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Summary: Evelyn Sharp has betrayed Oliver and given info to Palmer Tech. Needing a new assistant Felicity talks Thea Queen into it. Olli agrees to try her out, which is more than simple office tasks before they are interrupted by Tommy

Pairings: Thea Queen/Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn

Codes: MFF, MF, Anal, DP, Oral

Arrow: Alternative Timeline Part 17 - Siblings At Work
by The Chemist

"That little cunt," Felicity Smoak swore as she burst into Oliver's office.

"And a good morning to you as well," the handsome billionaire retorted, finishing his sip of coffee despite her rare outburst. "Now if this is about Helena again, I'm well aware that she can be a little rash and abrasive but..."

"No this isn't about your sham fiance," the sexy girl waved away. "It's about Evelyn...Evelyn Sharp," when Oliver still didn't show signs of recognition, Felicity continued. "The personal assistant we hired a few weeks ago and had a threesome in Verdant with to celebrate."

"Oh...little, young brunette with a fantastic ass and underrated tits. Okay, I'm with you now," Oliver smirked, knowing who Evelyn was the entire time.

"Well that...miserable insect sold us out to Palmer Tech!"

"Who sold us out to our biggest rival," a gorgeous, 20-something woman asked from the doorway.

"Come in honey," Oliver said as he stood from his desk. "Felicity, this is my fiance Helena Bertinelli. Helena, this is Felicity Smoak, our new head of R&D."

"Wow, you are beautiful," Felicity felt compelled to say. "Like, have me questioning my sexuality type of hotness."

"Focus Felicity," Oliver said with a wry grin. "Apparently my short-lived personal assistant sold some trade secrets to Ray Palmer's tech company."

"Why aren't you more upset," his soon-to-be wife asked, her own eyes starting to mist with anger.

"Because I planted fake information. I wanted to see if she took the bait because, frankly, I didn't trust her. She seemed duplicitous and it turns out my judge of character is still working. So now I get to write a scything letter to whatever college she wants to go to, which now won't have Ray's plaudit-filled recommendation to outshine since I doubt he'll be pleased with getting non-existent details of our next big project."

"Genius," Felicity said with mouth agape, admiring her boss' intellect.

"Still, that bitch will get hers," Helena added, with both Oliver and Felicity feeling a chill run up the back of their necks. "Anyway, I should go as you two clearly have your work cut out for you. Oli, you still working late tonight? Okay, so I'll see you tomorrow night for dinner then."

"And just like that I'm down another assistant," Oliver said once Helena exited. "You would think it's a tough position or something."

"Yes but I actually have a lead in that department and I think she'll be perfect," Felicity said, her gears spinning.

* * *

Felicity needed to head to her own office and get projects updates and a plan for the rest of the day before putting Curtis in charge as she needed to work out from the office today. The tall black man was loving life under Felicity Smoak and thrived on more responsibility, which worked perfect as it allowed his female boss to drive across the city to a random law firm.

City Necessary Resource Initiative, or CNRI for short, did noble work, but the real reason Felicity was stepping into their busy office was because of one woman. She'd met her on a handful of occasions and seen her in action on camera a few more times so when the leggy Thea Queen rounded the corner she gave her a wave.

"Thea, just the person I wanted to see," Felicity said. "Can we chat?"

"Laurel, mind if I take an early lunch," the youngest Queen child asked her boss.

"Go ahead," Laurel said, more distracted with whom she was on the phone with to care about Thea right then.

"I'll cut right to the point," the girl with the extremely large booty said once they were alone in a small office. "Your brother needs your help. I know you are doing good work here and Laurel Lance is a great role model for you, but Oli needs someone he can trust and lean on as his personal assistant."

"You want me to work under Oli," Thea said, stunned at the job office.

For Felicity, the answer to Oliver's job vacancy was crystal clear as Thea checked all the boxes. She was loyal and would never betray Oliver. It was a family company and by letting Thea learn on the job in a less pressure environment was perfect until she was ready for more responsibility and a bigger title.

