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Summary: Kara realizes that Kryptonians aren't immune to magic while covering a hypnotist for CatCo. Afterwards, her and Alex finally discuss their fight over Oliver and it has an unexpected conclusion...great lesbian sex

Pairings: Kara Danvers/Man, Kara Danvers/Alex Danvers

Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Mind Control, Oral

Arrow: Alternative Timeline Part 18 - Magic & Making Up
by The Chemist

"Heading off to work? So late," Alex Danvers asked her adopted sister from the sofa.

"Yup," Kara answered without emotion.

To say that things were still fractured between the Danvers sisters was putting it rather lightly. Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl, was still pissed at the older sibling for sleeping with Oliver Queen. While true that Kara wasn't dating him, or really thought they had much of a future, it was still a shitty thing for Alex to have done and the Kryptonian hadn't forgiven her for it yet.

"You must be doing an assignment then," the girl with shoulder length dark hair assumed.

"Yeah...some magician who claims he's the real deal," Supergirl answered, at first frosty until some ice fell away.

Kara wanted to forgive Alex, she really did mainly because they were more than adoptive sisters, they were best friends. She wish she could gush about this new assignment Cat Grant gave her, tell her all about how she was earning the trust of the media mogul but they weren't there yet.

Instead, Kara finished putting on her flats and headed out the door with the destination of the Magic Shop. She always had a keen fascination for magic, however each and every time she'd been to a show it turned out to be slight-of-hand tricks, not the real stuff. This had left her jaded and now she took an extreme pessimistic attitude to the Mystic Arts, now as staunch of a critic as they came.

"Congrats," Alex said to the back of the door. Feeling as dejected as ever, the older Danvers sibling took another pull on her beer and settled back into her show.

* * *

The show was much more sexual in nature than the naive Kara Danvers was expecting. It was true that she was no virgin before hooking up with Oliver Queen, and she had done some very adventurous things in Russia with several men, and now could add sleeping with women to that list now. God, women really were attractive to the Kryptonian now that Felicity Smoak opened her eyes to that whole new side of pleasure, while Lena Luthor had been expanding on it regularly since.

The show was rated 18 years and older so the reporter for Cat Co shouldn't have been surprised that it began with some sexy dancing from an attractive blonde, though she was little more than a tease. The Magnificent Zonko made a grand entrance after that, then proceeded to showcase his tricks.

"...And...your card was the Ace of Spades," the magician announced.

The woman nodded her head vigorously and a round of applause rose up from the crowd, which was maybe a few hundred sitting around 40 tables. Kara made notes as he performed another few card tricks, which didn't go unnoticed by Zonko.

"Miss...yes you with the book. Please come and take a card from my assistant," Zonko spoke to Kara. Seconds later, a tall redhead with a full deck of cards came to her. She did a quick scan with her x-ray vision, detected nothing so picked a card. She only glanced at it for a second before she felt the intense gaze of the magician fall on her, studying her. "The 9 of Diamonds."

Kara nodded her head a gave a sympathetic smile. "Yup. That's my card."

"Please give the card to your neighbor," at which time Kara did. "Oh but wait. You can't have the 9 of diamonds, as I have it right here," Zonko said, producing the identical card from the front pocket of his suit. "You actually have the 3 of Clubs."

This time it brought an even louder roar from the crowd as the man seated beside the reporter held aloft his card, which had changed to the 3 of Clubs. Kara even gave a small applause this time, though she still firmly wore her pessimistic cap. For all she knew, this fella and Zonko could have been working together, and just like that she dismissed the trick.

"And now, The Magnificent Zonko will perform an act known as Telepathic Communication or Transfer," the gorgeous assistant announced.

Kara watched as the magician sent his assistant out into the crowd, at which point she found a random man and asked for something, anything, from his wallet. The man at the table produced one and the assistant read it, all while Zonko placed his fingers on his temples and focused hard at the redhead.

"Ms. have in your hands a piece of identification. A driver's license with the number D4667...778...900," Zonko spoke. A hush fell over the crowd but he wasn't done yet. "Issued 1993 December 7...born 1779 in August...16th day."

