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Angel: The Urge Part 1 (MF, viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Los Angeles, Ca.

Angel slept in his room at the hotel.

He woke up at first light. He was a tall, dark haired and brown eyed hunk
of a man. Except he wasn't a man. Not exactly. Angel was a vampire.
Vampires lived forever unless they were burnt, exposed to sunlight, staked
or beheaded. Angel avoided all four pretty much so he felt safe.

He was no ordinary vampire. The only one of his kind. A vampire with a
soul. He had a life full of difficulties. He had a love, Buffy. A son,
Connor. Allies like Fred, Gunn and Wesley. A friend like Cordelia Chase.
A buddy like Lorne the Host. And enemies like Wolfram and Hart, Lilah
Morgan and the vampires, demons and monsters that filled the los angeles
night. At the time Angel was bored. Very bored. He was tired of it all.
Fighting the evil of L.A.

He watched TV all day. On the screen was a movie. Blade. He watched as a
black man with a sword cut down vampires in a club. At least they got the
turning to dust part right, he thought. Hollywood had cool vampire movies
like Blade 1 & 2, Dracula 2000 and his favorite, the Queen of the Damned.
He liked it because of that deceased black hottie. He did not know her name.

When night came Angel left.

Gunn and Fred were spending time together. Wesley was out humping Lilah.
Cordelia was doing the same to Connor. Lorne was singing at a local bar,
the Rialto Lounge. They were all busy.

Angel went to the Nest.

It was a local vampire hangout. He had to get some exercise.

Tina Greeks stood apart from the crowd at the Rave. There were a lot of kids
dancing. Goths. Geeks. Freaks. Dykes. Fags. A whole bunch of people. She
was dressed to kill and she knew it. She stood five foot five and had long
blond hair and pale blue eyes. She was a knockout. She wore a red leather
jacket over a bad kitty shirt, black jeans and boots. She still looked no
older than seventeen, like she had back in 1982 when the vampire Jerry Mason
changed her. She was his girl for a while then she let him have it one
night. She staked his sorry ass when she caught him screwing a girl. That
girl was a friggin werewolf. Nicole had been her name. Tina Greeks killed
her as well.

Twenty years later she was getting famous in Los Angeles.

She had killed a lot of people and vampires everywhere were talking about
her. She came to LA because supposedly there was some kind of super vampire
there. A freak who killed vampires and demons alike to please the humans.
Angel was supposed to be his name. Right now she would have fun.

She spotted a boy. A tall, slim blond. She approached him. "Hi," she said.

He looked at her for a while then smiled. "Hello," he said.

She flashed him a brave smile and they began talking. She learned his name.
Harold Davis, a schoolboy from UCLA. Tina Greeks loved schoolboys. They
began dancing.

They danced for a while until she sank her fangs in his neck and drained him.
She took his corpse and tossed it in the trash outside the building where the
rave was happening. She stood there and lit a cigarette. It was then that
she saw him.

He stood there and looked so out of place. Tall, dark, clad entirely in
black. He was so beautiful. She felt a tingle all over her body. The girl
within her felt attracted to the dark male that stood nearby. She felt so
weird. 'Calm down girl,' she told herself. 'You can do it. Just talk to

He was gone.

Just like that.

She shrugged and returned to the dance floor.

She went to dance with a boy. Clark. He was a tall goth with at least ten
tattoos. He had a mohawk haircut. They danced to the beat of Without Me
then Wanksta. She liked his solid physique. They were dancing when she
saw... Him. The dark one from outside.

He was standing alone, so sexy in the crowd. His gaze bore into her. She
moved away from her partner. Clark wasn't about to forfeit his girl. "Hey,
you're with me," he said. "I say when this ends."

"Screw you," she said.

Clark growled and morphed in full vamp face. He bared his sharp teeth and
moved to bite her. She hesitated. What a fool. The next instant the
vampire boy exploded into dust. Tina gasped. All around her people did the

A few people snarled. She saw at least a dozen vampires reveal their true
nature. They encircled the dark and hunky man. Tina watched.