And then it was also perfect in terms of the handsome man's other requirements for an assistant. He worked long hours and needed someone to fuck privately and despite the fact they were siblings, that didn't stop him and Thea from sleeping together. It also was good for Felicity in terms of it, sure, it was another woman she had to share him with, but there was no risk of a long-term future between the brother and sister.

"Yes I do. Queen Consolidated is a family company and its time to bring you back into the fold. Just like when Oliver had a checkered past, he developed and matured away from the company until he was ready. You're over using Vertigo and being a party girl and ready to be brought back into the fold," Felicity explained.

"But what about the CNRI?"

"I have a feeling that Queen Consolidated is about to make a sizeable charitable donation to the inner city law firm that helps people in need. It'll allow them to hire more staff, including able to replace a certain young law clerk," the blonde said, sweetening the deal.

"Well in that case...tell Olli I can start tomorrow."

* * *

Felicity settled into her bed and felt satisfied with her day, and rightfully so. They had uncovered a mole in their organization, she'd survived her first meeting with Oliver's fiance and didn't embarrass herself, plus secured him the best personal assistant that would please both of them. Plus there was the fact she got back to work and still got a fuck in with Oliver before he left for the day.

"Special news bulletin! The vigilante Huntress has struck again, this time an honor student with her whole future ahead of her," the news anchor stated, prompting Felicity to turn it up. "Down to Susan Williams at the scene."

"Thanks John. I'm here at the gruesome murder of Evelyn Sharp at what appear to be the hands, or rather, crossbows of Starling City's own Huntress," the leggy brunette explained, causing Felicity's jaw to drop in surprise.

"Oliver, put on the channel 52 news, now," the MIT grad said after quickly calling her boss.

"...filled with several crossbow bolts, with authorities believing this to be more a crime of passion from the vigilante than her normally controlled brand of justice," Susan Williams finished explaining. "The SCPD still do not have a motive for the crime. Back to you, John."

"Jesus! Seems like Evelyn pissed other people off as well," Oliver commented, just as shocked as his former assistant.

"Do you think Ray Palmer had her killed," Felicity asked. "You know, for the useless information she stole."

"He is a businessman, not a murderer. He'd never do this, not Ray," Olli explained with conviction. "Huntress isn't for hire anyway. And the fact it was out of vengeance...Jesus!"

* * *

As promised, Queen Consolidated made a sizeable donation to the law firm which dealt with the underprivileged in Starling City's Glades. They were able to hire another full-time lawyer, two paralegals and a handful of clerks all so Laurel was willing to hand over Thea to Oliver. The pair still had a rocky relationship after Laurel discovered her sister Sara was fucking her then boyfriend behind her back, but it had gotten more civil over the last few years.

Thea Queen's first day working at the company that her father, mother and brother were apart of went fairly smooth. She spent the first half of the day being shown around to all the different departments and then given special instructions in the areas Oliver was directly in charge of. By the end of the work day, her head was filled with new information but she felt she had gained a firm grasp on what was expected of her.

"See, it's not so bad here," Oliver said his sister.

"Yeah I suppose not," Thea admitted as she took a seat in one of his expensive leather chairs. "Once you sell your soul to a big company, it gets easier to swallow."

"Oh come now," Olli said with a mock hurt look. He took his eyes from his gorgeous younger sibling in order to look down, at which point his hand pulled two glasses and a half empty bottle of brandy from his lower desk drawer. "It's not so bad here. Besides, the CNRI is better off now."

"Oh...thanks bro," Thea said, accepting one of the glasses filled with the amber fluid.

"You know what I mean," he said, laughing at his own foot-in-mouth comment. "They get more staff, I get you, it's win-win. Cheers."

"Damn, that's smooth," the leggy 22-year-old cooed. "So how good of a lay is Felicity?"

"What? Jesus, Thea, that was fucking random," Oliver retorted, completely caught by surprise from the question. "What makes you even think we're fooling around."

