This story is based of the Archie Comics series. The characters are
completely fictional and any similarity to living or dead persons is purely
coincidental. This is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the
series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.

As the main characters of Archie Comics are all teenagers, it is only
reasonable that the story contains a lot of teen sex. Other sexual situations
includes: (lesbian, gang-bang, M/g, Voyeurism and Bestiality)

Also remember, these are comic book characters and so the animals have
speaking roles as well.

If any of these topics are offensive to you, do not read on. If not: ENJOY!

Betty and Me ((Hotdog))
by David Oberman ([email protected])


Archie Andrews (not active in this story) - Archie is a seventeen-year-old
teenage boy that has a notorious weakness for girls. It's all too easy for a
pretty face to turn Archie's head, and before you know it, he's instantly
smitten. But no girl has his heart tied in knots more than Betty Cooper and
Veronica Lodge.

For years, Archie's struggled to choose between sweet and lovable Betty and
rich and sexy Veronica, usually landing him in hot water while failing to
make up his mind as to which girl he cares for more.

Betty Cooper - It's absolutely impossible not to love Betty. The blue eyed,
blonde seventeen-year-old with the perky tits and voluptuous body is the
fantasy of many of the teenage boys in the town of Riverdale High. And
beautiful with a personality that's sweeter than honey.

Betty is very athletic minded and her sexy body shows it with every curve. Of
course it doesn't hurt her athletics to be somewhat of a tomboyish type of
girl. Betty is the sort of girl boys can't help but fall madly in love with.

Betty is many things to many people: a warm, vibrant, fun loving girl who
lives for the present but thinks of her future; a tomboy with spunk and a
lady with polish; an irrepressible free spirit and a responsible young woman,
a dreamer and a realist with a heart that's bigger than all outdoors.

Despite playing second fiddle to her best friend, Veronica, Betty never gives
up hope that one day, Archie will come to his senses and see that she is the
only girl for him.

Betty, to this day remains a virgin, saving herself for her beau, Archie
Andrews. This is about to change in drastic fashion. As the old saying goes,
"Blondes have more fun!", and no girl in Riverdale has more fun than Betty.

Jughead Jones - To say that Forsythe Pendleton Jones, a.k.a. Jughead is
strange would be one heck of an understatement. In fact, if you were to look
up the word "strange" in the dictionary, you'd find a picture of him as an

As with his friends, he is also seventeen years of age. Always the loafer, he
can frequently be caught sleeping in the classroom or even at the beach. He
has having maintained his reputation as a girl hater for many years. This has
led to the speculation that he may actually be gay.

In fact, Jughead likes girls as much as the next guy. He is just extremely
shy. His laziness has just been the excuse he uses for not standing. He gets
aroused too easily and so out of embarrassment he would hide it under a desk
or lie on his stomach to conceal it from his friends.

Hotdog - Is Jughead's fateful dog. A big shaggy white mutt really. He's been
around as long as the Archie series has. In certain ways he thinks himself as
human rather than canine. He's a friendly pooch who is always saddened when
Betty suffers at the hands of Veronica.

Reggie Mantle - It's said that there's a rotten apple in every barrel. Well,
in Riverdale High's barrel, that certain apple just so happens to be the
seventeen year old Reggie Mantle.

Reggie does have his good points (but they're few!).

First off, he's devilishly handsome, and he'll be the first person to tell
you that....over and over and over again. Secondly, he's extremely talented
when it comes to sports which makes him a natural babe magnet. Many a girl at
Riverdale High wished that he would jump their bone.

Perhaps the one thing Reggie truly excels at is scheming. If can see a profit
for himself, he'll do it.

He's in constant competition with Archie for the attention of Veronica Lodge.
However, Reggie's not just after Veronica, he also chases Midge Klump, the
girlfriend of REALLY big man on campus, Moose Mason, though his obsession for
Midge borders on suicidal, as Moose has as short fuse when it comes to guys
even looking at his girl.

Veronica Lodge (not active in this story) - At her best, she's flighty,
irresponsible and boy crazy. At her worst, she's spoiled, selfish,
hardhearted and calculating. She's hopelessly vain, openly arrogant,
temperamental and yet, when it suits her, a fairly nice girl.

At seventeen, she wallows in near decadent wealth, tools around town in
exotic cars, jets all over the world and is both the envy and enmity of her
friends and peers. Who is she? None other than (drum roll please)....
Veronica Lodge!

Gorgeous, sophisticated and sexy to the hilt, the raven haired rich girl is
every boy's wildest dream. When Veronica strolls down a city street in one of
her outrageously expensive designer outfits, she literally brings traffic
screeching to a halt.

A boy hasn't been born that can resist Veronica's devastating charms, and if
she can't win over a guy with her awesome looks, she'll do it with her
daddy's money.

However, Veronica, fickle as the day is long, loves to flirt and wrap boys
around her little finger. This is none so true as her power over Archie
Andrews. she will plot, scheme and cheat relentlessly to win him over from
Betty Cooper. But, despite the rivalry, Veronica loves Betty like a sister.
Go figure.

Midge Crump - The forbidden fruit of Riverdale High, thanks in the most part
to her jealous boyfriend Moose. Though many boys, and even some girls, have
fantasized over her smallish figure. None would dare even approach her as
long as Moose's shadow loomed nearby.

Though short in stature, she is nonetheless a beautiful young woman. As
captivating as her friend Betty. She has always been seen with a butch hair
style that was very appealing to her personality.

She is in the school's gymnastics team along with Betty and her toned body
shows how well she stays in shape.

Cricket O'Dell - This young fifteen-year-old, though two years younger than
the rest of Archie's gang, is nonetheless accepted among this tight knit
group of friends. Mostly because of her close relationship with the girls.
The guys haven't been paying her much attention to her short and developing

The short brunette is even shorter than Midge. But with her newly budding
body, it fits her well.

She had always had a major crush on Reggie Mantle, but he just hasn't taken
any notice of her presence, boys being boys.

Mr. Lodge - Hiram Lodge, the multi-billionaire of Riverdale. A self made man,
he heads on of the biggest Companies of the nation and is the father of
Veronica Lodge.

What most people don't know of him is his sordid past in dwelling in porno.
Today's story presented him with an opportunity that he just couldn't pass

Pop Tates - Is the owner and operator of the Chock'lit Shoppe. The town's
teenage hangout.

He's a middle aged man, pot bellied and not much to look at. He has always
been a lonely man that has reduced himself gratifying himself while
fantasizing on his teen female clientele. In today's story, his wildest
fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

Part One

We join this story with Betty Cooper standing at the doorway of the Lodge
Estate, waving goodbye as Archie and Veronica are driving off, in one of the
many Lodge limos. She just stood there dumbfounded, her bright yellow hair in
her typical ponytail blowing in the wind. A tear streaking down her cheek.

Betty couldn't help but cry. You see, Veronica once again was stealing Archie
away from her. Ronnie had heard through the grapevine that they had a date
planned that evening. So she twisted her daddy, Mr. Lodge, into letting them
spend the summer holidays at their lake front property, some three hundred
miles away. Just Archie, herself and the Lodge staff as chaperone. Of course
she neglected to invite any of the gang along, including Betty.

As Betty walked down her street, she couldn't help but be angry at her friend

'Why does she always have to do this to me?' She ask herself. 'I thought we
were friends. I'm entitled to Archie too, you know.'

In her anger, she didn't even notice that she'd passed her home. Continuing
to sulk, she walked on until she literally reached the outskirts of
Riverdale. Only then did she look at her surroundings and noticed that she
was near the gang's secret pond in the woods.

'I guess I should cool off with a dip,' she says to herself.

And so she proceeded to cut through the woods to get to the swimming hole.
Upon reaching the pond's clearing she now faced another dilemma. She wasn't
planning on coming here, so of course she didn't bring a swimsuit.

Looking around and seeing no one in sight, Betty decided to go ahead and
skinny dip instead. And so, she stripped off her top, releasing her full
breast to nature's caress. The cool wind making her nipples stand erect. The
danger of being discovered and the breeze was actually having a very
stimulating effect throughout her body.

'This isn't bad,' she thought to herself as she continued stripping.

Next to come off were her shoes and socks. The feeling of the cool grass
between her toes added to her stimulation. Next to go were her shorts and
panties. There stood Riverdale's blonde beauty, Betty Cooper. Her young firm
breast enhancing her slender figure. Just by looking at her golden yellow
pussy hair we can clearly see that she the purest of blonde.

Looking down at her gymnasticly trained body, she couldn't help but be
pleased at what she saw. Her chest, a woman's magnet to any boy's libido. Her
slim waistline only amplified her sexuality. She started caressing her body
with her hands, reaching down to her pussy. Fluffing the blond hair around
her pussy lips, along with the cool breeze sent an exciting sensation
throughout her body.

With her excitement mounting, Betty started rubbing her clit. Her breathing
became more shallow as she imagined herself in Archie's arms, kissing,
rubbing each other. In her mind she could well imagine herself smiling,
leaning forward, and bringing her mouth tightly against his. Her tiny tongue
shooting in and around of Archie's mouth as his hand continued to rub back
and forth between her legs.

The naked blonde teen knelt down and sat back, her knees apart. She reaches
down and dragged her fingers along the smooth insides of her legs and inner
thighs. She moved her knees apart a little more, opening herself to her
touch. The short curls of her soft, blond pussy hair tickling her palm as the
tip of her middle finger probed into her slit between the soft, rubbery outer
lips of her pussy. She was tight and already very wet, like a young girl's
pussy should be.

Betty's reverie was suddenly broken by a sudden movement in the bushes
nearby. Scrambling to get back into her clothes, she let out a yelp when the
intruder broke through his hiding place.

Leaping into the clearing was Hotdog, Jughead's big white shaggy dog.
Betty broke into laughter, the tension of being caught butt-naked had an
exhilarating effect to her already aroused body. Meanwhile Hotdog was running
playfully all around her, as any dog would. Stopping in his tracks he looked
around and spotted his blonde friend sitting nearby and runs up to her to
play. She hugs him, as he is leaping all around her.

Betty decided to get up and headed for the pond, the original reason she came
into the woods to begin with. The excitement of diving naked in what was
essentially a public pond simply added to her arousal. The pond, as always,
was cool and refreshing.

Here, Betty could forget about her broken heart over Archie. Swimming a few
laps of the pond proved to be just the right medicine for her. After a few
minutes of laps, she stayed in the lake, just floating on her back, looking
up at the sky. But her thoughts just kept drifting back to Archie. With this,
her hand drifted back to her pussy lips and started rubbing herself while
still floating in the water.

As Betty kept masturbating herself in the pond it was inevitable that she
would reach an orgasm, and she did, a powerful one.

'It must have been the excitement of getting caught naked,' she thought to

While back in the clearing Hotdog was still busy chasing down butterflies or
rabbits, whatever was handy. All of a sudden he stopped. Sniffing around he
could smell something familiar, but yet different. He just couldn't figure

Sniffing around trying to locate this strange aroma, Hotdog was drifting
closer and closer to the pond's edge that Betty was relaxing in. Upon
reaching the lake's edge, Hotdog started lapping some cool water, but mixed
in was Betty's juices. This, Hotdog recognized as the source of the smell
that he was tracking down. And so he lapped away merrily.

These sexual juices were also having a demonstrative effect on his own sexual
tool. Slowly but steadily is prick started snaking out of his furry sheath.
This didn't bother him for he was always getting aroused.

Meanwhile, having had enough of the water, Betty was stepping out of the
pond, some twenty yards away. Looking over, she noticed Hotdog taking a drink
and thought no more of it. Looking down at her body, she could she water
beads all over.

"Well, I can't get dressed like this," she said to herself. "I guess I'll do
a bit of nude sunbathing to dry off by. That should feel good," saying aloud
to no one to hear.

Lying on her stomach, on the cool grass, she closes her eyes and relaxes
under the warmth of the Sun on her naked body, letting it dry her body
slowly. This was an exhilarating sensation for the innocent teenager.

As for Hotdog he is still lapping away happily at the new flavor that has
found for himself, not even bothering with the rabbit nearby, also there for
a drink of water.

After a little while, Betty's imagination was acting up again. Once more,
Archie was invading her thoughts. She flips herself onto her back, exposing
her breasts to the warm caress of the Sun. She had to do this in order to
give better access to her clit and pussy.

As Betty started rubbing herself feverishly, dreaming of Archie's body next
to hers. As she moves her hands to her tits, she imagines that they are
Archie's. As she pinches her aureoles, she imagines that it is Archie
pleasuring her. Then, while squeezing them and rubbing them, she pulls them
up towards her lips. As she licks the tips of her tits, she imagines that it
is Archie doing it to her. Her hand and fingers then drift back down to her
clit, where she proceeds to give herself a most pleasant orgasm.

This goes on for minutes. She then falls into a blissful slumber, her fingers
still in the slit of her pussy lips. After all of the orgasms that she had
been able to achieve this afternoon, she was exhausted. But even in her
dreams, Archie was prevalent.

Back at the pond's edge, Hotdog was just finishing the last of the delectable
juices that he discovered on this afternoon. But it seemed to be all gone
now. So turning around he spied his friend Betty lying on the ground,

"Growf!" {{That looks like a nice idea,}} Hotdog thinks to himself.

And so he joins Betty and lies next to her. His furry body giving her a
reassuring presence. Their slumber wouldn't last long.

Part Two

In Betty's dream state, she was dreaming some very erotic thoughts of what
Archie would do to her, if he ever escaped Veronica's grasp.

((Archie was kissing Betty deeply, tearing off her T-shirt, tossing her to
the ground and pulling her skirt and panties right off her willing body.))

While her dreaming went on, her hand slowly slipped back down to her blonde
pussy hair and unconsciously started stroking herself in her sleep.

((Dropping to his knees, Archie now had an open access to her succulent
pussy. He proceeded to bury his face into her pussy, licking her pussy lips
with a passion. Nibbling on her clit as if it were a tit...))

Betty reciprocated by inserting her finger into her pussy and pinching her
clit that simulated what was happening in her dreams.

Hotdog had also started dreaming. In his dream state he was on the prowl for
a bitch. You see, he still hadn't realized that the juices he was drinking
earlier acted as a trigger. But being only a dog, what did he know.

((There he was on the prowl for any bitch in heat that he could find in the
neighborhood. Sniffing away, he caught the scent of his mate to be and the
hunt was on. He chased down one alleyway then another. Through one yard, then
another. Still he couldn't find what he was looking for.))

((He reaches a house that seemed familiar to him. Oh sure, this was his
friend Betty's home. The scent he was searching for was emanating from

(("Gruff!" {Gosh! She must have gotten a friend for me,} he thought to

((Into the yard he bounded. There in the middle of the backyard was this
beauty of a Golden Retriever. True it's color was strange for a dog, a bright
yellow, but what does a dog care about that. So Hotdog started crawling on
his belly towards his target. One very delectable looking doggie snatch.))

Meanwhile back in the real world. Hotdog's nose caught the scent emanating
from Betty's well lubricated pussy. And as in his dream, he started crawling
on his belly, following his nose instinctively. Upon reaching Betty's pussy,
his tongue reached out and started lapping her pussy lips with a passion.
Nibbling on her clit as if it were a tit. Betty moaned gratefully, not yet
realizing that this was no longer a dream.

Betty woke herself up with a start. For all of a sudden, her body told her
that this was no longer a dream, someone was actually licking her, down
there. Betty's sudden awakening, also had the effect of waking up Hotdog as
well. But this did not stop his tongue action. Once awake and discovering
what he was licking, he just kept on going. Betty had a predictably opposite
reaction. Reaching down she tried to get Hotdog to quit what he was doing.

"No Hotdog! Bad dog!" She yelled at him. "Now you stop that this instant!"

Trying to push him away from her pussy. This caused Hotdog to growl in a
menacing fashion, and snapping at her fingers. Betty pulled back her fingers.
She had never in her life heard Hotdog growl at anybody, much less her. This
new development frightened her more than anything. As for Hotdog, he simply
returned to his own pleasure under his nose.

She tried a number of times to shove Hotdog away from her, only to be met
with the same menacing reaction. Betty just stared dumbfound at what was
happening to her. She finally just resigned herself to let Hotdog finish his
business and it will be done.

How naive can you be?

As the licking continued, Betty found her body reacting in a most erotic
fashion. She was actually starting to respond to Hotdog's ministrations.
Hotdog actually cocked his head sideways in order to get a better angle.
Betty responded by lifting one foot up onto a boulder and spreading her legs
wide apart. He then continued licking my clit very aggressively. He was
really going at it now. Betty could clearly hear, as well as feel his tongue
slopping around my pussy. This felt very good, and she began breathing a
little harder and even moaned a couple of times. He then tilted his head in
yet another direction and got even deeper into my pussy. At one point, he
actually started chewing on my vaginal lips. Surprised, she quickly sat up
and pushed him away with her hand. This confused Betty even more.

"How can I be enjoying this?" She said out loud. "I'm not a bitch in heat."

After a few more licks, he once again began biting her pussy lips. However,
by putting her hand over her pussy when he did this, Hotdog soon realized
that if he wanted to continue licking her, the biting would have to stop.

Although some of the bites did hurt, for the most part it was rather
pleasurable. Eventually, he once again stopped and flopped to the ground
panting heavily. Betty's pubic hair was all wet and matted, so she stood up
and headed to the pond to clean herself off, but as soon as she did, he got
up and once again stuck his nose between her legs and began licking her

Betty let him lick her while standing for a minute or two, then she again sat
down on the grass. She just couldn't believe how much he liked licking her.
She rested her right leg on his back while he continued licking her, this
opened her pussy lips even wider for Hotdog's probing tongue. His continual
licking began to have an effect on her, she could feel minor contractions.
These started building in her body. Then she started cumming, one after
another, Betty was experiencing multiple orgasms. She just couldn't believe
the power behind them.

Never in her young teen life has she ever experienced anything to even come
close. At his end, Hotdog was continuing to enjoy this snack that Betty had
presented to him, still not comprehending that it wasn't by choice, or that
it was taboo.

Betty must have been really lubricated, because his tongue was licking every
inch of her pussy. She could feel him licking between the folds of her lips.
This went on for at least 20 minutes. Once Hotdog ended his lapping of her
pussy juices, he simply sat up and looked at her pleadingly. Betty just
collapsed out of shear exhaustion. Breathing heavily and, with an almost
silly smile on her lips, she laid back.

When Hotdog started whining, Betty looked up and wondered what he was
complaining about. Her eyes almost bulged out when she noticed what was
sticking out between his hind legs. While he was snacking on her juices
earlier, Hotdog's prick had extended to it's full ten inches in length and
three or four inches around. But now he required release.

Betty raised herself to her elbows to look at Hotdog at a better angle.

"It's so damn big!" She exclaimed to Hotdog.

Hotdog simply walked up to her and licked her face in the friendly manner he
always did, this reassured Betty. He then lowered his big shaggy head and
started licking her tits as well. This brought out a squeal of delight from
Betty's lips. Hotdog just kept going, sometimes even nipping at the tips that
were now erect.

After a while Hotdog slowed down, because his own body was insisting for some
relief. Betty reached out to touch that rod that had her so mesmerized.
Touching it, she immediately withdrew her hand. Hotdog prick was generating a
great amount of heat which surprised her. It was also covered with a slimy
layer of something that was new to her. Betty brought her finger to her nose
to smell it.

'That's not so bad,' she thought and brought her finger to her mouth so as to
get a taste.

'Mmmmmmmh! Not bad at all.'

So Betty returned her hand to Hotdog's penis and grasped it. This brought a
whine from Hotdog, but he didn't object. As Betty was holding that magic wand
it started pulsing in her hand. The pulsing prick was a surprise to Betty and
caused her release the cock and to react with a loud.


Hotdog, taking notice of the round hole that Betty was offering him simply
leapt onto her shoulder and shoved his hind quarter forward. As far as he was
concerned, it was a hole, and it was at the right height.

Betty, not realizing what was happening just lay there in surprise. It wasn't
until she noticed that doggie dick just inches from her mouth that she tried
to tell Hotdog to get down.

"Down Hotdog, down," she said.

Not knowing any better, Hotdog simply kept on forward looking for his goal.
Shoving his large prick against Betty's closed lips.

"No Hotd... Mmmmph!" As She tried to yell at him again, his prick shoved it's
way in.

Once realizing that he had gained entrance, Hotdog tail wagging, pummeled his
way into her mouth. Betty was helpless to stop him in the position she was
in, on her elbows like that. Three, four, five inches made their way in. As
more and more of Hotdog's meat entered her mouth, the more pleasure Betty was
getting from this invasion.

Finally resigning herself once more, she started sucking on what she was
actually finding a succulent morsel. The prickshaft was seeping a continuous
flow of what Betty thought was Hotdog's cum.

Oh how little does she know.

Part Three

This whole situation was surreal to Betty. She had never even considered
having sex with a boy much less a dog. Earlier today, she would never had
even imagined herself doing something this degrading and enjoying it to boot.
The more of his prick she was sucking down, the more she was enjoying the
experience. She pulled her mouth back, until only the tip remained.

Since she was new at this, never having sucked anything before. She decided
to experiment a bit. So she started flicking her tongue over the surface of
Hotdog's meat. This met with a satisfied purr from Hotdog, so Betty carried

But impatience is something a dog has a tendency of. So Hotdog just shoved
his full length, putting his full weight behind it, into Betty's mouth. This
caught Betty completely unawares and she started choking as Hotdog was trying
to deep throat her. She was trying to push him back. He was trying to shove
it in. The only positive aspect of this particular see-saw action was that
Betty was unintentionally preventing Hotdog's prick knot from getting into
her mouth.

The knot was something that Betty wasn't even aware of, yet!

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to Betty, Hotdog shot his cum load
into her throat. The first shot was in an in-stroke, so Betty just swallowed
heavily without even tasting it. His second shot came as the tip was at her
lips, this gave Betty her first true taste of doggie cum. Actually any kind
of cum.

However she was amazed at the amount that Hotdog was dumping into her. That
second shot, the one in her mouth filled her to capacity. Some of it was
leaking out of the corner of her lips. Betty had to swallow hard so as not to
lose any of it. Shot after shot, Hotdog kept cumming. Betty was starting to
wonder if it would ever end. Finally Hotdog started slowing his pumping
action, and coming to a rest, still clasping at Betty's shoulders.

Betty wouldn't let Hotdog go just yet. She pulled her mouth off of his prick,
but started licking up and down the length of his shaft. But Hotdog was
spent, and soon his prick was shrinking its way back into it's furry sheath.
With reluctance Betty released Hotdog and he hopped down to lay next to her.

Betty hugged him and said, "Thanks Hotdog. I didn't realize it, but in all
this time I never thought of Archie. Not even once."

Hotdog simply licked her face and lay down to sleep it off. Betty did the

Part Four

It must have been an hour before Betty woke up again and looked around.
Hotdog was nowhere to be seen. Betty sighed and got up to look at herself.

'What a mess,' she thought. 'I'd better clean up in the pond before getting

So in she dove.

As she was swimming and cleaning herself off, someone else was coming down
the path towards her. A few minutes later, Midge, Moose's diminutive
girlfriend came into the clearing with her towel and a bag. She was a vision.
Her short stature only emphasised her breast, and her short hair fitted her
perfectly. She was pleased to see her friend Betty already there, enjoying
the spring water.

"How's the water?" She yelled out to Betty.

Upon hearing her, Betty trashed in the water in surprise. Looking around
she was relieved to see that it was only Midge. This did not change her
predicament, for Betty was still buck naked in the water, even if Midge was
not aware of that, yet.

"I said, 'how's the water?' Midge repeated herself.

"Fi... fine," Betty stammered.

"What's the matter with you Betty," Midge inquired.

Keeping her hands over her chest, so that Midge wouldn't notice her nudity.
This of course was stupid, for Midge would find out as soon as she got close

"Noth... nothing. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, you seem a bit flushed. That's all"

Betty had to come up with an explanation quick before Midge guessed something

"Well, if you must know. I'm skinny dipping. It's kinda embarrassing being
caught, that's all," Betty responded.

"Skinny dipping!" The dark-haired girl said gleefully. "Really! How's it

Surprised, but pleased at Midge's reaction.

"It feels great," she responded. "You feel the heat of the Sun, the breeze
and even the water is more refreshing. Why don't you join me?"

"Well, I did bring my bathing suit with me. But since you're already doing
it. Sure, why not," Midge answered back.

Betty stayed in the pond as she watched her friend Midge strip on the shore.
She was always amazed at how well proportioned Midge was despite her size.
Off came her T-shirt, then the bra met the ground. Next went her sandals,
shorts and panties. There she was in all her naked beauty waving back at her.
She was finding the sight of her small naked friend very stimulating.

'Now stop thinking like that,' she scolded herself.

Betty waved Midge in to join her in the pond. So Midge started wading into
the lake to join her friend in the middle. Once there, they started splashing
each other and overall enjoying the day. After a while they slowed their
playing around and just started relaxing on their back.

That's when Midge started up a conversation.

"So Betty! How is it that you wound up doing a bit of skinny dipping anyway?"
Midge finally asked. "No offence, but you're just not the type."

"Well after Ronnie stole Archie from me. Again," she explained. "I just
started fuming and walking and simply wound up nearby. So I decided to come
to the pond to cool down. But once I got here, the water looked so inviting
and me without a swimsuit. And since no one was around, I decided 'what the
hell", and stripped. End of story."

"Wow! I never would have had the guts on my own. So I guess I have to thank
you for the experience," Midge said.

Betty let out a small giggle.

"What's so funny?" Midge inquired.

"Oh Nothing. I was just thinking of how much Reggie would pay to be here
right now."

This image brought out a giggle from Midge as well. Reggie's been trying to
get into her pants for years now. The only obvious thing keeping him from his
goal has been Moose's jealous rage.

After a while, both Betty and Midge came back to shore and lay down on the
soft grass so Sun themselves. Midge was glad that she found Betty skinny
dipping,. It gave her the courage to try something that she'd only thought of
in the past. So Midge bent over and kissed Betty on the cheek. While doing
so, her hand accidentally rubbed one of Betty's nipples, causing it to
stiffen at the touch, and drawing a slight moan from Betty. Due to her recent
sexual adventures with Hotdog, Betty couldn't control that reaction.

"Gee Betty! You sure are excitable today," Midge commented.

"I... I guess it's the excitement of the skinny dipping that's doing it for
me," Betty tried to explain away her reaction.

"Oh don't apologize. I'm kinda glad it happened."

"Uh? What do you mean?"

"Well, I've been kinda fantasizing about you for a while now. Haven't you
ever thought about doing it with another girl. You know. Just to see how it

"To be honest. Yeah I have," was Betty's response. "Well I might not do them,
but I might think them.""

"You think about me?"" Asked Midge

"Great! Well, since we're already in the proper attire, you want to give it a
try now?"


This sudden declaration on the part of Midge caught Betty completely unaware.
But then, after this morning, nothing should be surprising her anymore. As
Betty thought it over, she had to admit to herself, that she had in fact been
thinking of experimenting with one of her other girlfriends. Midge was never
considered because of her boyfriend Moose. But now that Midge had made the
first opening remark, it was something to consider.

"Well yeah I mean. God your so pretty and sexy, and I just wondered how you
would look nude and I'm sorry don't be mad I didn't mean it," Betty was
rambling on so embarrassed and ashamed all the while my skin was bright red.

"I'm not mad, I'm just kind of flattered. If it makes you feel better I've
thought about you, and you're no ugly duckling yourself you know?!"

"But not like you," Betty responded.

She was close to tears, she was so ashamed and scared that she had ruined her
relationship with one of her best friend. But then suddenly Midge kissed her.
It caused her to snap her head away in surprise.

"Midge, I love you more than a sister, you are one of my best friends! I
trust you with every aspect of my life, and I want to try this with you."

And so, Midge kissed Betty again. At first she resisted, but soon her tongue
made it's way past Betty's lips.

So Midge lay back and let Betty come over to her. As they stared at each
other, they both started exploring the others body at the same time. Each
grasping the breast of the other, almost simultaniously. This caused them
both to giggle.

Then Betty lowered her head and started eagerly to suck on one of Midge's
tits. She found that she liked it, and Midge's moan told her that she liked
it also. And so it went that they continued to explore each other.

Midge's eyes roamed Betty's full hips and voluptuous breasts with their dark
pink buds. The cold air on Betty's bare skin and the growing sexual charge
brought her nipples to attention again. It was the same with Midge's smaller,
tighter breasts, her nipples like crimson berries.

Soon they were kissing as lovers and her hands found her breasts. It was so
weird this feeling. But Betty couldn't call it bad, there was a slight pain
in her crotch, the familiar pain of needing to touch herself.

'Oh I'm so turned on I can feel the wetness escaping me,' Betty was thinking
to herself.

And as their naked bodies pressed together, Betty could feel heat escaping
her cunt. It was like nothing else that she's ever felt. Midge's full lips
was sucking at her hard nipples. Then she pushed me gently to the ground. We
laid there kissing and she tried Midge's nipple, she groaned like Betty had
done earlier.

"Is this nice?" Midge whimpered.

"Oh yes Midge, it's heaven," Betty moaned.

Midge's hands trailed Betty's body and her fingers stopped at her friend's

"Wow and I thought I got excited!" She teased.

She was fingered Betty's cunt. Playing with her clit, in a way Betty could
never achieve with her own fingers. Soon, Betty exploded into orgasm, and it
was so intense, so new. She pushed Midge off. Betty couldn't take any more of

"What's wrong?" Midge asked sounding concerned.

"Nothing. it's just I... oh Midge this is so new."

"Yeah that's true," Midge told her. "But if you don't like it I'll stop. I
just thought it's what you wanted"

Betty felt bad then. Midge thought that she was upsetting her.

"No it's not what I want!"

Midge looked so sad.

"What I want is this!" And so Betty rolled on top of her and demanded access
to her mouth and explored it with her tongue.

"I've wanted to taste you for such a long time Midge, can I taste you?"

She only moaned.

"That's gotta be a yes" Betty joked.

So she let her mouth travel Midge's body stopping at each nipple on the way
down. Her breasts were so nice, the taste was like nothing and the feel of
her getting hard on Betty's tongue was wonderful.

Betty proceeded to kiss light kisses all over her flat stomach and flicked
her naval with her tongue.

"Oh Betty..." she moaned softly.

Then Betty did it. She licked slowly, thinking of how she would like it.
Midge rocked all over the bed but spread her legs wider.

Betty explored, after all this was new to her.

'She smelled so nice. And the taste was different from mine,' Betty was
thinking to herself.

Betty was licking like a dog at first, but then started sucking. It was so
nice to make Midge feel this good, she humped at her face and moaned in
little strings. She continued to suck harder, sticking her tongue deep into
Midge. Sucking the clit, Midge finally exploded in her mouth.

"OH GOD!!" Midge screamed as Betty brought her off.

After she settled down, Betty crawled back up to her side, and they kissed

"Ummm" she said.

"Did you like that?," Betty cooed to Midge, "Did you like to have a girl make
you cum with her mouth?"

"I sure did," She murmured back. "But now it's my turn to make you come."

With that, Midge reached out to take Betty's hand that had been inside of
her, sucking the sticky fingers into her mouth as she pulled her up off the
grassy shore. She led Betty over to a flat boulder that was a few feet away.
Grabbing her towel bag to act as a pillow, she pushed it underneath Betty's
hips and told her to lift her knees and spread her legs.

With Betty exposed to her, Midge just buried her face in between her friend's
legs and started to lap away.

Part Five

Just then, as the girls were pleasing themselves, Mr. Lodge was exercising
one of his white stallion, Sir Lancelot, with a ride through the woods. He
thought that he had spied something near the pond, and so he pulled on the
reins and dropped down to investigate.

What greeted him was a sight that he hadn't seen since before his marriage.
At that time he decided that it wouldn't be appropriate for a married and
respectable businessman to keep his porno collection. And so, with great
regret he trashed them years ago. But here before him was a live performance
by two wood nymphs. He just couldn't pass up on this opportunity. So being
very quiet and careful, he tethered his horse to a nearby tree and started
to slowly get closer to have a better view.

He could hear them through the bushes as he crept closer. He didn't know who
these lezzies were, but he was grateful for their presence. Closer he crept.

As he was getting closer, he could actually smell their sex, even from this
distance. He decided that this should be close enough without risking to be
discovered. And so he raised his head above the bushes to see the action.

Imagine his shock when he could recognize two of Veronica's friends were his
performers. But what surprised him most was that one of them was Betty

'My god!' He exclaimed to himself.

Mr. Lodge had been fantasizing about young Betty ever since her body started
to develop into a ravishing beauty. And here she was, head down into Midge's
crotch, licking away like an old pro.

As he continued following the action in front of him, Mr. Lodge released his
cock from the confines of his riding pants and started to jerk himself off.
As Mr. Lodge kept looking at the lesbian scene before him, he could hear
Midge moaning in ecstasy from Betty's ministration. Just then he watched
mesmerized, as Betty reached up and started mauling Midge's pert, yet firm

Crawling up Midge's body, Betty was now laying on top of her teen friend.
Breast to breast, pussy to pussy. They then started rubbing their bodies
together, causing one of the most erotic sensations either of them had ever
experienced in their young teenage life.

He started speeding his own masturbation, wanting to finish so that he'd be
able to leave the clearing before the girls noticed him spying on them. The
next thing that Mr. Lodge was witnessing was seeing Midge lift her lips up to
Betty's, and witnessing them exchanging a long deep frenchkiss. Their tongues
intertwining, and sucking on them as if their life depended on it.

Mr. Lodge finally came with gusto, leaving a puddle of his jism in the bushes
in front of him.

The girls tongue action must have gone on for at least fifteen minutes
before they separated themselves, breathing hard. They both lay on their
back clasping their own chest, trying to catch their breath. Looking at each
other, Mr. Lodge observed a smile on each of their lips. So obviously they
were both into it.

This revelation got Mr. Lodge's mind churning.

'How can I use this?' He was thinking to himself.

As he was thinking of his plans, he was slowly making his way back to his
steed. Upon reaching SirLance, he climbed up and turned to head back to his
Estate. All the while, a plan was formulating in his mind.

'First of all, I'll have to give some vacation time to one of my staff
member. One in an isolated area of the Estate,' he thought to himself. 'Then
I'll get some surveillance equipment installed. The one's that are so small
that you can't see, even if you were looking straight at them.'

'Then, I'll phone up the Cooper place and offer Betty a summer job, replacing
that staff member,' his plan was coalescing in his mind. 'I'll mention that
its a two person job and that maybe one of her friends might be interested.
Someone like Midge maybe,' he kept thinking out his plans as he approached
the Lodge Estate.

Reaching the stable/kennel building, a glimmer could be seen in his eyes as
he called for Jeffrey. Jeffrey has been the caretaker of the stable from
seven years, and has always turned down the notion of taking some time off.

"Jeffrey, I've been thinking this over," Mr. Lodge said. "And I think it's
time for you to take some vacation time. I'm going to have to insist on it
this time, old boy."

"But why sir?" Fretted the stable hand. "Is my job performance

"Of course not, my good man," Mr. Lodge responded. "But I cannot in good
consciousness allow you to go on without some time for rest."

"But sir," the keeper said pleadingly. "I do so enjoy the work."