After she handed the card back to the man, he studied it before his jaw dropped as wide as possible. "That's's all correct!"

As cheers rose from the crowd once more, Kara gave a light clap but she wasn't sold. He could have had another plant in the audience and simply studied the numbers and dates beforehand. Or Ms. Tessmacher could have read very quietly the numbers into a small microphone, spoken right into Zonko's ear.

He performed more of this telepathy apparently shared between magician and assistant, with similar effect. He managed to guess correct license plate numbers just by having an audience member hold their car keys, however, he had one more trick up his sleeve; hypnotism.

"Ms. Tessmacher, please go select a guest at random and bring to the stage. Now by aware, if successfully hypnotize then you will show off some...anatomy for the group. Nothing lewd though, only good fun," Zonko spoke as the assistant selected an attractive young woman of maybe 25 years.

The crowd watched on as he did his act, 'pretending' to hypnotize her until it appeared she was in a trance. True to his word, Zonko had the woman show off her black lace thong under her dress before discarding of the clothing altogether, left only in bra and thong. He had her dance and even rub up against some men and women in the crowd before 'waking her up' and allowing the shocked looking woman to get dressed and return embarrassed to her seat.

"Thank you! Thank you," the club owner announced as he walked up onto the small stage with his prized magician. "Bravo Zonko! Bravo! And as Zonko takes his leave, enjoy the musical show we have for you fine folks."

"'re a reporter aren't you," Ms. Tessmacher asked as she approached Kara, who nodded. "The Magnificent Zonko would be gracious enough to give an interview if you desire."

Kara consented and was brought from her table to the back of the club. The attractive redhead opened a door and deposited her inside the small room, which was clearly Zonko's space to rehearse and change into clothing. He wasn't there so the leggy blonde used the chance of being alone to explore the room, however she found nothing of significance.

"Hello Miss," Zonko said, appearing from a small door in the side of the room, a robe now covering his body instead of his suit.

"Nice to meet you...Mr. Zonko. Kara Danvers, CatCo News," she said, sharing a handshake with the fraud. "Your assistant said you'd be up for an interview."

"Of course, sit down," he offered. Considering he was sitting on the only chair in the room, the girl in the blue dress had no choice but to sit on his sofa, which resembled more of a bed. "Did you like the show?"

"I don't mean to offend...but I don't believe your wizardry. But that won't stop me from writing an objective piece for the paper," Kara said, maintaining her professionalism despite her personal opinions.

"Let me guess, you thought the audience members were stooges, plants," Zonko rationalized, bringing a nod from the reporter. "What about the telepathy?"

"I'm sorry but no."

Zonko tried to maintain his cool but her disregard for his craft was starting to show. He was growing frustrated with her, blaming her for only understanding things she could only see or feel. Of course he had no idea that she herself as a fabled creature, an alien from an unknown galaxy, but despite that, Kara was still determined he was a fake.

However, an idea hit the magician, spurred on when the reporter with the gorgeous long, toned legs crossed them while sitting down. Her smooth flesh led up to her mid-thigh length dress, making him appreciate her body, which included a set of small albeit perky tits, but she possessed the face of an angel.

"Tell you what, how about we try something on you. The hardest of them, hypnotism," Zonko suggested to her, joining her on the sofa.

"Go ahead, and as you try that, I'm going to get my questions ready for you," she said.

While the beautiful Kryptonian opened her file and began sorting through her notes, Zonko began staring at her with an intense gaze. He said nothing, only stared deeply at her while it almost seemed that his aura began to shimmer. The speaking and fingers to temple were only an act for the crowd but the hypnotism was as real as water.

"Concentrate...your eyelids are heavy. You hear nothing but my voice," Zonko projected the thought into Kara's mind. "You will forget all about your prejudice, anger and grievance. From now and forever, you are mine. You need not worry about boyfriends, girlfriends or past lovers. You shall be on my call whenever I desire. Now...take off your dress."

Kara didn't know how to describe it, only that she had the sudden urge to rid herself of the little blue dress she came to the club in. She knew it was inappropriate, after all she was working and she was in the presence of a strange man, so she fought.