"Well because you're you, and I know you have a thing for girls with big asses and fit bodies so she's practically your dream girl. Besides, the way she's working to get you a perfect helper, you can tell this is more than just a job for her," Thea described, downing the rest of her drink. "Now does this job come with extra perks?"

"Touche," Olli agreed before finishing off his as well. "Perks? HR went through all that with you, or at least I was led to believe."

Oliver watched as his kid sister stood from her chair and rounded to his side of the desk. Kid sister wasn't an accurate way to describe Thea Queen, not that she was a fully grown young adult with a body to die for. Impossibly model-esque long legs, a face of an angel but a reputation more akin to the devil, she was fit beyond belief.

Her hands went to his shoulders and began rubbing them, lightly working the knots that had developed there. He moaned as it felt good, though Thea was getting just as much out of the experience, getting to feel his large muscles under his business shirt. Wanting to touch more, she stopped her kneading and ran her hands down the front of his chest, over his well-built pecs then onto his rippling abdominals.

"I more so meant these types of benefits," Thea replied, her hands now undoing his belt.

" foolish of me," Olli mused, his own hands reaching behind himself to rub her petite but rounded ass.

He quickly brought his hands back to undo his tie and rip off his shirt, throwing them aside. However, before he could get his mitts back on his sister's fine little tushy, she was moving away from him. Though it was after hours and unlikely anyone else would enter Olli's floor, Thea thought extra discretion was a good idea when incest was involved.

Just as the leggy brunette shut the last of the floor-to-ceiling blinds, Olli had her spun around and pressed against the glass wall. His bare chest pressed against her expensive blouse she still wore, at least that was until his fingers hooked in along the edges then violently pulled back, spilling buttons to the floor.

"Hey! That was expensive...oh...mhmm," Thea protested until his lips sealed around her exposed nipple and began sucking.

As her nipple stayed in his mouth, Olli pushed down his pants completely off his legs after kicking off his shoes. Standing fully naked, he stroked his cock lightly, though Thea had much better ideas for his pole. Squirming her slender body away from his grip, she spun him around so she was more in the middle of the office before descending to her knees, drawing eye level with his girthy member.

"God yes...suck that cock," Olli said to the girl in only a pencil skirt and high heels.

Thea had not only found herself in this position often, but doing it in front of her brother was also nothing new. To say her and Olli had a unique relationship would be putting it mildly, what with his cock currently moving in and out of her wet mouth and all. The siblings loved each other and didn't hesitate to show it to one another.

"I so love this dick," Thea said with admiration, using her tongue to lick up one side then down the other.

Oliver only tilted his head back up to the ceiling and let out another low moan as his tip was captured back between her lips. She was a natural when it came to sex, made better from constant practice. Her slender face continuously bobbed towards his powerful lap as her spit began to really grease his cock in preparation for more fun to come.

However, just as Thea was finding her stride, the door to Oliver's office came open and a familiar man stood in the opening. Despite walking in on a brother getting blown by his younger sister, the tall male only stood with a wide, knowing smile on his handsome face.

"Tommy! Fuck...this isn't..." Olli started to explain as he stepped back from his kneeling sister.

"Isn't what it looks like? Your dick was literally in your sister's mouth? Did your penis get bit by a snake and Thea's sucking the venom out," the taller man cut him off.

"I'm sucking something out," Thea mused as she stayed smirking on her knees. "Olli relax, I invited Tommy here.

"What?! Why the fuck would you do that," the bearded billionaire asked, using his desk to cover his lower body nudity.

"Because I want you both to fuck me and I know you wouldn't readily jump at the chance," the leggy girl explained. "You don't exactly have a reputation of sharing well."

All the time that the siblings were talking, Tommy was getting undressed. He took the news of the two Queen children having sexual relations all in stride, after all who was he to judge. And when Thea expressed her desire for the two of them to share her, he got on board with the idea quickly.

"And you decided to trap me into a threesome with my best friend," Olli retorted, though not with the same iron in his voice.

