By Wonder Mike

Lindsey had taken enough from the vampire Angel, it was no more Mr. nice guy,
the senior partners had ordered him not only to kill Angel, but to make him
suffer like never before, Lindsey wanted to make Angel wish he didn't have a

Lindsey knew the best way to torture a person was to go after their loved
ones, Angel had killed all his loved ones, but he did have people he cared
about. He would take them one by one.

His first target was detective Kate Lockley, she had been a thorn in the
firms side for a long time, she had been learning more and more about his
clientel, the senior partners wanted her eliminated anyway. Lindsey told them
he had a better idea, he could destroy her mind, sending Angel into a rage
and making him careless, the senior partner agreed with his plan.

Kate Lockley was spending another night alone, she hadn't gotten over the
death of her father, she couldn't bare to go out for a night of fun. She was
determined to eliminate every evil thing on the planet, Angel wouldn't be

Kate was reading up on evil things when she got a call from Lindsey. He had
helped her before, maybe he could be of use, he did know a lot about the evil
things she was fighting, she agreed to meet him at Wolfram and Hart.

Lindsey invited Kate to his new penthouse office, he told Kate he had been
promoted, he was working on becoming a senior partner, he had a couple of
tasks left to do, the door slammed shut behind her, Kate reached down her
pants legs and grabbed her gun, two hell hounds knocked her over from behind,
the gun slid across the floor, Kate was helpless.

One of the hell hound sunk his teeth into Kate's neck, Lindsey warned her not
to move, the security cameras zoomed in for a close up. Lindsey told Kate the
hounds could bite right through her neck if he ordered them to. Kate was
trying not to have a mental breakdown.

The hell hounds forced Kate onto all fours, they began ripping at her top
until her small round breast where exposed, Kate tried to cover them with her
hands, the hounds began to bite down harder on her neck, Kate knew to drop
her hands to the floor.

Kate dropped her head to the floor, one of the hounds began to hump her leg,
Kate looked back in panic, surely Lindsey wasn't this much of a monster.

Kate felt a twelve inch hairy cock poking her in the leg, it was as thick as
her wrist, it didn't take long for the hound to find her already wet hole.

Lindsey grabbed a hand held camera to get a close up of her face as the cock
entered her, Kate screamed, she was being humiliated by a demon dog.

It had been more years then she could remember since she had been fucked, it
was nasty and by God, it felt good. The hound rammed the entire twelve inches
into her cunt.

The hound was a pro, he wrapped his paws around her shoulders and used his
weight to ram his cock deep into her, Kate placed her hand out in front of
her and took it all.

The second hound began to poke he in the face, Kate turned her head away, the
hound nipped at her ear, he poked her in the face again, Kate opened her

The hound slammed eight inches of cock roughly down her throat, the force
knocked her head back, he thrusted again and rammed another two inches down
her throat.

Kate felt her pussy being stretched wider, the hound was locking into her
cunt. Kate screamed as she was being fucked like never before.

The hound's knot was bigger than a softball, it was slowly sliding into her
cunt, Kate was screaming louder, Lindsey zoomed in for another close up.

The knot was all the way in now, Kate was stuck to the hound, he began to
take short quick strokes into her cunt, she couldn't stop screaming.

Her mouth was wide open, the second hound stuffed all twelve inches down her
throat, Kate was gagging on the hairy cock, it was halfway down her throat.

The hound began to pump his seed down her throat, it went directly down her
throat, it's cock was so deep down her throat, Kate didn't even taste it.

The first hound thrusted harder, forcing Kate face first to the ground, he
rammed her harder and harder, Kate tried to slide away, but she was stuck to
the hound.

Kate was cumming on the demon cock, she began to rock back onto it, she
couldn't help herself, it had been so long since she had cum, she could feel
her juices filling up her cunt, they would have come spilling out, but the
demon knot was like a dam, nothing going in, nothing going out.

The hound began to pump his seed deep into her cunt, Lindsey told her she
would be a perfect breeder for the hounds, he also told her how much Angel
would enjoy the video tape.

The demon cme was a powerful aphrodisiac, Kate would become a cum loving
slut, she was totally under his spell now, Kate would do anything he told her
to now.

Lindsey sent the video tape of detective Lockley sucking and fucking the hell
hounds. Cordelia Chase opened the package and was putting it in the vcr when
Angel walked in. They began to watch together.

Angel saw the hounds attack Kate, he knew what was about to happen, he turned
it off, that was something he didn't want Cordelia to see. He took off and
headed straight for the law firm.

Angel walked into the office, the alarms went off, the guards charged the
lobby, they came armed with stakes and cross bows, they where no match for
the enraged Angel, he tore a pass right through them and right into Lindsey's

Lindsey had been watching on the monitor, he was sitting waiting for the
vampire, Angel went straight for his throat. Lindsey told him that killing
him wouldn't get Kate back, Angel didn't care, he was going to snap his neck.
Angel felt a sharp pain in his back, he turned around to see, Kate stabbing
him with a needle, that was the last thing he saw before he was over come by
the darkness.

