Angel: Nocturnal Lust (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Wesley Wyndham Pryce was bored. He was bored to death with his job at Angel
Investigations. He was a tall man in his early thirties. He had black hair
and dark eyes. He was a handsome man. Wesley was an intellectual. He was the
son of a Watcher and eventually became one. Currently, he was helping Angel
and company. Angel was the vampire with a soul. A centuries-old vampire
housed in the body of a tall, dark and handsome man. Angel was the world's
only good vampire and he fought the forces of darkness. Wesley was one of
his allies.

Wesley was bored because there was just so much research to be done. The
others were out fighting against some demonic gang. Wesley felt tired. He
was doing a thankless task. He never felt appreciated. Most importantly,
he was severely underpaid. He decided to go home. He took his car out of
the Angel Investigations' parking lot and just split. He drove to one of
the seedier parts of Los Angeles where he lived. A small apartment. He
went inside. The place was small and clean, decidedly spartan. The home
of a single man. Wesley turned on the light...and froze.

There was someone there. A tall woman with long black hair and dark green
eyes. She was beautiful, and stood buck naked in the middle of his apartment.
Wesley recognized her. Lilah Morgan. The bitch in charge of Wolfram & Hart.
His worst enemy...and secret lover. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

Lilah grinned. "Just wanted to see you." she said.

Wesley was not unaffected by the beautiful woman who stood before him. "Why?"
he asked.

Lilah grinned. "Come on, Wesley. Tell me you're not glad to see me."

She walked toward him in a very slow manner. She was beautiful and she knew
it. He felt his cock harden inside his pants. Lilah came to him and planted
a kiss on his lips.

"I missed you, Wesley." she said.

"I can't do this." Wesley protested.

Lilah just smiled. "Shh..." she said.

She started to slowly unbutton his shirt. Wesley tried to stop her but her
agile hands slipped to his zipper and freed his cock from his pants. "No
underwear, huh?" she said. "Wesley is a naughty boy."

Wesley felt her hands on his cock. He knew he should resist her. She knew
what he liked. Damn!!! He resisted until she pushed him on a chair with his
pants dropped to his ankles.

Wesley sat down on the chair and tried to relax. Lilah held his cock in
her hand and began jerking him off. She licked the head of his cock and
ran her tongue down its length. She paused to lick his balls then to
suck on them. He grabbed her long, lustrous black hair and forced her
head down on his cock. He shoved as much of his cock as he could down
her throat. Lilah gagged on his cock a little but she was no stranger
to deep-throating. She sucked on his cock, liking the taste and feel of
it in her mouth. She had long known that every man was different and
that their manhood tasted different as well. Wesley closed his eyes and
tried to enjoy what Lilah Morgan was doing to him. Her mouth was so damn
nice and warm. He kept thrusting his cock deeper into her throat. Gosh,
that felt so damn nice.

Lilah increased her sucking on Wesley's manhood and heard an audible gasp.
She knew what was coming and only sucked on Wesley's cock harder as he
grunted in pleasure. He felt an all too familiar rush in his loins and knew
what was up. He came, erupting with force inside Lilah's mouth. Lilah felt
the explosion of cum blast her mouth and hit the back of her throat. After
the initial surprise, she welcomed it and drank Wesley's creamy white seed.
She licked his cock slit as wave after wave of cum came out of it. More cum
rushed on the sides of Wesley's dick and she licked them off too. She cleaned
up his cock nicely. Wesley sighed in pleasure as Lilah milked him dry. He
looked at her as she cleaned him up, licking every single drop of cum with
that mouth of hers. When she was done, she looked at him adoringly.

Wesley suddenly got an impulse. He grabbed her and threw her down on the bed.
Lilah Morgan was a bit surprised by this aggressive display but not at all
turned off by it. Wesley grunted like an animal and kissed her. He kissed her
feverishly and she welcomed his hot kisses and that knowing touch of his. He
held her ample breasts in his hands and squeezed them. She felt one of his
hands slip between her thighs. She was dying with anticipation. He spread her
legs and dove right in. His nimble tongue licked her hairless pussy and she
felt him part her delicate pussy lips with his fingers. He dipped his tongue
inside her and her eyes went wide. She writhed and moaned on the bed. His
agile tongue darted inside her, enflaming her with desire. She didn't know
how he knew just the right places to touch and how and most importantly, just
how long. His tongue and fingers explored her pussy and soon had her
screaming his name at the top of her lungs. She opened her eyes to see Wesley
holding his massive cock in her hands and rubbing it against her pussy lips.

Wesley placed his cock against Lilah's pussy lips and slid it inside her.
She felt his manhood enter the tender flesh of her pussy. He put his hands
on her hips and started thrusting his dick deep into her pussy. She grunted
in pleasure as he rammed into her. He grunted, no, roared like a beast as he
fucked her. He fucked her, ramming his cock into her pussy. He went in and
out with very little pause and she felt the force of his energetic thrusts.
His hand squeezed her tits and later her buttocks as he fucked her. He fucked
her like an animal. She had never seen this side of him. His fingernails dug
into her flesh and she almost screamed when he threw her on her belly and
unceremoniously pulled his cock out of her pussy. Lilah Morgan was thankful
for this surprising reprieve. He looked at her with something animalistic in
his eyes. She felt a pang of fear as she guessed what he was thinking. He
placed his cock against her butthole, and pushed. Lilah screamed when she
felt Wesley's massive cock enter her tight asshole. He slid it deep inside
her and she felt like she was being split in half.

Wesley had always wanted to fuck a woman in her ass and having found his
chance, he seized it. Lilah Morgan winced in pain as he pushed as much of
his cock as he could inside her rectum. She tried to flee but he grabbed
her by the hips. His face was close to hers and he could hear her scream
as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Is it good for you?" he asked. "Do you like it up the ass?"

Lilah Morgan was defiant to the bitter end. "Fuck you!" she said.

Wesley laughed. He slapped her nice round bottom. "No, my dear little
cocktease. I'm fucking YOU!"

With that, he shoved his cock deep into her bowels. She screamed as he went
impossibly deep inside her ass. God, she could not remember the last time she
felt more pain. She resigned herself to her fate. To be buttfucked by an
Englishman. She felt Wesley's energetic thrusts deep inside her. At first, it
was all painful but the pain was s quickly replaced by a curious feeling. A
feeling of fullness. It was a pleasant feeling. She found herself enjoying it
and surprised herself by pushing back against Wesley and driving his cock
deeper inside her. He fucked her like this for several more minutes, grunting
as he went inside her. Finally, he came, erupting with force inside her anal
canal. Lilah Morgan screamed as hot cum flooded her rectum. Wesley kept
thrusting into her, pumping wave after wave of cum inside her before pulling
out of her asshole with a soft pop.

Lilah Morgan lay on the bed, breathless. She could not believe all that had
taken place. Neither could Wesley. Neither looked at the other. They just
rested on the bed in silence. God, she felt....weird. She had never been
taken like this before, never had a man's hot throbbing cock inside her
asshole. She felt abased but alive. She liked it. Wesley Wyndham Pryce said
nothing. He didn't care one way or the other. He was just grateful that his
dry spell had ended.

The End


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