Angel: Switch Hitters (MF,MM)
by Nancy Butch

Wesley Wyndham Pryce walked into the office of Angel. Angel sat behind
his desk. He looked like a handsome, dark-haired young man clad in black
clothing. He was actually a centuries-old vampire. Not any vampire but the
world's only vampire with a soul. He was the sworn Champion of the Powers
That Be. The greatest gathering of benevolent supernatural entities in the
universe. Angel was once a vicious and evil vampire known as Angelus. Now,
he was the atoning guardian of the city of Los Angeles. Fighting against
dark forces to protect humanity.

Angel had come to Los Angeles fleeing from his love for Buffy Summers, the
beautiful Slayer. The Slayer was a girl with superhuman strength who hunted
vampires. Angel and Buffy fell in love but it was not meant to be. Angel
came to Los Angeles to save himself and others. Along the way, he met a
former Watcher named Wesley. He also ran into Cordelia Chase, one of Buffy
Summers's old friends. Together, they created the dark detective agency
known as Angel Investigations. There were some newcomers to their group
such as Lorne the Host, a green-skinned demon with Psychic powers. They met
Charles Gunn, a handsome black man and streetwise hustler turned Hunter.
Gunn hunted vampires. He and Angel became unlikely allies in the battle
against the forces of darkness. They went to the otherwordly plane of Pylea,
from which the Host originated. They rescued a beautiful young scientist
named Winifred "Fred" Burkle from the cruel demons who enslaved the humans
of Pylea. Now, they were a family. Angel had changed a lot since he came to
Los Angeles.

He had gotten over Buffy, the beautiful woman who broke his heart back in
Sunnydale. He had also discovered his bisexuality. Wesley looked at Angel
not in the manner of friends but of lovers. Angel smiled at him and gave
him the let's get busy look. Wesley understood. Angel kissed him and led
him out of the office into one of the rooms. It was Saturday so the others
were out.

Angel wasn't too comfortable with his emerging bisexuality. He claimed to
like women but that sometimes, he liked men. Angel said that he repressed
his sexual feelings for men. He hated his other side, Angelus, because
Angelus gave free reign to his hidden feelings. Angelus was full of anger
and rage toward all the men and women of the world. He was a sadistic
killer. He was also forthrightly bisexual. Angelus had many lovers. The
beautiful vampire Darla was one of them. Heinrich Joseph Nest, the ancient
vampire known as the Master was another one of Angelus's lovers. Angelus
often had threesomes with Spike and Drusilla.

Wesley had always suspected Angel of being bisexual. He confronted Angel
about it one day in private. He told Angel that he followed his eyes and
saw him staring lustfully at both men and women. Angel tried to deny his
bisexuality. Wesley wouldn't let him. Wesley was bisexual as well. He
liked the beautiful but nerdy Winifred Burkle but also had something
going on with Buffy's Watcher, Rupert Giles. Giles was a closeted bisexual
himself. Giles had only begun to explore his bisexuality after the death
of his beloved Jenny and the reappearance of his old lover/nemesis Ethan.
Now was not the time for thinking, Wesley thought as Angel led him into a
room. Now, Wesley wanted to fuck.

Angel kissed Wesley full and deep. The two men embraced and went to bed.
Wesley and Angel rolled around on the bed, playing around a little bit
before undressing each other. Angel admired Wesley's hard, nude body. He
looked at Wesley's long, thick cock... hungrily.

Wesley stood up and let Angel see what he got. A fine, masculine body and a
fine, thick dick. What more could a guy want ? Angel kissed Wesley from head
to toe before he started sucking on Wesley's dick like a milking machine.
Wesley moaned as Angel sucked him off. He felt Angel's tongue lick his balls
and cock before the vampire's warm mouth swallowed him. Angel sucked on
Wesley's cock until it was rock hard then climbed on top of him like he was
a stepladder. Wesley placed his hands on Angel's hips and penetrated him with
one firm thrust. Angel groaned when he felt Wesley's thick cock inside him.
Wesley grunted and began to slam into him with energetic thrusts. Angel
screamed and stroked his own cock as Wesley fucked him so hard that he
thought he was gonna pass out.

Wesley flipped Angel onto his back to look into his face as he fucked him,
hard. Angel closed his eyes and let himself get drilled by Wesley's thick
cock. Angel was versatile but Wesley was a rigid top. That was okay. Angel
was a versatile bisexual guy with a huge appetite for straight-acting

They were barely done fucking when they heard a noise.

"Angel, babe. Where are you ?" asked a female voice.

"Shit." said Angel. Wesley watched as Angel scurried about to put his clothes
back on. "It's Cordelia." said Angel.

"No shit." said Wesley.

"Hide in the closet." Angel told him.

"What?" Wesley asked indignantly.

Angel practically shoved him inside and stepped out of the room. Wesley was
trapped inside the closet. He could see through the slits in it and heard
Angel talking to Cordelia. Cordelia seemed really happy to see Angel and
said something about a surprise. Wesley sighed to himself and thought
ironically about what Cordelia Chase, the former Beauty Queen from Sunnydale
would think if she knew the man she loved, the macho vampire Angel liked
dick more than she did. Angel stared at Cordelia. She pressed her round,
sexy ass against his groin and placed his hands on her hips.

"Take me." she said. It wasn't a suggestion.

Angel did as she asked. His cock was hard and pressed against her butt. He
gently pushed her on the bed. Cordelia smiled and stared at him invitingly.
Angel said nothing and raised her legs in the air. He rubbed his cock between
her thighs. Cordelia was breathing hard with excitement.

He thrust his cock inside her. Cordelia moaned. They began to fuck. Cordelia
was a screamer. She screamed loudly as Angel fucked her brains out, sucking
on her tits and grabbing her hot, sexy ass as he slammed his cock deep inside
her wet pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. They went at it like this for
awhile until Angel asked her to change positions. She got on her hands and
knees and he took her from behind. Doggy style.

Cordelia began to scream again as Angel slammed his cock inside her pussy. He
was a rough lover. Rough and tough. Wesley watched them go at it for a long
time. He found the sight of a beautiful woman and a ruggedly handsome man
making love to be extremely erotic. He felt like a dumbass. Why did he fall
for closeted men? Wesley had a thing for dark and brooding guys.

He had such a cute face, great body and sexy ass. Cordelia had a cute face,
great body and sexy ass too but she couldn't compete. Wesley liked both men
and women but in his world, men mattered most. Women came second, if at all.
Wesley fell asleep in the closet.

The next morning, he was awakened by Angel. Cordelia Chase had left. Wesley
was mad at Angel. He thought that the vampire should have sent the woman
away. Oh, well. That's what one gets for falling in love with a bisexual man.
Angel was apologetic and offered to make it up to Wesley. This meant more
sex. Wesley felt humiliated by last night's experience.

He left Angel standing there. Rejected. Wesley loved him but he couldn't be
with a man who chased both men and women and would never settle down. Wesley
just couldn't do it. He had to leave the man he loved. He had to leave Angel.
And so he did.

The End


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