Zonko watched on as the lovely blonde tried to resist his subconscious demands, after all, all subjects did but it was a losing fight. Kara bit her lip and furrowed her brow, but her hands were pawing over her tits now, each time kneading them before going higher to the straps of her dress.

"Stand," Zonko said, his cock already hard as he lightly stroked it with his robe wide open.

Kara did as she was told with less issues this time, hands still groping her own mounds. Without knowing she wanted to, she walked to the magician and allowed him to embrace her, his hands reaching around to paw at her lovely backside as his dick pressed against her flat stomach.

Supergirl was as susceptible as any human to magic and had no safeguards against it. She found herself angling her head upwards to kiss the man who controlled her, finding she wanted his tongue in her mouth. Still remembering her earlier command, Kara reached down and hoisted the hem of her skirt up over her tight ass, revealing her red thong nestled between her rounded cheeks.

"Mhmm...yes Zonko," Kara moaned before a sudden thought smacked her like a truck. "Please let me suck your cock."

Normally Supergirl wouldn't have begged to blow some weird man she had just met while on duty, but this new, hypnotized Kara only cared about pleasing him. With a satisfied smile, the blonde dropped down to her knees, a position she found herself in commonly over the past several months, albeit so she could eat Lena Luthor, not suck cock.

With his robe open and cock hard and ready for action, Kara was able to get right to work. She wanted to get an estimation of what she was working with so she stuck her tongue out and ran it along one side of his member then back down the other. He was a good length and girth with his smooth shaft decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on.

"God I missed this," the horny reporter cooed as her tongue batted lightly on the tip of his cock.

With a wicked grin on her face, Kara licked her lips as she guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Zonko couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The magician could only toss his head back in appreciation of her oral skill, as the reporter who initially seemed timid and almost repulsed by him and his craft now certainly was anything but.

"Well...this is...very pleasing," he groaned in delight towards the girl he held in his mind control.

"Mmmmm," Kara moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Supergirl parted her plush red lips and brushed her long, golden hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Zonko moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head. She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"God I missed cock," Kara admitted as she licked his shaft.

"My Lord, you have talent," Zonko confessed, lowered himself onto his back atop the sofa. "And don't forget the balls."

As if she had the most urgent thought in her mind, which she actually did, Kara tilted his cock up with her hand and began stroking him. Her fist was a near blur as she slightly tapped into her Kryptonian powers to deliver the best handjob of his life while her mouth angled down and took a nut into her mouth. After some cheek hollowing from the sucking, she plopped the first out of her mouth before taking up the second ball and repeating the trick.

Kara took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

"Not as tasty as a pussy...but definitely feels nice to have my lips around," Kara commented as she took in a breath before returning her lips to his cock.

Zonko realized that the horny girl would have sucked his dick all night had he not given her another command or broken his hypnotic control over her. He entertained the thought given how proficient the adorable looking reporter was on her knees and a cock in her mouth, but he had grander plans for her.

"Stand so I may see what is mine," Zonko demanded.

Kara pulled her mouth from on his dick, an audible popping noise ringing around the small room as her lips came free of his bulbous head. She stood, slipping the straps of her conservative yet form-fitting dress from her shoulders. Zonko sat up and undid the clasp of her bra and threw it away, instantly taking into his mouth one of her small, bright pink nipples that came free as a result.

"Mhmm...awhh," the young reporter cooed.

He let his mouth wander to the next of her adorable nipples while his hands pulled down her dress from around her waist, as well as her thong. Standing stark naked in the magician's change room, Zonko drank in the image. The woman truly had gorgeous legs, long and muscular and led to an equally toned but rounded ass. She thought about tossing her salad and sampling her pussy, but why use foreplay when you had hypnotism?

Instead he pulled her down onto the bed with him, placing her on her side with his chest pressed firmly against her back. He hoisted her leg up and gave himself easy access to her bright pink snatch, the hint of moisture on her lips confirmed when he slid his bulbous head through her slit. Placing his tip at her entrance, he didn't delay any further and pushed his hips forwards, sinking half his length in the Kryptonian's pussy.

