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Angel: Lady Cop (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Detective Kate Lockley sat in her office at the Los Angeles Police
Department. It was a nice enough office if small, located in the Special
Crimes Unit. She stood there, looking out through the window. Before her
sprawled Los Angeles. It would look like any ordinary north american city
to the casual observer. Lights. Buildings. People. She knew it was far
from being so simple. Los Angeles was a city with many populations. The
humans were the most numerous. But there were other beings there.

Vampires. Werewolves. Monsters. Demons of nonspecific origin.

Most Los Angeles knew nothing about this underworld that lived right
beneath their feet. No one questioned the fact that men and women died in
Los Angeles, in mind-numbingly brutal and astonishingly cruel ways. Kate
had been shocked when she found out. She had known this guy named Angel.

He was strange. Tall, good-looking yet strange and aloof. He did not seem
interested in her and she would not want him to be. He helped her, showing
up in the most unlikely moments. He saved her butt many times. She hadn't
known what he was. A vampire. Well, one with a soul.

Vampires had killed her father. She joined Angel in taking them on and killed
them. Angel was the only one of his immortal brethren with his human soul
inhabiting him. He was a human in a vampiric body, instead of a demon in a
human shell like all other vampires on the face of the Earth. The realization
that an underworld of monsters preyed on Humanity shocked Kate. She tried her
best to have her fellow cops join her in taking them down.

They laughed at her. She became the butt of every joke. Yet Angel was there.

They helped each other. At times she found herself repulsed by what he was.
A good-looking man one minute, a bloodthirty creature with a contorted face
and feral eyes and sharp fangs the next. But he saved her bacon. She was new
to fighting the Forces of Darkness.

She distrusted him. Part of her hated him.

She became even more of a loner and a fighter. She answered every weird call.
She saw horrors happen.

One time there was this call. A lady phoned in about something in her house.
Two cops answered. Kate heard it as well. The cops did not make it back. Kate
Lockley drove from the police station and went to the apartment building in
East L.A. where the call was made. She entered the building.


She saw the bodies of the cops. Not a pretty sight. Then she saw the lady.
She was being devoured by a strange thing. A seven-foot tall, man-like thing
with red eyes, purple skin and sharp claws and fangs. A monster of some kind.
Kate fired. The bullets hit the beast and it looked at her. They did not even
pierce its tough scaly hide.

It laughed at her.

"More food for me," It said. It came at her. Kate fired again and again. The
Thing came at her, running. She turned and ran. There was no way she could
stop that thing if bullets couldn't stop it. Her heart pounding in her chest,
she ran. The monster was close behind her. She got the impression it was
deliberately toying with her. Like a cat with a scared mouse. She ran into a
hallway. It followed. Too late did she realize it was a dead end.

Suddenly it was right in front of her. "You are mine, little one," it said.

Kate looked at it. "One day people will know your kind is here," she said.
"We will hunt you down." The monster looked at her.

"God, you have spirit. I love that in my food." It laughed. "Wonder if you
taste good." It came at her.

Despite her bravado, Kate felt cold sweat in her back. She could not believe
she was going to die like this, food to a beast. She drew out her other
pistol and fired. Blam, Blam!

The bullets bounced off the monstrosity that towered over her. It came at
her, slowly.

It grabbed her, sneered and threw her into the door with such force that it
broke under her and she fell into the next room. Kate screamed in pain.

It took her a moment to recover. She looked fearfully. The thing wasn't
there. Was it still playing with her? She heard the sound of roars and
screams. Despite herself, she came in the see.

The thing was there.

It was busy fighting a dark clad figure wielding a sword. The thing grabbed
its opponent and tossed him into a wall. Kate saw clearly. A vampire. A
decidedly familiar one.

"Why do you fight me, vampire?" said the thing.

The vampire looked at it. "Cause of what you did," it said.

