Angel: The First Vampire (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The world is a strange place. The humans rule the world but they are not the
true masters of the universe. The humans rule the Earth. Most of them are
unaware of the fact that they share it with a lot of other beings. Vampires.
Demons. Werewolves. Monsters of nonspecific origin. All of those things live
on Earth. Most of the time, they stay clear of humanity. Most of the time.
When these creatures do attack the humans, there is only one thing that can
stop them. The Slayer. The Slayer is a girl born witn the ability to hunt
down and kill vampires. She also has the ability to sense them from great
distances. For as long as there have been vampires, there has been a Slayer.
The greatest Slayer of them all was the most unconventional one of the bunch.

Buffy Anne Summers. A young woman who was born and raised in California. She
had been raised by her mother Joyce Summers after her dad split up. Buffy
grew up as would any ordinary girl, until she met Merrick. Merrick was a
Watcher. He had the duty to train and supervise the Slayer. Merrick had been
sent by the Council of Watchers. He came and told Buffy of her destiny. She
was born to hunt vampires. Naturally, she thought he was crazy. Her? Hunting
vampires? Puh-leeze! Buffy ran into a vampire and staked him. That's when she
became aware of the fact that she was different from other people. She was a
Slayer. She had the strength of ten men. She had the power to fight the
forces of darkness. She submitted to training and things were okay until
Merrick was killed by a vampire in Los Angeles.

Buffy and her mother left Los Angeles and moved to Sunnydale. A big surprise
awaited them there. Buffy found out that the gate of Hell was located in
Sunnydale. The Hellmouth. She was the only thing standing between the dark
forces and humans. Buffy befriended some kids at the local high school. She
met soldier-boy/nerd Xander Harris and fledgling witch Willow Rosenberg.
They became her best friends. There was also popular girl Cordelia Chase and
Oz, a young man with the ability to become a werewolf. The Watcher's Council
sent her a new Watcher, Rupert Giles. Rupert became Buffy's friend and
mentor. They faced a lot of dangers. Buffy had to deal with the threat of
the Master. The Master was an ancient vampire who had been trapped in another
dimension by ancient magicians. The Master was more than six hundred years
old. He once ruled the vampires of the world. He was recruiting vampires in
Sunnydale. Buffy had to face him.

The Master sent the female vampire Darla against Buffy. Darla was a very
dangerous and seductive vampire. She was very powerful. Buffy didn't stand a
chance against her. A mysterious young man named Angel saved Buffy's life.
Angel was actually the legendary vampire with a soul. He had once been the
evil vampire lord known as Angelus but he changed when Gypsies cursed him
and gave him his human soul back. Angel was the only good vampire in the
world. Among the undead, he alone had a soul. He could feel guilt, unlike
the rest of the vampire species. He could also feel empathy. Vampires were
perfect predators. Utterly ruthless and completely without conscience. Angel
and Buffy fought against the vampires. Buffy discovered that Angel was a
vampire. She was shocked! He proved to her that he was on the side of good
when he killed his former lover, the vampire Darla. Angel became persona non
grata in vampire circles. The vampires hated Angel and thought of him as a
traitor. They wanted him dead even more than they hated the Slayer.

Angel and Buffy fell in love and did have a romantic relationship but Angel
had to leave the town because there was too much at stake. Angel couldn't
experience true happiness because the curse would be broken if he did. If
the curse was broken, his soul would be removed. If Angel lost his soul, he
would become Angelus all over again. Angelus was very dangerous. He was the
most evil vampire that ever lived. Angel left Sunnydale and moved to Los
Angeles. He met a half-demon named Alan Francis Doyle there. Doyle was an
Agent of the Powers That Be. He was Angel's spiritual advisor and conduit
to the forces of light. Angel and Doyle ran into Cordelia Chase. They became
a team. Together, they founded Angel Investigations.

Angel was an anomaly. He was a vampire with a soul. The perfect balance of
darkness and light. A human soul inhabiting a vampiric body. He had the
fierce nature, superhuman strength and speed of the vampire but the soul of
a human controlled his dark urges. Angel wanted to help humanity to atone
for his sins as Angelus. He wanted to make up for what he did. He was a
champion of the light. Little did he know that dark forces had designs on

* * *


Angel lay in his bed. He was not alone. Cordelia Chase lay next to him. Angel
smiled at her. She was so beautiful. Recently, they had become a couple.
Angel had finally let go of his obsession with his lost love - Buffy. He had
moved on with his life. Celibacy was tough on any male, human or otherwise.
Tonight, they would consummate their relationship.

