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Summary: Felicity returns and is prepared to confront Oliver about his cheating until he gives her a promotion. The break in her hatred makes her reconsider things. Before she can decide on anything, Oliver needs a new personal assistant and she is all too well aware of the duties the new girl will need to perform for Oliver.

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Evelyn Sharp/Oliver Queen

Codes: MFF, MF, FF, Minor, Oral

Arrow: Alternate Timeline Part 15 - Closure
by The Chemist

"Felicity come in, we need to talk," Oliver saud as soon as she appeared.

He would have had to be blind or ignorant to miss the daggers she was shooting him as she entered his large office complete with glass walls. He evidently wanted more privacy so he turned his back on her and opened the door for the big-bottomed secretary to enter into. She thought about cursing him out then and there but instead she went with his offer.

"So what do you want to talk about," she asked as she sat in the office chair opposite his large desk.

"Come have a seat with me on the sofa here," he offered, patting the spot beside him.

"I'm fine where I am," Felicity retorted with a hint of venom.

"Okay...straight to business. No problem. Well, I have bad news and great news. What would you like to hear first?"

"No games Oliver. I have something I need to..."

"Okay the bad news first. I wish I wasn't so God damn weak but while you were in Russia I slept with someone. It was a moment of stupidity where I fell into my old ways that I've grown used to. I didn't mean to cheat on you but it happened...I own that mistake and I cannot express the regret in my actions enough to you," Oliver apologized.

His declaration caught the beautiful girl by complete surprise. It was what she was storming into his office to throw in his face having caught him redhanded in the deed. However, this was new for him. He never felt guilty about sleeping around or breaking promises. Hell, he'd been cheating on his fiance Helena for their entire relationship, though to be fair so was she.

In fact, his admission of guilt rendered her speechless. She couldn't find any words. Not to tell him that she saw him fucking Alex Danvers, the slut he bedded while Felicity was in Russia helping his company. Not to tell him that Alex's sister also knew...oh and that Kara Danvers was Supergirl and was seriously pissed at him.

"Umm...well...ahh...what's the other news," Felicity stammered before asking that question to buy more time.

"I've known for some time that you are too good to be a personal assistant, though I'd rather horde you to myself. However, it is likely best for the company and yourself that I promote you. You've earned it," Oliver said with a wide grin. "How does head of computer sciences for Queen Consolidated sound?"

"Head? Of a whole division," Felicity gasped in shock.

"Your an MIT grad with as much knowledge in IT as anyone in the company. You were also the best damn executive assistant I've ever and likely will ever have," he shared. "It pains me to lose you but you clearly deserve the promotion."

"Holy crap!"

"Yes. You'll still be working under my authority given my title as vice-president, which means we still get time together," he added with a predatory smile. "Now what did you want to say before I sprang that on you?"

"Oh that? It was nothing," Felicity answered after thinking for a few moments. "So we'll need to find you a new secretary then."

"Need to find us secretaries. Head of computer science gets one too," Oli explained. "Now come on, I'll give you a tour of your new floor and introduce to the key players including a guy named Curtis who I think will make a great ally in that department."

* * *

Felicity's head was spinning as Oliver and other members of her new division showed her around the department. It was big, and more importantly it was everything she ever wanted when she first joined Queen Consolidated. Their IT was right up her alley, but she didn't think she'd be working in a prominent position so quickly, let alone running the whole damn operation.

"Did I just let myself be bought off," the gorgeous blonde wondered as she was shown her own office.

As the men left her alone to get her bearings in her new room, she pondered that question. She was still pissed at Oliver for cheating on her, but was it really that bad? After all, he cheated with her on his fiance Helena Bertinelli so could she be shocked that he would do it to her.

And then there was the issue that she had fucked other people too. Sure it was out of revenge and anger, but she didn't know the circumstances surrounding Oliver fucking Alex Danvers while she was off doing business for him. These were just excuses anyway, but she was happy to focus on them. She hated to admit it but she wanted to pardon his behavior, she wanted to be with him and was willing to overlook or ignore his obvious flaws.

"Felicity? Earth to Felicity," Curtis Holt said from the doorway to her office.

"Curtis! So sorry, was caught in a thought. Wow that rhymed. I normally don't rhyme," Felicity explained before calming herself while in mid-awkward stammer. "What can I do for you?"