The Thing held the vampire in its grasp and looked at it, puzzled. "Since
when does a vampire care for humans?" It sniffed the vampire. "A soul?" It
looked puzzled.

Kate's eyes widened. "Angel?" she said.

Both the vampire and the monster turned to look at her. "Kate?" said Angel.

The monster looked at her. "Angel?" it said. "The vampire who helps the
humans?" It drew back its huge clawed hand, preparing to drive it into him.
"Looks like I get to kill the oppressor of the Underworld," It growled.

Angel looked at Kate. "Run," he said.

Kate looked at the scene. Angel was strong and healed quickly but he could
be killed. She looked around for something to aid him as he struggled in the
monster's grasp. He was desperately trying to free himself but the thing was
stronger than he was.

Kate picked up Angel's fallen sword.

"It's a Kesslar demon," he said. Kate looked at him. "Metal can't hurt him."
She thought about that. That explained the lack of effect of the bullets on
him. The monster shoved its claws into Angel's chest. Kate heard Angel's
heartwrenching scream. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The monster laughed and threw him away. Angel hit the wall and lay still.

Kate looked at him. "Angel?" she said.

The monster looked at her. "I'll finish him later," it said. "Now I get to

Kate stood facing him, brandishing the sword.

"You think you can kill me with that?" It said. "Metal cannot hurt me." It
laughed. "No one can beat me. I just defeated a vampire. I will kill you,
mortal. I've been feeding off humans long before this city was built and you
will not be the first to resist me."

Kate looked at the monster who towered over her. It was so big and strong.
And it just defeated Angel. She remembered how helpless she felt when the
vampires killed her father. It enraged her. She charged at it, lunging with
all her might. The blade collided with the monster's chest....and shattered
like glass.

The monster threw back its ugly head an laughed. "Like I said, not the
first," it crowed. Suddenly the beast gasped. It stopped laughing. Something
portuded through its chest. Green blood oozed out through the wound. The
beast turned. "You," it said. "How?"

Angel stood behind the monster and slowly withdrew the wooden stake from its

"You're a Kesslar," Angel said. "Impervious to metals but vulnerable to
pretty much everything else."

The dying monster gasped as Angel brought his foot down, smashing its face.
It twitched then lay still. Dead.

Kate looked at the fallen monster, then at Angel. He was just standing there,
wounded. He was losing blood. "Angel," said Kate. "Are you okay?"

Angel looked at her. "I'll heal," he said. "Are you alright, though?"

Kate checked herself. A few bumps and scrapes here and there but nothing
major. He stood right in front of her, checking her. She tentatively reached
to touch him. There was a hole in his chest instants ago and it was already
healing. Closing fast. She knew vampires healed from anything that did not
stake their hearts.

He looked at her. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"My job," she said.

"Oh," he said. "Got one of those."

She smiled. "Tell me about it."

He stared at her. "Kate, why didn't you leave when I told you to?"

She looked at him, shocked at such a question. "I would never leave you
behind..." she trailed off.

"Me neither," he said. "Since when have been you been back in Los Angeles?"

"A few weeks," she said. "Heard the place got a real shake down."


He painfully walked down the hallway and leaned on her for support.

"I gotta take you to a hospital," she said. He looked at her and grinned.
"Oh, yeah, right, I forgot."

They both laughed at that.

For a moment she saw him as an ordinary man. But he wasn't. He was a vampire.
He would live forever unless he got fried by sunlight or fire. Or if he was
decapitated or staked. Nothing else could kill him and he would heal from
anything that did not kill him. She was a human girl. In her twenties. A cop.
That was it.


She did not know who made the decision but they wounded up at her apartment.
It was nice and neat. Angel checked it out. Kate Lockley lead a Spartan
lifestyle. Like she did back then. Last time he saw her she was engaging in
a pill-a-thon in her apartment. He saw her hurt, so vulnerable... So much
had happened since then. Fired from the Force, she left Los Angeles. He had
a thing with Darla which lead to Connor. His old enemy Holtz stole Connor
and took him to the worst of all demonic worlds. Connor came back a few
months later as a teenager with super strength.

