thing for blondes with
attitude. Nope. Angel the vampire was a celibate gentleman. No woman could
change his mind. This only made Cordelia Chase want him more. Now, here he
was. She watched him. She watched him all day. When she finally got the need
to leave (she had to go to the bathroom), it was night time.

When Cordelia Chase came back, she got a big surprise. Angel stood in the
middle of the room, looking disoriented. Cordelia's heart beat faster.
"Angel!" she said. She went over to him and gave him a hug.

Angel held her and looked at her. "What happened?" he asked. "The last thing
I remember is fighting this thing."

Cordelia told him how a vision told her where he was and she got there right
in time to save him from death by sunlight. Angel winced at the thought of
being exposed to daylight.

"I slept all day?" he asked.

Cordelia nodded. "Yeah, I looked after you." she said.

He looked at her, something odd in his eyes. Cordelia Chase was mesmerized
by those gorgeous eyes of his. God, she wanted this man so much it made her
ache. She prayed that maybe he had seen through her latest actions and
realized that she loved him. She hoped he would take her into his arms and
tell her he felt the same.

"What would I do without you?" he said. He smiled at her. Cordelia smiled
back. He smiled in a friend way and not an I-love-you-too-Cordy way.

"Have we received any calls?" he asked her.

Cordelia was snapped out of her reverie by Angel's baritone voice. "Yeah."
she said. "Let me check."

She felt tears welling up in her eyes but stopped them. She went to the
telephone and listened to the messages. She played them right before Angel.
Apparently, the city was under attack by these inter-dimensional entities.
The local supernatural forces as well as the human world did not know how
to face them. Cordelia played the news. One hundred people had died in Los
Angeles today. And the toll in these mysterious and gruesome deaths was

After she played the news and messages, Cordelia looked at Angel, who had
fallen silent. He was now wearing a black silk shirt, black pants and some
nice shoes.

"Where's Gunn and the others?" he asked.

"Gone." said Cordelia.

Angel looked sad. Cordelia once more wanted to go to him, hold him and do
anything in her power to make him feel better. Still, she reminded herself
that he did not feel that way about her and it would look awkward so she
didn't. "It's just me." he said. "All alone in the night."

Cordelia looked at him and shook her head. "What are you going to do, Angel?"

Angel looked at her. "Fight these things." he said, face grim with

Cordelia Chase thought that she had heard wrong. "Excuse me?" she said.
"Surely you're not going back out there?"

Angel looked at her. "There are people who need my help." he said. "I've
gotta go."

Cordelia walked up to him. "You are not fully healed." she said.

Angel stared at her. "People need me." he said.

Cordelia realized that there was no getting through to him. "It's too risky."
she said. "You shouldn't go. You could die."

Angel shook his head. "Like the world is gonna miss someone like me." he said

Cordelia could not believe her ears. She didn't care about the world. "The
world doesn't want you gone." she said.

"Doesn't it?" Angel asked.

"I don't want you to go, Angel." she said.

He glared at her, surprised. "What did you say?"

Cordelia knew she was baring her soul to him and making herself vulnerable
but she didn't care. "I need you, Angel, please stay with me."

Angel looked at Cordelia. She stood there, looking at him. She was her usual
self. Tall and beautiful, incredibly resourceful and surprisingly vulnerable
at times. He paused as if to memorize every part of her. He couldn't believe
what she had just said.

"I love you, Angel." Cordelia blurted out. "I always have." She stood there,

Disbelief showed on Angel's handsome face. He looked at Cordelia. "Oh,
Cordy." he said.

'Here it comes,' Cordelia thought. 'He's gonna reject me.'

She fully expected Angel to tell that he didn't love her and that he cared
for her a lot but only as friends. She knew those words would break her
heart. She didn't want to hear them. As he came to her, she stood frozen
like a deer caught in headlights.

Angel came to her and reached out with his hand. He gently stroked her cheek.
Cordelia closed her eyes, loving the feel of his touch. He pulled her into
his arms. He didn't know what to do. He loved Cordelia...but in what way?
Cordelia sensed his hesitation. She decided to take him. Every woman knows
how to get the man she wants. If she's got what it takes, he should be hers.
Cordelia took advantage of Angel's hesitation to plant a kiss on him. A deep,
lingering kiss. He was surprised but kissed her back. She pressed her supple
body against him and pushed him onto the floor. Angel put his hands around
her and they rolled around on the floor. Cordelia found herself underneath
Angel. He was looking at her, his face full of shock mixed with desire. She
looked at him adoringly.