Angel looked at the beautiful naked body of Cordelia. She was sexy as hell.
Her face was beautiful. Long black hair framing a slightly angular face with
fine features and dark eyes. Intense dark eyes. The rest of her was awesome.
Simply lovely with that trim, athletic body, those perky, cone-shaped
breasts, that slim waist and perfectly round, tight bubbly butt. Cordelia
Chase had it going on. She looked at Angel.

"Are you ready, love?" she asked.

Angel kissed her. "Of course, my love."

Their bodies drew closer to each other until they embraced. Cordelia Chase
climbed on top of Angel, straddling him. Angel placed his hands on her hips.
She could feel his hard cock pressing against her. Cordelia looked into the
eyes of the man she loved. She had wanted him for so long, even back in
Sunnydale when she was in high school and he was obsessed with Buffy Summers.
Now, he was hers.

"Take me, Angel." she said.

He did. He entered her with a firm thrust. Cordelia gasped. He was inside
her. His cock was inside her. She raised herself a little, placing her hands
on his shoulders for support. She began riding him like a cowgirl, with him
thrusting his cock energetically into her pussy. She was bouncing up and down
on him and he was gping deeper and deeper inside her. They went at it like
this until their bodies experienced pleasure simultaneously. He came inside
her. She came all over him. Cordelia fell in Angel's arms.

"Oh, Angel." she said.

Angel kissed her on the lips. "Shh." he said.

Cordelia looked at him, her sweaty face full of emotion. "I love you, Angel."

Angel smiled. "Love you too, babe."

The two lovers fell asleep in each other's arms. Cordelia thought it was
great that she finally hooked up with Angel. She had him to herself at last.
Angel thought that he was lucky to have her. It was about time that they got
together. Life was too short anyway.


Everything and everyone has an origin. Humans evolved from primates. The
various demonic species that live in the Earth came from other dimensions in
the universe. Many of them are the result of inter-species breeding such as
the race of werewolves. What about vampires? Those legendary nightstalkers
who drink blood and hunt humans like cattle? Their origins are unknown. When
a human is bitten by a vampire, he or she becomes a vampire. That is the
classic tale. But what about the original vampires? Where do they come from?
Who or what spawned them?

This is the tale of the creature that would be known as the First Vampire...


It woke up. Sunlight bothered it but it stood. It looked around in the cave.
All over the place were the bodies of its kindred. Fifteen-foot tall humanoid
creatures covered with fur. Monstrous beings with leathery bat-like wings.
These creatures were dead. Last night, a fierce battle was waged. The dark
ones had fallen. All of them. All of those magnificent creatures that soared
in the skies at night, looking for prey. Nothing could stand in their way.
They were the top predators of the age. Their predations left the bodies of
many creatures dead. Nothing could stand in their way. Not even the
magnificent mammoths or the sabre-toothed cats.

The creature walked out of the cave. All of its life, it had been different
from its kind. The others were gigantic and ferocious. It was a bit smaller.
It lacked their ferocity. It possessed an intelligence they did not have.
It's mind was more developed. That is why the winged dark ones who ruled the
world, the Fyajutsah demons called it the Wamphyr. The Fyajutsah demons had
come to Earth around 500 000 B.C. They had come in a time when modern humans
did not yet exist. The ancestors of humanity certainly did exist. The
Fyajutsah demons were powerful. They were huge humanoid creatures with
leathery wings. They flew in the skies and hunted down anything that moved.
They were like swarms. They were barely sentient creatures. They came from a
dimension of almost utter darkness. The ambient sunlight of the planet Earth
bothered them. It sapped their strength. Once, the Fyajutsah were the top
predators of their world. A savage planet without light due to the fact that
its sun was dead. When their world went cold, they died by the millions. Only
a few of them escaped in an inter-dimensional portal. They came to Earth and
preyed upon the local lifeforms.

The Fyajutsah were changed by the new world in which they lived. They slept
by day and hunted at night. They hunted in packs of ten to a hundred. The
packs were fiercely territorial. One day, the prey they favored disappeared.
The packs were starving. They flew all over the place for food. None of them
could find any. They starved. They turned on each other. They slaughtered
each other. In one night, the entire race had exterminated itself. The only
thing that remained of these supernatural beings was the Wamphyr. The Wamphyr
was the offspring of two Fyajutsah, just like the rest of them. Unlike the
rest of them, the Wamphyr was not a nocturnal creature. At least not
exclusively. As a result of random mutation, the Wamphyr had different
abilities than his extinct progenitors. It could withstand sunlight. Walk in
the daylight without bursting into flames like the rest of them. It was a lot
more intelligent than the rest of them.

