Angel: Sodomizing Pretty Girls (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Angel the vampire stood in the middle of his Wolfram & Hart office, gazing
at the world below. From here, he could see everything. Wolfram & Hart, a
multi-national, billion-dollar law firm was the true power in this world.
The Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart was the largest and Angel had been
chosen to become its CEO. There was no limit to what he could accomplish now.
He finally had the power to do anything.

Finally, he had his people with him too. People he could trust. Wesley
Wyndham Pryce, Charles Gunn, Lorne the Host and Winifred Burkle. They had
been together for years. A small group of people fighting against the
supernatural forces at work in Los Angeles. Now, they ran one of the most
powerful organizations in the world. There was no limit to what they could
accomplish. Angel was finally in charge. The hero could finally get things
done. There was nothing standing in his way.

The power he commanded was absolute. Wolfram & Hart had its hooks into anyone
and anything. Lawyers were everywhere these days. Everyone needed at least
one. From politicians and religious leaders to businesspeople, professional
athletes, entertainers and the like. That's how Wolfram & Hart got connected
to everything. The President of the United States of America was himself a
client of Wolfram & Hart. This goes to show how far their power extended.

Angel was enthralled by the sheer greatness of it all. Not so much that he
didn't notice the slender, dark-haired, bespectacled young woman who sat on
his office couch. Winifred Burkle, head of the Science Division, and Angel's
most recent lover stretched lazily on the couch. She sat naked and looked at
him adoringly. Angel grinned. Power had its perks.

He had worked closely with Winifred recently. A high-tech robot had
infiltrated the firm and sought to kill various top employees. Winifred's
scientific acumen had been instrumental in bringing down the android. Angel
showed her how grateful he was for her help. Many times.

Winifred rose and walked up to Angel. She gently put her arms around him.
Angel grinned, then turned around and kissed her. Winifred was a very
passionate woman. He wouldn't have thought this of the nerdy female scientist
but hey, he had been pleasantly surprised. Winifred was a very sexual person.
In fact, he now thought of her as a sexual dynamo. She was freakier than she
seemed. Then again, the same could be said of all females. Every girl has her
freak streak and her bitch streak. It's just a matter of bringing it out to
play. Looking into Winifred's eyes, Angel knew that it was time for round

Winifred smiled happily, then suddenly dashed to the other side of the vast
office. She got on all fours, sticking her pert derriere in the air. Angel
looked at her and smiled. The gal knew what her man liked. Doggy style was
Angel's favorite position and anal sex his favorite sexual activity. Winifred
spread her sexy, plump butt cheeks wide open, exposing an obvious target.
Angel dropped his six-hundred-dollar black pants and took off his
four-hundred-dollar ebony silk shirt. His priceless ten-inch cock sprang to
attention. He took a small bottle from the desk and rubbed lube all over his
cock, then applied the lubricant all over Winifred's anus. Then, he told her
to brace herself for some raunchy anal fun.

Angel pressed his cock against Winifred's back door, and pushed. Winifred
gasped as she felt Angel's cock pushing its way up her buns. Even with the
lubricant, it felt huge. Gritting her teeth, Winifred braced herself for
more. Angel grabbed her slender hips and thrust his cock deeper inside her.

Winifred had such a tight ass, he loved fucking it. Angel was a butt man,
regardless of the gender of the person he was with. Wesley Wyndam Pryce had
a fine bottom, as did Cordelia Chase. He had played with them both
extensively. Now, it was Fred's turn to take it up the bum. He rammed his
cock up her butt hole, feeling her tight hole stretch to accommodate the
length and girth of his massive cock. Angel smiled. Nothing he loved more
than a tight ass.

Winifred told herself that she wouldn't scream when everybody's favorite
bisexual vampire fucked her ass. Still, he was bigger than she expected and
as for her ass, it hurt like hell. Getting bowled from the pavilion end will
do that to a woman's bottom. A scream escaped her lips, followed by another.
Winifred's screams seemed only to encourage Angel to fuck her harder. He
smacked that hot booty of hers and she yelped in surprise.

Angel began to pound her butt like anal sex was going out of style. He
plunged his dick deeper than ever before. An almost inhuman scream escaped
Winifred's lips. That's when it happened. Getting her ass drilled by his
massive cock was starting to feel good, so much that she begged him for more.
Angel was more than happy to give it to her. He slammed her ass hard, until
he finally came. Filling her ass with his cum.

Angel flipped Winifred on her back. He wanted to look her in the eyes as he
did his thing. His cock was still hard. He put it back into her ass.

Winifred blinked. Her asshole was now stretched to an almost unimaginable
level. His whole fist could have fit in there. Damn, he loved that sinkhole
effect ! It was awesome! He watched his cum leak out of Winifred's asshole
in small streams before shooting out of it like a pudding cannon. It was
amazing! Angel smiled. This was awesome. He helped Winifred to her feet. He
put his clothes back on and she did the same. She looked at him with a kind
of glow in her eyes. Every woman glows after being fucked in the ass. It's a
girly thing. Angel smiled. Same time tomorrow, he told her. Winifred let
herself out. She walked with an extra bounce on her step. That plump little
ass of hers felt pleasurably sore.

It was hungry for some cock. She looked forward to tomorrow. It gave her
something to live for.

The End


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