Cordelia ascended to the Higher Planes of Existence while her body was stolen
by an age-old being older than humanity and demonkind. One of the Powers That
Be. The Thing inside Cordelia fooled them all and had an affair with Connor.
The result was a beautiful black woman named Jasmine. A woman with powers.
She tried to help the world and united it for awhile but became a
flesh-eating thing that Angel and the others had to fight. Connor killed
Jasmine. Angel almost lost his son. Wolfram and Hart was destroyed by the
Beast, a monster operating under Cordelia's control. Angel allowed Connor to
be placed in a normal family and to have a normal life.

The gang now worked with the new and improved Wolfram and Hart. Cordelia
was still in a coma. Connor was still elsewhere. Gunn and Wesley and the
beautiful Fred were at the Firm. Angel shunned them all and decided to
continue to fight the good fight his own way.

Right now he was in Kate Lockley's apartment. She was a dear friend he hadn't
seen in a long time. She was there. She had bandaged his wounds. He was a
quick healer but nothing was that quick. Angel was tired and finally dozed

Kate finished getting rid of the dirty clothes and bloodstains. She was
messy. Very messy. After all the excitement of the night, she felt nothing
would be as good as a shower. So she went to the bathroom and undressed.
She took a while looking at herself. So much had happened in the past year.
So much. She had lost and regained her job. She was drawn back to L.A.
After all the weirdness that was going on, Los Angeles had a new Chief of
Police. His name was Michael O'Brien. He was new and aware of the true
situation and had his underlings contact Kate Lockley back in NY. She had
gone there, seeking peace, only to discover the vampires and demons were
everywhere. Not just in LA. She'd been offered her job, with an increase
in pay and a commendation. So she came back in a changed city. The demons
had taken it over for awhile. Many more people believed in the Supernatural.

Perhaps it was for the best.

What mattered is that her world was hers again. Back on the Force. Back with
a badge. A cop once more. Like daddy. Yeah, like daddy. She stepped into the
shower and turned the knob. Medium hot water came rushing above her head and
she washed herself, taking time to soap up. Peace at last.

Angel was sleeping. He bolted awake at the sound of the shower running.
He sniffed the air for a threat. In Los Angeles, even vampires had to be
careful. There was no threat. Just Kate showering. He slowly lay back down.
Thoughts were racing in his head. He hadn't seen this woman in a year.

There were three important women in his life. The first was in Sunnydale.
The second was comatose in a hi-tech facility outside LA. The third was just
coming back in his life. She was there. A fellow dark avenger in the war
against evil. Also a very beautiful woman though she would beg to differ.
Kate did not see herself that way. She was a fighter and had always been.
He loved that about her.

Sometimes he wondered if she had anyone in her life. He could not picture it.
Normal men were threatened by the strength and independence and no-nonsense
attitude of Kate Lockley. They would court her and run away sooner or later.
She must be lonely. Like him. No, he was lonelier. The woman he thought was
his soulmate had been humping his old rival. Buffy and Spike had been an item
for awhile. That disgusted him. Plus Spike was a vampire with a soul.

Angel no longer felt unique. Some days he fought an overwhelming number of
demons just to see if he could survive them all. Tonight he took on a Kesslar
with a sword. Sometimes he thought he was inviting death. Heck, most nights
he would welcome it. His son no longer knew him. He was alone.

He felt something for Kate. A connection. No matter how different they were
on the outside, they were similar. Lone fighters. Romance was something they
craved even though it was ultimately toxic to them. He was bored.

He got up and walked to the refrigerator. He did not need to eat or drink but
his tastebuds could appreciate a beer almost as well as a human's could. The
frige was full. Healthy foods all around. Orange juice. Salads. Yet no beer.
Kate Lockley was a straight up woman who did not believe in alcohol. Or any
mind or body altering things. He respected her for that. He walked back to
the room. The room was close to the shower. She was there. The door was open
and he could see Kate's form inside. He gasped.

