Angel: Lights, Camera, Damnation! Part 5 (vampire/f,ncon,fist)
by Pred ([email protected])

"Ms. Chase," Scratch smiled as Cordelia strode into his office. "I am so
glad you could make it on such short notice."

Cordelia offered her hand and let the demon kiss it. She needed to play this
just right. She couldn't let on that she knew who he was or what he did.
She needed to play the part of the star-struck, struggling actress, willing
to do anything to get a part.

"I am so sorry about that mix-up yesterday," she explained. "You'll be happy
to know I am totally commitment-free now. So I'm all yours. Mold away..."

"We're going to make you a big star, Cordelia," Scratch beamed. "Bigger than
Jennifer Love Hewitt..."

"Before or after the boob job," Cordelia quipped.

"You are a saucy one," Scratch laughed. He moved in dangerously close to
Cordelia and stroked her hair. "I wish I could bottle that vitality. We'd
make a million."

"You said you had a test shoot for me today?" Cordelia stepped back slightly.

"Yes," Scratch nodded. "We had a few hundred feet of film left over from
Gabrielle's shoot last night, and I figured why waste it on some second-rater
with no potential."

"Thank you, Mr. Scratch," Cordelia tried to gush. "Thank you so much. Is
Gabrielle going to be here, too?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I... um... I don't know. You were going to have us do that scene together
yesterday, I just thought maybe..."

"Gabrielle is on location with a real shoot today. I find work for my girls

"Oh..." Cordelia hoped that Angel and Doyle were catching all of this.
They'd wired her handbag with a hidden microphone and were sitting in a
parking lot across the street waiting to move in. First they needed to
know where Gabrielle was, though. Cordelia needed to think on her feet...
fast. "Gee, what shoot would that be?"

"You certainly are curious about Gabrielle," Scratch smirked. "Do I detect
a little crush here?"

* Ewwww .. * Cordelia tried to curb the disgust curdling her stomach.

"No need to be coy around here, Ms. Chase. I know how you girls can be. So
you like the young stuff? Well, there's plenty of that strutting around
here. We'll find you a little grrl-toy, don't you worry."

"Whatever," Cordelia could barely dilute the revulsion in her voice. "So
where is Gabrielle's shoot? It might be kind of fun to stop by and see a
real shoot .."

"Don't be concerned about the girl, Ms. Chase. You will have your own...
opportunity to shine today. Now please, would you follow me downstairs.
That's where we'll be doing the test shoot."

"Um... DOWNSTAIRS..." Cordelia spoke rather loudly, hoping Angel and Doyle
would catch on. "Really? Downstairs. How cool..." * Okay, we can bust in
any time now, guys... *

* * *

"Do you really think she'll be all right, mate?" Doyle asked Angel as they
snaked through the freeway traffic.

"All she has to do is keep talking," Angel grinned. "And if there's one
thing Cordelia can do, it's keep talking."

"But she thinks we're still out there?" Doyle was genuinely concerned.

"You had a vision, right...?" Angel quizzed his half-demon sidekick.

"Yeah," Doyle nodded.

"And you saw the girl being tortured and turned into a vampire, right...?"

Doyle nodded again, his body still recovering from agonizing effects of his
latest precognition.

"We were meant to act on that vision," Angel explained. "We're just going
to have to trust whoever sends you those visions. Cordelia will be fine.
She may seem a bit... helpless... but she's faced down demons before. When
we don't come crashing in there right away, she'll realize something's up,
and she'll stall. She's resourceful..."

"You sound like you're trying to convince yourself, man," Doyle cut him off.

"I am," Angel nodded. He hated making decisions like this. He'd left
Cordelia alone with a demon and who knows what else. She could be hurt,
raped again, even killed. Yet, he knew he was supposed to save Gabrielle.
That was his mission. Cordelia knew when she signed on that they would be
fighting demons, dangerous soulless beasts that would constantly be placing
her life in jeopardy. She would get out of this alive. Angel had to start
having faith in his comrades. That was part of opening himself up to
humanity. That was what would keep him separated from the monsters he

He listened as Doyle rattled off the directions. They were shooting the
demon-core loop outside of town in the hills. Angel accelerated and peered
through the deeply tinted windows of his daylight-proof car. They had to
hurry. Two lives now depended on it.