Jeffrey wasn't making it easy for Mr. Lodge to proceed with his voyeuristic
plans. He'll have to up the ante.

"Yes, yes. I know you do," he said insistently. "But you need to take some
time for yourself. In fact, I'm going to give you something no other of the
staff has ever received. I'm giving you three full months of paid vacation."

Jeffrey's jaw dropped. This was unheard of. Tightwad Lodge, giving three
months of vacation time.

'Gee! He must really like my work,' Jeffrey thought.

Oh! How little did he know.

'This is going to be just perfect,' was Mr. Lodge's thought. 'The stable
building is so far away from everything else, I'll have no problem with my
plans. And the girls will feel secure enough to do whatever they want. If
things go as I plan they will indulge themselves freely.'

Getting back to the Mansion, Mr. Lodge headed straight to his study to call
up a surveillance company out of state, managed by one of his old porno day
buddies. He wanted to place a special order that he wanted done within the

"Stan?" Mr. Lodge said over the phone. "Hiram Lodge here."

"Hiram, how's things? Long time no hear," snorted his friend. "What can I do
for ya?"

"Listen Stan, I need you to do an urgent installation job," he started to

"What yuh got in mind chum," came the reply.

"I need a room hooked up with spy cams," he told Stan. "You know, the ones
that you can't see."

"Who you plannin' on looking into old boy?" Stan's curiosity had been peeked.

Mr. Lodge knew by then that Stan had guessed his purpose, so he explained
about his ploy to get these two teenaged girls he had spied fooling around,
to work for him. And that it was his hope that they would be doing a repeat
performance for his private collection. Of course he left out Betty and
Midge's identity.

His friend understood and promised that he'll do the job personally, so as to
ensure Mr. Lodge's anonymity. He'd get everything ready and come over this
weekend. He promised Mr. Lodge that he'd have the whole system up and running
by that Sunday. In exchange, he only asked for a copy of the action to come.

This was agreeable to Mr. Lodge, so his buddy said he'd be over the next day
to plan out the installation. Mr. Lodge thanked him, and hung up the phone.

A grin crossed his lips in anticipation of his successful plan.

Part Six

If you were wondering what happened to Hotdog. After he woke up next to Betty
at the pond, he walked over to the shore to take in some refreshment. Lapping
away he spied a rabbit on the other side, and so the chase was on.

Hotdog was merrily chasing his prey for a good half hour before he finally
tired of this game and started for town. Not even thinking about Betty's gift
from earlier.

Upon reaching his neighborhood, he met up with some of his canine pals.

{{Hey Hotdog! Whacha been doing all day?}} Asked Shep, a huge German

{{Nothing much Shep. Chasing things and stuff like that. You know,}} Was
Hotdog's response.

{{Yeah, I know exactly what you mean,}} interjected Rex, a great Dane. One of
two owned by widow Crenshaw.

{{Yeah! With all of our masters out to work and such there's just nothing to
do,}} was Shep's reply.

{{Ain't that the truth,}} this came from King, widow Crenshaw's other Dane.

{{Find anything interesting to do today?}} Asked King.

{{Not a thing,}} replied Shep.

{{Well I did have a bit of fun with a pussy earlier,}} interjected Hotdog.

{{Really?}} Inquired King. {{How was it?}}

{{How do you think,}} came Hotdog's reply. {{It's always fun.}}

{{Do you think if we go back there, it'll still be there?}} Asked Happy, a
big Husky.

{{I guess so,}} was Hotdog's answer. {{You guys want to try it?}}

{{Yeah!}} Came the resounding consent.

And so, with Hotdog in the lead this pack of dogs started running down the
streets heading towards the woods. Along the way, they came across another
pack of dogs being led by a huge St. Bernard by the name of Goliath.

{{Hey! Where are you guys going,}} asked a greyhound by the name of Julius.
{{The dogcatcher after you or what?}}

{{Nah!}} Answered back Happy. {{Hotdog is taking us to a place so we can play
around with a cat he found earlier today.}}

{{Cool,}} came Goliath's deep voice. {{Can we join in on the fun?}}

{{Sure. No reason why not,}} exclaimed Shep. {{After all, what's the cat
gonna do. Call the pound.}}

Now joined up, this pack numbered no less than eleven dogs of different
breeds. This had the whole pack, all eleven pooches, laughing hysterically.
All except Hotdog. Being in the lead, he didn't hear the exchange. He was
simply doing what he told them he was going to. Taking them to where he found
the pussy.

So off they went, as pedestrians eyed the pack running down the street
towards the outskirts of Riverdale. Relief on their faces, once they realized
that the pack was the neighborhood dogs and not a pack of wild dogs.

Part Seven

Back at the pond, Betty and Midge were still recuperating from their love
making. The experience had exhausted them both. Under the warmth of the rays
of the Sun, their bodies were now completely dried off. Betty was debating
whether to get dressed and head back home or not when she turned to look over
at Midge. She was watching her, there on her back, with her chest heaving
with each breath that she took.

This was a mistake on Betty's part. Seeing Midge's naked body started her
juices going again.

'Oh well! I guess it won't hurt any to relieve myself again,' Betty reasoned.

With that, her fingers slipped down to her vaginal lips and started playing
with herself one more time. She would have preferred to include Midge in it,
but ever the nice person, she didn't think it was her place to impose it to
her friend. As Betty started pleasuring herself, her moans were getting
louder and louder. Eventually, those moans woke Midge who looked over towards
where Betty was and a smile crossed her lips.

"Mind if I join in?" She asked Betty.

Betty could only nod in the affirmative. With that, Midge got on her hands
and knees and buried her mouth on Betty's pussy and started to earnestly lick

"Want to try doing it in sixty-nine?" Midge asked.

"Sixty-nine? What's that?" Betty responded.

"That's when you are head to toe. That way you can lick me at the same time
that I do you," Midge explained.

"That sounds like fun," Betty said excitedly. "Okay, let's do it."

With that Midge turned herself around, so that her mound was now right above
betty's head. In this position Betty need only raise her head slightly and
start licking Midge's treasure box. The first contact brought out a moan from
Midge's lips before she herself buried her lips back to Betty's pussy.

As the girls started up their lovemaking again, neither had noticed nor heard
the dogs running into the clearing.

As Hotdog stopped, so did his pack. The rest of the pack were looking around
with a puzzled look on their mutts.

{{So? Where's that cat you told us about,}} was Happy's restless query.

{{I never said cat, you moron,}} was Hotdog's answer pointing his snout
towards Betty and Midge. {{I said pussy.}}

{{What are those crazy humans doing?}} Goliath said in disgust. {{That can't
be natural.}}

{{They're sucking each other. Just like my master does sometimes,}} was Rex
and King's simultaneously response.

{{Can they do that?}} Questioned Happy.

{{Obviously, since they're doing it right now, you idiot,}} was Hotdog
irritated response.

{{Oh! Right! Sorry, dumb question.}}

As the pack kept watching the girls, they all started sniffing the air. The
girls were putting out a strong sexual signal that the dogs couldn't help but
react to. One after another their pricks started peeking out of each of their
furry sheaths.

This is something that Hotdog was expecting this time, from his earlier
experience with Betty. Other than Hotdog, the only others with human sex
experience were Mrs. Crenshaw's great Danes, King and Rex. These two knew
exactly what was going on, but because of their special training they
remained still until called for.

Betty and Midge, still unaware of their canine audience were licking up a
storm. Their moans were getting louder as each minute passed.

The pack was still confused about what they should do. But their keen sense
of smell wouldn't allow them to wander from the scene going on before them.
Hotdog, having gone through this earlier in the day started approaching Betty
for the second time today.

As he approached the human couple on the boulder, he headed towards Betty's
head that was presently buried in Midge's twat. Looking up from her position
caused Betty to gasp momentarily, but she relaxed almost immediately once she
realized that it was only Hotdog. From her present position, she wasn't yet
aware of the rest of the pack that was watching them.

As Betty continued licking Midge's pussy, she couldn't help but take a peek
at Hotdog juicy cock that was once more fully extended. Thinking of their
suck session earlier only excited her more. This benefited Midge, as Betty
started to nibble her clit hard.

"Oh fuck, yes!" Exclaimed Midge loudly.

Upon hearing the word 'fuck', King and Rex both confused this as the command
they've been trained to obey. So thinking this being 'THE' command, they both
approached the groping human females. Unfortunately, in their present
position, only one of their pussies was accessible. But what did they care.
After all, it was in the doggie position.

The rest of the pack just sat there and watched was about to happen. As the
great Danes approached Midge's vulnerably exposed vagina. Their hardons were
pulsing in expectation of being buried in a human cunt again.

Betty was the first to be aware of their presence. And seeing their raging
pricks heading for them, she started to panic. Midge confused Betty's panic
as an orgasmic reaction and pushed her body down harder on top of her friend,
burying her pussy onto Betty's mouth, effectively gagging her. As Betty kept
trashing, Midge found that she actually had to pin her down or be thrown off.

Betty resigned herself to what was about to happen. After all, it wasn't so
bad this morning with Hotdog. So what's two more doggie dicks to suck.

Author: Oh Betty how innocent can you be. You're not what these guys are
aiming for.

Hotdog watching the approach of King and Rex wanted first dibs on Betty's
mouth, so he placed his front paws on the boulder next to Betty's head and
presented her with his meat. The boulder's height was perfect so that his
hardon was just inches from herface.

Betty seeing the cock next to her face, reached out and pulled it into her
mouth one more time. Midge was somewhat confused as to why Betty had stopped
licking her pussy. So looking around she could only gasp upon seeing her
sucking on Jughead's dog'spenis.

But rather than being repulsed by this scene, she was finding it surprisingly
erotic to watch. After a few seconds of observing the bestial action she
returned to nibbling on Betty's clit and pussy lips with even more fervor. To
bad she didn't look on the other side of her body. There she would have been
shocked to see two very big great Danes stalking her upturned pussy.

King and Rex stopped briefly to observe Hotdog getting a blowjob, then
returned to their own goal, pussy. Rex was the first to reach Midge's pussy,
and as his long doggie tongue reached out and slurped deeply into her tunnel,
right above Betty's eyes.

Midge squealed in surprise at the contact, but then she thought that it was
Betty reaching out again, going deeper than she would have thought possible.
From the corner of her eye, Betty found the scene exhilarating and increased
her suction on Hotdog while watching Midge getting some doggie action
herself. In her excitement she started to hug Midge's body closer and tighter
to her own. Pressing their nipples hard against each others bodies.

As Rex kept slurping deep into the diminutive Midge, his brother King joined
in. Giving Midge some double tongue action. Even in her sexual fever, Midge
came to the realization that someone other than Betty was now servicing her

'This could only mean that we've been discovered,' she thought.

Building up her courage, she slowly turned her head to see who the interloper
could be. She nearly passed out seeing the two huge beasts that were now
snacking on her. In a panic, Midge was trying desperately to escape their
invasion, but found that she couldn't. She was still being held tightly by
Betty, who was busy herself sucking on Hotdog's monstrous cock.

King and Rex were alternating their tongue action from her pussy to her anal
passage, and back again. Each time going to the depths of both her orifices.
Understandably, it didn't take Midge long to appreciate their expertise in
this field. As she became more and more aroused, she returned her attention
to Betty's neglected pussy.

The rest of the pack just sat, watched and learned. Hotdog, King and Rex all
seemed to be enjoying what they were doing, they all observed. And so did the
human females it seemed.

From underneath, Betty kept watching the two Danes servicing Midge. Actually
she was getting a bit jealous that her friend had two tongues, to her one, in
her pussy. Looking up, she was also shocked to see their hardons.

'God! I thought Hotdog's was huge,' she was thinking to herself as she kept
the suction going to Hotdog's prick. ' These must be at least twelve inches
long, and just as wide as Hotdog's.'

Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, both of the Danes stopped licking
Midge's pussy. This caused Midge to look around and wonder why they stopped.
That's when one of them walked over to her face and started licking it
lovingly, even frenchkissing her occasionally. This gave Midge a taste of her
own juices that still lingered on the doggy tongue now invading her mouth.
Meanwhile the other Dane, Rex to be precise, had leapt onto her back,
wrapping his forepaws tightly around her small waist.

The dog's weight on her back brought Midge back to reality, and she realized
that his intention was not to give her a hug, but to fuck her. This was going
too far. Trying to free herself from Betty's hug, Midge was fidgeting in a
panic. Betty understanding her friends predicament released immediately. Once
Midge felt Betty's grip loosen, she tried getting up and away from the beast.
But he was much to heavy for her small body.

From underneath Betty could see Rex's cock getting closer and closer to
poor little Midge's tiny fuckhole. It was poking her rear end repeatedly.
Occasionally it would slide up Midge's ass crack, leaving a trail of doggy
slime behind.

In a desperate attempt to help her friend Betty took hold of Rex's shaft and
tried to keep it away from Midge's vagina. But strangely the scene only
excited her more as she continued sucking on Hotdog's cock.

As Midge continued to struggle against Rex's attempted rape, King leapt in
front of her and wrapped his forelegs around her waist from the front. Now
Midge was trapped between two huge beast intent on being serviced by her.

Just inches from her nose was King's massive cock, all slimy and smelly. Her
nose twitched at the odor emanating from it. The more she smelled it the more
aroused she was getting. Then her mind wandered to the scene of Betty sucking
feverishly on Hotdog's meat.

'Maybe a small lick," she thought to herself. "Just to see what it's like.'

Sticking out her tongue hesitantly, she made contact with the bulbous shaft,
and pulled it back almost immediately. Her taste buds were pleasantly
surprised at what they encountered. As with Betty earlier in the day, she
didn't find it distasteful at all.

So out came her tongue once again. This time she started to lick the whole
length of King's cock, trying not to miss a spot. In her excitement she was
forgetting all about Rex clasped behind her.

Betty was having trouble keeping her grip on Rex's slippery cock. It kept
sliding through her fingers and poking Midge on the ass. Then suddenly, with
no warning, his cock slipped free of her restricting grasp. And as luck would
have it, found its mark in its forward stroke.

Rex entered Midge's pussy in one powerful bestial lunge. Sinking almost his
full length deep into her vaginal tunnel. Unfortunately for Midge, this lunge
occurred just as she had King's cockhead at her lips. Rex's powerful lunge
shoved King's own cock past her lips, deep into her mouth. Almost choking

Betty was shocked at the scene above her. But she also found herself enjoying
the unobstructed view that she had from beneath her friend. As she kept
sucking away at Hotdog's own shaft, she noticed Midge's clit was protruding.
So with her free hand she reached out and started rubbing it excitedly.

Once the shock of the penetrations had dissipated, Midge found that she was
really enjoying this bestial intercourse. A gasp escaped her lips, through
the side of King's prick which was plugging it, when she felt Betty's hand
playing with her blood engorged clit.

Never in a million years could she ever have believed she could get so high
on sex. King and Rex, from years of practice with their own master were
operating now in unison, as if one. Hotdog was himself nearing his own climax
and started humping hard into Betty's clutching lips.

Finally, with one last lunge Hotdog unloaded into Betty's sucking throat.
Despite being new to it, Betty was sucking down his load like a pro. Once
emptied Hotdog hopped down and joined his canine pals.

{{OK, who wants to be next?}} Hotdog asked them.

{{I will, I will,}} said Happy excitedly.

So as Betty was watching the doggie fuck in front of her eyes, Happy came up
to her and started licking her face in excitement. Betty, surprised by this
newcomer didn't know what was going on. She started looking around, trying to
find Hotdog for some help.

She caught sight of him, along with a whole pack of dogs, just sitting there
a few yards away. Upon closer observation, she came to the realization that
they were all male. And they were all sporting raging hardons.

Betty didn't know whether to feel panic for what would seem to be an
impending doggie-bang or excitement at the prospect of it. But for now she
might as well deal with this over excited black mongrel that was now licking
her nipples.

Midge was being stuffed from both ends at the same time, and with her small
frame she was wondering if they were meeting in the middle. As she hungrily
sucked on Kings massive cock, she notice a huge bulge forming at its end.
She'd never seen anything like it in her life. Sex-Ed never mentioned it, but
then it didn't cover canine physiology. Out of curiosity she reached out to
feel it. It was hard and as big as a baseball.

'God! That's got to hurt!' She winced at the thought of it.

Just then, the realization came to her that there must be one just like it
near her pussy. Another panic attack struck her.

Midge's fidgeting above brought Betty's attention back to the bestial fuck
above her head. That's when she too noticed the bulge that was a doggie's
knot. Rex's was just has big as King's. To Betty, this was also a novelty.
She just stared at it, as Rex's shaft went in and out, at a blistering pace,
of Midge's pussy.

Then suddenly, unexpectedly, the huge knot fucked into Midge's stretched
pussy lips. This brought a garbled scream from Midge's stuffed throat. Betty
was just as shocked to see such a thing actually fit. But in response to
Midge's distress, she reached up and tried to pull out that monstrous bulge
from her friend's ravaged pussy.

What she discovered to her complete shock was that it wouldn't budge, not
even an inch. Midge was crying desperately for some relief. At the same time
King was still fucking her mouth and throat as if it was the most normal
thing in the world.

Betty could do nothing but watch. But once more her sexual appetite was
being fed by this scene. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she
reached out for Happy's cock and tugged him to her mouth and started sucking
him in.

Being as excitable as he is Happy started fucking her mouth at a machine gun
pace. Luckily, his prick was much smaller than Hotdog, so she could handle it
without any problem. All the while she kept peering up at Midge's overstuffed

Midge's pussy was adapting slowly to the massive intrusion of King's knot,
and pleasure was slowly taking the place of the pain that she had originally
felt. Her body already climaxed a number of times before this, and she was
fast approaching another orgasm.

Just then King and Rex, almost at the same time started to cum, and cum they
did. Midge couldn't believe how much they were emptying into her. She could
feel the heat from their seed deep in her bowels. This caused a chain
reaction in herself as it triggered her own orgasm.

With Happy it didn't take long for him to blow his wad. And he quickly hopped
down to rejoin the remainder of the pack. Just then, Betty was noticing some
cum seeping out of the edges of Midge's pussy.

'God! He must really have a big load,' Betty observed.

The sight of all that doggie cum leaking out was too much for her to resist.
She lifted her head up to the junction of Rex's prick and Midge's pussy and
started drinking in the mixture of female cum and doggie cum, licking around
her vaginal lips, paying particular attention to Midge's protruding clit.

This new sensation only sent Midge over the edge of yet another orgasm. She
was getting to a point of total exhaustion. While Betty was reaching an
orgasm herself, despite the fact that her pussy had been neglected for the
past minutes.

As both Danes finally finished, they started trying to pull out of their
human mate. King had no problem, his knot having stayed out, but Rex was
stuck tight. But by now Midge was actually enjoying the feeling in her
stuffed pussy.

The next thing that happened surprised both Midge and Betty. Rex, still tied
to Midge passed one of his legs over her and was now ass to ass while still
being tied. Betty found this vision fascinating.

But now that both of the Danes weight was off of Midge, Betty could manage to
slip out from under her. She then crawled up to her face to see if she was
all right. She was relieved to see a big grin on her friends face.

Part Eight

Betty was relieved that Midge was not hurt by the experience, but now her
jealousy was setting in. She needed the same kind of care that the Danes gave
Midge. Looking over to the dog pack, she noticed the huge St-Bernard and
German Shepherd. Being from her neighborhood she knew almost as well as
Hotdog. Now she was planning on knowing them even better.

She called out to them.

"Here Shep! Here Goliath!" She called out. "Come on over to Betty."

Hearing their names, they both got up and tentatively approached her. Once
close enough, Betty grabbed Goliath and reached under his belly to take

"Good lord! That belongs on a horse," Midge exclaimed. "They picked the right
name when they called you Goliath."

Then she did the same thing to the Shepherd. Though his was smaller, no
surprise, it was still as nice size.

"Midge come and give me a hand," she pleaded to her friend. "Please!"

Midge crawled over, dragging Rex behind her. Betty got on her hand and knees
while Midge guided Goliath's monstrous bulb to her passage.

Once he felt the warmth of her tunnel surrounding his shaft, Goliath shoved
six thick inches in. Betty's eyes shut from the strain. Midge tried to hold
Goliath back, giving Betty a chance to get used to the bulky penis.

After a few minutes, Betty pleaded Midge to let the dog loose. Reluctantly
she did, and the huge St. Bernard shoved all that he could into the
teenager's small vaginal entrance.

Betty let out a blood curdling scream. When she saw Midge take the Great Dane
there was little pain in her friend's face. Why was it hurting her so much.
Poor Betty forgot to account that she was still a virgin to this point and
the pain came from this great beast's cock ripping through her hymen. Midge
had lost hers months ago to her boyfriend Moose.

Looking on, Midge could only show sorrow at Betty's obvious discomfort, but
she knew from her own deflowering that the pain would disappear fairly
quickly. To be replaced with nothing but pleasure. She returned her attention
to the huge doggy cock in Betty's cunt. In all, Midge thinks that ten inches
was stuffed into Betty's tight twat, with still another four left out.

After a little while Betty could feel the pain start to dissipate, only to be
replaced with the pleasure of being filled with cock. In the meantime, Shep
stepped up to Betty's face and presented his tool to her. You see, you can
teach an old dog new tricks. She eagerly opened her mouth to his request. At
which, he shoved his full eight inches of cock deep into her throat.

Betty gurgled in pleasure as Shep start rocking his body in and out, in a
surprisingly gentle way. While behind her Goliath was having trouble getting
any movement in and out, for Betty's cunt was still much to tight for his
bulky shaft. After a few minutes, her cunt muscles relaxed enough that the
huge St. Bernard could move freely in an out of her.

Since Goliath's prick was so long, there was little or no chance that his
knot would reach Betty's entrance to cause a problem, Midge surmised. Which
she was correct, Betty's tunnel just wasn't deep enough for Goliath's knot
to even touch her pussy lips, much less get inside of them.

While Midge was helping Betty out, Rex finally managed to free his shrinking
prick from her abused pussy. This allowed a copious amount of semen to splurt
out of her. This sight was more then enough to encourage Julius and the
remainder of the pack to dive in.

Julius and the last two dogs, a muscular Rottweiler named Rocky and Killer,
a large Doberman. All three converged on Midge and knocked her on her back.
Then they hungrily started licking her pussy clean. Midge had long given up
on panicking, and just lay back to enjoy their special treatment. They were
all lapping happily away at her pussy lips, cleaning her out of Rex's semen.

When they were through cleaning her out, they spread out to other parts of
her body. The Rottweiler, and the Doberman went straight to her tits and
nipples, while the thin greyhound concentrated his efforts to her tight anal

Looking over to Betty, she couldn't help but admire her beauty under the
pounding of that giant cock. She turned her attention back to her own pack
orgy. She looked down her body and saw three gorgeous pricks, just waiting
for her. But where will they go. After due consideration Midge decided that
she wanted them all at the same time.

Thinking it over she felt the best way to do it would be to mount the
Rottweiler in human fashion. She called him over and had him roll over on his
back. She then sucked his cock to its fullest erection and proceeded to squat
down, inserting it slowly into her love tunnel. She then lowered herself on
hands and knees above him and called over the Doberman to her head, where she
took him into her mouth, but resisted sucking, for there was one last beast
to take care of.

Reaching back to where Julius, the greyhound, was licking her asshole. Midge
managed to grasp his cock and pulled him forward until the dog got the idea
and leapt onto her back. She guided his shaft towards her shit hole, and let
him go.

Once all three pooches were in position, Midge just surrendered to their
will. First the greyhound started shoving in and out. Next the Doberman
shoved his shaft deep down her throat, the Rottweiler had the hardest time of
it, being in an unnatural position. But he soon found a way to shove his
cock, using the greyhounds motion to assist him.

Midge was in heaven. All of her three orifices were stuffed with three
fucking machines, and she couldn't be happier.

Betty, busy with her own pleasure peaked over to Midge and was startled to
see her taking on three dogs simultaneously. And yet again, jealousy was
seeping in. Just then Goliath shoved her forward, forcing more of Shep's cock
deep down her throat.

As both groups continued their fucking action, the remainder of the pack was
getting aroused again. The first ready for action was Hotdog, followed by
King and Rex. Happy was just dejected for having such a short endurance.

Hotdog trotted over to Midge. When she saw him next to her she reached out
for his prick and started jerking him off against her tit. While the two
Danes, King and Rex, went straight to Betty.

Betty was pleased at the attention that she was getting. Reaching out to the
nearest one, King, she grasped his cock and also started jerking him off, the
same as Midge was doing. In the middle of doing all of this Shep started
shooting into Betty's mouth. She swallowed one spurt as spurt until he was

When Shep finally dropped off of her, he was immediately replaced by Rex. His
Twelve inch cock was impressive to say the least and Betty swore to herself
that she would give it her best shot to accommodate him in her mouth. Opening
wide, she pulled him to her lips.

Over with Midge, all of her dogs were fast approaching their own climax. The
Doberman was the first to cum in her mouth. She proceeded to swallow as fast
as possible so that Hotdog could take his place before he shot his load. The
greyhound had sped up is thrusting into her ass and he was the next to
orgasm. The combination of these two, sent Midge over the edge and she too
was orgasming. That left only the Rottweiler beneath her and Hotdog.

The Doberman finally finished cumming, and Midge was pulling Hotdog in front
of her to take him when he started shooting as well. His first load landed
squarely onto her face, covering her eyes and nose with the warm fluid. She
quickly took him into her mouth to finish him off. As she was doing this, she
could feel the Rottweiler shooting into her pussy.

Goliath was pounding his cock mercilessly into Betty's cunt, while Rex was
doing the same to her throat. King was the first to start spraying. His jism
was landing onto Betty's tits. The heat that she was feeling on her breast
was unimaginable, which pushed her over the edge as well. Betty exploded into
an orgasm herself. One that was earth shattering as far as she was concerned.

Betty's orgasm triggered Goliath into his. Humongous loads of cum went
shooting deep into the confines of her womb. And since her cunt was already
over stuffed with his giant cock, the jism started spraying out of the edges
of her cunt lips and his cock.

This was a sight that hypnotized Midge as she was finishing off the
Rottweiler and Hotdog. After releasing both dogs from her clutches, she
crawled over to Betty and her bunch. Lying on her back, she slipped herself
right under Betty's spraying cunt and started lapping up the juices.

One last dog, Happy, saw what Midge was doing and took immediate notice that
her pussy was easily accessible to him. And so he leaped ahead and buried his
snout into her well lubricated cunt, and proceeded merrily lapping away.
Midge didn't object in the slightest to Happy intrusion. In fact, after the
orgy she just went through, this was actually relaxing.

While Happy took care of her pussy, Midge returned to the business of taking
care of Betty's. Goliath's orgasm didn't seem to want to end, while at
Betty's lips Rex started shooting his second load of the day into a teenager.
It seemed to Midge that she must have swallowed a gallon of cum from Betty's
pussy, when finally, Goliath started to pull his yard stick slowly out of it.

Midge's eyes almost crossed, as she couldn't believe how much had been
stuffed into Betty's twat. One, two, three, four inches was out and still
more left inside. Five, six, seven, eight and still some was left inside of
Betty's pussy.

'How did she ever manage to get all of that inside of her?' Midge asked

Nine and finally with a loud plop the last ten inches popped out. With this
plug pulled out of Betty's womb a large amount of jism came gushing out,
hitting Midge square in the face.

'Yeuch! Now I'm really messed up,' as she tried to lick as much of it

Happy was just finishing with her pussy and started up her small body,
stopping for licks at such tourist sights as the belly button, her breast and
nipples, her throat. And finally starting to clean up her face, for which
Midge was pleased about.

Betty was just finishing off Rex in her mouth when Goliath had pulled out of
her pussy. The sudden emptiness in her cunt was such an exhilarating
experience that it brought about another orgasm from her loins, which also
went spraying onto Midge's face under her.

Rex pulled his cock out of Betty mouth and started heading back to town. The
rest of the pack had dispersed also, unnoticed by either Betty or Midge. Once
all of the dogs were gone Betty and Midge were left to themselves. But so
exhausted were they, that they simply fell asleep.

Part Nine

When they finally woke themselves up, aching all over, it was already late
afternoon. They jumped into the pond to clean themselves off once more.

Using Midge's towel, they were able to dry themselves, and make it back home
before dinner and their parents would have gotten worried.

At the Cooper residence, Betty's mother told her that Mr. Lodge had phoned
earlier with a job for the summer if she was interested. She told her mother
that she was and that she'd call Mr. Lodge that evening.

After dinner and helping her mother with the dishes Betty went to her room
and phoned the Lodge residence.

"Lodge residence," answered their butler, Smithers.

"Uh, hello Smithers, This is Betty Cooper," she responded nervously. "Could I
speak with Mr. Lodge please."

"Certainly Miss Cooper. He has been expecting your call," Smithers answered

It took a few minutes for Mr. Lodge to get on the other line. During this
wait she was contemplating what kind of job he might be offering her.

"Hello Betty!" Mr. Lodge got on the line in a joyful mood.

"Good evening Sir! My mother said that you might have a job for me," Betty
answered back.

"That's right. But first let me apologize for Veronica's behavior. I only
found out after the fact that she did it to steal Archie from you again."

"It's okay," Betty said, trying to hold back tears. "I mean it's not like it
hasn't happened to me before."

"Well, let me try and make it up to you."

"You know Jeffrey, my dog handler?" Asked Mr. Lodge.

"Sure I do," she answered.

"Well, I finally convinced him to take some vacation. But he would only do so
if I find someone competent to take care of the animals. He and I both agreed
that you would be a perfect replacement," Mr. Lodge stretched the truth a bit
here, don't you think.

"Are you interested?" He asked her.

"Am I! You know how much I love animals Mr. Lodge. When can I start?" Betty
responded excitedly.

"That's my girl. I knew that this would cheer you up," chipped in Mr. Lodge.
"Mind you, there are a lot of animals," he feigned a hesitant thought.

"Yes, that is true," Betty agreed.

"Maybe one of your other friends would be interested in helping you. Ethel,
Cricket or maybe that other girl... Midge," he suggested.

"I think Midge might be available. Her boyfriend, Moose, is out of town for
the summer also," Betty agreed.

"Fine, fine. You take care of that," he told her. "Jeffrey will start is
vacation next week, so you girls can start then, on Monday. And I'll pay you
each eight hundred a week for... say six weeks. How does that sound?"

"Wow!" She exclaimed. "That... that would be great Sir. See you Monday then."

"Oh! And I would suggest that you girls bring a change of clothe. Washing the
dogs will likely get you all wet," he suggested innocently. "I think that
T-shirts and shorts would be appropriate enough."

"I'll remember that. Thank you Mr. Lodge," Betty said excitedly. "I really
appreciate this."

"Yes dear. Monday," Mr. Lodge hung the phone, and a sadistic smile crept on
his lips.

'Monday indeed,' he thought to himself.

He was glad that he was able to sneak in the T-shirt angle to Betty. Knowing
his dogs at bath time might present him with a wet T-shirt show as a bonus.
As far as he was concerned, his plan was working out better then he even
anticipated. Soon, very soon, he was going to get those two young nymphs on
tape performing for his private collection. Mr. Lodge just doesn't realize
that he was going to get a bonus to his expectations.

As Betty hung up her phone, her thoughts were racing at the prospect of
working in the Lodge's kennels. After today's adventure, she was looking
forward to being surrounded by the champion pure-bred breeding stock that Mr.
Lodge has there. And she was sure that Midge wouldn't mind it either.

Part Ten

After telling her parents the good news about the job, she returned to her
private phone and gave a call to Midge's about it.

Rrrrrinng! Rrrrrinng!


"Hello Mrs. Frummp. This is Betty Cooper. Is Midge there?" Betty answered.

"Why hello Betty," Mrs. Frummp responded. "Hang on I'll get her."

"Hi Bets! What's going on?" Midge asked.

"You won't believe this, but Mr. Lodge just offered you and me a summer job
for eight hundred a week," Betty said cheerfully.

"No kidding. Wow!" Was Midge's response.

"And get this. We're to take care of his kennel," Betty told her.

"Really. No fooling," Midge chided in. "You know I've been thinking a lot
about this afternoon."

"Me too. Can you imagine the fun we'll have with his stock."

"I... I can't wait. But I was also referring to what we did before. If you
know what I mean?" Midge whispered, so her parents couldn't hear.

Betty almost forgot about their lovemaking before the pack butted in. This
caused her to blush furiously, for she realized that the dogs made her
hornier than the beautiful Midge did.

"When are we supposed to start?" Midge asked.

No answer. Betty was lost in her thought about her desire for dogs.

"Betty! You there?" Midge could be heard over the receiver.

"Uh! Oh! Sorry, must have zoned out. You asked when we start, next Monday.
I'll meet you at your house. OK?" She asked.

"That's great, see you Monday then. Boy that cash will be handy," Midge said.

"Don't forget to wear a T-shirt and cut-offs, and bring a change of clothe
for when we're done," Betty remembered Mr. Lodge's last minute instructions.

As they both hung up Betty was finding it funny that Midge's priority was for
the money and not even thinking about the other aspect of it.

'I guess Midge and Moose have been doing IT for a while for her to be so
nonchalant about sex,' Betty thought to herself.

Thinking about what happened over the afternoon only seem to convince Midge
that she was in fact a lesbian. She had to admit to herself that she enjoyed
sucking on Betty's pussy much more than receiving a cock, any cock was. And
the prospect of being surrounded by pure-bred dog studs never even entered
Midge's mind when Betty offered her the job. She was simply looking forward
to fooling around with Betty's succulent nipples and pussy one more time.
This line of thought started Midge thinking that maybe she might be a

Oh sure she loved fucking Moose, her boyfriend, and she did enjoy the doggy
cocks this afternoon. But she discovered how much she liked pussy this
afternoon as well and its been on her mind all evening. And the fact that
she didn't even give a second thought to all the cocks that she and Betty
serviced at the pond seemed to clinch it in her mind that she was a lesbian.

Betty, in her underwear, spent the night in her room writing her experiences
of the day in her diary. She wasn't worried about her parents finding out,
for she trusted them as they trusted her. They'd never invade her private
thoughts by reading her diary.

While writing down her thoughts, she gave a brief consideration on whether or
not she may be a lesbian. After much consideration she concluded that she
couldn't be, despite her love session with Midge, and on occasion Veronica,
during their sleepovers.

This afternoons events showed her that she just loved cocks way too much to
be a lesbian. True, so far she'd only experienced doggy cock, but how
different could a human cock be?

Not that she didn't enjoy female companionship. Its just didn't measure up to
how a cock felt inside of her pussy. As she was recording the events of the
day, she began getting all excited again. She could feel the dampness forming
in the crotch of her panties. Finally she couldn't stand it anymore and
removed her panties and started stroking herself for relief. But this just
wasn't enough.

Looking over at her clock, it read 2AM, Betty got up and dressed quietly in a
tanktop and mini-skirt. Not bothering with her panties she snuck out through
her bedroom window, with her sneakers draped over her shoulders by the
shoestrings, down the old Willow tree. Once on the ground she looked back to
make sure that her parents hadn't noticed her departure. Putting on her
sneakers, she then stealthily she crept away from the house towards the alley
in back.