He knew he shouldn't do it. He knew damn well the consequences. But he could
not help himself. He came for a closer look. Suddenly there was movement in
there and he walked away. Back into his room.

Kate walked back into the room. He saw her as she walked by. She came out of
the shower wearing a light blue towel around her body and a white one around
her hair. As she walked by him to get to her room, she reached out with both
hands to make an adjustment and the towel fell. She gasped. Angel's eyes

She saw him and he saw her. Naked. "Oh my God," she said. "I am sorry,

To his own surprise Angel said, "Don't be sorry, Kate. You are the most
beautiful woman I have seen in a long time."

Kate looked at him with a strange look on her face, smiled and walked away.
Angel went back into his room. He could not sleep. The image of her was
engraved in his mind.

She was so beautiful. That blonde hair, those blue eyes, that bronzed
athletic body. Oh, God, she was beautiful. He tried to push it out his mind.
This was Kate. His fellow warrior. If he was a knight in dark armor, she was
a knight as well. Well, a girl knight. He remembered her holding the sword
and standing up to that monstrous demon who would have killed him if she
hadn't intervened. She looked good. She looked even better with a sword.
The thoughts raged inside his head.

Kate was restless. She lay in bed, sweating. This was strange since she
wasn't usually sweaty at night. She kept thinking about Angel and the look
on his face when he saw her. That look said lots. She'd seen it on the face
of a lot of men. But this was Angel. He was a vampire, not a man. Well,
still a man but not human. Hell, a manpire. He had been naked save for some
shorts. He looked good.

"Get a grip, girl," she told herself. "He's a vampire." Still...

Restless, she went to the living room to watch TV. Yeah, maybe boring late
night shows would make her sleepy. She grabbed the remote and opened up to
some late-night tv. They were giving that flick with horny youngsters. Hot
Network or something. On the screen a guy and a girl were making out. The
guy was tall and dark haired, the girl slender and blonde. Kate watched.
Normally she wouldn't but after the night's events she was ready for
anything. She found her hand reaching into her panties and....oh.

She kept looking at the screen and was getting aroused by what she saw. The
girl lay down, nude, legs spread and the guy began to lick her and probe her.
She yelled out loud. Kate suddenly realized the volume was high and lowered
it. She hoped she hadn't awakened him.

Angel was deep in thought when he heard a scream. He bolted out of bed and
rushed forward.

"Kate," he said. He checked in her room. She wasn't there. Worried, he
searched another room and finally came to the living room. Kate was lying
on the couch, eyes closed, her private place. The TV was on and
Angel glared at the scene. A skinny blonde was getting hammered by a stud
who passed the bodybuilder course with flying colors. Yeah, hardcore porn.
He froze. He never thought he'd see Kate that way. For awhile, he'd been
into porn but cut it out because it did nothing for him and it was wrong
to tempt temptation. Now here he was. Watching Kate watching porn. He was
undecisive. But a part of him was...aroused. Heck, he had a full blown

Kate opened her eyes for a moment.... "Angel!" she screamed. He looked at
her. He did not know what to say. "Um, what are you doing awake?" She asked.

"Heard a scream," he said. "I thought you were...." he trailed off. She
looked at him.

"Thought I was what?" she asked.

"In danger," he finished.

Kate got up slowly. "I don't know what to say," she said.

"I'm the one who should be apologizing," he said. "I...intruded upon your

Kate looked at him. He was staring at the floor. She was embarassed to be
caught that way but hey, she had needs. And, according to the thing sticking
in his pants, he had needs too. But this was Angel....nah, he would do.

Slowly she walked toward him. When she was two feet away from him, he looked
up. He started apologizing like there was no tomorrow. Kate smiled. Vampire
or not, he was just a man. "Angel," she said, taking his hand. "It's okay."

