Angel: Lights, Camera, Damnation! Part 3 (demons/f,ncon,snuff)
by Pred ([email protected])

"This is a scene from an upcoming episode of Kimmy," Scratch explained to
Gabrielle. "You are familiar with the premise of Kimmy, Protector of the
Universe, aren't you...?"

"Kimmy is the Chosen One," Gabrielle answered, knowing the story by heart.
"Every generation, only one teenage girl is chosen to be Protector of the
Universe. She stands alone against the evil aliens and inter-dimensional
demons that are trying to take over Earth."

"In some upcoming episodes, Kimmy's soul is taken over by the Orb of
Omligotto," Scratch interrupted. "And while she is possessed, she is no
longer the Chosen One. This forces the Guardians Council to choose another
Protector of the Universe. Her name is Hope. That is the part you'll be
playing today. Hope has broken into the alien dimension to rescue Kimmy and
save her soul by destroying the Orb. She finds herself cornered now in the
alien's hive, where she must fight through a band of aliens to get to the
Orb. She also must fight Kimmy, who is now the leader of the hive and
wishes to kill Hope."

"This is going to be fun," Sarah Marie Gelman grinned from across the studio.

"Did you go over the lines and the combat blocking with her?" Scratch asked

"It's a done deal," Sarah smiled. "We're ready to rumble whenever you give
the word. Aren't we, Hope?" Sarah used Gabrielle's character name, and the
girl beamed.

This was going to be so coool. She was actually going to be in an episode
of her favorite show, Kimmy, and she was going to be a Protector of the
Universe, too. She just hoped she could remember all the lines and all the
fighting moves Sarah had shown her. The guys playing the aliens looked soo
big and scary, too. Like they really were aliens or demons or something.
She couldn't believe she was going to punch and kick them and they were
really going to fall down.

* * *

"Are you ready, Gabrielle?" Scratch stepped behind the cameras trained on the
set. The girl nodded. "Action!" he snapped, licking his lips.

Gabrielle stepped into the center of the set, which was filled with all sorts
of weird, alien torture devices. Before she could even get two more feet,
the first batch of aliens appeared. There were four of them, and they were
huge and ugly, like monsters. Spikes came out of their purple scaly skin,
and their eyes glowed like fire. They carried laser guns, and when they saw
Gabrielle they smiled, their fangs glinting in the lights.

Gabrielle wanted more than anything to scream, but that wasn't what the
script called for. Hope was strong and brave, and she didn't put up with any
shit... especially from some stupid, ugly aliens. She assumed the Kimmy,
Protector of the Universe pose - arms down at her sides, legs apart, weight
resting on the balls of her feet, Cosmic Power Rod gripped and ready to rip.

"What are you supposed to be?" the leader of the alien band sneered at her.

"Me Hope, you sleazoid," she bit into her lines with relish. "Correction,
make that DEAD SLEAZOID. Now please pay attention while I kick your slimy
ass. I don't want to have to repeat myself."

The alien started at her, and Gabrielle reacted just as Sarah had taught her.
She leaped at the aliens and swung her Cosmic Power Rod, the one she'd been
given by the Guardian's Council when she accepted the role of Protector of
the Universe. The rod glowed with the energy of a thousand suns. One touch
on the skin of an alien, and the monster was vaporized. She lowered the Rod
and struck at the first alien's head.


The Rod broke in two. * Uh oh, this isn't in the script, * Gabrielle
suddenly panicked. She waited for Mr. Scratch to yell 'Cut," but the cameras
kept rolling. * Maybe he's trying to see how well I improvise, * Gabrielle
thought to herself. She lashed out with a kick, just like Sarah showed her.
Her foot felt like it was slamming against a brick wall. * You're supposed
to fall down, dummy! *

The alien just stood there and laughed. He reached out and grabbed Gabrielle
by the hair and lifted her off the ground. The other aliens cackled in glee.
Gabrielle aimed some more kicks at the alien's mid-section. * You're
supposed to fall down, stupid, * she winced to herself.