"Mhmm...yes...fuck me," Kara moaned, her hand roaming up her body to squeeze her perky breast.

She was tight, just like he expected. The reporter may have had a body that was sinfully gorgeous, but her naive attitude and innocent face tipped him off she was no sexual expert. That suited him just fine as his hypnosis gave him the opening into her pants and her tightness was all the better for him.

As he continued thrusting into the girl with the almost magical pussy, he managed to fit practically his entire length into her sheath. It was warm and gripped him with a velvety feel, and after only a minute of fucking he was having to bit his lip to slow his orgasm. Which was why he started fucking her on their sides, it allowed him to control his humping so he couldn't go too hard or deep, forcing himself to slow down and take him time while his hands could roam her fit body.

"More...want more," Kara demanded, thrusting her ass back at him in a bid to take him deeper and harder.

Zonko went purposely slowly, making the superhero frustrated so she would try fucking back even harder. It worked perfectly as now the angel-faced reporter was grinding her adorable ass into his lap, taking him as deep into her pussy as the position allowed and rubbing around inside her. He loved the feel of her curvy ass on his lap, the sensation and visual only heightening his arousal.

Finally he gave his mind-controlled sex puppet what she wanted. He left Kara on her side as he rose higher onto his knees, forcing her legs back together. This made her instantly tighter, but his new vantage point allowed him to spike his cock as deep into her pussy as possible. She responded with a chorus of moans, coos and screams accordingly.

" like that? You like it hard, you non-believer," he hissed while giving her what she wanted.

Zonko didn't go easy on the blonde any longer. She wanted hard and he would live up to that challenge. Thumping into her with reckless abandon, Kara screamed out in pleasure, her modest tits jiggling with each mighty thrust. The magician busied his hands, gripping tightly onto her rounded hips to help pull her back to him when suddenly a wicked idea struck him.

"Hands and"

He commanded and she hopped to his orders as the second his slick cock left her gushing cunt she was positioned with her firm ass facing him and her head almost butted against the end wall. Looking down, Zonko smiled deeply as he saw the object of his affection between her firm cheeks - her crinkled little butthole.

Kneeling overtop the gorgeous reporter, Zonko knew now was the time to get in her ass as a considerable portion of his weak stamina was depleted. He gave her another series of soothing words mentally so her relaxed state would aide the anal penetration, as would his cock being drenched in both her spit and lady juices, but for good measure he dripped a mouthful of his spit right over her tightest of holes, using his hand to rub it around her surface.

"Good, just like that," he told her, kneeling overtop Kara.

With his cock in hand, he rubbed his dripping wet tip against his target, the soft center of Kara Danvers' asshole. When she gave no attempt of getting away from his touch, he pushed harder until after a good fight her sphincter relaxed and the head of his dick was lodged in Supergirl's perfect little ass.

This not being his first time sodomizing someone, Zonko knew the proper thing to do was wait for his hypnotized reporter to make the next move, or at least give her a few moments to get use to the sudden widening of their tightest of holes. He was shocked when not only didn't Kara make a grimace or grunt in pain, but no sooner had he penetrated her bowels was when the girl more than 2 decades his junior leaned her weight backwards to take the next few inches into her booty.

"Holy damn that's tight," he grunted before remembering the girl actually having her bowels forcibly opened. "You okay?"

"God yes. Give it to me," Kara answered confidently, even going a step further in rocking back against him.

Of course Zonko had no way of knowing that he was sodomizing Supergirl, who couldn't feel pain from bullets, let alone a dick in the ass. Blessing his good fortune that Cat Grant sent this heavenly creature to interview him, the magician didn't waste his luck.

With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, the lanky man began making more progress into the depths of her anus. He kept making small strokes into her asshole, but seeing as she was so comfortable with it, within a minute he was making long, hard strides deep into her anus.

"How's it feel to have your tight little asshole stretched open," Zonko engaged her in dirty talk.

"Oh! So big! So deep! In my ass," Kara could barely manage to get out. "Wanna feel it deeper!"

