Angel/Smallville: Villains Victorious Part 1 (MF,anal,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

In the higher planes, a powerful entity watched the events unfolding across
a myriad worlds. This entity was Loki, the God of Chaos and Trickery. A long
time ago, he was a member of the Asgardian Gods of Valhalla. He was raised
as the son of Odin, King of the Norse Gods and father of Thor, the Norse God
of Thunder. In spite of all efforts to raise him to be good, Loki turned out
to be a sociopath. A being without conscience. He eventually brought about
Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods in Norse Mythology. Although Loki
succeeded in destroying the Norse Gods, he did not defeat his brother Thor.
Thor killed Loki's favorite pet, the immortal Serpent known as Jormungand.

Thor also imprisoned Loki within an inter-dimensional prison in the higher
planes. Loki remained there for eternity, dreaming of the day when he would
free himself and visit revenge on those who had wronged him. Thor was long
since dead when Loki finally freed himself. It happened quite by accident.
Kal-El, the son of Kryptonian scientist Jor-El was sent from Earth to the
Phantom Zone by his nemesis, the Kryptonian war criminal known as General
Zod. When Kal-El escaped the Phantom Zone with the aid of the Kryptonian
Power Ring given to him by the Kryptonian female Raya, he accidentally opened
a gateway in the higher plane. Through this gateway, Loki made his escape.

The alien known as Kal-El returned to the planet Earth. He fought against
General Zod and locked him inside the Phantom Zone after extracting him from
newly super-powered body of billionaire Lex Luthor, the man destined to
become Superman's chief enemy. As Clark Kent, he saved his mother Martha Kent
and Lionel Luthor from a cave-in at their home. He also stopped the alien
energy thief known as Baern from destroying the planet Earth with the help of
the Kryptonian female Raya, who had recently escaped the Phantom Zone.
Unfortunately, Raya was slain during the battle with Baern.

In the following months, Clark Kent embraced his destinies, both as Kal-El,
the Last Son of Krypton and as the Superman, Earth's Protector. He met other
heroes such as the Green Arrow, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash, Aquaman and
Cyborg. Together, they formed the Justice League and teamed up to battle Lex
Luthor's newly formed army of genetic mutants. It seemed that Clark Kent had
finally accepted who he was. The world finally had its Superman.

Meanwhile, Loki escaped from his prison and found himself on the planet
Earth. Thousands of years had passed since the deaths of the Norse Gods at
the hands of the legions of Giants and Monsters. Loki found himself in a
world of ordinary men and women. With his divine powers and remorseless mind,
Loki decided to take over the world. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as he
thought it would be. He saw that there were many alternate versions of the
planet Earth in the infinite realm of alternate universes. He decided to
probe these realms in order to discover who their heroes were. These men and
women who might have the power to oppose him. He decided that he would
destroy them or convert them to his cause. It was only a matter of who would
join him and who would oppose him. Either way, Loki would have what he
wanted. He was the God of Chaos and Trickery. No force on Earth or Heaven had
the power to stop him.

In Earth One, Loki found a world where ordinary men and women were under
assault by the forces of darkness in the twenty first century. Most people
didn't know that dark forces ruled their world. Demons, vampires, monsters
of nonspecific origin, all of them walked the Earth in the alternate realm
known as Earth One. The most powerful forces of good in that universe were
the gathering of immortal entities known as the Powers That Be. The Powers
That Be had a champion, a vampire with a soul named Angel. This vampire with
a soul worked with a small group of human heroes to fight against the forces
of evil.

Angel worked with Cordelia Chase, a woman who could see the future, Charles
Gunn, a handsome black man who hunted vampires for sport and Wesley Wyndham
Pryce, a British Watcher along with Winifred Burkle, a physicist from Texas
and Lorne, a demonic Empath from the world of Pylea to fight evil. Angel also
had a teenage son named Connor, who had superhuman powers of his own and had
grown up in a hell dimension, raised by a vengeful psychopath. Angel had once
been close friends and even lovers with Buffy Summers, the Slayer. The Slayer
was the one thing feared by all the vampires on the planet. Loki observed
both Angel and the Slayer. They were both superhuman heroes. Both of them had
an entourage of humans who served them. Buffy Summers had her Slayerettes,
mainly her best friend Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris and Giles, her

Loki probed their defenses and discovered that Angel would make the best
convert. Angel was a hero when he had a soul. Whenever he lost his soul, he
reverted to the legendary vampire Angelus, a vicious monster with the face
of an angel and a heart more wicked than that of the devil. Angelus was the
deadliest vampire who ever walked the Earth. He was feared by humans, demons,
vampires and at times by various Slayers. An invincible menace who had come
close to destroying the world countless times. Loki reviewed Angelus actions
and found him to be a merciless butcher of thousands of men, women and even
children. Angelus was a force to be reckoned with. He would make the perfect
convert. Loki arranged for Angelus to resurface, and picked him up. Loki set
up the scenario quite perfectly. He knew that Angel and his friend Cordelia
had feelings for each other. He took advantage of that, using their feelings
to bring them down.

