Archie: Betty And Veronica - Classic Ending (Mff)
by Kidvid007 ([email protected])

Betty went home with Veronica after school and as the two girls undressed to
change into bikinis in Ronnie's room, they discussed the events of the day.
Both girls were amazed at what the other had been up to and began to become
excited as each thought about the other's experiences that day while they
traded glances at each other's naked bodies. They stood there caressing each
other's breasts and were getting very excited, their nipples stiffening.

"Come on. Let's get to the pool before we get ourselves too worked up",
Veronica says. "Let's wear thongs today and try to get rid of some tan
lines," she said as she tossed a very skimpy red bikini to Betty and
pulled out an equally, nearly non-existent, blue bikini for herself.

They put on the tiny bikinis, which barely contained their bountiful tits
and just covered their pubic area, and as the girls walked down stairs to
the pool, Smithers watched them walk past him. 'God! They are so fucking
hot!' he thought, as the usually prim and proper butler massaged his raging
erection through his trousers. 'I wonder if they realize what they do to me
when they walk around the house like that'.

The horny butler almost came in his pants as his boss' daughter dropped her
towel and bent over to pick it up, showing her nearly bare ass. He stared at
the twin globes of flesh with the blue thong disappearing between them and
it took all of his self control to keep from cumming in his pants or just
jumping the two sexy nymphs right then and there. Smithers was fantasizing
about the two nubile teens lying naked before his raging hard-on, begging
him to fuck them, when he heard the intercom buzz. He composed himself and
answered it.

Smithers heard Veronica asking him to bring some lemonade out to the pool.
Smithers got the refreshments and he was thinking about what he would like
these two beautiful young girls to do to him and his raging hard on. The
proper English butler always thought about fucking each of the sexy teenagers
whenever he saw either of them but when they were together, it took all of
his will power to refrain from acting on the lusty dreams that would
immediately fill his head.

As he walked around the pool to where the two girls were lying face down
on towels he noticed that they had their tops undone, sunning themselves.
Lustful thoughts immediately ran through his mind as he dreamed of what he
would like to do to these two sexy, nearly naked teenagers. As he neared the
girls, the sight of their beautiful asses with just the string of the thong
running between their firm ass cheeks, almost made him drop his tray and dive
head first between their firm globes of flesh.

He tried to concentrate on his job to clear his mind of the lusty thoughts
and fantasies racing through his head. The normally controlled and proper
butler's hands shook a little as he poured the ice cold lemonade and
accidently spilled a little on Veronica's back. Startled, she gave a shriek
and jumped to her feet, forgetting that her bikini top was undone. As she
yelled at Smithers to be more careful, all he could do was stare at her
gorgeous tits, bouncing and jiggling during her tirade, with a silly smile
on his face. Betty noticed where his attention was focused and started to
giggle as Veronica got angrier and angrier as the butler seemingly ignored

Annoyed, Veronica turned to her friend and asked, "What's so damned funny
Betty? And Smithers! Why are you smiling?"

Betty, continuing to giggle, swung her legs over the side of the lounge
chair and sat up, letting her top fall as well. She said, "I don't think he's
paying attention to what you're saying, Ronnie. He seems to have his mind on,
um, a couple of other things".

Veronica looked at her friend in bewilderment, wondering why she wasn't
covering her bare breasts when all of a sudden she understood what her friend
had been talking about. She was half naked as well and realized Smithers was
staring at her breasts. She reflexively raised her hands to cover herself but
then, stopped, and slowly licking her lips, she lowered her hands to
re-expose her breasts to the dazed looking butler once again.

"Smithers?", she queried, acting innocent. "Smithers! What's the matter
Smithers? Pussy got your tongue?'", asked Ronnie mischievously with a
seductive smile, as she moved closer to her excited servant, slowly
running her tongue across her lips.

"Er, um, not yet miss, but with any luck at all, I'm hoping it will quite
soon", Smithers finally replied with a big smile, finding his voice.

She glanced down and saw the huge bulge in his pants and looking at Betty
sitting there with a sly smile on her face, she knew they were on the same
wave length.