He looked at her, the innocent look in his eyes warming her heart. "What is
okay?" he asked.

"You are attracted to me." she said flatly.


She came closer until they were face to face and kissed him. At first he was
surprised then he held her and stroked her back affectionately while kissing
her. Kate shivered under his touch. He took her in his arms and carried her
to bed. She did not struggle and kissed him all the way.

They were in her room. Slowly she undressed. She wore a white t-shirt and
shorts to bed. She was hot. Angel watched her undress in the dark, seeing
every detail with his vampiric vision. He undressed for her. Kate admired
his body. He was lean and strong. She touched him. He was cool under her
touch even as his enflamed her. He had her lie back down on the bed and
began to pleasure her. He caressed her neck and kissed it then her navel,
which made her gasp. Then he reached her pussy, parting her sensitive walls
to allow passage for his probing tongue and fingers. Kate was writhing on
the bed. He was enflaming her. She grabbed his head. Angel intensified his
probing. He was all at once gentle and rough and Kate was screaming and

While his tongue and fingers were in her pussy, he put his index finger in
her mouth. She sucked it. Using her own saliva coating his finger, he put
it against her ass opening. She gasped as his finger went in. He began to
seriously probe her. She was screaming his name. He intensified the probing,
going wilder and deeper until she was brought to the edge of ecstacy and
came, brought down by the sensation of her two most sensitive holes being


Kate lay on the bed, shuddering in an orgasm that rocked her. She saw stars.
Slowly she opened her eyes to see Angel' s smiling face. He was looking at
her, pleased that he had pleasured her. She smiled. No man had ever taken
such care in making her feel pleasure. Most guys just stuck their thing in
and hoped it was in the right place. Angel was not like that. She felt warmth
in her chest knowing she had such an understanding lover and felt an urge to
please him. She managed to get up and reached out to him. Angel looked at her
but did nothing. He seemed reluctant. "What's wrong?" she said.

"Kate," he said. "I want to make love to you more than anything. But I

Kate looked at him. "Why not?" she asked.

He looked away sadly. "If I experience one moment of happiness, I'll turn
into a monster."

Kate smiled. "I know you are a vampire, Angel-boy, and I don't care. I want
to be with you."

With that said she threw herself onto him with all of her might. He was
pinned beneath her. He tried to resist but melted under her warm kisses.
Angel just lay down, giving in to this woman he cared so much for. She
kissed his neck and chest and played with the hair on his body. He closed
his eyes. He hadn't made love in a long, long time. He's made it with
Buffy, but that was back in the twentieth century. He'd had sex with one
woman since the millennium started, Darla. Kate's warm kisses heated his
flesh. He loved it and yearned for it.

Finally her mouth came to his cock. He gasped when she took it in her hand
and began pumping it up and down. Then she took it into her mouth. He tried
to stop her but it was too late. He was under her power now. Her mouth was
warm all around him, trapping his cock and pleasuring it at the same time.
He howled in pleasure.

Kate took this as an indictation to increase her tempo. She pumped him up
and sucked him until he came. He shot his hot load into her mouth. She sucked
him, taking in every drop. Then he was on her. He brought her up on his chest
and kissed her. She smiled and straddled him. She began to slolwly lower
herself onto his massive manhood. Angel closed his eyes as he entered her.
She began to bob up and down on him, bouncing and bouncing. Kate looked at
her lover and wanted to please him. She took in as much of him as she could.

They fucked like this for awhile. Then they switched positions. They were off
the bed and on the floor. They did a 69 and he licked her cunt as she sucked
his dick. Then she got on all fours and he fucked her like that, reveling in
the animal intensity of it. Finally they were tired. They recovered quickly
and went at it again.