Angel was in bed. In his room, he lay with Cordelia Chase, the woman he had
come to love. The two of them had run across a horde of demons hell-bent on
destroying Los Angeles . The team had fought against them and finally won.
The two heroes looked at one another and kissed, then they made love. They
undressed, feasting their gaze with each other's bodacious forms. Angel
pulled Cordelia to him and they embraced. He kissed her, and sucked on her
firm, plump breasts. Cordelia moaned and urged him on. His hands roamed all
over her supple form, and finally between her legs. He fingered her, and
worked her over until he made her cum. Cordelia cried out in sheer pleasure.
Angel held her until the rocky sensations subsided.

Cordelia looked at Angel, the man she loved, who had just brought her such
pleasure. She decided to give back. So, she knelt before him and took his
cock in her mouth. She sucked him off like her life depended on it. Angel
stroked her hair as she worked him over. Cordelia really knew her stuff.
Angel smiled. He couldn't remember the last time he had such fun. When he
came, Cordelia drank his seed, then she kissed him. He gently caressed that
fine butt of hers. He bumped her buttocks with his groin. Cordelia gasped
when she felt his cock brush against her buttocks. She looked into Angel's
eyes and saw love there. She also saw an urgent need. Did he want what she
thought he wanted? Apparently so. She winced, but put on a brave front. She
loved this man and would do anything for him, even that.

Angel looked at Cordelia as she got on all fours and shook her plump butt
at him, smiling. What are you waiting for? She asked. Angel smiled, not
believing his luck. He went to her, and gently spread her butt cheeks wide
open. He pressed his cock against her back door, and pushed. Cordelia gasped
when she felt Angel's cock slide up her ass. It hurt. Angel gripped her hips
and thrust into her. He hadn't done this kind of kink in a long time and was
intent on making up for lost time. He took his sweet time as he fucked
Cordelia. Her ass was so wonderfully tight and felt so damn good around his
long and thick member. He continued to take her in this manner until he
couldn't take it anymore and came. Cordelia screamed as Angel's hot and manly
seed rushed deep inside her. He pulled her to him. She turned around and
looked into his happy face. Winced as he squeezed himself out of her.
Smiling, she embraced him. Angel kissed her. They went to sleep. Perfectly
happy. Which had been Loki's plan all along.

Angel experienced another moment of perfect happiness. Then Angelus came
back. The first thing he did was snapping Cordelia's neck while she slept.
He also proceeded to considerably reduce the number of Earth One's heroes
by killing Texan physicist-turned-huntress Winifred Burkle and Lorne, the
do-gooder Anagogic demon from the realm of Pylea. He would have killed
Wesley Wyndham Pryce too if it hadn't been for the intervention of Charles
Gunn. Charles Gunn drove a stake through Angelus chest, and only narrowly
missed the heart. Angelus lived. He threw Charles Gunn off the hotel rooftop,
and the fall killed him instantly. He threw Wesley off too, and the British
man remained quadriplegic for the remainder of his days. Connor came to the
rescue, and battled the wounded Angelus. Connor would have killed him too,
if it hadn't been for Loki's timely intervention. The God of Chaos and
Trickery seized Angelus and magically whisked him away before Connor could
finish him off.

Angelus blinked as a flash of light caught him and he was swallowed by an
energy vortex. One minute he was at the Hotel, fighting off the misguided
heroics of Angel's son Connor. The little bastard could actually fight. Of
course, Angelus shouldn't have been surprised. Connor was raised by Holtz,
once the world's most fearsome vampire hunter. He grew up in a dimension
filled with demons. He had to be tough. Still, the vampire Angelus had no
doubt that he could have snapped the teenage superhero's neck if he wasn't
injured. Connor compounded his injuries, slicing him with his blades and
brandishing a burning torch in his face. Angelus fell, and Connor stood over
him, ready to finish him off. That's when this weird light and energy vortex
came and swallowed him.

Now, the vampire Angelus suddenly found himself...elsewhere. He had no idea
where he was. He stood in a hall, somewhere. A vast palace. At the end of the
hall, a man sat on a throne. At his right side sat a large Wolf easily the
size of an elephant and to his left stood a coiled snake that was easily a
hundred feet long. The largest snake the vampire had ever seen. The man
looked at him and smiled.

