Angel: The Trickster (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Alan Francis Doyle paced inside the office. He was a nervous man. His
constant pacing was getting on the nerves of his boss, Angel.

The Vampire with a Soul sat behind a desk. He wore a black shirt and pants.
He looked good. He always looked good. He was a vampire, and as such he had
many things going on for him. He had the whole eternal youth thing, super
strength, agility and the ability to heal. He was immortal. The only way to
kill a vampire was to cut off his head, burn him to ash or stake him in the
heart. Angel was not just any vampire. He was the vampire with a soul. The
Champion of the Powers That Be.

"Would you please sit down ?" Angel said.

"Sorry." said Doyle.

The half-demon sat down on one of the chairs. "What's troubling you?" Angel

Doyle told him. Angel listened. A young man in love with a woman who did not
reciprocate. Or a young woman in love with a man who did not feel the same
way. The oldest story in the book. Angel had heard many of them in his long
life. For some reason....he decided to do his best to help out his buddy.
Angel could be quite crafty when he wanted to be. Doyle listened. He liked
the plan.

Angel went downtown and looked for his friend, the demon Thorkas. Thorkas was
one of the Ethrigans. The Ethrigans were a race of pacifist demons. They were
herbivores, too. They looked threatening, though. Seven-foot tall, humanoid
creatures with tough, reptilian bodies covered with scales. Glowing red eyes,
long horns and armor-plated arms, legs, chests and backs made them look like
fearsome fighters. The Ethrigans were usually very peaceful. They lived
underground. Thorkas had recently married a young woman named Karen Dwight.
Karen Dwight was half human and half demon herself. She looked like a normal
woman but could transform herself into anything she wanted at will.

Angel went into the couple's home. Karen was a tall woman with red hair and
dark eyes. Angel had met her not long ago. The Ethrigans had been attacked
by vampires. They were not fighters so the vampires saw them as easy prey.
Ethrigan blood was known to increase the strength of vampires and even allow
them the power to endure sunlight....sometimes. Angel did not want an army
of vampires out in the world in the daytime. He and Karen teamed up against
them. A brave young Ethrigan male assisted them. Thorkas. Thorkas and Karen
had gotten on each other's nerves but eventually fallen in love.

Angel came in. "Hey, guys." he told them. "need your help." He explained the
plan to them. They hastily agreed to it.

The next day, Karen came to Angel Investigations and pretended to be a
hysterical woman in deathly fear of a demon. She came in precisely when
Cordelia was there.

Later on... Thorkas made his appearance. Just as they rehearsed it, Thorkas
came in and played the part of the angry demon hellbent on killing the girl.
Angel "fought" Thorkas. Angel "lost" and ended up "unconscious." This left
Cordelia and Karen all alone against the "angry demon".

Thorkas came at them. Just right as he was about to kill them, Doyle came out
of the shadows in Knight in shining armor fashion and "killed" Thorkas. He
was the hero. He was the champion. He had saved the ladies from the "evil

Angel and Karen exchanged winks at Doyle and Thorkas's performance. Angel
offered to dispose of the body. Of course, Thorkas was only playing dead and
he, his wife and Angel had a laugh about it as they returned downtown. They
left Cordelia Chase in the office with Doyle, the "Knight in shining armor."

Doyle looked at Cordelia. She stood there, looking at him. She looked
wonderful, as always.

Cordelia looked at Alan Francis Doyle. The man she had known for a long time.
Since she came to Los Angeles, in fact. She had joined him and the legendary
vampire Angel to form Angel Investigations. They stood for order against the
forces of darkness. Angel fought the demons and hellbeasties. Doyle got the
visions. Cordelia handled the public relations. They had gotten to know each
other but Cordelia realized that she never really knew Doyle. Not really. He
was a Half Demon. His father was a Brachen demon, his mother had been human.
He was born with some powers.

She never really saw him for the man that he was... the man she had come to
love. He came to her and she waited. He came and smiled. Without a word, she
went into his arms. He held her. Cordelia just let herself go in his embrace.
He held her chin and looked into her eyes. "Cordy." he began.

Cordelia Chase smiled. "I know, Doyle." she said.

He frowned. "Would you let me finish?" he asked.

"Sorry." she said.

"You mean a lot to me." he told her. "I just wanted you to know."

She looked at him and gently stroked his handsome face. "You mean a lot to
me too, Doyle." she told him. "I'm just sorry it took me such a long time to
realize it."

Doyle just held her. He had that faraway look in his eyes. She found it so
sexy. All of a sudden, she got an urge to kiss him. She kissed him full and
deep. Doyle kissed her back. "What are you doing ?" he asked.

"I want you." Cordelia said. She practically ripped his clothes off. They
undressed each other hastily. Cordelia was very aggressive and went straight
for the dick. She took Doyle's cock in her mouth and started to suck on like
a lollipop. Doyle grunted in pleasure. She was good. She licked his balls and
sucked on them. She sucked him off until he came all over her pretty face.
She licked off all of his cum. Once she was done, she left the room. She came
back a few seconds later with a bottle of KY Jelly. Doyle smiled. He knew
what it was for.

Doyle positioned himself behind Cordelia. He looked at the gorgeous young
woman as she waited for him on all fours. Her perfectly round and fantastic
butt looked outright tempting. He parted her beautiful butt cheeks with his
firm hands and slowly slid his cock out of his pants. He rubbed his cock
against her bottom. Cordy purred. Doyle rubbed his dick against her pink
little asshole... and pushed. His cock entered Cordelia's asshole with an
audible pop. Cordelia gasped when she felt Doyle's cock enter her ass. Doyle
held her by the hips and began to thrust his cock into her. She felt his
massive cock sliding inside her anal passage. Even with the lubrication, it
was still a tight fit. She winced. It was a bit painful but also more than a
little pleasurable at the same time.

He slammed his cock deep inside her ass. Hard and fast he fucked her. She
gasped when she felt his cock go deep into her bowels. Doyle grabbed her by
the hips and fucked her, hard. He had dreamed of fucking Cordelia for a long
time but never like This was better than his wildest fantasies.
He savored the moment, thrusting deep into that tight ass of hers. He felt
that he was ready to cum and did, blasting her hot-looking ass full of his
hot cum. Cordelia screamed. Doyle held onto her and continued to thrust into
her as his cock pumped wave after wave of cum inside her. He pulled out of
her ass. He looked into her gaping asshole... nice!!!

A little while later, they lay on the floor. Cordelia was snoring. Doyle
smiled, satisfied of his deeds. He would have to thank Angel for all that.
All in good time.

The End


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