"So if I just came to you, all like, 'hey Olli, come screw me with your oldest, dearest friend', you think that would have worked," Thea countered as Tommy approached her.

As his best friend stepped beside his sister, Thea reached out for his cock in her hand and stroked it until reaching its full 8 inch length. The skinny brunette maintained eye contact with her big brother as she opened her mouth and accepted him into her wet opening. Tommy moaned as she bobbed along the first several inches, not her best work since her focus was so divided but still nothing to complain about.

"Now get over here," Thea demanded, sucking Tommy in earnest now.

Oliver couldn't help but keep his eyes glued on the scene in front of him. His siter looked like a runway model, her sunkissed skin glistening in the dim office lighting as his pumped her face towards Tommy repeatedly. He was surprised to find it so arousing to see his sister blowing his best friend, but the evidence was before in as his cock was standing back at attention.

Realizing that he'd rather fuck Thea with Tommy than not at all, he walked up to his scheming sister and was rewarded with slender fingers wrapping around his hardened cock and beginning to stroke him. After another half-minute of pleasuring her brother's best friend, Thea pivoted so she could take Olli into her mouth once more, her tongue dancing on his underbelly as her lips glided along his shaft.

"Mhmm...just no crossing swords," Olli commented as Thea made slurping noises beneath him.

"Deal. Now shut up," Tommy said as Thea came back to orally please him. "So I can enjoy my blowjob."

Thea smiled up at Malcolm Merlyn's only son before going back to work on her task. After all, there were two mountainous cocks in front of her face, both waiting to be sucked. Comparing them revealed Tommy's to be the slightly longer one at a considerable 10 inches, while Olli's had the distinct of being of more girth, but barely. The mere thought of these dicks stretching out her holes as they ravaged her together made a whole new wave of wetness flood her mound.

"God I love sucking cock," Thea said in one of the rare moments that her lips weren't wrapped around one of the men. "And the only thing better than one, is sucking two."

Her enthusiasm was clear for both men in the office to see, given the sheer amount of energy she performed with. Her smile, or as much of one you could have with your lips opened in a large 'O', never left her face as she bobbed faster on Olli before pulling away from his tip with an audible pop. She pivoted her body slightly to get to her half-brother Tommy again, surprising him by cramming as much of his lengthy tool as possible into her gullet.

"Gllk guullkkk," the leggy brunette gurgled as his cock repeatedly went to the back of her throat.

The two men forgot how weird it was to be naked in front of the other as the same girl, their sister no less, sucked their manhoods. They had never been in a threesome with each other in the past despite being best friends, nor had either man let anyone else join them when they were hooking up with their own flesh and blood.

"As much as I would love to blow you all night, I worked hard today and really wanna be fucked," Thea said from her knees.

"I think we can take care of that," Tommy replied, sharing a brief smirk with the more rugged Oliver.

Two sets of hands reached down to grab the all-but-naked Thea, sans a pair of stockings and her high heels. The next moment she was hoisted to her feet and being led back to Oliver's large desk off to one side of the room. Unlike in the movies, rather than swipe an arm across the surface to clear it, Olli closed his laptop and placed it in his bag, rendering the desk clear and ready for their sexual purposes.

Knowing that only one of them could fuck her at a time, the boys had a decision to make. Luckily Tommy understood that they would both get their fill of the slender Queen girl so he graciously rounded to the side of the desk, standing so that his thighs were pressed against the edge and his cock stood waiting for Thea.

"Such a beautifully vibrant color," Olli cooed as she set-up behind his bent over sister. With a hand on either bubbly cheek, the burly man pulled them apart to better reveal her pussy, at which point he bent his face in and ran his tongue along her well dampened slit. "Mhmm...and tasty too!"

"Fuck that's good," the horny brunette groaned with her sexy raspy voice. "Don't worry...didn't forget about you and that gorgeous cock."