"I think I'm going to really enjoy working for you," the tall black man smiled. "Oh, Oliver...err Mr. Queen, would like to sit down with you shortly and look over resumes for his new personal assistant."


* * *

"I like her. She seems smart," Oliver commented, only having looked at the face shot and not bothered flipping it over.

"I'm sure," Felicity said, all but ignoring him. "This is actually the one I'm thinking of."

Oliver accepted the glossy sheet of paper and had a look at the face on the cover. She was pretty with big, dark eyes, brown hair and a distinctive but small birthmark just under her left eye. She looked young as well, in fact he'd have been surprised if she was out of high school yet.

"Evelyn Sharpe...she's hot, in that jailbait type of way," Oliver replied.

"Gross," the nerdy girl retorted. "She's actually 18, therefore legal. I figured that was a precaution definitely worth taking when you are involved. She's already accepted into every Ivy League school for next year but looking for a high level internship before embarking to university."

"So why am I getting a short-term fix to my assistant problem," he asked rather astutely.

"Because...this girl is going to go on and do great things after getting her degree. If we can get our hooks into her early then we help secure our future with her on board. Besides, your long-term assistant replacement will be getting personally trained by me," Felicity explained.

"Wow...and the student becomes the master. Look at you thinking like an executive," Oliver congratulated.

He wanted to lean across and kiss the gorgeous girl but there was a distance between them ever since Russia and it wasn't just on her part. He was hesitant, which was not like him at all when it came to women. But he felt...bad about cheating on her. That was new for him because he never felt bad about fucking women. Hell, he cheated on Laurel Lance with her kid sister Sara and didn't feel an ounce of remorse for that.

"Felicity...I think we need to talk," he started to say now that business seemed to be wrapped up with.

"Not now," she said quickly, getting to her feet and collecting her papers. "I need to call Evelyn and get her in for an interview ASAP."

"Okay. You do that. Need her as soon as possible since you'll be elsewhere," Oliver agreed, smoothing out his dress shirt which wasn't wrinkled in the slightest.

"Hence ASAP," Felicity giggled, some normalcy returning to their conversing.

* * *

"Well Evelyn, we'll let you know when we decide," Felicity said, standing from her chair and extending her hand out to the smaller girl.

"Thank you," the high schooler with a 4.0 GPA replied.

"Actually a call won't be needed," Oliver chirped in, getting the attention of both women. "You're hired. You start the day after next."

"Wow. This is awesome," Evelyn said as she smiled brightly. "But I thought you needed me immediately? I can totally start tomorrow."

"That is easier said then done. You see, I intend for the three of us to need tomorrow off, or at least the morning. We are going out to celebrate your hiring. Verdant, I'll have my driver pick you up at 10," he told her. "And yes, I'm aware you're underage but my friend Tommy owns the nightclub so don't worry about it."

"But I don't drink," Evelyn countered, an innocent look on her face.

"You may be good with computers but I'm exceptional. I saw all those pics of you on your friend's social media before you could go and remove them, leaving almost no trace," Felicity explained. "Almost."

"Where something sexy. Preferably short, tight and revealing," the good looking playboy explained.

"Just like your personal whore over here," Evelyn asked, her inner wild child coming out.

"Hey! Well...I'm no longer that anymore," Felicity weakly protested before adding, "That'll be your job now."

"Out with the old..."

"Ladies! Ladies, calm heads please. Evelyn, I'll see you tonight. My temporary secretary will show you out. Felicity, let's go," Oliver said, stepping in and cooling things down between the two. Once alone, he addressed Felicity. "Now go home, you also don't start your new job until Friday."

* * *

Evelyn was over the moon excited, and rightfully so. She had just gotten a job with Queen Consolidated, working under Oliver Queen no less. Not only was he the vice-president of the whole company, but he was super hot. Not only did he have that rugged handsomeness, but he was unbelievably bigger, more muscular in person.

Before she had known it was past 9pm and her limousine that Oliver was sending for her would be here. She wasn't too panicked though as she didn't have much to do to be ready. Her hair was still looking shiny from her earlier meeting and her youthful skin with natural feminine features required little to no make-up.

"And this was meant for just the occasion," Evelyn commented as she pulled out a red dress that checked all the boxes.

