Archie: The Untold Story Part 2: Betty's Complete Submission (ff,mc)
by DW LUST ([email protected])

Next Morning

Knowing the drug works, I decide that Veronica is next. Yet, leaving Betty
their confused, I wonder what kind of lasting affect the drug will have. Will
Betty still be my slave? I decide that I have to talk to her and see what
kind of after effect the drug has.

I leave school fifteen minutes early and head over to Riversdale school. I
wait in the parking lot for Betty to come out. I figure when Betty sees me,
her reaction will give me a good idea of the after affects of the drug. I
have some perfume in my pocket in case. A couple minutes later, Betty and
Veronica come out of the school. I yell for them to come over and they do. I
say "Hi girls how are you?"

Veronica replies "OK, how about you?"

"Good," I reply, "But I need Betty's help in math. She tutored me yesterday,
but I still need more help. Betty can you help me?"

Betty looks nervous, but replies "Sure Cheryl."

"Hop in Betty. We'll go back to your place."

Betty gets into my car as Veronica says "I'll call ya later Betts."

"Sure Veronica," replies Betty.

As Veronica walks away I place my hand on Betty's leg and say "You look sexy,
miss me?"

Betty looks at me and says "I don't know what happened last night, but it was
wrong." Oddly, see doesn't move my hand off her leg.

My hand slides up her leg a bit (she is wearing a rather short skirt, as I
say, "Didn't it feel good, didn't you enjoy being my slave."

"Hmm, I-I-I don't know," replies Betty confused.

"You want me to dominate you, don't you. To use you as my sex slave."


"Say it, Betty! Tell me I am your mistress and that you are my obedient


"Say it."

"You are my-my-mistress and," says Betty with tears in her eyes. I slide my
hand into her panties. They are soaked.

"Why are you wet slave?"

"I don't know," replies an embarrassed Betty.

"Is it because it turns you on when I treat you like a slut. You love to be
told what to do don't you?"

"Yes," replies a dejected Betty.

"Now again, tell me what you are?"

"I am your slave, and you are my mistress," replies Betty.

I start driving as I keep my hand in her panties slowly fingering her wet
cunt. Betty moans as I slide a second finger into her box. "Feel good slave?"

"Yes, Hmmm, why do I let you do this to me? I can't stop myself. I-I."

"I know, you are my slave, you will do whatever I tell you to do forever, and
will enjoy it." I pull up to her house just as Betty orgasms on my hand.

"Good slave. Thank me for letting you have an orgasm."

"Thank you," replies Betty.

"Thank me with respect,"


"I am your mistress slut," I say a little perturbed.

Betty sensing she is displeasing me says "Sorry mistress, and thank you for
letting me have that wonderful orgasm."

"Good slave," I reply. "Now, here is your next duty. Be at Veronica's house
at 7 o'clock tomorrow and make it seem natural that I would be there."

"Yes, mistress."

"Slave, what did you do after I left last night?"

"I got dressed and went upstairs to my room and tried to go to sleep. But, I
couldn't. I kept thinking of you sucking on my cunt and telling me what to do
and I just kept getting hornier and hornier. I kept masturbating myself for
hours, till I fell asleep out of exhaustion."

I was intrigued. What about today?"

"Well, when I woke up I thought it was just a dream. But all day at school, I
couldn't stay focused as I reflected on my dream. I even brought myself to an
orgasm in English class. During gym, I kept checking out the girls and I got
extremely horny. I stared at Midge's shaved box, Veronica's huge tits and
even Ethel's tight ass. After school, when I saw you, I realized it wasn't a
dream and I creamed my panties remembering how you used me last night."

"Good slave, that turned me on. Are your parents home?"

"I doubt it, probably won't be home for another hour. Will you come in and
let me eat you?"

That surprised me. "You want to suck my pussy?" I ask.

"Yes, mistress. Let me pleasure you."

I smile and get out of the car. Once inside, Betty quickly throws off her
clothe and pushes me on the couch. She lifts up my skirt and quickly dives
into my snatch. In only her second cunt-licking she has improved immensely,
as I orgasm in only seconds. She continues to work my pussy and then, to my
surprise, begins to insert a finger in my ass.(Not the first time, but still
it came as a surprise) In seconds, I am cumming all over Betty's pretty face,
as her fingers disappears deep inside my ass.

I am so happy. The potion works even better then I could have imagined. Here
I was, in Betty's house, with this sweet girl sucking my cunt with great
eagerness. She was completely obedient to me, a perfect sex slave. A slut. A
whore. This rocks! After yet another orgasm, I get up and compose myself.
Betty looks up at me, her mistress, with a look of disappointment on her
face. Her face was full of juices, my juices. She looks sexy. I pull her up
and give her a passionate kiss. My juices taste good. I break the kiss and
say "Remember, tomorrow night, I will meet you at Veronica's place. Here is
a hundred dollars, go buy something sexy to please me. Now go upstairs and
finger fuck yourself, slave."

Betty smiles as she realizes she is gonna be able to cum soon. She kisses me
again, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. I break the kiss and squeeze
her naked ass as I head out the door.

To be Continued


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