Angel: The Matinee Idol Part 3 (MFF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Beginning Of The End

Angel sat at his office in Los Angeles. Sometimes, he had trouble remembering
where he was and what he was doing. Angel looked like a man. A tall, lean man
with black hair and dark eyes. A very handsome man. He was a lot more than
just a man. He was an avenger, he was a champion. He was also one of the most
tortured souls in the universe.

He was the Vampire with a Soul. Unique in all the world. He had been born in
18th century Ireland and been made into a vampire by a female vampire named
Darla. Back then, he was a young man in his early twenties named Liam
Angelus. Angelus and Darla roamed the world. They were dangerous and sadistic
killers. They turned a young woman named Drusilla into a vampire and she in
turn changed a young man named William the Bloody into one of the Undead.
William the Bloody became Spike. These four ran the underworld and were
feared by humans and vampires alike as well as demons. Angelus was the worst
of them all.

He killed a Gypsy girl who had fallen in love with him and her people, the
Kalderash clan restored his soul. Angelus became the first vampire with a
soul. A vampire who could feel remorse and had the capacity to care for
others. Part of his humanity was restored. Angelus became Angel, the Dark
Avenger. Angel fought the vampires and demons of the world to protect
humanity. He was on a mission of redemption. He did so from the late 1800s
to 1997.

In 1997, Angel met Buffy Summers. She was a young girl. She was more than
human. She was the Slayer. A human girl with super strength. By genetic
design and by fate, she was built to hunt and kill vampires. Angel and Buffy
should have been enemies. Instead, they fell in love. Angel had to leave the
town of Sunnydale, Buffy's hometown. Her love was a burden to him. He left
Sunnydale and came to Los Angeles. There, he met Doyle, a half-human with
vision powers. He also met the beautiful Cordelia Chase. Together, they were
a team. They helped people in need. Angel fought to help humanity. He took
on powerful enemies. Doyle died.

Angel and Cordelia made new friends. They met Wesley, a former Watcher.
They also met Charles Gunn, a young black man who hunted vampires for sport.
Later, they hooked up with Lorne, a green-skinned benevolent demon with
psychic powers. It was Lorne that brought them to Winifred "Fred", a young
female scientist who had gotten stuck in a demon world.

Angel had lost many friends. His beloved Buffy had died fighting to save the
world in Sunnydale. Her ex-boyfriend and his archrival Spike had joined him
in L.A. Spike was a very nasty vampire. Somehow, in Sunnydale, he'd gotten
his soul restored. Spike was the second vampire with a soul in existence.
Angel was no longer unique. There was a new champion in town. Spike joined
the fight against the forces of evil...he also got on Angel's last nerve.

Sex Relieves Tension

Angel was still brooding about these things when there was a knock on his
office door. He found himself staring at two beautiful blonde women. One was
Harmony Kendall, a former cheerleader at Sunnydale high school who'd been
turned into a vampire. The other was Nina. Nina was a sexy and talented young
woman who'd been bitten by a werewolf. She had been changed by the Werewolf's
bite. The bite turned her into a creature of great strength and savagery. A
werewolf. Angel was not that surprised to see them but what surprised him was
the outfits that they wore. They wore black outfits. Scantily clad babes in
his office. Hmmm.

"What can I do for you?" Angel asked.

The two women smiled and came to him.

"Just relax, Angel." said Harmony. Nina blew him a kiss. "We'll take care of

They came to him and started undressing him. Angel briefly hesitated, but
didn't protest. Soon, he was naked as a jay bird. The sight of the two hot
women in his office made him horny and his cock stood, hard and erect.

"He's got a big one." said Harmony.

"I can't wait to taste it." said Nina.

Both girls dropped their outfits on the floor and came to Angel.

Angel looked down at the smiling faces of Harmony and Nina. The two blondes
smiled at him. Harmony took Angel's cock and started licking it. Nina licked
the underside of Angel's cock and gently stroked his balls with her small
hand. The two of them combined their efforts to bring him maximum pleasure.
Nina took Angel's cock and put it between her tits. Angel thrust his cock
between them and felt like he was fucking through some velvety stuff. It
drove him wild and he came, splattering cum all over Nina's tits. Nina drank
his cum. Harmony licked Angel's cock and licked some of the cum off Nina's
big tits. Angel looked at that and grew seriously hard. One look at him and
Harmony already knew what he wanted to do.

She went on her hands and knees and Angel positioned himself behind her. He
looked at Harmony's hot-looking ass and caressed it. She had a real nice ass.
He parted her butt cheeks and she purred like a cat. Nina watched this and
fingered herself. She came and lay flat in front of Harmony, positioning
herself so that her pussy was directly underneath Harmony's face. Harmony
didn't need to be told what to do. She started licking at Nina's pussy. Angel
rubbed his cock against Harmony's asshole. He spat and rubbed the spittle on
his cock. He thrust it into her ass with one firm forward motion. Harmony did
not scream when she felt Angel's cock enter her ass. She just pushed back,
driving him deeper into her. Angel held her firmly by the hips and thrust
into her ass. He shoved his hard dick straight up her ass and she pushed
back, still wanting more. While Angel fucked Harmony in the ass, Harmony was
eating out Nina's pussy like it was the sweetest thing she'd ever tasted.
Nina moaned and grunted as Harmony ate her out. Angel kept thrusting his cock
into Harmony's ass. Harmony's ass was so damn tight.

He just kept shoving it in, pumping into her ass as much cock as he could.
Her tight hole seemed to stretch to accomodate him, meaning that the blonde
female vampire was no stranger to buttfucking. He felt her ass squeeze him
and he came, unleashing wave after wave of hot cum deep inside her ass. He
remained in her ass even after he had cum. Harmony just kept eating out Nina.
She felt Angel's fat cock in her ass. She felt like he was cleaving her in
half but she wouldn't scream. She just kept licking and sucking Nina's pussy.
Nina was very excited by what Harmony's tongue and fingers were doing to her.
It was another second before she came. Harmony was surprised when Nina's
girl-cum splashed her face. She licked the precious fluid and gathered it in
her hands before dripping it into Nina's open mouth for her to drink.

A little while later, both of them had left. Angel sat behind his office.
He felt happy and satisfied. All the tension was gone. He felt good. Better
than that, he felt great. Those were the perks of being a big superstud in
America. The perks of being eternally young and super-powered. You got
treated like a friggin idol everywhere you went.

The End


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