As Evelyn pulled it on, followed by some black heels with straps, she looked herself over in the mirror to her satisfaction. Despite being only 18 years old, she had a great body that was more matured then a lot of her peers. Though she was short, her legs were toned from years in gymnastics, which had also sculpture her meaty, large ass. Not as big as that slut Felicity's, but her's was a freak of nature. A beautiful, erotic thing of nature though. The tightness of the dress also showcased her wonderful budding rack, which were definitely bigger than the girl in glasses that she was replacing.


"Evelyn, there is a limo here," her mother shouted up.

"Thanks mom. Don't wait up," the honor student said to her mother, strutting by the shocked woman before climbing inside.

It wasn't too long of a drive from her house to the hottest club in Starling City and before she could have more than one glass of wine they had arrived. The driver opened her door and helped her out of the vehicle before escorting her past the bouncer, the man never looking twice at the big black man as he let them pass.

"Guest for Mr. Queen," the large man told the hostess.

"Yes, she's expected John," the girl replied, giving the driver a kiss on both cheeks. "This way Ms. Sharp."

The driver named John handed off the beautiful girl in the red dress to the hostess who walked her through the club towards the back. The music was thumping and people were dancing everywhere, but soon they were out of view of the dance floor and in a hallway with several doors. Going to the furthest one, the hostess knocked then opened it to reveal the two people inside.

"Excellent timing Evelyn, come have a seat," Oliver greeted, scooting over on the sofa and patting the seat he just vacated, which was right between him and Felicity Smoak.

"Thanks," she replied, having accepted the glass of champagne that he handed her after sitting between the couple.

The trio toasted to her getting the job, as well as to Felicity getting promoted as well. They chatted for a little bit and Evelyn found that the icy chill that Felicity had towards her was dropping. She found that her contempt to the brainy woman was also being washed away. She wasn't sure if that was the alcohol or being wrapped up in the beauty of the two good looking older people.

"Oliver, isn't she gorgeous," Felicity said, seeming to take the flirtation up another degree.

Evelyn was a bit surprised, but not shocked all together when the other girl started to stroke her thigh as she gave her a hungry look. Without her glasses on, Evelyn was able to see how blue Felicity's eyes were, helping to morph her from a pretty nerd to a sexy woman.

"Very hot," his hand touching her other thigh as he rubbed her from knee to the hem of her dress which was barely covering her pussy at this point given the shortness of the skirt.

"Evelyn," Felicity breathed into her ear, upping the sexual tension as her hand rode under her dress and rubbed un. "Do you want Oliver to kiss you?"

"Yes," she answered, responded to both the question and having her pussy stroked through her very wet panties.

Felicity was actually liking her role this evening, acting as the sexual coordinator. Continuing to embrace her self-appointed job, she reached up grabbing the back of Evelyn's head and steered the younger girl towards her boyfriend. Felicity could see Oliver lick his lips in horny anticipation before their puckered lips touched and the feeding frenzy began.

The blonde was still rubbing Evelyn's gushing cunt while the new boss-secretary combo began to makeout with each other. Their passion and libido were clearly super-charged as they moaned and tongue wagged in each other's mouths. Their lips touching set off fireworks in both of them and that was illustrated by the hunger they showed while kissing each other.

"That was really hot," Evelyn breathed after they pulled away from each other after a minute-long make-out session.

"Yeah," Oliver agreed, smiling at the 18 year old.

"My turn."

While the pair were making out, Felicity had moved from her position beside Evelyn so she could sit on the other side of Oliver. The tech expert twisted his head back over his other shoulder so she too could share a lip lock with him. Understandably there was even more passion and urgency in the kiss they shared, brought about by over a year of the two sharing a bed together in secret. His kiss was less precise than with Evelyn, his tongue often times sliding out of her mouth and licking her lips or even onto her face.

"It's good kissing you again," Oliver told the stunning beauty. "It was too long."

"Agreed. This just feels right," Felicity cooed right back with a wide smile etched on her face.

"You two need some alone time or..."

"Right, less mouth talking, more mouth sex," Felicity said, not at her usual high level of quips but they may have had something to do with the fact she was slurring her words too.

Oliver didn't know which of the two women got his pants off because there were 2 sets of hands working eagerly at his belt while he swiveled his head back and forth to kiss each of them. With Felicity he had perfect timing and knew what to expect but this was his first time with Evelyn and that came with good and bad. He liked the unpredictability of her kisses with her darting tongue but they didn't have great rhyme yet, as that came with time.