The hunky man whipped out stakes and drove them into the vampires's chests
then lashed out with sword and axe. He staked two vamps and decapitated a
third. He set a fourth on fire. The humans watched with interest as the
man made his way through the vampires, killing them. Pretty soon there was
only one left, a tall girl with boyish clothing, she had obviously been a
lesbo before becoming a vampire. "Please, don't kill me," she begged.

The hunky man looked at her with kindness then drove a stake through her.
There was no vampire left. All except for Tina.

She looked at the man. He looked at her. She recoiled. He came at her,
moving with astonishing speed far exceeding her own. He had her pressed
against a wall. "Please don't kill me," she said. "I haven't done
anything, I swear."

He looked at her. "Do not be alarmed," he said. "My name is Angel, I help

She cocked an eyebrow. "Angel?" she said.

"Yes," he said. "Do you have a place to go?"

"Yes," she said, eager to get away from him.

"I have a car."

"Man, those kids were monsters."

"Vampires," he corrected. "What is your name?" he asked.

"Tina Greeks," she answered.

The dark and hunky Angel took her to his Plymouth. They drove the streets.
Angel didn't talk a lot. Tina did, playing the part of the innocent teen
girl she knew she looked like. She smiled. She was a vampire, and this fool
with a soul thought she was an innocent. He wanted to protect her. She
wanted to laugh but couldn't do this for risk of the vampire with a soul
dusting her.

They arrived at her apartment.

It was a small apartment in a building in East Los Angeles.

Angel looked at the place.

It was modest but comfy, he noticed as they entered. The vampire with a soul
took it all in. The scent of many humans was still there, mostly males. Tina
Greeks was a busy gal. He sat down.

"Want a drink?" Tina asked him.

He stared at her. Her hair and face reminded him of Buffy, the slayer he
loved in Sunnydale on the hellmouth. He must have stared for a moment too
long for tTna looked a bit scared. If this is a bad time.... she began.
"No," he said, snapping out of it.

He watched her go to the kitchen and get some whiskey.

Angel drank. So did she.

"Say, what are you exactly?" she said. She was looking at him intently.
"You were so strong back there, killing those freaks like that, wow."

"I am a fighter," he said. "Nothing more."

"I don't think so."

Without warning she tore open his shirt, revealing his chest. There were
small wounds there, wounds that were so deep and red a normal man would have

"No one can heal like that," she said frantically. "What are you, a freak?"

Angel roared, "I'm not a freak." His face vamped out before he could stop

"Oh my god!"

"Tina, I can explain!" he screamed.

"You are one of them!" she squealed.

Tina looked at him. Angel looked so crestfallen.

His face was once again handsome. "I am a vampire," he said. "But the one
with the soul. I help people, I don't kill humans."

"Bullshit!" she said.

He thought she was about to scream and ran at her. He caught her easily

Tina resisted with surprising strength. They rolled on the ground.
Suddenly she grabbed a stake and was ready to drive it through him when
he simply looked at her with a supplicant look. She couldn't kill him.
Tentatively they kissed. Angel grabbed her and kissed her with a fiery
passion. Tina put her arms around him and they rolled on the floor
passionately. Then suddenly Angel tried to shove her away.

"I really shouldn't..." he began.

"It's okay, I want you, too," she said.

Angel knew he shouldn't but couldn't resist. They kissed and she unbuttoned
the remnants of his shirt while he undid hers. Tina's small hands went for
his zipper and freed him. They were both naked. Tina held Angel's cock in
her hands and gasped. It was huge! "Wow," she said.

She began pumping Angel's cock with her hand while licking at his balls with
her tongue. Angel moaned softly as Tina began sucking on his cock. Her
mouth was so nice and warm it engulfed all of him. The walls of her mouth
massaged his cock, squeezing and squeezing. It was sending waves of pleasure
through his body. Angel hadn't had sex in a while. Not since Buffy Summers.
He'd almost forgotten what it was like. "Wow," he said. "Oh god."

Tina looked up at him to see the look of pleasure on Angel's face. She liked
the effect that she was having on him. Definitely. She kept sucking and
pumping, using her mouth and hands to bring the vampire to a shuddering

"oooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Angel screamed.

