By Wonder Mike

Kate made a call to the State Pen, she sent for Faith, detective Lockley was
complete under Lindsey's control, there was nothing left to do but wait for
them to deliver the next victim.

Cordelia sat in the corner afraid to move, Kate sat on her knees begging
Lindsey to let her have another shot at the big foot, Lindsey made her beg

The sheriff's arrived with the shackled slayer, her hands where shackled
behind her back, she had no idea why they brought her to the law firm.

Angel and Cordelia had been moved to the outer office, the only ones inside
when they brought in Faith where Kate and Lindsey, Faith was completely

The guards sat Faith on a chair, Kate ordered them to leave, she took charge
of Faith.

Faith sat quietly, waiting for Lindsey to make his move, she knew how
dangerous he was, Lindsey opened the outer door revealing the naked Cordelia
and the shackled Angel.

Faith began to struggle against her chains, she had tried to be a model
prisoner, as much as she could, she knew something was wrong now.

The big foot came from behind the door, Faith stopped struggling, she didn't
want to make the beast attack, Lindsey reassured her that the beast wouldn't
attack her if she didn't struggle.

Lindsey told Faith how disappointed he was in her, she took the firms money
and not only did she not kill Angel, she tried to implicate the firm, Lindsey
told her she had to pay.

Lindsey knew he couldn't get their money back from Faith, there was another
way to get money from her.

Lindsey had clients who would pay through the noise to watch demons nail
young girls, the demons that got the most money usually split the girls in
two, Lindsey didn't want any part of that, but Faith was special.

Lindsey had someone special for Faith, he wasn't a demon though, Lindsey
introduced Faith to his stooly Tripod.

Faith looked over the five foot five inch young punk, she knew she could take
his head off as soon as she got unchained, the Bigfoot stood over her and
ripped her pants off.

The eight foot beast then ripped off her top, Faith was completely naked now,
Kate soon joined her Tripod then slipped out of his pants.

Faith was disgusted looking at the pimply faced little twerp, he couldn't
have been more then sixteen, she looked down and saw how he got his name.

Tripod had a three foot long cock, it was dragging on the floor, it was
thicker than his other two legs, Faith couldn't believe her eyes, she tried
to run, the Bigfoot through her to the ground, it held her on her hand and

Faith saw the cameras kick in, she knew she was being filmed. Kate dropped to
her knees in front of Tripod and began to stoke his cock.

The three foot limb began to harden, it slowly began to raise until it was
standing straight out like a flag pole, Kate stoked it harder with both

The monster cock was almost too heavy for Kate to hold up, she licked up and
down the shaft, it was way to thick for her to get her mouth around.

The Bigfoot pushed Faith's head to the ground and lifted her up around the
waist, her ass was stick up, Tripod stood behind her and pointed his missile
at her cunt.

Faith loved to make men scream as she fucked them, this time it was her that
screamed as Tripod began to enter her cunt.

He got the tip of his cock inside of her, Faith tried to crawl away, the
Bigfoot held her still, Tripod thrust again, he penetrated her tight pussy.

Faith gritted her teeth, she didn't want to give Lindsey the satisfaction of
hearing her cry out, Tripod thrusted again, he had over a foot of cock inside
of her.

Tripod now began to thrust his giant member in and out of her, each stroke he
took he managed to go a little deeper, he managed to bottom out after he had
rammed two feet of his cock inside of the slayer.

The Bigfoot spread her legs wider apart, tripod leaned all the way over her,
he began to ram his cock in and out of her, her juices where dripping down
her leg.

Tripod grabbed her by the hair and yanked back, he had only been able to fuck
demon females before, he was going to enjoy this, he began yanking Faith back
by the hair as he rammed his cock into her.

Tripod began to slap her on the ass as he fucked her, Faith still refused to
scream, Tripod began to ram it to her harder, he had never had so much fun.

Faith collapsed to the ground, the Bigfoot lifted her back to her knees, she
was barely conscious, Tripod only fucked her harder, Faith then asked him to
please stop.

Tripod rammed another three inches deep into her cunt, they wanted to make
her beg for mercy, Kate laid down underneath Faith and began to lick up the
juices dripping down her legs, faith collapsed face first again.

The Bigfoot lifted her again, this time she couldn't stay up, they let her
fall flat on the ground, Tripod rammed his cock into her a little harder.