Already giving her his entire length, the older man started to go faster. He didn't want to push the curvy blonde too much and have her stop him, but she was demanding more and he was game for it. As his dick continued to grind in and out of her stretched bowels, the sounds of his hips slapping her firm little ass filled the tiny room, however his intense anal fucking came at a cost.

"Fuck...God Damn! Gonna cum," he hissed through gritted teeth and closed eyes.

Zonko knew he couldn't have any evidence of what had transpired during Kara Danvers' interview, which was easy enough. He'd wipe her memory of his little transgression immediately after, but that also meant he couldn't leave a creamy gift up her ass either. He gave a couple more hard thrusts deep into the superhero's asshole before reaching the point of no return than pulled out.

"Turn around...suck," Zonko demanded urgently.

Putty in his hands, Kara flipped over onto her back with her head propped up against the headrest. She didn't have to wait until she felt a dick invading her mouth, poking the back of her throat as the magician began humping her flawless face. In her normal constitution she never would have thought to take a cock straight from her rectum into her mouth, but whatever her hypnotist wanted, he received.

"Tell me where my cock came from," Zonko asked, nearing his completion.

"My ass," Kara mumbled around his dick still in her mouth.

"And do you like it," he further prodded.

"Surprisingly yes," Supergirl answered honestly.

"Oh God...yes!"

And just like that a mountain of cum erupted from his slit and painted the roof of Kara's mouth. Zonko wasn't sure if he'd ever cum harder in his entire life as he did into Kara Danvers' mouth right then. After a few more seconds and a handful of thick spurts of jizz, he pulled out from between her lips, making sure to drag his tip against her tongue on the way out to smear the last drop of semen onto her waiting taste buds.


Following his orders once more, Kara allowed his massive load of semen to sit on her tongue, holding it in her oral cavity to taste and love. Finally she tossed her head back and gulped down what was indeed a full mouthful of his salty goo, making sure to return with a smile on her lips.

He tracked down both of their clothes and redressed himself while giving her the mental command to do the same before going to to sit on his sofa with her notes piled on her lap. He recreated the scene of where she was, or at least the best to his memory then gave her more mental commands.

"I want you to forget everything that happened sexually between us. However, I want you to remember this: you will be more open-minded, more willing to accept that for which you cannot understand. Oh, and whenever you see you're pussy will tingle and flood and you'll have the sudden urge to rip my clothes off and fuck me right then and there...after leaving the club tonight that is."

With her final instructions in place, Zonko went back to the last place Kara would have remembered him before he hypnotized her. Reluctantly he released his complete control over her mind and restore her to her own free will. She gave a brief shake of her head then started smacking her lips together as if trying to place a certain taste.

"So, you were saying that you were going to rave about me and my act in your newspaper," Zonko suggested with his best smile.

"I...well...I'm normally a skeptic, I guess I'm more of a believer than I expected," Kara said with a surprised look all over her face.

Kara stayed in his dressing room for another 10 minutes as they finished the interview, at which point she left the club still feeling a little off. She felt like something happened, after all her thinking on the matter had shifted more than she thought possible with his show, but maybe she just felt like that because her Earth was turned upside down as she was now a believer in magic.

* * *

"Hey was your assignment," Alex asked, purposely having waited up for her stepsister to come home.

"Enlightening, actually," the gorgeous nerdy girl answered.

"Okay I'm cutting right to it Kara. We need to talk about this schism between us," Alex Danvers insisted, finally getting to the point where she needed to stop avoiding the messy subject. "Yes, I slept with Oliver though I knew you had a crush on him."

"Good, you admitted that you knew," Kara said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Yes but we both knew you were done with him. Hell, he's engaged! Plus, we both know how you feel about James," Alex pressed.

"What...James?! Me and James," Kara started to stammer, feeling blood come to her face but not out of anger.

"Listen kid, I admit that what I did was shitty," Alex continued, pulling her sister to the sofa with her so they could sit and face each other. Kara could have easily stopped her but she didn't, instead she allowed herself to be towed to the couch with her. "I got caught up in his sheer..."

"Handsomeness, charm, charisma," Kara cut her off. "I know. It made me forget about being a homewrecker. He just has this...I don't know the Earth word for it."

