Angel: The Rising Part 1 (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])


The vampire Angelus has roamed the Earth for centuries. He has tortured,
maimed and killed countless humans. He was the lord of the night, feared
and revered by all. He traveled from place to place with his cohorts, his
sire Darla, along with their retinue, the vampire lovers known as Spike and
Drusilla. They were the Big Bad Four. It seems that their reign of terror
would never come to an end. But it did. All things come to an end, even

The Kalderash Gypsy Clan cursed the vampire Angelus after he killed their
favorite daughter, an innocent young woman who had fallen in love with him.
Since that day, Angelus was no more. He had ceased to be the One With The
Angelic Face. He became Angel, the Vampire With A Soul. Angel was dedicated
to helping human beings and fighting against the forces of darkness. Angel
has walked the Earth for centuries in search of atonement. He has met many
other champions along the way. He met Buffy Summers, the Slayer. The Slayer
was a young woman born with supernatural strength and speed. She was the
sworn enemy of all vampires. Angel and Buffy fell in love in Sunnydale, the
town they had sworn to defend. Unfortunately, theirs was a doomed love.
Angel left Sunnydale and moved to Los Angeles. He met Alan Francis Doyle
there. Doyle was a half-human, half-demon hybrid who had the power to see
people in trouble. Vision Power. He became Angel's line to the Powers That
Be, a gathering of powerful beings who opposed the forces of evil. Along
the way, Angel and Doyle ran into Cordelia Chase, a young woman Angel knew
from his days in Sunnydale.

When Doyle died, Cordelia inherited his Vision Powers. A lot has happened
since then. They met new allies. Charles Gunn, a young Black man who hunts
vampires for sport joined Angel Investigations. Former Watcher and rogue
demon hunter Wesley Wyndham Pryce also joined the team, as did Winifred
Burkle, a beautiful young physicist whom Angel and company rescued from a
demon world. Lorne the Host, the only "good" demon that Angel and Cordelia
had ever met. There was also Connor, a boy born with supernatural strength
and speed. Connor was the son of Angel and Darla, begotten in a night of
passion during which the vampire Darla seduced Angel. Darla died giving
birth to Connor. Long ago. They had become a family, of sort. Angel was
determined to continue helping humans and fight the evil forces at work in
Los Angeles. So were his friends. Unfortunately, an ancient evil had set
its sights on them.


In the place that would later be called Los Angeles, a tribe of Native
Americans known as the Sekora had come to live in the land. They were a
primitive people, descended from the primitive humans who crossed over to
America through the Beiring Strait. They were living on a new continent.

The Sekora Tribe was led by a man named Ashtu. Ashtu and his wife Selena
ruled the Tribe. They made their camp in the large piece of land that was
near the sea. The tribe survived by fishing and hunting animals. They liked
the new land. It was a wondrous place to be, especially after they survived
the last rigors of the Ice Age. The Sekora tribe called their new land
Shougrah. It meant the "Flat Land". It was ironic because at that time, it
was a rough and jagged land. The Sekora tribe had encountered no other
humans in the new land. Ten years after the arrival of the Sekora in the
land, a daughter was born to Ashtu and Selena. They named her Shaleenah.
The circumstances of the birth of Shaleenah were mysterious.

There were many demons living in the land long before the humans came around.
One of those demons had shape-shifting powers. He assumed the appearance of
Ashtu, the tribal leader. In the guise of Ashtu, the demon seduced Ashtu's
wife, Selena. This encounter resulted in the birth of a daughter. A child
that was half human and half demon. Shaleenah grew up to be a beautiful young
woman. She looked perfectly normal. Yet many in the tribe distrusted her
since she was part demon. Rumors had been flying around long before her
birth. When she reached the age of eighteen, Shaleenah began to manifest
certain strange powers. The tribe cast her out. Years later, she came back,
leading an army of demons against them. Shaleenah and her demon army were
vanquished by the magics taught to the tribal shaman by an emissary of the
Powers That Be, the ancient beings that watched over the land. The tribe had
vanquished the demons. They captured Shaleenah. They tried to destroy her but
found that they couldn't. She had become more demon than human in the time
that she was gone.

