Angel: The Vacation (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Early morning, LA city...

The night in LA were never silent. The city came alive at night. But tonight
things were darker than usual. In a decrepit building, something very unusual
was happening...

There were roars of unknown savagery in the place. A man was struggling
against something. The thing appeared to be a very large black dog. A dog the
size of a horse. A thing that was black as night and fierce with blazing red
eyes. A hellhound. The man who fought the beast was not exactly a man. He
wore the form of a man, but he belonged to the otherworld, just like the
thing he fought.

He was once known as Angelus, the One with the Angelic Face. One of the most
famous vampires in history. He was cursed by gypsies and given a Soul. Since
then he had been on a mission of redemption. He fought his own kind to
protect human lives. He was a Vampire with a Soul. The only one in Existence.
Well, not exactly. It was a long stoty. The Vampire Angel came to Sunnydale
where he met Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer. They were in love. He had to
leave her. In his absence she met the vampire Spike, a foul offspring of
Angelus. Spike acquired a Soul at some point and Buffy loved him too....
somewhat. Spike died fighting on the side of Good and as result, his essence
was trapped between worlds.

Angel had been doing fine in Los Angeles. He met a friend from Sunnydale, the
lovely Cordelia Chase. There was also Doyle, a half demon who helped him out.
Doyle died. Angel met with Wesley, a former Watcher from Sunnydale. He,
Angel and Cordy formed a team. They were Angel Investigations. Helping the
helpless. Along came Charles Gunn, a cool streetwise african american guy who
hunted vampires for sport. Then there was Lorne, a benevolent emerald demon
with a passion for singing. While visiting Lorne's home dimension, the Team
met Winnifred aka Fred. A pretty girl who was stolen from home by demons.
They brought her back to Los Angeles with them. They were like a big family.
Darla came. She was Angel's maker. The female vampire who made him. She came
back to haunt him. In a moment of weakness, he had sex with her. The result
was a son named Connor. Connor was a young man with extraordinary strength
and speed. Darla died giving birth to him.

The Firm of Wolfram & Hart tried to get its hands on Connor. As a child
Connor was stolen by an old enemy of Angel and taken to Hell....literally.
Connor came back. He wanted to kill Angel. They were at war. Meanwhile, a
demon of high power took over Cordelia and out of her body created the
fascinating, beautiful female entity known as Jasmine. Jasmine wanted to
bring about world peace. She had great powers and had all of Los Angeles
believing in her. Angel and his people stopped her. Connor killed Jasmine.
She was the result of his "union" with Cordelia.

Angel had the People of the Firm change Connor so he could lead a normal
life. Angel could never be with his son again. To thank him for saving Los
Angeles, the Firm gave him the leadership of its Los Angeles branch. Angel
was just getting back on his feet. His people were okay. But in Sunnydale,
the others were not doing so well. Spike died. The bad news was that he came
to Los Angeles to haunt Angel.

Angel was in charge of the Law Firm that had been trying to destroy him for
years. He had his People in charge of key positions. Charles Gunn went from
Hunter to Lawyer by magic....literally. Fred went from nerdy girl to nerdy
girl in charge of the Science Division. Wesley the ex-Watcher was arranging
the Encyclopedia Demonica. Oh, well. Some open-minded people watched the
Encyclopedia Erotica but hey. Cordelia was still in a coma. Spike was making
Angel's life a living hell. Angel had spent time fighting a lot of things.

Like tonight...

He wanted to get away from it all. When most people tried to do that, they
usually took trips. Angel came to an abandoned building where it was reputed
that some kind of dog lived. A large animal that terrorized the neighborhood
and seemed to vanish by day. Angel the Vampire with a Soul knew of such
creatures. Just your average, slavering, hungry Hellhound. The creature had
a taste for human flesh. A lot of creatures did.

Angel fought the thing. It was a lot stronger and faster than him. He was
smarter and more experienced when it came to fighting. So as the beast came
charging at him, Angel whipped out a long, Old-world style sword. The beast
tried to stop but it was too late. It's head came off. Clean.