When Angel awoke he was tied to a chair, Lindsey had a spray bottle of Holly
water, he squirted it on Angel's arm, he let out a howl, Kate approached him
with a stake. Lindsey told him it wouldn't be that easy.

Even under Lindsey's control, Kate still hated Angel, it was his kind that
killed her father, she knew if she killed him Lindsey would let her get
fucked again. He had other plans.

Lindsey pulled out the video camera again, he filmed Kate holding the stake
next to Angel's heart, he had the tape sent over to Cordelia.

Cordelia hadn't watched the first video, Angel had ripped it out of the vcr.
This one was addressed to her though. Lindsey instructed her to get to his
office in ten minutes or Angel was dead, or deader then he already was.

Cordelia didn't know what they wanted with her, she knew it must be a trap.
She tried to call Wesley, but he wasn't home, she was on her on.

Cordelia caught a cab to the law firm, she was quickly escorted to Lindsey's
office, Angel was bound facing the door when she walked in. He screamed at
her to run, the door slammed shut behind her.

Cordelia screamed at Lindsey, she demanded to know what she was doing, here.
Lindsey told her she was here to put on a show for Angel. Cordelia was
completely baffled.

The door opened behind her, an eight foot hairy beast was dragged into the
room. Cordelia screamed "Big foot?" Lindsey was impressed that she recognized
the beast.

Big foot was chained, he was completely out of control, two guards stood by
with tranquilizers he pointed him at Cordelia at waited to unchain him.

Lindsey told her that the beast only did three things, eat, kill, fuck, there
was no food around, he would two one of the other two to her, she began to
weep as they opened two of the four padlocks on the chains.

The beast began to strain at the chains, Cordelia saw the links begin to
buckle, he was going to be free any second, she pulled her skirt off as he
broke free.

The chains went flying, the beast tackled her knocking her to the floor,
Cordelia spread her legs, the big foot caught a whiff of her pussy, he locked
down and placed his huge hand between her legs, she was excited by the size
of the beast, her pussy became wet.

Big foot cocks began to grow and harden, it was 15 inches long and furry, it
was three times the thickness of a human cock, he laid on top of her and
slammed his cock into her cunt.

The beast was so strong, his cock slammed easily into her cunt, Cordelia
screamed, Angel had no choice but to watch. He lowered his head, ashamed that
his cock was hard.

The big foot threw Cordelia's legs over her head, her ankles where behind her
neck as he rammed his cock deep inside of her.

The beast fucked her harder and harder with each stroke, the floor buckled
under the force of his thrusts, Cordelia had finally stopped screaming, she
laid still with a smirk on her face.

Cordelia was cumming and cumming with each stroke, the beast rammed her even
harder, her pussy juices where flowing out of her cunt now.

The big foot rolled her over onto her stomach, he rammed his cock into her
from behind. Cordelia began to grunt, there was nothing like getting it from

Cordelia arched her back, she was ashamed, but she needed it deep. The big
foot rammed her cunt even harder. He was a jack hammer.

Cordelia was unconscious now, Angel begged Lindsey to stop this, the beast
was going to kill her, Lindsey didn't care. It was having the desired effect
on Angel.

Kate begged Lindsey to let her help, Lindsey thought he had enough video of
Cordelia to sell to his clients, he decided to let Kate finish of the beast.

The guards through a net over the beast, he jumped off of Cordelia four
guards managed to get him to the ground, they shackled it to the floor.

Kate stripped naked, and straddled the fifteen inch cock, she lowered herself
onto it, and slammed her cunt all the way down.

The cock slid in and out easily as Kate jumped up and down on it, it only
took a couple of thrust before she started cumming.

She ran her hands over the beast hairy chest as she bounced up and down. The
beast began to howl.

Big foot struggled against it's shackles, but it wasn't going anywhere, Kate
slammed her cunt all the way down on the cock and slid her ass back and forth
before she rose again.

Kate slammed her cunt down on the big foot, he howled even louder, Kate could
tell he was going to cum she needed to taste it.

Kate jumped off the cock, she wrapped her lips around it, the hair was
disgusting, but she didn't care, she had to taste the cum.

She began to bob her head up and down on the cock until the milk shake like
white cum squirted out of his cock. Kate began to drink it up.

The beast kept cumming and cumming, Kate had her tongue stuck out to catch
as much of it as she could, the beast came for three straight minutes, Kate
couldn't swallow it all, she got a mouthful, she caught the rest in her
hands, she smeared it all over Cordelia's face.

Lindsey knew one sure way to become a senior partner, make Angel a member of
the firm, he had been studying and knew just how to do that, and he had one
more person who had embarrassed the firm, fortunately he knew just where to
find her.



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