Archie: The Untold Story Part 4: Archie Gets More Than Lucky
by DW LUST ([email protected]) (ff,mffff,mc,inc)

Is it bad that I sucked my brother's cock? Sure it was only one stroke, but
was that wrong? It can't be bad if I enjoyed it, can it? He has a nice cock.
Well, anyway, today I will get Archie. Sure I could have had him already but
getting Betty and Veronica was just to appealing. Tonight I will get Archie.
I called Veronica she was to have a date with Archie tonight. The date will
be on he will never forget. I pick up the phone and call Betty. "Hi Betty,
what you up too?"

"I just got out of the shower," replies Betty.

"Did you masturbate in there slut?"

"Yes, mistress," replies Betty.

"Is Archie going to be at Veronica's tonight?"

"Yes, mistress, he will be their at 6:45. He thinks he is taking Veronica to
the opera."

"Good. Tonight I will pick you up at around 7. Wear your cheerleading outfit,
except no panties, and instead of plain pantyhose, wear crotchless ones,

"Yes, mistress," replies Betty.

"Good girl slut, now go upstairs and fuck your ass with a dildo, bye slave,"
I say and hang up.

Fuck I am so horny now. I can't wait. I grab my vibrator and start fucking
myself with it, thinking of tonight's fun.

It is 6:30, I ponder what I should wear. I decide to wear a conservative pink
sun dress, with white garterhose and of course no bra. I leave my room and
see Jason staring at me as I walk down the stairs. II walk over to my bro and
say "Are you horny?"

"Yes," replies Jason embarrassed.

"You want to fuck your sister, don't you?"

"Yes," he replies sheepishly.

"Go upstairs and masturbate about fucking my tight ass...all night!" I demand
as I rub my hand on his cock.

Jason doesn't even respond as he gets up and bolts up the stairs. I smile and
head out the door.

I get to Betty's ten minutes early and decide to have some fun with her
parents. I spray the perfume on me and knock on Bett's door. Betty's Mom
answers and says "Hi, you must be Cheryl?"

"Yes," I reply. She lets me in and I hug her. She looks a little surprised
by my openness. I stay close to her while we small talk and after I notice
she is getting flustered I simple say "Have you ever eaten pussy, Mrs.

She looks at me confused and shocked and begins to say "How dare."

Then I say "Get on your knees and eat my box bitch."

She starts to repeat "How dare..." but stops as her tongue quickly begins
licking my shaved snatch. She has done this before I bet, she really knows
how to work my clit.

"Oh my God," says a shocked Betty.

I look at her and say "Did you know your Mom could suck cunt so well?"

"I-I...," stutters Betty.

"Betty come over here and take a closer look." Betty walks over. Man she is
sexy. She is wearing a white, tight Riversdale cheerleading top, with a
matching short skirt and, of course, beige nylons. "Do you like watching your
Mom lick your mistress?"

"I-I...," tries Betty.

"Why don't you replace her?" I demand. Betty gets on her knees and slowly
pushes her mother out of the way and begins sliding her tongue in my wet box.
I say to her mother "Doesn't your daughter look sexy eating me out?"

Her mother doesn't reply as she tries to figure out what is going on. "Lift
up your daughter's skirt mummy," I demand. She slowly obeys and sees her
daughter's tight ass. "Tell me how much you love your daughter."

"I love her greatly," she replies.

"No, tell me how much you want to pleasure her with your tongue."

"I do not," replies Mrs. Cooper.

"Beg me to allow you to fuck your daughter's cunt with your tongue," I

"I-I-may I-may I-be allowed to lick my daughter's pussy," asks Mrs. Cooper
in tears.

"Yes, you may, now get on your knees and bring your daughter to an orgasm."
She gets on her knees and begins slipping her tongue into her daughter's

"Betty, tell your Mom how much you love having her pleasuring you."

Betty quits licking me and screams "Oh my God mummy, you are making me cum,
don't stop mummy, make your baby cum." Betty bucks her hips back into her
mother's face and screams as she orgasms hard. I get up and say "Betty, go
to the car. Mrs. Cooper, you will now be obsessed with sex. You will suck
your husband's cock, let him fuck your box and ass anytime he wants. Now go
into your daughter's room, grab a butt plug from her dresser drawer and fuck
your ass till your husband gets home and then seduce him, bye." I walk out
the door.

