Angel: Office Romance (MMFF,voy)
by SuperHetero

Wolfram & Hart Attorneys at Law,
Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Harmony decided to go to her boss's office and demand a raise. She was a
slender young woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Harmony Kendall
was more than she appeared to be. She was a vampire. She had been once since
the late 1990s when she had been transformed into one following her high
school graduation.

In high school, Harmony had been on top. One of those rich, pretty and
popular girls who could do whatever they wanted. She was used to getting her
way. Well, since she became one of the undead, her life had changed a bit.
She had become a vampire and as such had gained supernatural strength, speed
and the ability to heal from almost any injury. Also, one of the perks of
being a vampire was the whole immortality thing. A vampire could live forever
unless he or she were exposed to direct sunlight for too long, beheaded, or
staked. For the most part, Harmony loved being a vampire. One of the things
she regretted however was the whole no reflection on mirrors thing. Harmony
was not only a beautiful young woman but she was also extremely vain.

After she became a vampire, she had gotten with Spike. Spike was a totally
cool guy. He was tall and lean, with spiky blond hair and green eyes. A
handsome guy, for sure. He was also a vampire and had been one for centuries.
Spike was feared and respected in the monster community. Demons, vampires and
monsters whispered his name in silence. Spike was one of the original bad
guys, along with Angelus and Darla. Angelus was a tall, handsome young man
from Ireland. He had been transformed into a vampire by Darla, the beautiful
female vampire who had walked the earth for centuries looking for a valiant,
gallant and sadistic guy like him.

Angelus and Darla were a bloody duo. They turned a beautiful Spanish girl
named Drusilla into a vampire. Drusilla fell in love, or rather, lust, at
the timid British poet William and turned him into one of the undead as
well. William became the vampire known as Spike. Angelus, Darla, Drusilla
and Spike were the supremely evil foursome of the vampire community. All
feared them. With reason. Fast forward a couple of centuries and Angelus
had become Angel, the Vampire With a Soul. Angel helped humanity by fighting
against the forces of darkness. Darla was dead. Drusilla was missing. Spike
had become the world's second Vampire with a Soul after his dalliances with
Buffy Summers, the beautiful woman who was also the Slayer, sworn enemy of
the vampire community.

Angel and his friends had been given rulership over the law firm of Wolfram
& Hart.

Harmony Kendall was one of the secretaries there. Spike had come back from
Sunnydale and was also working for Wolfram & Hart. The sad thing was that
Spike had not shown any interest in Harmony Kendall since he came back.
She was mad at him. He couldn't care less. She wanted a raise and basically
marched down to Angel's office. She knew there would be consequences to her
actions but she didn't care. She pushed the doors wide open. And gasped.

Angel was in his office. He was there, that was not the strange thing. The
strange thing was what he was doing.

Nina was there with him. Nina was buck-naked, on her hands and knees. Angel
held her by the hips and was thrusting his hard cock in and out of her pussy
from behind. Nina was rocking back and forth against Angel. Angel fucked her
hard, shoving his cock deep inside her. She moaned as he fucked her and her
body moved back and forth as it felt the effect of her lover's energetic
fucking. Angel seemed to relish this. He yanked Nina's long blonde hair and
pulled her head back. His rough hands slapped her hot-looking ass a couple
of times and she bucked wildly. He started to fuck her with renewed energy
and she grunted and screamed as he shoved his manhood deep inside her. She
started yelling obscenities, telling him to give it to her. This seemed to
turn Angel on as he fucked her so hard and so fast that the young woman
screamed like a wild animal and shoved herself back harder against the cock
that mercilessly fucked her.

Harmony Kendall watched that and was more than a little turned on. She
started to finger herself, choosing to hide behind a wall and sneaking a
peek at the two lovers. She was quite surprised when a new couple entered
the scene. Harmony's eyes widened when she recognized the two members of
the other couple.

The man was tall and lean, with blond-white hair. He wore a black leather
outfit. Spike. Her vampire ex-boyfriend. Spike was not alone. There was a
woman with him. Harmony recognized her as Anne. Anne was a tall young woman
with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She was in charge of a Homeless
Shelter somewhere in Los Angeles. Obviously, she was Spike's date. Harmony
watched as the new couple undressed and watched Angel as he fucked Nina.

Spike took off his clothes, revealing a lean, nice and hard body. He stood
there, holding his long and thick cock in his hand as he watched Angel fuck
Nina. Anne had taken her clothes off too and seemed really turned on by this.
She watched as Angel and Nina changed positions. Angel lay flat on the ground
and Nina climbed on top of him. Angel started to fuck her like this, his
hands squeezing her breasts as he thrust his cock into her. Nina is screaming
as she rides on Angel's cock like a wild cowgirl. Turned on by this, Spike
grabs Anne's hair and yanks her until she is down on her knees. He shoves his
erect cock into her face and, after a brief hesitation, Anne starts sucking
on Spike's cock. Spike looks into the face of the young woman as she sucks
his cock and shoves it deeper down her throat. She almost gags on it, and he
grunts in pleasure. She is an excellent cocksucker and sucks him, licking his
cock and balls until he cannot contain his pleasure and busts all over her
face. Meanwhile, Nina screams as Angel fucks her and cums inside her. She
screams one final time and rolls off him.

Nina feels a bit dizzy after Angel's cock fucked her thoroughly. She looks at
Anne, sucking on Spike's cock. The girl is good at cocksucking but she is not
a pro. Nina must show her how it's done. She joins Anne in sucking Spike's
cock. Spike relishes the sight of the beautiful Nina come to taste his
manhood. Nina licks the cum off Spike's cock. Angel watches with interest as
both women combine forces to bring life back into Spike's cock. He is soon
rock hard and the girls push him down onto the floor. Anne rushes and lowers
herself down onto his manhood. Spike grabs ahold of her hips and starts
thrusting into her. Nina wanted to feel another hard cock inside her but must
settle for some pussy-licking. She lowers her mound upon Spike's face and
after a few seconds he starts licking her pussy, lapping at it with his
tongue. His tongue darts inside her pussy, tasting it and licking her juices.
She is so hot and wet both from her current excitement and the fucking that
Angel gave her. She watches Anne as she rides on Spike's cock. Nina suddenly
feels an urge to kiss the girl. She leans over and starts kissing Anne. Anne
hesitates, then returns her kisses. Nina puts her arms around Anne and starts
fondling her breasts. Anne is still bouncing on Spike's cock as it rages
inside her. Spike fucks Anne hard, thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy.
Nina is getting more and more excited by the feeling of Anne's body and it
shows. She is so excited that her juices rush forward and flood Spike's mouth
and he drinks all of her precious cum. Anne too is excited, both by watching
the effect she and Spike were having on Nina and by Spike's cock embedded
deep in her pussy. Spike licks Nina's pussy furiously and thrusts his cock
energetically into Anne's cunt. His efforts are rewarded by both women's
orgasmic screams a few moments later.

Spike, Anne and Nina are lying on the floor of Angel's office. They are
spent. Their good-looking bodies are covered with sweat. Damn, they look
good. Angel is sitting behind his desk, he is still naked. He looks at his
fuck buddies. He looks past them at something only he can see.

Harmony Kendall steps out of the shadows where she had been hiding. She is
clad in bra and panties. This is the hottest thing she had ever seen and she
cannot resist. "Got room for one more ?" she asked.

Angel and company smile at her. "Yeah." they say. "The more the merrier."

The End


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