This is a stort about the comedy show Arrested Development. It involves
George Michael and Maeby.

The codes involved are: mf, inc, nc-cons

Arrested Development: A Sure Thing
by George Francis ([email protected])

14 year-old George-Michael Bluth had a dark secret, it was one that he tried
to hide and worried that people would find out. He had a crush on his cousin,
but it was more than a crush, he felt himself physically attracted to her.
What had started out as just affection had grown as they were forced to share
a room together. Whenever he could he would spy out of the corner of his eye
for a glimpse of cleavage, or to see her butt crack. His favourite time was
just after she showered and she would walk in in nothing but a towel. Late at
night, when he was sure that she was asleep, George Michael would rub his
cock thinking about his cousin Maeby Fünke. George Michael couldn't take it
anymore and he decided that he had to do something about it, and thankfully
Maeby had given him a golden oppurtunity to act on his urges.

Maeby came home that day her usually chipper self...

"Hey, George Michael!"

"Hey, Maeby. Lisen I...uh...gotta talk to you about something."

"Okay. And relax, I'm sure it's not that serious!"

"Um...Okay...I know what you're up to. I saw you in school in that
wheelchair. What are you doing?"

"That! That's nothing don't worry about it! I needed money and people need
something to feel good supporting. So I made Surely. It'll be alright, I'll
kill her off around homecoming, bring everybody down you know. A hell of a
killer is BS."

"I'm not gonna let you do that. I gotta tell somebody what you're doing."

"WHAT! You can't do that! Do you know what'll happen to me!"

"Well...uh...I suppose then you'll have to do something for me, then!"

"What? What do you want me to do?"

This was George Michael's opening. He didn't say a word just placed his hand
onto Maebys round butt and gave it a firm squeeze.

"Right then? You got that out of your system so let's just forget all this
Surely stuff and get on with our lives." George Michael looked at his cousin,
raised his eyebrows and shook his head. He ran one hand through her hair and
used the other to unzip himself. Maeby looked down at George Michael's
bulging boxers and said "You cant' be serious?!?"

"Just do whatever I tell you to do. And...uh...I'll forget everything."

George Michael placed his hands on Maeby's shoulders and pushed his cousin
gently down. Save for a thin layer of fabric, Maeby was know face-to-face
with her cousins erect prick.She bulled George Michaels boxers down and
revealed his cock. It was at least a good 7 inches maybe 7 1/2. She looked
up one last time at George Michael, but he was lost in the joy of having
his fantasy come true. With no other way out Maeby did the only thing she

Maeby placed her lips on the top of George Michaels cock and gave it a gentle
kiss, she then began to run her tongue slowly around his helmet throwing in
kisses on his tip every few seconds. The pleasure George Michael was feeling
was incredible. Pre-cum was forming on his helmet, Maeby decided that she
needed to bring in the big stuff, she opened her mouth wide and went to town
on her cousin. She took half of his cock into her mouth and started moving
her head back and forth. Eventually Maeby could feel her mouth beginning to
hurt so she began sucking his balls. She'd place one in her mouth, then the
other, then lick the sac in between. She ran her tongue from his ballsac all
the way up the pole of his cock and returned to sucking him off. This time
Maeby quickened her pace wanting to get it over with. All George Michael
could see was her bushy hair bobbing up and down. Even when she took his cock
out to catch her breath she continued jacking him off. Her hard work paid
off, she saw his legs weakening.

"Oh God, here it comes Maeby. I'm gonna cum. Swallow my cum Maeby. Swallow
my cum!"

He didn't give her much warning. No sooner had he finished gasping the words
then a blast of cum had hit her in her freckled face. She quickly placed her
mouth on his cock trying to get as much semen as she could. Shot after shot
of teenaged cum hit the back of her throat. The efficiency of Maebys blowjob
and the realization of his dream had resulted in a massive orgasm. George
Michaels came for a good 30 seconds.

Maeby did her best to swallow his load but when she stood up, she had a thin
layer of drool and cum running from her mouth.Not forgetting the mini-facial
George Michael had given her. She wiped the cum off with her sleeve. And
quickly took off the pink tracksuit jacket she was wearing.

"Well looks like this is going to charity. Right then, so we have a deal. No
one needs to talk about Surely?"

"We're not done yet!" gasped out George Michael. "I want you to make me hard
and strip for me and then let me fuck you."


"Deals a deal. 'Do whatever I tell you to do' remember?"


"And make it good!"

Maeby walked over to the other end of the room. She began to slowly unbutton
her floral blouse. Starting from the bottom slowly revealing her smooth
stomach, she then worked her way up until her pink bra was visible. Maeby
had large breasts for her age, about 32C and were something that George
Michael had wanted to see for a long time. She removed her blouse and reached
behind her back. She undid the the clasp and let her bra fall to the ground.
And there they were round and firm,her nipples were pink and right in the
middle. George Michael needed no more to get hard but he decided to watch the
rest of the show. Slowly growing to enjoy the attention that was being paid
to her Maeby played with her tits. She began to rub them, lick them and
squeeze them together. She'd pinch her niples to increase her arousal.

She unzipped her jeans and turned around. Maeby obviously didn't wear
underwear when in lowriders because as she slowly pulled them down she
immediately revealed her ass.when George Michael saw it for the first
time in it's full glory he let out a groan. It was tight, firm and big.
Not big as in fat, just genetically perfect. Maeby licked her hand and
gave her ass a slap. Knowing George Micheal was enjoying her production
she decided to further enhance his suspense. She turned around to reveal
her shaved pussy. She began rubbing herself, wanting to get herself good
and wet for when her cousin fucked her. She didn't have much time because
George Michael decided he was ready.

George Michael took off his shirt and told Maeby to turn around. Maeby
obliged. She walked over to the desk in the room. Placed her arms on it and
poked her butt in the air.

"I'm ready."

George Michael needed no more invitation. He placed his hands on her hips
and slowly brought his cock to Maebys pussy.Maeby left out a little moan as
her cousin entered her. George Michael couldn't believe it, after months of
lusting after her he was fucking his cousin doggy-style. Maeby was really
into it too.


George Michael took his cousin's command. He released his hands from her
hips and began pulling her bushy hair. He quickened his pace and Maeby began
swayng in motion with her cousin. Maeby had a look of deranged concentration
on her face. She had moved into an angle that made George Michael's cock rub
against her clit, she was now face-down on the desk and was pinching her tits


George Michael felt Maebys pussy lips tighten around his cock,as her juices
slowly ran down his pole. He took his cock out and repositioned Maeby, she
was know facing towards him and was sitting on the desk. He re-entered and
began sucking on her tits. He licked the curves and played with her nipples.
The sensation of being fucked Missionary and having her tits sucked was
bringing her close to orgasm again. George Michael released his hands from
her hips, placed them under Maeby and began fondling her tight ass. He
didn't know it but, his greediness was enhancing Maeby's pleasure. Maeby
came again and her pussy lips tightnened.

The tightness was bringing George Michael to orgasm. He quickly pulled out
and blew his load. The hastily aimed torrents of cum splattered across
Maeby's stomach, tits and face. The two cousins spent a few seconds while
they caught their breath. Maeby was licking the cum off her tits and was
toying with her pussy. Finally George Michale spoke...

"Look I'm sorry...but I promise I won't tell anyone about Surely!"

"Fuck off! That was great. I never knew you felt like this. Maybe we can do
it again. Or Maeby I can introduce you to Surely."


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