With most of her weight resting on the glass surface, Thea leaned forward until her small but perky tits were pressed tightly against the desk as well. Her hands immediately found Tommy's lengthy cock and began stroking him off all while her tongue darted out to lap at the very tip of his tool.

"It's all yours," her half-brother stated as he tipped his head back and just enjoyed her services.

Thea didn't want to tease him too long with just a handjob and licking to tip. She removed one hand so that she still had one stroking the bottom few inches of his pipe while opening her mouth up and taking about half his length. Of course, as Olli finished his brief warm-up licking on her pussy and lined his dick up with her twat she got a thrill of excitement, humming as a result against her half-brother's cock in her mouth.

Standing behind the sexy girl, Oliver didn't delay as the moment his spit-laced cock was placed at her velvety entrance he was pushing forward. Thea was no prude and got around, however her slender stature helped to make her pussy continuously tight, meaning her brother was only successful in thrusting half his girthy member into her before he needed to back up.

"Much better," she cooed before going back to bobbing her head in the tall man's tool.

"So fucking tight," Olli groaned as he got up to speed.

The feel of her pussy was sensational, as it always was whenever the siblings met up like this. Her pussy was loosening to accommodate his thick shaft, now allowing him to work his entire length into her moist heat but with enough pressure to allow Oliver to savor every stroke into her. And she was responding to his presence behind her, moaning around his best friend's member and even starting to thrust her very firm ass back towards him.

"Yes...fuck me Olli...more! Harder," Thea demanded, loving the feel of his cock pistoning inside her.

The two men didn't know if Thea commonly found herself in this arrangement, being used at both ends of her body but she truly embracing the role nonetheless. She was working perfectly in sync with both her brothers, using her arms to push back onto Olli's cock, at which point there was a loud slapping of her fleshy ass on his naked lap. She rode that momentum forward to then skewer her mouth on Tommy's dick, allowing it to poke the back of her throat before repeating the action all over again.

"Ughh...I think you're blowjobs keep getting better and better," the tall man complimented while resting his hands on the top of her head, messing up her hair.

"Pussy always feels like fucking a virgin," Olli added, the exertion he was pouring into his pounding clear from the ragged breathing.

The trio fell into a good rhythm, as though they performed threesomes with each other all the time. Olli had hands on Thea's slender waist, using it to hold her fixed in place so she wasn't getting jostled too much and ruining her focus for pleasing Tommy. The leggy Queen girl was humming and moaning all over her half-brother's cock as a result of the pussy thumping she was receiving on her other end, while Tommy was more than satisfied for now to be on the end of one of Thea's excellent blowjobs.

When Thea felt hands placed on the back of her head, she decided to let the boys do all the work and use her body as they desired. Rather than bob her head, the slender brunette opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as Tommy pulled her head towards him. He timed it right so that as Olli was stroking into her pussy he rode that wave of momentum and shoved his cock into Thea's mouth.

"Glllkkk...glllkkk...hhhhhkkllllkkk," Thea gurgled, spitting more saliva onto his cock.

"Yes...get that cock nice and wet," Tommy grunted as his tip poked his sister in the back of her throat again.

"Why? You gonna put it in my ass, you pervert," Thea spat almost challengingly.

"You're damn right I'm gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours," the taller man answered back, drawing a smile from Thea. "Feel like trading, Olli?"

"Have at it, Tommy," the burly billionaire answered, pulling out of Thea's pussy with a wet sound.

Tommy came to where Olli had been fucking his sister but rather than take the same position he lifted the slender brunette up onto the desk before tipping her over so she rested on her side. Her small ass, though wonderfully curvy, was pointed back at him and he wasted no time getting re-acquainted with her. After a brief lick over her puckered brown eye to smear more saliva onto her opening, he placed his tip at her entrance and continued forward until he pushed through her sphincter.

"Mmm...ughh...keep going," Thea encouraged after a moment of biting her bottom lip.