"Welcome, Angelus," the man said. "My name is Loki, master of this domain."

Angelus smirked, in spite of his injuries. "Nice place, dude. If I were you,
I'd lose the age of chivalry threads. No one wears medieval clothing

Loki stood. "I have summoned you here for a reason, demon. Don't tempt me to
end your life."

Angelus shrugged. He was a two-hundred-year-old vampire. His superhuman body
had sharper senses, greater strength and stamina as well as faster healing
ability than anything human. He was also stronger than most demons. His
injuries were almost done healing. The longer he kept Loki talking, the
better off he was. Once he was strong again, he'd get rid of Loki and get out
of the magic castle. He'd give Connor a taste of his own medicine. He smiled
at the prospect of torturing Angel's bastard son before lighting him on fire.

Loki smiled and nodded. "You have such a wicked mind, Angelus. You need not
be my enemy. Join me, and we can take over the universe."

Angelus chuckled. "I killed the last guy who asked me to join him in his
scheme. He called himself the Beast."

Loki smiled. "I know. The Beast was immortal, an invincible demonic warrior
and you killed him. You seem to defeat everyone who comes your way. You've
nearly killed two Slayers, countless humans, thousands of demons, and even
tackled a higher being or two."

Angelus laughed. "So, you have heard of me."

He suddenly felt much better. His supernatural healing powers were at their
peak. Drinking the blood of Cordelia Chase, an Agent of the Powers That Be
had increased his power. He couldn't wait to let this pompous sorcerer know
exactly who he was dealing with.

Loki grinned. "Yes, I have heard of you, Angelus. Heaven and Hell speak of
you. Neither of them are sure which side you're going to be on when the end

Angelus snorted. "I think you have me confused with Angel, he's the hero of
this piece. I just kill people. Men, women and children. For fun. See, I
don't discriminate. I hate everyone equally."

Loki laughed. "So do I. In my day, I hated both the Gods and their enemies,
the Giants. I managed to get rid of both."

Angelus suddenly realized who he was dealing with. "You're a god?"

Loki nodded. "I am the Trickster himself."

Angelus nodded. This complicated things. He didn't know how powerful a god
might be, but he wasn't afraid to find out. He had never backed down before
anyone. Heinrich Joseph Nest, the vampire lord once known as the Master had
dubbed Angelus the most wicked vampire he had ever seen. Darla, the female
vampire who sired him was often awed by Angelus cunning, viciousness and
vindictive nature. Angelus had been a psychopath and a lust-filled sycophant
long before he became a vampire.

When he joined the undead, he got even worse. When he was human, Liam Angelus
had no conscience. When he became a vampire, since he was already less human
than most humans, he became a worse vampire than most vampires. The Powers
That Be are often credited for restoring Angelus' soul and turning him into
Angel, the Vampire With A Soul. The truth is that the Powers That Be gave
Angelus the vampire what Liam Angelus the human never had: A conscience.
That's what made Angel a hero.

Loki knew this. So, he decided to toy with Angelus. "I know what you fear,

Angelus crossed his arms. "Do tell, mister man."

He looked at the massive supernatural Wolf and the titanic Serpent. Both of
the massive creatures looked outright evil. He knew they were both than
extra-sized animals. They were demonic shape-shifters. Loki's pets. The man,
or rather, god, had a seriously wicked sense of humor.

Loki grinned. "You don't want to become Angel again. The Powers That Be keep
restoring your soul. You hate being forced to become a do-gooder. You love to
rampage, pillage and plunder. Killing any man or woman you fancy. Sleeping
with lovers of both sexes, then discarding them. That's what makes you

Angelus smiled. "Yeah, so what's it to you?"

Loki licked his lips and patted the head of his massive Wolf, Fenris. The
huge Serpent uncoiled and lay at his master's feet. The God of Chaos and
Trickery smiled.

"I hold your soul in my grasp. I can destroy it and free you forever. I can
also give you powers that make what you can do now seem like child's play. I
can increase your strength tenfold, and also maximize your speed and agility.
I can give you bat-like wings to enable you to fly, and also render you
impervious to sunlight. I can also give you the ability to regenerate, which
surpasses your healing powers."

Angelus smirked. "You'd do all this for me ? Sorry, man, but you don't look
like Santa and this isn't Christmas day. What's in it for you?"

Loki smiled evilly. "If you continue to act like a fool, I can return you to
your world, injured and broken again, and let Angel's son Connor finish you

Angelus laughed, and turned around. "Where are you going?" Loki demanded.