The Sekora tribe did the only thing they could to get rid of an evil so
powerful that it could not be destroyed. They buried Shaleenah inside a steel
coffin and threw it deep below the sea. Shaleenah was a very powerful force
of evil. She was also immortal. It was written that she would return to the
land of the people who sought to destroy her and that she would conquer it.
All she needed was help from the Forces of Light. Shaleenah was a female
demon. One dedicated to evil and destruction. Why would any Emissary of the
Forces of Light or agent of the Powers That Be help her? They wouldn't. It
was prophesized that only one being could free Shaleenah. This being would
have to be demonic, yet blessed with that which God only gave to humanity.
This being would have to be an agent of good who would deliberately choose to
free Shaleenah. Once freed, Shaleenah would wield power and control over all
demonic entities and the world would be at her feet.

It was just a question of when.....


Angel woke up with a scream. He had been dreaming again. Dreaming the same
dream he'd been having for months. He was back in the water again, buried in
the coffin by Connor, his vindictive son. Although this had happened a year
ago, Angel still cringed whenever he thought about it. It was one of the
worst memories he ever had.

Angel's scream up woke Cordelia Chase. She stirred and stretched, then she
looked at him. "What is it?" She asked. Angel stared at her. He said nothing.
"It happened again, didn't it?" Cordelia asked. "The dream ?"

Angel nodded. "I can't seem to shake it off."

Cordelia sat up and watched him. Not long ago, Angel and Cordelia had
become lovers. This was after she came back from where the Powers That Be
kept her. Back from being a spirit. Her body had been taken over by the
Dark One, an ancient evil that was also known as Jasmine. The Dark One
took over Cordelia's body and used Connor to fertilize it. Then, it gave
birth to itself and called itself Jasmine. Jasmine held the whole world
in thrall... until Angel and the others rebelled against her and Connor
killed her. After that, Angel and company went to work for Wolfram & Hart,
hoping to change the evil corporation from within. They didn't succeed.

Now, Wesley was dead. Killed by a demon. Winifred Burkle was gone, her body
inhabited by a powerful demonic force known as Illyria. Illyria had been
Angel's ally in the apocalyptic battle against Wolfram & Hart. The vampire
Spike had also joined the fight, on Angel's side. Connor had survived. Lorne
did too, but he skipped town. He was killed by demons on the site of the new
Caritas. Charles Gunn survived, but he was never the same. He left town too.
He died recently. Shot by thugs on the streets. Basically, all that was left
of Angel Investigations was Angel, Cordy, Connor and Winifred/Illyria. No one
else had survived. Angel had watched his family dwindle. Now, he was worried
that his mind was slipping.

Fortunately, he had Cordelia to make him feel better. "It's just a dream,
Angel." Cordy said. She touched his arm. Angel pulled away from her, then
winced when he saw the hurt look on her face.

"I'm sorry," he said. "It's just that we've lost so many people recently, I

Cordelia looked at Angel. This was the man she had loved ever since she was
a schoolgirl in Sunnydale High. They had been through so much together. His
"romances" with Buffy and Darla. His weird "connection" with Faith. His
"liaison" with Kate Lockley, the LAPD detective. Also, his never-ending
mission to save the world. Again and again. For better or for worse, they
were together. While Angel and his friends fought the Apocalyptic Battle
Against Wolfram & Hart, Cordelia Chase was in a Heavenly dimension. She was
watching her friends dying. The Powers That Be let her remain in Heaven, as
a reward for her services on the planet Earth. Cordelia couldn't just watch.
When she was in the heavenly realms, she had befriended a powerful agent of
good named Mastema. She pleaded with him to let her return to Earth. Heavenly
rules forbade souls from returning to Earth. Cordelia Chase broke the rules.

Mastema served the Powers That Be, he was an ally of Heaven, but he didn't
work for the Heavenly Ones. He decided to help Cordelia. Back on Earth,
Cordelia's body was dead and buried. Mastema arranged for it to be found by
a scientist named Roger Lazny. Lazny was into illegal cloning. He had never
been able to successfully clone a human being. Mastema guided the man's
science. Lazny built a machine that took samples of Cordelia Chase's DNA
from her dead body and bio-engineered a new body. The new body was alive but
empty of consciousness. Mastema snatched Cordelia Chase's soul from Heaven
and placed it inside the new, genetically enhanced body created by Lazny.
The scientist was shocked when his creation came to life. Cordelia Chase was
alive once more. She lived inside a body identical to the one she was born
into back on Earth. This new body possessed enhanced strength and speed,
courtesy of a little genetic engineering done by Lazny. In this new body,
she returned to her friends days after the Apocalyptic Battle was over.