She felt the familiar sting of her anal sphincter being opened up but the discomfort went away within seconds. Instead of taking a little time to get used to a cock punching into her ass, the skinny girl sought out Olli's member, twisted so she was more on her side and at a much better angle so she could suck him more readily to help distract herself.

"God I taste good," Thea moaned as she noisily sucked up the remaining juices left from her pussy on Olli's shaft

Her asshole felt tight, but within a few slow, short thrusts with only a quarter of his length, Tommy found her relaxing and loosening up. In fact, after he started to rub her clit, the girl was actually moaning...with a dick fucking her in the ass. Riding his good fortunes, the son of Malcolm Merlyn began thrusting harder and faster, lengthening his stride to fit nearly his whole cock up her rear. Her very fine, well formed rear at that.

"Didn't know you were also an ass guy," Oliver commented, looking down and watching his sister suck his cock while sparing a few glances to watching his best friend sodomize her as well.

"Guilty as charged," Tommy mused, all without breaking stride.

"Ah yes...mhmmm...Tommy here has a very healthy appetite...ahhhh...for my booty," Thea agreed before getting Olli's balls into her mouth one at a time.

Thea had taken over the duties of rubbing her own clit, multitasking rather well as she gave Oliver what was still an above average blowjob despite the lousy positioning. With both hands now freed up, her half-brother clutched onto Thea's thigh, using that to pull back on as he forced his hips forwards. With his new grip, he was able to completely bury his length pole into the slender brunette's asshole finally.

The new personal assistant had taken a lot of dicks in her life, and she understood very plainly when a man was getting close to popping. There was a look they got in their eyes and a wildness that overtook their body. She recognized the signs in the taller half brother but she wasn't ready for him or Olli to finish just yet.

"Before you too cum...I wanna try something," Thea warned, sensing correctly that they were getting closer to their release.

With a reluctant sigh, Tommy pulled out of her tight-fitting asshole and left a gaping void in his wake. Thea also felt a lot emptier but she was determined to try something taking two cocks at once. She'd been wanting to try it for some time, and now that she had her two favorite partners in the same room, it was like the fates had intervened on her behalf.

She instructed the taller Tommy to lay on his back on the expensive rug in the middle of the room. Once he was down in position she sauntered over to him, heels clicking as she walked, before straddling his lap and taking him deep in her pussy. She rose and fell a few times, getting herself worked up before summoning her brother over.

"Double team me with those big cocks," Thea surprised them both by demanding.

Oliver had been heading back towards her face to get sucked off, but the prospect of fucking her tight little ass was too good to pass up, even if it meant being awfully close to Tommy's own cock. As he rounded behind them, Thea pushed her tush further back, making her perky tits be pressed against her half-brother's sweaty chest as his cock remained buried fully in her pussy.

"You ready, Speedy," Olli asked his younger sister, making sure she was game to be doubled up on.

"Please Olli...fuck me," Thea urged.

Knowing once her mind was on something she was unwilling to give it up, Olli gave his sister exactly what she desired by pushing against her anal sphincter until popping inside. With her asshole already loosened from Tommy fucking it for the past 10 minutes, the billionaire found his thicker cock slid in far easier than ever before. They thought she might need a minute to adapt but Thea immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

"Ohhh....mmmm....oohhhhh," she moaned loudly, the sensation being anything but painful.

With Tommy on his back fucking up into her pussy and Oliver kneeling above her slamming his entire length into her tight ass, Thea was in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight and full on a visceral level that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men, her own flesh-and-blood no less, really turned her on. Then there was the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls, which was successful in driving her nearly mad with pleasure.

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. "Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah."

"Oh shit,'re incredible," Olli grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

"Agreed," Tommy groaned as the slender girl was grinding her pussy deep onto his cock. "Fucking great."

Given how thick and filling Olli was inside her ass, he had been going slow while making his headway inside her brown eye. Tommy too had resisted his urge to ruthlessly fuck up into her, instead slowing his approach as well in order to not overburden the petite girl. However, with each passing minute, Thea was demanding more, first through body language and then with her voice.