Faith was going to pass out, Lindsey didn't want that yet, he ordered his
young stooge to stop. Tripod yanked his cock out of her, Kate begged for him
to split her in half.

Lindsey had another idea, he dragged Cordelia into the office, he told Tripod
to split her in half, Cordelia and Angel both pleaded with him not to do
this, Lindsey told them he must.

Lindsey had no use for Cordelia, she wasn't apart of his plan, people would
pay to see her split in two by Tripod, Cordelia was in tears.

Lindsey told them he had another idea, he told Angel he could be the one to
do Cordelia, Angel knew what Lindsey wanted, Lindsey wanted him to fuck
Cordelia and lose his soul again, it was a tough choice.

Lindsey told Tripod to fuck Cordelia up the ass, and then do Faith the same
way, Angel agreed to fuck Cordelia, his soul wasn't worth her life. Cordelia
just kept crying.

The Bigfoot grabbed the limp Faith by the neck, Lindsey told Angel if he
tried anything they would rip off Faith's head, Angel was helpless.

He stood in front of Cordelia with his pants around his ankles, Faith looked
up and began to stroke his cock, it was cold.

Lindsey ordered her to suck it, she put his cock in her mouth and began to
work up and down on it, his cock soon began rock hard and eight inches long.

Angel was ashamed he was letting this happen, but he had no choice, Lindsey
ordered Cordelia to deep throat him, she opened her mouth wide and went down
as deep as she could.

Cordelia managed to get six inches of cock down her throat, Kate ran over and
grabbed Angel by the cock, she slammed his cock all the way down her throat

Kate held her lips against his waist, she used her tongue to lick his balls
while she deep throated him, she then pulled her head back letting his cock
out, she told Cordelia "That's how you do it."

Cordelia slammed then Angel's cock down her throat, she managed to take the
whole thing this time, Lindsey was pleased, he ordered Cordelia to ride Angel

Angel laid on the floor, Cordelia looked into his eyes and straddled him, she
hoped he didn't change until after they where finished, it would give them
some time to think of a plan.

Cordelia sat on Angel's cock, she lowered herself all the way down until all
eight inches disappeared, she then began to raise up again.

Cordelia bounced slowly up and down on his cock, she wrapped her arms around
his neck, Angel began to thrust up into her, Lindsey ordered them to fuck.

Angel began to thrust up harder into Cordy, she grabbed him by the hair and
began to slam up and down on his cock, they both began to moan.

Angel was ramming his cock deeply up into her wet box, Cordelia sat all the
way down on his cock and wiggled from side to side, she then began to bounce
up and down again.

Tripod stood over Angel and pointed his cock at Cordy. He began to poke her
in the face until she opened her mouth, he shoved until he got the tip of his
cock in her mouth.

Cordelia had her mouth open as wide as it would go, she thought if she could
get him off this way he wouldn't try to put it inside of her.

Cordy then began to stroke his cock with both hands, Tripod began to shake,
Cordy licked the tip of his cock, he began to shoot his load into her mouth.

Tripod kept cumming and cumming, Cordy caught a mouthful of it, Lindsey
ordered her to catch it all, it was just too much, the cum was spilling out
of her mouth before he finally stopped cumming.

Tripod was finished now, Cordy went back to work on Angel, she began to slam
down on him as hard as she could, Angel wanted to match her thrust for

Angel began to thrust up so hard into Cordelia that he lifted her right off
the ground, she held onto his hair to keep from getting knocked off, Angel
shot a load inside of her.

Cordelia stood up on week knees, the cum dripped out of her pussy, she looked
down at Angel, he turned to his demon face and threw her into the outer

Cordelia screamed as Angel turned toward Lindsey, Lindsey welcomed him to the
firm, Angel picked up the chained Faith, he held her by the wrist and licked
her neck.

Angel asked Lindsey for a dagger, he wanted to make Faith pay for what she
had done to him when h had a soul, Lindsey wanted Angel to make her part of
the firm.

Angel took the dagger and threw it right into the heart of the big foot, as
he and Faith broke her shackles, the big foot fell over in a heap, Tripod ran
screaming through the office, Lindsey backed out of the office and sealed
everybody else inside, he knew it wouldn't hold them long, but it would give
him time to make his escape.

Cordelia didn't know what happened to Angel, he explained to her there was
nothing pleasurable about what he had to do, Cordelia just screamed "Hey."



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