"Having trouble?" Sarah danced onto the set, her black vinyl outfit
glistening in the lights. She looked very evil and very slutty, not at ALL
like Kimmy, Protector of the Universe. Her tight vinyl top was unzipped so
that her boobs were almost coming out, and her vinyl shorts were so tiny you
could almost see up into her... "Ohh, poor little Hope," Sarah cut off
Gabrielle's thoughts with a sharp, stinging blow to the face.

* OW! That REALLY HURT! * Gabrielle tried not to cry, but the tears just
came streaming down her face.

"You're not much of Protector," Sarah spit in Gabrielle's face and clutched
the girl's face in one of her cold vinyl gloves. "You can't even protect
yourself." She turned to the alien who held Gabrielle aloft by her hair.
"Make her cry," Sarah told the alien. "I like that."

The alien nodded, and with his free hand he reached into his trunks and
pulled out his...

Oh MY GOD! * Gabrielle broke character and shrieked. This wasn't in the
script. This wasn't in the script at all. She looked into Sarah's eyes and
began begging her to stop the scene. But Sarah's eyes... Sarah's face...
"NOOOOO!" Gabrielle screeched. "Please stop. Nooo. Please stop!"

All that greeted her plea was laughter... from Sarah, from the aliens, from
the crew, from Mr. Scratch, even from her mother. Gabrielle found her
Claire's face amid the blinding lights. It was twisted into the same type of
demonic mask Sarah was wearing - fangs, glowering eyes, beastly features.

"What is happening?" Gabrielle squeaked. "Please, someone - stop this! This
isn't funny. STOP this, PLEASE!"

"But we're just about to have some fun," Sarah cackled. With her left hand
she gripped the alien's huge penis and stroked the shaft. Suddenly the
bulbous head sprouted hideous features and a snarling, fang-filled mouth.

"Time for lunch!" the penis's mouth hissed.

The alien's penis stretched out and snapped at Gabrielle's flimsy clothes.
The other aliens had also removed their trunks by now, and their own
demon-cocks had also sprouted gruesome faces and gnashing teeth. Gabrielle
couldn't even hear her own screams as the slavering, snapping demon-cocks
descended on her.

Like a den of vipers, the demon-cocks slithered around Gabrielle's exposed
flesh, their tiny tongues licking her thighs and face, their sharp, pointed
teeth sinking into her tender young flesh. The aliens' claws tore at what
remained of her clothes while the demon-cocks snaked into her lacy panties
and between the small mounds of her thirteen-year-old cleavage. Huge clawed
hands pushed her on her back, and she was pinned. Two of the demon-cocks
now thrust into her face, their tiny tongues licking her cheeks and lips as
the aliens whipped their spiny, fourteen-inch shafts against her mouth.

Gabrielle tried not to open her mouth and scream, but when she felt more
demon-cocks tear open her panties and nip at her slit she couldn't help but
shriek. A demon-cock snickered and then plunged between her lips. Its tiny
tongue licked her own tongue in an obscene French Kiss that made her want to
vomit. Another demon-cock wormed its spiny head into her mouth, and the two
huge dick-serpents slithered slowly and agonizingly towards her throat.

She looked up at the aliens brandishing the monstrous members, and they
hissed with laughter, pushing more and more demonhood into her terrified,
gasping, gagging mouth. "Oh, that's good," Scratch's voice cut over
Gabrielle's terror. "Rape the little cunt's face. Tear open her throat.
We need more PAIN on her face. Lots more PAIN!" The aliens grunted and
began forcefully power-fucking their prick-pythons between the girl's
slackening jaws. "PAIN SELLS!"

"UGGGHHHRRRLLPPPP!" Gabrielle's muffled howl brought even more laughter from
everyone on the set. One of the demon-dicks poised at her lower extremities
was now licking her clit while the other cock-cobra buried its head deep
between the tender lips of her virgin pussy. Slimy, spiny alien hands tore
at Gabrielle's flimsy bra and shredded it into strands of lace. The alien's
spiked fingers dug into the teenager's tender firm tits and tweaked her
nipples until they distended like hard raspberries.