"We both fell prey to it. Me especially, it made me act stupid and potentially ruin the best relationship that I will ever have...with my sister," Alex continued, placing her forehead against Kara's and staring her deep in her eyes.

Kara returned the gaze back in her sister's eyes and was suddenly overcome with powerful emotion...and desire. She had no idea where it came from, but she somehow suspected that the magician may have been responsible. That didn't matter though, the only thing Kara could focus on was her love for Alex.

Surprising the girl a few years older than her, Supergirl arched her neck and twisted her head to one side so she could plant a passionate kiss right on Alex's lips. The brunette was so startled and caught off guard that she returned the kiss in turn, smacking her lips with her sister and even dancing their tongues together before the moment caught up with her.

"Kara, wait. What are you doing," Alex said, pulling back but still only an arm's length away.

"Did that not feel right? I love you Alex and want to show you all the ways how," Kara answered, licking her lips.

"But...we're sisters," the brunette retorted, finding herself staring at Kara's plump lips now glistening in a combination of both their spit.

"Adopted sisters Alex. More importantly, you're my best friend and the one I want to spend all my time, and life, with. Don't you feel the same," Kara asked, adding her adorable puppy-dog eyes to the mix. "Reflecting over the last month without you in my life made me realize how badly I need you...and craze you."

Alex thought about the words her sister - adopted sister - was saying. It was true she missed Kara more than ever while they fought, and it was also a great kiss that felt right. But she'd never been with a girl before, but thinking about it, being with men never felt right. She was excellent at everything in her life, except sex, in which it was pretty shitty actually.

Having enhanced physical reflexes meant that Kara saw her sister leaning in and coming for another kiss a mile away but she let the brunette have the moment of sexual realization. Supergirl and her adopted sister both moaned as they pressed their lips against each other and even more so when their tongues started batting and rubbing against one another.

"I missed you so much Kara. I'm so, so sorry," Alex admitted all while her lips never left Kara's.

"Me too," the blonde replied, her tongue currently pushing halfway inside her sister's mouth.

"I've never been with a girl before," Alex shared, knowing exactly where they were headed.

"That's okay. I'll teach you," Kara told her.

Alex felt comforted by her sister's words before Kara started to guide her down onto the sofa, so she was laying on her back. Supergirl had no problem hooking her fingers into the loose drawstrings of Alex's sweat pants, pulling them down her very toned legs and off her body. She had pulled her panties down along with the pants but left on her cute ankle socks, leaving her bare from the waist down.

"Do you know what...oh! Oh my! Oh my God!"

Kara decided no point wasting time and went right for Alex's tasty looking pussy. Extending her tongue, she glided it through the brunette's slit, causing Alex to stop what she was saying and start moaning loudly instead. Luckily for both of them, Kara had been hooking up with Lena Luthor for the past several weeks and had really refined her oral skills.

The DEO agent's mouth formed a perfect circle as Supergirl's tongue snaked within her pussy, licking her inner walls with urgency yet still maintaining a high level of skill for someone so relatively inexperienced. She stayed slumped on the sofa, almost reclined with her legs spread wide and as Kara's arm reaching up under her sister's sweater to clutch one of her tits. They were bigger than her own, and Alex gave a little extra scream as Kara's fingers closed around her nipple and gave the erect bud a tweak, making it even harder.

"God you taste good," the alien commented as she came up for air.

As Kara licked her lips and savored her sister's taste, she went back down between her ivory-skinned thighs. Supergirl picked up where she left off, continuing with her oral assault on her sister's sensitive bare pussy. Alex found herself getting used to the situation now, placing one of her hands on her free breast and subconsciously mirroring Kara's action, kneading her left boob and teasing her small pink nipple, while her free hand went onto her sister's blonde head.

Looking up to watch the effect she had on the secret agent, Kara stuffed first one then a second finger into her sex in short order. Alex moaned louder as her twat was stretched and probed, nimble and experienced fingertips reaching inside her and finding all the little crevices that unlocked more pleasure.

"Oh my God...just like that," the brunette encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Lois pushing her fingers inside her.

