Angel: Transformations Part 1 (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Egypt, 10,000 B.C.

The race of vampires has walked the earth since the dawn of mankind. They
walked among humanity, and preyed upon them. Eventually, mankind evolved
something to fight those monsters. The Slayer. The Slayer is a girl born
with supernatural strength and speed. She can sense vampires. She is born
with the power to hunt and kill them. But what happened before the emergence
of the Slayers? Humans had other means of protecting themselves against

It began in a small village near the Nile river in Egypt, around 10,000 B.C.
There were primitive tribes living among the Nile. A primitive people who
worshiped the Sun god. At night, these people were fearful because of a
nightly threat they faced. The threat of vampires. The vampires were
particularly dangerous because they looked human and it was difficult to
tell who was who in the dark hours. These monsters preyed upon humanity.
Each night, vampires came and killed members of the tribe. Sometimes, they
captured some young men and women and turned them into vampires. Thus, the
numbers of the undead grew. The numbers of the primitive tribes of humans
living along the banks of the Nile dwindled. One tribe decided to take a
stand. This was the tribe of Gutrah. They were a primitive people who grew
crops along the Nile shores. A peaceful bunch, and perfect prey for the
vampires. The leader of the tribe was a man named Aktur. He was married to
a wise and powerful woman named Nasaria. Aktur and Nasaria had a child. A
child named Giptos. Giptos grew up to be a tall, handsome young man. Many
of the tribe people thought he would become a wonderful leader. Giptos was
smart and strong, and he was also compassionate. He liked to help others,
a rare quality among these tough desert people.

Giptos was different from the other people of the tribe. He was not afraid
of the monsters who prowled the night in the desert. Giptos was born
different. He simply didn't know why. The young man loved to wander around
in the desert. Even at night. One night, he encountered a small band of
vampires. Those vampires were led by a powerful male vampire named Khor.
Khor was once a member of the Gutrah tribe. Twenty years ago, he wandered
into the desert and never returned. He had been turned into a vampire and
eventually became the leader of the vampire pack. Khor and his mate, a
beautiful female vampire named Kalana ruled the night. When they saw the
young Giptos, they approached him and thought he was a tasty morsel. Giptos
was ready for them. He remembered stories told by the elders of his tribe.
There were few ways to kill a vampire. A sharp piece of wood driven through
their heart was one of them. When the vampires attacked him, Giptos produced
a stake and drove it through the vampire Achtyor. Achtyor was an ancient
vampire. He was Khor's second-in-command. The shocked vampires watched as
Giptos made his way through them. He killed many vampires before running off
into the desert. Led by Khor and Kalana, the vampires followed him but he
found a cave to hide in and waited until sunlight. When daylight came, the
vampires retreated to the dark places where they usually hid during the day.

Giptos returned to his tribe, having killed several vampires. His parents
were shocked to learn the exploits of their young son. Giptos was rather
proud of what he did. The desert vampires would not soon forget his actions.
Khor and Kalana gathered the local vampires and decided to go wipe out the
Gutrah tribe. Giptos anticipated that they would seek revenge for the loss
of their bloodsucking brethren and organized some of the warriors of the
tribe to fight them. The able-bodied men of the Gutrah tribe went into the
desert and found the places where the vampires hid during daylight. They went
into lairs and caves. They incinirated those places, forcing the vampires out
into the day. They killed them. All except two. Khor and Kalana, rulers of
the clan of desert vampires did not spend their day in caves. They hid under
the burning sands during the daylight hours. When night came, Khor and Kalana
searched for their fellow vampires. They went to the lairs, and found nothing
but death and desolation. Khor vowed revenge on the humans for killing his
fellow vampires.

After their daytime extermination of the vampires, the warriors of the Gutrah
tribe returned home. Giptos was celebrated and thanked for his bravery and
his leadership. The people called him Hava Shakor, a name that meant "dark
protector". Giptos was a happy man. The village shaman performed a brief
ceremony during which Giptos married a beautiful young woman named Selani.
Selani was the daughter of Alasdor, one of the first people to be turned into
vampires by Khor. Giptos reveled in his victory and his new marriage.
Unfortunately, the young man's happiness was short-lived. Khor and Kalana,
the last surviving vampires of the once-numerous vampire clan stalked around
the desert, intent on avenging the loss of their fallen friends. The aim of
their murderous revenge was none other than Giptos, the young man who had
almost single-handedly brought down their clan. For months, they stalked the
tribe. Whenever some man or woman went anywhere alone in the darkness, Kalana
and Khor were there. They would take this person and transform them into
vampires. One of the people taken by the vampires was Akari, the younger
sister of Selani, Giptos's wife. Selani begged her husband not to go into the
desert after the vampires but Giptos decided to hunt them down and destroy
them once and for all. The people of the tribe had grown tired of fighting
against the vampires. They wanted to look for greener pastures, so to speak.
Better places to be and whatnot. They refused to follow Giptos into the
desert. So, he went alone. One man, alone, against a small group of vampires
hellbent on his own destruction.