"I'll give you the honors," Felicity yielded as she took Oliver's erect cock from his trousers, standing an impressive 8 inches. "We are celebrating you after all."

"Thanks," Evelyn replied, some iciness melting away from her adolescent tone.

"Actually, you two are going to have to work together often at Queen Consolidated so why don't you start that cooperation now," Oli pipped in, bringing mischievous smiles from the pair.

The two girls knew exactly what he meant and had scooted their thick asses back on the couch and bent over so each of their gorgeous faces were hovering overtop his cock. Despite the fact they were going to team up to blow him, Felicity still allowed the younger girl to have the first turn and Evelyn didn't hesitate to seize the chance. Opening her mouth wide, she easily inhaled the first half of Oli's length before pulling her back up to the tip.

"A real go-getter," Felicity mused as she watched the honor student energetically bob along his length. "He'll definitely like putting you to use...often."

Felicity waited a short time until Evelyn slowed then she took her chance. Lowering her blonde head down lower, she licked the portion of Oliver cock not currently filling Evelyn's mouth. She kept moving up, catching the other girl's lip from time to time until she'd forced Evelyn off his cock so that the MIT grad had her mouth on his dick.

Oliver would have been extremely disappointed if he had ever lost Felicity, which was a possibility because he had decided he'd come clean about his cheating on her. But until he told her he'd savor this potential last time together, enjoying her pillowy lips around his cock as she looked up and stared into his eyes. She maintained the eye contact throughout her blowjob while she slowly declined her lips until his tip poked the back of her mouth then reversed course.

"Awhhh...I just knew you two could get along," Oliver groaned as Felicity passed him back to Evelyn.

The differences in their technique were obvious even for the most inexperienced of observers. Felicity had refined her oral technique to be best suited to Oliver's whims over months of trial and error until she was an efficient machine. She took her time, not going too slow or too fast, but instead that perfect speed where she used her lips and mouth to caress the lucky bastard, always being sure to use a lot of eye contact as well.

Conversely, Evelyn was all carnal passion and unrefined energy. She had no strategy or higher thinking other than to wrap her lips around Oli's manhood and bob her head all the way down past her gullet and into her throat, only stopping when her nose was pressed firmly against his pubic region. Her face reddened with the exertion but her eyes were screaming that she couldn't be happier pleasing her new boss.

" suck that cock so good," Felicity complimented.

This time as Felicity bent down and used her tongue on the lower portion of Oliver, Evelyn joined her. Together they each licked one side of his penis, mirroring one another until they arrived at his purple-colored head. Evelyn used her tongue to glide all the way to the pee slit before allowing Felicity the same chance. However, there timing was off and they got there at the same time and immediately began in their first of many passionate makeout session while their sloppy tongues occasionally spilled from their lips and slobbered on Oliver' waiting cock.

Evelyn was quicker to break the kiss after a another handful of seconds and soon had Oliver back around her lips and completely down her throat. She could thank the jock who was the first guy she went down on back when she was a freshman for her ability to deep-throat as he had shoved down hard on the back of her head in the middle of blowing him. She was pissed at the time but thankful for it now as she frequently put the rare gift to good use, this time making the more sexually mature Felicity both jealous and impressed as she watched.

" are really good at that," Felicity observed as Evelyn had successfully choked down his entire cock into her throat once more.

As Evelyn pulled back from his cock, she left copious amount of her spit behind on his rod and offered it back to her new friend and fellow slut at Queen Consolidated. Felicity took the prize without waiting, wrapping her lips back around Oliver and bobbing down half his length. However as she tried to pull back she found her way blocked by Evelyn's hand on her head, encouraging her to take more manhood inside her mouth.

She knew she couldn't deep-throat, not like the high schooler could but Felicity was always game for a challenge. Wiggling her head side-to-side, the blonde with the big booty accomplished fitting a little more of his dick inside her, holding him in her mouth until she needed air. This time the surprisingly strong Evelyn let her up but now Felicity had her own saliva dripping down onto her chin and pillowy tits.

"That's it, slobber all over my boss' dick," Evelyn encouraged.