However, Supergirl wasn't just content with fingering her beautiful yet deadly sister. Leaning her head back down between her juicy thighs, the blonde superhero extended out her tongue and began lashing the girl's clit with it. This brought even more groans of delight from Alex, magnified even greater as she formed a tight seal around the engorged nub and added suction to her licking.

Her energy and licking seemed never ending, probably having something to do with her Kryptonian heritage. Over and over Kara sawed her digits deep inside her sister's cunt and dragged them out just as fast but being sure to rub over her sensitive G spot along the way.

"You're trembling sis. I think you're going to cum for me soon, aren't you," Kara asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

With the combination of the surprisingly experienced girl stimulating her cunt and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Alex stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Kara sought to pleasure her only added to the sudden onslaught of her own orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"Yes...keep going," she pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing brunette as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Not delaying the inevitable, Supergirl drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them in her and began pulling upwards. She tapped into her superpowers to use extra speed so her fingertips relentlessly assaulted Alex's G-spot, a move which always seemed to do it for Lena.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Alex screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that her sister was done cumming, Kara pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and began kissing her way up the DEO agent's stomach. After a swirl of her tongue around her belly button, Supergirl hooked an arm around the curve of Sara's low back and helped lift her into a seated position so they could kiss once more.

However, Kara had more on her mind than simply kissing her sister as she pulled her up off her back. Supergirl had pulled up her short dress and exposed her own naked sex, which was odd because she could have sworn she wore panties to the magic show earlier. Banishing that though, the blonde laced her long leg through her sister's so they were tangled up but so that their pussies' were now smushed together.

"Oh! Ah! Yes," Kara cooed as she grinded her hips lower this time, contacting her clit against her sister's groin.

She wasn't a real veteran at this move so it took her a few passes until Kara had them lined up perfectly. A tilt frontwards and backwards caused her sex to rub arousingly against Alex's own twat, spurring her older adopted sibling to lightly bite down on her plump lower lip.

At first, due to the fact that it was new and she was still drowsy from her first girl-on-girl orgasm, Alex was letting Kara have all the control. However, after a minute or so of having her Kryptonian sister grind her pussy against hers, she understood what to do. Propping herself up onto her hands, Alex began pushing back against Kara and hinging her hips so that they were frictioning with more force than before.

"Awhh...yes Alex," she made her superhero sister moan.

The sofa underneath them started to creak and rock as the two women began thrashing atop it with more energy. What started out as simply pressing their lips together soon morphed into them wiggling their hips until it reached the feverish pitch they were now at. While their sexes were squeezed against one another, they grinded with grunting effort, using their hips to tilt and hinge, constantly reaching new levels of pleasure.

" good," Kara huffed, her perky chest heaving with the effort.

Alex was just as into the encounter as her more experienced sister. That became apparent when Kara was forced backwards into a more seated position with the DEO agent mirroring her stance, the pair more equal rather than Alex resting back and being more passive. It served both better as it allowed their pussies a better chance to fit together, their lips pressed firmer and heightening their pleasure.

Their scissoring all happened while they never stopped kissing, that was until Alex broke it so she could run her lips down Supergirl's neck. The long-haired blonde moaned with greater urgency as the necking combining with the twat grinding sparked new delight throughout her alien body. However, her hunger demanded her own mouth to be busy she she risked losing her balance to free a and so she could tilt Alex's head back up towards hers.

"Kara...I'm so close again," Alex warned, eyes shut tight as she allowed her body to be awash in carnal delight.

"I know too," the horny superhero replied.

From there it took little time until both girls were left satisfied. All they had to do was maintain the frantic pace and smooth rhythm, which was no trouble. More creaking of the couch's springs were heard, filling the apartment with its noise as they continued their thrashing. They couldn't recall who had came first, though it didn't matter as they both reached their screaming climaxes in such short and pleasing order.

"Wow Kara," Alex huffed, laying on her back once more, limbs still tangled together.

"Let's never fight like that again," Kara said, in the same reclined position.

" long as there's more of this," the brunette retorted, accentuating her point with a tilting of her hips, flicking at Kara's clit with her slit.

"Ahh God! Yes...100%," Supergirl squirmed but smiling the whole time.


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