* * *

"Your star has arrived," the voice sliced through the commotion on the
makeshift movie set. The demon-core loop was being shot in a secluded
parcel of private forest in the hills above Los Angeles. Every eye on
the set turned to the speaker, a tall, sneering bleached-blonde hunk who
looked like a menacing cross between Sid Vicious and Billy Idol.

"Spike!" the director of the shoot left his spot behind one of the cameras
and sprinted to the leather-clad stranger. "So glad you could make it," he
fawned over the infamous vampire. I really didn't think you'd..."

"Cut the shite, you poncy wanker," Spike cut the director off with a sneer.
"Scratch told me you had a little rose petal here that needs plucking." His
eyes scanned the people scattered over the wooded glen, settling on the
pretty young teenage girl shivering among a coterie of make-up and wardrobe
demons. She was dressed in a flowery summer dress that reeked of fresh
innocence and succulent vulnerability. "That the cherry?" he asked, licking
his lips.

"Her name's Gabrielle," the director explained. "We did a shoot with her
last night. Prime demon meat. Her screams are like a symphony. Mr. Scratch
really messed her up, too."

"The old crucifix cock trick, eh?" Spike was familiar with Mr. Scratch's
particular fancies.

"You've seen it before then...?"

"There was this little convent in rural France," Spike began to reminisce,
but cut himself short. "Funny, she doesn't look very broken in," Spike was
referring to the girl's unblemished, dewy flesh.

"We did a restoration spell on her," the director explained. "Healed
everything but her memory. It'll be like ravaging a virgin for you, man.
A fucking piece of cherry pie..."

Spike smirked, pushed the director out of the way and strode over to the
girl. The demons attending to her parted when they saw Spike. Only two
female vampires stood their ground. One was older, and she smiled at him.
The other was young, petite, blonde and looked VERY familiar. * Bullocks,
* he thought to himself. * Is that? No, it couldn't be... * When he got
closer, he saw that the blonde only resembled his mortal enemy.

"What's wrong with you?" the blonde hissed at him. "You look like you've
just seen a ghost."

"You look like someone I... know," he stared the blonde down. * My God,
they could be twins... * "What's your name?"

The blonde seemed a bit put off by the fact that the infamous Spike did not
recognize her. "I'm Sarah Marie Gelman," she tried her best to stay cocky.
"Kimmy, Protector of the Universe," she mentioned her major credit, hoping
to elicit some kind of recognition from the notorious Spike. "You do watch
TV, don't you...?"

"Not in this fucking country," Spike replied. "At least not since they
cancelled Dark Shadows. Now that was a fucking BRILLIANT show!" He turned
to Gabrielle. "So you're my little costar...?" She turned her doe eyes
down to the ground. "Shy little bird, are we?" Spike laughed. "I'll be
fixing that soon enough."

"We need to start shooting ASAP," the director looked up at the cloudy sky.
"The sun could come out any time now..."

"I'm ready to rumble, mate." Spike stroked the shivering teenager's cheek,
and she shrank back. "You're going to be a tasty bit of fun, love. Don't
worry. I won't be gentle."

"Here's the script," the director handed Spike a sheaf of papers. The
vampire took it, looked it over for a second, then tossed the papers in
the air. "O...okay..." the director stammered. "You want to improvise.
That's cool..."

"I chase the bird down, and then we get to it," Spike explained. "You just
keep the cameras rolling. I only do one take. She decides at the end whether
she wants to die or be TURNED. You hear that?" He cupped Gabrielle's face
in his icy grip. "What happens is up to you. You can either die like a lamb
or become one of the lions. It's all the same to me." He released her face,
whipped around and strode off towards the edge of the clearing. "Tell the
bird to start running," he snapped. "This is her head start."

"You heard the man," the director waved his hand at the camera crew.
"Vampire Prey, take 1..."

"I'd start running if I were you, sweets," Sarah sneered at Gabrielle. "You
think last night with me and the demons was bad, just wait til you get a load
of Spike."