"Out of this nasty place!" Angelus said.

In a flash, Fenris the Wolf ran after him. The massive Wolf stood in front
of Angelus, blocking his path. Angelus grinned. He had fought massive
supernatural creatures before and won. He wasn't impressed or intimidated.
He noticed a huge battle-axe on the wall and seized it. The Wolf came at
him, huge jaws revealing massive teeth. Angelus lifted the axe, and brought
it down on Fenris's jaw. The supernatural Wolf howled in pain.

"Take that, nasty little doggy!" Angelus yelled. He leapt on top of Fenris,
and brought the axe down again and again. Crimson blood shot from the Wolf's
wounds. Mad with pain, the supernatural beast tried to reach with its jaws
Angelus but the vampire was too fast and agile. Angelus sliced and diced the
animal until it collapsed on the floor in a bloody hip.

Jormungand, the hundred-foot-long Serpent came rolling forward. Angelus
looked at it. For a second, he hesitated. The train-sized snake was an
impressive sight. Still, Angelus was the most vicious member of a race
feared by demons and humans alike, the race of vampires. Nothing in the
world could stop him. He had killed legions of demons, vampires and
monsters as well as ordinary men, women and children. He was the lord of
the night. A vampire's vampire. The king of bastards. Nothing scared him.
As the massive Serpent came hissing at him, he suddenly had an idea.

Angelus saw a large pot filled with oil hanging from the ceiling. The vampire
leapt and sliced the cord with the axe. The oil pot fell on the floor.
Angelus pulled his lighter out of his pocket and lit it, then bounded out of
the way. Jormungand came at him. Too late the snake realized its error. It
was already in the middle of the oil-covered hall floor when the flames began
licking its body. It hissed in agony. Angelus watched as the world's largest
snake writhed in the flames, then its massive, blackened body lay still.

Loki looked at Angelus with an unreadable expression. "You have killed Fenris
and Jormungand, my children," he said.

Angelus smirked. "Dude, whoever you slept with to make those two, she must
have been one ugly bitch. Hope you dumped her."

Angelus the vampire stood his ground and braced himself for whatever Loki,
the God of Chaos and Trickery had in store for him. The deity did the last
thing he expected. Loki tilted his head back and laughed heartily.

"You really are something, you know that," he said merrily. "You don't fear
anyone or anything."

Angelus smiled. "I'm the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Bastards and
bitches piss themselves when they hear my name."

Loki smiled. "Enough pleasantries, Angelus. I have a job for you."

Angelus crossed his arms. Suddenly, he felt thrilled. The prospect of new
adventure always excited him.

"I have a task for you, and should you succeed, I will destroy your soul
forever and return you to your world as the king of its vampires, demons
and monsters. You will be free to visit vengeance on Angel's son at your

Angelus smiled. "Who do I have to kill?"

Loki smiled. "His name is Clark Kent."

Angelus grinned. "Who is this imbecile?"

Loki showed him exactly who he was dealing with. He showed Angelus images of
Clark Kent. The adopted son of Jonathan and Martha Kent was the most powerful
being on the planet Earth. He had super strength, speed and the power of
flight. As Superman, he led the world's mightiest heroes. Clark Kent was also
friends with Chloe Sullivan, a pretty blonde reporter who loved him and
protected his secrets. Instead of uniting with this loyal woman, Clark liked
a certain high-maintenance brunette, Lana Lang. Miss Lang was currently
engaged to Lex Luthor, Clark Kent 's ultimate enemy.

Angelus laughed. Clark Kent reminded him of Angel. Angel too had a tortured
relationship with the women in his life. Angel always pined for Buffy
Summers, the vampire Slayer. It blinded him to the fact that the lovely
Cordelia Chase had loved him secretly for years. Oh, well. Clark Kent also
resembled Angel because they both carried bags of guilt.

"Geez, I didn't know Angel had a younger, geekier brother," Angelus laughed.
"Angel and Clark Kent should get together and brood for lunch."

Loki smiled. Both Angel the Vampire With a Soul and Clark Kent the
Intergalactic Traveler reminded him of his adoptive brother Thor, the Norse
God of Thunder. Thor had always been noble, heroic and concerned for others.
How he loathed Thor. The do-gooder always stole his thunder, sometimes

"So, you want him dead?" Angelus asked, snapping Loki out of his reverie.

Loki hesitated, then showed Angelus something else. Clark Kent on a rampage
while under the influence of Red Kryptonite.