Legend has it that Giptos met his untimely demise at the hands of the
vampires he sought. To some extent, that was true. Giptos did die at the
hands of Khor and Kalana, the rulers of the desert vampires. But not
everyone knows what happened afterwards. Khor and Kalana turned Giptos
into what he had the most: they made him part vampire. Little is known
of what happened next. From the site of Giptos's last stand, a fearsome
force has risen. When Giptos was turned, he did not become an ordinary
vampire. Giptos had not been ordinary even as a human being. Back when
he was human, he was rather gifted. He was stronger and faster than the
average man. Also, he could sense the presence of vampires. Giptos did
not fully become one of the undead. Something in his genetic structure
refused to be altered even by the vampire's bite. He became half human
and half vampire. Like vampires, he needed to drink blood in order to
survive. Like vampires, he did not grow old. Unlike vampires, he could
walk into the light of day without suffering any harm from the sunlight.
The thing that made Giptos most different from all other vampires on the
planet Earth was the fact that he retained his conscience. When humans
became vampires, they lost their conscience and became soulless,
relentless monsters hellbent on preying on humans for their blood.
Giptos had retained some of his humanity.

As time went by, there were stories of a day-walking vampire who fought other
vampires to protect humans. The primitive people of the Nile Valley told many
tales of this hero, whom they called the dark protector. The legend of the
dark protector grew. He was thought to wander around the Nile banks,
protecting humans from the creatures of the night. As time went by, the
region he was thought to protect was called the Land of Giptos, and one day,
this Valley he protected gave its name to the entire country of Egypt. This
was thousands upon thousands of years before the barbarian tribes of Egypt
and long before the time of the Pharaohs. This was a long time ago. It's the
story of the man who became more than human and protected his people for
thousands of years. He is immortal. Walking through the world of man, through
wars and plagues and changing times. He walks through eternity. But at some
point, he disappeared. Giptos, the being who gave his name to the Cradle of
Civilization vanished. Throughout history, he had many names but he was
always around, in some form, defending the people of Egypt from the menace of
the vampires.

At least, he was, until the Lords of Entropy found him. The Lords of Entropy
were a secret society of men and women who wanted to rid the world of the
menace of vampires forever. This secret society recruited and trained people
to fight the forces of darkness. They had thousands of members worldwide.
People from all walks of life. The Lords of Entropy was founded in ancient
Egypt around 5000 B.C. For thousands of years, they have tried to get their
hands on Giptos, the Dark Protector. The Lords of Entropy wanted to get rid
of the menace of the vampires through a magic spell. The spell could only be
done if the blood of a half-human, half-vampire creature was provided. For
thousands of years, they looked for Giptos. The Dark Protector was a very
elusive being. He always stayed away from them. Relentlessly, they pursued
him through the centuries. He always remained out of their hands, until the
year 2006.

Giptos had finally left the land of Egypt. He traveled to America, curious to
see the New World after spending thousands of years in Egypt. Throughout his
life, Giptos had acquired a lot of wealth. He came to Los Angeles and created
an identity for himself. He became Matthew Geralds, multi-billionaire
businessman and philanthropist. In the eyes of the world, he was a rich and
powerful man. He hadn't changed physically in the many thousand years he had
been alive. He stood six-foot-two, lean and muscular, with long black hair
and light bronze skin. His eyes were light brown. He looked like an Arab
sheik or something. Giptos moved around Los Angeles. He went into the places
of power. He met senators and congressmen and the wealthy and powerful people
of the land. He also visited the world few humans knew existed. The world of
the demons, vampires, werewolves and monsters that secretly preyed upon the
human population of Los Angeles.