"Don't just stand there," Claire Gabriel barked at her daughter. "Run, you
little whore!" She slapped the girl on her ass, and Gabrielle sprinted for
the opposite edge of the woods in a wild, screaming frenzy.

Spike appeared seconds later. The clearing was about 500 yards across, and
Gabrielle had barely reached the halfway point before the tall, blonde
vampire overtook her. His cold, strong fingers grabbed her by the hair and
twisted her shrieking body to the ground.

"I expected more from you, you little whore," Spike spit in the teen's face.
"I guess it's up to me to carry the scene now." He backhanded the teen's
pretty face, and the cameras zoomed in as her neck snapped to one side.
Spike yanked her hair and forced her to face him as he undid his leather
pants. "Hope your hungry, love," he spit in her teary eyes and mashed her
quivering lips up against the bulge in his crotch. "Because it's time for
your lunch."

His icy white demonhood snapped to sharp attention like a switchblade.
Gabrielle tried to turn away, but he tugged at her hair and forced her to
meet his frigid cockhead with her sobbing lips. She gagged at the taste,
but this only seemed to fuel the sadistic vampire on. He stabbed his
fleshy stake between the girl's slack jaws, and gripped her ears.

The vampire's hard, eight-inch cock felt like a thick icicle as it plowed
into Gabrielle's weeping mouth. He jerked the teen's head forward by her
ears, and the shaft scraped and chafed her tongue like she was swallowing
dry ice. He throttled her mouth with his ice-prick and hissed in her ears.
"Suck it, you little whore. Suck that vampire dick good. Your mouth feels
so moist and hot around my cold, hard cock. Suck that demon dick. Suck
for your fucking soul."

"That's great, Spike," the director told him. "Just a few more minutes so
we get all the shots in." Cameramen were scurrying all around the vampire
rapist and his bawling victim. The scene was shot from four different
angles. One cameraman even managed to shoot the choke raping from the
ground up while the girl's spit and vomit drooled and plopped onto the lens.
"Okay," the director said after an eternity of throat raping. "I think
we've got that shot."

"Time to assume the position, whore," Spike snickered. With his strong,
cold hands he forced Gabrielle onto all fours, kicking her legs apart while
he stepped around her. Withdrawing a long, sharp knife, he proceeded to
slice away at the girl's flowery dress while she screeched in terror. "Oh,
come on. You know you love it," he sneered, stretching back her lacy white
panties until they bunched in a knot along her cunt groove. "Nothing like
fresh filet of virgin," Spike hissed before sinking his fangs into the
teen's toned, succulent ass-meat. "MMM, finger licking good," he smirked,
dipping his hands in the seeping blood and licking it from his cold fingers.
His face turned into its full, beastly vampire visage, and he tore into the
girl's supple butt with his fangs.

"NOOOOO!" the girl's screams reverberated throughout the wooded glen as
Spike tore chunk after bloody chunk from her soft pink bottom. "Please...
stop..." she whimpered pathetically. "Please..."

"Come on, whore," Spike mocked her. "Let's really hear it." He tore out
another hunk of ass-flesh with his fangs before smearing his hands in her
blood. "Let's put on a show!" he smacked her ass hard, then began stuffing
his bloody hand into the tiny pucker of her sphincter.

"OOOOHHHHH! EEEAARRGGHH!" Gabrielle wailed as the sadistic vampire balled
up his hand and began fisting her ass-crack brutally. "Noooooooooo..." her
wail dwindled to a whimper as Spike pounded and punched his arm deep into
her entrails.

"Come on, whore, you can do better than that." He twisted his arm, and the
bottom of his hand now disappeared into her blasted crevice. He dug his
cold, sharp fingernails into her soft, inner ass-walls and clawed at the
pink tender flesh, shredding it like confetti. "Scream for me!" He buried
his arm up past his wrist and kept on pressing forward. "I'm going to rip
your heart out through your fucking ass, you bloody little trollop."

"N...n...n..." she whimpered as she felt the vampire's ice cold tongue
lapping up the blood that streamed out of her obliterated ass.