When the genocide of the Fyajutsah took place, the Wamphyr found itself
alone. A lone sentient creature in a world teeming with monsters. Demons
prowled all over the land. So did prehistoric creatures. Monsters of all
kind ruled the land. The Wamphyr was not exactly a super predator in such
a world. Still, it was determined to survive. When the Fyajutsah died out,
a new species had just emerged onto the scene. The Homo Sapiens. The Human
Race. The species destined to rule the world. The humans would multiply
and tame the beasts along with the land. They would hunt the demons down
to near extinction. The brutal humans would become the rulers of planet
Earth. The humans. Not demons. Not monsters. The humans and their
descendants. The Wamphyr was a lone hunter. It knew better than to hunt
strong prey. It targeted the seemingly helpless humans as its prey. This
was its first major mistake.


The tribe woke up in the morning. The women and children busied themselves
doing work. Most of the men had gone hunting but a few remained back at the
camp to look after the women and children. It was still a dangerous world
even though the humans had been successful at driving off the monsters and
demons into the wilderness.

A young woman went to the river to get some water. She went there by herself.
This was not exactly prudent. There were lots of monsters in the primeval
forests and a lone human was prey to so many things. The young woman was tall
and slim, with black hair and dark eyes. Her skin was light bronze. Her
people called her Kora. It meant "pretty one". Kora was eighteen. Soon, she
would be married.

Her family had agreed for her to marry Torek. Torek was a tall, muscular
man with blond hair. He was the son of Kafi, leader of the tribe's hunting
parties. Torek's family was higher in the hierarchy. Kora's father Askor was
a forager and not a hunter. Hunters were respected. Many of the young men
and a few of the women wanted to be hunters. Kora didn't feel like getting
married. She wanted her freedom. Her parents thought differently and she had
to go along with whatever they decided.

Kora went into the water. It looked pretty calm. She knew of huge crocodiles
as well as aquatic monsters that might come at her. This river looked so
peaceful. The young woman couldn't help herself. She had to bathe. She went
in. The water was warm. She relaxed. She did not know that she was being
watched by a very inhuman pair of eyes. The sabre-toothed cat watched her.
It had been watching her since she left the camp. The sabre-toothed cat was
a large beast. Twice as big as a modern-day tiger and almost as tall as a
man. It had huge fangs and claws. This was a beast that tackled the titanic
mammoths and whooly rhinoes of the plains. It was more than enough to kill
the girl. The cat went in the water and move cautiously toward the human
female. The girl did not see it coming. She was singing to herself with her
eyes closed. The cat sprang. It roared. Kora's eyes snapped open. She ran
out of the water. Screaming. The sabre-toothed cat went after her.

Kora screamed. She called for help. The cat was too fast. It was gaining on
her. She feared becoming its meal. The girl tripped over a root and fell. The
cat leapt at her... and never touched the ground! Just as the sabre-toothed
cat prepared to attack its intended victim, something dropped out of the
sky... something huge, winged and black. The thing snatched the cat and flew
away with it. Kora lay on the ground, eyes fixed on the disinterested
heavens. She was saved. What was that thing that snatched up the cat? Kora
didn't know of any animal that could snatch up a cat and fly with it. She
hurried back to the camp. She ran as fast as she could.

* * *

The Wamphyr had flown all day, trying to find something to eat. It hadn't had
much luck. The Wamphyr was no expert flyer. It was much better at it than its
extinct progenitors had ever been, though. It was easier for a seven-foot
winged creature to soar in the heavens than it was for a monster twice its
size. The Wamphyr had seen the sabre-toothed cat creeping up on something in
the water. That thing in the water looked both scrawny and stupid. The
Wamphyr had chosen the cat as its meal. It took the sabre-toothed cat to its
lair and feasted. It had not been surprised to find the sabre-toothed cat
hunting the human female. Humans were soft and weak. All manner of creatures
preyed on them. Still, they were mutiplying. The Wamphyr had seen groups of
humans armed with sharp sticks and other weapons hunt down and kill animals
as large as the gigantic bisons of the plains. The humans were smart. They
had drawn the Wamphyr's attention. It would watch them.

Kora returned to the camp. Her parents scolded her for her actions. None of
them believed her about the winged creature she had seen tackle and capture
the monstrously huge sabre-toothed cat. She went to her family's tent and her
mother looked after her for the remainder of the day. The poor girl was very
frightened. She did not know that her people were being watched. The Wamphyr
was drawn to them. It followed her through the forest and remained hidden
from sight, observing them. It watched how they interracted with one another.