One of the dick-demons had managed to wedge itself completely in her
windpipe, and its tongue was licking the girl's gag reflex. Helplessly,
she heaved and dry heaved in convulsive fits while the other cock-serpent
burrowed into her snatch and tore at her hymen with its fangs. The
dick-demon licking her clit now clamped down with its sharp fangs. The
other prick-python in her mouth ripped at her tongue. The aliens
simultaneously power fucked their serpentine demonhoods into the girl's
terrorized body, filling her with 56 inches of spiny, slimy, inhuman cock.

"That's it, baby," Gabrielle heard her mother's voice cut through the rape
haze. "Show the nice demons here what a good little human rape toy you can
be. You're going to be a big star, Gabrielle. You're going to make mommy
very proud."

"Give me some of that fresh, teenage meat," Sarah hissed, diving into the
melee. She took one of the teenager's tender tits in her mouth and sank
her fangs deep into the dark red circles of the girl's aureole. "You are
sooo sweet," Sarah smirked as she feasted on the girl's virgin blood. "I
just have to get some that pussy," she snickered, licking down the girl's
abdomen to the top of her mound.

The demon-cock biting Gabrielle's clit stopped momentarily and turned to
Sarah. Sarah French kissed the small demon mouth and inhaled the snarling
cock-snake. Spit and blood drooled from the starlet's cold lips and puddled
atop Gabrielle's raw clit with an icy sizzle. The girl's legs kicked, and
she twisted her body wildly.

"Let's get you all slickery," Sarah giggled to the demon-cock. "Little
girl's little asses can be soooo tight."

"ARRGGHHUUKKLL!" Gabrielle screeched into the wall of demon-dick burrowing
deep into her throat. The prick-python in her pussy thrust himself up
against her diaphragm, it's tongue licking every sensitive nerve ending
inside her womb. Sarah had now lathered up the demon-dick in her mouth,
and she released it. Strong hands turned Gabrielle on her side, and while
she writhed in agony the last demon-dick licked at the tight ring of her
tender asshole. It's tiny fangs nipped at her toned teenage butt-cheeks.
It butted its head against Gabrielle's small ass aperture. Then the alien
attached to the demon-cock rammed the hissing shaft deep between the girl's
soft butt-cheeks. Gabrielle's ass burst open like a ripe peach, and the
demon-cock gained full access to her poop pipe with one brutal stroke.

* What is happening to me? GOD, why am I ..? * Gabrielle couldn't control
the rhythmic bucking of her hips now as the two cock-monsters ripped into
her -- licking, biting, thrusting slithering. Sarah's sharp, cold tongue
strafed the girl's stubborn clit and coaxed a hard, tummy-wrenching cum
from the teenager's belly. "NOOOO!" Gabrielle shrieked in abject horror.

"She's cumming," Scratch snapped to his crew. "The little cunt is getting
demon-dicked, and she's cumming. Just like a little whore... a whore for
demon cock. Fuck that piece of fresh human pussy, boys. Show the little
virgin slut no mercy."

"Take this you filthy piece of human garbage," one of the aliens in her
mouth grunted. He withdrew his demon-cock, and it spewed foul, inky black
cum all over the girl's face and breasts. The black cum sizzled like
burning wax on the girl's soft, succulent flesh. She thrashed about in
agony as the second alien raping her throat withdrew, and his demon-dick
puked another volley of scalding black cum across the girl's face and

"Mmmm," Sarah giggled, licking up the foul demon issue from Gabrielle's
flesh, her vampire tongue slithering up the girl's trembling torso. "I
like to share," she smirked, placing her icy lips over Gabrielle's
hysterical, sobbing mouth and giving the teen a black snowball.

"Uggllhhkk," Gabrielle tried to spit out the putrid hell-cum and turn away,
but Sarah was far too strong. The starlet vampire spit the fiendish issue
deep into Gabrielle's throat then licked the girl's tongue savagely. Despite
her horror and revulsion, Gabrielle couldn't help but return the vampire
starlet's intimate oral caress. The demon-cocks slithering and slamming up
the teen's pussy and asshole were making her belly get all squishy again.
* Nooooo... * she sobbed to herself. * Please, God, no. Not again...