Angel and his friends were shocked to see Cordelia return to them. Angel
especially. The vampire with a soul had defeated Wolfram & Hart. He and his
friends had survived. They had nothing to return to. Just when they thought
their lives were going to be empty, their favorite friend returned! Cordelia
was glad that she was back. She never told them that she had broken the rules
of Heaven by returning. She returned because they needed her. She returned
because she needed them. She returned for the man she loved. Angel. The only
man she had ever loved.

As Angel paced around the room, Cordelia smiled. She had missed his intense,
brooding face. She had missed him so much. There were times when she wanted
to tell him how much trouble she had gone through just to come back to them.
The Powers That Be hadn't let her go. She had left them. For him. "Angel,"
she said. "Come to bed."

Angel turned to look at her. Cordelia's naked body looked pretty damn sexy.
He almost forgot about his worries. "Yes, dear," he said with a grin. He went
to her. They embraced.

Gently, Cordelia kissed his forehead, then she kissed his cheek and his neck.
Her knowing hands caressed his chest and his belly, before cupping his firm
buttocks and finally settling between his legs. She kissed Angel's lips once
more. Angel was not inactive. He touched Cordelia's face, and caressed her
lips. Their hands explored each other's bodies. She wanted him as much as he
wanted her, if not more. She pressed her body against his. He pulled her into
his arms. They embraced, and she straddled him, wanting to feel him inside
her. He put his hands on her hips, and thrust into her. He entered her. She
gasped. Finally, they were once. He was thrusting into her and she was
responding to every thrust, matching them with thrusts of her own. Their
bodies fused into one, until one final, glorious moment when he came inside
her and she came, all around him, and they melted into one. After that, she
fell asleep in his arms. Angel looked at Cordelia's sleeping form, and gently
kissed her cheek. He wasn't asleep. His body was pleasurably sore from their

Angel got up and went over to the balcony. He looked at the city below. The
city of Los Angeles looked beautiful with all of its glittering lights. He
smiled. Cordelia was back in his life. The real Cordelia this time. He didn't
know, but he was glad. He had spoken with the New Oracles of the Powers That
Be and they assured him that the souls of Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle,
Lorne the Host, and Wesley Wyndham Pryce were in Heaven, enjoying an eternity
of joy and peace. Angel was pleased. If only he could shake off the nasty
feeling that something bad was coming. He didn't know what it could be. He
had defeated every evil he had ever faced. He had even found a way to alter
the Spell which gave him back his Soul. He could experience happiness all he
wanted, and his soul would still remain. Courtesy of the Powers That Be for
their favorite Champion.

While watching the city, Angel didn't see the crow which came out of nowhere
and suddenly pierced his hand. Angel cursed and drew his hand back. The crow
flew away. The vampire with a soul watched the sky. It was gone. He watched
his hand. It was bleeding, then the wound simply closed and healed. In
moments, it was gone. Without a trace. Ever since he drank Hamilton's blood,
Angel had gained the ability to regenerate. Vampires were fast-healers but
they couldn't regenerate. The power of regeneration made Angel almost
unkillable. He was glad of it. He returned to the bedroom, and closed the
door. He lay by Cordelia's side. His mind raced. He would not sleep for the
rest of the night.


The Crow flew above the city of Los Angeles and finally returned to its
Master. It went back to a house, high in the mountains, where a man named
Kurdak lived. Kurdak was a tall, handsome man with black hair, dark bronze
skin and green eyes. He wore a black shirt and jeans. Although he looked
no older than thirty, he was not what he appeared. Kurdak was not a
thirty-something man. He was ten thousand years old...

He had been waiting for centuries for the One who would help him free his
Mistress. Kurdak thanked the Crow and took the blood dripping from its beak.
The blood of Angel, the vampire with a soul. He put it in a special vial.
Tomorrow night was the night. The night of Shaleenah's Rising. The Dark Lady
would rise, and all the demons of the world would do her bidding. She would
become the next great power to rule the Earth. Kurdak smiled. The vampire
Angel had done the Mistress and her worshipers a favor by destroying Wolfram
& Hart. The ancient demons who were the real powers behind the law firm had
once been enemies of Shaleenah. Now, they were gone. Also, the girl who left
Heaven to return to her man's loving arms had lost the Vision Power she once
enjoyed, thanks to the Powers That Be. No one would see the Mistress coming,
and she would conquer all. The blood of the vampire with a soul would make
it happen.

It was only a matter of time.

To be continued...


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