Angel stood over the slain beast. Contemplating a job well done. "Beautiful,"
he told himself. "Hope you weren't someone's pet."

Angel set the remains of the beast on fire. Then he walked out of the
basement. The neighborhood was safe. He got down and dirty when it came to
hauling the beast over the pyre. The whole time something was bothering him.
There was supposed to be something about Hellhound blood.....something it
did to people who came in contact with it.

Angel walked to his car...

Then it hit him. He had no idea where he was. Or who he was. In panic he
searched his memory...nothing. He looked at the abandoned building. It was
on fire. He knew that somehow he'd caused the fire.

What the hell was wrong with him?

He did not want to find out. He ran into the night, having no idea who or
what he was or where he was going. He did not feel a thing as he walked into
a huge black circle and vanished from this plane of existence...

The sun rose over Los Angeles...

At the Firm of Wolfram and Hart there were some very worried people. Angel
had not returned from patrol. The Boss was missing. Maybe he took the day
off. No, that was not like him. He was a vampire so daylight activities were
pretty much a no no. The People of Wolfram and Hart were none too focused on
their missing Boss, though. There was some heavy duty mystical activity going

According to the Mystics of the Firm, someone opened a Portal between worlds
last night. It was a Portal to where? This was the question pondered by
Wesley Wyndham Pryce. He was a tall, slim man with black hair. He stood
there, looking at the Mystics. They were men and women clad in black robes.
The most powerful Mystics in the world.

"Does anyone know what happened last night?" he asked. He got blank stares
from twelve faces. The thirteenth face looked at Wesley. It belonged to a
chubby black girl. Her name was Nakima and she could not have been over
twenty. He smiled. "Yes, Nakima?"

Nakima looked at him with confidence and said, "A champion of this world has
ascended to another Realm."

Wesley looked at her. "You know this how?" he asked.

She smiled. "The Power Mystic lives in me."

Wesley rolled his eyes. "Right." he grinned. "Don't happen to know who the
champ was now, do you?" he asked.

Nakima smiled that mystical smile and Wesley knew he should not have asked.
"Angel." she said simply.


Angel woke up slowly and painfully. He was lying on the ground somewhere...

He did not know where he was. He felt something poke him so he turned on his
back. He turned to see a girl. A very strange girl. She was tall, as tall as
him. Her skin was a very pale bronze color. Like an Hispanic person. Her hair
was long and black. She would have been very beautiful but her eyes were all
wrong. They were completely black.

"Who are you?" she said. Angel looked at her. He heard his name inside his
head so he said it. "Angel," repeated the girl. She sniffed the air and
appeared disgusted. "What are you?" Angel looked her up and down. The
question is "What was SHE?"


He learned that his finder was named N'Dia. She was a Thorak. That's what
her people were called. Angel had no idea where he was. This was not normal.
These people had freaky eyes. He could smell them and knew them to be wrong.
He was not like them. N'Dia told him that she was a young female Thorak and
that it was important time for her. She called her world Raksha.

For some reason, it sounded familiar to Angel. Of course, she had him bound
and was urging him to walk in front of her with a stick. He knew he shouldn't
put up a fight. Something inside told him she was stronger than she looked.
Their surroundings were all wrong. The sky was a very bright red. The same
was of the Sun. The grass was brown and the gigantic trees purple.

N'Dia walked him to her village. He saw it. A big settlement built with wood.
The houses were big and square. He saw people. Strange people. They were
blue, green, purple, red, orange and bronze-skinned. They were fascinating
to look at, the Thorak People. When he came, they were all staring at him.
"Hi, I'm Angel!" he said. It was the only thing he knew at the moment and it
meant nothing to these people.


He was new to this world. Little did he know it was only the beginning. He
would live with these people, if people they were. It was a strange time.
They kept him captive until one day he saved the life of one of their own.
A Thorak child was attacked by a huge, animal-like monstrosity. Angel acted
on pure instinct. That day he shocked himself, along with every last one of
the Thorak Tribe.