"You want my demon cock up your ass, don't you, slut?" Spike hissed in her
ear. "Don't you...?"

"Nooo," she continued mewling.

"Fucking whore," he yanked his arm out from between her stretched sphincters.
In a split second, his icy dick-sicle stabbed up into her warm, bloody ass.
As he began pounding into her with his hips, he leaned over her and sank his
teeth into her soft, pink neck. "The choice is yours now, whore. Death or
undead? What will it be?"

"I... I..." Gabrielle gasped, her mind overwhelmed by the sensation of
Spike's ice-prick filling her belly while his tongue drank the warm blood
that welled up in her throat. She was going to die, that was inevitable.
But that didn't have to be the end. At least that's what Sarah had told
her last night after the first shoot.

Sarah Marie Gelman had once been just like her, a young pretty actress
looking for her first big break. She'd started out as an ice-skater, then
managed to get some soap opera work, nothing major, before stumbling onto
the H.R. Snuff'n'stuff Agency. At that time, Snuff'n'stuff's major talent
was the child-star turned primetime sexpot, Alicia Turino. Sarah had signed
on without knowing what she was really getting into until that first
test-shoot. Then she'd been brutally introduced to the world of demon-core
porn, and she found - much to her shock - that she had a natural affinity
for Hollywood's fiendish underground.

After that first test shoot, she'd opted to be VAMPED on film for a cool
million. Of course, there was that whole "immortal soul" clause in the
contract. She'd had a few reservations about that, but once Kimmy, Protector
of the Universe came along she hadn't given her damnation a second thought.
Now Sarah Marie Gelman was the darling of the 13-25 year-old demographic,
and a spokesperson for wholesome Marybella cosmetics to boot. Who said
selling your soul was a raw deal? It certainly hadn't hurt Sarah, and now
Gabriella was faced with the same opportunity.

Scratch told her she was a shoe-in for the part of Hope on the Kimmy series.
After another season, Sarah was going to move onto feature films, and
Gabrielle stood a good chance of inheriting the hit series. Then she could
do movies, too. And if she got VAMPED like Sarah, she too would remain
forever youthful, forever beautiful, with strength, stamina and powers few
humans could even comprehend.

Where was the conflict? What was the downside? She could die there like a
pathetic, sniveling coward, or embrace the limitless possibilities of
becoming one of the undead. Sarah told her the drill. She needed to open
her soul and drink of the spilled blood, allowing a demon to rise through
the abyss and inhabit her being for all eternity. She pursed her lips and
curled her neck around, her tongue striving to taste the blood that warmed
her neck.

"You want it, don't you, whore?" Spike jeered.

"Yes," she struggled and stretched her tongue.

"Beg me for it, whore! Beg me!"


"Not today, Spike," the voice came out of nowhere. An instant later, two
strong arms ripped Spike from Gabrielle's broken, bloodied ass and tossed
his body hard to the ground.

His leather pants down around his knees, Spike struggled to his feet, teeth
gnashing and eyes glowering. He knew that voice. He HATED that voice. He
was going to KILL that voice. Before he could move, however, a heavy boot
kicked up into his jaw and sent him sprawling backwards. Then a strong,
cold hand seized him by his bleached-blonde hair and pounded his skull into
the earth.

"How you doing, buddy?" the voice hissed at Spike as his head throbbed with
each blow.

"You're too late Angelus," Spike spit the voice's demon name. "Look at her.
I've turned her. You've FAILED! Just like you always do."

"Guess again, loser," Angel yanked Spike's head up so that he faced
Gabrielle. The girl's body was frozen, her tongue mere millimeters from the
pool of her own cursed blood.

"I know a few spells," the half-demon known solely as Doyle smirked at Spike
as the vampire grunted.

"I hate last minute rescues," Sarah's voice broke the silence. A second
later, her sharp boots snapped back Angel's head and sent him tumbling off
Angel. "Angel, right...?" she asked. "I've heard of you. I'm not

"Buffy...?" Angel looked up and started before he realized the pretty blonde
vampire only resembled a certain slayer he knew and loved.