He was trembling. Slowly she let him out of her mouth and looked at his
cock. It was long, at least ten inches and so thick. She looked at Angel who
was looking like a virgin having his first girl. He suddenly took her in his
arms and kissed her. Angel kissed her neck and licked her throat before
going to her breasts. He held them in his hands, they were milky white and
not as large as some women's but they were a definite handful. He kissed
them and licked the titties, massaging them gently and watching them go hard.
Tina was in heaven. The man was good with tits. "Oh god," she moaned.
"Lick me."

Angel's delicious mouth wandered further down to her perfect, shaved pussy.
He breathed her in and looked up at her, a look of adoration on his face.
Then he began probing her, at first with a finger then two. Tina felt the
intrusion and gasped. Angel's tongue repladed his fingers and he began a
thorough licking of her clit. He rubbed the bump of it with his nose,
sending little waves of pleasure through her.

"aaaaaahhhhh," she moaned. "Angel, you're doing things to me!"

She was brought to a shuddering orgasm by Angel's expert tongue and fingers
but was further surprised when Angel introduced his index finger up her
asshole. She gasped at first but kind of liked it. All of a sudden she
wanted him.

He sensed her need and threw her on the bed. He made her spread her legs and
introduced the head of his cock in her pussy. Angel began fucking her. Tina
wailed, saying his cock was too big but he ignored her. The vampire kept
plowing into her pussy, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Tina screamed.

"Yeah, bitch," Angel said. "Scream for me!"

He fucked her pussy while savagely grasping her tits in his hands and biting
the areolas. Tina screamed. She felt heated by the constant invasion of
Angel's cock in her tight pussy. He fucked her senseless. Tina was feeling
good thanks to his merciless fucking but doubted she could take much more.
A human girl would have passed out or died already.

She was surprised when Angel suddenly withdrew from her. She thought she
might have a moment's reprieve when the vampire suddenly threw her on all
fours and, held her hair in his hands, yanking her head back. "I'm gonna
enjoy that ass, bitch," he said.

Too late did she realize what he meant. Her ass was exposed. She tried to
clench it but couldn't. There was a mirror right in front of her. A
mystical mirror that allowed her to see her reflection even though she was
a vampire. From there she could see Angel's cock. It looked so massive,
standing at the entrance of her ass. Her asshole was tiny and pink. Tina
hadn't tried anal in either life, undead or living. She was about to,

Angel was applying some slick substance in her ass. Some KY jelly.

"No!" she screamed. "Please, don't fuck me!"

Out of fear she morphed, revealing her vamp face.

Angel only smiled. "I knew you are a vamp, girl. I also know you are my
bitch!" He positioned himself, firmly grasping her hips and thrust in,
putting his whole weight and superhuman strength behind it.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Tina screamed as Angel's massive cock entered her
tight asshole.

He thrus in and out, moving deliberately hurting her. Her ass was too small
for his large dick and he didn't seem to care. The vampire kept fucking her
asshole, going deeper each time. Tina screamed as the white-hot pain coursed
through her. Her ass was open and couldn't close itself. Angel knew it.
He knew she was helpless and her ass was his to fuck. He smiled.

That smile infuriated her but there was nothing she could do about it as her
handsome rapist kept fucking her ass. He turned her on her back and withdrew
his cock from her ass, which caused her to wince. "ah," she said.

Angel grabbed her by the neck and made her suck on his cock. She gagged on
it, the taste and smell of ass was still on it.

They fucked and sucked until daylight.

Angel was the first to awaken.

Tina woke up, her whole body aching.

"Ow," she said as she sat up, the pain in her asshole still there. She looked
at Angel. Somehow he looked different. There was a fiery gleam in his eyes.
"What was that all about?" she said. "You fucked my brains out, Angel."

"Yes," he said. "That I did. The name is Angelus, by the way."


He smiled and began explaining to her how the gypsis cursed him with a soul
and how a good fucking was the only way to be rid of it.

"Wow," she said.


He looked at her.

"Get dressed," he said. "We've got much to do."

She looked up at him.

"Like what?"

He smiled deviously. "Oh, I don't know. I thought we'd take a walk on the
town. I've got lots of friends to fuck, maim and kill, and all the time in
the world to do it."

He tilted his head back and laughed.

Tina smiled. This was going to be a fun ride, she liked this Angelus guy

To be continued....

Next : Tina Greeks and Angelus show up at the hotel. A surprise is brewing
for Angel's friends.

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