She knew what she needed and that was cock, and she knew just were to find
one, Jughead's. It was only a few doors down and Hotdog should be outside for
the night. She stealthily headed there as fast as she could. Once there she
looked into the Jones' backyard and there he was, lying in his doghouse.

"Pssst! Hotdog!" She whispered to him, trying to get his attention.

As she crept over to the doghouse Hotdog finally stirred and noticed her
approach and growled at this prowler until he recognized who it was. Once
that happened he leapt over to Betty and placed his big fury fore paws on her
shoulder and started licking her face. This caused Betty to giggle in

She then got him down and looking for somewhere where they could conceal
themselves from view, settled for the doghouse. It was a very large doghouse.
She could remember that when Jughead was younger he used to camp out with
Hotdog frequently, so his dad had built the doghouse large enough for them

Guiding Hotdog back towards it she was starting to get wet down in her groin
area. This was something that Hotdog picked up immediately with his keen
canine sense of smell. And recalling what happened at the pond earlier stuck
his cold wet nose under her short mini and took a quick lick.

Betty squealed in her delight. But she knew that they had to hide before
going any further. At the doghouse, she looked inside and saw that there was
a sleeping mat for Hotdog on the floor inside. She was glad of that, she'd
hate to have sore knees.

Getting on all fours she made her way inside with Hotdog close behind. She
went in as far as she could and checked behind her. Hotdog was almost
completely in himself.

'This'll have to do I guess,' she thought to herself.

Next, she raised the hem of her mini, exposing her naked buttock to Hotdog
behind her. He didn't waste any time burying his snout there and proceeded to
lick her cunt with fervor. His tongue was trying to be everywhere at once. It
attacked her slit, then her clit, to later move to her ass crack and hole.
Betty was enjoying it immensely, but she couldn't wait for the real action to
take place.

Looking down in between her legs she could just make out Hotdog's red cock
sliding out of its protective furry sheath and getting bigger by the second.
It fascinated her to see how fast it was expanding. After only a minute or so
it was fully expanded and ready for action.

Hotdog felt this as well and jumped onto her back and shuffled himself
forward. Once in place, he tried to get his shaft to enter her pussy, missing
on several occasions. Sliding up her butt crack leaving a trail of pre-cum
wherever it made contact with her naked buttock.

Betty couldn't take much more of this. So reaching back she grasped his stiff
cock and pulled it down towards her slit. Once there she rubbed it around a
bit, just to get lubricated some more. Then she put his cocktip just inside
her pussy lips and released him.

Hotdog feeling his cock being wrapped in the warm confines of her pussy
plunged forward. Driving his full length deep inside of her. Betty sucked in
a deep breath from the force of his assault, but she found that this was one
of the things that she enjoyed the most about her doggy lovers, their

Hotdog started slamming hard into her cunt, his animal instincts having taken
over. Under him, Betty was taking short breaths with each thrust. Meanwhile,
Hotdog's cock knot was starting to swell and Betty could feel it every time
that it would hit her pussy lips. But she didn't mind it, it was something
that she had gotten accustomed too from earlier today. She could still recall
the vision of the Great Dane's knot as it stuffed itself past Midge's pussy
lips earlier and was looking forward to the same.

Then suddenly, without any warning, it got past her pussy lips and they were
now tied together. The exhilarating feeling that this gave her pushed her
over the edge and she came as she has never done before. So as to stifle her
scream she buried her face into Hotdog's mattress, where she could smell his
presence everywhere. But Hotdog carried on for this was quite natural for
him. He kept on pounding into her tight cunt. His back strokes pulling
painfully on her pussy lips now trapped by his knot.

When he finally climaxed he let out a tremendous wolfish howl that had Betty
worried would attract to much attention.

"Howwwllllll!" He was climaxing again. {{Oh yeah baby! Take my jism!}} Hotdog
would be barking out to himself.

Just then Betty heard the squeaking sound of the Jones' back door.

"Hotdog! Quiet down!" She heard her friend Jughead say. "You want to wake to
whole neighborhood?"

Upon hearing his master, Hotdog did something that caught Betty completely
unawares. He got off her back and turned completely around to face in the
opposite direction. This twisted his cock inside of her cunt which was a
strange sensation to say the least. But what was stranger still was that they
were still tied together, but butt to butt.

Hotdog was now able to look at his master at the house, panting excitedly.
Jughead just frowned at him and finally gave in.

"Okay, you can come inside," he said.

Betty panicked at hearing this. If Hotdog went towards the house with her
still tied to his cock, he'd drag her out into the open in front of Jughead.
She couldn't let that happen. In desperation, she grabbed hold of the mat and
hung on for dear life.

When Hotdog finally made his decision and started for the house he pulled
poor Betty along with him unintentionally. Betty was now near panic. Suddenly
her heel hit the frame of the doghouse entrance, her last chance. Hotdog was
stopped by this sudden resistance. She braced her feet against the frame on
either side, hoping that she would have the strength to hold Hotdog back.

But Hotdog really wanted to join his master and he was pulling with all of
his animal strength. Betty was near tears from the pain and strain that was
assaulting her poor pussy lips. Then suddenly, with a loud 'POP', they broke
free from themselves sending Betty sprawling to the back of the doghouse.

Jughead heard the popping sound and looked curiously around for the source.

"Someone must have got a flat nearby," Betty heard him say to himself.

Hotdog hurriedly joined Jughead at the house and disappeared inside.

Betty sighed a sigh of relief that she hadn't been discovered, this time.
She'd have to be more careful in the future. Reaching down to her ravaged
pussy she stroked the sensitive area to try and get some feeling back into
her loins. She couldn't believe how painful getting unstuck was. She resolved
herself never to let that happen again.

After a few minutes of rest she looked out to make sure that the coast was
clear and snuck out. She thought that a quick fuck with Hotdog would be
enough to satisfy her for tonight, but she found that it only made her
wanting more.

So she headed towards downtown, hoping to find what she wanted there. It only
took her about fifteen minutes to cover that distance. With Hotdog's cum
leaking down her thighs from her pussy, and in her excited state, her scent
was traveling for a long distance. Though unnoticeable to humans, the keen
sense of smell of dogs didn't miss it.

She had just gotten within the downtown area when the first pooch approached.
She was pleasantly surprised. Her intention was to find some anonymous
streetwalker and accost him, but this doggy would do nicely. Aware that she
couldn't do it in the middle of the street she quickly looked around and
noticed an alley nearby that was unlit. She started walking in its direction
and the dog, a Doberman, followed her with earnest.

Betty crouched down to check out her new friend. He was a very big dog but
she was happy to see that it was in fact a male and she also noticed that
his pecker was slowly peeking out of its sheath. Down to his level gave the
opportunity to this dog to start licking her face playfully. Betty just
giggled at his attention. She then pulled down the tanktop, exposing her
breast to the beast and guided his tongue to their presence.

It took the dog a minute but he got the idea and started to lick her nipples
feverishly. Betty just closed her eyes and sighed deeply at the feelings this
was stirring within her. She reached down his underbelly and gently grasped
his penis and slowly started playing with it. She could feel it stiffening
further, and the slimy feel of it didn't dissuade her in the least. She began
frigging him faster.

As she was doing all of this, two more dogs entered the alleyway, having
picked up the scent of a bitch in heat. Betty noticed them immediately. One
was a German Shepherd and the other was a mixed breed about the same size as
the Doberman. None of these dogs had collars, so she assumed that they must
be strays.

'Things are about to get interesting,' Betty thought to herself. 'I better
get comfortable.'

With this, she released the Dobie's prick and got on her hands and knees,
picking a crate box to cushion her knees on. She then hiked up her
mini-skirt, exposing her naked thighs to the beasts around her. The Shepherd
went straight for her pussy and started lapping away. The other two dogs went
for her hanging naked breast and started to suckle on them as if they were
puppies. Betty was enjoying this as much as she had earlier in the day.

Three more strays wandered into the alley and were shoving alternately into
her pussy. All of them wanting it for themselves. So there she was, four
dogs ravishing her pussy and two more licking her nipples, she was in doggy

Then she noticed yet another one coming down the other end of the alley. This
one was a huge Irish Wolfhound that she recognized from her neighborhood.
Samson was his name, because of his long hair she suspected. He shortly
joined the pack.

Samson's size seemed to intimidate most of the others. Even the German
Shepherd back away.

{{What you got here boys?}} Samson asked the others.

{{Don't know boy. She just waltzed in here and...}} said the Dobie, this
being a new experience for him and the others. {{Well I ain't sure what the
bitch wants.}}

{{She smells like a bitch, yet she ain't,}} interjected the Shepherd.

{{Obviously,}} answered Samson.

{{What you think it wants?}} Asked one of the others.

{{The same as any other bitch I expect. I've seen my masters do the same as
us in their dwelling lots of times,}} Samson tried to explain.

{{They do that too?}} Questioned the Dobie.

{{Yep, they surely do,}} answered Samson.

{{Really?}} They all asked questionably.

{{Really,}} was Samson's only reply. {{Here let me show you.}}

With that Samson approached Betty buttocks and licked her pussy to make sure
that the bitch was ready. Assuring himself that she was quite primed he
jumped onto her back and started sliding forward trying to locate her

Betty was now quite experienced about dogs and their cocks and reached in
between her legs to grasp his cock in order to guide it towards her vagina.
For Samson, her touching him there was strange but he didn't lose sight of
the goal. It only took a few seconds for him to make contact with what he was
seeking and he plunged his full weight into her.

Betty gasped as Samson entered her. She knew, from handling his prick, that
it was both long and thick. She was glad that her cunt handled it with ease,
probably because of the stretching exercises earlier today. As soon as Samson
felt himself secure inside the bitch he started to fuck as only an animal
could, hard and fast.

The others just looked on, anticipating their turn with this bitch. The Dobie
was simply satisfied with her breast, and so returned to them.

"Yes! Oh yes! You big fucker. Give it to me. Deeper. Harder. Faster," she was
saying out loud, not caring if any passer-by could hear her or not.

The German Shepherd noticed the round orifice at the front of the bitch and
moved over to investigate more closely.

{{This one's mouth isn't like any bitch I ever saw before,}} he said to his

Moving closer he started sniffing Betty's face. Betty noticed him in front
of her and encouraged him to continue. The pounding that she was receiving
from Samson caused her to pant like a dog. This didn't go unnoticed with the
Shepherd. He stuck out his tongue and slid it into her gapping mouth to
explore further. This surprised Betty slightly, but she quickly overcame that
and sucked in his tongue, giving him and herself the deepest frenchkiss that
she had ever received. This went on for a minute or so until he was satisfied
with his findings.

As the Shepherd started to turn to rejoin the others, Betty grabbed him by
the testicles and pulled him back. It surprised the dog and he snapped at her
only too briefly. Betty released him but begged for him to come over to her.

"Please doggy, come back here. I won't hurt you, really."

The soft tone of her voice reassured the Shepherd that it should be all
right. He slowly moved back towards her face. Once close enough Betty slowly
reached for his cock one more time, being gentler this time. Grasping his
stiff prick, she slowly pulled him closer to her lips and stuck out her

The first contact of her tongue to his meat was all he needed to settle down.
Betty was glad to see that he was enjoying her ministrations. She started to
lick the full length and back again. After having done this a few times, she
then aimed the head of its cock to her lips and kissed it gently before
letting it slide into her cavity.

The Shepherd feeling his member inside of her instinctively started to fuck
her mouth like a cunt. In, out. In, out.

He found it strange but not unpleasant so he continued, shoving more and more
of his tool into her gapping mouth.

Both dogs were starting to set up a tempo between them. As the Wolfhound
shoved into her pussy, so would the Shepherd into Betty's mouth. Betty didn't
object. All this did was force them deeper into her with no conscious effort
on her part.

By now the other dogs had been joined by three more, that brought it up to
nine. Except for the two presently fucking her they were all of medium build.
But Betty didn't care, as long as they had cocks.

The Dobie was joined by a Poodle who eagerly ravished her other nipple. Betty
could only squeal through the side of the large cock in her mouth. She then
felt the Wolfhound shooting his load deep into the recess of her womb. He
remained on her back for a few minutes and then dismounted. (His knot had
never penetrated past her pussy lips.)

{{Who's next,}} Samson asked.

{{Me. I'm next,}} exclaimed the mongrel.

He licked her only a few times and then excitedly mounted her. He started
fucking as soon as was draped over her back, despite the fact that he hadn't
penetrated her as yet. Betty could feel that a different dog had mounted her
and she was about to reach back to guide him in as well when suddenly he
entered her shit chute by mistake.

"Oh!' Was all she could say.

Her anal passage was still virtually virgin and tight to boot, the dog didn't
really care. As far as he was concerned, it was a hole and he fit. So he
immediately resumed his machine gun fucking. This was painful to Betty, but
after a few minutes of his constant banging the pain was slowly being
replaced by pleasure, causing to cum once more.

Her climax didn't go unnoticed to the other dogs in the pack, they had picked
up the scent as fast as she was pouring it out. Two of them sniffed around
and located the source in the hole under the mongrel, her pussy. And eagerly
started to lap up the love juices that were flowing out of her pussy. Two
others joined the Dobie and the Poodle at her breast. That made eight dogs
ravaging her young teen body simultaneously. Betty was beside herself at such
an accomplishment.

The Shepherd started cumming in her mouth, which Betty swallowed gleefully.
As soon as he finished he pulled himself out of her sucking lips and wandered
into a corner to lick himself clean. As for Betty, her mouth wasn't neglected
very long as another of the strays filled it as soon as he noticed that it
was now free.

Betty accepted it gratefully, she truly hated to feel empty. This is really
funny, since she had remained empty all of her young life until this very
afternoon and now she just couldn't imagine without being filled with
something hot and hard.

The mongrel was next to cum in her shit hole and free her rear for the next
taker, which was taken up by a Collie of a mixed breed. His thick soft fur
felt nice on her back, like wearing a nice fur coat with a prick. By now
Betty had gotten used to placing herself in the right position for these
doggy fucks and the Collie found her snatch in the first try.

The mongrel shot his load down her throat and freed her for yet another
pooch, the Poodle. Betty found the Poodle to be a strange sex partner,
despite the dog factor, she always thought of Poodle's as feminine in nature.
To receive its cock was like taking on a hermaphrodite lover, but she
accepted it with no protest.

While this pack bang was continuing, she reached out with her hand to take
hold of another cock to jerk-off against her breast. She picked a short
beagle that had joined in earlier. For such a short pooch he presented her
with a rather distended cock that must have been at least eight inches in
length. She rolled him over onto his back and started to jerk him, aiming his
piss-hole towards her breasts.

The Collie finished his duties and dropped down to wander away. He was
replaced by a thin Greyhound who entered her in one swift stroke, burying is
staff a full nine inches into her womb. Just like the racing hound that he
was, he was a regular rabbit, fucking in and out so fast as to be a blur.
Betty just loved the friction that this action offered her clit.

This whole musical fuck seemed to last forever. Betty had no idea how long
she had been in this alley, just a short way from the downtown streets of
Riverdale. The chances of being discovered only heightened her excitement at
this depraved act of bestiality. She had lost count of how many dogs
eventually wandered in to join in on the party, she stopped counting after
eighteen. As each dog had his climax, they simply wandered off, not even
looking for a second shot. But Betty didn't mind, there were more than enough
to satisfy her still around.

Finally, the last dog had mounted her, a large midnight black Great Dane. The
Great Dane took over from the last pooch and mounted her as the others had
this night. Betty had to assist him in finding her pussy, but once in he
shoved his cock into her in one powerful surge. It only took two or three
strokes for his whole length to gain full access. Betty remembered about the
knob too late, the Dane stuffed his knob into her pussy and they were now
locked. It took him over ten minutes before finishing his fuck, by which time
a very large black Labrador came down the alley. This dog was even larger
than Goliath from this afternoon.

"Ooooooh!" Betty moaned a deep and high pitched moan.

Though unexpected, Betty no longer minded the consequences of being locked.
This development didn't alarm Betty, for she was now quite familiar on how
it worked. But looking at the Lab, she couldn't help but lick her lips. She
wanted that beast, looking forward for a huge shaft. As he approached she
could see that she wouldn't be disappointed. But her patience was waning so
she decided for the next best thing and enticed the Lab to take her throat as
an appetizer. Her plan was to move him to her cunt once the Dane had vacated
it. And so, Betty ducked her head under his large belly and took his prick in
her mouth and proceeded to suck him as a prelude.

Reggie Mantle, ever mischievous, had himself sneaked out of his house. This
was something that he did quite frequently, to wander the downtown strip,
looking for action. Tonight turned into a fruitless exercise, no one was
interested in his lines, so he decided to start back home. The time was

As he passed this alley, his path was crossed by a dog that seemed to run
out of this dark alley. He could see the other end only by the streetlights
there. He didn't pay no mind until he heard a faint moan and decided to
investigate. Cautiously he advanced deeper into this dark chasm.

The deeper he went, the better his eyesight got. They were adjusting to the
poor light somewhat. He still couldn't make out much, so he continued to
follow the sound. Finally he got close enough to make out the shape of the
Great Dane.

"Jeesh! Just a fucking dog doing a bitch!" He exclaimed loudly.

The sound of someone nearby startled Betty and she struggled slightly to hide
before being discovered. The movement caused some pain from the cock knob
still in her cunt and she groaned around the cock stuffed in her mouth. The
movement also exposed her white thighs to whomever was there. Even in the dim
lighting they couldn't be mistaken for a dog bitch and Reggie noticed this

'Oh no!' Betty thought to herself. 'I've been found out.'

"Christ! A woman being fucked by a dog," Reggie exclaimed. "Now this is more
like it. A free peepshow."

Betty couldn't make out the voice and she didn't care. Her only chance at
anonymity was to keep her face buried under the Lab's huge belly. So she
continued to suck the beast, all the while still being fucked by the Dane.

Reggie settled himself to watch the action before him. He walked around her
to get a better look at the action. That's when he notice the second dog at
her head.

"Holy shit!" Reggie exclaimed. "This bitch is even sucking another dog off."

Betty could hear a zipper being pulled down and suspected that whoever was
watching her was going to jerk himself off. The idea of a total stranger
observing her lurid action brought her to another resounding climax which
managed to trigger the Dane on her back and she could feel his knob starting
to shrink. She knew that it wouldn't be long before he could free himself
and that she would be alone with the stranger in question and the Lab still
in her mouth. She decided to continue to conceal her identity by continuing
to suck the Lab until the stranger tired and left.

After a few minutes the black Dane pulled himself free, with a loud wet
pop, from Betty's soaked cunt and left the scene as all the others. Betty
continued to suck on the Lab to keep her identity secret. Though Reggie was
trying to see who this woman could be, he just couldn't see her face under
the big beast. But he wasn't about to let her nakedness go to waste. He
reached under her and started to squeeze Betty's firm breast.

Betty just moaned at the teasing and squirmed a bit. Her squirming caused
her buttock to wiggle, which Reggie wrongfully took as an invitation to fuck.
So with the resistance of a teenage boy he jumped at this offering. He got
behind her and could make out to dried cum all over her backside.

"Boy that dog sure came a lot," he said.

Wrongfully presuming that only one dog had had her cunt this night. This
brought a giggle from under the Lab's belly. But being young himself, Reggie
didn't even give a second thought about sticking his own stiff tool into the
sopping mess of her pussy. The alley was so dark that Reggie couldn't even
make out Betty's blonde pussy hair, which would have likely given her away.

Betty could feel the pair of hands on her buttocks. Spreading them open and
squeezing at the same time. She next could feel the presence and pressure
from a cock, her first human cock, starting to enter past her pussy lips.
Betty didn't mind this development. Actually she was now looking forward to
it so that she could compare the difference between species. She continued to
suck on the Lab hoping to remain anonymous to this man behind her.

The Labrador started to cum into Betty's mouth with such force that she
wasn't able to contain the initial shot. Jism seeped out of the corner of her
mouth and even out of her nose causing her to choke a bit trying to breathe
through this torrent. Her choking also hinted to Reggie that the dog was
shooting down her throat, which excited him into action and he shoved his
stiff member deep into her in a single stroke.

Betty groaned in pleasure as Reggie continued to fuck her hard, slapping her
buttocks occasionally. The Lab was starting to pull back to free himself
which panicked Betty, so she reached forward to grab the dog's rear legs to
keep him steady. She needed him to protect her identity still.

Reggie didn't last long, being young and inexperienced. After he shot his
load, he looked at his watch to see that it was time to go home before his
parents noticed him missing. As desperate as he was to find out who this sexy
woman was, he feared his parents wrath more. So slapping Betty's back side
and pulling up his pants he started to leave.

"Thanks a lot lady," he told her, slapping her on the buttocks with a loud
smack. "But I got to get going. Its almost 3:45 and I got to work today."

With that he left. Betty was relieved. Her identity was protected but she was
shocked to hear the time. This means that she had been fucking for over an
hour and a half. She finally released the Lab who wandered away leaving her
alone for the first time in a long time.

Looking down at herself, Betty could see that she was really messed up. Cum
covered almost every corner of her body. This would present her with a
problem. First she needed to sneak back in her home before her parents notice
anything. Next, a long shower to clean herself off, and hide her cum soiled
clothes. That's something that she could never explain to her mother. And
lastly, a long, long sleep. She was dog tired!!

Betty still had no idea how she managed to get away with her escapade of last
night. Late morning she finally woke up and went downstairs where she saw her
mom doing her chores for today. She just looked up at her daughter and gave
her a smile as if everything was normal.

"Good day sleepyhead," her mother chided.

Betty just returned a curt smile.

Part Eleven

The weekend finally arrived and Mr. Lodge greeted his friend Stan and took
him to the kennels where his scheme was to take place. He had taken the past
couple of days to think out the disposition of the cameras that he wanted.
Stan listened to his old friend's plan, throwing in a few ideas of his own.

"So Hiram. How long have these nymphs been at it yuh think?" Stan asked.

"I really don't know Stan," he answered honestly. "It might have been years
or their first time. You can never really tell, as you well know."

"Yeah! I know what you mean," He laughed. "Women seem to know what to do to
themselves naturally."

"So, what do you think," Mr. Lodge asked his pal. "Can you get it done in

"Sure, no problemo," Stan replied. "I like the location. This kennel is
ideal. The grooming table could be padded so as to entice them to use it as
a bed for themselves."

"Not bad, not bad at all. Can you do it or should I call someone in."

"Naw don' bother I got the material handy in muh truck."

"Fine you do it then. The less people know of this the better," Mr. Lodge
told him.

"Right! I can even hide some mini-cams in the padding to give yuh an
underside view," Stan suggested. "What do yuh think of that."

"If you're sure that it won't be spotted go ahead," Mr. Lodge gave his okay.

Stan and Mr. Lodge returned to the mansion and out the front door where Stan
had parked his installation truck. He did a quick check of his equipment and
got in to drive over to the isolated location of the Lodge kennels. Mr. Lodge
looked on as he drove away then returned to his office to carry on with
company business.


Betty met up with Midge and Cricket, another of her friends, at the Chok'lit
Shoppe. Cricket was a cute little brunette. Her short stature, four feet six,
made her shorter than Midge even. Of the three she was the youngest of the
group. At fifteen years of age she was two years younger then her two
friends, Betty and Midge. There were days that this caused her to feel left
out of the gang because of that age difference. Though she wasn't as well
endowed as them, she still had a nice figure that the guys ogled whenever she
passed by.

She also had the uncanny talent of smelling money. For this reason she
avoided the Lodge Mansion like the plague. Each time she got close to that
much cash she would collapse in a seizure from the overdose. So,
understandably, she was a bit upset to learn that her two friends would be
working there throughout the summer. She'd miss them but that was the curse
that she had to endure.

Today the girls were talking about sex. A subject of great revelation to
them of late. Though Cricket was still a virgin, she still dreamed of
getting fucked by cocks, thousand's of cocks. With Betty and Midge's recent
experiences, the conversation went much further than normal. The discussion
expanded to sucking cocks and getting fucked up the ass, something new to
Cricket's ears, but engrossing nonetheless.

Betty steered the conversation towards what to do with cocks, while Midge
kept bringing up how nice a pussy could be and if she had ever thought of
trying it with them sometime. Cricket was confused as to why her two friends
seemed to know so much all of a sudden. Nonetheless this line of conversation
was having some effect on her young innocent body. She could feel the blood
going down to her loins, heating up her vaginal lips. Grateful to be in a
back booth where no one would notice or hear them.

Midge was the first to notice Cricket's flushed expression and nudged Betty
to let her know. Looking over only brought a smile to Betty's lips.

"Wha... What are you smiling about?" Said an irritated Cricket.

"Oh nothing. It's just that if you blush much more they'll have to hose you
down," Midge said laughing.

"Oh you!" Cricket responded punching Midge right on the breast.

Betty just laughed out watching this comical exchange between Cricket and
Midge. They looked over to her and with a sly look at each other aimed their
straws at Betty and hosed with water from their glasses. Betty reciprocated
by doing the same. Their T-shirts were getting soaked from this water fight
until Pop Tates, the owner of the Chok'lit Shoppe came over.

"OK girls that's enough, take it outside," he scolded them.

"Sorry Pop," Betty apologized. "Guess we got carried away."

Pop wasn't mad, he could never be mad at Betty, nobody could. She was just
too nice.

"Oh don't worry about it, but you should go home and change," he suggested.

"Why what for?" Asked Midge.

"Well, for one thing," he blurted out without thinking. "I can see your
nipples right through those wet T-shirts of yours."

Looking down at themselves and each other, they all noticed that what Pop
said was true. They could clearly see their dark aureoles through the wet
T-shirts and all regretted not wearing bras underneath. They tried to cover
themselves uselessly. It only made them more conspicuous. They looked up at
Pop's leering stare. Noticing that he was caught staring, he excused himself
and left them at the table.

Looking at each other they just laughed and dropped their hands. For Midge,
this presented her with an opportunity to check out what Cricket had to
offer. She already knew what Betty's attributes were. Though Betty knew that
she wasn't a lesbian, she never the less enjoyed her experience with Midge
the previous day and was also curious about Cricket. Cricket was beginning
to feel a bit out of place seeing Betty and Midge check her out like this,
and she couldn't understand why.

"Excuse me guys. I think I'll go to the washroom and dry off," Cricket told
them as she got out of the booth and disappeared down the hall and entered
the washroom.

Unknown to her Pop had also escaped to the back to relieve himself. He was
startled as the door opened and in entered the petite Cricket. As she turned
around after closing and locking the door she stopped dead in her tracks,
stunned to see old Pop Tates with his thing sticking out of his pants wrapped
by his fist.

"Wh... wha... what are you doing back here girl?" Was all he could stammer.

Cricket was completely mesmerized by the sight of her first cock. Sex-Ed in
highschool was a joke. They were so old fashioned that none of the books even
supplied pictures to study. But there, before her was the real thing. Looking
up she saw the embarrassed look on Pop's face and gave him an innocent smile
back to reassure him. He responded in kind.

"Haven't you ever seen one before Cricket?" Pop asked her.

She shook her head in the negative.

"Would you like to see how it feels?" Pop suggested brazenly.

Looking up to him she nodded yes.

"Well come closer then," he reached his hand out to her which she took

Pop took hold of her small hand and pulled her closer to his stiff organ. As
they got closer to each other, the braver they would get. Once close enough,
Pop guided Cricket's hand to his shaft and wrapped her tiny fingers around
it. This caused him to groan with pleasure. It had been years since a woman
had even touched him, never mind touch his cock.

Cricket's hand's were so small that the fingers couldn't even get around his
average sized cock, he was only a tad over seven inches long. To her, it must
have seemed like the biggest thing. But how would she know, she'd never seen
one before.

Pop started her off on how to jerk a man's prick. After a few strokes he
released her and she carried on her own. She was finding this a most
pleasurable experience for her first time and she didn't want to disappoint
Pop. Pop fell back against the wall, her small tight hand felt so goooood!
But not being a young man anymore his knees were getting very weak.

Looking down at her pert young face he could see how new this was to her, and
he decided to try and educate her. He placed his forefinger under her chin
and lifted her head so that she would look into his eyes.

"Do you know what to do with a cock, Cricket?" Pop asked her.

"Yo... you fuck with it," she said nervously.

Though she wanted to eventually, now just wasn't the right time.

"Yes, you can fuck with it," he responded.

But seeing the nervous look in her eyes he decided to go for a compromise at
this time instead.

"But a girl, a woman," correcting himself. "A woman can also pleasure her man
by giving him a blowjob. Do you know what a blowjob is?"

"No. Can... can you show me, please Pop?" She said pleadingly.

"Of course I will," Pop was pleased at her response. "But first, I think you
should take off your top so as not to mess it up."

Cricket was taken aback to Pop's suggestion of baring herself to him, but
upon reflection she thought it would be a cautious move. Besides, he was
exposed to her now, wasn't he? So she released his cock, and reached down to
pull her T-shirt over her head and hung it to the doorknob.

'Might as well let it dry by itself,' she thought to herself.

She then turned back towards Pop who had loosened his belt and dropped his
pants to his ankles. Though Pop was overweigh and older.

'God! He's older than my dad,' Cricket reflected on Pop's age.

But still, Cricket found him to be exciting because he was about to be her
first sexual conquest. Also the size disparity between them made it obscene
and exciting because of it. Her earlier talk with Midge and Betty had started
her towards a slow orgasm, and she expected that what was about to happen
would expedite the climax.

Pop had found a stool and sat down on it. He also laid a mat before him and
instructed her to kneel in front of him. She did as she was told and found
herself at eye level to his crotch. He spread his knees apart and exposed his
genitals to the innocent girl.

"You see, men have a penis which become stiff with blood when they get
sexually excited," he started with the basics.

"What got you excited Pop?" Cricket asked him quite naively.

"Well, in all honesty, I have to say that it was seeing the three of you in
those wet T-shirts."

She only smiled back. Pleased to know that she did have that effect on a
grown man.

"Now under this shaft there are his balls," he showed her pointing to his
genitals. "This is where his sperm will come from."

Cricket studied his groin closely, paying close attention to this special
education that was offered to her.

"When the man gets sexually aroused he needs to relieve himself in some way."

"And that's when I interrupted you isn't it?" She interrupted him.

'God! She's so na´ve,' Pop thought to himself. "Yes, that's right," he
replied. "Now there are many ways for him to accomplish this. Fucking is the
most pleasurable, next to that would be the blowjob, and lastly he would just
jerk off."

"Yes I can understand that," Cricket was paying close attention now. "But how
do you get a blowjob?"

Turning his eyes upwards in disbelief he continued to explain it to her.

"Well, have you ever had a popcicle to lick before?" He asked her.

"Sure! Lot's of times," she answered laughing.

"And you lick the sides and then you suck it into your mouth to get the
juices, right?" He continued.

She nodded in the affirmative.

"Well you do exactly the same thing with a man's penis," he hoped that she
wouldn't bolt at this suggestion.

She looked at his cock hesitantly and then up to his eyes for reassurance.
Seeing that he was serious she extended her small hand to his cock and
grabbed hold of it once more. She then slowly started to stroke it up and
down, feeling the texture and the heat that was emanating from it. She didn't
find it repulsive at all, but rather an exciting sensation.

Pulling on the back stroke flared the head of his prick which peaked her
curiosity. She got a bit closer to get a better look. As she continued to
stroke Pop slowly a small droplet appeared on his cock tip. She found this
scene most exciting and got so close that she could take a deep breath and
smell his sex. The smell was intoxicating, so building up her courage, she
leaned her head forward and licked this small offering onto her tongue for
a taste. She found that she liked it. Liked it a lot.

Pop was enjoying the treatment that Cricket was giving him and was excited to
see her lick his cocktip of her own free will. He expected that she would be
more than likely to carry on from here on in. He was not disappointed, for
the next thing to happen was to watch as she dropped her head into his crotch
and feeling her tongue lick the length of his staff.

Cricket having enjoyed her first taste of pre-cum was now ready to go for
the big one. And she figured the fastest way to get it would be to excite
Pop till he pops. So to that end she started to lick the whole length of his
prick, starting at the tip and sliding down to his balls. She did this two or
three times before she felt Pop pull her off his cock. This surprised her,
she was worried that maybe she was doing something wrong.

"That's nice Cricket, but you also have to suck it into your mouth to be
effective," he lied. "Just think of me as your special Pop-cicle."

This brought a sweet laughter from her and a smile.

Following his instructions and went back to his cocktip and kissed it
slightly. She liked the texture of it against her lips so much. Then slowly
she parted her lips and allowed the tip to slowly enter her mouth. This
brought a gasp of pleasure from oldman Pop Tates. as he leaned back against
the wall once more. Hearing the satisfaction from her 'teacher,' Cricket took
more of his cock into her mouth, letting the cockhead crown pass her lips and
stopped there. Pop was disappointed by this until he felt her small tongue
working its magic inside the cavity of her mouth. Licking his cockhead while
confined in her mouth.

'God! She might be na´ve, but she's definitely a natural,' Pop reflected.

Cricket spent almost a minute treating Pop's prick to this licking before
starting to take more of it deeper into her mouth. She only got three inches
in and was stopped when it hit the back of her mouth and she started to choke
on it. She was finding it hard to breathe with this bulk at the back of her

"Breathe through your nose girl and you can take more of it in," Pop
suggested. "Then you swallow and let it slip down you throat."

Cricket was willing to try this. She didn't understand why, but once she
started to suck in Pop's cock she wanted to take it all. The three inches in
her mouth wouldn't satisfy her craving. So taking a breath through her nose,
just like Pop suggested, she was pleased to discover that she could in fact
take more of his cock inside her. She could actually feel it going into her
throat, like a piece of meat.

"Don't just shove it in. Stroke it in and out," Pop demanded. "Like what you
were doing with your hands earlier."

He reached down and grabbed either side of her petite head with his big hands
and started to guide her into fucking his trapped cock.

Feeling his hands on her head and forcing her to pull out, then back in, at
first scared her and she resisted it. After just a few strokes she found the
sensation quite to her liking and started to do it of her own volition. Once
Pop was sure that she got the right idea he then released her skull and let
her explore on her own.

Cricket was enjoying the deep penetration into her throat so much that she
started experimenting with it in various ways. The action that she found the
most enjoyable was whenever she would pull his cock almost completely out of
her mouth, keeping only the tip within her lips, then driving it back to the
deep recess of her throat.

It took a while but she eventually managed to take his full length inside
her mouth and throat. Pop knew that he was small in size but was glad to
have been able to indoctrinate this young virgin with his tool. Cricket kept
going, enjoying the feelings that this was stirring within her own loins. She
could feel the crotch of her panties getting soaked and she couldn't
understand how the two could possibly be connected. Nevertheless, she reached
into her shorts and panties and started to masturbate herself in time with
the blowjob that she was presently giving Pop's.

Pop could feel his balls tighten and knew that he was about to cum, and
wanted Cricket to drink it down. To ensure this, he place his hand on top of
her head and put some pressure to keep her there while his juices shoot into
her mouth. Cricket was not longer concerned about Pop's hand on her head and
carried on, not suspecting the reasons behind the hands presence.

Pop began to shoot when his cocktip was at its deepest penetration in her
throat. Cricket felt the juices spurt deep down into her stomach and it
surprised her. In shock she tried desperately to take her mouth off of his
cock. Using both of her hands, she tried to push herself away from Pop's
groin but found that she was being restrained by Pop's hands on her head. She
now understood all to clearly why he had done that earlier.