"What do you know," Angelus smiled. "Clark Kent has a little darkness in

Loki smiled. "Yes, he does. Clark Kent has a darkness which is a part of his
power. If he could be converted, as you were, then he would make a powerful

Angelus nodded. "Yeah, but without the red stuff, he reverts to being a
do-gooder and that might cramp our style."

Loki grinned evilly. "Our style? Are you finally agreeing to join me?"

Angelus nodded. " Sure, I like my mayhem solo, usually, but I think we can
create enough of it together that I won't mind sharing."

Loki nodded. "Good."

He snapped his fingers, and a portal appeared behind Angelus, magically.

"What's the plan?" Angelus asked.

"Bring Clark Kent back to me," Loki said. "Converted if possible, or dead if

Angelus smiled. "You've got it, champ." With that, the most evil vampire who
had ever lived leapt into the magic portal.

Loki smiled. He had faith that his newest ally would bring the other one to
him. Angelus was quite the fiend. Intelligent, charismatic, handsome and
wicked. He also packed quite a wallop on the power scale. Superhuman
strength, super speed, agility and an accelerated healing factor. He also
lived forever unless somehow slain, like all vampires. Vampire lifespan was
a definite variable. Loki had encountered a 3000-year-old vampire aristocrat
and patron of the arts in Europe once. The vampire in question was quite the
foe, until Loki disposed of him. Angelus was nothing of the kind. He was pure
evil. Loki had no doubt that sooner or later, Angelus would turn against him.
That was his pattern. Angelus often `befriended' entities more powerful than
himself, until he learned of their weaknesses and dispatched them. He had
done so with the Beast, the strongest of all earthbound demonic immortals. Of
course, Angelus had dealt with men, women, demons and vampires. He had never
dealt with deities. Until now.

Loki wanted to take over the universe, not an easy task even for a divine
being. He wanted to become Master of all he surveyed. In order to do that,
he would need the assistance of a being powerful enough to help him without
being too great a threat to his power. He was a Master and needed an
Apprentice. According to his divine calculations, only two entities were
contenders to being the Apprentices to his power.

These beings were the embodiments of darkness residing within two of the
universe's greatest heroes: Angelus the vampire, the darker side of Angel the
hero along with Kal-El, the darker side of Clark Kent. Angelus would serve
his purpose. He would bring Kal-El to Loki's Palace and once there, Kal-El
and Angelus would fight each other for the right to become the Apprentice of
Loki, Master of the Universe. There could be only one Apprentice. Such is the
way of the game. The winner would serve Loki's purposes, until the God of
Chaos and Treachery needed him no more. Treachery is the way of Loki.


Clark Kent and Chloe ran through the grass, laughing and joking. The Last Son
of Krypton looked at his new bride, and couldn't believe his luck. Chloe
Sullivan Kent couldn't believe her luck either. Recent events had changed
their luck and lives forever.

Lana Lang married billionaire Lex Luthor. Clark Kent's old flame was lost to
him forever. Lex continued his plans for world domination and conquest. He
unleashed his army of well-trained and genetically mutated henchmen and
henchwomen upon Metropolis, effectively gaining control of the city. Clark
Kent couldn't stop them by himself. Fortunately, his buddy Oliver Queen also
known as the Green Arrow came to the rescue. The Green Arrow enlisted the aid
of the Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Martian Manhunter to stop Lex Luthor's
army of mutants. They succeeded.

Things didn't go so well for Lex Luthor and Lana Lang. She died in
childbirth. A maddened Lex Luthor unleashed nuclear warheads purchased from
rogue nationalists upon the population of North America. Clark Kent took to
the air and stopped them. The Metropolis police department and the FBI
arrested Lex Luthor. The billionaire was currently awaiting trial in a
maximum security prison. Clark Kent had won. The villain he so loathed was
n jail. Yet he didn't feel happy. He felt deeply saddened. As usual, Chloe
Sullivan had comforted him.

Clark and Chloe stood in the middle of the Smallville cornfield where Lana
Lang's ashes were scattered. This had been the dead woman's wish. Clark Kent
wept. Chloe touched his shoulder, and said nothing. There was nothing she
could say. She was shocked too. Ten days ago, she had lost Lana Lang, a woman
she considered a friend. Ten days ago, she had almost lost Clark Kent, the
man she loved. Tackling nuclear warheads in the air wasn't easy, even for
him. When the warheads exploded, he performed an archaic Kryptonian ritual
and absorbed the energy from the blast. It almost killed him. Once again,
Clark Kent risked his life to save a world that would hate him if they knew
he existed. Chloe wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. Losing
him would kill her.

