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Angel: Negotiations
by Tricksterson

More universes than one can count. Thousands of Heavens and at least that
many Hells, not to mention an endless number of universes in between.

But only one Nexus. This is the balance point between Good and Evil, the
place where Law and Chaos balance each other out and all universes meet.

"Boy, this has got to be the most *boring* place, I've ever been!" The
speaker was a woman of medium height with dark hair and a curvaceous figure
wearing a white dress that was both tighter and shorter than some would
consider appropriate for an emissary of the Heavens. Regardless, her
assessment had more than a little basis in fact. Aside from bare gravely
soil and the grey mists she had walked out of there was nothing to be seen.

"Well what would you expect from a place that's the ultimate in neutrality?"
came a voice from out of the mists, soon to be followed by the form of the
speaker, a tall busty brunette. Her own dress was bright red and featured a
low-cut bodice. It was offset by a brightly patterned scarf around her neck.

"The same thing you are Cordelia," the brunette said before Cordy could open
her mouth. "Oh wait," she continued in a sarcastic tone, "Weren't you going
to say 'What the Hells are you doing here Lilah?'

"Very funny. Eternal torment has done wonders for your sense of humor. But
nothing for your hair. Why *did* they send you?"

"Same reason the PTB sent you. We're both expendable."

"What do you mean, 'expendable'?"

"Listen we're here to determine the dimensional boundaries of good and evil
for the next thousand years, according to the covenant drawn up nobody knows
how long ago, right?"


"And how are those boundaries usually determined?"

"Trial by combat."

"And are either of us the trial by combat type?"

Cordelia had to admit that, bitch though she was, Lilah had a point. Yes
she'd had some training back in life but a warrior angel she wasn't.

"Wellll, no."

"And you're not exactly popular among the hierarchy of the Heavenly Powers,
are you?"

"Is it my fault I think things should be a little more...proactive around
here? Have you *seen* what it's like there on a Saturday night? And anyway
why are *you* on the Senior Partner's shit list? I thought you were a good
little pawn of corporate evil?"

"I had a lapse, remember? And the Senior Partners tend to be perfectionists
in such matters."

"Lapse? What lapse...ohhh, Wesley, right?"

Lilah didn't answer but got back to the matter at hand. "You see trial by
combat is just a tradition, not a hard and fast rule. There's precedent and

Cordy rolled her eyes. Lawyers!

"So what's the alternative?"

"You're not going to like it."

"Try me."

"Negotiation." The tone of Lilah's voice and the way she drew out the
word made Cordy suspect that this type of negotiation wasn't done around a
conference table, indeed she got the feeling that on top of a table would be
more likely. Still best not to jump to conclusions.

"Exactly what kind of negotiation are you talking about?"

"Sex." Okay, so maybe jumping to conclusions wasn't such a bad idea after
all. "Hot, horny, lesbian sex. It takes passion to to both move and fix the
boundaries of time, space and morality."

"Since when are you gay?"

"What's that got to do with it? This is survival we're talking about. If you
can't get into it just lean back and think of Versace."

"There's a flaw in your loophole. The operative word here is passion. If
we're just going through the motions it won't matter."

"Oh, I think the passion part will come," Lilah said in a sultry voce as she
sashayed towards the other woman, her dress literally melting off, leaving
her gloriously naked.

"Mmm, no." said Cordelia firmly. "As Giles might say, 'Things go better with
bloke.' Well he would say that if he was gay. Which he's not and neither am
I, so there."

Trying to follow this reasoning was giving Lilah a headache so she simply
stepped into Cordy's comfort zone, grabbed her by the face and laid one on

When they broke off Cordelia's face was flushed and her breath ragged.

"So," said Lilah, "things still 'go better with bloke'?"

"Well yeah," was the breathy response. "But now I think I can see my way to
exploring the appeal of other options." With that her own clothes disappeared
and the two voluptuous beauties began exploring each other's bodies with
kisses and touches that were at first tentative but gradually increased in

"Mmmm," purred Cordelia as Lilah licked at her neck and with a thought
created a Queen-sized bed out of the mist. "There's just one thing needed to
make this perfect."

"What?" asked Lilah who was starting to enjoy this more than she had

"A man."

Lilah rolled her eyes in exasperation and pushed the other woman onto the

"Fine. You want a penis, you'll get one." She stepped back and concentrated.
Slowly the area of her vagina began to ripple with change, pushing outward.
Soon she had a sizable penis between her legs.

"Whoa," said Cordy, eyes almost popping out of her skull. "We can do that?"

"Basic matter manipulation. Well, maybe not that basic."

"And it's real?"

"Touch it and find out."

As soon as she did it sprang to instant and massive attention. Cliche though
it was she couldn't get the phrase "a baby's arm holding a apple" out of her
head. The tentative touch turned to firm stroking and Lilah soon found
herself not just hardening but *changing*.

"What are you *doing*?"

"The basic frame is fine but...a little too much of a good thing, don't you
think?" As Cordy added her mouth and tongue to the shaping process Lilah
found herself far too distracted to object. Was this how a man felt? No
wonder her sex usually wound up running things.

"Ah, just right," Cordelia said after a final flick of her tongue then leaned
back and began thinking of fashion accesories. She began thinking of more
then that when Lilah leaned forward and began suckling on her breasts. Her
own hand rose and began pinching and twisting the other woman's nipples.

"I knew you'd get into the spirit of things eventually," said Lilah with a
sigh and a smile after probing between the other woman's legs to find her
hot, wet and ready. She pushed her partner's legs apart and plunged her cock
into Cordy's now warm and wet pussy.

"Unh, yeah, that's it, fuck me you bitch!" Soon Cordy was bucking and
heaving underneath the transformed Lilah, her legs wrapped around the still
incongruously feminine waist. She stiffened and let out a wordless shriek as
they came together, literally moving worlds with their orgasm.

Lilah was quick to roll off as soon as she had recovered. Cordelia also
distanced herself.

"Well that was fun but inconclusive," said Lilah wryly.

"You gained some but so did we. My bosses won't mind, they're all about the
status quo."

"Mine on the other hand are all about acquisitions. They will not be
pleased." As she said this, Lilah fingered the scarf around her neck.

"Especially when they find out you didn't get me pregnant." Cordelia was
happy to see the usually unflappable Lilah go all nonplussy.

" knew?"

"Guessed. I *am* brighter than people give me credit for and I've been
impregnated by a demon before, *twice* and thankyouno, *once* was more than
enough. I "fixed" you during the blow job. Uhoh. Oh, yuck!"

The "Uhoh" was occasioned by Lilah's eyes going red, the "Oh yuck" by what
was revealed when she stripped off her scarf. The Senior Partners punishment
for her indisgression had been both ironic and icky. A horizontal vagina
crossed her throat lined with what could have been either teeth or thorns
but in either case were most unpleasant. The vagina beegan to pull itself
out of Lilah's neck on a tentacle only to be stopped cold by a sword of pure
light that suddenly appeared in Cordy's hand and was poised to behead both
Lilah's new head and the old one.

"Gee, I guess I'm more a trial-by-combat gal than you thought," said Cordelia
with a cold smirk. "Game over, girlie, buh-bye." With that she backed off
into the mists and dissapeared.

"Oh shit," muttered Lilah, contemplating what her masters would do to her for
her failure and then winked out as well, leaving the Nexus as barren and
featureless as ever.


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