Feeling the juices drowning her she panicked. Pop realizing that Cricket was
in trouble loosened his grip enough to allow his cock to slide to her mouth
and tongue. Now able to breathe more easily and the tastebuds of her tongue
making contact with his ejaculation, Cricket now got her first taste of cum.
After letting it swirl a bit in her mouth she swallowed it like cream.

'Geez this is good,' she reflected.

After getting over the initial shock of Pop shooting his load, Cricket
slurped in his cock back into her throat once more. Being much older, his
first shot would be more powerful, but afterwards it was much lighter. This
was something the Cricket could handle easily for her first time.

Pop hadn't enjoyed sex this much in over fifteen years. That was the last
time that a beautiful woman had been with him without him having to pay a
hooker for her company. And here he was with a young, petite teenager doing
for free, and for experience. He hoped that he wouldn't disappoint her.

Cricket kept on sucking Pop's cock, even after his last drop was swallowed.
She hoped that more would come if she continued. On this she would be
disappointed. When she felt his cock soften and become placid she reluctantly
released from her lips.

She looked up at Pop and saw the wide grin on his face which caused her smile
in return. Pop pulled her up to her feet and unexpectedly kissed her on the
lips. She returned the kiss. He then pushed in his tongue past her lips and
gave her a deep frenchkiss. Though surprised that such an old guy would know
about that that returned the intrusion with pleasure. They remained in this
embrace for a few minutes before separating themselves from each other.

Once apart, Pop noticed Cricket's hand shoved into her shorts. She had
completely forgotten about her own hand job, so engrossed was she in her
first blowjob. Noticing Pop's stare, she looked down to where he seemed to be
looking and pulled out her hand embarrassingly.

Blushing, she looked back up to Pop to see him smile again, this relaxed her.

"Want me to return the favor?" Pop asked her.

Cricket was completely puzzled by his proposal.

'What could he possibly do?' She was thinking.

Seeing the confused look on the young girl's face he started to explain that
he could suck her out in the same way that she had serviced him. She found
this hard to believe, for she knew full well that she only had a very small
nub down there. Pop assured her that he could pleasure her as she has never
been before.

Still doubtful, Cricket was willing to let him try. To facilitate this she
knew that the shorts and panties would have to go. So, standing up she
proceeded to drop them to the ground, picked them up and hung them with her
T-shirt on the doorknob. She then returned to Pop for his next instruction.

Pop realized that the stool wouldn't do, but the sink counter would be
perfect. Taking cricket's hand, he guided her to the sink and lifted her up
to it in a sitting position. Seeing this young beauty naked, wearing only her
socks and sneakers, was getting his cock stirring to life again. Something
like this hadn't happened in years. Maybe Cricket would help him out again

"Place your feet to the edge and spread your knees my dear," Pop instructed

Cricket complied, spreading her knees apart, opening her vagina to Pop.

"That is so beautiful," Pop hissed.

"You really think so?" Cricket questioned the compliment.

"Quite sure my dear Cricket," Pop could barely talk from his excitement. "It
is so wet, I can smell it from here."

In embarrassment Cricket could only blush. Looking down at herself, she had
to admit that it did look enticing. She slowly, hesitantly reached down with
her hand and stroked her pussy in front of Pop. In response he licked his
lips in anticipation to the treat that he was about to get. She then inserted
her middle finger into her vaginal canal and gave it a slow in-out fuck. When
she pulled it out she offered it to Pop but was surprised when he refused it.

"No, you taste it," he told her. "I think you'll like it,"

She had never tasted her own, or anybody else's, juices before, she always
felt it that it was disgusting. For god sake, that's where her piss comes
from isn't it? But Pop hasn't steered her wrong yet so trusting him she
brought her finger to her nose and sniffed. The aroma surprised her, just has
Pop's jism did initially. Being excited she then inserted it into her mouth
and licked it clean. Pulling it back out she gave a broad smile to Pop which
he returned. He then turned his attention to her spread open legs, and
placing his hands on her thighs approached his goal ever so slowly.

His hands on her thighs like that only served to excite Cricket further as
she watched in anticipation as this 'teacher' was about to go to her next
lesson. As Pop got close to her pussy, his bar-handle mustache started
tickling her thighs near her crotch, which only served to bring a squeal from
her throat. This was something that even caught Pop by surprise for he had
never had this mustache in his past encounters.

Pop continued his approach and slid his hands closer to her pussy lips and
extending his thumbs pulled them apart. He then brought his own lips down to
this succulent morsel. The first contact of his lips to her pussy was too
much for Cricket to bear, she instinctively wrapped her small legs over his
shoulders and pulled him in. Pop wasn't about to object.

First, he started by kissing those lips. Next he slid his tongue past them
and into her love channel.

"Yes! Oh God, yes!" Cricket was mumbling.

Pop was pleased with her reaction and continued with is invasion. While
continuing to lick inside of her pussy, he moved one of his thumbs to her
clit and started to stroke it simultaneously.

"Pl... please don't stop," She was pleading him. "Whatever you're doing.
Don't stop."

He wasn't about to stop. As he continued with this double action he opened
her up further in order to get deeper inside of her virgin cunt. Licking each
vaginal wall alternatively. Cricket's breathing was getting very shallow at
this point, so Pop knew that she was enjoying herself as well.

The next thing that he decided to do was to move his other hand under her
buttock and slowly started to rub them softly. Cricket enjoyed this attention
and moaned her approval. What happened next was something that she wasn't
expecting at all, Pop inserted his stubby middle finger into her shit chute.
Her eyes popped wide open at this unexpected intrusion.

For the first time, Pop was doing something that was painful to her. She
tried to get up and away from that intruding digit, but Pop's face was still
plastered in her groin trapping her there. She next started pounding his back
to make him stop as tears were starting to come from her eyes because of the
pain she was feeling back there. Pop pulled his head up momentarily.

"Relax girl. The pain'll pass soon," and he went back to his snacking.

Cricket settled down and after a few more minutes the pain was in fact
dissipating, and to her surprise changing into a pleasurable experience. Pop
could feel the change in her and proceeded to push his finger deeper into her
ass. As her sphincter stretched itself to his finger he added yet another
finger. Cricket was now enjoying this ass invasion along with the pussy

Soon after that second digit entered her she had her first real orgasm. She
thought that what she had experienced while masturbating at night was all
that it was. Was she ever wrong.

"Unghh! God that was great," she exclaimed loudly.

Pop shushed her. He was concerned that someone in the Chok'lit Shoppe would
hear her outcry. He then returned to sucking up her juices. Without her even
noticing, a third finger was now invading her ass hole. Pop knew what he was
doing, going slowly he wanted to prepare her rear for a fuck. He knew that
Cricket wouldn't let him fuck her pussy, but he was hoping that he could
convince to do her ass. He now had a raging hardon and he wanted a fuck
rather then getting another blowjob.

"Unnghh! Not again," Cricket climaxed again.

At home she only managed one a night which was a big disappointment to her.
She innocently thought that that was all that would ever take place. Now she
knew better. She reached one hand to her small pert nipples and played with
them alternately. And moved her other hand to Pop's balding head and stroked
that at the same time.

After having orgasmed four times, she was annoyed to see Pop remove his head
from her pussy. She was about to tell him to go back when she spotted his now
stiff cock. She smiled up to him and jumped down to the floor onto her knees.
She was shocked when Pop grabbed her arm and pulled her back to her feet.

"Don... don't you want me to suck you again?" She asked dejectedly.

"That would be nice, but I have another thing in mind," he told her.

Not knowing what he meant, she cocked her head sideways, just like a dog

"Don't worry. I think you'll like this just as well," he tried to console

A doubtful smile crept over her lips.

"You've never been fucked, have you Cricket?" Pop asked.

"You're not sticking that in my small pussy," she objected.

"No of course not," Pop reassured her. "But there is another place where it
can go."

Now Cricket was completely confused. She could see that his cock could fuck
her mouth, but Pop stopped her from doing that. Her pussy was obvious, but he
assured her that he wasn't. So where else can it...

Then it dawned on her, Pop meant her ass. Where his finger was earlier. But
surely her as was much too small for fucking.

"You're not really thinking of my ass hole are you?" She questioned.

"Sure, why not," he told her. "After all it managed these three fingers just
a minute ago."

Cricket stared unbelievably at his three digits.

"Were those really in me?" She asked Pop.

"They really were" he told her. "Want to smell?"

She shook her head 'no.'

"Will you let me take your ass?" Pop asked her pleadingly.

"Are you sure it won't hurt?" She was still unsure.

"Oh, it might feel tight at first, but if you think of a hard shit it won't
be much different," he tried to reassure her.

"Well all right," she agreed. "But if it hurts too much you have to take it
right out, promise."

"Terrific," Pop said joyfully.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around facing the counter, and
bent her forward. Cricket supported herself on the same counter that she had
just cum previously and could actually smell her own juices puddled on top of
it. The next thing that she felt was Pop pulling apart her buttock in order
to gain access to her small ass.

He proceeded cautiously so as not to alarm his virgin lover. Next he guided
the head of his cock to the entrance of her stretched out hole and pushed
slowly. This effort shoved Cricket's face closer to the counter where she got
a stronger whiff of her juices. When his cockhead gained entry she only
groaned, this was a good sign, no pain. He slowly kept going in a fucking
motion. In, out, in, out.

Each stroke driving more and more of his prick into her ass. Cricket was
frowning from the intrusion, but surprisingly there wasn't much pain
associated with it. Slowly and steadily Pop continued shoving more of his
staff into her. At the same time Cricket was starting to feel the pleasure
that Pop knew she would get, and she started shoving her ass back into him to
help things along. Pop was glad that she was enjoying it.

With her face so close to the counter and the remains of her juices, she
decided to satisfy herself and moved forward, dragging Pop with her, to the
counter and started licking up her juices. Since Pop first got her to lick
her finger clean, she wanted another taste. Pop was enjoying the scene of
this teen licking up her own female juices. It was the next best thing to a
lezzy show.

A few more strokes and his stiff cock was completely engulfed in her tight

"There it's all in," he grunted. "It doesn't hurt, does it?"

"Really. You got it all inside of me?" She still questioned him on that, even
though she could feel how full her innards were.

"Absolutely. Reach back here and feel it yourself."

She did as he said and felt his balls tight against her pussy lips. Then
without any warning Pop started to fuck in earnest, slapping his thighs
against her soft buttocks. Slamming her face towards the counter with each
slam. Cricket was feeling yet another orgasm surging within her and she was
amazed that she, a female, could cum so often while a man could only seem to
manage one at a time.

Pop was truly enjoying himself this day as he fucked her harder with each
stroke. Afraid that he would hurt the petite teenager he tried in vain to
restrain his excitement. But he needn't have worried for Cricket was actually
loving his roughness. Then her orgasm hit her, this one was even more
powerful then the previous ones.

"Unngghhh! Yes, yes do that some more," she yelled.

This time Pop's fears were realized, someone heard Cricket's outburst. They
were banging on the door and he could hear them. It was Betty and Midge. Of
course, they would have been worried when Cricket didn't return soon. He
tried to finish what he start and accelerated his fucking to cum as fast as

"Cricket, are you okay?" It was Midge.

"Unghh! Yes I'm fine. Be out in a sec," she said unconvincingly.

"Are you sure," Betty this time. "You don't sound to good."

"No, no I'm fine really," she panted.

"If you don't come out soon, I'm getting Pop to open this door," Betty
sounded worried.

"Ohh! Don't bother Pop. I'm sure he's much too busy for that," she said
smiling back at Pop, who smiled back. "Just go back to the booth, I'll be
right with you."

"Okay, but hurry," Midge answered back.

Once they were sure that her friends had left they both burst out laughing.
Pop only lasted a few more strokes before shooting his second load of the
day. This time into Cricket's deepest recess of her ass. Cricket orgasmed one
last time in unison. Pop pulled his cock out of her and when his cockhead
freed itself from her tight ass, it did so with a loud pop.

"That was great Pop's, thank you ever so much," Cricket glowed.

"The feeling was mutual my dear," he replied. "Maybe... maybe we could do it
again once more. Another time."

After thinking about it a short while, she looked up at him and smiled. Pop
smiled back hoping that this means what he was wishing for.

"Okay. But I think it should be somewhere else, don't you?" She told him.

"Well I do have a cabin by the beach we could use," Pop suggested.

"That would be nice," she said excitedly. "Since Betty and Midge have summer
jobs with Mr. Lodge, I'll have my weekends free."

"But listen here Cricket," he added. "You can't tell anyone about this,

"Why not?" She sounded disappointed.

"Well for one thing we'd probably end up in jail," he lied. 'Especially me,'
he thought to himself.

"Oh all right!" She agreed not to tell.

Pop smiled broadly at the thought of his 'date'. Dates actually, if young
Cricket kept it up during the whole summer. But they had the present little
problem to resolve. How to get out of this room without arousing suspicion.
Pop decided to hide in the supply closet and wait a few minutes before
leaving, while Cricket would exit first to satisfy her worried friends.


Back at the booth, both Midge and Betty noticed how flushed Cricket was on
her face and were really concerned for her health. Cricket convinced them
that it must be a simple bug that she must have picked up somewhere.

Pop passed their booth and winked in her direction as he returned to the
front counter to serve his customers. He returned with three sundaes on the
house, for his embarrassing comments earlier he said. The girls accepted them
with pleasure, though Cricket suspected that there was another reason for
Pop's generosity.

Part Twelve

Mr. Lodge met up with Stan at the kennels that Sunday afternoon to check on
his progress. He was getting a bit nervous because time was running out. Stan
saw him enter the grooming room and called him over.

"How are things going Stan?" He queried. "Will you have everything ready for

"No problemo Hiram," he assured him. "In fact I'm just installing the last
mini-cam now."

"Give me a minute and I'll show what I've managed to do," as he returned to
his work.

Mr. Lodge watched patiently as his cohort finished installing a mini-cam
behind a mirror. A two-way mirror he assumed correctly. Once Stan finished
putting the mirror back in place, ensuring that it was securely fastened to
the wall he rejoined him and gave him a tour of his emplacements.

He pointed to the four ceiling corners which he assured him would give him
an unobstructed view of the whole place. Next, he showed Mr. Lodge to the
keepers common area that included a shower stall. Here he had installed a
lens in the shower head itself, as well as one hidden in the decor of its
wall at mid height. He explained that this would give him a nice scene of the
girls pussies in the event that they shared the shower. He always enjoyed a
good shower show. In the washroom area, three more cameras were installed,
again offering maximum coverage.

They then returned to the grooming area where Stan had kept the best for
last. He pointed to the grooming table, that had been completely refurbished
to his specifications and dared Mr. Lodge to fine his cameras. After a
fruitless search Mr. Lodge gave up.

Stan was proud of this masterpiece. The table itself was now much wider than
necessary for grooming dogs, but would make a nice bed for the unsuspecting
girls. He took out from his toolkit a fiber optic cable and explained to his
pal that he worked out a way to use it to send images to the lens that was
in a different location altogether. He then went to the table and showed
where the cable-lens where installed. He had redone the whole table to make
it as comfortable as possible without giving away its main purpose. To entice
two nymphs to use as their love bed. The sides now had thick cushions going
all the way around, and the top itself was a mat that made it more appealing
then the floor.

Mr. Lodge was pleased with the new look, and he agreed with Stan that the
girls would probably prefer this rather than the metal table that usually was
in place.

He had installed one in each of the corners. Two more midway between those
corners, at the head and the foot of the table, just in case some pussy
eating action would take place. He also took the liberty of imbedding four
more in the mat itself. This would provide them with an up view from beneath
their bodies.

Mr. Lodge couldn't see anything practical in that if Midge or Betty was under
the other in their lovemaking, she would completely obscure these lens. But
nevertheless he let them stand. Besides, it was too late in the game to make
changes now. What was done, was done.

Stan then explained to him that all of the cameras were now hooked into his
secret viewing room that Mr. Lodge had showed him when he started this job.
That room was behind a vault door. Whenever someone asked him about what was
behind it, Mr. Lodge would simply call it his escape to peace whenever Archie
Andrews would come to see his daughter, Veronica. He shook Stan's hand and
paid him off. He also promised to provide him with a copy of anything good
that might occur, as agreed upon.

Stan packed up his equipment and loaded his truck. He gave a final inspection
of his handiwork, and satisfied that everything looked as it should to the
unsuspecting eye, left.

Mr. Lodge watched as Stan's truck left the premises. Now all he could do was
wait for Betty and Midge to show up tomorrow. He decided to go back to his
viewing room and surf the net for anything of interest. Once there, he
inspected the new equipment that Stan had installed to make sure everything
was in working order. There was a wall of recording devices for each of the
hidden cameras.

Three VCRs per camera to give a twenty-four hours coverage of the goings on
inside the Kennel building. When one tape would end the next machine would
automatically switch on. The whole system could be controlled from his
computer at his desk, which was facing the giant screen TV.

In his secret room he also had a state of the art editing facility. He was
hoping to get enough material to cut together and make a film of it for his
private collection. The dubbing system could be done through the computer,
never having to cut the tapes themselves. The computer would make up a new
tape with the scenes in sequence to his specifications.

Granted this seemed to be an extravagant expenditure, but Mr. Lodge had the
money to spare. Also, this would ensure that he wouldn't miss anything. Even
while at work at his downtown office.

As usual he lost all track of time while on his computer, but he did manage
to download new pictures for his collection, which he saved on his removable
hard-drive and placed it in his personalsafe.


Midge and Betty had dropped Cricket off at her house. They wanted to make
sure that she made it okay because they thought that she may have been ill.
They then went over to Midge's for some girl talk and also to discuss them
starting to work tomorrow at the Lodge mansion.

Midge's parents were gone for the day, off visiting relatives over at
Central. So the girls had the house for themselves for the next couple of
hours. It didn't take long for the conversation to switch to a sexual

"Betty, do you regret what we did yesterday?" Midge asked of her friend.

Thinking that she was referring to the dogs she answered. "No of course not.
It was the most exciting thing that ever happened. How about you, any

"No! In fact, I was kind of hoping that we could do it some more at the
lodges," she replied excitedly. "You know how far the kennels are from the
main house."

Still with the misconception that Midge was talking about dogs, Betty agreed
wholeheartedly. In fact, she was thinking along those lines herself ever
since Mr. Lodge phoned her and offered them this job. She looked over to
Midge and smiled in agreement.

They settled themselves on Midge's bed, in her room, and continued with the
girl talk. Shifting the conversation frequently. From their favorite Rock
Star to wondering what might be wrong with Cricket. But eventually the
conversation still returned to sex.

"Do you think we have time to fool around again?" Betty asked.

Midge turned over to look over to the clock to check on the time, she then
turned back towards Betty and nodded her head in the affirmative. Betty was
glad. Though she thoroughly enjoyed the doggy fucks, she also found female
companionship to be just as alluring.

Slowly, tentatively, Betty approached her diminutive friend and kissed her
lightly on the lips. Midge reciprocated in kind, pushing her tongue past
Betty's lips, frenchkissing her. Betty didn't complain, in fact she followed

In the middle of their kissing they were energetically trying to remove what
little clothing they had on. This included T-shirts, shorts and panties,
though Midge had forgone them that morning. Preferring to feel her naked
pussy against the rough fabric of her jeans shorts. Betty noticed this and
found it daring and exciting.

Once completely naked, they both started caressing each others body. Betty
choosing to go for Midge's voluptuous breast, while Midge went straight for
Betty's pussy sticking her fingers right in. They both gasped as they
continued on. Before she knew it, Betty saw Midge turn herself around, so
that her head was now at her pussy and Midge's lay before her own face.

Remembering about the sixty-nine position at the pond, she immediately knew
what Midge had in mind and dove her face into her friend's crotch. Midge did
the same at the other end. They were happily licking each other off. Hugging
their bodies together which squished their breast into each other belly. This
was a nice sensation.

With all of their sex talk and yesterday's adventure still fresh in their
minds, it didn't take long for either of them to climax. Betty was a bit
disappointed when Midge disentangled herself and disappeared into her closet.
Wondering what she might be looking for only frustrated her more. After a few
minutes, Midge emerged from her closet with a long narrow package in her

Betty could see that it was about twelve inches in length, but she had no
idea what might be inside of it. Midge jumped back on the bed and opened it.
It contained one of those double ended dildoes. It was so weird looking, that
Betty could figure out anything practical about such a design.

Midge looked over to her and could see her friend's confusion. So she
proceeded to demonstrate. She laid herself across from where Betty was and
inserted one end into her pussy and slowly started to stroke it back and
forth. This scene was exciting to watch and Betty was enjoying it thoroughly.
Midge looked like a guy with a stiff cock sticking out of her.

"Care to join me?" Midge asked her.

"Sure, but how?" Betty queried.

"Just stuff yourself on the other end silly," she answered jovially. "Then we
can fuck each other like a couple of guys."

Betty caught on to what her friend was saying and readily saw the
possibilities. She slid herself down towards Midge and slowly inserted her
end of the dildo into her love channel. With all of the stretching
'exercises' that it had been put through lately, it had no problem
accommodating it.

Once they were fully stuffed with the dildo, their pussies were now touching
each other. Midge started the ball rolling by pulling back slightly, this
pulled some of Betty's end out of her tunnel, just like a guy. Betty then
returned the favor and did the same to Midge's end. They went on like this
for a good twenty minutes. By that time they're pussies were soaked from the
orgasms that they each had.

At first they made a contest of it. Who could get the most orgasm. But after
five each, they gave up on that game and just enjoyed the experience. When
they were finally through fucking each other with the dildo, they returned to
the sixty-nine position and sucked each other dry.

They only stopped when they heard Midge's parents opening the front door and
scrambled to get their clothes back on. Noticing how flushed they each were
they rushed into her bathroom to splash some cool water over their faces.
This helped return some of their color to their cheeks. Once satisfied that
they looked all right they went downstairs to greet the Frummps.

"Hello Mrs. Frummp. Had a nice visit?" Betty asked politely.

"Why hello there Betty. Yes it was a very nice visit."

"And how is auntie May?" Midge asked her mother.

"Oh You know her, always complaining of one ailment or another."

Mr. Frummp entered the house with some packages from the car and joined in
the conversation.

"Now dear. You know perfectly well that my sister suffers from arthritis."

"Yes dear."

"Hello Betty," Mr. Frummp looked over to her. "you girls have a good day

"Yes sir," Betty answered him.

"Looking forward to tomorrow I hope," he asked them both.

"We sure are!" They both exclaimed together.

"Well, I better get going," Betty said heading out the door. "I'll pick you
up first thing tomorrow Midge."

"That'll be fine Bets," Midge added.

With that final word, Betty closed the door behind her and headed on home. On
her way she was trying to remember all of the different breads that Mr. Lodge
had in his kennels. She knew that they were all championship stock, and she
hoped that what she had in mind wouldn't hurt their lineage. But regardless,
she wasn't about to let this opportunity slip past her fingers.

She also had to remind herself to do a presentable job so as not to lose it
through dissatisfaction on the part of Mr. Lodge. She needn't have worried
herself on that if she only knew the real reason of this job offer to begin
with. He would likely have kept her on, even if she killed his prize stock,
simply on the hope of seeing her and Midge engage in some more hanky-panky
like he witnessed at the pond.

Part Thirteen

Betty spent a restless night in bed that evening in anticipation to working
closely with Mr. Lodge's dogs. Monday couldn't come soon enough for her this

She was up at the crack of dawn. She was finishing her breakfast when her
parents came down. She just couldn't wait to get started on the kennel. But
it was still way too early, she'd have to be patient for still another hour
before meeting Midge on her way to the Lodge Mansion.

Mr. Lodge also had a restless night in anticipation. He pondered on what to
say to the girls once they arrived for work that morning. He decided to act
the professional, explaining what he 'expected' from them in their caretaking
of his kennel, and so on.

Eight o'clock came so slowly that Betty was pacing the living room for the
last fifteen minutes. When the time finally came, she just gave a quick
goodbye to her parents and disappeared out the door. It only took her ten
minutes to reach Midge's house where she found her friend waiting at the
front porch.

They then both proceeded towards the Lodge's Mansion at the outskirt of

Twenty minutes later they arrived, breathless from their rapid pace to get
there, but there nonetheless. Betty rang the doorbell and was soon curtly
received by Smithers, the Lodge's butler.

"Good morning Miss Betty. Miss Midge," he greeted them stiffly.

"Good morning Smithers. Mr. Lodge is expecting us," Betty explained her

"Yes Miss Cooper. He advised me to let you know that he would be waiting for
you at the kennel complex," he was telling them. "I believe you know where
they are located."

"Yes, thank you Smithers," Betty smiled back at him.

Betty and Midge went around the Mansion and headed towards the kennels/stable
building in the horizon. Smithers closing the front doors as they left.

"What a delightful young lady that Betty is," Smithers said to no one in
particular and returned to his other duties.

It took them a good five minutes at a brisk pace to finally reach the
kennels. There at the doorway, they could see Mr. Lodge awaiting their
arrival. They noticed that he was casually dressed and assumed that he would
be taking one of his horses out for a ride later.

He, on the other hand, was pleased to see that they had followed his
suggestion and showed up in shorts and T-shirt. He could make out also that
neither of them were wearing bras under them.

'Good!' He thought to himself with glee.

"Good morning ladies. So glad you could make it," Mr. Lodge greeted them

"Good morning Mr. Lodge," they returned the greeting.

"I hope you're ready for this," he asked. "You know how valuable these
animals are, you know."

"Yes Sir!" They both retorted, standing at a mock attention.

"Well, lets go inside and I'll show you around," Mr. Lodge stepped aside and
bowed them inside the building.

He then proceeded to show them around. Betty was already familiar with the
place, having helped out Jeffrey on occasion. Jeffrey had commented that she
had a natural way with animals, and at the time Betty simply said that she
loved every living creature. Boy was she right.

"This is the grooming room. Here you'll wash and trim the dogs. You use this
table to work with them," Mr. Lodge explained to them. "Make sure whenever to
do to close the front doors. It wouldn't do to have them run out unleashed."

He knew that this was an unnecessary precaution for his dogs, but it would
put the girls more at ease to do 'other' things, if they felt a certain
measure of privacy. Closing themselves in would offer such a feeling, he

He then showed him the staff room and the amenities that were available to
them. This included the shower stall with the hidden cameras.

"Feel free to use it to wash up," he told them. "And you can use the pool
anytime after work."

Betty and Midge were pleased to hear this. A cool dip after work would be
nice. Mr. Lodge's reasons were more malevolent. All of these little extra
bonuses were to give the girls the greatest sense of privacy possible. He was
hoping that this would give them the opportunities to indulge themselves with
each other. And satisfy himself in the interim.

He knew that if they did fool around, their faces would probably be covered
with their juices. He made sure to mention the showers so that they would
know that they were available to them. And following a hopeful love session
their faces would be flush from the experience. He felt that the shower and
the pool would let them clean up and cool down after the fact, and this would
also be an encouraging factor to get them to repeat what they did at the pond
for his entertainment.

His whole plan to catch them on film relied on doing everything possible to
convince them of their privacy here and the means to hide their lovemaking
from everybody else. It was is hope that the isolation offered them here
would in fact be enough for them to indulge themselves for his benefit.

"Now you have to be sure to exercise each dog," he warned them. "They need to
keep trim for the contests you know."

"Don't worry Mr. Lodge," Betty said smiling at him with a wide grin. "We'll
make sure that they get plenty of exercise."

'Just not the kind you had in mind,' Midge thought mischievously.

"Well that's about it then," he said. "Think you girls can handle it."

Keeping up his role as the responsible employer.

"Sure we can," they both said in unison.

With that, Mr. Lodge went out the door and headed back towards the mansion
and his waiting chauffeur. He still had a business to run. As he walked away
he turned back to see Midge sliding shut the door to the kennel. A grin crept
over his lips as he saw the first step of his plans take shape.

He didn't expect for anything to happen the very first day. They'd have to
get comfortable to the place first. And then securing the knowledge of their
privacy for themselves. He would give them two or three days before bothering
to check the tapes.

He needn't have been so pessimistic. As soon as the door closed Midge turned
to Betty and flashed her tits to her by raising her T- shirt. Betty giggled
at her friends behavior, and returned the same view to Midge. Then they
turned their attention to the job that they were being paid for.

After discussing it, they decided to wash half the dogs today, for Mr. Lodge
had over thirty dogs in his compound. Each one a pure-bred of it s bread.
Midge went to the back room and returned with their first charge. A beautiful
Collie by the name of Octovius, Octo for short.

Betty patted the tabletop and ordered Octo up onto it, which he obeyed with
no hesitation. She then proceeded to check for fleas and scars. Of course she
found none. They then went over to the bath pool and started to wash Octo
with the soapy water. The pool was set on the floor and the girls would need
to do the work on their knees.

As Mr. Lodge had hoped they're T-shirts were soaked within minutes.
Transforming them into a clinging see-through semblance of clothing. Both of
them had about the same size breast. Midge's aureoles were slightly bigger
than Betty's, but both presented an appetizing morsel.

As they continued with the wash, they also noticed their near nude appearance
in the wet T-shirts which excited them both. Within minutes both of their
nipples had become stiff and poked invitingly within the wet clothes. They
did their best to concentrate on the job that they were hired for.

For Midge, this was a hell of a lot harder, for she had already conceded that
she was probably a lesbian. Betty on the other hand had other matters that
made concentrating difficult. Her zeal for doggy cock was pure hell here.
She'd have to figure a way to get to these beast somehow.

As they continued washing Octo, Betty's hand started concentrating on his
belly, moving ever so slowly towards his sheath. Midge just concentrated her
stare on Betty's giggling tits as she scrubbed the dog.

Octo gave a shrill yip when he felt a strange thing touching his prick. His
training kept him in place despite this invading object. Betty had managed
to grasp his cock sheath, but was disappointed when she found that it was

Hoping to get some life into it she slowly started to pump it up and down.
Midge finally noticed what Betty was trying to do and dropped her own hand
down to the poor Collie's balls and started to massage those in time with

Octo was beside himself. He didn't know what these two humans wanted but
nonetheless his body started to react in the expected manner. Slowly,
inexorably his cock start to slip out of its hiding place bringing squeals of
excitement from both girls at the site ofit.

Betty continued her jerking motion while Midge seeing that the ball was in
motion removed hers to watch her friend with the dog. As they continued,
Betty lifted herself up off her knees and leaned forward, this caused her
tits to droop slightly within the confines of the wet T-shirts.

This was an inviting sight to Midge who continued watching on the sidelines.
Seeing Betty's stiff nipples through the wet clothes was more than enough to
convince her to go further than just watching. And so, getting up she
stripped off her own T-shirt and approached her kneeling friend.

She straddled Betty from above and bent down to reach around Betty's body and
began massaging her friends firm breast. In this position, her face was now
level with the Collie's panting muzzle. All the while, Betty never stopped
jerking her hand on his stiffening member.

With Midge massaging her nipples and the doggy cock growing steadily, Betty's
excitement couldn't help but mount as well. She lowered her head further,
getting closer still to the cock in her hands. She then without any
hesitation licked the tip of it with her tongue.

Octo yipped once more in surprise at the contact of the human's tongue on his
fuck tool. In reprisal he licked the face before him which was Midge. Midge
squealed in surprise at the dog's tongue on her face. She then settled to
receive the dog's attention.

Octo seeing no reluctance on the part of the female concentrated his tongue
on her lips. She seemed to be enjoying his licking and he added further
pressure against them. Then unexpectedly for him, the female parted her lips
and allowed his tongue to enter her oral cavity.

This was a totally new experience to the doggy and he explored the female's
mouth as far as his tongue would take him. He was further amazed when he felt
her tongue trying to wrap itself around his within those confines.

Midge never stopped her stroking of Betty's tits, and Betty never slowed her
action on Octo's now stiff member. Then Midge had the bright idea to raise
her torso up enough so as to present her naked breast to the dog. It took a
few seconds, but he finally got the idea and started to lick those two mounds

By now Octo's prick had reached its pinnacle and Betty noticed this as well.
This is what she had been waiting for. She bent down into the dog's crotch
and took his stiff cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck him off.

Though not as big as some of the other dogs she had already experienced in
the past few days, she found it nice all the same. This being a new
experience for this dog, his knot formed very early on. Betty knew that this
was a sign that the dog would be cumming soon. This disappointed her, but she
kind of knew that it might be because of the new sensation that she had
introduced to him today. Hopefully, as the summer wore on, the dogs would
adapt and last longer with experience.

Octo shot his load into Betty's gulping mouth within a minute of entering it.
She swallowed it eagerly, finding that the taste was different from the other
dogs that she had had so far. Actually, she felt that each dog seemed have
their own distinctive taste to their jism.

When Octo sent his last spurt into her mouth Betty didn't swallow it.
Instead, she got up next to Midge and frenchkissed her friend, feeding her a
generous portion of the sperm still in her mouth. Midge swallowed it with
glee, but didn't release Betty from her kiss even after finishing the doggy
cum from her friends tongue.

Octo just gave them that sideways stare that dogs give when they can't
figure out what the crazy humans were doing. He then bent his head down and
proceeded to clean his cock like he always did after a fuck.

{Now why did I just think of that?} He asked himself, continuing to lick
himself nonetheless.

Betty and Midge then dried Octo off and sent him back to his pen. Betty had
noticed that Midge was now topless, keeping on only her shorts. She was a bit
uneasy about stripping still so she stayed with the clinging T-shirt. Midge
didn't mind. It gave Betty a sexy look all wet like it was.

After getting Octo inside his caged are they then went on to the next cock...
uh dog. They returned with a light brown Mastiff. This was one of the larger
breed of dogs. Betty was hoping that his cock would measure up as well.

This animal was so big that Midge felt that she could have used him as a
pony, her being so much shorter than Betty. The Mastiff had no problem
jumping up on the table. He stood perfectly still while the two girls poked
around looking for signs of disease. As always none could be found.

As with Octo, they led him to the wash tub and proceeded to wash him down as
well. As with the Collie, Betty was concentrating her efforts to its
genitals. She wanted desperately to see what this mammoth canine had to offer
to her. Midge on the other hand was working the soap suds all over his
muscular back, enjoying the feel of its short fur against the palm of her

'If this feels so good to my hands, I wonder how it'll feel against my
titties?" She was asking herself.

Since she was already topless she figured why not find out. She leaned
forward and draped her naked torso over the Mastiff's furry back. In a
semblance of doing her job she kept washing the animals soapy back, using
only her tits as scrubbers. Betty looked up and noticed what Midge was doing
and smiled at her friend.

'To each her own I guess.'

And she returned to her own want.

{{What do these humans think their doing,}} the Mastiff was all confused.
{{They'll never get it right this way.}}

This wasn't the way the Jeffrey did things. He couldn't see how these could
do a better job than his friend Jeffrey. He was starting to lose patience
with their shenanigans. He started to wobble on his paws wanting this
nonsense to end.

Then slowly, almost imperceptibly, his mood was starting to change. The soft
mounds rubbing on his back did feel nice. And the one in front of him had
found his dong between his legs. The combination was changing his attitude
from moody to lustful.