The climax tearing through her tummy sent Gabrielle into a full-blown
seizure. She foamed at the mouth and clawed at the air. She thrashed about
so hard she bit through her tongue.

"You're cumming aren't you?" Sarah asked the spastic girl.

"Yeeeeeessssgggllhhh!" Gabrielle howled into the searing camera lights.

"That's because you've been DEMONed," Sarah licked the girl's pulsing neck,
gently nipping at her throat and lapping at the tiny trickle of blood. "Now
you know why I did it. Why I sold my soul. Just feel all that wonderful
demon-dick just fucking your soul. You've made yourself cum before, haven't
you...?" Sarah pressed. "At night, alone in your bed, under the covers, your
fingers rubbing and digging and stroking... you know how good that feels,
don't you...?"

"Mmm hmm," Gabrielle wept, shame fighting with lust inside her soul.

"And this feels like a million times better doesn't it, sweetie...?" Sarah
clamped her fangs down on the girl's hot tongue. "Doesn't it...?"

"Yssthh," Gabrielle lisped.

"Give her more!" Sarah hissed at the demons. "Give her everything you have.
Dump your demon cum deep in her soul."

The demons increased their thrusts to a superhuman level. Each demon-cock
became a blur. Vaporous clouds of brimstone steamed out from the teen's two
ravaged holes. A green energy field slowly began to emanate from the
twisted, three-way coupling. Gabrielle's cum-wracked belly seemed to drop
completely out of her body and descend, inch by inch, into a lake of orgasmic

"FUCK ME!" she wailed. "OH, FUCK ME TO HELL!"

The demons grinned, and then increased their raping rhythm so Gabrielle's
body now became a blur. They were slamming into her body at a pace faster
than the speed of light, and her tender teenage body was riding their assault
at warp drive. Space-time itself curved around the green energy field, which
glowed like a quasar in the room. It was as if the entire cosmos was now
stuffed into the teenager's virgin belly, obliterating any concept of reality
her feeble brain could still muster. She spent an eternity riding the
big-bang climax that birthed a new universe inside her snuffed soul. When
each demon-cock simultaneously spewed its diabolical seed, twin supernovas
burst inside her expanding inner galaxy.

"Let there be light," she heard a twisted mockery of her voice blaspheme as
the demons dumped two gallons of damned hell-seed into the black hole of her

"Gabby want some pussy?" Sarah teased the transformed teen.

"I want that vampire cunt," Gabrielle pleaded. "Please let me eat that cold,
fiendish cunt."

Sarah scooted her vinyl-covered body up the teen's naked torso. She mashed
her cold, putrid pussy against Gabrielle's greedy lips and humped the girl's
face savagely. Scratch himself now stepped from behind the camera and
brandished his own demonic dick. With one savage thrust he impaled the
teen's broken body, and drove his demonhood deep into her being. Then, as
Gabrielle fought to accommodate every last inch of the fiend's gargantuan,
16-inch rape-stake, she felt the magnificent monster cock begin to change
shape inside her belly.

The shaft grew even longer. It sliced through her diaphragm and into her
abdominal cavity. It grew thicker, like a tree trunk. It seemed to seer
through her heart and lungs, and then tunnel up her windpipe. It sprouted
two crossbars that grew from it's side and burrowed into her arms. The
demon's monstrous cock had formed a cross inside her body and was now
crucifying her.

The head of Scratch's cock wiggled up Gabrielle's throat until it emerged
like a baseball from between her stretched lips. She heard her jaws crack.
The two crossbars in her arms pierced through the thin, veiny skin of her
wrists. Gabrielle was completely crucified now. Sarah slid off the girl's
mouth and let Scratch lean back, erecting his cross-cock straight up in the
air. Gabrielle's impaled, crucified body now wriggled on the demonic dick.
Sarah licked at the blood gurgling from the teen's ravaged asshole.

"Are you getting this shot?" Scratch bellowed at his crew. They murmured
back in assent. "I want a close-up on her face. Her eyes. That's the money
shot. The damned, black soullessness in her eyes..."


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