Felicity was doing exactly that. Pushing her head further down on his cock, she felt her gag reflex kick in, causing her core to flex out of habit. She pulled back but left another few thick strands of her spit behind, connecting his pole and her lips. The gymnast-turned-honor student still had hand on the back of her head so Felicity went back down, coughed up more spit as he hit the back of her throat then did it all over again.

"Oh my God," Felicity breathed in. "That is so much cock."

"It's really sexy watching you drool all over his cock," Evelyn agreed, receiving a kiss from the other girl once more.

"Well imagine how sexy it'll be watching me fuck her," the self-assured Oliver retorted.

"Mhmm...can't wait," the dark-haired girl cooed, rubbing her thighs together to feel her pussy frictioned.

In truth, though this was Evelyn's first time having sex with another woman, either in a threesome or one-on-one, she had always wanted to try it. Her first series of kisses with Felicity were as hot and steamy as she was hoping for, actually able to feel her panties get damper as the other woman shoved her tongue into her mouth. But even just watching the nerdy-looking Felicity blow Oliver was super erotic as well.

However, Felicity had other ideas in store for Evelyn other than just watching as she was fucked by Oliver. While it was well known that Oliver loved screwing her in positioned that showcased her exquisite large ass for obvious reasons, Felicity had other ideas. She quickly got in position lying on her back lengthwise on the couch with one leg up on the backrest and the other dangling over the edge, giving Oli easy access to her pussy.

"No panties. Very slutty Felicity," Oliver smiled as he knelt between her legs.

Evelyn had stood up as Felicity had laid down, but the blonde reached out and grabbed her hand before she went too far. The MIT grad felt Oliver's head rummaging through her wet slit but she was focused on unzipping Evelyn's dress and sliding down her curvy and very taut young body.

"Don't those big tits look yummy...mhmm," Felicity commented as she licked her lips at the same time Oliver thrust into her snatch. "God I love how you feel in me."

The younger girl never minded compliments and getting one from a woman a few years her senior who was as stunningly beautiful as Felicity made it feel even better. With new confidence she pulled down her own panties and stood stark naked for the couple whose eyes never left her youthful body despite the fact he was plowing into her with his entire length.

Evelyn couldn't help but blush a little as their eyes roamed her young body from her large-for-her-age rounded tits, over her flat stomach, down to her bald pussy and finally her meaty legs. Felicity had her in motion seconds later, pulling her towards her head until Evelyn took the hint and swung a leg up over Felicity's head. She couldn't believe that the nerdy girl wanted her to actually sit on her face, but when she felt both of the MIT grad's hands go to her hips and pull her down she did exactly that.

"Oh...oh shit," Evelyn moaned, her awkwardness of sitting on Felicity's face evaporated as her tongue ran through her teenage slit.

Oliver would have liked to have seen Felicity's phat ass rippling as he stroked his cock into her pussy, but he was more than happy to have Evelyn's surprisingly large tits jiggling a mere foot in front of his face. Letting his carnal desires drive his action, which he always did, the billionaire reached out and took two big handfuls of her youthful breasts, rolling her pink nipples with his thumb and forefinger as Felicity continued eating her out.

"This feels great...awwhh...all of it," Evelyn moaned again.

Of course Felicity was cooing and grunting from the pleasure of having Oliver's thick cock probing deep in her pussy but they were all captured by Evelyn's snatch. Felicity didn't mind especially since the teenager tasted so sweet and it appeared the deeper she dug into her snatch the tastier it got.

Despite the fairly tight seal of lips around lips, the odd 'fuck me' could still be heard escaping Felicity's mouth. Ollie was more than happy to comply with her wishes, bucking his hips backwards before slamming his entire shaft as far into her pussy as physically possible. He had to give the nerdy girl credit, as she was being the perfect pleasure conduit because she was simultaneously responsible for pleasing both the bearded man and the youthful girl who was grinding her snatch against Felicity's face.

"Holy crap...Oh God," Evelyn cooed relentlessly as the older girl was clearly giving her the best spit-shining of her cunt that she had yet to experience in her short sexual life.

Her moans became muffled as Ollie reached an arm to grip her head and pull her forward for a lengthy kiss. She returned it with glee, cramming her tongue into her mouth while the new forward positioning of her hips gave Felicity better access to her clit, which the MIT grad was more than happy to seize the opportunity.