We get to Veronica's house a few minutes later. Archie is already their
dressed in a tux and waiting for Veronica. I walk over to Archie and give him
a hug, I let my hand slide to his ass and give it a squeeze. He is a little
surprised by this, but doesn't move away. As told earlier, Betty goes
straight upstairs to Veronica's room.

"Why is Betty wearing her cheerleading outfit?"

"I don't know," I reply.

"Why are you here," asks a confused Archie.

"Oh, we girls have become friends lately. Betty needed to borrow something
from Veronica, we won't be here long." We talk for a while longer and then I
say "What is taking them so long? Let's go take a peak." I begin up the
stairs and Archie follows.

I knock on the door and Veronica calls "Come in."

I open the door and see Veronica on her bed with her legs spread wide and
Betty's blonde head eagerly sucking cunt. Just as planned I think. Veronica
is pretty much naked wearing simply black stay up stockings and that is it. I
hear Archie say "Oh my God."

Veronica smiles and says "Hi Cheryl, hi Archie how are--I'm cummmmming."

"What are you girls doing," asks a stunned Archie.

"Betty's eating my cunt, what does it look like?" replies Veronica

I look down and see that there is a big bulge in Archie's pants. "Archie,
does this turn you on?" I ask. He looks at me perplexed and says "I can't
believe this. Neither of them would ever do anything more than kissing."

"Really, they love to eat pussy don't you girls?"

"Yes, mistress," replies both girls in unison.

"Archie, still a virgin?" I ask. Archie shakes his head yes, rather ashamed.

"Do you want to fuck these two horny sluts?"

Archie is struggling to control himself as he says "I-I..."

"Do you want me to suck your cock?" I ask, the question is a rhetoric one as
I simply drop to my knees and undo his pants. Within seconds I engulf his
cock onto his penis, he is huge. A good 13 inches. I struggle to take all of
it into my mouth. He tastes lovely.

In the background I hear "That's it Betty fuck my ass with your finger.
Harder, harder." I look up and see Archie look at the two girls still in
shock. A smile slowly emerges on his face as I take the last inch of his cock
into my mouth.

He looks down to me and begins caressing my hair as I continue to work on his
cock. I can tell he is close to cumming so I stop.

"Archie who do you want to fuck Betty-the innocent, pure, tomboy,
intelligent, sweet, do anything for you slut or Veronica: the rich, stuck up,
cock teasing, self-indulged whore. Remember Archie all this time the two have
been battling over you and now you must make a choice. Betty or Veronica.
Betty or Veronica. Betty...or...Veronica. What a choice. The one you choose
will suck your cock, let you eat her wet box, let you tit fuck her melons,
plunge into her tight pussies any time you want and plug her ass with your
massive cock. She will be your complete submissive slave The one you don't
choose will lose all interest in you, become a complete whore, who's only
purpose will be to pleasure all men and woman, except you. And remember, you
will be responsible for her fate. Betty or Veronica. Veronica or Betty?
Hmmm...the choice is an intriguing one isn't it?"

Archie is still rock hard, but looks completely dumbfounded. "I can't choose
between the two," he finally says.

"But you must Archie," I reply.

"Why should I," he says with a little more confidence. "As if these girls
will be what you say."

"You need more of a demonstration," I ask. "Doesn't it seem odd that the two
girls are on the bed in front of you engaging in a rather ludicrous sexual
act. Your innocent Betty is currently finger fucking your precious Veronica's
ass. Isn't that proof enough?" I don't wait for an answer as I say "Archie
stay here." I go to Veronica's dresser, grab the huge strap on dildo and,
after slipping out of dress, slide it onto my hips. I say "Betty, Veronica on
your knees in front of me." Betty slips her finger out of Veronica's ass and
quickly falls to her knees. Veronica quickly follows, although obviously

She was close to an orgasm I presume. "Which one of you wants me to fuck
their ass with this plastic cock," I ask.

"I do," says Betty excitedly.

"No me," begs Veronica.

"Hmmm, I guess we will have to have a contest to decide who gets the
privilege of having their mistress fuck them. Betty tell me how much you love
to be my slave."