"No," Sarah spit. "Don't any of you losers watch TV?" she hissed. "My
name..." she kicked Angel's startled face again. CRACK! " Sarah..."
CRACK!! "...Marie..." CRACK!!! "...Gelman..." Angel, who had now recovered
from his momentary shock, blocked her last kick.

"Sorry, never heard of you," Angel replied, twisting her leg around and
tossing her small body aside. The pretty blonde vampire landed on her feet
after an athletic shoulder roll. She snapped her arms back into a fighting
posture. * Okay, keep your cool, * Angel told himself. * She looks like
her, she fights like her, but it's NOT her... *

"What's wrong, pretty boy?" Sarah mocked. "Is big bad Angel scared of little
old me?"

"Why don't you come over here and see?" Angel snarled.

"She won't have to, wanker," Spike was now approaching Angel from his other
side, a very sharp wooden stake in his hands. "Spike's on the job now."

"Don't be such a guy," Sarah snapped at Spike. "I can handle pretty boy here
myself." She extended her hand, and one of the demons on the crew tossed her
a wooden stake.

"Oh, this ought to be good," Spike snickered. He stopped and crossed his
arms over his chest.

"It doesn't matter to me who goes first," Angel snorted, his face in full
vampire visage. "Come on, blondie, let's see what you've got."

Sarah was airborne before Angel could react. Her body twirled in a double
toe loop, and the pointed toes of her black boots caught Angel square in the
chin. He staggered back and saw the stake whistling towards his exposed
chest. Angel rolled with the kick and fell on his back. The stake caught
nothing but air. Angel aimed a savage kick between Sarah's legs. The pretty
vampire spilled to the ground, clutching at her crotch. Angel was back to
his feet a second later.

Coughing and gasping, Sarah lunged at Angel with a desperate fury. Still
staggering, though, she was a second too slow. Angel sidestepped her thrust,
then aimed a blow to her stomach. Flexing his wrist, he engaged the wooden
stake attached to his arm. The spring activated and a wooden stake snapped
out from under his hand. The sharp point bit into Sarah's flat tummy,
ripping into her trim torso.

"FUCK! I just signed that FUCKING movie deal..." she hissed before her body
vaporized into a cloud of ash.

"One down..." Angel shrugged his shoulders and turned to Spike.

"This is awesome," the director called from behind the row of cameras
capturing all the action. "Scratch is going to eat this shit up. Vampire
versus vampire... to the UNdeath! Keep mixing it up guys. Let's get a real
grand finale going."

"The whole demonic underworld is going to watch me finish you off, you bloody
poof," Spike sneered.

"Let's do it, then." Angel matched Spike's malevolence fang for fang.

"Aren't you forgetting something, mate?" Doyle interrupted the showdown.

"Not now, Doyle," Angel barked.

"The girl is safe," Doyle pressed. "That's what we came here to do. Now
there's someone else who needs saving. Or have you forgotten...?"

Angel tensed, ready to lash out, but then an image crossed his soul. Yes,
he had a soul. Not just rage and bloodlust, but a soul. Someone who trusted
him was now in danger because of him. Every demonic voice shrieking inside
him told him to stay and fight, to quench his bloodlust. Only one small
voice called him back from the brink -- an annoying, whiny, yet vulnerable
voice. The voice of someone who was counting on him. * Don't worry,
Cordelia. I'm coming... *

Angel moved slowly to Doyle's side. Doyle now had Gabrielle standing up.
Her face was in a zombie-like stupor. She was weak from loss of blood.
Doyle waved his hand at the crew of demons barring their escape. His hand
now glowed with an ethereal luminescence. "Anybody here want to mess with
my Mojo?" Doyle challenged the demons.

The demon film crew parted and let Angel, Doyle and the girl through. Angel
backed up slowly, his eyes locked on Spike, ready for the vampire's attack.
Spike only grinned. "I don't know where you're going," he called out to
Angel. "But wherever it is, you'll be too late. You're always too late,
Angelus. Your heart's just not in it. YOU'RE A KILLER," he howled as Angel
and Doyle put Gabrielle in the backseat of their car. "YOU'LL NEVER BE A


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