Oliver felt the honor student moan loudly into his mouth as his former personal assistant had clearly learnt from her lessons on being with other women. He still could hardly believe the transformation in Felicity, going from naive innocent tech girl to a full fledge slut in such a short span of time. Easily his biggest achievement in that respect.

"Make her cum, Felicity," Ollie instructed, his thrusting into the brainy woman never slowing as his mouth moved down to suck on one of Evelyn's nipples. "Then you can orgasm."

He obviously couldn't really see what Felicity was doing beyond the general movement of her head but he could see Evelyn's reaction. And when the movement of Felicity's head and jaw increased the high schooler's eyes opened wide and she sucked in air as her lips parted in a silent O. After a few seconds her head lolled back and her moans got more vocal.

"Oh god," Evelyn moaned, arching her back as ran her hands through her hair, seconds away from a powerful orgasm.

Since it was clear to Ollie that Felicity was honoring the bargain, he would hold up his end. With the pair having fucked so often throughout the year, he knew exactly how to finish her off and push her over the edge of her climax. Pulling out all the way before slamming in deeply, this time he held himself inside her, grinding his head as far inside her womb with circular motions of her hip.

"Right there, ohhhhh," the 18 year-old moaned, grinding her hips against Felicity's face.

With Evelyn clearly on the brink, Ollie decided it was a fine time to finish off Felicity's emerging orgasm as well. He was able to multitask, getting to watch Evelyn closely as her face contorted in pleasure with each lick she received. And each second that she drew nearer to her orgasm, Ollie matched with bringing her towards her own. That spurred her to lick Evelyn's pussy faster pushing the three of them to greater heights.

"Oh, God! I'm gonna, Ohhhhh," Evelyn panted as her body started to shake.

Ollie could see as the younger girl's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she experienced what was probably the best orgasm of her young life. For her excellent job, which she seemed to have gotten better at lately, Felicity was rewarded with her own orgasmic bliss. Ollie felt her body start to shake before her pussy clamped down on his dick.

Her tightness pushed Ollie to his own brink but he desperately wanted to fuck the high schooler with the big tits. He gritted his teeth and replayed last night's hockey game in his mind, which worked once again to get him off the ledge and preserve his climax. With Felicity finally done cumming all over his cock, he pulled and recovered his stamina.

"God you're good at that," Felicity cooed as Evelyn got to her feet, leaving a large wet smear all over the older girl's face.

"You were amazing," Evelyn complemented Felicity, the first time she'd done so since meeting earlier that day.

Evelyn started to look around for her dress, however Oliver wasn't done with her yet and Felicity knew it too. "Wanna fuck her doggy style," she asked her former boss.

The high school girl hadn't realized that Oliver was yet to cum and that he clearly wanted to remedy that using her teen cunt. Felicity pushed off the sofa-like bench seat and helped get the younger girl in position so that her thick ass was pointed back towards Ollie with her heavy tits swaying underneath her seductively.

The bearded man wasted little time getting in position behind her, sliding his cock through her folds, mixing her gushing fluids with Felicity's cum that still covered his manhood. He thrusted his hips forward with a slow but determined pressure until the first 4 inches of his shaft was deposited into Evelyn's tight snatch. He didn't think she was a virgin mainly because she so readily joined them in a threesome, and she wasn't, but given how snug her pussy held his dick, he wasn't exactly sure either.

"Uhh," Evelyn grunted as she became stuffed with cock.

"Such a tight little pussy," he commented, already starting to pull out.

To his pleasure she moaned in agreeance right as he thrust back in. This time he went further, but being mindful to control how hard he pushed in. Evelyn kept moaning though, aided in large part to felicity who was using one hand to tweak one of her nipples and the other to rummage through her slit. Before the honor student knew it Oliver was actually bottoming out completely inside her.

"'re so big too," Evelyn managed to get out between moans.

"And he knows how to use it so well," Felicity cooed into her ear, her hands staying busy on the younger girl's curvy body.

He had started slow with her but with determination, never letting his dick just soak in the beautiful girl. Constant motion was best and Ollie was doing exactly that as he pushed in with all of his length now before pulling all the way out. He was surprised to feel his lower abs tapping her excitingly thick rump after such a short amount of time, but he'd be happier when he was doing it harder.

"So...un...believe...ably...tight," he grunted as his dick repeatedly disappeared into her snatch, always a little faster than the stroke before.

"Awwhhh...for...oohhh....sure," Evelyn moaned in response.