"Oh mistress, I love being treated as a slut. You have opened up my eyes and
showed me what I really am. A whore. A cunt sucking, butt licking, whore. I
always hid my sexuality behind my tomboy exterior. But I love sex. I love
eating pussy. I am your whore, please use me as you wish."

"Very good slave Betty. Bend over." Betty bends over and without being told
lifts her skirt up. I position my fake cock at the entrance of her ass and
plunge into her.

"Oh yes mistress, fuck my ass, fuck my shithole," screams Betty.

After ten strokes I pull out and say "Betty suck my cock." Betty quickly
obeys and takes the plastic cock into her mouth. "Veronica, tell me how much
you love being my slave."

"Oh mistress, everything slave Betty says is true, but she doesn't go far
enough. I can't thank you enough for letting me see me for who I really am, a
cheap tramp. I always knew I was, but I wouldn't let my real sexual self come
out because of my social status. But, I have always fantasized about being
submissive, being treated as a slut, forced to do every sexual position
imaginable and some most wouldn't even think about. Like I would love to be
fucked up the ass my a horse, while sucking a cows cock. I no longer care
about money, fancy clothe, except slutty outfits and lingerie, social status
or any of that. My only goal in life is to please my mistress. I am your
rich, stuck up tramp to use. Please fuck my ass mistress."

"Bend over bitch," I demand. Veronica doesn't hesitate as she wiggles her
tight ass in front of me. I push Betty's face out of my way and without any
hesitation plunge my cock into Veronica's ass. After ten strokes I pull out
and say "I am not sure who is the better slave. I think that was a tie.
Although, Veronica that horse/cow thing was interesting. For the tiebreaker
we will have a fun contest. You two sluts get into a 69, whoever brings the
other to an orgasm first wins. Go."

The two quickly position themselves into a 69 and begin working each other's
clits. Betty is sliding three fingers into Veronica's snatch while sucking
her clit. Veronica is using her tongue as a small cock as she fucks her with
her tongue, while rubbing Betty's clit hard and fast. Both girls are moaning
uncontrollably. I am so horny watching this, I decide I will fuck Archie

"Archie, get over here." Archie walks over to me, he is still rock hard.

"Lay down." Archie obeys as I undo the strap on. "Do you believe me now?"

"Yes," replies Archie laying on the ground with his huge 13 inch cock waving
in the air. I straddle over Archie as I hear Veronica scream "Fuck Betty you
bitch, you made me cum."

"Shut up you tramp, get back to eating me," demands Betty.

I drop onto Archie's cock and quickly take all 13 inches into me. It hurts
a bit, I have never fucked such a large cock. I begin riding Archie slowly.
Soon I am soaked and I begin to pick up the pace. Archie has been on the
verge of cumming all night and I feel his legs tense so I pull off of his
cock and take it into my mouth. Moments later I feel the delicious taste of
hot semen slide down my throat. I continue working on his cock till I
retrieve every drop. I then get up and again strap on my cock. I say "Betty,
congratulations on winning the contest. Now come over here and retrieve your
prize. A hard, rough, ass fucking, by your mistress."

Betty quickly comes to me and positions herself for the butt-fucking.

Suddenly the phone rings. I say "Veronica answer it."

Veronica grabs the phone and says "Hello...oh hi Midge how are you." I wave
to Veronica to put her on hold and Veronica says "Midge could you hang on for
a second...thanks. Yes, mistress?"

"Get her over here. Tell her that you are horny and need her over here now."

"Hmmmm, yes mistress."

"Hi Midge you still there? Good, what are you doing now?...Nothing. Good.
Why don't you come over here now, I am kind know...needing some
loving. You'll be here in ten, good and dress sexy OK. Bye."

I plunged into Betty's ass and start fucking her like I promised: hard and

Veronica starts fingering herself while she watches me plug Betty's ass. I
look at Archie and say "Betty or Veronica. Veronica or Betty." Betty shakes
uncontrollably as she orgasms on my fake cock. I pull out of Betty and take
off my cock. "So Veronica, is Midge good at eating box?"

"Yes, mistress." Veronica replies still fingering herself.