"Yes! Please...fuck me."

The two men smiled as they worked in unison. Tommy wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed as before but he was still able to push his entire shaft upwards. Oliver timed it that every time his best friend pulled his lengthy dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.

"You okay with this? Us stretching out both your tight holes," Tommy asked from underneath the model-esque girl.

"Honestly I don't know why I haven't tried this sooner," Thea blurted out honestly, her trademark sexy smile drape across her face.

Having two men, two men who loved her as much as they did, desiring her so much to share her body, fucking her at the same time was both mentally and physically arousing to the young Queen. So many times in her past she had fucked both these men, but only one at a time, but after today she could do the whole team.

Sensing how good she was handling both of them, her billionaire brother took that as a good sign to go harder. Reaching to hold onto her shoulders, Oliver started to push his hips towards her small bubbly butt with more vigor. Still not thrusting with his entire length, Olli had managed to work 3/4 of his length inside her with his speed getting faster with each passing second.

"Deeper...fuck me...both of you," Thea breathed out, her moaning growing more desperate.

Oliver didn't hesitate, not for a second. Tommy played the good soldier by slowing down his thrusting once more as his best friend took one more hard thrust. The last 2 inches flew into his sister, her asshole eating them up until finally Olli felt the familiar slender cheeks pressed against his abdominals. Spotting the chance to fill the small Queen girl completely with meat, Tommy lifted his hips until he too was balls deep inside Thea.

With the sexy brunette now able to handle both their full lengths, the best friends held nothing back and Thea loved it. With a near constant chorus of positive moans, the new personal assistant was rocked back and forth in bed as the man behind her plowed her ass while Tommy poked up into her twat. What made it all the better was Thea's willingness for more. With a hand on her half-brother's chest, and the other on the leg of the desk, the skinny girl used her arms to push back against Olli while she rocked her hips to grind down on the bigger man's tool.

"Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum," Thea nearly screamed as the thudding of their body was echoed throughout the room.

"Do it," Oliver demanded.

Tommy found it hard to believe that anyone could survive taking this much cock, this hard no less, yet Thea was moaning and the way her body movements became more jerky, he had no doubt now that she would cum. With her pitch getting louder and words more incoherent, Merlyn reached a hand under their stomachs and found her slit. Practically the second his finger brushed her clitoris, the girl erupted in her well-earned orgasm while being fucked by two men simultaneously.

"OHHH....MYYYY....GGAAWWWDDD," Thea bellowed out as she reached her climax.

Thea practically blacked out from the intensity of her orgasm. She lost track of time, easily believing it could have been seconds or hours after cumming until she came to enough to recognize what was going on.

In reality, it had been only a minute more that Thea received the ragdoll treatment from her siblings. Her holes had clinched tight upon reaching her climax, making the thrusting a lot harder. In truth, both men should have slowed if they hoped to continue the tryst, but they were both too far along and they knew it.

"Can't hold out any longer," Tommy grunted from underneath the trio.

"Me neither," Olli added through gritted teeth.

"Cum in me! Fill me up! I want to fill you inside me," Thea begged, conscious again.

All Olli could do was tightly clench the younger woman's hips and quickly stroke his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the billionaire buried himself in Thea for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of his sister's bowels until his love gun had emptied completely. Exhausted he rolled over onto his back and panted, recovering.

While his best friend was getting off and painting the walls of Thea's bowels, Tommy was about to do the same as well. He gave the energetic girl credit, even after a strong orgasm she was still bouncing on his pecker, helping to get him off. Their combined efforts worked perfectly as moments after Oliver had finished in one of her holes, it was Tommy now squirting deep into her pussy, pinning her hips against his to ride out the last few blasts of cum.

"See...told you that you'd love working here," Olli mused, breaking the blissful silence.

"So happy Felicity convinced me," Thea agreed.

"Are we still on for squash tomorrow after work, Oliver," Tommy asked, bringing a laugh from all three of the incestuous group.


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