Slowly, inexorably his cock started to emerge from his furry sheath covering.
Betty was pleased to finally see it popping out. Midge continued to rub her
naked tits against to soapy fur of the mastiff's back, thoroughly enjoying
the friction that it was giving her nipples. They were now quite stiff and
sensitive to the touch.

Midge reached around the dog's body. Down towards Betty with her hands and
began tweaking on her nipples as well. Betty was enjoying her friends
ministration while never stopping playing with the Mastiff's emerging cock.

The next thing that Betty knew was that Midge was now removing her T-shirt
as she continued rubbing the dog's genitals. Off came her top, exposing her
full breasts. Midge didn't waste any time and started to mangle them

Meanwhile, Betty bent her head down into the Mastiff's groin and sucked in
his stiff rod, which by the still hadn't reached its full potential. Her
tongue lavished it has she gurgled with joy with the stiff member lodged in
her lips. She had taken eight inches of this succulent meat in, and she could
still make out another four sticking out before the dog's huge knot.

Midge was enjoying the sight of her blonde friend taking in such a huge cock,
and she began rubbing her naked pussy over the dog's furry back again. The
sensation that was coursing through her sex were exquisite. With all of this
going on, she never lost hold of Betty's tits. She kept squeezing them as the
bestial action was going on below her.

The Mastiff didn't know what to do. He didn't object anymore mind you, he
was simply confused. After a few more seconds of the blonde bitch's sucking,
nature was taking control of his body. At first it began slowly, then he
began to spear his lower torso into Betty's face driving more of his cock
into her throat, while at the same time stimulating Midge's pussy on his
back. His furry back was being coated with her juices and the smell was
reaching his nostrils, further exciting his canine libido.

Betty could feel a new surge of energy from the doggy dick that she was
sucking on which excited her further. In response she increased the suction
on the stiff hot cock and tried to take in even more of its massive length.

The Mastiff began to react instinctively and got up and began fucking Betty's
mouth like a pussy. For once, he could honestly say to himself that this
wasn't bad. Not bad at all. With Midge still on his back he leapt up onto
Betty's back and clung to her waist as he shoved his cock into her mouth as
rapidly and as hard as he could.

This over enthusiasm on the part of the huge beast caught Betty off guard and
she panicked, for the dog was sending in more than she felt she could handle.
As the cock was driven deep down her throat, she discovered that she could
accommodate it if she timed her breathing in between strokes. Once the timing
was found she once again enjoyed the taste of the huge cock slithering past
her tonsils, and managed to slither her tongue over it on occasion, which was
also a threat to her.

Midge was unaware of Betty's initial problem's, she was enjoying herself to
much riding the back of the bucking dog against her clit. Her pussy juices
had been flowing for a number of minutes now, which was weakening her with
each orgasm she experienced. Finally, with no warning she passed out and slid
to the ground and fell hard next to her sucking friend Betty, who was as yet
oblivious to her presence.

Unbeknownst to the two girls, the cage of the Collie, Octo, which they had
already put away was not securely locked and he had been trying desperately
to open it ever since he began getting a whiff of Midge's pussy juices.
Finally the door sprung open and he ran back to the grooming room. What the
Collie discovered was his pal, 'Mass', being taken care of by is new

Then he saw the dark haired one slip to the ground. He sniffed the air and
was confused, because the smell that got him all excited seemed to be coming
from his pal, and he knew that she wasn't a bitch. He approached the
three-some carefully and kept sniffing around.

As he got closer, he noticed the yellow haired girl under his friend and took
notice of her pussy. He stopped to check on it. Oh sure it smelled like a
bitch in heat, and he licked it briefly. But upon tasting it he was quite
sure that it wasn't the smell that had got him all riled up. So he returned
to trying to find the source of his excitement.

As he got nearer to the Mastiff he discovered that the smell was in his fur,
and it was saturated with the juices that he wanted. He began to lick those
juices in earnest, but it still didn't taste right. The damp odor of his
friend was spoiling the flavor.

He began his search again. As he rounded the two fucking/sucking partners he
took notice of Midge lying unconscious from her orgasmic exhaustion. He was
about to pass her bye when his nose detected the pure essence of what he'd
been searching for. His sense of smell guided him straight to her smoldering

Once over her moaning body, he examined the human female before him and dove
his long snout into her cunt. He licked once, then pulled back. Satisfied
that this is what he was looking for he dove in and began devouring her
juices, driving his tongue deep into her vagina. So deep was he that Midge
was being aroused, even in her unconscious state. Which was causing her to
orgasm even more.

Each time that she did orgasm, Octo would pull back from the spray that she
was sending into his nostrils. Looking over to his pal, Mass, he could see
that he was also enjoying himself for his tongue was hanging from his jowl.

{{Hey Mass. What do you think of our new keepers?}} Octo asked of him.

{{At first it...}} the Mastiff would pause from his exertion. {{... it
bothered me what they were doing. But now I find it rather stimulating.}} As
he lunged his hind quarters back into the blonde's face.

{{Yeah! I know what you mean,}} as Octo slurped Midge's juices again.

{{Did they do it to you too?}} Mass asked.

{{Yeah! Earlier,}} Octo responded.

{{Hold on Octo, I gotta finish here,}} Mass interrupted his Collie friend.

{{Oh sure! I understand.}}

Octo looked on as his friend began shooting his load into Betty's sucking
mouth. He could see an overflow of jism escaping her lips past the cock
corking her mouth. He licked his jowls. Jealous of his friend's luck at
being sucked off so expertly. Then his attention was brought back to the
unconscious dark haired girl below him, and returned to his own task.

Octo was still licking at Midge's pussy when she regained consciousness. Not
fully aware what was going on, she looked down to her crotch and smiled at
the Collie servicing her. She then peered over to Betty and saw all of the
sperm escaping her lips as she was finishing off the Mastiff.

Once Betty released the dog cock, she looked around and saw that Midge was
getting some doggy love of her own. She crawled over to her friend to get a
better look.

She was kneeling at Midge's head when she felt her friend's hands grasping
her thigh.

'What is Midge trying to do?' She asked herself.

Midge was trying to drag Betty's pussy over her face so she could suck it
out. It took a few minutes, but Betty finally got the idea and crawled
forward. She then sank her pussy to Midge's face and felt the girl's tongue
explore her soaking pussy.

In this position Betty was now facing the large Collie, Octo, as he continued
to ravish Midge's pussy. This was a sight that excited her immensely, not to
diminish Midge's own tongue in her pussy. She was amazed to observe how deep
the slim doggy snout could bury itself into her friend's cunt, almost like a
dildo. A living dildo with a long tongue attached. This made Betty envious of

This alternating action went on for the remainder of their first day on the
job. In all they only managed to care for five dogs. Betty and Midge both
agreed that they would have to control their urges better or else Mr. Lodge
would have them replaced. How little did they know.

They ended their day with a Pittbull Terrier named Percy. Of the five he was
the smallest, yes even his tool was small in comparison, poor chap. Its
pitiful size allowed the girls to control themselves much better. This was
good for it was at this time that Mr. Lodge arrived and checked in on them.

Everything seemed quite docile to his view. By this time both of the teenage
girls had gotten their T-shirts and shorts back on and seemed quite proper in
attire. He was pleased to notice that their attire had gotten wet as expected
and their nipples could be clearly seen through the soaked fabric. He could
make out their dark aureoles and stiff nipples. He didn't make any comment
about it so as to not alarm them to his lewd plans.

He thanked them and told them he'd expect them first thing in the morning.
The two girls were glad that he hadn't taken notice of the small amount of
work they had accomplished and turned towards the shower room to change into
the fresh clothes they had brought with them.

Once the girls left the Lodge Mansion grounds Mr. Lodge hurried to his video
vault. He wasn't planning to see what had happened for he didn't expect them
to start anything so soon. He only wanted to make sure that the equipment
operated as advertised. He rewound the tape just a few minutes and checked
the result. Everything seemed to be in perfect order. He got clear pictures
from every lens.

Of course all that he saw was the demure scene he had observed when he
returned from the office. Had he bothered to start at the beginning he would
have really gotten his money's worth.

Part Fourteen

For the rest of the week Betty and Midge continued with their 'job' of
grooming Mr. Lodge's dogs. This left poor Cricket alone for most of these

By Tuesday she got extremely bored and decided not to wait for the weekend
before getting together with Pop's. She could be found every afternoon at the
'Chok'lit Shoppe' at the counter talking with Pop Tates. Every now and then
they would disappear for fifteen, twenty minutes. And they would always use
the same excuse, Pop's needed some help sorting out supplies in the back

Well, you and I both know that other things were being sorted, mostly their
clothes. On some days Cricket would suck on Pop's cock and he would return
the favor soon after. She especially enjoyed it when he sucked her tiny
breast and tweaked her nipples. Pop was amazed how large her tiny nipples
would get after these sessions.

Finally their first weekend get together arrived.

Pop drove out to his cabin to get things ready for her. Cricket had to
bicycle out to the beach house so as not to arouse suspicion. Once there they
hid her bike in the shed and went inside.

Once inside and out of site Cricket stripped until she was completely naked
before her elder lover. Pop could only gaze at her pert little body. She
barely measured to his armpits. He couldn't believe his good fortune of
enticing this diminutive nymph to be his lover.

Cricket then walked up to him and place her arms around his waist, but there
was no way that she could hug him, his girth was much too large for her short
arms. Pop returned the hug, and they both proceeded to help him out of his
clothes as well.

The heavy weight man dwarfed the petite Cricket, but she didn't care. He was
her mentor in her young sexual education. Sure she liked and fantasized about
teenaged boys, especially Reggie mantle, but none of them would take the
initiative. While Pop's loved her as no one else ever had.

She pushed the older man into the couch where he flopped himself down and
spread his legs. This gave the young nymph access to his stiffening cock,
which she grasped and began to pump to life. Despite is age it didn't take
long of this manipulation before he gained a stiff prick. Pop reached down to
Cricket's head and pushed her gently into his groin.

Cricket didn't resist, she had been looking forward to it for the past few
days. She bent down and swallowed his member between her lips and proceeded
to suck the life out of him. Pop closed his eyes from the pleasure that she
was inflicting to his poor old body.

Due to his age, it didn't take long before he shot his load down her gulping
throat. Cricket had hoped that it would last longer but she didn't know any
better. She presumed that all boys would only last as long. She also knew
from past experience with Pop's that it would take him a while before he
could be ready for another session. Licking the cummy residue from her lips
she got up.

"Pop, is it okay if I go outside to tan?" She asked him.

"Sure Sweetie," Pop saw nothing wrong with the request.

He closed his eyes for a nap as she headed for the porch door with a beach
towel. What he hadn't planned on was that she would go outside in the buff.
She walked down the path wrapped in the towel and found herself a secluded
spot of beach that was surrounded by sand dunes. It formed kind of a sandy
valley, hidden from view by the dunes.

"This looks like a good spot," she told herself. "No one should spot me

She removed the towel, exposing her young body to the Sun and laid down it
down to the ground before stretching out over it on her stomach. She liked
the warmth that the Sun spread over her naked back. She lay there for
fifteen, twenty minutes before turning over on her back. The caressing heat
felt nice on her budding naked tits.

As she luxuriated in the warmth of the Sun, she found herself getting aroused
by its heat and started caressing her body with her hands. Starting at her
breasts, she then slid her hands towards her pussy. Once there she began
masturbating herself. This is something that she only recently started doing.
Actually she only started doing so since Pop introduced her to sex.

She was moaning to herself as she continued to play with her clit.
Occasionally, she would return his wet fingertips to her lips so she could
suck her sex juices. She found that she enjoyed the taste of it, and even
began considering the possibility of making love to one of her girlfriends.
But she still didn't know how to go about it. She hadn't even mentioned this
fantasy to Pop, for fear that he would then reject her in disgust.

She really was na´ve to the fantasies of men, nothing turned them on more
than a lesbian show.

Cricket eventually fell to sleep with her fingers still stuck up her twat.

Down on the beach a strange pair of her friends were together, Reggie Mantle
and Jughead Jones. I say strange because these two didn't usually hang out
together. But with Archie and Veronica out of town, Betty and Midge working,
and even Moose at a football summer camp, they were left with only themselves
to keep themselves company.

They both came down to the beach in Reggie's car along with Hotdog. Hotdog
loved the beach and the surf. The guys would toss a Frisbee around and he
would chase it down. They had been tossing it for a good half hour before
they tired of the game and grabbed their surfboards and hit the surf.

This left Hotdog alone on the beach munching on his doggy bone that Jughead
had brought along. As the guys continued surfing he got a whiff of something
familiar in the air, something he hadn't had in days. Not since his friend
Betty's midnight visit to his doghouse. Human pussy.

Before he even got the urge to start searching his cock began slipping out of
its sheath, then like a Divining Rod it began to guide him to his succulent
goal. He ran down the beach for half a mile before he got the dune valley
where the sleeping Cricket was hidden.

He ran up the dune and looked down the valley. He was surprised that it
wasn't Betty. He was so sure that the smell came from his previous lover.

{I guess all humans smell alike,} he told himself.

Though he recognized the young sleeping beauty as another of his human
friends, the one named Cricket. He proceeded down the slope of the dune and
trotted over to the sleeping form.

In the soft sand, Cricket never even heard the dog approaching her.

Cricket was suddenly awoken by the aggressive intrusion of Hotdog's snout
into her snatch. It took her a few seconds to realize that someone, no
something was trying to rape her. With bleary eyes she tried to escape the
ravishing intruder. Only then did she come to the realization that it was
only Hotdog. She relaxed slightly, not yet accepting that a dog could be as
much a rapist as a human antagonist.

She tried to push him away only to be threatened by a low growl from the
large white dog. Right then and there she understood that she could be in

Hotdog continued to lap away at her juicy cunt, enjoying the taste of human
pussy once more. He managed to drive his tongue so deep that it brought out
a gasp of pleasure from Cricket's lips.

Once she realized that he meant her no harm and that she was actually
enjoying his lapping, she eagerly spread her legs apart to give him easier
access to her snatch. She leaned back and luxuriated in the intense pleasure
that he was giving her.

She was amazed at how deep the doggy tongue could go. Much, much deeper than
Pop ever could. In a matter of minutes she had the most powerful orgasm yet.
More powerful than any she had previously experienced with Pop. She stroked
Hotdog's furry head as he showed no sign of slowing down.

For all intent and purpose, Cricket was still a virgin as her hymen had yet
to be broken. She wasn't concerned about that now. She leaned back on her
arms to observe the canine tongue slurping her pussy. Occasionally, his
tongue would lick through her ass crack. This would also excite her. Thanks
to Pop's, she knew how good anal sex was.

'A doggy can't fuck a human,' she thought to herself. 'So I guess its okay to
play with him.'

Hotdog knew better.

After what seemed an eternity Hotdog stopped and stood next to now sitting
girl. She reached over and hugged him.

"Thanks Hotdog. That was great!" She told him.

Hotdog was expecting more for his service, so he was slightly confused when
she lay back down on the ground and resumed sun bathing. He stood there with
his stiff ten inch cock sticking out under his belly, this is something that
Cricket didn't even notice. He tilted his head as dogs usually do when then
don't understand humans. Looking at the small nymph before him he figured
that he'll have to come up with an idea if he was to relieve himself.

Cricket's legs were still spread apart giving him clear access to her cunt,
and he had in the past seen Jughead's parents fucking in this position
before. So he decided to give it a try himself. He stepped over her
slumbering body and crouched down on top of her.

This woke Cricket up once more. She broke out laughing seeing Hotdog on top
of her and wrapping her like a living blanket. Hotdog looked down at her face
and began licking her face as any dog would. She didn't yet realize what was
about to happen and let him have his way.

Because this was not a normal fucking position for a dog, Hotdog had a
problem locating her pussy entrance. His cock was stroking along her inner
thigh and kept missing the target. Then he finally found the range as his
cockhead was making contact with the much coveted pussy lips.

Cricket felt something damp sliding along her leg, but couldn't figure out
what it could be. Not until the first contact of his cockhead did she finally
understand what was about to happen to her. She was about to lose her
virginity to an animal, a beast, a dog. She began to panic and tried to push
the huge shaggy dog off of her body. But she was so small and he was so big.

She opened her mouth to yell for help when Hotdog stuck his tongue in it,
effectively gagging her. Though he acted innocently in doing so, Cricket
thought that he was attacking her. She could feel it slithering inside her
mouth. She was disgusted by its intrusion as she continued to feel the
cockhead poking at her pussy, and with his body over hers she couldn't even
close her legs to stop him.

What started bothering her though, was that her pussy was beginning to get
excited from this attack on her body. She couldn't understand how this could
be getting her wet. Then suddenly, with no warning, Hotdog found his mark
and his cock slipped by her tight pussy lips.

"Oooooh!" Was all that she could utter through her stuffed mouth.

"Growf!" {{Finally!}} Was Hotdog's response. {{Betty wasn't this difficult.}}

Once inside her cunt he then began to pump slowly into her young body. In the
position that they were presently in, this caused his furry belly to rub over
her petite breast. This added to the stimulation of young Cricket. She was
now breathing heavily at this initial intrusion.

'My first cock in my cunt, and it belongs to a dog,' she was thinking to
herself. 'How can this be happening to me?'

"Groff! Whoof!" {{Man, she's even tighter than Betty or the other bitches
I've had,}} he sounded off.

The unnatural position made it difficult for Hotdog to send his cock as deep
as he would like, but he was satisfied nonetheless.

Little Cricket was now beginning to accept, and even enjoy, the cock
intrusion within her pussy. Human nature began taking over her bodily
response. She began to pump up rhythmically into Hotdog's body, trying to
capture more of his cock inside of her. Hotdog sensing this change in her
also tried to time his own surges with hers.

So far, he had only managed to insert the first three inches of his cock into
her tight pussy. But now with her co-operation another two managed its way
in. The girth of his cock was almost too much for Cricket to handle. Her
small virgin pussy lips had not had the looseness that comes from experience
yet, but they were slowly stretching to accommodate him.

Cricket was no longer terrified at what was happening to her. Instead she
wrapped her small arms around Hotdog's neck to hug him into her. The invading
tongue in her mouth was no longer perceived by her as such, but rather as an
affectionate, and deep frenchkiss, which she returned gratefully now. She was
surprised that sucking on his tongue didn't repulse her.

She sucked his saliva and he hers.

Though Cricket didn't know anything about canine genitalia, and the knot on
their cock, the position that Hotdog had chosen for this intercourse would
prevent him from reaching that level of penetration. When he finally reached
the limit of his fuck, only six inches of his cock managed to enter her
virgin pussy in this position. This was just short of breaking her hymen.
Cricket would still be virgin despite this fucking.

It had been over half an hour since Hotdog found the slumbering Cricket.

Reggie and Jughead had long since quit surfing. Jughead was getting worried
at not finding his pet on the beach where they had left him. After a frantic
search in the surrounding woods he and Reggie began down the beach to try and
find the lost pooch.

Cricket and Hotdog were in the final throes of their lovemaking. Hotdog had
finally removed his tongue from her mouth and they were both panting heavily
as the fucking continued. Cricket's nipples were by this time rubbed to their
maximum stiffness. Pop had never managed to get them so stiff, despite his
best effort. they were now so sensitive that the slightest touch of Hotdog's
fur would cause her to squeal with pleasure.

It was one such squeal that caught the attention of Jughead and Reggie as
they were passing the dune. They both recognized it as a squeal of passion.
Looking at each other they both decided to investigate. What they discovered
took their breath away. They lay down on the top of the dune so as to look

There before them was the errant Hotdog. Fucking a human.

Though Jughead had the reputation as a woman hater, he was really suffering
from a broken heart from his first love. He and Reggie looked on as they
watched Hotdog's cock buried in the snatch of some smallish woman.

Both Jughead and Reggie pulled out their cocks and began stroking themselves
as they continued watching the show before them.

'Whow!' Reggie was thinking. 'Another dogfucker. I don't believe my luck,'
remembering his downtown experience earlier in the week.

"I wonder who she is?" Jughead asked.

"I don't know," was Reggie's response.

"She looks pretty small," Jughead observed.

"Yeah, you're right," Reggie agreed.

"I wonder how Hotdog got involved," Jughead wondered.

"My guess is that he was probably tricked into it," Reggie suggested. "No
dumb animal would ever think of doing something like that one their own. I
guess some women can't get it any other way."

"That's possible I guess," Jughead couldn't come up with a better

Below, Cricket and Hotdog were oblivious to the audience that they had now
attracted. He continued ploughing his cock into her pussy and she continued
pumping her body towards his. They were both on the verge of climaxing.

"Howwwl!" {{Oh yeah baby take my seed!}} Hotdog cried out as he shot his huge
canine load into her vaginal vessel.

"Oh! Oh! Oh yesssss, Hotdog!" Cricket exclaimed loudly. "Fill me up!"

Hearing Hotdog yeowl like that told the teenage boys at the top of the dune
that he was cumming. They could also make out the woman yelling also, and
assumed that she too was cumming. Looking closely at the woman's cunt, they
could make out some white jism seeping out of its tight confines.

"Man! Hotdog sure is filling her up!" Reggie remarked.

"Uh! Uh!" Was all that Jughead could manage.

Once done, Hotdog started pulling himself out of Cricket's tight pussy. She
reluctantly let him go as she felt her pussy lips being turned over as he was
exiting its tight confine. His cock finally came out with a loud "POP".

The sound brought Jughead out of his dazed peeping. He had heard something
like it before. In his backyard a few nights ago when Hotdog was brought in.
Now he knew where it came from. This woman must have been fucking his dog in
his own doghouse. Now he really needed to know who she was

Once his cock free, Hotdog got off of little Cricket's body and slunk off to
the side to clean himself off.

Reggie and Jughead were shocked at recognizing Cricket as the dog fucker.

'How can sweet Cricket love to fuck dogs?' They both asked themselves

They continued to watch her as she reached her hand to her exposed cunt and
stroked herself there. They were then astonished to see her bring that dog
cum soaked hand up to her lips and lick it clean.

Cricket, after such an intense fucking was now curious at how different doggy
cum could be. She slipped her hand down to her snatched and slipped in two
fingers. They came out all soppy wet from the cum that they had encountered.
She then slowly, hesitantly, brought them to her face. She first smelled it.
It had a stronger smell than Pop's, but not too bad.

She then decided to taste it and stuck her tongue out and lightly took some
in. She swirled it inside her mouth for a few seconds before deciding that
she liked the tangy feeling that it had. She then proceeded to lick her
fingers clean of the succulent juice. She then returned to her snatch to
gather more of those bestial juices.

Reggie and Jughead couldn't believe their eyes as they continued to watch
their younger friend debase herself further. They watched as she returned
time after time to her own cunt to gather up the white cream deposited by
Hotdog only moments before. Even after the last of the white cream had been
removed, Cricket continued to suck her fingers dry, they presumed that she
was now sucking her own female cum.

It took a full fifteen minutes before Cricket was finally satisfied that all
of the juices were now gone. Now exhausted from all of this sexual release,
she lapsed into a deep slumber once more. A few feet away, Hotdog had also
gone to slumberland.

Jughead and Reggie flipped onto their backs and pondered over what they had
just witnessed.

"Whow! That was a great show," Jughead was the first to speak.

"Yeah! But what do we do about it," Reggie said slyly.

"Wh...what do you mean?" Jughead was puzzled.

"Just think about it Jug," Reggie started to explain. "We just caught Cricket
in the act. We can get some too. If you know what I mean?"

"You mean fuck her, don't you?" Jughead was aghast at the suggestion, though
the thought had crossed his mind.

"Sure I mean fuck her" Reggie was angry now. "Don't tell me you're queer."

"No, I'm not queer. But she is our friend," Jug said defensively.

"So, she's a cunt isn't she?" Was Reggie's response.

"Reg," Jughead was trying to defend Cricket. "you can be such a jerk

"Never mind that," Reggie asked one last time. "Are you with me on this or

Jughead paused to think about it, then finally conceded that he would also
like a crack at young Cricket.

Looking back over the dune they could see that she was still soundly asleep.
They both got up, and with their stiff cocks sticking out of their trunks,
began down into the valley towards her naked stretched out body.

Once standing over her, Reggie whispered his instructions to Jughead.

"You grab her arms and I'll get her legs," he told him.

Jughead nodded his head in affirmation.

They each knelt at her extremities and as Reggie mouthed off a countdown in
silence, they both grabbed her limbs simultaneously. Cricket woke with a
start and knew that this time it was men attacking her naked body. What she
wasn't expecting to see was two of her friends to be the attackers.

Looking up she could see Jughead holding her arms over her head. She also
noticed the stiff cock sticking out of his bathing trunks. At her legs she
recognized Reggie, and his cock was out also.

She had always had a secret crush on Reggie, but he never noticed her before
because she was younger than he. But now here he was trying to rape her. She
didn't know whether to panic or be happy at this turn of events.

"Don't scream Cricket," she heard Reggie tell her. "If someone comes over
we'll have to tell them about your other lover over there."

Reggie tilted his head towards the sitting Hotdog.

'Oh no!' Cricket was thinking. 'They must have seen me fucking him.'

"I... I won't scream. I promise," she told them.

"Good," Reggie told her. "Now you're going to do to us what you did for
Hotdog. Right?"

"Y... yes," she stammered.

"Okay Jug. You can let her go now."

Jughead released her hands, and she sat up. Looking from one to the other and
then down to their crotch. Reggie smirked as he observed where her sight was
set. He grabbed hold of his cock and waved it before her face.

"You want some of this, don't you?" Reggie teased her.

Her eyes followed his cockhead as he continued waving it before her. She
answered "Yes!"

"You see Jug. I told you she'd be cock crazy."

Looking back towards Jughead, Cricket could see that his cock was also quite
stiff. Both of them had pricks that were longer than Pop's, about nine inches
each. Jug's was slimmer than Reggie's. This surprised Cricket for she
expected all cocks to be identical, now she knew better.

Now Reggie could follow through with his plans. Though he wanted to get to
her pussy, the sight of Hotdog's cock shooting his load there earlier removed
that plan from his thoughts for this time. He instructed Cricket to get on
her hands and knees.

"Just like the dog bitch you are," he told her.

He then turned to Jughead and to fuck her up the ass. This was not new to
Cricket, though the boys had no way of knowing this. She was glad that
Jughead was going to mount her ass. She knew that his slimmer cock wouldn't
be as painful as Reggie's member.

Jughead complied and began inserting his cock into the teen girl's rectum. He
was somewhat surprised to find it easy and painless. Cricket closed her eyes
as she felt that warm blooded cock go deeper into her ass. When she looked up
to Reggie she couldn't understand why he was just standing there, watching.

"Okay Jug. Now I want you to flip over onto your back, and take Cricket along
with you," Reggie told him.

Using a Greco-Roman wrestling move from gym class, Jughead managed to flip
them both. Landing heavily onto his back while Cricket remained impaled on
his cock. Landing so heavily momentarily knocked her breath out.

Cricket tried to see what Reggie was going to do next, but she had lost sight
of him during the flipping. He soon returned in her view with Hotdog at his

"Jughead, grab her arms and hold them in her back."

Jughead did as instructed and pulled her arms in between their bodies and
held them there. This caused her chest to be pushed forward and tightening
her breast.

Reggie looked over his handiwork and then guided Hotdog to Cricket's now
exposed pussy. Ever since the mock rape began, Cricket had been seeping a new
supply of pussy juice that had run down her thighs at first. But was now
accumulating inside her cunt.

Hotdog didn't need any instructions on what to do. He just dove in before
Reggie could utter a word.

Stepping back he looked at the scene before him. Jughead's cock was now
buried in Cricket's ass while the big shaggy dog was enjoying another doggy
snack. But now it was his turn. He walked up to their heads and knelt down,
presenting his stiff cock over Cricket's head.

While the ass fucking and doggy licking was happening, Cricket had closed her
eyes in the sheer pleasure of the moment. Reggie had to slap her face before
she realized that a new cock was being presented to her. She smiled up at him
and opened her mouth invitingly for him.

Reggie smiled back and guided his cockhead with his hand into that gaping
mouth. Once inside, Cricket closed her lips around it and began to suck
lovingly. Her tongue swirled around the head before she would allow it to go
deeper into her throat. She was now very grateful for the instructions that
she had received from Pop Tates in the past week.

Even though she had only been having sex for such a short time, she had
gained enough experience that Reggie thought that she was a natural

Hotdog looked up to see Reggie's cock disappear into Cricket's mouth. He only
wished that the girl had also done the same to him, like Betty did. The scent
of sex was permeating the small valley and it was having the desired effect
of arousing his own canine cock. It surged out of its sheath to its full ten
inches in a matter of minutes.

Once it reached its bloated max, Hotdog stopped licking Cricket's pussy.
Reggie was looking straight at the pooch and was disappointed that the doggy
show was over. His perception was changed when he realized that Hotdog was
going for another fuck.

Hotdog stepped his forelegs over the Jughead/Cricket coupling and moved
forward. The dog's head was now next to her sucking face. He bent down and
licked her throat as she continued sucking on Reggie's cock. While down
lower, his cock was ready to invade her cunt one more time. Hotdog was
confused as to why her body was now higher than before. But he figured that
this would make it easier to fuck. He didn't really care, he pushed forward
and his cockhead entered her pussy.

With Jughead forcing her chest out as he was, and Hotdog's fur rubbing over
her breast once more, her nipples were stiffening again. They had not
recuperated yet from Hotdog's first fuck. She could feel Hotdog straddling
over her body and knew what was about to happen next. Still loose from her
recent fuck, her pussy lips presented no obstacle to his stiff rod this time.
In one swift surge the first six inches entered with no obstruction.

Cricket squealed her pleasure despite the plug of Reggie's cock in her mouth.
She couldn't believe how good it felt to have three cocks inside of her at
the same time. The cocks in her ass and pussy seemed to be touching
themselves inside of her small body. While she could almost imagine Reggie's
cock trying to reach them as well somewhere in the middle of her.

Underneath her, Jughead could feel Hotdog's cock rubbing his through the thin
membrane that separated them. He found the sensation strangely exciting. It
was like getting a rub job while being buried inside Cricket's body.

The next thing that happened shocked Cricket back to reality. In this higher
position, Hotdog was now able to drive more of his cock into her. His next
surge shoved his stiff rod through her hymen which caused her immense pain.
She lightly bit down on Reggie's cock which in turn caused him to cry out in
pain as well.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth and holding onto his injured prick he
looked down at her to figure why she had done that. He then noticed the
stream of tears running down her cheeks.

"OH! Please stop him," she pleaded to him. "He's hurting me."

Reggie looked down and understood her distress now. Hotdog had too much of
his cock in her to handle. He tried to pull the dog off of her and was met
with a snarl and a snap of those menacing dog teeth. He backed off to try and
figure what else he could do.

After a few minutes, Cricket detected that the pain was subsiding and being
replaced with the pleasure that she had enjoyed in the previous fuck that
Hotdog had given her. Reggie also noticed her change and came to the
realization that she had gotten used to the added intrusion. He returned to
her head and she accepted his cock back into her mouth and continued where
she had left off.

This was quite a sight. The young fifteen-year-old girl being fucked in every
orifice of her small body. The two boys, while not sexually experienced
themselves knew what to do. And one horny dog who only recently learned that
humans can make good bitches too.

Hotdog had now succeeded to insert eight inches of his cock and all that
remained was the knot. None of the teens even knew of its existence, and so
nobody was prepared for what happened in the next few moment. With one final
surge Hotdog pushed his doggy knot past her pussy lips and locked himself
into place.

Once locked in place his fucking reduced to short strokes, as his cock could
no longer exit the tight pussy.

The immense pressure that was exerted against her pussy lips caused great
distress to the young girl. But this time she managed to control her pain and
didn't inflict any pain to Reggie. Her eyes did bug out though. This didn't
go unnoticed by Reggie, he didn't know yet what was causing yet and he didn't
care. He was about to shoot his load, and for now, nothing else mattered to
him. A few more strokes and he shot his cum down Cricket's throat. He was
amazed to see her swallow it all with no hesitation.

'Man! She really is a natural,' he thought to himself.

Once emptied of his sperm, he pulled his cock from her sucking lips. He
figured he better make sure everything was okay. He walked around the still
fucking threesome to check out the action. It was then that he noticed how
over stuffed Cricket's pussy lips seemed.

Now with her throat vacated, Hotdog could smell Reggie's cum and sent his
tongue inside her gaping mouth to gather some for himself. Cricket returned
the frenchkiss as she had earlier.

Reggie observed their bestial kiss for a few seconds then turned to check the
action at the other end. Getting down on the ground he took a closer look.
His eyes bugged out when he saw how distended Hotdog's cock had gotten. What
he could see was beyond belief. It looked as if the dog's cock had inflated
to the size of a softball. He incorrectly assumed that the whole member was
like this.

'Man oh Man! That's got to hurt,' he told himself.

He couldn't believe that tiny Cricket could have taken such a monstrous thing
up her twat. Jughead could feel the knot against his scrotum. He knew about
the knot but never expected it to enter a pussy. The added pressure that this
was placing against his own cock was an added twist that he actually enjoyed.

"Unghhh! Oh yes, deeper, go deeper!" Cricket shouted.

"I'm gonna cum soon," Jughead chided in.

"You go girl!" Reggie cheered them on, while sitting back to enjoy the

Cricket was first to cum. Her orgasmic juices soaked Hotdog's cock and
streamed down to Jughead's crotch. The warm female juices triggered Jughead's
own climax. He pushed his body off of the ground as he tried to bury his cock
even deeper into Cricket's ass. Hotdog soon followed suit.

The beast came and came. Cricket could feel the scalding juices as they shot
deep inside her womb. And with her virginity lost these hot juices were
striking virgin territory.

"Oh yes Hotdog! You horny pooch," she squealed. "Shoot that cum deep in me."

Cricket hardly responded to Jughead's orgasm, so overwhelming was the bestial
jism. Jughead didn't mind, he got his jollies.

Looking on, Reggie was slightly confused. In the previous doggy fuck, he and
Jug could clearly see the white cum seeping out of her pussy. This time,
nothing was escaping. Then it dawned on him. The huge size of the dog cock
was acting like a plug, keeping everything inside of her. He remembered
seeing fucking dogs being tied before but never understood how that could
happen, now he knew.

Jughead was more concerned with his predicament. He still had his softening
cock up Cricket's ass, and with Hotdog on top of her, he couldn't get out
from under her.

"Hey Reg! What's going on," he asked him.

"Nothing much Jug" Reggie said sarcastically. "Hotdog is stuck up Cricket's
twat, that's all."

"Yeah Jug," Cricket responded with a smile on her lips. "And it feels soooo

"What!" Jughead yelled out. "Reg you got to get him out."

"Why? Cricket doesn't mind. Do you Crick?"

"No," she answered back. "No, I don't mind one bit,"

"But you don't understand," Jughead tried to explain to them. "When he locks
with a bitch, he'll stay that way for at least half an hour."

"Really!" Reggie said excitedly. "No fooling."

Cricket had a different reaction on hearing this. She tried to pull free.
This only brought out a scream of pain. Jughead tried to hold her steady so
as to stop her.

"Calm down Crick," he whispered in her hears. "Don't try to take it out
forcibly. It'll only make it hurt more.