"So Archie you must decide now. Betty or Veronica. Girls lay on the bed with
your legs spread open wide. Betty get rid of the sweater and the skirt." The
girls obey and are both on the bed. Veronica only wearing black stay ups and
Betty wearing only beige crotchless pantyhose. I give each girl a thick dildo
and say fuck yourselves with these, remember Archie will choose one of you
to be his in a couple minutes. The two girls both grab their toy and eagerly
begin pleasing themselves.

Betty says "Oh Archie, I love having a cock in my cunt, it feels so good. But
I have never had the real thing Archie. Pick me and you can fuck me any time
you want. I will suck your cock at school in between classes, let you fuck my
cunt and ass anytime you want. And I can also fix your car and do your

Veronica rebuttals by saying "Archie, you know you want me. You always have.
Watch me fuck myself with this toy. Imagine this cock being yours sliding
into my hot, tight, moist cunt. You could shoot your load of hot sperm deep
inside me or let me swallow your cum in my lovely lips. And, remember I am
rich, I can buy you anything you want. Sexy lingerie, some toys, and we can
travel around the world. Have sex in Florida, fuck my shithole in Germany,
pick up another French guy and double penetrate me in Paris, in Australia
pick up a bunch of hot Australian woman and watch as I suck their cunts, go
to Mexico and fuck on the beach as the sun sets and again as the sun rises,
or go to Canada and melt the snow with the heat of our sex. Choose me

"No, no choose me," begs Betty. As they beg for Archie the doorbell rings.

"Archie hide in the closet till I tell you to come out," I demand as I grab
my dress, spray my neck with the perfume and go downstairs to open the door.
I open the door and their is Midge dressed in a long raincoat. I know she is
probably close to naked underneath. "Hi, midge come in," I say.

Midge walks in slowly. I pull her in and give her a big hug. She says "Cheryl
what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I just came by to see if Veronica wanted to help in a charity event I am
organizing. Is it raining?"

Midge blushes "Oh, I Uh."

"What Midge," I toy.

"Where is Veronica?"

"She is upstairs looking for some clothe to give me for this event. She told
me to tell you to go upstairs when you got here."

Midge starts walking up the stairs, I notice she is wearing black leather
boots, with a three inch heel and black nylons. I am curious what is
underneath. Midge gets to the door and stops as she hears moaning. She looks
at me and hesitates.

I say "Just go on in." Midge obeys and opens the door. What she sees shocks
her. Betty and Veronica are both fucking themselves with the dildos I had
given them earlier. "Looks like they are enjoying themselves."

Veronica calls "Midge get your ass over here and suck my cunt."

Midge looks at me, but obviously turned on by the sight of Betty and
Veronica, walks over to Veronica and begins working on Veronica's snatch.
That's it Midge make me cum," screams Veronica.

Moments later, Betty grabs Midge by the head and pulls her into her cunt.
Midge begins working on Betty's box. After bringing Betty to a quick orgasm
she looks to Betty and says "Hey Betts, I have wanted to taste you forever.
Veronica, how did you get Betty into this?"

Veronica says "Mistress Cheryl brought her here," replies Veronica.

"What," replies Midge as she looks to me and then back to Veronica.

"Yes, Cheryl is our mistress. Everything we do is to please her."

Midge doesn't know what to say. SO I say "Midge, Veronica tells me you love
to eat snatch. Why don't take off that raincoat and let your new mistress
when you better?"

Midge begins to say something but instead obeys and takes off her jacket. She
is wearing only a black bra and leather skirt.

"Is there panties under that skirt?"

"No," replies Midge.

"Take off the skirt." She obeys. "Crawl over here and bring your mistress to
an orgasm. She obeys and soon her tongue is working me over good. Veronica is
right. Midge is a good little cunt licker. It doesn't take me long to
orgasm...twice. "Midge, you are a good little box licker." Midge blushes.

"Go play with the other two." Midge quickly gets up and goes to the bed where
the three girls end up in a little daisy chain. I want to join, but first I
need to see what Archie's choice is. "Archie, come on out."

"I didn't know Midge was like that too," he says.

"Like what?" I ask.

"You know-a lesbian."

"She's not a lesbian Archie. Midge have you been fucked before?"

"Oh sure, Moose fucks me every day pretty much and I've did Reggie a few
times and...."

"And what?" I ask.

"I-Uh-I fucked Mr. Weatherbee last week so I could pass History."