Angel and Kate lay next to each other. "Everything alright, lover?" she

Angel had something he wanted to try. He never got to do it with any woman he
had ever been with. He told Kate. She hesitated. They were making love for
the first time. The whole night was completely unexpected. But how often did
she get with a man who was like her?

With some reluctance, she agreed. She lay on the bed and Angel came to her.
She decided on the position. They went on the carpeted floor. He placed a
pillow under her head and another under her back for support as she lay on
her back. She spread-eagled so that her butt stuck in the air and Angel came
to her. He had taken some lubricant from the bathroom. She had some Aloe
Cream. He oiled up her ass and probed it with his fingers. She winced a
little. Then came time for the actual penetration. He entered her lubricated
ass gently. He looked at her and she said to proceed and he entered the head
of his cock in her ass. She gasped and winced as he entered an inch in there.
Then two. She stopped at six inches. Angel still had three to go. He began
to slowly fuck her. He fucked her. Her ass was tight. He had no idea she was
an anal virgin. Well, he had never fucked anybody's ass either. He pumped it
in and out and watched the expressions on Kate's beautiful face. Shame. Fear.
Pain. Lust.

He kept pumping. He went in, all nine inches. She gasped. her eyes bulged.
She looked at him, mouth wide open yet unable to speak. He pumped it in and
out, going in as deep as he could. She was tight. And screaming. She begged
him. He listened. It was all "No, No, No'" then "Yes, oh, yes". Finally he
shot his load deep inside of her. Kate gasped as warm cum rushed into her
bowels. She winced as Angel slowly withdrew.

He held her in his arms and kept showering her with kisses. She wasn't
smiling or talking but looked disoriented. Like she couldn't believe what
just happened. "Kate," he said. "Are you okay?"

She said nothing and instead hugged him and quietly sobbed. He held her in
his arms and kissed her hair and face. God, she was beautiful and looked even
hotter with her tears of pain...or was it?

"That was unbelievable, Angel," she said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

They kissed and went to sleep.

When she woke up, he was gone. Kate's mind raced with all that had happened
last night. The fight. The movie. The fucking. The way he fucked her...that
way...there. Yeah, he probably left.

She got up and winced. Her ass still hurt. A lot. She couldn't believe all
she had jsut done. All she let him do. She used to mock women who let their
husbands or boyfriends take them that she was one of them. If her
co-workers could see her now. Kate the bitch got fucked in the ass...and
liked it.

She went to the Kitchen.

There he was.


He seemed different, somehow. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and kaki pants and
sunglasses. He was reading the newspaper while cooking something delicious.
"Hello, Kate," he said. "How was the night?"

Kate was surprised. Pleasantly so. "You're still here?"

He grinned. "Well, yeah."

She went and kissed him then chuckled nervously. "I thought you, you...."

He smiled. "Thought I was one of those guys who take off to brag after
they've had what they want?"

She smiled. "Yeah."

He held her face in his hands and kissed her. He was so gentle. Kate found
herself even more attracted to him than before. There was a bag on the floor.
She looked at it.

"What's that?" she asked.

He smiled. "Have I ever told you you were a beautiful woman?"

She smiled. "Well, no."

"You are, Kate," he said. "And I am gonna treat you right." He smiled and
showed her the breakfast he cooked for her. "Breakfast is served," he said
in a fake French accent.

She smiled and sat down to eat. He sat down watching her, smiling strangely.
She wondered what got into him but was glad, whatever it was. He stayed and
made her breakfast. No man had ever treated her like that.

The person who sat looking at Kate wasn't Angel. Angel did not have that
egotistical half-smirk or confidence. He was tragic and miserable. This
person, known as Angelus, was anything but. He was gonna indulge himself
this time. Enjoy Angel's delicious girlfriend who freed him.

He smiled.

Kate looked up. He squeezed her hand. She smiled again. He could tell she
was falling in love already. It suited him. She never noticed the quiet
mockery in his eyes. Or the deadly bloodlust hiding underneath his handsome

The End


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