"You're doing amazing," Felicity encouraged, her finger on her clit working faster as Ollie started to go harder. "He can be a real handful."

He kept testing the much younger girl more and more by thrusting into her snug fitting cunt with increased speeds. Each one that was well received caused him to thud even harder into her with the next stroke. His focus was interrupted at times when Felicity kneeled taller to kiss him, tasting on her lips Evelyn's sweet cum. After a few more thrusts he found his groove and had the measure of the blonde.

In fact, Evelyn was uttering a seemingly endless chorus of moans with occasion interludes of high-pitched screams as the billionaire brought her relentless pleasure. Ollie had found the perfect rhythm with the bookworm and was now able to smash his hip against her toned ass, making her take his entire length with all the force he wanted. Of course, Felicity helped even more now by laying on her back beneath the younger girl so her tongue could replace her finger on Evelyn's clit.

"Felicity...I need to tell you something," Oliver stated without ever breaking his stride with his thrusting.

"It can wait," the blonde replied before getting her tongue back onto Evelyn's clit.

"You need to know. I cheated...while you were away...I'm so sorry," he blurted out. "Probably not the best timing, with me balls deep in another girl and all."

"Oliver...I forgive you," Felicity told him, looking him in the eye so he knew her sincerity. "Neither of us are perfect...but we may be perfect for each other."

"Hate to break up this nice Olicity moment but can you keep fucking me please," the younger Evelyn commented, having noted the blonde's tongue stopped whipping her sensitive nub and Oliver's thrusting slowed to half his regular speed.

With Evelyn's words snapping him out of the shared moment with Felicity, he got back to the task at hand. With that weight off his chest he felt so much freer. He slammed deep into Evelyn and repeated it time after time, getting back to the rhythm he had found moments before. The younger girl was back to howling his name as Felicity also got her tongue back onto the girl's clit.

The olde pair soon found out why Evelyn was so pushy about getting back to fucking her - she was nearing a second orgasm. It was rare for any of her high school boyfriends to make her cum during sex, let alone to do so twice in the same tryst. Hell, they couldn't last long enough for her to even dream of that scenario.

"Keep going...harder Ollie...she's close," Felicity relayed the info, able to infer that with ease.

Oliver had no issues comply with Felicity's words and Evelyn's wishes. Baring down and thrusting deep into her, his abs stayed in a permanent flexed state as his hips jerked forwards and backwards. The members of the threesome could have cared less if anyone else in the club could hear them fucking because all that mattered at that time was getting as much pleasure from the encounter as possible.

"OH GOD YES! MMHHMMMM...OOHHHHH," Evelyn screamed as she climaxed again.

As she came, her pussy locked down on Ollie's cock, which he had started to thrust into her again. Given how tight she was before hand, Ollie had no chance of surviving as her pussy clamped on his rod in a bid to milk him of his jizz. It was inevitable at this point with the only thing he could control was where to cum.

Trying to maximize the time he had left, Oliver thrust his hips forward repeatedly, sawing into the horny brunette at lightning speed. He bit down on his bottom lip hard, enough to draw blood to last a little longer, but it was like trying to plug a leak with a bandage.

"Oh God...need to cum," he grunted as his thrusting got wilder.

"Cum in her," Felicity demanded, still lying under Evelyn but having since stopped with her oral assault.

Like a volcano erupting Oliver felt his balls started to bubble and boil before the thick liquid flowed up his shaft and out his narrow slit. With his cock buried so far inside his new younger assistant, his cum pasted her inner walls, mixing with her own sweet juices. He held himself in her snatch for a few extra moments after finishing unloading his huge wad in Evelyn before pushing off of her sexy body and collapsing onto the sofa a little further down.

"Don't move," Felicity ordered, sliding further between Evelyn's thighs.

Evelyn's mind was a puddle at this point so did as she was told without having to think for herself. She shivered as she felt the other woman's plump lips press against her labia, then moaned as her tongue pierced into her snatch. The wet tongue poking her hole caused an avalanche of cum to flood out of her warm pussy, pooling on Felicity's tongue before it was swallowed down with zeal.

"I have a feeling this internship will work out perfectly," Ollie exclaimed from his reclined position.

"Word of advice sweetie," Felicity said to her younger protege. "Skip panties. You really don't need them around the office. They just slow you down."


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