"Reg," he said turning to him. "Get a bucket of water to throw over Hotdog.
That should relax him enough so that his cock would shrink and slip out of
Cricket's pussy."

Reggie hesitated. He was pondering if he really wanted the show to end. After
a few seconds he decided to do as Jughead suggested. He could always get
Cricket to perform for him another day he figured. Looking around, he
couldn't see anything that he could use to carry water.

Cricket told him about Pop's cabin over the dune, without mentioning Pop's
name. Reggie ran over the dune towards the cabin, found a bucket and
returned. He threw the water over Hotdog. After a few minutes, his knot
shrank enough that he pulled himself free with a very loud "POP".

Once Hotdog slinked off to the side, Reggie extended his hand to Cricket and
helped her off of Jughead's cock. She stood on wobbly legs as Jughead also
got up off the ground.

She smiled at both of them. The boys returned the smile. They tucked their
cocks back in their swim suits and said their good-byes. She waved to them as
they disappeared over the dune. She then buried her hand in her snatch to
gather Hotdog's canine jism.

'One day, I'm going to have to get it straight from the source,' she told

It took three full minutes before she was satisfied that she had it all out
of her pussy. She picked up the beach towel and headed back to Pop's cabin
for the remainder of her weekend love-in.

Jughead and Reggie agreed to return next weekend in the hopes that Cricket
would be back for more.

Before going inside she stopped at the outside shower stall and washed
herself off. She didn't want to upset Pop by letting know that she had
cheated on him. Wrapping the towel around her small tits, she entered the
cabin and found Pop still snoring away on the couch.

Part Fifteen

Pop and Cricket's weekend thrift went without a hitch. He had sucked her
pussy and found it had a slightly different taste this time around. He could
never quite figure out what was different about it, but he enjoyed it

She returned the favor on numerous occasions throughout the weekend with
blowjobs. She also enjoyed his ass fucking and now that she had lost her
virginity, she even offered her pussy to his cock that very Sunday.

Pop couldn't be happier. He finally got into her pussy. He was a bit
disappointed that her hymen was gone, but he assumed that she had used a
dildo of some kind in preparation of him. This thought pleased him. To think
that such a young girl would do something like that just for him.

Cricket still enjoyed Pop's company, despite the fact that she found that
others have bigger pricks than his. After all, he was her mentor, teacher
and first lover.

Their first weekend was a resounding success, and they were going to meet
again for the next.

Monday came soon enough, and today, Mr. Lodge decided to stay home and check
the tapes to see if the girls had gotten over their shyness. Slipping down to
his secret video vault he switched on his viewscreen, selected one of the
tapes from Friday and inserted it into the VCR.

He prepared himself a drink and settled into his easy chair and began the
playback. At first nothing unexpected showed up. Betty and Midge were
returning from the kennel with his prize St- Bernard and got him to the wash
basin. They then followed that with a shampoo of the beast.

As he and Stan expected, washing the dogs got their T-shirts all wet which
gave a great peep show as a warm up to what could happen next. Mr. Lodge was
mesmerized at the beautiful site of seeing those dark patches of their
nipples becoming enticingly visible through the clinging fabric.

What occurred next caught him totally unprepared.

As Midge continued to wash the huge animal's fur, Betty went under its belly
and began playing with its cock sheath.

Mr. Lodge dropped his drink to the ground. Trying to absorb what he was now
witnessing. He had found web sites showing bestiality before, but he never
expected to get his own private show. He immediately stopped the VCR and
headed for the live feed controls.

Betty and Midge had been at work for two hours now. More then enough time to
get into the swing of things he thought to himself.

Returning to his easy chair with the control panel, he began viewing what
was going on. He was not to be disappointed. As he had hoped when this whole
thing started, both girls were naked and deep into a lesbian relationship.
There was Midge on her back on the grooming table. Betty was on top of her in
the classic sixty-nine position. Her head was buried in Midge's crotch.

With a flick of a switch, he selected one of the hidden cams on the table and
got a close up view of Betty eating Midge out.

Another flick of a switch and he got Midge reaching up to suck out Betty.
Then something new came into view.

Flick! Another view.

It was Champion, his German Shepherd. He had leapt onto the table and was
attempting to mount young Betty Cooper. Mr. Lodge couldn't believe his eyes.
She wasn't trying to stop the dog at all. In fact, he could see her hand
reaching back to guide that stiff rod inside of her pussy.


Back to the underside, next to Midge's sucking mouth. He could make out
Betty's hand guiding that huge canine cock towards her pussy lips. Midge
vacated that pussy to allow the dog to enter. Then she returned her attention
to her friend's pussy that was now stuffed with a doggy dick.

Mr. Lodge pulled out his own cock and began jerking himself off as he watched
the unbelievable scene being presented before his eyes. His eyes focused on
Midge's lips and tongue as she not only sucked on Betty's vagina but also
licked along the length of the invading cock which belonged to a dog.

Flick! Switched over to a side view of this show.

He could see his prize shepherd curled over Betty's back, fucking his stiff
cock like a jackhammer into her willing body. While she still had her face
buried in her friend's cunt, sucking away. Midge was reaching up to be part
of the entertainment herself.

Neither of the teen girls seemed to mind in the slightest that their sex
partner was of a different species.

Then Mr. Lodge remembered that his surveillance system included sound. Flick!

"Oh god, yes!" he could hear Midge saying. "You suck soooo goood, Bets."

"Glad you like it," was Betty's response.

"I'm glad we finally got a good working schedule together," Midge could be

"Yeah! I know what you mean," Betty told her. "Those first couple of days
were tough. I was worried that maybe Mr. Lodge would have to fire us for not
working hard enough."

Mr. Lodge was flabbergasted. Were these two nymphs screwing with the dogs
from the very first day. Looking at the amount of tapes that have accumulated
since they began working. There were already over one hundred. He was going
to have to check it all now. A daunting task, but one that he was now looking
forward to.

Looking back at the screen he saw that the dog's cock had popped out of
Betty's pussy. But it didn't stay unattended for too long for Midge took it
into her mouth within seconds and was sucking on it feverishly. Though
dejected, Betty returned to her task of sucking Midge's pussy.

After a few minutes, Midge guided the doggy cock back to its nest in Betty's
blonde pussy. By this time, Mr. Lodge had observed that the dog had attained
his peek as its knot had already formed.

'Was Betty going to allow it to enter her?' He wondered.

In the next instant his question was answered. In one huge surge, the beast
knot disappeared into her tight pussy, and licked in place. Betty never
stopped sucking out Midge's vagina, concentrating on her friend's clit. And
Midge was doing the same to the cock stuffed pussy above her head.

As a breeder, Mr. Lodge knew full well that the dog could be stuck for a
while now. So he flicked from one cam to another to get different
perspective. He enjoyed those that gave him a clear view of either girls
sucking on the other. But he was always drawn back to the close-up view of
Betty's stuffed pussy.

After twenty-five long minutes, the dog finally pulled himself free with a
loud "POP". What followed was a scene that would remain stamped in his mind.
A long stream of doggy cum came streaming out of Betty's now satisfied cunt
and poured into Midge's gapping mouth. She was doing her best to capture
every drop of that bestial jism.

Then the view was obscured as Betty smashed her cunt right onto Midge's face.

Flick! Sideview.

He could see that Betty was sitting right on Midge's face. She was squirming
her hips as she urged more of the dog seed to escape her vagina. Under her
Midge was moving about from the sheer pleasure of the moment.

After a few minutes of this, they disentangled themselves and proceeded to
clean up the German Shepherd. A shampoo and a grooming removed all signs of
their sexual escapade. The dog was then returned to his kennel cage.

The girls then returned with two smaller dogs which they groomed as normal.
Mr. Lodge presumed that they only indulge themselves with the larger dogs,
which he was right. Believing that the show to be over for the day, he
switched off the live feed and went to the task of sorting all of the tapes
already accumulated.

Earlier in the week, both Midge and Betty had decided to cool things down a
bit. They came up with the plan of servicing one large pooch then to cool
down with some of the smaller dogs. This had been working fine so far. It
allowed them the time to do a proper grooming while at the same time
indulging their sexual desires. Betty had come to accept Midge's lesbian
urge, though she still preferred cocks. And Midge didn't mind cock as long as
she got to Betty's pussy on occasion.

After viewing the very first tape Mr. Lodge came to the realization that this
would be to hard a task to accomplish by himself. He was wondering if maybe
he shouldn't call on his friend Stan to help in this editing. He decided
against it. The less people know of this, the better it would be for all
concerned. He didn't want to expose the girls, he wanted to enjoy their
entertainment value.

He only promised lesbian tapes to Stan, he figured that there should be
enough material, besides the bestial action to satisfy Stan's needs. The
remainder would be for his own personnel collection.

What he decided instead to take time off from the office so that he could
spend the next few weeks cataloguing their escapades with the dogs. He picked
up the phone and called his secretary, told her that he would be incognito
for a while at the Mansion and not to bother him unless of extreme emergency.
He left his vice-president in charge in the interim.

Betty and Midge finished off the two smaller dogs and returned them to their
pens. They then decided to freshen up a bit from the mornings session. They
both stripped down and headed to the showers. Under the flow of the shower
head they turned to each other and began groping each others body.

Midge was the most aggressive in this case, for she had the lesbian tendency.
Betty no longer objected to her friend's attention. She rather enjoyed it

Midge began by sucking on Betty's nipples and breast, while slipping a hand
down to Betty's pussy. She inserted one of her fingers inside and began
pumping in and out. Betty stroked Midge's head as she continued suckling on
her breast.

Both of them began breathing heavily as their passion increased. Then, with
no warning Betty slipped on the wet tile and fell to the shower floor,
dragging Midge with her. They both broke out laughing at their clumsiness.
Then Midge flipped around and straddled Betty in a sixty-nine position and
proceeded to suck out Betty's cunt.

Betty returned the sentiment by ravishing Midge's cunt at the same time.
Under the streaming water of the shower, they continued with their loving
relationship. They squashed their tits against each others body while never
losing contact of the pussy they were each supping on.

This loving shower continued for fifteen minutes before they extricated
themselves from the stall. Being so long under the water caused their skin
to prune in various areas, especially their finger tips. The odd texture of
their rippled skin against each others breast was so weird that it excited

They continued to play with each other while drying off and then returned to

By this time, Betty was in search of a new cock to master. Midge was
preparing the grooming room for their next customer. Betty returned with the
St. Bernard.

"Didn't you take care of him already?" Midge asked when she saw which dog
Betty had brought in.

"Yeah, I know. But he has the biggest cock of the pack," Betty blushed her

"There's no denying that," Midge smiled. "But we do have a job to do."

"I know, and I'll make up for it tomorrow," Betty promised.

"Oh, all right," Midge relented.

The St. Bernard weighed in at over 150lbs, and none of that was flab. The
reason that Betty wanted him so much was his cock.Fully extended it was over
thirteen inches long with a girth as large as her arm. When they first
cleaned him, a few days ago, they were terrified of that monstrous phallus.
They had satisfied themselves with simply licking and sucking the great
canine. And as before they wound up stripped naked before they finished.

After their suck session with him, Betty had turned her back to him to pick
up the cleaning material. The St-Bernard was not totally satisfied of their
oral care, so when he noticed and smelled Betty's exposed pussy, he leapt at
the opportunity and mountedher.

Betty shrieked in terror at this heavy beast trying to get his oversized cock
in her. But the huge dog was just to heavy for her and Midge to dislodge.
While they continued struggling against him, he found his goal and entered
her vulnerable pussy. In one powerful surge of energy he drove the first
eight inches deep into her vagina.

Midge feel back on her rump by the sudden burst of the huge St. Bernard. She
could only look on in panic as she witnessed Betty's pussy being stretched to
unbelievable limits. Betty's eyes bulged as tears steamed from the painful

Now that the giant dog was securely imbedded he began a jackhammer fucking
motion into the poor girl. Each of his lunges was shoving Betty's whole body
across the floor. Since she wasn't anchored to anything, the dog couldn't
shove any more into her.

"Thank god for small favors," Midge said.

"Unnghh! Arrrgh!" Was all that Betty could manage in the onslaught.

"Betty? Betty, are you okay?" Midge rushed to her friend's side.

"Oh! Oh! Mi... idge," Betty stuttered. "It... its so... big!"

"I can see that!" She agreed. "But are you okay?"

"Whoof! Ooooff!" {{Oh yeah! This is good!}} The St. Bernard responded, its
tongue hanging from its jowl.

"I... I think... so!" Betty tried to answer. "Its... Oh!... hurt... hurting
less... now."

Midge checked Betty's pussy and amazed to see that her pussy lips had
stretched out and was now able to accommodate the huge phallus. She didn't
think that any woman could take something that monstrous. Obviously, the
human female is much more versatile then she had thought.

As Betty's pussy continued to stretch out, the easier the large canine could
fuck her. Within five minutes, he had managed to force yet another three
inches into her still tight vagina, and Betty was no longer finding the
experience painful. Actually, she was now pushing back into the beast to get
more in.

Seeing that Betty was no longer in distress, Midge decided to get a closer
look at this action. Lying on her back, she slid under the bestial coupling
and just observed. She could see Betty's pussy lips being turned inside out
with the fucking action of the dog. And because of its wide girth, she could
actually see its outline along Betty's stomach wall as he went in and out.

'I could never take something like that!' Midge thought to herself.

And being so much smaller in size than Betty, she was probably right to think
so. But the scene above her head mesmerized her. She placed a hand over
Betty's stomach and could feel the power of the giant cock as it slipped by.
She now also needed relief from just seeing this going on. She drove her hand
into her pussy and tried to match the speed of the animal.

Looking on, she noticed the huge knot that was now forming at the base of
the dog's prick, it was the size of a grapefruit. Both girls had had enough
experience with dogs by now that she knew what the beast was looking to do.
He needed to lock onto his mate before shooting his load.

Seeing that monstrous bulge, Midge knew that she couldn't let that inside of
Betty's cunt. She reached for it and was trying with all of her strength to
keep it at bay. But her small body was no match for the power of the St.
Bernard. She looked on helplessly as twelve, then thirteen inches disappeared
into Betty's channel. The knot was all that remained.

"Oh Midge!" Betty exclaimed. "I've never been so full in my life."

'Well hold on,' Midge couldn't say it out loud. 'Because the worst is about
to arrive.'

Since she couldn't do anything to prevent the giant dog from finishing his
fuck. Midge decided that possibly she could accelerate it climax, and spare
Betty the extended torture that was about to strike her helpless body.

Midge lifted her head up and began desperately licking and sucking the dogs
knot and balls. She figured the faster he shoots, the sooner her friend will
be released. It seemed like a good plan, but unfortunately, the dog was still
going to get that knot in place.

With one final surge it pushed by Betty's pussy lips. Betty yelled and then
passed out. Her body was now limp and only being suspended the great cock
that had speared her. She was like a pig being roasted.

The powerful cock was rigid enough to support Betty's limp form. Underneath,
Midge was astonished at the power involved. After pausing for a minute from
the shock of Betty's scream, she resumed her efforts to get the dog relieved
in record time.

With his knot now securely in place, the St-Bernard reduced his fuck motion
to only a slight in and out movement. A minute later his balls tightened and
he began shooting his load deep inside of her pussy.

"Mooaaan!" Midge could hear Betty utter.

Midge increased her efforts to relieve the dog. Her plan seemed sound, if not
for the fact that both girls had sucked him off previous to this incident.
And with most dogs their second and third erection last longer than the

The dog was quite pleased with this new bitch that he had found. Looking
back, he noticed the other bitch, the dark haired one was under his body
doing the licking that he was feeling.

Midge was laid out almost parallel to the coupled partners. Her legs were
near Betty's head. Looking things over, the dog figured he could snack on
that pussy while he finish planting his seed. Curling back a bit he managed
to slitter his huge tongue over Midges exposed pussy.

"Oh!" Midge exclaimed.

The dog slurped again.

"Now you stop that!" She tried to warn him.

This time his tongue slithered past her pussy lips and burrowed its way deep
inside her. Midge tried to close her legs to keep him out, but his huge head
now prevented her from doing so. So she resigned herself to the licking and
returned to the job of freeing Betty from this beast.

As she continued licking the monstrous dick, she would occasionally make
contact with Betty's clit which caused her to stir in her, impaled,
unconscious state. This reassured Midge that Betty had at least survived the

As she continued to lick around the edge of Betty's pussy, she found that she
was getting a steady flow of dog semen that was now seeping out of her love

"God! How much is he dumping in there?" Midge had to ask herself.

She didn't mind the additional sauce, but it did cause her to concern further
on her friend's well being. She concentrated her efforts on the beast's balls
now, and even inserted two fingers to see if that would get him done sooner.

Twenty minutes since the knot shot into her, Betty finally began to regain
consciousness. At first she was confused as to why she seemed to be floating
above the ground until she remembered that she was still impaled on a stiff
dog cock.

"M.. Midge," she called out sleepily. "Wha... what's happening?"

From underneath, Midge heard Betty call out in confusion. She had hoped to
have had her freed by now, but the huge phallus was showing no sign of
shrinking yet.

"It's okay Bets," she tried to sound reassuring. "I'll get you out soon."

But the truth was that she was tiring herself from all of the sucking she had
been doing on this demon dog. And his ravishing her cunt didn't make things
any easier.

If she hadn't been in such a panic to begin with, she might have thought of
throwing cold water on this pooch. But that thought never crossed her mind
and she returned to her plan.

It was another half hour before the St-Bernard finally began shrinking. But
his tool was so large, that Midge still a had to wait an extra fifteen
minutes before she finally freed Betty from her lusty shackle.

First thing she did was to get that dog back in his pen and came rushing back
to Betty's side. Betty was so wobbly that they just sat on the floor for
almost an hour in order to recuperate. And even then she was wobbly on her

In all, Betty and been impaled and skewered by the great beast for over an
hour and a half. Half of that with his knot imbedded inside her pussy. But
she survived the ordeal.

You can imagine Midge's surprise when Betty called the best fuck that she had
ever got. It looked darn right torturous to her.

Ever since that day, Betty kept hoping for another opportunity to take on
that dog. She finally decided that today would be that day. Understandably,
Midge wanted no part of copulating with that humongous cock.

Since the St-Bernard had already been groomed, the girls went straight for
the fun part. The large dog remembered his previous treatment from these
strange humans and complied readily. Midge and Betty quickly stripped down.

Midge presented her pussy to the huge beast, which he hurriedly dove for.
Betty went straight for his cock, not wanting to wait for him to be aroused.
She began to manipulate his cock with her hands. It didn't take long before
the pink cock began to emerge from its furry hiding place.

As soon as a few inches were exposed Betty took it into her mouth and began
to suck it to life. She liked nothing better than to feel a cock as it grew
in her mouth. The growing member was almost like getting fucked in the mouth
without the humping motion.

Being the animal that he was, the cock grew rapidly to its full length in a
matter of minutes. What began with only a few inches had now transformed
itself to thirteen inches of thick, raging cockmeat. Somehow Betty had
managed to get a full eleven inches down her throat while sucking it to its
present state.

Midge was enjoying the deep penetration of the large dog. Its tongue was at
par with its cock. The depths that it could reach fulfilled her wildest
expectations. She would occasionally check on Betty's progress and wouldn't
be disappointed as she saw the thick phallus emerging from her mouth, then
disappearing once more. If she didn't like getting sucked off so much, she
would be jealous of Betty's choice.

Once its cock had attained its full growth, Betty settled herself to the
traditional doggy fuck position on all four. Midge seeing that her friend was
ready for the next step guided the large furry animal to her kneeling friend.
The dog recognized the position immediately and jumped onto her back and
began humping. He had a momentary problem locating her pussy, but with
Midge's assistance he found it rapidly enough.

Once his cockhead felt the folds of her pussy lips wrapping around it, he
gave a mighty shove which drove nine inches deep in her bowel. Betty moaned
loudly as the great shaft surged inside her. Shaking her head caused her
blonde hair to fall loosely over her face.

Midge stepped back to enjoy the view of her friend getting fucked savagely by
the great beast. He was merciless in his humping. Each forward fuck pushed
Betty across the floor of the grooming room. Midge could also clearly see
Betty's firm breast swaying because of the violent fucking that she was
receiving. This excited her even more.

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, she decided to straddle Betty's back
while facing the St-Bernard's snout and allow him to resume licking her cunt.
The dog seeing her offered pussy was only too happy to oblige. His huge
tongue slithered through the folds of her pussy and explored her love channel
to it very depth.

"Oh yes you big doggy, you!" Betty and Midge exclaimed simultaneously.

"Whoof! Rufff!" {{Take this you fucking bitches!}} The huge animal responded.

As he sent the last few inches into Betty's pussy and drove his tongue over
Midge's protruding clit. His knot was almost completely formed by now, it
would only be a matter of seconds before he and Betty would be locked for his
climax. Betty was looking forward to it as she shoved her pussy back against
his groin to get those last few inches in.

This time, she knew what to expect and was looking forward to it. As she
braced herself for his final surge, she wanted to remain conscious this time,
so she took some deep breaths so as to oxygenate herself properly.

Midge resigned herself when she couldn't convince Betty to reconsider. And so
she enjoyed the large tongue as it explored her pussy, and on occasion her

"Ungghh!" She heard Betty exclaim. "He... he's in,... Mi... Midge."

Betty could feel that every square inch of her womb was occupied by this
great lover that she had discovered. Now locked in place, all she could do
was enjoy the moment. However long it may be. Betty could also feel the hot
jism striking the back wall of her womb. Deeper than anything else that she
had ever experienced. The searing blast was exhilarating.

"Oh! Mi... Midge. Y... you d... d... don... don't... know what you'r...
you're misssssing!" Betty could only gasp her words now.

Her eyes were now glazed over from the ecstasy that was invading her soul.
She was acting as if drugged, as so much adrenaline had passed through her
system. Her head would waver, but she still managed to remain conscious.

The teenage girl was fighting a desperate battle to remain conscious. She was
under the beast now for thirty minutes and still no sign of reduction of his
prick. Midge had long since removed herself from the reach of the St. Bernard
and just sat back and observed. She would sometime play with herself. With
nothing better to do until Betty finished this foolishness.

After forty-five minutes, the dog finally pulled himself free with a very
loud "POP" and hopped down and strutted into a corner to clean his cock. As
Midge looked on, a heavy stream of doggy cum was pouring out of Betty's
pussy. Not one to waste, she dove to Betty's pussy and began lapping up as
much as she could.

Once they had cleaned up, and put everything away, they left for home. Midge
had to help the wobbly Betty back to her home.

Mr. Lodge noticed how wobbly seemed as they left.

"Midge, is Betty all right?" Mr. Lodge asked.

"Oh sure Mr. Lodge. She... she just slipped in the shower," Midge lied.

"Very well then," Mr. Lodge suspected otherwise. "If you don't feel well
tomorrow, Betty. Don't come in to work."

"Its okay, sir. I'll be fine" Betty reassured him.

She had no intention on missing out on those dogs.

Once they left the grounds, Mr. Lodge headed for his video room to check what
really happened. What he saw astounded even him. In the past few days he had
backtracked the tapes and witnessed the girls with dogs of every size and
breed. But seeing Betty's action with his St-Bernard was breathtaking. To see
such a young girl take on a cock of that size.

'No wonder she was in such a daze,' he thought. 'I wonder what else they'll
have in store for me next.'

Part Sixteen

Jughead and Reggie were discussing their session with Cricket on their way
home in Reggie's car. And boys being boys they started comparing notes.

Reggie was the first to boast of his encounter with the mystery woman in the
downtown alley the previous week. He described how this woman was busily
getting fucked and sucking two dogs when he had found her and how she took
him in her snatch while finishing off a big black dog.

He admitted that he never did get to see her face and now was wondering if
maybe it could have been Cricket.

"I mean how many girls can there be that would take on a dog?" He pointed out
to Juggy.

Jughead was next when he revealed that on that very same night, he now
suspected that someone might have been fucking with his dog, Hotdog. He
explained about the ruckus in Hotdog's doghouse, in the backyard. About how,
when he tried calling him in, he seemed to be caught in something. And now
after witnessing Cricket's action with the shaggy dog and at how they tied
together, that could have explained it. And then the clincher was that loud
'POP' that they heard just a few hours ago, it was the same 'POP' that he
recalled in the backyard.

"Its obvious that Hotdog was familiar with her," referring to Cricket. "And
she obviously enjoys it."

"Yeah! Makes sense," Reggie agreed.

"And like you said," Jughead continued. "How many other girls would do that!"

"Yeaaah!" Reggie's eyes narrowed as he recalled what a good fuck she was.

As they continued fantasizing upon Cricket's knowledgeable expertise, they
both started rubbing their crotch. Reggie almost lost control of his car a
few times before they got to the outskirts of Riverdale.

By the time they got to the Chok'lit Shoppe they both had raging hardons, and
were too embarrassed to get out of the car before they would subside. That
took a good fifteen minutes. Once their composure was resumed they headed
inside and noticed Betty and Midge in a corner booth. They sauntered over and
joined them.

"Hey girls! How goes the job?" Reggie yelled out.

Both Betty and Midge jumped up in surprise at his sudden outburst. They
looked up and saw that it was Jughead and Reggie and smiled back at them

"Everything's going fine Reg," Betty answered.

"Yeah, fine," Midge agreed, with a sly smile across her lips.

"We just came from the beach," Jughead started in.

"Yeah! Ran into Cricket..." Reggie began, but Jughead nudged him in the side.

"How is she?" Asked Midge. "We haven't seen her since we started working for
Mr. Lodge."

"Oh, she's fine," Reggie answered in his swanky way. "Just finnne."

Jughead just looked at him, trying to silently keep him quiet about Cricket.
But Reggie just didn't get the message, he just kept on going with his smart
ass, suggestive answers to their inquiries about Cricket.

"How so, Reg?" Betty asked him directly.

"Wellll! Its just that I just now noticed how nice looking she is," Reggie

"Well its about time you did," Midge interjected. "I mean the poor girl's had
a crush on you for years now."

"Really!" Reggie was surprised to hear this.

"Sure she does," Betty agreed. "Why do you think she's hanging around us all
the time."

"I... I just thought that she wanted to be part of our gang," Reggie was
defensive now.

"Reg, you can be such a lunkhead sometimes," Jughead threw in.

Reggie paused to absorb all of this new information. In his conniving mind,
he wasn't thinking of Cricket as a prospective girlfriend, but on her
attributes as a fucking bitch. The image of her getting fucked by Hotdog
re-emerged in his mind, stirring his cock back to life inside his bathing

'Man, how much would guys pay to see something like that?' The glimmer of
money signs hit his eyes.

"Reg, hey Reg! Wake up man. What you been thinking about," Jughead asked the
daydreaming teen.

"I... I was just thinking..." he paused as he tried to come up with an
answer. "... I was just wondering if it would be okay for me to ask Cricket
out. You know on a date."

"Why wouldn't it be?" Betty asked.

"Well, after all she is younger than I am," Reggie replied innocently.

"You moron. So what difference does that make?" Midge scolded him. "She's
only two years younger and she likes you. Give the girl some credit will

"I... I guess you're right," Reggie said sheepishly. "It is kind of stupid to
worry about that."

"Darn right it is," Betty threw back at him. "But don't you dare hurt her
feelings Reggie Mantle. Cricket is a sweet kid and doesn't deserve to be used
and tossed aside. If you're going to ask her out, be sure its for the right

"Oh I will. I assure you, I will," Reggie said with a smirk.

The gang finished their sodas and headed out the door. The girls turned down
a ride home and started walking down the street. Jughead and Reggie hopped
into his car and drove off. As they were driving along, Reggie was thinking
about his plans for Cricket and their 'date.' He figured to make a bundle of
cash off of her talents.

Once he dropped off Jughead he headed home and waited for that evening before
calling Cricket up and asking her out. He figured that he could get her to
date him in a couple of days, that would give him plenty of time to set his
ulterior plan in motion.

Little unsuspecting Cricket didn't know what she was about to get into, or
rather what was going to get into her. When she received the call from Reggie
that night she could only stammer a response. This was beyond her wildest
dreams. She had wanted to go out with him for years but was always ignored
until today. Now she was thankful for their impromptu fling on the beach.
Even if it was an orgy.

Her panties were getting wet just from remembering the carnal gang bang that
she had that afternoon and of thinking about her upcoming date with the man
of her dreams, Reggie Mantle. She jumped into bed earlier than normal just so
she could masturbate herself under the sheets, away from the prying eyes of
her parents.

Reggie's plans were set in motion the very next day. He intended to win her
over with lavish gifts, flowers dinner and a movie, before he got to the good

Three days later was the big night. He arrived at Cricket's house and was
greeted by her parents. He played the perfect gentlemen, complimenting them
on their home and even giving a bouquet of flowers to Cricket's mom for good
measure. When Cricket finally came down the stairs, he was flabbergasted at
how hot she looked.

'How did I ever miss that!' He told himself.

She was dressed in a hot black mini and white shirt, which showed a glimmer
of bra through the thin fabric. The heels on her shoes strained her calf
muscle making them ever so sensuous. With those heels they wouldn't seem like
an odd couple tonight, they lifted her height to just below his athletic

"Wow! You look great Cricket," Reggie said honestly.

"Do you really think so?" She said as she blushed.

"No fooling," he reassured her. "I only wish that I hadn't been such a dupe
and waited this long before noticing you."

"Thanks Reg," she blushed. "That means a lot to me."

Turning to her parents, she kissed them goodnight and headed out the door
with her date, Reggie Mantle.

"What a sweet young man," Cricket's mom said to her husband.

"Umph!" Was all that he had to say, being the typical father.

Reggie's devilish plan was about to begin.

The evening started out great for Cricket. Reggie took to dinner in the
swankiest restaurant in Riverdale. That was followed by the hottest movie.
Once they left the theater Reggie took her out to Make-Out Point, this is
where all the kids went for cuddling. But on this night, Reggie had more than
cuddling in mind.

He parked his car at the Point and turned on the radio. He then pulled
Cricket to him and started kissing her deeply. Cricket couldn't believe that
this was happening to her. She was always putting herself down in the past,
but tonight she had her dreamboat doing what she had wished for.

Reggie started to feel her up, reaching between their bodies he began
massaging her small tits through her clothing. Cricket gasped in surprise but
did nothing to stop him. Observing no resistance on her part Reggie began
fumbling with the buttons of her shirt.

Cricket was breathing hard as her excitement mounted. She tried to help
Reggie in stripping her shirt by pulling away slightly. Reggie grinned at her
compliance and completed unfastening the last of the buttons. He then pulled
the shirt of her small body, leaving her in her white bra. He looked up to
her face and saw her smiling back at him.

'I've got her now,' he told himself, smiling back at the innocent young girl.

He then bent his head down and began suckling on her breast, which brought a
gasp of excitement from Cricket's lips. She place her small hand to the back
of his head and pressed him deeper into her petite cleavage.

Reggie wasn't about to disappoint her and reached into her back to unfasten
her bra clip. It fell loosely, exposing those teenage tits. He preferred
bigger breast, like Betty's and Ronnie's, but these were nice too. He took in
one of her nipples and sucked on the stiff protrusion.

Cricket's breath was coming in short spurts now. She looked down and watched
as Reggie was sucking her tit into his greedy mouth. Then she felt one of
his hands slipping under her mini-skirt, touching the outline of her now wet

The next thing that happened was that he had managed to slip his fingers
past the leg bands of her panties and was now caressing her pussy lips. In
response to this new stimuli, Cricket was unconsciously biting her lower lip.

Reggie could feel the enjoyment that he was giving her and began pulling down
her panties. He lifted her whole body up by one arm as he continued sucking
her nipples. She weighed next to nothing, and her panties were now at her
knees, leaving her pussy accessible to his hands.

Cricket couldn't stand it any longer and pulled Reggie's face up to her own
and began frenchkissing him deeply. He didn't object to this and continued
playing with her tits and cunt with his hands. He then slowly pushed her down
onto the seat and began fiddling with his belt and zipper. He needed to free
his aching cock that was still trapped in the confines of his tight Jeans.

When he finally freed his joint, it sprang out like a spring. Looking down,
Cricket smiled at seeing his stiff member getting ready to invade her young
willing body. She was glad at all of the training that Pop Tates had given
her in the past weeks.

"Oh Baby!" Reggie whispered into her ear. "I've been waiting for this ever
since the beach."

"Do it Reggie," she pleaded to him. "Please stop teasing me. Shove that
pecker into my snatch."

Reggie smiled down at her and speared her snatch. His cock found its mark in
the first try and buried itself to the hilt. Cricket yelled out at the sudden
presence of this huge cock that was now filling her. She still wasn't quite
used to such large cocks. Pop's was nice, but she had discovered that day at
the beach that he was smaller than the average males.

At first she thought that because Hotdog was a dog was the reason that he had
such a huge cock. But then after being fucked by Reggie and Jughead, she knew
that cocks came in all sizes with humans as well.

With her panties at her knees she couldn't quite accommodate Reggie's assault
as well as she had hoped. She desperately wanted to wrap her legs around his
waist, but this was impossible with those damn panties. Reggie didn't mind it
at all, with her knees locked together, it just made her pussy that much
tighter around his cock.

This fuck session went on for a good ten minutes before he finally unloaded
his seed into her sucking womb. After he pulled himself out of her cunt, he
moved up to straddle her small chest and presented his soaked cock to her.
Cricket recognized immediately what he wanted and opened her mouth to him. He
pushed forward and began to fuck her mouth.

Having just shot his load, all he was looking for was a clean up job. Cricket
was happy to oblige. She sucked his cum off of his cock, and also enjoyed the
added flavor that her own love juices gave her. Once she had cleaned him off,
he sat back and pulled back to a sitting position.

They smiled at each other and began getting their clothing back in order.

"That was great Reggie," Cricket blushed at him.

"Yeah! It was," He gave her a kiss.

"It was a beautiful date," she kept looking at him. "I hope we can go out

"Oh, its not over yet, sweetpea," Reggie grinned at her.

Cricket was surprised to hear this and happy at the same time.

'God! He must really like me,' she thought to herself. 'What else can happen

"Ever since that day at the beach I've been thinking about you," Reggie was
smirking at her now. "I was thinking how much you liked it and all."

"Yeah! It was good, wasn't it?" She said innocently.

"I was hoping that we could try something like it again," he told her flat
out. "Maybe with a few others."

Cricket was caught a bit off guard at this suggestion. That day was an
accident. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy herself, its just that she was
still basically shy. She didn't know about doing it with another boy other
than Reggie.

"I... I don't know, Reg."

"Aw c'mon babe," Reggie wasn't about to take no for an answer.

"Who... who did you have in mind?" She asked him.

"Don't you worry about it, babe," he grinned at her. "I'm sure that I can
find someone who would love to dive into that sweet hole of yours."

She blushed at his description of her love channel.

"Welllll. Okay," she finally agreed. "But only if its a nice boy."

Reggie's smile broadened as he started up the car and drove off. Cricket had
no idea where they might be heading, but she would trust Reggie blindly. They
drove for a good fifteen minutes before he turned off the main road and
headed deep in the woods. She was getting worried now.

"Were going to my family's cabin," he reassure her.

Cricket just smiled back at him. Hearing that reassured her and eased her

It was another ten minutes before they finally reached it. It was so deep in
the woods that she could no longer make out the city lights. She also didn't
notice the outline of the half dozen cars parked near the cabin.