So imagine her surprise when, three months after Lana Lang's death, the
unthinkable happened. She and Clark had been hanging out together in the city
and then, next thing she knew, they were kissing. He was kissing her and she
was kissing him back. With all the passion she could muster. Before she could
say anything, he swept her in his arms and took off into the air. He was
flying with her in the skies, just like she always dreamed of. When he
finally stopped, they were in the middle of a cornfield. Clark looked at
Chloe and smiled at her. The trip had her a little winded.

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"I love you Clark," Chloe said. Clark looked at her, smiled and said, "I
love you too, Chloe."

Chloe looked into Clark 's eyes, seeing the truth there. He really did love
her. Passionately, she kissed him again. Gently, he dropped her on the grass.
They playfully wrestled, and undressed each other. Clark looked at Chloe's
sexy, nude body. Damn, she was a gorgeous woman. Why hadn't he noticed that
before? Too busy checking out high-maintenance brunettes left and right. They
began to make love to one another. Chloe looked at Clark 's fine, masculine
nude form. He was such a handsome man. She wanted him so badly.

Clark lay on the soft grass, his nude body stretched luxuriously before
Chloe. She kissed him, and ran her hands all over his naked body. Her hands
found his erect cock, and she bent down to take him into her mouth. Clark
gasped as Chloe engulfed him into her mouth. He hadn't known that she was
going to do that. Lana hadn't done that for him. Well, Chloe did it and she
did it because she loved him. Also, feeling his hard cock throbbing in her
mouth was a serious kick for her. She sucked him gently, flicking her tongue
here and there. Clark moaned in pleasure as she worked him over. Finally, he
came. When he did, Chloe did something she had never done for anyone before.
She drank his seed. All of it. Without spilling a drop.

When she was done, she looked up at Clark. Smiling, he pulled her into his
arms. Chloe straddled him, and slowly lowered herself onto his long and thick
member. Clark thrust into her. Chloe gasped as he entered her. He felt huge
inside her! She began to ride him for all she was worth. Clark thrust into
her, giving her all he had. They went at it passionately until he came,
sending his seed deep within her. At the same time, Chloe felt a rocking
sensation from deep inside. That's when she came, almost at the same exact
time Clark did. They shouted in sheer pleasure, orgasmic in unison! Later,
they lay on the grass, entwined in love. Neither of them said anything. What
do you say to perfection? Absolutely nothing! Two months later they got


A sudden flash of light appeared in Metropolis Central Park. It startled
passersby. At the center of the light stood a tall, darkly attired man.
His name was Angelus, and he was the most infamous vampire in the entire
universe. Currently, he was the Minion of Loki, God of Chaos and Trickery.
Here in Metropolis to bring Clark Kent of Smallville back to his Master,
or die trying. He looked at the city of Metropolis. It looked like any
large North American town. He found it bright and filthy. He liked it

The arrival of Angelus hadn't gone unnoticed. Lois Lane , a reporter for the
Daily Planet was jogging through the park when she saw him appear in the
flash of light. Her reporter's instincts kicked in. she grabbed her small
camera and decided to investigate. Angelus strode through the park, taking
in everything he saw. The place looked pretty ordinary. Not unlike Los
Angeles. He sensed the presence of millions of humans in the city. He also
sensed the presence of people who were not quite human. Mutants. He smiled.
Better than demons. This was going to be fun.

Angelus left the park, and Lois Lane followed him. Her camera silently took
pictures of the tall, dark and handsome man. Angelus had been alive for
almost three centuries. He was one of the universe's most powerful vampires.
He was as renowned as Count Dracula or Count Orloff, two of the world's most
legendary vampires. He hadn't lived so long by being stupid. He was strong
and smart, but he was also careful and adaptable. Just because there were no
demons in this world didn't mean there were no dangers. So, he sensed the
young woman following him. He leapt onto a tree, doubled back by leaping from
tree to tree before finally finding himself looking down on her.

The gal was in a jogging outfit. Sporty. Not bad-looking. Unfortunately,
she was a brunette. Angelus preferred blondes. That's just how he liked his
women. He leapt down, and attacked her. Lois Lane was startled by the
stranger's attack. Still, the Army Brat put up quite a fight. Angelus toyed
with her, dodging her punches and kicks. Then, he got bored. He knocked her
down with a single blow. Stunned, Lois Lane fell. Angelus grabbed her, picked
her up and sank his teeth into her neck. Her blood was filled with adrenaline
and laced with fear. Delicious. If he was going to navigate through this
world, he was going to need assistance. She might do. If she didn't, he'd get
rid of her. Plain and simple. He picked up her body and took her to a nearby
warehouse. He would have some privacy until his newest toy became one of the


Lois Lane woke up slowly and painfully. The last things she remembered was
going after the man in black. He had come down from a tree and attacked her.
She recalled fighting back, being overpowered and then feeling sharp teeth
sink into her neck. Then, there was nothing. She was suddenly here, although
she wasn't sure where here was.