He grabbed a beast that was easily the size of a Rhino and drove six feet of
wood through its head. Killing it. The Thorak People were awed. They would
make Angel one of their own. He was a celebrated hero. He was proud, even
though he was as baffled as the rest of them as to why he was able to do what
he did. His memories were slowly returning. He was capable of many strange
things. They organized a feast in his honor. That day N'Dia told him she was
awed by him. He liked that she liked him. Strange how she went from being his
captor to his keeper. He was her guest as long as he remained with the Thorak

He got to know these people. He hunted with them. He found out that he had
amazing strength and that he healed quickly. He did not care for meat but
gladly drank of the blood of the slain prey. The Thorak found this strange.
He feasted with them and partied with them. Yet he felt like an outsider. He
did not remember where he was from but he knew this was not his world.

At night he would lie down to look at the sky. The red sky turned an eerie
dark purple at night. It was not supposed to be like this. Angel lay on the
grass, next to N'Dia. He looked at his companion. She was beautiful. An
incredibly beautiful girl of another species.

"What troubles you, Angel?" she asked. He said nothing but she knew better.
"Thinking of your world again, huh?" she asked. Angel nodded. He tried to
explain to her where he came from. He remembered a bold, fast-paced world of
tall buildings and monsters and strange creatures. He also remembered the
humans. They were the creatures he ressembled most but somehow he remembered
he was not exactly like the rest of them. He told N'Dia all that and she
listened even though she could not understand. The woods of her world were
all she had ever known. A life of hunting and gathering. "Your world sounds
complex," she said. "Why do you wish to go back?"

He smiled. "It is my world. I do not belong here, N'Dia."

She frowned. "You took to our ways easy enough," she said.

Angel grinned. He had traded his black clothing for the traditional animal
skins of the Thorak Tribe. "What ways would those be?" asked Angel.

N'Dia grinned. She desired Angel. She was a female of the Tribe and of age.
Angel was decidedly male, whatever he was. He looked like one of her people,
save for his eyes. But she liked his eyes. In their own alien way, they were

N'Dia leaned close to Angel. It was a cool night. He put his arms around her.
Her slender body felt so nice against his. He remembered what he should do
next. Some things a man never forgot. He was surprised by the supple strength
of her body. He kissed her and fondled her young breasts. She kissed him with
a passion that shocked them both. The Vampire and the girl melted into each

They rolled, freed of their clothing by the frenzy upon the soft grass. She
held Angel's cock in her hand and looked at it. He was large, and firm. She
stroked it gently then put it into her mouth. Angel closed his eyes as she
sucked his cock. He moaned loudly as she pleasured him. Next she lay on her
back, parting her legs and he took her there, shoving his large cock into her
tight pussy. N'Dia screamed as he entered her. She heard him gasp. While
fucking her, Angel could remember no other lover. She had never had any other
lover. It was a First Time for both of them. He fucked her hard and fast
and she howled as he took her. She yielded against his strong thrusts then
returned them with some of her own. Finally she gripped Angel's shoulders as
he unleashed his hot sperm deep inside of her.

They lay on the grass, panting. Angel smiled. N'Dia returned his smile and he
cradled her into his arms. He kissed her forehead as she slept. Then fatigue
and a pleasurable sore overcame his body and he went to sleep.


The People of Wolfram and Hart were frantically searching for Angel. There
were many speculations. Some feared he was dead. Others thought he was in
Hell somewhere. Or that Angelus was somehow releashed. Through all that,
only one person stayed calm. Nakima.

Unbeknownst to everyone involved is the fact that she was no mere Mystic but
an undercover agent of the Powers That Be. No one was supposed to know where
Angel was but the Powers That Be felt that their number one Champion deserved
a little vacation. Why not the Raksha dimension? It was bright this time of

The End


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