Reggie stopped the car and ran over to her door to open it for her. She was
impressed with his gentlemanly manner. They walked hand in hand towards the
front door. Once inside, the lights came on suddenly. She was dazzled
momentarily and it took her a few seconds for her eyesight to return to
normal. Blinking, she opened her eyes and there before them was the Riverdale
football team, all twenty of them, except for Moose and Archie who were out
of town. The whole team had been briefed by Reggie on how hot Cricket was in
the sack.

They found this hard to believe, for they all knew her, and she just didn't
seem the type to do the things that Reggie promised them. A deal was made,
that the whole team would pay fifty each for this night. They also told
Reggie that if she didn't live up to his promise, he would live to regret it.

He assured them that she would do. In fact, he convinced them that she would
play the unwilling victim, just to excite them more. Unfortunately for
Cricket, they believed his line.

Cricket's eyes bugged out as she took notice that they were all in their
shorts. She started to turn to face Reggie when she felt his hands grabbing
her by the arm and shoving her into the group of horny players.

"No, don't," she yelled in fear.

Suddenly, she felt half a dozen hands prodding her petite body. She was being
passed around like a fumbled football. Some of the boys were getting bolder
and squeezed her breast through her shirt and bra. Then someone got his hand
under her skirt and discovered that she wore no panties. She had removed the
juice soaked garment back at the Point.

The invading digit inserted itself into her snatch and came back all wet.
He pulled it out and showed it off to his comrades like a trophy. She then
looked on as the team's halfback sucked in his cunt soaked digit into his
mouth and sucked it dry.

Hoop and hollers followed. She looked back pleadingly at her date, Reggie
Mantle. He was standing back at the door counting out a wad of bills that the
team had agreed to pay him. Tears began streaming down her cheeks as she now
realized that he had used her.

Poor Cricket was dwarfed by the huge players, the shortest one was still
over a foot taller than she. They continued to pass her around and she was
helpless to stop it. The guys finally had enough of this touchy-feely game
and began to unbutton her shirt and pulling her skirt off of her diminutive

By now something strange was happening to her. She was getting excited by all
of these studs attacking her. Once all of her clothing had been removed, she
just stood there. The center of attention. They had left her high heels on at
Reggie's suggestion, this only made her more sexy to look at.

The team quarterback then told her to turn around slowly. They wanted her to
show off her ass-ets. She complied hesitantly but willingly. The catcalls,
that her petite body caused, made her smile at their admiration.

She then began noticing the number of bulges that were forming under those
trunks. She could see the outline that their stiff member were making. She
noticed that some were short, some long. Some were thin and some were fat.
Some were white, some were black. Her curiosity was peeking by now. She
wanted to see all of those cocks exposed for her to study.

Reggie noticed her staring at their crotches and told them that it was time
to show it all to the little lady. As one they all pulled down their shorts.

Cricket gasped at the sight before her. Twenty long hard cocks bobbing at
attention for her and her alone. She could feel her breathing getting more
labored as she kept gazing blankly at them. Cricket's sexual adventure was
about to happen.

Part Seventeen

The players lead her to the back room, which was Reggie's parents bedroom.
It had a large bed with mirrors all around. The room was large enough to
accommodate everyone.

Cricket was lead to the bed and was told to lay down in it. She complied
willingly, by now her inhibitions had all but dissipated. Yes she was still
angry at Reggie for deceiving her, but she no longer feared what was about to
happen to her. In fact she was looking forward to it all.

She lay on the white sheets on her back and began playing with herself
without being asked. The excitement of the moment was now controlling her
actions. She closed her eyes as she continued pleasuring herself. The guys
hung back and just watched the young girl pleasure herself. She buried her
hand into her crotch and began playing with her clit in front of these twenty
teen studs.

As they continued watching this teen slut before them, each of the players
began pulling on his own cock, getting ready for their turn at her hot little
body. Cricket opened her eyes and smiled at seeing so many guys jerking off
because of her.

She reached out to the nearest of them and beckoned him to get closer. He
readily complied and got onto the mattress with her. He was next to her head
and he could only watch as she lifted her face and inserted his cock into her
small, tight mouth. She sucked him in deeply.

This was enough of a signal for the rest of them. In twos and threes they
joined her on the bed. Cricket felt someone's lips against her pussy, she had
no idea who and she didn't care. She felt hands and lips on her nipples as
well as her ass and pussy.

Reggie just stood back and followed the action at a distance. He had grabbed
the family camcorder and was busily recording the event for posterity. None
of the participants on the bed was even aware of his activities.

Cricket was so busy with one cock that she would be surprised as one team
member would switch with another constantly. For the next half hour her holes
never stayed empty for long. The best was when all three holes were filled at
the same time.

Reggie also found this to be the hottest of scenes. Seeing her pussy and ass
holes stretched to the limit was the best scene that he had ever witnessed.
Sure it still didn't beat the doggy action that he believed that she had been
doing all around town, but it was still hot nonetheless.

The last of the guys finally unloaded into her after another half hour. By
this time the first seven had recuperated enough from their fucking Cricket
that their cocks were stiff once more. They were jerking feverishly on their
tools. As soon as their buddies got clear of her they let their loads go. She
was being sprayed by seven surging cocks. Their cum was covering her from
head to toe. Cricket tried the best she could to catch the delicious fluid,
but the assault was coming from all directions.

Reggie had placed the camcorder away on the dresser top, still running. He
hoped that he had it pointed properly for what was to happen next.

As the last guy finished spraying her, they all began mingling around the bed
for the next attraction. Cricket was confused as to what was going on now.
She saw the whole team just standing there doing nothing but looking down at
her cum covered body. They would only look on, as absently she would scoop up
some of the cum on her tits and lick it up lavishly.

Then the quarterback finally snapped out of his reverie and turned back to

"Okay Reg," he snapped at him. "You were right. Crick is a hot lay. But what
about the other show that you promised us?"

"Yeah!" The rest of the players chided in.

"Now, now boys," Reggie tried to calm them. "I know what I promised. And
never let it be said that Reggie Mantle isn't a man of his word."

He then turned to Clayton, the teams kicker.

"Clay, you brought him didn't you?"

"Uh! Oh sure thing Reg," Clayton finally responded. "He's back in the

"Well, go get him. The guys are waiting."

"Right!" He said as he headed out the door. "Back in a minute."

Now Cricket was really confused. What were they expecting from her now. Then
she heard a clopping sound from the wood floor as Clayton lead in the team
mascot, Billy-the-Goat . The team opened up a path for the mascot as he was
lead next to the bed. Cricket backed off fearfully from the demonic looking
beast. He just brayed back at her as he whiffed the sexual smells that
covered her.

'Was he expecting me to do something with... with that,' she turned to Reggie
in shock.

The guys could see the fear of her face and they also turned towards Reggie.
Reg was getting worried now. Things could get ugly for him if he didn't fix
it now. He sauntered over to the frightened Cricket and sat next to her.

"C'mon Crick. Don't chicken out now," he whispered in her ear. "You'll love.
Just think of him as your lover Hotdog."

"Wha... what are you talking about?" She asked all confused.

"Sure you do," he snarled at her quietly. "I know and you know that you've
been fucking dogs all over town. I saw how much you loved his big doggy dick
up your snatch."

"Are you nuts," she forced her voice down, not wanting the other boys to
hear. "Wh... what happened at the beach was an accident. I've never done
anything like that before, or since."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," he told her, not believing a word of it. "But how do
you think your parents will feel when they get a video of their little girl
from tonight's events."

He pointed to the camera still running. She looked in shock as she realized
that everything that she'd done was on tape. Her head lowered in defeat as
Reggie kept on talking.

"Now, what you're gonna do is whatever I tell you. Right?"

"Y... yes," she resigned herself to her fate.

"Good. Now get down on the floor next to the bed," he ordered her.

She obeyed and got off the bed. Next she knelt on the floor. Reggie told
her to lean forward while resting her shoulders on to the mattress and she
followed his instructions. As she leaned forward the remains of cum slid
along her breast to the tip of her nipples and slow droplets seemed to be
coming from her breasts.

The scene before them started to get the team excited again. They all took
a hold of their tools and began masturbating again. Half of them were
semi-stiff before Reggie ordered Clay to bring Billy-the-Goat forward.

Cricket had her head buried in the mattress sobbing silently, waiting for the
inevitable beast fucking that she was sure was to come.

Reggie delved into her sopping pussy and gathered some of her juices. He then
went over to the goat and let him lick his hands clean of the sexy juices.
Though not sheep juices, it still had the same effect on the beast.

Once he got a taste of it, he almost pulled Clayton's shoulder out when he
dove towards the kneeling teenager. The players looked on as an eight inch
tongue began exploring the petite brunette. He seemed to enjoy the taste of
the cum that was all over her. He started at her shoulder and neck and
followed the trail back towards her derriere. Obviously the goat couldn't
get to her tits, dripping with cum. They were crushed under her and the bed.

Cricket couldn't help getting excited at the rough texture of the goats
tongue against her tits and body, busily cleaning of the sperm residue. She
could feel her juices begin to gather in her pussy, nature's lubricant for
the coming fuck. Her tears and crying were fading with the mounting
excitement her body was registering.

Finally 'Billy' reached her ass. His long tongue explored her stretched out
sphincter and swallowed the cum that was in her belly. Then the moment of
truth arrived. He found her pussy. Its tongue buried deep inside of her,
trying to extricate every last droplet of sperm that it could find.

Cricket couldn't believe that a tongue could go so deep. It felt like a
living cock. Twitching, changing shape and direction inside of her. If she
didn't know any better she might have believed that Reggie had inserted a
snake up her twat. Once more her breathing was coming in ragged short spurts.

The players could see that she was definitely into this. They continued to
watch the show as she shook her head from side to side. Drool was escaping
her gaping mouth.

"Oh God yes. You lovely beast," she said for all to hear. "Do me! Eat my
pussy like nothing ever has before!"

Any doubts that the players had to Reggie's words were now gone. Being
teenagers, they just didn't understand that lust will overcome reason, even
during a rape. They looked on, while stroking their dicks, when one of them
noticed that the Goat was starting to get a hardon himself. Within a minute
everybody, except Cricket were looking on in amazement as a monstrous black
cock emerged under the furry underbelly of the animal.

Reggie aimed the vidcam to capture this moment. He got down to the floor and
taped it as 'Billy's' cock grew, grew and grew some more. Once it reached its
peak it measured fifteen inches if not more and had a girth of at least four.

"Man! How is Crick gonna take somethin' like that?" One of the players asked
out loud.

"Don't worry about it," another interjected. "If she could handle all of us,
this'll be a cinch."

The others really didn't care if she could or not, they were caught up in the
show. Reggie crawled up to Cricket's face and whispered in her ear.

"Okay babe. Its now or never," he said coarsely. "Raise that butt of yours
so as to make it easier for 'Billy'."

Cricket tried to comply but her legs were too short to make it any easier
for the beast. Now she was the one who was frustrated at the situation. She
desperately wanted the goat to take her, but her body was just too short to
help him out.

The team quarterback saw the problem and ran to the livingroom and returned
with a cushion from the couch. He tossed it over to Reggie who then lifted
the small girl and slipped it under her knees. This was just what was needed.
Her pussy was now almost perfectly level with the jutting cock of the mascot.

"Now Cricket, I want you to spread those knees of yours," Reg told her as he
patted the goat on the head. "Open up for loverboy here."

Cricket did as she was told and spread her knees apart. This opened her
sticky pussy lips for the beast waiting for her. She could feel her lips
unsticking slowly as her vagina opened still further. Then she braced herself
against the bed, waiting for the animal's advance.

Clay and Reggie each grabbed a front hoof of the goat and pulled it on top of
the waiting girl. Underneath, Cricket felt the soft underbelly fur of the
goat as he was being placed for her fucking. She hadn't seen the size of his
tool yet and so was totally unprepared when the cockhead made contact with
her pussy lips. The heat that it was generating was bad enough, but the size
that she was feeling against her tunnel just seemed surreal.

A huge halfback came forward with a towel in hand and grabbed hold of the
huge tool. He rubbed it up and down against her pussy. This excited her even
more in anticipation for what was to come. Reggie and Clay finally let go of
the goat and stepped back. He was bigger than Cricket, and so covered her
body completely with his furry chest.

The full weight of the animal fell on her small back and she grunted loudly
trying to remain in place. The cock was still being rubbed against her pussy.
Occasionally it would come into contact with her clit which caused her to
whelp in pleasure.

Reggie grabbed the vidcam and returned to recording her performance. He
finally told the guy holding the animal prick to get it into her. The player
followed Reggie's orders and tried to get the huge cockhead into her tight

After a few false tries he finally managed to lodge it past her pussy lips.
The goat feeling the warmth of her pussylips wrapping his shaft, steadied
himself for a few seconds. Then in one animalistic surge shoved his body into
his kneeling prey.

In this first attempt, he only managed to get the first three inches into
her tight cunt. Cricket yelled out in pain as this searing mass invaded her
pussy. Her yell shocked the hell out of the guys surrounding her. Some of
them were considering leaving before things got out of hand.

Cricket was crying out loud now. Her still inexperienced cunt had been
stretched to new limits with this latest invader. She was hoping that this
would be it. She still didn't realize that there was still a foot left out

The goat shoved in again, throwing his weight behind this effort. Another
four inches managed its way into her sagging body. He pulled back and fucked
in once more, sending another two inches inside her. She had now managed to
take in nine inches of his mighty staff inside of her womb.

She yelled out with each mighty surge of the ram. But her excitement was
mounting with each of them as well. Cricket was slowly getting used to the
mass of the beast inside her. But just when she thought she had taken it all
in, the animal would shove in even more.

"God! Will it ever end?" She asked the nearest boy.

"You've got over half of him now Crick," he said looking down at her
grimacing face. "Just a bit more to go."

"I... I... I don... don't know if... if I can... take... anymo... anymore
of... this," she gasped.

Despite her outward reluctance to this, the players noticed that she was
fucking back into the ram. They talked it over between themselves and all
agreed that Cricket was in fact an animal lover, just as Reggie told them.
Man, the stories they could tell the opposing teams.

Another few minutes and the goat had, amazingly, managed to fuck his full
fifteen inches into her petite and tight pussy. Once 'Billy' and Cricket both
realized that he had bottomed out, they just lay there motionless for a few
seconds. Then the goat began to fuck into her steadily.

As the fucking continued, her pussy lips would loosen further. Occasionally,
its overheated cock would rub against her tiny clit and excite her even more.
The continuous friction of the huge member against the innerskin of her
vaginal tunnel was too much for her. Without any warning she passed out.

None of the players even noticed her unconscious condition. They were too
enthralled at the huge animal cock fucking into her pussy. Her limp body was
offering no resistance to the huge beast. In fact in this relaxed state her
pussy muscles loosened even further. This allowed the goat to increase the
tempo of his fucking.

He was now reaching a jackhammer speed in his fucking the young teen. Her
limp body was being shoved back and forth under his furry belly. Reggie was
capturing every loving minute of this and enjoying it immensely.

Through the lenses of the camera, he could see twelve to fourteen inches of
animal cock emerge from her pussy only to disappear again in seconds. He
would follow the underside of their bodies to Cricket's hanging breast and
then zoom back to the black goat cock. He then noticed the animal's balls
tightening. A sure sign that he was about to blow his load.

He got up and went to Cricket's ear. That's when he noticed that she was
passed out. He turned to Clayton and told him to get a wet towel.

Clay returned within seconds, not wanting to miss anything. Reggie grabbed it
and dabbed it on Cricket's forehead. She soon regained consciousness. She had
a confused look on her face. That is until she felt the goat shove his cock
back into her. She groaned from the pleasure of the filling rod.

Still in a confused state she looked around and saw all the gaping eyes
following her action with the goat. Then she caught sight of a door mirror.
In it she could see herself with the ram on her back. She also saw for the
first time the huge cock that was stuck up her small twat. Her eyes narrowed
dreamily as she felt, and watched, the huge prick disappear deep inside of
her. It amazed her that someone as small as her could take on something so

"Hang on babe," Reggie spoke to her softly in her ear leaning down to her.
"He's about to blow."

Cricket prepared herself the best she could. Taking deep breaths in
anticipation for what was likely to be a humongous load of cum. On her third
such breath it happened. She felt the scalding heat of its cum splash the
back of her womb. Deeper than anything as ever gotten.

The animal's climax didn't go unnoticed to the football team either. One
after another they began shooting their own cum. Each were aiming for her
face. Cricket was oblivious to the cum shower that she was receiving. All
that was in her mind at this very moment was the animal sperm drowning her

Reggie zoomed his vidcam to her pussy lips when suddenly cum was spraying out
of its tight grasp of the goat cock. The mascot was shooting so much into her
that her cunt couldn't contain it all. All of this he caught on tape.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity the goat stopped moving. He just lay
there on top of her, resting. Cricket was pretty much in the same state. Her
breathing was deep from the exertion. Then 'Billy' began pulling back.
Dragging his still stiff cock slowly out of her tight confines.

Reggie followed the slow process. He could see her pussy lips virtually turn
inside-out because of the huge cock. About twelve inches were now free of her
sucking pussy. That's when they hit a snag. The tight seal of the animal's
huge cock and all the juices inside of her had created a vacuum. The goat's
cock was wedged inside of her.

Each time he tried pulling further, he only managed to drag the waif of a
girl along with him. The guys huddled to try an find a solution to this
dilemma. They tried pulling her free physically, but that only caused her to
cry out in pain. Then Clay suggested they insert a drinking straw past the
cock to release the vacuum.

They thought it silly, but by now they were willing to try anything. To
everyone's surprise the trick worked. The goat's cock came free with a
resounding "POP". This was followed soon after by a stream of animal cum
pouring out of her now gaping pussy hole.

Cricket sighed a sigh of relief at finally being free of the beast. She
looked around at her admiring spectators.

'Well. I won't ever have a problem getting a date after this,' she thought
to herself humorously.

Reggie gathered the guys and lead them back to their cars. After a few
minutes, everyone was gone except for Cricket and himself. Gathering her
clothes from the livingroom, he returned to the bedroom to make sure she was
okay with it all.

Imagine his surprise when he found her lying on the floor under the ram,
licking its still stiff cock clean. He quietly went to the vidcam and turned
it back on. He slowly walked around her. He wanted to make sure that he
caught her face on tape, for future plans. But after tonight he honestly
didn't expect any resistance from her.

When the team left the room Cricket looked closely at the goat. She couldn't
believe that her tiny pussy had really managed to take in such a huge cock.
As she got closer 'Billy' licked her face, gathering the cum that was
showered on her during his climax. Cricket enjoyed the rough texture of the
tongue on her skin.

She then began rubbing its soft fur. Getting bolder she decided to examine
more closely its love tool. She got down on the floor and slid under its
belly. There before her was the most beautiful cock she had ever seen. Its
unnatural blackness only excited her more, it was almost alien looking. And
even with the great fuck that it had just given her, it was still as stiff
as a four-by-four.

She hesitantly reached up and touched it. The heat was scalding. Her hand
came back gooey from its juices that covered it. She brought her hand to her
nose and smelled it. The fragrance was exhilarating. Without thinking, she
licked her hand clean of the animal jism. She found the flavor tangy but not

Looking around the room to be sure she was alone, she licked the cockhead.
The heat and its taste was overpowering. Her courage now bolstered she
attacked the animal cock with abandon. She began at the head and licked her
way to its balls then reversed direction. She tried to gather as much of the
sperm residue as she could. She had completely forgotten that she was in
Reggie's cabin and that he, at least, would be returning soon.

That's when she noticed him with his damn vidcam. He was filming her face as
she was sucking the ebony cock of the football's team mascot. She stopped for
a minute, but after reflecting upon it she just didn't care anymore. What
difference would a tape do to her reputation now. She resumed to sucking the
beast with a new gleam in her eyes.

Reggie was capturing every minute of her lustful abandon. He went to her
tits, back to her face as she munched tenderly the meat of the cockhead. When
he whispered a suggestion to her to take the cock in her mouth, he was
shocked to see her smile to him and comply with no hesitation.

It was a tight fit but somehow she did manage to get that huge head in
between her lips. He continued filming as she jerked the animal to another
climax that shot down her throat. As fast as she gulped the warm juices down,
the animal would replace it. She was finding it hard to catch a breath in
between. The amount of sperm that the goat was shooting in her mouth overtook
what she could swallow and Reggie got a great shot of the beastly cum
spilling out of her mouth filled lips.

The goat had finally finished with his seeding and trotted to the corner of
the room and began munching on some flowers in a pot. Reggie looked over to
the dresser clock and saw that it was nearly midnight.

"Man! I got to get you home."

Pulling her up to her feet, he guided her to the washroom and told her to
wash up. Cricket stumbled weakly into the shower and cleaned off the jism
that was still on her body. As she dried herself, she looked into the mirror
and couldn't quite recognize the girl there.

'After tonight, nobody would be looking at me as sweet innocent Cricket,'
she thought to herself.

She stepped out of the washroom buck naked before Reggie. He could only
look at her admiringly and hoped that she would let him take her out again
sometime. She grabbed her clothes and dressed.

Fifteen minutes later they were on the road heading home. Her parents were
upset at Reggie for bringing her home so late. But Cricket assured them that
it couldn't be helped. They had a flat tire and no spare. They bought it, for
their daughter would never lie to them.

Cricket kissed Reggie goodnight with a deep kiss. He enjoyed that most of
all. After all that he had done to her she still cared for him deeply.

"Next time, lets try something different," she whispered in his ear.

Reggie couldn't wait, as he twisted her wet panties that she gave him as a

Cricket barely made it to her bed before passing out from exhaustion.

Part Eighteen

Over the weekend, Betty and Midge couldn't help but notice a glow surrounding
Cricket. She had this sweet little smile every time Reggie's name was
mentioned. They both assumed that Reggie acted gentlemanly on their date the
previous evening. Little did they know. Whenever the conversation turned to
making out or kissing she would blush uncontrollably.

The girls decided to spend that Sunday at the beach. That morning they met at
the Chok'lit Shoppe and headed out in Betty's family car. It was a warm day
and the beach was crowded. They spotted Reggie and Jughead and joined them.

The girls had their swimsuits on and were covered with oversized jerseys
which they removed deftly. Betty was wearing a blue bikini while Midge's suit
was a very revealing string model and a cream color to it. Betty was amused
by her choice because of her lesbian revelation. Cricket was the last to
remove her jersey and she wore a one piece suit which hugged the curves of
her petite body.

Reggie ogled her approvingly. She noticed his gaze, blushed and smiled back
at him. She and Reggie settled on a beach towel together where he offered to
put some suntan lotion on her back. She accepted with pleasure. Her nipples
stiffened almost immediately at the contact of his hands against her bare

This left Betty and Midge to service themselves with the lotion. Something
that didn't usually happen, normally they would be swamped with offers from
the guys to do it for them. Not so today. Midge didn't mind it one bit, any
excuse to feel Betty's hands on her skin was a pleasure.

When she began applying the lotion to Betty's skin, she would intentionally
slip her fingers under the confines of Betty's bikini bra and rub her breast.
This excited Betty immensely. The danger of being seen in this compromising
situation just added to the excitement.

As usual, Jughead was exploring Betty's famous picnic basket for snacks. He
wasn't paying attention to those near him at all.

As the day wore on, Betty and Midge were surprised at the attention that
Cricket seemed to be getting from the school athletes. Ten minutes wouldn't
go by before another would try flirting with their young friend. For Cricket,
this was a new experience. She wasn't used to this much attention directed
towards her. Of course she knew what had changed and it bothered her a bit.

Reggie kept having to drive away these male interlopers. He wanted the hot
minx as his property and nobody else. Of course he would share her, for the
right price. But overall he wanted total control. To make is point he would
kiss her deeply for all to see. Cricket returned the kisses with pleasure.

Seeing them kiss like that brought a smile to Betty and Midge. They felt that
they had helped out a friend by steering Reggie to act respectively towards
her. If they only knew how he had used her for his own profit and was
intending to repeat it as often as she would let him.

Jughead also observed how close Reggie was acting towards Cricket but he
suspected that he was up to his usual tricks and that this was all an act. He
figured that Reggie probably blackmailed poor Cricket into that date the
other night, not yet realizing how far it went.

He kept watching this odd couple and noticed that his cock was jerking to
life in his swimtrunks as he recalled the great fuck session that they had
had just a few days ago with her. He could remember clearly her fucking
Hotdog and then taking both Reggie and himself in a three way gang bang along
with his dog. With a stiff cock, he just couldn't dare get up off his stomach
until it subsided.

Betty and Midge headed for the surf and dove in for a swim. Cricket and Reg
followed suit. Jughead just remained behind, to guard the basket of goodies
he told them.

Twenty minutes later Jughead cock had finally settled down. He was sitting
watching the gang splashing each other in the water. The gang was returning
to their spot. First came Reggie and Cricket followed right behind by Betty.
Midge was trailing them coming out of the surf.

Midge's cream colored string bikini, now wet, had become translucent. Her
dark pubic triangle and brown aureoles were clearly visible under the wet,
transparent fabric. Poor Jug couldn't control himself as his blood rushed to
his penis and his cock sprang back to life, tenting his trunks for his pals
to see.

All three girls giggled at the sight and asked him what got him so excited.
When he pointed to Midge, they all gasped and laughed out loud while Midge
tried to wrap a beach towel around her in embarrassment.

"Good thing Moose is out of town," Reggie said, laughing hysterically.

"Yeah! Half the boys would wind up in the hospital," Betty agreed.

"Very funny guys," Midge responded, sticking her tongue out. "Now how am I
supposed to enjoy a day at the beach if I have to stay covered."

"Who says you have to," Jughead tossed in.

His outburst caught them all off guard. From Reggie they expected such a
comment, but not from girl hater Jughead Jones. Looking down at him, Midge
noticed his staring straight at her breast. So she decided to have some fun
with him and opened up the towel and gave him a clear view.

Her nipples popped stiff at her exhibitionism. Jughead just leered at those
jutting beauties and enjoyed their firmness. Midge settled next to him and
let him ogle her all he wanted. Betty, Cricket and Reggie closed a circle to
make this scene their own private show.

"Go ahead Juggie" Midge whispered in his ear leaning over to Jughead.
"Touch'em if you want to."

To her surprise his hand reached up and grasped her right tit and squeezed
gently. The gelatin feel of that soft tit made him take a deep breath. The
gang just stared at Jughead as he continued as if in a trance. Midge placed
her hand behind his head and pulled his mouth to her covered nipple.

Jughead didn't need a roadmap. He closed his lips around the still covered
nipple and sucked on it. Betty's hand had drifted down to his crotch and
grasped his stiff rod and was slowly jerking her friends cock through his
bathing suit.

Having had enough of his sucking through her suit, Midge pulled down the
material of her bra and gave Jughead free access to her bare breasts. Jughead
didn't refuse the offer. He went from one to the other while Betty continued
jerking him off.

This strange huddle started attracting some attention from the other
beachgoers. Soon a small crowd had gathered and was peering down the middle
and watched stupefied as Jughead Jones was sucking on the delectable tits of
the forbidden Midge Frummp.

As the crowd of voyeurs continued to follow the action, hands were grasping
at various body parts. This soon caught the attention of the lifeguards on
duty who promptly broke up the gathering. When they got to the root cause of
the disturbance they ordered all five teens to the first aid station.

The gang were worried that the guards would be calling their parents about
their lewd behavior at the beach. What greeted them was that they were given
the choice of servicing the three lifeguards, one woman and two men, or face
criminal charges. They agreed readily.

The girls took care of the two macho guys while Jughead and Reggie serviced
the muscular redhead with the big tits. Their 'punishment' lasted nearly two
hours. When they were finally released, each of the girls had received one
mouthful load from each of the lifeguards, while the boys had fucked Trish,
the female lifeguard twice each. After which she licked them clean of the
juices that covered their pricks.

When they left the first aid station they all ran into the surf to cool
themselves off as well as to clean any trace of their latest frisk. For some
reason, Midge wanted to get close to Jughead and jumped on his back,
squishing her plump tits against his back. Betty decided to have some fun
with him as well and placed herself in front of the confused woman hater and
hugged him tightly from the front.

Poor Jughead had two set of tits rubbing against his bare chest and despite
the cool water his cock was regaining it rigidity that got him in this mess
to begin with. He reached under the surf and pinched Betty's ass, at which
she squealed in delight. She in turn dug her hands in his trunks and grabbed
the hot cock that was even now surging.

Reggie and Cricket were just silent observers, but not inactive. Reggie had
his hand past her legband and was playing with her pussy lips as they both
followed the playful threesome. Cricket pulled his head down towards hers and
kissed him deeply. He returned it by inserting his tongue down her willing
throat. Then Reggie had an idea.

Always the jokester, he snuck up behind Betty and loosened the backstrap of
her top, out popped her tits in Jughead's face. Cricket decided to follow
suit to her new boyfriend and did the same to Midge's top. Four bare breast
was now rubbing against Jughead's bare chest. Soft skin against his own. He
couldn't hold out any longer and shot his load in the water.

White stringy sperm could be seen under the surface. The substance became a
sticky mess that clung against any skin that it got in contact with. Betty
was the prime recipient of this ejaculation. It was hitting her thigh next to
her crotch. After a few minutes they tired of the game and made their way
back to the beach. Betty and Midge made sure that their tops were tied up
again before they could be seen.

Once back at their spot, midge noticed the cum that was still clinging to
Betty's thigh. She reached down and scraped the sticky substance of and
licked it off her fingers, right there in public. Cricket and Betty just
gawked at her audacity.

The time finally came that they had to leave. They packed their belongings
and made their way to the parking lot. Reggie offered to drive Cricket home
if Betty and Midge could take Jughead. They agreed and so they split up, each
going their own way.

Halfway home, Reggie pulled over on a side road and fucked Cricket in broad
daylight. He removed her one piece suit and lifted her onto his lap and bench
pressed her onto his dick until he came. Cricket was quite impressed with
this demonstration of his strength. He pummeled her into his groin like an
inflatable doll for she hardly weight much more he felt. This daring move
only served to excite her more.

Betty and Midge were no better towards Jughead. They also pulled off the road
and offered Jughead a ringside seat to a lesbian show to revive his cock, as
the two nubile girls sucked each other before him. This did the trick as his
cock surged back to its full length. This allowed each girl to suck a load
each from his sturdy cock. He also didn't lose his well earned reputation as
a big eater. He them both out twice before they got dressed and headed home

By the time they all got home, their respective suppers were in the oven to
keep warm. Their parents chided each of them for their tardiness.

That night, Betty was horny as hell and wanted some cock. Preferably doggy
cock. Luckily she knew where one was always handy, at Jughead's.

Jughead was thinking of the day's events and what that would mean for his
reputation. As he visualized Midge's tits before him, his hand grasped his
cock and was slowly jerking it so as to make it last longer. He would then
be thinking of Betty's cunt against his groin in the water and would squeeze
his penis some more. Then Cricket's liberal fucking completed the picture
and he blew such a powerful shot that it flew three feet into the air before
landing on the floor.

"Shit!" He swore silently. 'Now I'll have to clean that up before mom sees it
and has a fit."

Grabbing some Kleenexes, he got to his knees and began dabbing the white
fluid off of the floor.

Betty, had by this time made her way into his backyard and was looking for
Hotdog. She made her way to the doghouse only to discover it empty.

'Where could he have gone?' She wondered to herself.

Her wondering was disrupted when the lights came on at the back porch and the
door opened. She dove into the doghouse to hide. Peering cautiously outside
she saw that it was Mrs. Jones and she was putting Hotdog outside for the

The dumb brute just sat on his haunches and stared dumbfoundedly at the
closing door. Betty just stared in amusement as the shaggy dog didn't move
for a full ten minutes in the hopes that his masters would let him back in.

Betty then had the bright idea to entice him over with a smell that he had
become accustomed to. Dropping her shorts and panties, she sat at the back of
the doghouse and began masturbating herself. Knowing what was to come only
excited her more and it wasn't long before she began lubricating her pussy.

Hotdog caught a whiff of the familiar scent and began following his nose. It
wasn't long before his big head peeked inside and discovered the bare-assed
blonde. He whelped with joy at seeing his friend and lover again. He jumped
on her and began licking her face out of love. Occasionally sticking his
tongue inside her gaping mouth.

Betty was enjoying this attention as she always did since discovering
bestiality. Having had enough of his lapping her face, she pulled his head
down towards her open crotch. Once he found the source of the enticing scent
that got him there he dove with pleasure.

He lapped her pussy lips and then would drive his long tongue deep within
her. Betty was breathing heavily and moaning softly from exertion from his
loving caresses. She was so preoccupied by her doggy lover that she never
heard the porch door being opened once again. She was in a dreamland with her
eyes shut as she imagined the things that were about to occur.

Jughead felt it would be safer if he disposed of the soiled Kleenexes now,
rather than risk his mom discovering them. He couldn't imagine trying to
explain them. So he snuck downstairs and headed for the garbage cans in the

Once outside and having disposed of the evidence he was about to go back
inside when he noticed something rather peculiar. Upon looking closer he
could see Hotdog's butt sticking out of his doghouse.

"Now what is that stupid dog doing?" He asked to no one.

He made his way closer to see what was going on. That's when he heard a low
moan coming from within the doghouse.

'That wasn't from no bitch,' he thought to himself. 'Must be Cricket coming
for seconds.'

He wrongfully presumed, for he still believed that the little waif was the
town's resident dog lover.

Sneaking closer, he cautiously peered inside. He was shocked to see clean
cut, girl next door, Betty getting her pussy licked by his dog and moaning in
pleasure. Looking around to make sure nobody was watching, he pulled out his
cock and began to bring it back to life.

Feeling that something was amiss, she slowly opened her eyes and noticed a
stiff cock being jerked just outside the entrance of the doghouse. She gasped
in shock as she realized that she had been caught with the dog licking her
cunt. She tried to push Hotdog away, but he wouldn't hear of it. He growled
at her as he did that first day. She relented and let him continue. The only
thing she could do was to hide her face from her witness in the hopes that
whomever it was wouldn't know it was her. Then she saw Jughead's face peering
in and smiling sheepishly at her. She naively smiled back.

"Mind if I join you two?" He asked her.

Seeing no way out of this dilemma she nodded yes.

He squeezed his way past Hotdog and sat next to Betty in the large doghouse.
He looked eagerly at Hotdog lapping the juices out of her willing pussy and
reached down to hold the lips open for him. Betty moaned at the contact of
his hand down there.

"Gee Bets. You really are a real blonde," he said naively. "Even down there."

"And why shouldn't it be," she replied. "What color did you expect by pussy
to be anyway?"

"Okay, okay. Don't get angry," he apologized profusely. "It's not like I see
bare pussy everyday you know."

"Sorry Juggie" she said apologetically. "Its just awkward that's all. I'm
just nervous."

Jughead, having noticed her reaction to his touch, then began rubbing her
pussy as Hotdog continued to lick her. He found her clit and began rubbing
that as well. Betty moaned even louder at his attention to her passion
button. Betty realized that her secret would be safe with Jughead and relaxed
and continued to enjoy the moment. In fact being watched by a boy was even
more exciting to her than when Midge was the only spectator.