Ronnie started to remove Smithers' jacket as Betty knelt in front of the
excited butler. She unzipped his trousers and reached inside to withdraw his
huge hunk of masculinity. She gasped when she saw his 10" staff. Hurriedly
she helped Veronica finish undressing the well-hung butler. Both girls
dropped in front of the butler and started working on him, Betty taking his
cock in her mouth while Ronnie licked and sucked on her man-servants bloated
ball sack.

Smithers groaned with pleasure as he stood looking down at the two beautiful
teenagers sucking his cock and balls. He couldn't believe that one of his
fantasy's was coming true. If his boss ever found out about this, he knew he
would be fired but he knew he couldn't turn back now and decided it was worth
the risk. Smithers placed a hand on each of their heads and stroked their
hair as they sucked his cock. As the girls finally quit sucking and stood up,
he leaned down and took turns, first licking Veronica's titties until her
nipples were hard little bullets and then following suit on her best friend.

Betty and Veronica stood up in front of the excited butler and embraced.
They frenched kissed as their bare tits rubbed against each other. Then they
slowly removed their bikini bottoms to reveal their already dripping pussies
to Smithers. To further excite him, the Veronica dipped her fingers into her
own cooze and finger fucked herself while her servant watched. Betty leaned
across and licked her best friends tits as her own hand began to work in her
own twat as well.

Smithers could hardly stand it as the girls removed their hands and offered
them to each other. To his delight, Veronica was licking the Betty's juice
from Betty's pretty fingers and Betty sucked Veronica's pussy juice covered
fingers into her mouth.

Finally done teasing him with their sex show, the girls had Smithers lie on
his back on the lounge chair. Ronnie straddled his face to allow him several
quick licks of her wet cunt, as Betty tried to get his entire dick in her
mouth. She was only able to get 3/4 of it in before she was interrupted by
her best friend. Veronica moved down her butler's body, nudging her friend
aside until she stood over his engorged cock and lowered her crotch down onto
the butlers 10 inches. Her mouth opened wider and wider until her juicy box
finally reached the base of his thick shaft.

As Veronica began to ride the pole in her cunt, Betty lowered her own juicy
pussy onto the lucky man's face. He licked the delicate, wet folds of her
beautiful snatch and sucked on her large clitty, flicking it with his tongue
as he sucked and thought he had never tasted anything so delicious!

After just a few minutes of licking he brought Betty to a rocking orgasm. He
then had to concentrate on what was happening below his waist to keep from
blowing his wad. His boss' teenage daughter's box was so hot and tight, it
felt like she was trying to rip his cock out from it's roots.

After Veronica rode her servant to three hard, fast orgasms, she climbed off
to give her friend a turn. Smithers got to his knees and motioned Betty to
get into the doggy position. The hot blonde quickly complied and cried out in
pleasure as Smithers drove deep into the beautiful teenager's pussy, burying
his prick to the balls in one thrust.

Veronica lay beneath her best friend and began to lick her box and the
butler's big ram rod at the same time. Betty screamed in delight and came
instantly under the double attack of Smithers spreading her pussy walls with
his big cock and Ronnie licking her sopping wet twat. Veronica had positioned
herself under Betty so that the hot blonde could reach her dark-haired,
partially shaved cunt with her tongue.

Betty was eating out her best friends hot box and Ronnie writhed in ecstacy
as Betty's tongue enthusiastically danced in her twat. After bringing Betty
to two hard orgasms, Smithers finally pulled out and jacked a hot load of
cum onto the face of his boss' pretty daughter just as her pussy spasmed
again under Betty's onslaught.

After licking Smithers clean, Betty licked the cum off her best friends
face that Ronnie couldn't reach with her own tongue. Smithers got dressed,
becoming the prim and proper butler once again but before he went back
inside Betty said, "What do you know? It's just like in all of those old
mystery movies." Betty smiled as they pulled themselves together.

"What do you mean?" Ronnie asked, puzzled at the comment.

"The butler really did do it!" Betty giggled, as Smithers turned and gave
them a wink before he entered the mansion.


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