The tall man in black stood not far from her. "Hello, there," he said. "My
name is Angelus."

Lois automatically assumed a fighting stance. "Back off, mister," she said.

Angelus smiled. He liked a feisty dame. "Do you even know what's happened to

Lois grimaced. "Yeah, you kidnapped me and gave me a hickey."

Angelus grinned. "I also made you a vampire."

Lois Lane scoffed. "Dude, whatever you're on, stop it." Angelus grabbed her
arm and she could not resist his inhuman strength. He dragged her toward the
light coming in through the window. When the light touched her arm, it hurt
like hell.

"Ow!" Lois screamed.

Angelus laughed. "You're a vampire now, babe. You'll never grow old and
you'll never die, as long as you stay out of the sun and away from pointy
wooden objects."

Lois Lane stared at him. "You did this to me, you bastard!"

Angelus laughed. "I didn't knock you up, chick. I made you a vampire. I need
a guide in this new world. Since you're nosy but pretty, I chose you."

Lois Lane stared hard at him. "Why? Where do you come from?"

Angelus shrugged. "I come from a world where vampires and demons rule the
world and the humans are too stupid to figure it out."

"Are there others like you out here?" Lois asked.

Angelus scoffed. "Nah, you ask too many questions, chick."

Lois laughed. "People keep telling me that, and I tell them to shove it deep
where the sun doesn't shine."

Angelus suddenly launched himself at her. "I'm the master here, and you do as
you're told." Lois gasped. He had moved so fast. He pulled her close.

"If you're nice, I'll show you things you've never dreamed of. If you're not,
you're dust."

Angelus breathed down her neck, literally. "Understand?"

"Crystal," Lois said.

"What's your name, anyway?" Angelus asked.

"I'm Lois Lane," she said. "Former Army Brat, at your service."

Angelus smiled. He could tell that Lois Lane was going to make a very
interesting vampire. Oh, he didn't trust her as far as he could throw her.
But things would be interesting when she was around, guaranteed. He would
use her to move about in this world, complete his mission and reap his

* * *

Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan were enjoying marital bliss. They would fly
anyplace in the world and do whatever they wanted. Clark took Chloe dining
in Rome, Italy. They made love on top of Mount Thessaly in Greece. They swam
in the waters of the Nile River in Egypt. They made bubbles in Niagara Falls
and tanned themselves in El Pueblo, Mexico. Life was fun, especially when you
were in love. Martha Kent and her new boyfriend Lionel Luthor were happy for
Clark and Chloe. Lex Luthor had been found not guilty by the Supreme Court
and was thus freed but the newlyweds refused to let that ruin their
honeymoon. Clark decided to let his fellow Justice League members take care
of whatever threat the world faced. He wanted to enjoy a few weeks off with
his new bride.

Unfortunately, the world had other plans for the ultimate superhero. In
Metropolis, Angelus was fast becoming the king of the night. In this world
of ordinary men and women, where there was no such thing as a Slayer, the
vampire felt invincible. Lois Lane, the fledgling vampire had proven herself
to be quite ruthless really fast. In their first outing together, Lois
attacked a policewoman and drank her blood. Angelus had chosen a middle-aged
woman as his kill and snapped her neck before draining her. They set the
corpses on fire and took off in the police squad car. They ditched it ten
minutes later.

Afterwards, they were so turned on that they humped like rabbits in an alley.
The vampires Angelus and Lois Lane giggled like a pair of brats as they
rushed in the dark alley after ditching the police squad car. Angelus pulled
Lois to him and kissed her. Lois growled, urging him to take her. And take
care he did. He grabbed her roughly and bent her over. Then, he pulled down
her pants and yanked her panties, exposing her full, plump butt. He spread
her butt cheeks wide open, and slid his finger inside. Lois grunted and urged
him to stick his cock up her butt. Her mouth was still dripping with the
blood of the policewoman and her fangs practically gleaned in the dark. Never
before had Angelus been more turned on. He wanted this vampire chick, right
here and now!!!