"I love you." she told him again.

"And I love you back." he whispered.

Cordelia's eyes widened. Before she could say anything, Angel kissed her
deeply and began undressing her. She helped him by easing out of her clothes.
She rolled on top of him and began unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his
pants. Angel had stopped resisting her and seemed overcome with desire for
her. Cordelia knew he hadn't been with anyone in awhile and she wanted to be
there for him.

Suddenly, he had a worried look on his face. He gently pushed her off him.
"We really shouldn't." he said.

Cordelia was taken aback. "I want you and you want me, Angel." she said

The expression on his face soothed. She let him lie on the floor and pushed
his thighs apart. Cordelia bent her head near his thighs, his prick inches
away from her hungry mouth. She looked at the man she had wanted for so long.
She took his cock into her mouth. Angel's eyes widened. She started to suck
on his cock, wanting to make him feel what heaven was like. Angel bucked
forward, thrusting his cock deeper in her mouth, his body suddenly stiff. She
sucked his cock, licked his balls and licked and sucked and massaged him
until he could not resist anymore. When she knew the moment was at hand, she
immediately pulled his cock out of her mouth, and let his slick cum splash
across her face. She watched as his big cock jerked again and again, spitting
white drops of cum which landed over different parts of her face, her lips,
her cheeks, her chin and even on her eyelids.

She had never let a cock cum all over her face before. She always thought
it was disgusting. Now, she realized that it was an exquisite feeling. She
licked all of her lover's cum. Angel's face was torn between pain and joy
as she sucked the last drop of seed out of his cock. Angel lay there,
moaning in pleasure. Cordelia mounted him and straddled his lean athletic
body between her thighs. She took hold of his massive cock and lowered her
cunt till his cock head came into contact with her wet bush. He put his
hands on her hips and began thrusting his cock into her. Cordelia welcomed
the onslaught of his raging cock as it tore into her pussy.

She rode him like a wild cowgirl at the corral. Angel fucked her, hard. He
plowed into her pussy. Cordelia looked into the face of the man she had
loved for years. She surrendered to him. She let go and fell into his arms
as he plowed into her. They changed positions so that she lay underneath
him, with her legs in the air. He fucked her, hard and fast. She felt his
hard cock raging inside her. Hard and fast. Plowing her like a field in the
spring. Cordelia's hands massaged her tits as Angel fucked her. He fucked
her like a madman and she howled like a woman possessed. He turned her so
that she was now on all fours. His hand gripped her hair and he thrust hard
into her now wet pussy. He kept plowing into her until he couldn't the
pressure that her hot pussy exerted on his massive cock. He came, shooting
his hot cum and sending it deep inside her. Cordelia shrieked in both
pleasure and pain. Angel held her in his arms.

The two lovers lay on the floor, their bodies covered with sweat. They were
spent. Cordelia looked at Angel. Angel looked at her. Both of them knew that
they had crossed a line that friends should never have crossed. Angel said
nothing and squeezed Cordelia's hand. The look on his face told her
everything she wanted to know. He held her close. Cordelia felt so happy that
she thought she was gonna cry. She come close to losing the man she loved...
but didn't. She had kissed the man she loved and made love to him. And he
loved her back!!! Maybe Santa Claus had come early this year...

Angel held Cordelia in his arms. He was feeling very odd at this moment. He
loved Cordy and cared for her deeply. Was the love he felt for her romantic?
She was one of his best friends and someone he couldn't do without. Does that
mean he wanted them to be a couple? He had looked at Cordelia that night and
realized that she meant a lot to him. She had rescued him from danger. Like
his very own knight in shining armor. Well, his Girl-Knight, then. Yet, he
didn't feel too sure. He knew that his life was complicated at best. He had
long thought that love was for humans. Creatures like him were cursed and
lived existences filled with danger. He was more than a vampire. He had a
soul. That made him essentially a man and a man had needs, feelings and
emotions. Those things he felt drove him toward Cordy. Maybe this was as
close as he was gonna get to actual happiness. If so, he was ok with that.
Maybe the one he had been looking for had been right under his nose all
along. He kissed Cordelia's forehead, wanting to reassure himself that she
was real. She looked at him adoringly. Yeah, she was real.

Tonight had changed both their lives. Compared to how it was before, maybe
this would be a good life for the both of them. Good enough.

The End


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