For months the Wamphyr followed the tribe. It followed them by day as well as
by night. It was fascinated by the humans. They were not very strong or fast
but they were smart. They built weapons and took down even the strongest of
beasts. Animals like the huge bison and mammoth herds. They even hunted some
of the region's toughest predators, fearsome beasts like the sabre-toothed
cats. The Wamphyr watched the humans. The more it learned, the more curious
it became. It learned that humans communicated with mouth sounds. Its own
kind, the extinct ancient ones had used another form of communication. Mind
to mind. Telepathy. They didn't need mouth sounds, although they had them.
The humans had mastered fire and they used it to hunt, to cook and also for
many other purposes.

The Wamphyr's curiosity grew to the point that it wanted very much to see
those human creatures at a much closer range that they would have liked. It
watched one of them. A young male with red hair. He went to collect wood for
the night. The Wamphyr knew that the young male was being stalked by
something. A large proto-serpent. The proto-serpent was easily sixty feet
long. An ancient type of snake that was the ancestor of both Anacondas and
Pythons, the largest snakes on the planet. The proto-serpent had been hunting
all day without much luck. It was ravenous. A young human seemed like an easy

The Wamphyr watched from above as the proto-serpent stalked its prey. It lay
in ambush in the darkness. The snake was only twenty feet from the human yet
the human could neither see nor smell it. How strange. Almost any other
animal would have sensed that something was wrong. The forest was too quiet.
The Wamphyr watched. The snake prepared to spring forth. The human was still.
The Wamphyr dropped silently from the sky and opened its clawed hands. They
neatly sliced the proto-serpent's head off. The great snake's body twitched
and lay still. The human stood frozen in abject terror. He had seen the
monstrously huge serpent ready to kill him and then something infinitely more
terrifying than the snake had taken the serpent's head off. The Wamphyr
looked at the human. The young man ran in the darkness. The Wamphyr went
after him. Down it came and this time, it killed the human and consumed his

The Wamphyr stood over the remnants of the human. It had done more than kill.
It had absorbed genetic material from its kill. The Wamphyr was using the
power which made it different from its progenitors, the now extinct race of
the Fyajutsah. It called upon the power which made it unique among all the
creatures on the planet. A power not possessed by any lifeform aborigenous to
the planet Earth or the primitive demons that "shared" it with the primitive
humans. The power to morph. A startling transformation took place. The
Wamphyr closed its eyes and willed forth the change. Its gigantic body began
to shrink. It became smaller and smaller until it had reached human size and
dimensions. Its fur disappeared and its body twisted as it changed. Its wings
shrank and completely disappeared. The Wamphyr became an exact replica of the
human male it had just killed. The creature of the night had assumed human

The Wamphyr-man walked around. He/It looked at the world. He/It saw the world
differently. He/It felt weak... vulnerable. His/Its sharp senses were now
dull. Like a human's. He/It no longer had the ability to regenerate, it knew.
His/Its titanic strength was gone, as were the great wings that once enabled
he/it to soar through the heavens. He/It felt strange. His/Its mind was now
different. The mind of the human was almost as predatory as the Wamphyr's own
mind. The human mind was also capable of much more. He/It felt confused. The
Wamphyr-man headed for the camp where the humans were staying for the night.

The Wamphyr-man reached the camp of the humans. At once, it attacked them.
Before the terrified eyes of the camp people, the Wamphyr shed its human
disguise and attacked them. It killed many humans that night. Some of them
were lucky enough to escape with their lives. Most were wounded. It's the
fate of the fallen that would change the world. The humans who had been
bitten by the Wamphyr and drained of blood did not remain dead. The bite of
the Wamphyr carried the dark creature's genetic material. It transferred
that genetic material into their bloodstream. They became half human and
half-Wamphyr. These half-breeds feared the light of day and craved the
blood of animals as well as that of the humans. The half-breeds hunted at
night. They would spread over all corners of the globe. One day, they would
be known as the creatures that ruled the night. The blood-thirsty Vampires.

This is where vampires come from. They were born when an ancient creature
altered the genetics of humanity. But what became of their progenitor, the
original vampire? The creature that spawned the race of the vampires? The
legendary bloodthirsty monster who was born perfect ? A being of god-like
strength who drank blood and walked in daylight without suffering any harm?
What did take place in the Wamphyr's existence after it spawned the race of
the vampires? This is a most fascinating tale that will dazzle you the next
time around.

Next: What will become of Angel and Cordelia's relationship? The vampires
of the world welcome the return of the Wamphyr, the god-like and infinitely
powerful progenitor of the vampire race. Where do the loyalties of a vampire
with a soul lie? With humanity or the forces of darkness? Angel will have to
face many decisions, such as choosing to continue on his path of redemption
or be reborn in darkness as the herald of the new world order, a future in
which vampires rule the Earth and humans are slaves.

To be continued...


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