"You slut," I say, "Go back to your fun Midge, see Archie. Most girls like to
enjoy the best of both worlds. Men and woman. You can see why can't you? How
could any woman not want to munch on Betty's beautiful tits, suck on
Veronica's juicy box or have Midge work on their pussy. Every woman is turned
on by woman. Just not all woman act out their desires. Now Archie you must
choose. Veronica or Betty? Betty or Veronica?"

"Right now, I want you."

"Oh I will fuck you whenever I want, but I won't be any more than that.
Whichever girl you choose here will be your complete slave. Will love you
with all her heart and pleasure you in every way you can imagine and more.
Of course, the other girl will hate you and because of you will turn into a
cheap whore who will fuck every man and woman she meets. The choice is all
yours. Betty or Veronica. Veronica or Betty."

"What if I don't choose?" asks Archie.

I get on my knees, take his cock into his mouth and start sucking him off.
After about five minutes I quit and say "Do you want more? Do you want me to
suck your cock ever again? Do you want one of these woman, I could make it so
you get neither and instead both become Reggie's whores. Would you like

"Oh Cheryl," he says as he grabs my head and pushes it back to his cock,

"Make me cum and I will choose."

I start sucking him hard and fast and within minutes he is close to cumming.
I quit and say "Hold on stud. I want your cock in my ass. Think you can
handle that?"

He just grabs me, pushes me on all fours and places his rigid cock at the
entrance of my ass. Slowly he pushes forward and I moan as Archie's massive
cock penetrates my ass. Soon all 13 inches are deep in my bowels and sliding
in and out of my tight ass. My tightness is to much for him and he shoots
his load deep into my ass.

He pulls out and walks over to the bed. He looks at Betty and then Veronica
and then me. "So I can still fuck you, even after I choose."

"Sure, when I feel like having your cock. But that will probably be often
with your cock," I say.

"Can I fuck Midge too," he asks.

"Sure, Midge come and suck Archie off so he can fuck you."

Midge quits working on Betty's box and comes over to Archie and engulfs his
cock. Betty and Veronica reposition themselves and dive into each other's
snatches. Soon both girls have a finger in their ass and a tongue in their
box. Midge is working Archie's cock like an expert. Midge is a slut. "So
Archie what is your decision?"

Archie grabs Midge, pushes her against the wall and takes her from behind
standing up. I walk over, crawl under Midge and begin licking her clit while
Archie's cock stretches her cunt wide open. Midge orgasms almost instantly
and begins to buck back on Archie's cock. Archie takes his cock out of Midge
and says "Betty, come here." Betty jumps out of bed and eagerly and excitedly
comes to Archie. "Betty suck my cock."

Betty begins moving her head to Archie's cock when Veronica runs over and
says "No, he's mine." She pushes Betty over and takes it into her mouth.

I say "Veronica stop. Go to the bed and wait for your punishment." Veronica
reluctantly takes Archie's cock out of her mouth and goes to the bed. "Midge
go and grab the 15 inch cock from the dresser. Make Veronica fuck the whole
cock in the ass and then make her take it in her mouth. Betty looks like you
finally win. You have beat Veronica. Archie is yours. You will serve him and
do everything he says. Your goal is to pleasure him. Of course, you will
still be my slave, but your main purpose would be to please your man. Now go
suck your new boyfriend's cock." Betty eagerly takes Archie's cock into her
mouth and begins sucking the 13 inch piece of manhood. I am still horny and
decide to get one final orgasm before I go. I walk over to the bed where
Veronica is currently trying to take the 15 inch toy into her mouth. I grab
the strap on and say "Midge, put this on and fuck me hard." Midge quickly
obeys and I lay on my back and soon Midge is plugging my box, while at the
same time sucking on my nipples.

I look at Veronica, who has all 15 inches in her mouth, and say "Veronica, go
and seduce your dad. For now on you will fuck every man and woman who wants
to use your body. You will resent Betty and Archie for they are in love and
you are now a whore you fucks anything she sees to forget Archie. Now go and
make daddy happy." Veronica leaves. "That's it Midge, fuck me hard." On the
floor Betty is lying on her back, while Archie is sliding is cock in and out
of Betty's virgin cunt. She seems so happy. I am jealous of her. She is
really in love. I did a good deed. Of course, I have did a whole bunch of bad
ones too. Midge makes me orgasm a few times and I finally decide it is time
to go. I get up and put my dress on again. Archie pulls his cock out of
Betty's cunt and shoots his cum all over Betty's lovely tits. Midge goes over
there and starts licking the cum off of Betty's tits and then dives into her

"Thank you Cheryl?" says Archie.