That's where he heard something that surprised him. There were tales of a
vampire who fought other vampires to protect the humans. Stories about Angel,
the Vampire With A Soul. Giptos had never heard of such a thing. The ageless
immortal was curious, and began to search for him. Unfortunately, there were
many powers out there who wanted to get their hands on the Dark Protector.
The Lords of Entropy set up a trap for him. They hired an army of
inter-dimensional demons called the Feutochians. The Feutochians were beings
made of fire. They were summoned from a Hell world and called upon to capture
Giptos. The ancient half-vampire fought against them but in the end, he was
taken. Giptos could not allow the Lords of Entropy to use him, for he had
sensed the truth about them. They weren't planning to use his blood as part
of a spell to get rid of all vampires, they were going to use his blood to
open a portal that would allow a Prince of Hell to come to Earth and take
over. For this reason, Giptos destroyed his own physical form, hoping that
some remnant of him would seek something like himself in an attempt to select
a new champion to fight the forces of darkness.

Los Angeles, 2006 A.D.

Angel lay in bed, entwined in his wife's arms. Cordelia Chase looked at her
husband, and smiled. "Good morning, sleepyhead," she said.

Angel leaned closer and kissed his wife on the lips. "Good morning, Cordy,"
he said.

The two of them looked at each other tenderly. It's moments like these that
the two of them lived for. After years of fighting together side by side, the
Vampire With A Soul and "Vision Girl" finally became a couple and officially
tied the knot. Now, they were living in an apartment building in Los Angeles.
Together at last.

"Wanna try something hot?" Cordelia asked.

"Yes," Angel replied.

Angel looked at the alluring figure of Cordelia. The girl looked so damn
fine. She had some big tits, a slim waist and, judging by the looks of it,
a nice plump ass. She was sexy as hell. The sight of her caused his cock to
grow hard in his pants. She stood there, slowly undressing herself. She
removed her clothing, exposing layer after layer of pale white skin.

Angel gestured with his hand and she came to him. She was looking at the
bulge in his pants. Smiling, he dropped his pants to his ankles. Cordelia's
eyes lit up when she saw his long, thick black cock. She stared at it,
hungrily. He grinned and she came closer. She knelt before him and grasped
his cock in her meaty hand. It was so thick that her hand had trouble holding
it. She licked the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Angel grunted
in pleasure when she started to give him head, taking as much of his cock as
she could. Her blond head was bobbing up and down on his cock. Angel loved
the feeling of a warm mouth around his cock. She sucked him until he came,
blasting her pretty face with shots of white cum. She drank his seed, milking
him dry. Damn, she was good!

He put on a condom and got ready to get down. Cordelia was ready as well.
Angel was in the mood for something different tonight and she was down with
it. He took some KY Jelly and rubbed some on his condom-sheathed cock and
also on Cordelia's spread asshole. The white chick held her slightly plump
butt cheeks wide open with her hands. She complained that the KY felt cold
but he reassured her. He slid his cock into her ass. There was a bit of
resistance but his cock entered her rectum with one firm thrust. Cordelia
gasped. Angel took his sweet time, plunging his black cock deep inside the
young woman's asshole and then taking it almost all the way out, only to
plunge it inside again. Cordelia moaned and panted. She rocked back against
him and he shoved his prick deep inside her asshole. Plunging it balls deep.
She screamed. Angel fucked her for a few more moments, then he came. He
pulled out. Cordelia winced. Angel rolled her on her back and took off the
condom. He jerked off on her face and she drank his cum. They lay in bed
like this, entwined in each other's arms.

"Thanks," he said.

"You're welcome," Cordy replied.

At some point in the night, Angel got up and went to the terrace of the
apartment. He looked down at the city of Los Angeles. The place was
beautiful. He was still looking at the city when he suddenly doubled over
in pain. He suddenly felt as if something was entering him. Something
ancient, powerful and immortal. He fought against it but it was far more
than he could handle. Whatever it was, it was now in control of him. He
couldn't move. He couldn't scream. He fell. He lay there, and didn't move
until morning came. When morning came, the vampire Angel was startled
awake by the sunlight. How come I'm not bursting into flames? He asked
himself. From deep inside him, he heard an answer.

"You are more than what you once were, Angel. You are more than a vampire
with a soul and more than a human being. You are now half human and half
vampire. You are also immortal. And sunlight can no longer harm you."

Angel couldn't believe it. There was something inside him.

"Angel?" He turned, to see Cordelia rush to him, a blanket in her hands.
"Come out of the sunlight, or you'll die," she said frantically.

Angel looked at her. He had never seen her in the light of day before. She
was such a beautiful woman. Something special alright. "I'm fine," he told

She came to him, worried. He took her hand in his, thanking whatever power
had come inside him for this moment. Nothing was ever going to be the same.

"Everything's gonna be alright."

To be continued...


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