Lois grimaced as Angelus spread her butt cheeks roughly and fingered her anal
cavity. Tonight, she was so drunk on blood that she wanted to try anything
she thought of. Angelus was very eager to sodomize her. He pressed his cock
against her asshole, and pushed. Lois grunted as Angelus shoved his cock up
her buns. His cock felt huge and hurt a fit. Yet she liked it. Angelus
gripped her hips roughly and slammed his cock up her ass. There was nothing
in the world which this vampire loved more than a tight ass, whether it
belonged to a woman or a man. So he plowed into Lois ass with a vengeance. As
for Lois, she was going crazy for the delicious pain she felt deep inside her
ass. So much that she pushed her booty back against Angelus, begging for
more. She loved the cock in her butt hole and if loving it was wrong then
this vampire gal didn't want to be right.

Angelus took his sweet time as he plundered Lois asshole with his long and
thick member. He was a master of the anal arts and he wanted to share his
knowledge of the intricacies of the back door to his newest convert. Lois
Lane, fledgling vampire and newborn anal enthusiast was an eager learner.
Angelus plowed that tight ass of hers with his mighty tool, changing her
from a tight end to a wide receiver. He explored her forbidden depths, going
as far as he could go. Until he could go no further. Lois Lane's asshole
gripped the vampire's cock tightly, squeezing until he came, filling her ass
with his cum. Only then did Lois scream, loud enough to wake the dead. She
turned around, glaring at Angelus. The vampire smiled wickedly and squeezed
his cock out of her butt hole, laughing as she winced. He pulled her to him.
Lois thought he was going to kiss her. He didn't. Instead, he sank his teeth
into her neck and drank from her blood. Then he made her drink from his.
They rolled around on the alley floor, two naked vampires romping like sex
was going out of style. It was wickedly glorious.

They returned to their lair. Angelus had already turned several of Metropolis
denizens into members of the undead express. Notably, Eric Summers, a young
man with a burning hatred for Clark Kent. Lois Lane had directed Angelus to
turn Summers into a vampire. Eric Summers was a dead ringer for Jimmy Olsen,
a young man Clark Kent was friends with. Angelus had also turned several
members of Lex Luthor's entourage into vampires. He was moving into an
ever-tightening circle toward Clark Kent . If the young man was as powerful
as Loki made him out to be, then Angelus was going to need all the help he
could get to bring him down.

Over the next few weeks, Angelus and Lois Lane increased the ranks of their
vampire army. John Seinfeld, a member of the Smallville police department's
night shift roster was one of them, as was Stephen Volmer, a young black man
from the nearby community college. Luther Harris, a state trooper and
Michelle Denton, a psychology teacher. Dozens more, chosen from the toughest
male and female criminals from Suicide Slums in Metropolis had been turned
into vampires. Angelus was building an army. He wanted to be ready when time
came to take out Clark Kent. Next, he would be moving against Martha Kent,
Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen, the people Clark Kent cared the
most about.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan returned from their honeymoon. They
were still very giddy from it. Nonstop flying, lovemaking and fun times could
do that to a person, or two. Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan moved into an
apartment in Metropolis, not far from Metropolis University. One day, Clark
picked up a newspaper and discovered that a crime wave now gripped
Metropolis. Lois Lane had disappeared and nobody knew where she was. She was
currently listed under Missing Persons. At Chloe's insistence, Clark launched
an investigation. Little did he know that he was walking right into a trap.

A trap set for him by two forces of ultimate evil: One was the legendary
vampire Angelus, the most evil vampire to ever walk the Earth and currently
the King of the Night in the city of Metropolis. The other was Lois Lane,
Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan's former friend. Once a fast-talking,
no-nonsense Army Brat, she was now the Blood Queen, Angelus' Paramour and
second in command. All the vampires in Metropolis's growing undead community
answered to them. They had special plans for Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan and
the rest of humanity.

In the higher planes, Loki watched. The God of Trickery and Chaos watched all
the comings and goings of Angelus, his new favorite disciple. Everything was
going according to plan. The vampire had proven himself to be exceptionally
crafty, adaptable and dangerous. A mere month after coming to Metropolis
solo, he had gone from a stranded inter-dimensional traveler to the King of
the Vampires. The five hundred or so vampires who ruled the nightlife in
Metropolis answered to Angelus. It hadn't taken him long to establish himself
as a force to be reckoned with. Loki was pleased. Angelus was a very useful
ally. A terrible weapon to destroy or subdue his enemy. He would be a
powerful weapon, until a more powerful one was readied. Loki had his eye on
an even greater prize. He wanted Clark Kent to join him. Willingly. Clark
Kent had almost god-like powers. He would make a powerful ally. Of course,
Angelus had proven himself to be quite powerful as well. Strong, fast, agile,
incredibly resourceful and immortal. He was a force be reckoned with.
Whichever one prevailed in the end, that's who Loki would choose. Until he
found someone better. So it has been since the beginning of time.

To be continued...


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