"You are welcome stud. Just remember that your cock is mine whenever I want

"The pleasure will be all mine."

"Oh, I doubt that," I laugh. Veronica's parents sleep in separate rooms,
their marriage is all show, no love. So I say "Midge, go and give Mrs. Lodge
the time of her life. She won't be able to say no to that skilled tongue."
Midge stops eating Betty's just fucked box and without putting on any clothes
leaves the room. "Betty and Archie, why don't you to stay here tonight and
have some more fun." I kiss Archie and then Betty and I leave the room.

I walk by Miss Lodge's room and look in. "What are you doing Midge?" I hear
Miss Lodge say.

Midge replies "Shhhh, let me pleasure you." Midge simply lifts the woman's
nightie and begins licking her box. Miss Lodge never had a chance. I grab
the camera and take a picture, she doesn't even notice. She orgasms in
seconds. I leave the room and head to Mr. Lodge's room. I look in and see
Veronica sucking her father's cock. He says "That's it Ronnie, suck me off."

"Oh daddy, will you fuck me."

Mr. Lodge says "Keep sucking slut."

I take a picture, he looks up and sees me. He says "Miss Blossom what are you
doing here?"

Veronica keeps sucking his cock as I say "Oh, I came here to have your
daughter eat my box. Don't fuck her cunt it's been well used tonight, fuck
her ass, it is tighter."

"What are you going to do with the picture?"

"Don't worry, it is mostly for my personal collection. Just remember I have
it when I need something from you. Oh, by the way Midge is in your wife's
room giving her the time of her life. Now go ahead, fuck your daughter's

Veronica quits sucking her dad's cock and moves her ass so it is easy access
for her dad's cock. Mr. Lodge looks at me, shrugs his shoulders and starts
fucking his daughter's ass.

I say "Smile," and take a couple more snap shots. Mr. Lodge just keeps
fucking Veronica's tight ass. "See ya Veronica, Mr. Lodge." And I walk out
the door. These pictures should come in handy in making sure the Blossom's
stay at the top of the social world.

When I get home Jason's light is still on. I walk in and he is lying there
with an ice pack on his cock. I laugh and say "Fun night?"

"You bitch, my cock is aching," he replies.

"Are you to sore to fuck your sister?" I ask as I slip off my dress to show
him my sexy body. I walk over to him and say "Can you get it up for this,"
as I point to my shaved box.

Jason grabs his cock and begins rubbing his cock trying to get hard. I grab
a vibrator from my purse and begin fucking my self with it. "Jason, get hard
and you can replace this," I say giggling. I then take it out and shove it
in my ass. "Ever thought about fucking your sister's ass? Oh, this feels so
good. Why aren't you hard," I ask.

"Damn you Cheryl," pleads Jason, "don't tease me like this."

I pull the vibrator out of my ass and say here "If you can't fuck my ass,
fuck your own with this." I give him the vibrator.

He takes it and says "You bitch, don't make me do this."

"It is 2:24, keep fucking yourself till 3:34. Have fun brother."

Jason grabs the toy and places it as his ass. I smile and leave him alone. I
go to my room. I am exhausted. My time in Riversdale is done. I will still
fuck Archie, I love his cock. And I will still use Betty, Midge and
Veronica's tongue for my pleasure; but otherwise I will leave them alone to
live their lives, except for Veronica.

Face it, Midge is a slut anyway, Betty and Archie are in love so I will let
them be a normal couple...kind of. But Veronica, I will make her a whore.
Tomorrow is the city council meeting. I will make her fuck or suck the whole
council, then I will get her to fuck every male teacher at her school and eat
the snatch of every female teacher. After that I will set up a big party at
the Lodge's where every student from the school may go and fuck or suck
Veronica all night. I will tape that. After that I will just let her travel
the world fucking every man or woman who wants her.

What will I do next you ask? President Cheryl Blossom, that has a nice ring
to it. The first female president of the United States of America. You'd vote
for me wouldn't you?

The End


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