She then decided to give Juggie a real show and stripped off her top, baring
her breast to both males. She then squeezed them together and began licking
her own nipples alternately. Jughead followed suit by jerking his cock before

He then got on his knees and aimed the cockhead towards her face. Betty
opened her mouth in expectation of his ejaculating. It never came. He was
able to control himself and hold back. Looking back to Hotdog, he decided on
something better for all of them. He told Betty to get up, and laid down on
his back. He then told her to slip onto his rigid staff.

Betty followed his directions with pleasure. Straddling his groin she slowly
slipped his nine inch cock up her twat. Once she was completely imbedded onto
his cock, he pulled her down to his chest and held her there, squashing her
tits against him. She didn't know what Jughead was doing. Then she felt
Hotdog trying to mount them.

"This won't work Juggie," she whispered in his ear. "Hotdog is trying to fuck
me too. But my pussy is already occupied."

"You still have another hole back there, Bets," Jughead said smiling up at

Then it hit her what he had in mind. She had already received a double fuck
from other dogs before, but never both holes together by two different
species. She smiled back at him in anticipation.

Hotdog finally found his mark and sank his hard staff up her shit-chute.
Betty groaned from the strain that the double fuck was placing at her
backside. Jughead's nine incher in her twat and Hotdog's ten in her ass was
beyond her belief.

She could actually feel both cocks rubbing against each other through the
thin skin membrane that separated each orifice. Jughead could also feel the
pressure of Hotdog's cock against his own. Soon the dog and his master found
a tempo that had one cock going in while the other was pulling out. The
sensation that Betty was experiencing was totally new and unbelievable.

This double fuck went on for a good fifteen minutes. With his control over
his cock, Jughead was able to time his climax to Hotdog's which brought Betty
over the edge. All three participants came together.

Betty collapsed in exhaustion on Jughead's chest, crushing her bare tits
against him once more. He simply caressed her head tenderly until she

Once Hotdog disengaged himself from her ass, he simply disappeared into the
night. The two teens remained clasping each other for a little while longer.
Finally they too got up. Neither bothered with their clothing. They just sat
there in the doghouse in silence.

Jughead was the first break it.

"You know, once I realized that Hotdog was in here with a girl I thought that
it might have been someone else," he said, without thinking.

"Why would you think something like that," she replied in surprise.

"Uh oh! No reason. Really," he tried to back out of it.

"Don't give me that Juggie. You know something," she looked at him with
spears in her eyes. "Com'on, spill it mister."

Hesitating only briefly, he filled her in on the escapade he had witnessed
at the beach, leaving out Cricket's name. He went on to explain that he and
Reggie both thought that the woman was the one that they believed was active
with dogs all over town. Betty confessed that she was the one that they had
witnessed unbeknownst to them, till now.

Jughead promised to keep her secret, and Betty offered her services whenever
he liked. This brought a smile to his face. They parted company, first making
sure that the coast was clear.

On her way home, Betty digested what Jughead had told her about her young
friend, Cricket. Another girl into dogs. Will wonders never cease. She'd have
to talk to Midge about this and try and arrange something for their new

'We should start a club,' she joked to herself.

She still hadn't come to the full realization that all of this started
because of her first tryst with Hotdog back at the pond.

'Oh well! Tomorrow's another day, and Mr. Lodge will be expecting us bright
and early,' she finished her thought as she entered her home and headed
straight to bed.

Part Nineteen

The following day, Betty met up with Midge and told her what Jughead had
revealed to her. Midge smiled in anticipation to the fun the three of them
would have in the near future. But now they had to get over to the Lodge
Mansion and their 'job'.

Mr. Lodge saw them approaching through the large picture window and headed
for his video safe room. He wanted to catch the action live today. He settled
into his easy chair and switched on the cameras.

He watched as the girls entered the kennel and stripped down to change. But
the first thing that happened was that they grabbed each other and rolled on
the floor exploring their bodies. Mr. Lodge had pulled out his old stiff cock
and was jerking himself with a silly grin on his face as he continued to
watch these two nymphs, that he had known for years, frolicking on the

They then assumed the classic sixty-nine position and began sucking on each
others pussy and clit. This went on like this for nearly half an hour before
they unclenched and went to the back and returned with his two prize

Mr. Lodge knew from finally cataloguing the tapes that Betty was the one that
mostly indulged herself with the dogs while Midge was definitely a lesbian,
as she would ravish Betty every chance that she had. Oh sure she would
occasionally take on some of the dogs, but not nearly as frequently as Betty
Cooper. From the collected tapes he managed to cut together over twelve hours
of the two girls in lesbian performances. That would satisfy his obligation
to his friend on the camera set ups.

He had viewed Betty taking on nearly his entire canine stock in the three
weeks they began working there. She would suck on their cocks, fuck them in
her pussy and on a few occasions he had witnessed her taking them in her ass.
Midge on the other hand was satisfied with the classic cock in pussy, when
not attacking Betty's cunt or tits.

This was and interesting development. Seeing two dogs brought out at the same
time could prove entertaining. He switched cameras and observed as the girls
stripped naked once more, no longer worrying about appearances. He recalled
that in the first two weeks they would remain dressed in their T-shirts until
they got soaked.

Each of the girls presented each dog with their chest and guided them to the
nipples. He noticed them spreading what looked like sauce on them to make the
training easier. The two dogs finally got the message and were licking these
teenage nubs with a fervor.

They then leaned back with a dreamy expression on their faces. He turned up
the volume control and could her them both moan in ecstasy at the nurturing
tongues on their tits.

"Oh Yessss! Doggie. Suck my nipples just like that," each would exclaim in

The two Dalmatians were eagerly slobbering all over the two nubile teens. Mr.
Lodge looked on as this continued for another fifteen minutes. Then they
separated and by silent consent he watched as Betty got in her doggy fuck
position. Midge guided one of the dogs to her rear and helped him mount the
blonde teen.

(switch camera)

He could see the stiff prong squeeze its way part her pussy lips and noticed
her body shoving back into its groin, driving still more of that penile
muscle inside of her. Then unexplainably he couldn't discern any movement.

(switch camera, again)

This wider view gave him the explanation that he needed. While one Dalmatian
was mounted on her back, Midge led the second one to Betty's face and helped
it mount her there.

(switch camera)

This view allowed him to see Betty's pursing lips as it snared that stiff
member into her gaping mouth. She then proceeded to suck on it tenderly as
his twin was now beginning to fuck her with earnest. Zooming back to see what
Midge was doing in the meantime. She was trying to straddle Betty's back in
between the two fucking beasts.

When she finally got in proper position, she guided both doggy muzzles to her
rear orifices. One dog was licking up her ass crack while the other was back
at her pussy. While her lower body was being taken care of, she was pinching
and pulling her tits. Caressing them one instant then pinching them painfully
the next. She would pull them alternately to her lips and suckle herself.

Betty was handling both dog penises with no problem and Mr. Lodge was
enjoying the performance greatly. At his age getting a raging hardon such as
the one that he was presently stroking was a rarity. But of late he was
managing to have them fairly regularly, thanks to these two nymphs and their
bestial antics.

He focused his attention on Betty's talented tongue as she continued to suck
eagerly on that nine inch of doggy cock. The damn thing looked to be five
inches around its middle but somehow she could manage to get that tool past
her lips and down her throat.

Both animals were now fucking her as only dogs can. Fast and mercilessly.
They were both pounding her two holes. Mr. Lodge noticed her body being
pulled and shoved against her will, but she never objected. She truly loved
her sex rough.

Zooming in for a closer look at her face he could see the pleasure in her
glazed eyes as she continued to manage the two beasts. Off to the side he
noticed the dogs balls pulling up. A sure sign that he was about to shoot his
cum into her.

Mr. Lodge was hoping that Betty would pull that cock out of her mouth so he
would be able to see the cum as it shot into her throat. Zooming out he also
wanted to see how the other one was doing. He too was showing signs of
nearing his climax. Mr. Lodge noticed that the dog's knot had gotten inside
of Betty's pussy and they were now locked in place. And would likely remain
so for at least thirty minutes, but he knew that this no longer bothered
either girls.

Finally the moment of truth. The dog at Betty's head let out a yelp and
pulled back just enough to allow his cockhead to exit her mouth. Betty
grasped it and aimed it directly to her open gullet and waited just a few
seconds before the first shot struck deep to the back of her throat. The
pressure that it struck with caused her to gag slightly.

In the instance that her mouth had closed due to her gagging, another shot
hit her square in the face leaving a streak of doggy jism running down from
her shut eyes. She immediately recovered and gathered her wits. She opened
her mouth again and resumed swallowing the delectable juice that was spraying

Midge had also sensed the doggies cumming and dismounted from Betty's back.
She joined Betty in finishing off the ejaculating pooch. Once the dog was
done, she turned her attention to the residue on Betty's face and licked her
friend clean. She then dove her tongue into her throat and tried to salvage
the juice that might still be lingering there.

The other dog had shot his load, but as Mr. Lodge had observed, the pooch was
locked in her. While waiting for the dog to slacken, Midge slid her pussy in
front of Betty's face and pulled it down to it. Betty complied with no qualm
whatsoever. Mr. Lodge could see her tongue going deep into the chasm of
Midge's pussy and coming out again covered with her juices before Betty drank
it down.

He honestly didn't know which got him more excited. The two nymphs making
love to each other, or the bestial nature of their sexual practice. Over the
past few weeks, he was also considering if maybe his daughter, Veronica, was
also experiencing sex in the same manner.

He'd have to keep a sharp eye on her. After all, she was is little girl. He
didn't want her to ruin her life by such sick behavior. He wasn't realizing
that he was now classifying Betty and Midge as deviants. While just a few
weeks ago he considered both these girls in the highest esteem.

But one glance at the screen told him that things have changed drastically
since that assessment. And he didn't mind it at all.

As things continued to progress, he was even considering barging on them
unexpectedly. But he backed off on that idea. He couldn't risk being
discovered as a voyeur. He had a business to run and such a revelation would
likely ruin himself and his family. He would have to satisfy himself to these
few weeks and the video collection that they created for him.

The Dalmatian in Betty's pussy finally pulled himself free and trotted to
join his brother in the corner. The two girls just looked at them and
shrugged. Midge cleaned out Betty's pussy of all the doggy cum that was just
deposited there and rested her chin against her thigh.

"What now Bets?" She inquired.

"I don't know. I think we tried every dog here."

"I do believe your right on that count," she agreed.

"Let's get these two back in their pen and check out the place."

Seeing nothing better to do Midge and Betty corralled the two Dalmatians and
returned their charges to their pen in the kennel. So used were they at
working naked, they didn't even think of wearing anything as they explored
the remainder of the building.

Past a sliding door in the back they found themselves in the stables that
housed Mr. Lodge's horses. Betty spotted his favorite, Sir Lancelot. He was
such a handsome and powerful animal. She could recall seeing Mr. Lodge riding
him in his equestrian attire. Gallantly trotting through the woods or leaping
the exercise fence in back.

He got up and went over to the bar and got himself a drink. When he returned
he couldn't see the girls or the dogs anywhere. He desperately switched
cameras trying to locate them.

"Where did those girls disappear to?" He asked out loud.

She pulled Midge along as they got closer to the great steed. They opened the
gate to his stall and approached him cautiously. Once next to the great beast
they began talking to him quietly. They stroked his body with their hands.
Its fur was not as soft as some of the dogs that they had been playing with.
It was much rougher on their skin.

Then, accidentally, Midge rubbed her bare tits against that rough fur. The
sensation that she experienced surpassed any that she had previously
experienced with any of her past lovers, human or animal.

"Bets. You got to try this."

Without waiting to explain, she grabbed Betty and shoved her chest against
the white stallion's flank. Betty gasped in surprise at the sandpapery
feeling that was passed on to her nipples. She smiled back at Midge who
released her and went to the horse's other flank.

On either side of the horse were two excited females. The stud was no dupe.
He could smell the sex that they were generating. In response, his cock was
growing at a fast pace from its furry sheath. The girls weren't aware of its
presence, yet.

Betty took the first bold move and placed herself before Lancelot's head and
pulled its head down towards her leaking pussy. One whiff was all that it
took to convince him. His huge tongue lolled out and licked her pelvic area
in one massive stroke, pushing the blonde teenager back from its force.

Midge just stood back with an amused look on her face. She couldn't believe
that Betty was letting a horse lick her. Dogs were one thing, but this. This
was insane she thought. Still, she couldn't pull her eyes away from the scene
developing before her. She drove her own fingers into her own pussy and
rubbed her clit as she kept watching this Betty and Lancelot romance grow.

Betty was ecstatic from the rough texture of the huge animal. His tongue was
so wide that it actually had trouble getting inside her stretched pussy. Then
the beast did something unexpected to her. He diverted his attention away
from her pussy and licked her tits. In one lick he slithered his wide tongue
across both breast. This caused her nipples to instantly stiffen.

Midge watched in amazement as the huge brute seemed to know what needed to be
done. Glancing down is when she noticed the monstrous ebony cock that he was
now sporting. Her jaw dropped at seeing such a thing. It must have measured
three feet in length and was thicker than her arm.

"Bet... Betts. You... you gotta see this," she stammered.

Midge's outburst disrupted the lovely feeling that the great stallion was
giving her. Looking over to her friend, she couldn't figure out what she was
staring at with such a stunned look on her face. Crossing over next to her
she followed her gaze and it was now her turn to have her jaw slacken in

Looking at each other for the briefest instant, they both grinned and dove
under the horse. They hesitantly touched the giant rod. It was so warm that
they thought it might actually burn them. By this time the horse was fully
aroused and his cock was as stiff as a board. Try as they might they couldn't
even bend it down.

"Well, they sure picked the right name for this guy, didn't they?" Midge

Betty looked questioningly at her friend.

"Well. He does have a Lot-Of-Lance," she joked.

Both girls giggled at the pun. Soon after they turned their attention to
the monstrous penis that was presented to them. They explored it carefully.
Trying to compare it with human and canine penises. This was a completely
different shape and texture. Unlike the other cocks that they've toyed with,
the tip of a horses cock was blunt. Its piss hole seemed to be almost the
size of a drinking straw. They followed the shaft back to the balls and fell
on their butts when they saw the size of them. They were about as big as

"Can you just imagine the amount of jism that must come out of those," Midge

Betty could only nod.

"Want to find out?" Midge nudged her.

"Okay," Betty smiled. "Lets jerk him off."

Looking the rod over carefully they came up with a plan. Betty would handle
the shaft and Midge the head. After a while they would alternate positions.
They first hobbled the beast so as not to get injured if he got to excited.
Then they each took up their designated position.

Betty began to slowly run her hand along the great length of the horses
shaft, while Midge rubbed her hand across its cockhead. They continued like
this for five minutes. By this time both girls had switched position. But
there still was no sign of jism to come.

Finally, Betty decided that more drastic action might be required. Without
letting Midge know what she was planning, she leaned forward and kissed the
horse cockhead. Then sticking out her tongue she began to lather it with her
saliva. The taste was different than that of her canine lovers, but not
unpleasant. She resumed her licking and ran her tongue in circles around the
huge penis head.

Midge was unawares of Betty's audacity. When she heard her friend moan at her
back she turned to see Betty trying to get the huge head past her lips. She
could see her friends tongue moving about the cock surface, but there was no
way that she could ever get that past her lips.

But seeing Betty do something so depraved got her to thinking about it as
well. Gazing at that long slab of cockflesh made her mind up for her. She
leaned forward and began licking along the length of it. She found it not to
be distasteful at all. She ran along its length until her nose hit one of
those inflated balls. And without a second thought she began licking those as

The horse snorted loudly at the two females that were giving him such
pleasure. He would try stomping his hooves to the ground, but the hobbles
prevented him from doing so. He resigned himself to taking in the moment for
what it was.

Betty still couldn't believe that she was actually trying to suck off a
horse. She pulled her head back and tried to see how Midge was doing. A smile
crossed her face as she saw her friend sucking on the bulbous balls of the
stallion. All guilt vanishing she returned to trying to accommodate the huge
penis. Her jaw was aching from the effort she was putting into this attempt.

Sir Lancelot was also getting impatient. He instinctively began humping his
rump forward. It was during one of these humps that his cockhead lodged
itself past Betty's lips and teeth. She was glad that she actually
accomplished such a feat, but now she couldn't dislodge the damn thing.

She tried pulling herself off but to no avail. She couldn't even ask for help
from Midge, the cock was also acting as a gag. She could only look down the
length of the member and watch helplessly as Midge continued to get the horse
to climax.

'My god! He'll blow my fucking head off if he blows,' she started to panic.

Her jaw was aching and she would try to move her tongue around to ease that
ache. Unfortunately, it was also stimulating Sir Lancelot. He humped forward
again. Unbelievably, another inch entered her aching mouth. She only had two
measly inches inserted and it was already too much for her. She desperately
clapped her hands together to get Midge's attention.

It worked but too late. Midge noticed the balls tightening, indicating that
the animal was about to blow his load, when she heard the clapping from
Betty. Turning around she gapped in shock at seeing her friends predicament.
She rushed to her side to try in help, completely forgetting that the
stallion was about to shoot its jism down through its long staff.

She raced down the length of the fuck rod to reach Betty's side. A race that
she would lose. As the cum came shooting out of the cock tip just seconds
before she got there. She could just stare helplessly as Betty's cheeks
ballooned grotesquely from the amount of sperm that was being injected.

Betty was unable to contain such a vast amount of cum. It began squirting
out the edges of her lips and even out of her nostrils. She thought that
she would drown by cum. How could anybody explain that to her parents and
friends. As the second load struck the back of her throat, it blew her off
the horses cockhead. She fell back to the ground as the horse cock kept
hosing her naked body from head to toe.

Midge watched in amazement the amount of jism that was seeping out of the
huge cock with no sign of lessening in pressure. She looked down at Betty and
already she couldn't see a sign of skin that was not covered with the white

After what seemed and eternity the flow subsided. Under the stud was a large
puddle of horsy cum, but that wasn't what Midge was looking at. It was all of
the jism on Betty's prone figure. With no hesitation she dove on top of her
and began to clean her off with her tongue, Betty was in no position to
object. She was too exhausted to care actually.

It took fifteen minutes for Midge to lick Betty clean of all that sperm. She
too found the flavor different but pleasant. After they had rested, they sat
in the corner watching Sir Lancelot grazing on his oats. They looked on in
amazement still at the fact that his cock was still as long and hard as when
they started with him.

After thinking it over long and hard, Betty told Midge that she just had to
have that in her pussy. No matter what. Midge tried to convince not to, but
Betty convinced. Pointing out that despite its size, it was still slimmer
than giving birth to a baby.

They got up and lead Sir Lancelot back to the kennel's grooming room.

Mr. Lodge spent the last fifteen minutes searching throughout the grooming
area using every camera at his disposal. He even checked the shower room that
they used each day. No sign of Betty or Midge anywhere. He knew that they
hadn't left the kennel building for their clothes were still there on the
floor were they had dropped them earlier

'Where could they have gone?' He kept asking himself.

He was about to go and investigate in person, when the speakers picked up a
clip-clopping sound. He turned back to the main monitor and fell back heavily
in his chair. There, returning to the grooming room were Betty and Midge.
What had him flabbergasted was that they were leading his white stallion Sir
Lancelot between them.

As the great steed was turning he noted that its giant cock was exposed
and dripping. That was when he came to the realization that the girls had
discovered its cock as well and had treated themselves while in the stable.
He also noticed the sheen on the two teens skin. They seemed to be glistening
from something wet. He suspected that they had licked themselves after their
bestial encounter with his stud.

'Damn! I wish I could have had a camera to see that,' he chided himself.

But how could he have foreseen such an event. But since the girls were
leading the horse to their stomping ground he expected that he was about to
get a new treat. He was not about to be disappointed. He kept watching as
Betty adjusted the height of the grooming table, dropping it a couple of

Once she felt satisfied that this new height was right she then turned to
Midge and the horse, and smiled. Midge smiled back and stroked the stallions
mane, whispering in its ears.

"You're about to get a new lover boy," she said. "So, how do you want to do
this Bets?"

"I'll lie on the table and then you could guide him over it," Betty

Looking at the props she conceded that it could work. Betty got up on the
grooming table and got on her back. her legs were dangling over the front
edge of the table. This placed her cunt close to the edge of the table in
the hopes that it would make the penetration easier. She then nodded her
readiness to Midge who led the horse forward. He paused upon reaching the
edge of the table, unsure if he should proceed further.

At first Midge thought that he wouldn't straddle the table and was trying
to think of an alternative, when he voluntarily moved ahead once more. He
needn't have gone far over the table before his three foot schlong made
contact with Betty's pussy lips.

Feeling the heat from that huge slab of cock meat sent shivers down her spine
as she prepared for the fucking of her life. Midge came closer to watch the
show. She got greatly excited seeing the flat cockhead as it bumped uselessly
on Betty's cervix. She figured that she would have to assist in inserting
that huge thing in her friend.

She took hold of the huge member and ran it up against Betty's blonde pussy.
This cause Betty to gasp out loudly. With the horse's chest directly above
her, she couldn't see down to her crotch, but she could feel the cockhead
being stroked over her pussy and she assumed that that was Midge's doing.

With the great beast's chest over her own she was getting more excited by the
second as its furry underbelly kept rubbing against her tits and causing
sensual pain on her already stiff nipples. In anticipation of its eventual
penetration, she was grasping the edges of the table for assurance and out of
fear. She was anxious for the main event to begin.

having had enough of this foreplay Midge deftly pulled apart Betty's pussy
lips and begin pushing Sir Lancelot's cock into her. It was tough going for
a while but finally the head broke through her tightness. Betty was beyond
words. Midge and Mr. Lodge could only her gurgles coming out of her.

The stallion feeling his cock inside the cunt of a female acted on instinct
and shoved forward. That first trust only managed to slide Betty across the
table top.

"OH god! Midge, you got to help," Betty yelled at her.

Thinking that she was in trouble, she tried to pull the horse back out of her

"No, not that," Betty pleaded. "You have to hold me so that I won't slide
away as he pushes."

In astonishment, Midge now understood what Betty's problem was. Her pussy was
still too tight and the horse couldn't get further in without pushing her
whole body around in the process. She moved over to Betty's shoulders and
braced her hands on them to give the necessary leverage that Betty would need
to get the full penetration.

With this added leverage against the puny human, the horse's next surge drove
six full inches of his member past those tight squeezing lips. He then pulled
back briefly and drove it back in again. Time and time again this process
went on. Finally, after ten minutes of struggling and driving his cock into
this new receptacle he had managed to get seventeen thick inches inside the
willing girl, who was panting loudly with each of his strokes.

Mr. Lodge couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Sweet, innocent Betty
Cooper had managed to take nearly half the length of his stud stallion into
her womb and was smiling broadly at her accomplishment. He could see the glee
in her eyes as she shook her head from side to side in ecstasy.

Once the horse was satisfied that he could go no further with this 'mare' he
began a steady fucking motion of his rump. This caused his cock to pull back
and forth into her quivering pussy. He would occasionally let out a loud
snort in consent to the fucking he was giving her.

"Oh Midge. Humph! Yo... you don't... you don't know how... Unngh! How... good
this... feels," Betty looked at her with a glazed look in her eyes.

"I... I can see just... fine, Bets," Midge looked as if in a trance. "Are you
sure you're okay. He's not hurting you is he?"

"I'm... I'm fine real... really. It hu...hurts a ... bit. Bu... but its a...
Ugh! Its a... good hurt," she tried to reassure her worried friend.

"Oh yessss! Right... there y... you big... studdd!" She exclaimed.

She could feel the veiny ridges of the monster cock as it slid past her
clutching pussy lips. The whole scene belonged in the twilight zone. After
another few minutes, Betty's pussy had stretched enough that she no longer
required Midge to supply the leverage.

Midge stepped back and watched as the black cock kept pulsing and fucking the
blonde girl. The contrast of the white stallion sporting such a black tool as
it drove into the white blonde teenage girl was exhilarating to watch, and
Mr. Lodge would have had to agree.

Back in the video room, Mr. Lodge was busily switching cameras to cover every
angle. That amazing horse of his was fucking the blonde teen easily now, he
could see that. Her pussy had stretched to accommodate the huge rod. He was
amazed at the elasticity of the female vagina.

But then he was also amazed at the depravity these two acquaintances of his
daughter's kept, that he almost considered as part of his family himself. He
looked on as Betty mastered that arm-sized penis. The fact that she could
accommodate such a mass was beyond belief. He could actually see that it was
in fact moving in and out of her grasping pussy. Because of the immense girth
of the sexual organ he could observe her pussy lips being turned inside out
with each stroke.

He continued to stroke his own penis as he continued to watch the bestial
action with glee. His attention would be diverted to Midge to see what she
may be doing in the meantime. As his gaze wandered from one girl to the
other, he soon shot his load across his lap.

Midge decided to help things along and began licking and stroking the mighty
staff beyond Betty's vagina. Since there was still a foot and a half left
unattended she figured why let it go to waste. At feeling that other female
tongue on his penis, a new surge of blood engorged the member which literally
lifted Betty off of the table. For a few seconds she was suspended by the
cock alone. The power that this suggested to her was mind-blowing.

At seeing such a sight, Mr. Lodge, Midge and Betty exhaled a deep breath. Mr.
Lodge's cock revived, Midge increased her licking on the horse shaft, and
Betty could only gurgle with joy at having found such a powerful lover.

Midge became bolder and attacked the balls of the giant beast. They were too
big to handle together, so she had to alternate from one to the other. The
stallion reacted as expected and increased its fucking tempo, which only
pleased Betty that much more. With the faster pace set by the fucker, Betty's
body was being tossed around on the tabletop despite her now loose cunt. She
would have bruises all over after this.

Then Midge found something else that excited the horse more. She had
discovered his shit chute. While continuing to lick its balls she began
inserting one finger. Then two, three and four. She managed to get four
fingers in the animals ass and was rubbing it in tempo to his humping motion.
This was all that it took to have him cross the line. She felt his balls
tighten under her tongue, a sure sign of the coming climax.

She rushed to Betty's side to catch this finale.

"Get ready Bets. He's about to blow," she told him.

"Unngh! I... Unngh! I know. I can feel his juices coming," Betty was having
trouble catching her breath by now.

Mr. Lodge selected the best camera angle to catch this bestial climax. The
one he chose showed her stuffed pussy and the huge member plugging it. Then
he noticed the pulses running down the length of the staff.

"My god!" He exclaimed. "You can actually see it running its length."

Then he heard the blood curdling scream emanating from Betty's lips as she
felt the first spurt from the huge beast. That single load filled her womb
completely, but he was only starting. He continued pumping load after load of
his love juices into her. By the second load it began spurting out of the
edges of her pussy lips.

The huge stallion got over zealous and reared up, carrying the impaled Betty
up with him. Betty could do nothing but yell out in pain. Her whole body was
being supported strictly by her cunt, and that was never designed to do that.

Midge panicked at hearing the painful wail of her friend. She could only
stand there and watch helplessly as the stud came back down, slamming Betty
hard on the grooming table, which knocked the breath out of her.

Midge not wishing to miss out on this opportunity, ducked under the horses
belly and began licking the overflow as it tried to escape Betty's vagina.
She was getting the best of both worlds. Fresh cum from a horse and her
favorite pussy juice.

Betty was shaking in ecstasy from the hot cream invading her innards. She
barely even noticed the added friction on midge's tongue to her pussy lips.
Mr. Lodge was recording all of this for posterity.

After nearly fifteen minutes of drinking the horse semen escaping from
Betty's pussy, and with no end in sight. Midge was actually getting tired of
it. Looking over to Betty's grimacing face and gaping mouth, an idea came to
her. Burying her face back to Betty's pussy, she sucked in a large amount of
the creamy juices. But she didn't swallow any of it, instead she moved to
Betty's mouth and gave her friend a long lingering kiss, letting all of the
horse jism pour into her mouth instead.

Betty realized that she was receiving the equine love juice and drank it down
eagerly. Once all of it was gone they remained in their embrace exchanging
tongues in a deep frenchkiss. Each girl were massaging the others breast,
that were stiff from the sexual tension that they had been under in the last

Finally the mythical fuck reached an end. Sir Lancelot began pulling out of
Betty's clenching pussy. Because of its disproportionate size compared to
her pussy, her body was still pulled down along the table as the horse was
retreating. Midge had to hold her back to help them disengage.

The cock finally popped out of her pussy and was followed by a torrent of
horsy jism which swamped the table top. Betty was bathing in a pool of jism,
and she liked the feel of it. It felt like being in a warm bowl of Jell-O.
Midge just stared at her blonde friend as she began rubbing the white liquid
over her body.

Betty then curled a finger at her inviting her to join her in this feast.
Midge smiled and climbed onto the table. Betty changed places with Midge and
had her lie into the pool of congealing sperm. Midge wiggled her ass in it,
and flipped onto her breast to get them lathered up as well. They then began
liking each other clean of the succulent juices.

Part Twenty

The gang met up at the Chok'lit Shoppe at the end of the summer. Reggie and
Cricket had remained a couple. He was no longer chasing other girls,
including Midge, for he could never find anybody that could measure up to his
new belle. Cricket, he discovered, was ready to try anything sexual.

They even drove to another town where they get into a threesome with another
girl. She had found the experience exhilarating. The taste of another girls
pussy was definitely different. An Reggie enjoyed just sitting back and
watching the two young woman sucking each other, before they both jumped him.

Betty and Midge had continued to fuck the kennel full of dogs and also
pleasuring themselves with each other regularly. Mr. Lodge had even offered
them full time employment after school for as long as they wanted.

Yeah, riiight!

The one thing that they were both disappointed in was that they never had the
opportunity to get the woman, that Jughead had mentioned, involved in their
private little club. They would have both loved to have seen her with some of
their canine lovers.

Betty had taken a few more of the horses in the Lodge's stables, while Midge
never did manage to work up the courage to take one of the huge beast in her
cunt. She contented herself to giving them blowjobs and swallowing their cum.

Pop's was a bit unhappy for himself, having lost the constant companionship
of tiny Cricket. But he was not forgotten by her. She would still regularly
visit the backroom with him whenever she came in. but he was happy for her
that she had found a regular boyfriend.

Jughead still remained the single man out as far as most of them could see.
But he and Betty met frequently, along with Hotdog, for threesomes. They
would find secluded places to indulge themselves without getting caught.
Juggy discovered that he especially enjoyed fucking the blonde teen in the
ass, while his dog would service her pussy or mouth.

Betty's favorite meeting place with Jughead was the gang's swimming pond,
where her sexual experience had all started those few months back. Each
time she would recall her first encounter with Hotdog, Midge's first love
encounter. And how could she ever forget her first doggie gang bang.

Yes this was definitely her most memorable place. Occasionally, one or two
of Hotdog's canine pals would wander into their fuck session and join in.
Jughead didn't mind those moments at all. He found the sight of his beautiful
blonde friend taking on dogs intoxicating. He would just sit back and watch
her as she would masterfully take on two or three dogs before him.

Midge even joined in with them on a few occasions. This was also a new
experience for Jughead. Having two girls to service his sexual needs was
beyond his wildest dreams. But with Midge's lesbian tendencies, he rarely
had a crack at her. The scene would usually have him in Betty's ass, Hotdog
getting sucked off by her, and Midge attacking her pussy. Betty was in high

Reggie and Cricket kept their sexual relationship going. Reggie kept trying
to find new partners for her to display her talents for him. So far, Cricket
had fucked a dog, Hotdog. A ram, the team mascot. And then Reggie remembered
his uncles farm two hours away. There they discovered a whole menagerie of
animals to try out.

At the farm, Cricket had managed to be fucked by a pig, the farm's German
Shepherd. When they came across the coral, Reggie encouraged her to get
closer to the work horse. This goliath of a beast dwarfed the petite teenaged
girl. He stood almost six feet tall. Its legs were almost as tall as she was.
She barely needed to bend over to explore the animals genitals.

With Reggie looking on, she would manipulate the beast's balls until its cock
began to react. It nearly exploded out of its protective sheath. In a matter
of seconds, over two feet of it came surging out. Both the teens conceded
that she could never take such a cock inside her pussy, but this did not
prevent her from jerking the cock or sucking on it.

As always, Reggie recorded her exploits with his video camera. They both
enjoyed looking at her bestial performances prior to their own sex. Reggie
particularly fancied her exploits with the dogs. Mostly because they were
more easily explained than farm animals.

Cricket's next discovery was the farm's bull. It's cock clearly measured over
three feet in length and she enjoyed jerking the huge organ until it showered
her body with its scalding juice. It took her ten long minutes to lick that
residue from her body, and Reggie got it all on tape.

Near the end of the summer, the whole gang got together at the pond which
lead to one orgasmic orgy. Present were: Betty, Midge, Jughead, Reggie and

On this occasion, Betty and Midge finally had their shot at Cricket's petite
body for their own feminine pleasures. Cricket enjoyed her first lesbian
session immensely and hoped that more would follow.

Jughead kept himself for Betty exclusively. He didn't mind sharing her, but
he just couldn't bring himself to betray her like that. Without trying, he
concluded that he and she had become a couple. This bothered him a bit,
because he didn't know how he could explain it to his best buddy, Archie.

Betty also accepted her new relationship with Jughead. Never in her wildest
dreams could she have imagined such a situation, but there it was. She
actually did love the dear boy. And for the first time that she could recall,
she wasn't hoping for Archie to call on her. She was completely satisfied by
her human and canine lovers.

Reggie finally had his shot at Midge's pussy, which he couldn't pass up. He
fucked her as he watched her eat out his, now, steady girlfriend Cricket.
Then he also got sucked off by Betty, which wasn't a bad bonus either, as she
was being fucked by Jughead Jones.

The pond changed name that day. The gang now referred it as a 'cumming
together' place.

Finally, Archie and Veronica came in and joined the gang. Ronnie was insulted
by the fact the Reggie was no longer pestering her for her attention. He was
to engrossed upon Cricket. Archie didn't mind this at all for it left the
field wide open for him and Veronica. Finally Veronica would be his girl. But
she was still the spoiled rich girl, and she walked out of the Shoppe in a

The gang's get together finally broke up and they left the Chok'lit Shoppe
together. Reggie and Cricket heading to her home, hand in hand. Jughead
escorted Midge to her place, as she lived along his way. But when Archie
asked Betty if she wanted to go out with him tonight, as sure date he
figured. For she was always lusting for his attention.

He was flabbergasted when she turned him down, only saying.

"Sorry Arch. But I'm just too dog tired!!" And walked away from him.

He just stood there dumbstruck, not sure about what just happened here.

Mr. Lodge never worked up the courage to face Betty or Midge about their
bestial activities. So he resigned himself to follow their exploits via his
spy network. He even expanded his video network to include the stables, where
he caught them playing with more of his horses.

The best tape that he got from the surveillance cameras was a daisy chain,
involving all both girls and the dogs. Each girl would be sucking on a doggy
cock, while that dog would lick the pussy of the next girl. This whole scene
lasted forty minutes before the participants tired of it.

They then would each grab a canine partner and fuck like bitches in heat.

He was just thankful that his own daughter, Veronica, didn't seem aware of
the goings on of her school friends. He didn't even mind her cavorting with
that Archie Andrews anymore.

The End

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